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THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Justin Hartley and Melissa Claire Egan Knock It Out Of the Park As Chelsea Learns Adam Is Alive!



Tuesday was a big day for The Young and the Restless and it’s long time fans, as this was the day that Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) would finally learn that the man she is currently in love with, Gabriel Bingham, is actually her dead husband Adam Newman (Justin Hartley), not only alive … but kicking!

The reveal began on Monday after Adam gets cocky sitting front of Victor’s (Eric Braeden) portrait in his office celebrating his victory and takeover of Newman-Abbott from under his old man.  Adam utters that he is Adam Newman which Chelsea overhears.   The pick-up of the scenes on Tuesday had all the complex emotions, the back-story, and the question of where do these two soulmates go from here now that the truth is out?

Balancing just the right amount of tension, hurt, anguish, sincerity, revenge, and love in his heart for the woman he loves no matter how he goes about it, Justin Hartley delivered some powerful, yet understated moments that showcased his acting talents, as well it gave the always formidable Melissa Claire Egan some raw emotional material to play.  For it was Egan who had to react and comprehend the news that the man she has been sleeping with is actually Adam – a man wanted for the hit and run accident that killed little Delia.

Adam tells Chelsea that he can’t go to prison and have their son Connor grow up without a father for a second time.   He even shares the truth about the bullet wound in his lower abdomen thanks to Billy Abbott (Burgess Jenkins), and the events surrounding how he came to know Sage Warner (Kelly Sullivan) and Constance Bingham (Sally Kellerman), and how through taking on Gabriel’s identify he received a second chance at life and to be together with Chelsea.   The only thing is – Chelsea isn’t seeing it that way, quite yet.  Will Chelsea keep mum and build a life with Adam AKA Gabriel?

Earlier in the day, Hartley and Egan appeared together on a very special CBS Connect Chat answering questions from fans as this major storyline took a massive turn.

After the jump, watch Hartley and Egan in one of the key scenes from today’s big reveal where Chelsea learns how Adam became Gabriel, the CBS Connect Chat, and the latest Y&R promo released on Tuesday from CBS Daytime now that Chelsea knows the truth.  Then let us know … what did you think of the performances of Justin and Melissa on today’s episode?  What do you think should happen next, and will happen next? Comment below!

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that was pure campy back from the dead here I am baby! soapy stuff!
……….. I loved it !!!…………. WTG Pratt ..
They both gave awesome performances!

(I still miss the real deal Michael M/Adam 🙁 ..

I thought they gave a great performance!

Stunning is the correct word for the acting and the balance of each reacting so well emotionally to the other’s raw emotions with this unfolding of Adam being revealed.

Don’t usually have shivers with the scenes on YR, but with these recent two acting with such gut emotionality definitely had shivers.

Must have been very exhausting to shoot these scenes day after day but they certainly met the script’s challenges.

Bravo to both! Would hope they will submit some of these scenes for a DayTime Emmy nomination.

I do not want to run the risk of repeating myself, I have said it all on the previous thread of the ratings. Melissa did something I had never seen her do before. She acted ….she finally reached the stars for me, giving the stellar performance of a lifetime.

My neighbor the lifer soap addict, told me..
Melissa while on AMC was a very strong actress, much better than with Y&R..
Anyways she was not surprised after seeing her giving great performances before..
Me? I’m with you.. 1st time on Y&R that I seen her give a great performance, too ..

(Pratt gave her better material)

I remember Melissa on AMC. She was ok, I guess, but nothing to rave about. She played Crazy Richie’s sister (Billy Miller). That’s why I had found it so ironic when Chelsea was impregnated by him on Y&R.
I hope Melissa continues to outdo herself. Kudos.

Why did she walk into Victor’s office in her bare feet?

She and Gabe/Adam were doing it on Victor’s couch. Happens all the time in business.

Very excellent episode and YES, JH and MCE have knocked it out of the park with their acting………….

Yeah, they both did great. What I hate about these soaps and I’ll pick on CBS this time. They advertise that July 13th Chelsea finds out Gabe is Adam. YEAH at 57 minutes into the show and CUT! It was a ruse to get us to tune in Monday only to beg for more on Tuesday! I got news for CBS, were fans, we will tune in tomorrow! We waited how long for this to flesh out onto the screen and they ask us to watch on Monday and tease us! BULLSHIT!

But anyway, I agree with CeeCee, this is the first time I’ve really seen Melissa shine and she picked the right time! Justin was amazing. It is a little awkward that he is so much taller than her and at one point he had to kneel down to her to express his heart felt emotions but he did great! The bigger reveal will be when he says F.U. to Victor! THAT, will be monumental. Plus, I think Adam will not be the one to hit Dee Dee. We’ve said this all along but now with Charley Pratt in the house, if he cannot find a way to have someone else be responsible, he will re-write history!

Hey, watch it, Timmm!!….LOL. my husband is more than a foot taller than I. Trust me, it works for us!!!!…LOL.
Yes, Timmm. I hope that, if history is to be re-written, Adam will finally be cleared. Hey, the best thing would be to bring DeeDee back. Why not? The writers are magicians. They can make anything happen. I have faith in them. LOL.

Could not agree more. Justin and Melissa were outstanding. This was also on a day when Jessica Collins again was a marvel as Avery Clark, and Steve Burton was incredible too. The scenes with Dylan and Avery were beautiful and heartbreaking, knowing Jessica is finishing up her stay in Genoa City. Tuesday’s episode was an epic, 4 Star wonder. There are days when the show is as good as Daytime gets, yesterday was one of those days. I hope it continues.

I loved it. They are the best part of Y&R right now and I can’t wait to see this story continue to unfold!

If these two don’t get an award for their performance then these awards are a joke. M.C.E. and J.H. should be on night time T.V. man can these two act. I could barely see the T.V. Damn I cried like a baby. Her (Chelsea) acting is over the moon, and (Adam) to hell with the last guy.THIS IS ADAM and man he could do cycles around the last one. Each scene had their fans hearts right there with them. I usually take a coffee break,pee brake let me tell you ..No break yesterday for this lady. Congratulations to both M.C.E.& J.H. love Adam & Chelsea. CHADAM is reborn.

Nikki, hi
Jonathan Jackson and Tony Geary were far above ME and JH ..
GH had a powerhouse of actors/acting the past 2 weeks..
Y&R paled in comparison to GH in the acting department..

but! I though ME and JH were awesome.. they were giving their best..
(but didn’t make me cry/emotional, Jonathan Jackson and Tony Geary made me cry..
As did Liz ..
The tear jerking award goes to;
Jonathan Jackson and Tony Geary !!!!

Hi suoooo Guess we have to agree to disagree Tomato/tomauto.

Suooo-why are you comparing JJ and TG with these two Y&R actors at all?

Don’t agree. There were nothing more raw, emotiomal and heart breaking final scenes in January. Actually Michael was over the top through the stop through the Delia Dies story line starting when Adam and Chelsea found that Connor needed corneal surgery. Adam wanted to be the father to Connor that he never had with Victor and it was ripped awau from h

5 million for total viewers for Y &R. General Hospital viewers down speaks volumns.

Hi, Darlene.
Justin Hartley is one perfect actor, from A to Z. I am not disputing his skill.
However, Melissa Egan, at the risk of sounding repetitious, has never shown so much emotion…EVER….even when her son needed a new cornea. To each his/her own, I suppose. It’s great to have a different point of view, isn’t it? We had a different impression and take of/on this character. I truly had never seen her fall so-heart-and-soul into character before.

I agree with Cee Cee. I always thought she was a strong actress even back in the days when she had to play Ryan’s chopped liver on AMC.
And Justin Hartley really does feel like Adam.
I never thought a recast was possible but Justin has proven me wrong.

I loved the original Adam,did not think anyone could replace him. Now I cant even remember him. He is perfect for the part and I am a Mellisa fan. Great together.

I did not think the scenes were well done. I felt nothing, Adam is still a lying piece of crap and Chelsea just became his co conspirator.

I think these two are so full of themselves it’s hard to watch them. I think the writing is full of plot holes and insulting to long time viewers. The Adam character has been dumbed down and is no longer compelling. He’s a surfer dude. Chelsea is a screaming shrew. Huge fail.

I must be watching a different Chelsea and Adam than you are.

and I must be watching from another universe than Georgia Anne.

No! Adam can’t reveal himself. Not yet! Could he at least wait until the November sweep to do this? However, on the bright side, new face Adam’s story is finally coming to a close, unlike the Jake/Jason story on General Hospital. No wonder they’re losing viewers.
Don’t be surprise if Billy Miller decides to leave GH, and they fired Jenkins for Miller. I personally don’t like the Billy Character in general, especially when miller played the role, but at least Miller is better than Jenkins.

I would be surprised if Billy left GH, especially since he’s dating his co-star.

Would love to see Jenkins go. He’s been bad since day 1.

Mo, Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco are not dating.
Those pictures were staged and all part of an ABC publicity stunt.
I think they’re just really good buddies.

Hartley’s first appeared on November 5, 2014.
Miller’s first appeared on October 1 2014

Jason’s revele was put on hold because of Tony’s exit story..
You wouldn’t want his Jason revele the same about time as Laura or JJ’s return, nope
Jason was/will be revealed before week’s end.
hmmm gotta be Friday’s cliffhanger..

lol at ”revele”
auto correct at work = reveal <–

I don’t think that they compared to R.H. and J.J. on GH this week. Nobody could top the GH’ers performances.

Justin and Melissa were at their best but not good enough for an emmy.
Actors are expected to give good/great performances and that does not automatically say Emmy because they did what actors are supposed to do, deliver good performances..

And- I agree!
GH actors were putting out much better performances, for sure..

ehh all were great ,, 🙂 well done Y&R and GH ..

I am not sure why some folks insist on comparing GH actors with Y&R actors.
This article is about two Y&R actors who did a damned fine job in conveying emotional intensity and complexity. No easy feat.
Their accomplishments do not take away from JJ and TG’s performance.

PS Carol, I certainly hope your RH is a typo and you meant to write TG (Tony Geary). Roger Howarth has just been having a swell ole time playing a goofy, lazy, one dimensional nerd. He has been HORRIBLE!
I cannot bear to watch this once great actor act like Carrot Top so I fast forward through Roger’s scenes.
What GH’s writing has reduced RH to is new lows. I have no idea why they fought so hard to get this actor is all they were going to do was have him act like a goof ball devoid of complexity.

Totally agree, Harry!
TG and JJ, as well as JH and MCE, were great in their recent scenes.
It isn’t a competition.

Just for your info, Harry, I was referring to Rebecca Herbst not Roger Howarth.

Both Justin and Melissa should submit these scenes for the next Daytime Emmy’s.

Melissa Claire Egan is an excellent actor. If they give her something to do, she will always deliver. Congratulations Melissa on another super performance. Justin Hartley was also great in this reveal.

Remember in 2003 when Trevor St John took over the role of Todd Manning then it was reveal that he wasn’t Todd? Well I think Adam has a twin, but Hope didn’t tell him or Victor about him. Adam probably got saved by a agency run by Sage and Constance and they wanted him to pretend he was her lead grandson Gabriel. Adam refuged and was prepared to expose them. So they decided to hired Adam’s twin, brainwashed him, and now a man who thinks he’s Adam Newman is taking over his life without even knowing it, considering he thinks he was saved from the car crash and got surgery to look like Gabriel.

Dude, Adam and Chelsea are back together. Sort of, but still, you have to accept that Muhney isn’t coming back. Unlike Roger Howarth where he left in his own, Muhney was FIRED! And anyway, Justin seems to be doing a great job as Adam. Even better than Muhney or Engan!


I think the scene between Adam and Chelsea was acted out very well. However, I do think that This knowledge should have been revealed sooner. Also, Chelsea should find out that Adam has not changed for he did not tell her about Marco or the police, so he has not changed. Chelsea, for once should indeed have one or two up on Adam. All should be informed of Gabe’s real identity. If Chelsea is sincere regarding his actions to be quite horrible from the past, she would not care if others knew his identity.

Egan and Hartley are amazing together !!! They have off the charts chemistry !!! Hopefully, he will pair with Jack to give Victor his due !!! Bored with Kyle and what’s her name. It’s time for Billy to take responsibility in Delia’s death. Any responsible parent would NOT leave their child alone in a car — ever !!! Love Marissa and Noah .


The Bold and the Beautiful’s Kimberlin Brown to Chat Live on the Michael Fairman Channel

For more than 30 years, Kimberlin Brown has portrayed soap opera super villain Sheila Carter. First, on The Young and the Restless, and then taking the character and crossing over to The Bold and the Beautiful.

Earlier this year in February, Sheila was supposedly ‘killed-off’ of B&B, only for it to be revealed in late April that it was not Sheila who was killed but her lookalike “Sugar.” Thus, Brown returned to B&B in all-new episodes and the character is back among the Forresters, the Logans and all of her enemies.

In story, Sheila just tied the knot with the love of her life, Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) in a small ceremony attended by only Deacon’s daughter, Hope (Annika Noelle) and seemingly by happenstance, her bio-son, Finn (Tanner Novlan), causing a ripple effect in his marriage to Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood).

Photo: JPI

AS B&B viewers know, it was Deacon who figured out that Sheila must be alive (10 toes vs. 9 toes) and went on a search for her. Together with Finn, they found her in an abandoned warehouse where Sugar had kidnapped her and then, brought her back to safety. But, will they ultimately regret saving her life?

So, what are Sheila’s plans now? How does Kimberlin feel about playing the evil Sheila who seemingly has nine lives? Find out when Brown visits the Michael Fairman Channel for a live one-on-one conversation this Friday, May 31st beginning at 7pm ET/4pm PT.

Photo: JPI

Previously, Brown told Deadline when she was informed that Sheila would be killed off, “Brad Bell (EP and head writer, B&B) called me upstairs to talk to me about what he had in mind for Sheila. It was a hard pill for me to swallow. It had been years of playing Sheila, and I consider her my baby, so to speak. And that was definitely not news I was anticipating or hoping to receive.” However, all’s well that ends well, as Brown shared she negotiated a new contract when viewers first saw her back on-air on the April 29th episode.

So, have a question you would like posed to Kimberlin during the live chat on Friday? Let us know in the comment section below, and what you think Sheila’s next plot will be now that she is hitched to Deacon? 

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General Hospital

Johnny Wactor’s Co-Worker, Anita Joy, Speaks Out For First Time Since His Fatal Shooting and Saving Her Life

Those who knew Johnny Wactor (ex-Brando Corbin, GH) were well aware of what an upstanding man he was. As tributes poured in when news that the General Hospital alum was shot and killed by one of three car thieves, they all spoke to his qualities as a human being.

Over the first 24 hours since his passing, the public learned Wactor lost his life putting himself in front of a female co-worker when confronted by his assailants, following their shift at a downtown LA bar. The thieves were attempting to steal his catalytic converter from his vehicle.

Now. Wactor’s former co-work, Anita Joy, has spoken out for the first time via her Instagram account of what happened on that fateful morning and her remembrances accompanied by photos and videos with Johnny.  As many now know, Johnny died a hero.

Photo: AJoyInstagram

Anita began, “I’ve needed to take some time to collect myself and my thoughts. I was with Johnny in his last moments and I’m here to be his voice after such unimaginable events. His story is in this post as it happened, please swipe through the top photos and read it. Early Saturday morning (May 25) after our bartending shift Friday night at Level 8 in DTLA.”

“He was killed senselessly by a coward who reacted without care of the gorgeous life he was taking,” Joy shared.  So, I’m angry, I’m sad and I’m all of the feelings and once … but above all, I am here for Johnny’s justice. My friend of 8 years went from laughing together, working side by side, leaving our bartending shift and walking to our cars, to him dying in my arms in the street of DTLA in the dark hours of 3am.”

She went on to say, “Everything happened in an instant. I’ve come to describe it as a glass of water that gets tipped over and you’re scrambling to grab it and save it from spilling out completely but it just runs through your fingertips and is gone.” Joy said that she and Wactor, “cautiously approached the men questioning what they were doing, at first thinking the car was being towed.”

Photo: ABC

“We were no threat and Johnny kept his cool as he always did, simply stating that it was his car and for them to leave. Hands open to his sides in peace, Joy recounted. “Johnny was between me and the man who shot him – as I heard the shot ring into the night, he forcefully tumbled back into my arms as I grabbed for him I shouted, ‘Hunny, you OK?’ And he only responded, ‘Nope! Shot!’ Joy went on to say that she and Johnny “toppled onto the street” where she was trying to hold his body up as she was screaming for help and screaming at Johnny to “stay with me.”

Next, Joy details that a security guard named Bryan ran into the street and phoned 911. Anita wrote, “I’m so thankful for Bryan showing up, trying with all his might to save Johnny. My only peace is that I was him and this didn’t happen to him alone. My other peace will be seeing these awful men brought to justice.”

Speaking on Wactor’s character, Joy added, “Johnny had this incredible ability that was truly just his genuine nature – to make anyone and everyone feel so special in his eyes. No matter how well you knew him, he treated everyone like he truly cared about you. He lit up any room – you couldn’t not smile around him. His energy was magnetic and pulled you in so effortlessly – you were safe with him. He treated everyone with love, respect, compassion and he really ‘saw’ you.”

Photo: ABC

“He was beautiful, goofy as hell, full of work ethic and values, he never put people down, even when joking, he never made you feel unsure of yourself – he knew how to be hilarious in such a positive way and it just made him that much more lovable. It just filled your heart to be around him,” she recalled.  Johnny made you love him instantly,” Joy added. “Absolutely one of the best men I’ve ever known. I’m so grateful to have been a part of his world and him, mine. My heart is shattered with his loss but I believe l have gained the best guardian Angel out there.  I love you Johnny Wacky.”

Anita then addressed the crime that took Johnny’s life and how Level 8 did not provide parking for its late night shift workers.  Joy explained, “These criminals need to be caught – Level 8 needs to provide parking for their late hour staff as they originally promised- This cannot be something that isn’t responded to with action, it needs to be addressed in a manner to prevent anything like this ever happening again to the best of their ability – Level 8 needs to contribute to Johnny’s family to honor and respect him for all the hard work and effort he did for them.”

Photo: AJoyIG

Speaking on GoFundMe page that has been set for Wactor, Anita spoke about Johnny’s family, expressing, “They are on the other side of the country and it’s going to be a lot on them emotionally and financially to get Johnny home to them.”

What do you think about Anita’s account of Johnny dying in her arms after shielding her from the thieves who were trying to steal his catalytic converter in his car? Her remembrances of the man she became friends and co-workers with? Comment below.

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All My Children

Chrishell Stause to Guest Star on Amazon Freevee’s ‘Neighbours’ in New Soap Role

Look. who’s returning to the soaps but this time down under? Chrishell Stause, who before the reality-series Selling Sunset found notoriety on daytime dramas, is set to play a new guest role on the iconic Australian soap, Neighbours.

Stause will play a new character, Yasmine Shields, who is said to be,”a glamorous and successful businesswoman in pursuit of an exciting new opportunity.” Chrishell will make her way to Australia and start filming in July.

Neighbours releases new episodes Monday-Thursday, at 7 a.m. BST, on Amazon Freevee in the UK and the U.S.  Stause is joining the show at the right time as it just received its first Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Drama Series at the upcoming 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

Photo: NBC

In a statement, the former All My Children, Days of our Lives and The Young and the Restless star, expressed, “I am honored and excited to join such a beloved and iconic show.  Coming from the world of soaps in the U.S., it’s back to my first love in the entertainment industry. They pitched me an idea for a character, and I was immediately excited to figure out a way to make it happen. Ramsay Street here I come!”

Neighbours Executive Producer Jason Herbison said on the casting news, “We are thrilled to welcome Chrishell to the cast of Neighbours. We created a character especially for her and we can’t wait for her to bring the storyline alive. Expect intrigue and surprises – and many implications for the residents of Ramsay Street.”

Photo: CStauseIG

As fans know, Stause married her partner, Australian musician G Flip back in 2022, so now she has additional roots on the continent.

Previously on the soaps, Chrishell played the role of Amanda Dillon on All My Children (2005-2011), Bethany Bryant on The Young and Restless (2016) and Jordan Ridgeway on Days of our Lives (2013-2015; and make returns in: 2019, 2020, 2021, 2023).

Since leaving the American daytime soaps, Chrishell has received an MTV TV & Movie Award ‘Best Reality Star’ and a People’s Choice nomination for ‘Favorite Reality Star’ for her appearance in Selling Sunset. In 2023 she was recognized by Variety as one of the ‘40 Most Powerful Women in Reality TV’ and by Us Weekly as one of the ‘Top 10 Reality Stars of the Year.’

In February 2022, she released her debut memoir, Under Construction: Because Living My Best Life Took a Little Work. Chrishell is committed to philanthropic endeavors and is a vocal advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights.

Photo: AmazonFreevee

The continuation of the long-running series, Neighbours, is about the lives, loves, and challenges of the residents on Ramsay Street in Erinsborough, Australia, a fictional suburb of Melbourne—picked up two years after the finale in 2022, which was watched by millions of adoring fans.

As well as on Amazon Freevee in the U.S and UK as mentioned above, Neighbours streams on Prime Video in Canada, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Australia’s Network 10 will retain first-run rights in Australia for the new chapter of the series. Previous seasons of Neighbours, as well as over 100 iconic episodes, are currently available to stream on Amazon Freevee.

So, what do you think about Chrishell Stause returning to the soaps with a role on Neighbours? Comment below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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