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The Young and the Restless Plays The Adam Reveal! What Do You Think About How It Came To Light?



On Monday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, it was a major day of revelations for the Newman and Abbott clans!

For the true identify of Gabriel Bingham came to light, and thus Adam Newman (Justin Hartley) has finally been outed for being alive and well with a new face! It all began last week with two women holding the information to bust Adam! First, Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) got the news from a vengeful Ian Ward (Ray Wise), who was going down for his crimes masterminding the Paragon Project.  But before Paul (Doug Davidson) found him to throw him in the slammer again, Ian told Phyllis his partner in Paragon was Adam Newman!

Meanwhile, after putting two and two together, Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) gets Adam to admit he is the co-conspirator in the Paragron Project and she kicks him out.  She beelines to tell Billy (Burgess Jenkins) and Victoria (Amelia Heinle) the truth!  After going over a series of flashback and moments, Billy realizes the man responsible for the hit and run death of his daughter Delia is alive.  He then decides to go confront him.

Phyllis has headed to Newman to see Victor (Eric Braeden) and Jack (Peter Bergman), and informs them Adam is alive hiding behind the face of Gabriel Bingham.  Victor starts to come to the stark realization that Adam pulled this most heinous of scams trying to bring Newman to its knees.  When he confronts Jack if he knew the truth that Adam was alive, Jack can’t deny it.  Phyllis is mortified.

At the Underground, Sage (Kelly Sullivan) and Nick’s (Joshua Morrow) moment with Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) beomes unraveled, when an upset Victoria comes to tell her brother and mother that Adam was in cahoots with Ian Ward, and that he is alive after all.  Next, Victoria also goes in on Sage, who admits she knew the truth about Gabe/Adam. Nick is furious with her deception.

Later at the end of the episode, it was the beginning of two major showdowns:  Billy begins to have it out with Adam, as Victor shows up just as the confrontation between arch-enemies, Billy and Adam, was about to get physical.  However,  Victor decided to punch the lights out of his son, first.

Justin Hartley delivered another stellar performance, while Burgess Jenkins stepped up to the plate,  and Eric Braeden shows why hell hath no fury like a Victor Newman scorned.  The story picks-up tomorrow where Sage’s lies completely become her undoing, and Victor and Adam have the highly-anticipated father/son chitchat!

What did you think about the highly-anticipated Adam reveal?  Did it live up to your expectations?  What did you think about how people were finding out that the black sheep of the Newman clan was alive?  Share your thoughts below!  But first, watch this week’s Y&R promo below … all about Adam!

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Yes, stunning performances all the way around … but for this viewer, the ends-don’t-justify-the-means. The irrational, irresponsible wild-ride that Pratt/Phelps have subjected viewers to for the past nine months (rewriting history, ignoring veterans, hijacking characters’ backstories, staging elaborate shock-and-awe stunts just for theatrics, etc.) is inexcusable … and if they are naive enough to feel like having us endure a year of crap just to get to this week was part of their ‘grand plan’ while they played fast-and-loose with credibility and viewer loyalty, they are a little dillusional.

But yeah. Hartley, Egan, Tognoni, Sullivan, Jenkins: GREAT performances all around!! (To me, Braeden phones it in and will never see his character pay for his sins, so I tune him out … and Bergman has earned his three Emmys by perfecting that grimace he makes every single time his character is frustrated!! (Can I get an amen?!) You’ve seen it a thousand times: he squirms, furrows his brow, looks at the sky, bites his lower lip, etc. It’s become a drinking game. Method acting, I dunno. I’d just like the show I’ve followed since 1975 to return; like maybe the Pratt era will turn-out to be a Pam Ewing dream?!

It’s 2015 the days of 1975 are gone so why not enjoy the show anything else is bla-bla-bla.

You probably miss bell bottoms to!

There is only one Jack Abbott for me and that was Terry Lester the creator I miss the soul and the heart of that man he is missed as my friend and one of the greatest actors ever on Daytime. Very sorry he had some Demons that came out and cost us his performance in that role sometimes an actor can never be replaced in a role for me that was Terry. It is astounding to me all the crap that Victor Newman has done yet everyone else is held accountable the character is nothing more than a silly cliché. I think JH has the ability but I am tired of the lovesick Adam over Chelsea lets kick some ass and take names.

I, for one, am DONE with this show. Long gone is a creative and engaging SO filled with intrigue, relationships (both happy and distressed) and social stigma issues. NOT ONE character on this show is happy. There is no levity to balance the daily cliff hanger, angst oriented story line. I have watched this show since the day it first aired and I have recently switched to a SO I have never watched in my life because, as campy as it is, it has beautifully blended story lines along with character & relationship depth, which Y&R now lacks greatly. I am sure the great Jeanne Cooper would be fed up with the the crap that now defines Y&R.


I thought it was great, and I can’t wait to see tomorrows episode! Great layout of the events leading up to all of it Mr. Michael! Thanks for all you do for the soap community!

I agree … best episode in a while. Every scene was riveting and I can’t wait to see the next episode.

I also agree one of the best episodes in a long time. So much going on at once and all related. Keep them coming.

And, I disagree, K Ross, with all due respect. This episode felt as if a were being pelted by an avalanche of snowballs, one after another with no respite.
However, today was a different story……a very well organized, expertly executed, focused episode. At last, I can say Y&R does not appear as a shadow of itself. Perhaps it is shedding that shadow? Leaving the stigma of convoluted storylines behind? Unfortunately Burgess still has the same face I want to rearrange. To make matters worse, his cocky, arrogant attitude don’t help me wanting to resist the temptation.
Everyone’s acting fulfilled the role given him/her…..the storylines SANE.
I admired how smoothly the writers introduced Michael into Adam’s story….will he be Adam’s hero?
The only negative? I am sick of all the babies dying, or potentially dying from early childbirth or some other horrifying reason. Such an old, dusty song…..not to be sung every few months!!!!
That scene in the NICU between the little neonate and his parents was very moving….truly touching, and close to the heart.
And, then? What a ‘melodramatic’ ending, or entrance……in comes “Count Victola”,…..’Hello, son’ !!!!!!!

Incredible performances by everyone involved. Y&R has been on fire the past week +. The Adam revelation episodes were well written and paced, and we’ve got the Victor/Adam showdown to come, as well as Sharon/Ashley/Jill, and everyone else finding out. It’s a great time to be a Y&R fan.

The long-awaited reveal was as predictable as the sun rising. Frankly, most viewers could have written the script. There were no WTF moments at all. Victor mumbled and stared, Billy screamed and threw punches, and Adam curled up in a ball. The acting was just people yelling at each other. Nothing special. After nearly a year’s build up, it was sadly lacking.

You obviously are not watching the same show. This reveal was written brilliantly and the primary characters involved so far have hit home runs. The ratings for this week will skyrocket.

Amen Sheila! Yes there was yelling. People are pissed! This is all and more I ever dreamed of! Welcome back Y&R!

I liked it too, Sheila! And I am so happy they didn’t drag it on out endlessly as GH has been doing with the Jason reveal.
I thought the Adam reveal was well written and certainly well acted leading to some compelling entertainment.
I am just furious with the stupidity and recklessness which is Chelsea. She runs to Billy, the man who tried to murder Adam and who still harbors unmitigated rage toward him, to give him the news. This was not only putting Adam in the direct line of fire, it was putting Billy in danger of committing murder thereby spending the rest of his life behind bars. Chelsea is dead to me now and she doesn’t deserve Adam’s ardent devotion. I am glad Jack let her have it.

No, Sheila … (respectfully) we are all entitled to our opinions and some of us are not drinking the Kool-Aid. As someone that has watched this show since 1975, I’ve seen better and am holding the writers/producers accountable. And as for ratings, have we learned nothing from the Trump sideshow: just because people are watching, that’s no barometer for taste, correctness or any sort of gauge for quality. I’m thrilled you are enjoying the show; but some of us want better, and these ‘caretakers’ of #YR (Pratt/Phelps) don’t own the show, they are merely keeping the seat warm and it would behoove them not to trash what’s left and leave a mess for their successors to have to unravel!

Phenomenal episode …. all the way around.

That’s your opinion, Sheila. More power to you, and I appreciate that. However, some of us have opinions , as well….not necessarily parallel to yours, with all due respect.

I agree with you one of the best episodes in a long time. So much gong on and all riveting. The acting was superb.

Why is it so much easier to be hateful than to be nice. This reveal was nothing less than perfect. I really think Chelsea/Adam Billy/Victor & Jack & Phyllis should be proud of themselves. They deserve a large applause. Hope they can hear it.

Y&R is just garbage now. Jenkins & Hartley are no match for Miller & Muhney. They just don’t have the same acting depth that those two actors delivered in their confrontation in January 2014. This is just a poorly written sideshow from Pratt & Phelps. Thumbs down. BTW, Braeden quit attempting to act years ago. Mumbles just phones it in.

Oh, my sweet, Nikki. Never, never hateful. The actors follow the writers’s lead. Again, it’s a matter of perception. I, personally, expected more from the storyline, if not the actors. In my opinion, some delivered, some did not. Differences of opinion make for great discussions, yes? LOL. Later, Nikki.

Boring, boring, boring!!! We waited for almost 2 years for this!! No one even bother to check his dna before believing that this person who looks and sounds nothing like Adam is, Adam. At this point who even cares.

((shrugging shoulders)) Well, I liked it!

I agree to a certain point, JayeLynn. Except for Victor, Jack and Adam, the performances were not so riveting as to make them memorable. Same old same old. Most of ‘everything’ was predictable. I expected….craved so much more tension and suspense. The reveal should have been discovered not disclosed. The suspense should have been built….eg….We should have witnessed Chelsea go through some sort of struggle whether to tell or not to tell, and just as she was NOT going to tell, the mighty Victor discovers his son is alive.
Having Chelsea be a snitch makes her the worst betrayer of all betrayers. Where is the loyalty? That is her husband whom she professes to love. I think if Chelsea would have just given Adam an ultimatum and see which direction the wind would blow, it would not have made her look so despicable. I would like for the writers to give a respectable and acceptable explanation as to why Chelsea turned on her husband. I don’t buy this idea of protecting her son. Sure, it makes sense; but, not coming from her. I think she acted on the spur of an angry moment and spite. She may already be regretting it.
On the other hand, inasmuch as I do not want to admit it, lol….. Perhaps this was the only way she thought to deal with Adam’s continuous machinations before they escalated to worse heights. Yet, I would never do that to my husband, unless it was a life or death matter. I am between a rock and a hard place, here.
So, tying it all up…..this episode was not so spectacular as to discuss its merits or the merits of most of the characters. And, to top it all off? What is Victoria doing whispering not-so-sweet nothings in Nick’s ear? Where the heck does she get off? The same goes for distressed Nikki. Since when does she defend any woman who dares love her baby boy? Suddenly she is the so-caring-so-attentive mother-in-law. ….she, who put both Sharon and Phyllis the though the Maytag wringer. It’s all about the perfect Newman family….Let he who is without sin cast the first stone….and so on and so forth, yeah!

I agree with much of what you say here, Cee Cee,
And about Sage looking like the cat who ate the canary with that perpetual smirk on her face? I know, I know–women glow when they are pregnant but Sage isn’t glowing, she is gloating.
She’s over doing it! And really, you just KNOW she’s the type who puts Baby on Board bumpersticker on her Volvo station wagon and who blasts through narrow store isles with her Rolls Royce double wide baby stroller.

HaHa. That’s hilarious. Volvo station wagon? Rolls Royce double wide baby stroller? That’s rich…pardon the pun. LOL.

I thought it was one of the best episodes of YR in a very long time! The writing and directing was great and the acting was phenomonal by everyone!


Agree with you 100%.
Storyline was exciting, acting was great.
Best episode since forever.

WOW! Justin Hartley is awesome. Love Adam. All the actors are so good.

This couple have to be the best reason to watch Y& R. I wish they we’re on Prime time so we could see them in the evening as well. I felt bad that the writers made Chelsea the one who ratted Adam out but I guess there wouldn’t be a story if they left them as a happy couple. I would like to see Adam get a little tougher now that he’s gone through so much to get back to Chelsea. Let him be the father to Sage’s baby & see how Chelsea deals with that for awhile. I like him with Chelsea and I think she is a wonderful actress as well.

I wish it had stayed undercover actually.

I hate that Chelsea outed him.

I don’t know how Phyllis was able to quiz Ian on things only Adam would know. How would Ian know? I doubt Adam shared that with Ian. Would have been better for Phyllis to come to Victor with the theory, her dismissing it, but Victor thinking back to his Gabe interactions and slowly realizing it’s true.

Victor’s punch of Gabe was so fake looking. Gabe should have said, “Hi Dad.”

Justin Hartley is doing a great job as Adam.

He should never forgive Chelsea BUT he could have walked away and lived as Gabe but he had to go after Victor and thats what his down fall will be, ah, for a while!

Adam also wanted to have a relationship with Connor. And I think part of him also wanted to say to everybody, “I’m alive.” He did lead to his downfall with getting involved with Ian. He could have had the best revenge by being happy with Chelsea and Connor, but his demons got the best of him. Still don’t totally understand why he hates his father so much. Was Victor that heinous to him?

It took a lifetime BUT it was everything I thought it would be! No I’m not talking about my first prom! The REVEAL! Everyone did a superb job. I was impressed with Burgess. He did very well. Justin was amazing and Victor is Victor and this is the Victor we popped the popcorn for! “Hello Adam.” POW!

Being critical: I was disappointed that Phyllis threw Jack under the bus. Yes he knew Gabe’s identity but how did that effect her? Yes it was a secret but she lambasted Jack in front of Victor. Remember, Victor basically set up Phyllis’s rape from Marco when Vic brought him to town!

Moral of the story: Dont ever tell a women a secret! Ha ha ha!


So true! I imagined how this would have played out with Billy Miller and Victor and I dont think much better. Burgess did really well.

Burgess Jenkins is HORRIBLE!!! I’ve seen cobwebs along wainscottings with more personality and acting ability than this clown!!

All in all, this “reveal” was quite predictable – it would have merited more it the show had an actor who could play Billy Abbott!!

Judy, I agree. Burgess did a great job–if we stop comparing him to Billy Miller we can see that he’s a good actor who has fleshed out Billy in his own way. We just have to put Billy Miller out of our minds and move on.
Timm, yes, both Phyllis and Chelsea threw their men under the bus. If Phyllis wanted to give Jack the what for, could she not have waited until they were alone and not angrily admonish him in front of the mustache from hell? And Victor has NO right to be furious with Jack after what he put him through.
PS. I am glad Sage is finally caught–so sick of her rubbing her belly acting and looking like the cat who ate the canary. Yesterday, before the great reveal came out, she actually took Nick’s hand and rubbed it on her belly! Yes, I get that she is glowing with maternal bliss and I get that motherhood is powerful, but Sage acts like she is the first woman on earth to become pregnant and that perpetual, self satisfied smirk makes me ill.

Hi, Judy.
Burgess’s acting, or lack thereof, has nothing to do with Billy Miller. I suppose it’s all about perception. I doubt he would be compared to Billy Miller in a negative way if Burgess made a connection with fans. His insipid acting works for some, but it does nothing for me. He is all wrong for the part, unlike Justin Hartley who slid into the Adam character as smoothly as a well-oiled machine. That is the difference. When I see Justin, I don’t even think of Michael Muhney (and I loved Michael)…I cannot say the same for Burgess. If he were a bit more easy on the eye, I could possibly overlook his lack of acting ability. No, I am not shallow; however, an actor must have some redeeming quality. In my humble opinion, this guy has none. Eric/Victor has never been a good looking man, neither in his youth nor presently; however, no one can refute his ‘par d’exellance’ acting.

Lol, Harry. Once again you nailed it with a great description
of creepy Sage!

Too much too fast… never enough time to absorb the details. And everyone takes the news as fact… without really checking into things. How ridiculous Christine and Paul were with their “high school interrogation” of Adam. Uggh.

And now Christian Newman is about to somehow die or be “replaced with a dead baby” so Sharon can have a real one… am I reading too much into this one?

I think the actors rose to the occasion with outstanding performances, but ultimately, when the show was over yesterday, it felt like too much too quick. After waiting so long for Adam’s reveal to happen (other than with Chelsea), it felt more like an information-dump than an escalation of the high drama that I hoped would follow unveiling Gabe’s true identity.

I wish the writers had spread the word over a few days so we could focus on reactions rather than jump around from group to group. I especially wanted even more from the reaction by Billy, but the time was given.

Chelsea outing Adam was a turn-off. What
a witchy thing to do. The topper being that
she made herself out to be so morally above
it all and conveniently forgot to mention
that Adam himself was about to reveal
his true identity months ago until she barged
into Victor’s office and stopped him.

Victor can really pack a punch, wow. Adam
flew 10 feet across the room.

All in all, though, glad the reveal has finally

Eric is a boxer in real life.

Oh, that’s interesting. Had no idea. Pretty cool for someone his age, too.

You bet, Nanci. I don’t want to run the risk of being repetitious but, Chelsea has shown herself to be a real, ummmm, she-dog? LOL. And, what really bugs me is how the writers have transformed her mother (Daisy Duke gone to pasture, minus her daisy-dukes) from a cheating, gold-digging, cunning deceiver to a pure-of-heart, I-can-do-no-wrong, caring mother and grandmother. Suddenly, neither ( of these women ) is from the gutter where Victor found them. They have graduated to creme de la creme…barf. What’s that saying about the leopard and its spots, Nanci? Lol. Later.

Perfectly said, CeeCee!
I am so over both Chelsea and her mom right now, lol.

Hello, Harry.
You drew a smile from me when you intimated that Sage acts like she is the first woman who’s ever been pregnant. Phew…..long sentence. Anyway, Harry, as I was saying….thing is, that is exactly how EVERY woman feels when pregnant. As a man, (lol), you would not understand. And, I do not mean that facetiously, trust me, Harry, I respect you too much to try and be flippant. Also, when a couple, who is in love, and expecting a baby together, it is natural to instinctually take her mate’s hand and put it over her belly. I’ve done it millions of times when carrying my children. It’s a very intimate gesture where both parents derive much pleasure from it…..especially when the baby moves.
Also, rubbing one’s belly is analogous to caressing the baby….again, very natural for a mother to do that. It’s comforting.
But, I will tell you who is annoying with her pregnancy; Abby Devereaux….Not rubbing her belly, but always puckering her lips and blowing at the end of every scene, as if she just went through this Herculean ordeal. She reminds me of a fish.
Now, a note about our dear gorgeous Nick Newman. It just blow my mind how he was actually complaining about Sharon and Phyllis to his mother; or was it to his father? Do the writers think that our long-term memory cells are shot? He cheated on Sharon with her best friend and then with Phyllis. So, he blames ‘his’ women in order to exculpate himself? Hmmmm. Splendid! What a guy! So, poor, poor Nick is a victim of scheming, tenacious women? Yeahhh!!
Just my two cents worth, Harry. Good Night.

First and foremost – Justin Hartley and Melissa Clare Egan. No words necessary. Pure and total perfection.

The rest of the reveal was worth the long and excruciating wait. I don’t like that it came to a head with Ian as story master but it had it’s desired effect. The writing has gone beyond insane. The stunts and storyline devices have been painful. The new cast members that no one cares about have been annoying but when you go to the real story and use your greatest actors it is ALMOST forgivable. The only part of this story I am actually dreading is the self righteous NIck and Sage angle. I mean please. Nick is always willing to impregnate someone but never willing to be satisfied with the objects of his lust. I hope Sage takes Nick through the wringer because he deserves every bad thing he gets because he is such a jerk as a man. He is supposed to be such a good father but he is nothing more than a sperm donor. He is an awful father and not all that far from Victor.

Why have they changed the story surrounding Delia’s death? It was Billy’s fault for leaving her alone in the car. After seeing the episode, I never understood why she opened the back door (while sitting in the back seat) which let the dog out. Then she got out of the car , and followed the dog to try to get him back. Why did she open the door in the first place? There was no point to it. And she had a grin on her face while she did it. Strange.

Then Adam drove by, and accidently hit Delia. He felt something but did not know it was her. He stopped, and saw the dog running away. His keeping it to himself once he found it what he had done was bad, but he was afraid that no one would believe him that it was an accident. Which they would wouldn’t have.

Billy’s hatred of Adam is masking his own guilt about being negligent. He left his daughter in the back seat of the car at night while he went into a convenience store on a lonely road to get some ice cream for a celebration that Victoria was planning. Why couldn’t Princess Victoria have gotten the ice cream? She’s worth $500 million. Why couldn’t she have it delievered? Why couldn’t Billy have dropped Delia off at home and then gone out for it?

The new Billy and Adam have a new storyline. It now is Adam’s fault, and Billy is an innocent victim with no responsibility for the accident.

They haven’t changed the story – it was always the same.

I think you’re asking logical questions about an ambiguous storyline. Adam kept his secret for so long that he never told anyone that he didn’t feel anything when he supposedly hit Delia. When you watch that episode, it didn’t appear that Adam was aware that he hit anything. You would imagine that he would at least feel some impact. But then he gets home and finds her scarf in the wheels of his car and a broken headlight.

To me it was just the messy planning on the part of the writers. It didn’t seem like they could decide definitively if Adam should be the culprit so they left it vague enough that next thing we know, Delia is on the side of the road, instead of the middle of the road, and dead. It still doesn’t add up to being Adam. But since all scarves and broken headlights point to him and his track record in GC is for being the resident presence of evil, AND he kept it secret for so long, his vilification must seem justified to them.

In my opinion it was Billy’s fault for leaving his daughter alone in the car at night in the parking lot alongside a lonely country road. His anger against Adam is misdirected. He needs to accept his part . He created the circumstances that lead to her death.

I still think Adam will be vindicated… somehow these writers are going to pin Delia’s death on the real Gabe Bingham… somehow that is what will happen. The real Gabe killed her.

I am so sorry, To. I have no idea why I called you Alex. The whole point of my stupid joke was about your name. So, what do I do? Mess it up. Oops!
I am multi-tasking, right now. But, that’s no excuse
Also, you describe what happened to a letter. But, out of curiosity, you really think it was Adam that hit

Sorry again… (To continue. Hit SUBMIT too soon)….that hit Delia and not someone else? I am of a mind to think it was Nikki or Maureen. They were both going through heavy, traumatic stuff at the time. It could even have been Sage. We shall see. Later.

They didn’t change history– Delia wouldn’t go into the store with Billy because she didn’t want to leave the dog alone in the car, after Billy told her to stay put, the dog started to whine to get out of the car like it needed to go to the bathroom, so she was torn about staying put like her father said, and being afraid the dog would pee in the car, so she open the car door, but the dog, whose named was Dash, for a reason bolted out of the car before she could get a hold of him to take him for his walk. She went after him. Adam saw the dog in the road, he swerved the car to avoid hitting the dog, presumably he hit Delia while she was on the side of road couching behind the bush. If he hit her, it was then, not while she was in the road. The tail light might have broken when he hit her, or when it hit a rock on the side of the road. When Adam saw the dog was okay, he left the scene, it was only the next day when he hear about Delia, he went and checked his car, saw the damage light and found her scarf under his car, but neither actually proves he hit her.

But with all tragic accidents blame is pointless– yes, if one person did one thing differently that night Delia would still be alive, and show explore all that in the story two years ago, but Delia is dead for two reasons- JFP wanted a story that would get them a Emmy and they wanted a story that would get rid of MM in timely way; and by making Adam the one who hit Delia they hoped his character would be so vile we wouldn’t care if Adam was gone– but they were wrong and I’m sure now that they have a new Adam eventually he will be redeemed and found to be innocent after all.

I always thought Kelly had hit Delia.

@Harry– I think originally that might have been the plan, but soon after Kelly was introduced there was a change in writers, so we might never know what Josh Griffith had in mind when he first created her.

JG was “fired” or “quit” depending which story you believe after he penned this story of Delia getting hit by the car. He left under a mysterious cloud, so I don’t know if it was because he didn’t want to kill off Delia, let alone make Adam the fall guy for it and we don’t know what his long term plan for the story was going to be, since he left at the start of it.

I really wish someone could get him to tell what he wanted this story to be in an interview, but as it is now, this writing regime can basically make anyone the real culprit if they so desire. This is why soaps need to have a stable writing team – to avoid these gaps between what one writer was going to do, and what a new writer does to finish it.

One fleeting moment in a serial that has become tedious and difficult to watch and everyone is showering it with accolades – unreal!!!

“Y & R” is still in terrible, terrible shape – no amount of ‘great acting’ is able to save the viewer from this plot-driven & predictable show.

Thank you Bart for being a voice-of-reason in this symphony of pandering. Make no mistake: the acting this week has been #stellar (…it’s as if these poor actors have been chomping at the bit to get thru the sophomoric Peruvian drug lord doppelgängers and Scooby Doo murder mysteries to get to a story grounded in some semblance of credibility!) And to those ill-informed advising those of us unhappy to tune-out, we’re not going anywhere! (We probably have made more of an investment in this show when you were still crawling in Pampers … we are the audience that carried this show to the point it is today so you all can get to watch it! Don’t forget that. Your beloved Pratt/Phelps only have a job as long as the audience is watching and the numbers are there … and while the tv sets may be warm, it’s not like they are blowing-up the Nielsens, so settle-down.) But let me end this with a reaffirmation of most of what’s been written: the actors TORE IT UP!! (..well, all except Braeden and Bergman, JMO)

NOTE: According to Michael’s earlier posting: For 21-25 SEP, #YR lost -115,000 viewers bringing it to an average total viewer count of 4,399,000. (In addition, it had also tied itself again for an ALL-TIME LOW in the women 18-49 demo ratings share; which students is the very audience advertisers care most about.) So tell us again how you’re “winning”?!

I don’t agree with you, Bart and Geoffrey, but I really appreciate the manner in which you articulate your distaste for Y&R’s current writing regime-well done!

Harry: very kind of you to say and much appreciated! (It’s always a little daunting to come into these forums and express an opposing viewpoint, not made any easier by having to endure personal attacks by intellectual heavyweights (like, say Nikki and Timmm) comparing us to antiques just because we may be older and have a different perspective than they do. I think it’s wonderful that some of you are so excited about the course that #YR has taken in the past year. But for some of us, it has been nine months of a dizzying mishmash and we expect better from a show that used to be the prototype of what exceptional daytime drama was. It certainly is not your fault that you did not grow up in a time when there were 14 shows on the air ; when the all-important Friday tag was what kept you coming back to must-see TV every day not just once a week. CBS/Sony have entrusted this show to a duo with a proven track-record for shaking things up and (often times) leaving a lot of collateral damage in their wake!

Nikki: were you aware that Phelps has held this same position on SB, AW, GL, OLTL, GH, HH and now Y&R … And of those seven shows, five have been canceled and she (arguably) had a hand in their demise? She has a reputation of rewriting show history, killing off beloved characters, not doing her homework to allow GL’s leading lady (Beverlee McKinsey) to walk off the show because she didn’t pay attention to her contract, sacrificing beloved actors in favor of hiring her own FOJ (friends-of-Jill)?! This is a showrunner you can get behind?! (Google her reigns-of-terror!)

And Timmm: were you aware that Pratt, known for his disdain of viewers’ opinion and character backstory, has routinely decimated AMC, GH, SB, SunB, 90210, MP, DH, PP and Y&R in favor of his elaborately-flashy tsunamis, tornados and explosions; sacrificing plot nuances and character-driven scripts in favor of erratic ratings-goosing tales?! Maybe for some shows that’s successful, but do we really want #YR to turn into Diehard 6?! Maybe you do…there are other options for you in primetime and online; I prefer “my stories” to remain in the vein that they were created: nuanced, character-driven, that play the beats of a story so your investment in story and character are rewarded in the end.

All I’m saying is: there’s room for differing opinions and well thought-out discourse with resorting to name-calling because you aren’t doing your homework. Not that any of you probably care (or should!) but I am not just your average viewer. Living in Los Angeles, I’ve been blessed to actually contribute to this crazy world of daytime: consulting for TV Guide Online and Soap Digest; appearing twice (in 2002) on SOAPnet’s “Soap Talk” show; being featured on (employer) CNN/HLN (in 2012) because of my four-decade knowledge of daytime; and for the past three years, being blessed to freelance with the Academy covering the Daytime Emmys, working red-carpet and backstage. To be acquaintances (and sometimes pals!) with the talent that bring alive characters we cherish is surreal. (That’s not bragging, just illustrating that my age brings a perspective.) And as a fan, I’ve had to mourn the loss of LOL, EDGE, CAP, SEARCH, GL and ATWT; all because viewers sat idly-by and didn’t speak-up for the best their shows could be. If we don’t try to change the history, we will be doomed to repeat it. Welcome differing viewpoints; don’t disparage someone you don’t agree with because you might have NO idea what perspective they bring to the conversation.

Geoffrey– BRAVO! I enjoyed your posts this evening and the lengthy discourse below. I am with you on just about every perspective. I, too, grew up watching Y and R from the first year it struggled for ratings, yet brought engaging stories and fantastic characters to the screen. I miss it. I don’t care what someone said earlier about this “not being the 70’s anymore.” Y and R ought to aspire to be that great, legendary show it was under Bell and Alden.

Ron: appreciate the shout-out and supportive comments!!

The only thing I wish they would have done differently is have Victor embrace Adam first, shocking the hell of him, then have a nice close up of both men getting teary eye, then have Victor punch him. Other than that the reveal is living up to expectations, with each character living up to type. Looking forward to Sharon finding out, hoping she will be at least the one person happy to know Adam is still alive.

That was my prediction, and I was so wrong. Figured at first Victor
would show some emotion at least just knowing his son is alive. But
nope. Just went straight to knocking Adam down.

Since we have new writers, this time around I’d REALLy like to see a little more conflicted feelings for Adam from his father and siblings. I get it that he’s the black sheep and he has done bad things…but no worse than things Victor (and others) has done and people always manage to forgive him…. It’s no fun to watch them all hate him 24/7. He’s their flesh and blood.Let there be cycles of them getting along better and then more drama happening between them.

O Sissy I lost count at the number of times I yelled at my television set at all those self righteous Newmans when they go on and on about how awful Adam is. All he ever wanted was for them to treat him like family and the more they treat him like gum on their shoes, the more he tries to get back at them– it’s a endless circle– so yes, I do wish there were more shades of grey in their relationship with Adam– but so far it looks like just a continuation of the same old, same old—sigh

Agree with everything you just said! I’m yelling right there with you. So far, same ol same ol…but I still have hope! LOL

I know, right, Sissy? I have never known a more hateful family. I cannot relate….how does one hate his/her own sibling? Give Adam a break. Nick and Victor have been on the outs for so long…Lordy Lord, Victor slept with Sharon, for heaven sake! Just the thought makes me cringe and gives me the heebee-jeebees. Eewwww. Bunch of sanctimonious hypocrites. They’re all going to hell. Lol.

Hypocrite City, Wisconsin! 🙂

“Nick the Dick!” He is a hypocrite He is a different kind of Adam who he despises. The funny thing is Adam is more like Victor than Nick could ever be and Victor knows it!

The great thing about what creepy Neil is doing with Hillary is that it makes Adam look better by comparison.
And speaking of creepy, Neil- GWEN, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
Really, this young attractive smart girl is aiding and abetting a kidnapper? Moreover, she is stealing drugs for this creep? Then creepy Neil has the unmitigated gall to act like an ass to her for not knowing the box of drugs had a tracking device on them. He is the ONE who stole the drugs in the first place! Then the creep of all creeps accuses Gwen of writing the ransom note.
Ahem, I am sorry for screaming but Gwen and creepy, weirdo, freako Neil are driving me insane, albeit that would be a short drive for me.

It seems as though they are setting Gwen up to be the “Fall Girl” or killing her off next month? Neil isnt worth it and she WASNT that stupid!

I am with you Harry, 100%. That scene where she declares her love for Neil while Hilary is lying there shrouded in some crazy mosquito net thingy…and she’s standing there saying she will help him and she loves him…it’s so far beyond credible. It’s flat out ridiculous. And yes, Neil is creepy, weirdo, freako…and no matter how much the writers make him say “Hilary will wake up and exonerate me” that doesn’t de-creepify everything he has done thus far!!! SUPER WEIRD, PEOPLE!

luved it..
it was done sweet and clean,
a one two hit POW! KABOOOM! no messing around!

I still don’t like Burgess as Billy. Still don’t think he can act. He needs to go. His scenes fell flat.

Burgess is slowly starting to grow on me … slowly. I did enjoy Billy’s scenes with Adam.

Thank you, Mo. Plus, he wears a toupee on the top part of his head which matches his skin color….the color of sand. Ugh!

I think it was all amazing but I know I would have cried and fumed with Billy if Billy Miller had played the part. BJ was great, but nowhere near BM. Billy Miller would have made me feel heartbroken, not just angry and let down. I think Eric Braeden was awesome, and Justin Hartley was great, and I loved Kevin realizing Gabriel was behind it. He did some great acting as well. Just let down by BJ. He’s a good actor, just nowhere near Billy Miller when it comes to playing Billy Abbott. Sorry guys, but can you picture what the scenes would have been like between Billy Miller and Amelia Heinle?? They would have been lighting our tvs on fire! It was just a letdown on the Billy front. Now are we ever going to find out Chloe’s reaction? If not, that’s a giant missed opportunity. I think EH would have amazing chemistry with BJ. I don’t know why.

I always wondered how this would end since the two main players – Billy and Adam – are now played by different actors. While it is sad that Chelsea outed him, I suppose it was the final straw. And to be fair. Ian Ward outed him first, if we’re gonna be technical about it.

Justin Hartley was simply made for this role. And MC Egan were out of this world. But that scene between Billy and Adam before Victor arrives on the rooftop was pure gold. I have to admit, Burgess Jenkins still doesn’t do it for me. There is something a little too slow to his heat to make him Billy Abbott for me.

I also have to add that as much as I love Gina Tognoni, watching her and Jack fret and wring their hands about how Victor will lose it if he thinks they’re behind Paragon – after EVERYTHING Victor did to them – is a bit of a stretch and doesn’t do justice to their characters.

I also liked Sage’s response to Nick – it was filled with fear and then rage and it was a nice break from the grinning.

I am curious to see what happens next. I sincerely hope Chelsea doesn’t end up in prison for having hid Adam for so long because we all know that then Connor will end up with Victor….and that will just make me crazy.

“What’s new pussycat?”…. Lol; could not resist, Alex.
I agree; they are completely dismissing the how, the why and the what, surrounding DeeDee’s death. Billy, as a parent, should have known better than to have left a child in the car, alone in the dark. Anything could have gone wrong, and it did. I felt absolutely nothing for Burgess. What an abysmal rendition of a grieving, broken man/father. He was awful at the accident site, giving his little dispassionate speech to Delia’s picture, and not her spirit. He was crying with no tears….what a colossal difference between him and Justin. He was actually crying over his father’s lack of affection and understanding. Something he has experienced throughout his life. Kudos to Eric/Victor, Peter/Jack, Justin/Adam and Kelly/Sage. Boo to Nick, Victoria, Chelsea and Billy….they fell a mile short of the mark; my heart. I was neither impressed , nor moved…awful acting. I am a very emotional person. I cry over everything. If someone tells me he/she hurt his/her toe, I will cry. Truly!! So, for me not to feel any stirring of compassion for Billy, speaks volumes.
Of course, the ideal situation would have been for Gabe to come forward as Adam and spill all. But, it would not be in Adam’s DNA or composition to fess up. Victor was in Sonny Corinthos-mode…….he called the kettle black by accusing Adam of purposely and callously hurting people. That’s rich. Didn’t Victor sic Marco on Genoa City? And, how many more before Marco? But, to be fair, just for a tiny, little minute, I saw something shine through from Victor’s being. Something broke through and we saw a glimmer of Coleen’s heart. Could Victor have a fraction of a soul? I was afforded fragmented images, glimpses and flashes of some semblance of a tepid sort of love for Adam, as Victor’s mind traveled down memory lane. But, the picture was still whitewashed to me. How is watching your own son get beat up translate to love?
I despised Victor even more for allowing Billy almost make mince meat of his son. Would Victor have stopped Billy if Jack had not intervened? I’d like to think so. I really loathe Victor, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt and humanize him just a little bit. Lol.
What is needed now, at the opportune moment, is for the real ‘killer’ to be dug up. Who will delve into an investigation? Adam needs a hero. Adam needs a super-human He-man straight out of the Marvel Universe. Who shall that bigger than life hero be? Dylan.

hey CeeCee,,
I get a kick out of Dylan..
A coffee server playing cop oops not a cop he jumped over that and right into detective, most cops wait 15 years for that promotion lol
Dylan is the king of lame. I mean, look at the dork trying to be relevant lol ..

and- if I were the writer, when Victor bonked Adam I would have had Adam up and banging Victor’s head on the table’ BANG BONK! ahaa! gotta luv those two.

I think Nikki hit Delia.. she had a MS spell or some such thing and doesn’t remember.
To this day, years after, I do not believe the writers have decided who killed Delia..
nope, the writers don’t know yet who killed Delia.. They are still choosing.

a kicker would be if Adam actually hit Delia.

I agree, Su. The writers do not know who hit Delia. It could be anyone. They’ll spring someone at the last minute…conveniently, when and how it suits them. Maybe it was Billy himself….that would be one way of getting rid of him. I don’t want it to be Adam, but that would be something.
As far as Dylan? Relevant my onion booty….LOL. He is strategically placed…why oh, why is he in everybody’s business? Why is he involved in police affairs? And, in what state is a civilian able to know how a police case/investigation is going? Wisconsin? If one’s father is chief? Bye, susu.

I think Adam and Victor are so much alike! Victor knows this! They both hurt people. Victor, being much older, has the lead for now! I think Sage hit Delia. PS: Your too young to know who Tom Jones is pussycat!

Oh, I agree, Timmm. Victor knows Adam is himself personified. He also knows his capabilities and lack of limitations.
I know every Tom Jones song. My grandmother was a week-end hippy ( that’s what she calls herself) and has every song ever made during that era and then some. That’s where I get my love of the ‘ Oldies but Goodies’. No other music even comes close. My favorites? Queen, Joplin, elo…. Oh, and the clothes! WOW. She has these gorgeous fringed vests and jackets, platform shoes…the works. I think I was born too late…LOL.
Yes, I think Sage may have hit Delia…point is, does she know it? Or, whoever hit her…does she or he know it?
Okay, now, speaking of Sage…I am in the midst of watching her give birth. For a first-timer, that delivery was so easy. Really? C’mon, writers! Get real. I wish I had been that lucky. I has C-sections.

I hope Adam is the father of Sage baby, that will give Chelsea a slap in the face….. And I wished Adam had picked himself up off the floor and gave Victor a long overdue old fashion butt whooping!!!!

I wish Adam would have gotten off the floor, kicked Billy’s azz beyond recognition, he ends up in the hospital has plastic surgery, its Billy MiIler!

Good one, Timmm. Only you!! I love it.

How do we even know that Hartley’s new face Adam is the real Adam Newman? I mean, I remember that they did a similar thing with Todd when pretended to be Walker, before getting revealed as Todd’s identical twin brother Victor. Maybe Y&R is doing a similar thing so when things with Muhney are settled, they can say that Hartley’s another character!

Hmmmm. That’s something to think about, Chadam.

On soaps anything is possible– same thing happened on Days, DH replaced WN as Roman Brady, eventually WN came back to the show, so they turned DH character into John Black who was brainwashed to think he was Roman Brady. Then WN left again, so they had to get another actor to play Roman— therefore the possibility that this guy isn’t really Adam exists, but I think if it did come to that, it would be way down the road yet, but not out of the question-

Your right Timmm horse & buggy along with the milk-man.

K/Kay I think I read somewhere that Terry Lester was dead. He died of a heart attack.

Yes, Nikki. Terry died a while back. My Gran said that although Terry played the u redeemable scoundrel ( her words), she liked him so much ore than Bergman. It seems Peter does not have the same charismatic effect on her.

Their is always going to be people like Geoffrey, Heather, Bart, Sissy, Diane &Jaye Lynn that hate and will always hate the show but as long as the ratings are top notch (as they are) the show will go on thank goodness, and believe me the haters will always tune in just to complain.

Hold on there, Miss Nikki. I concur with you that Y&R has been providing us with some fun escapism, but I don’t think it’s appropriate to call those who don’t share our reaction haters. Folks call me a hater all the time when I express a negative opinion about GH which conflicts with their own viewpoint.
On the issue of Terry Lester’s death. Kay knows he died of a heart attack. I believe he was a friend of hers. She is alluding to the fact that Terry Lester was fired way back when Bill Bell was at the helm.

It just feels to me that the program doesn’t have any heroes. There can be good heroes and bad heroes. They can change places, but not overnight. Someone mentioned that Adam needs a hero. Well the whole program does.

This writing is not satire nor a creative odyssey.

That would have been I, Tani. I said Adam needs a hero, but I was being sarcastic, targeting Dylan; whom the writers are trying to mold into a hero….unsuccessfully, I may add.
But, I do like your observations. Yes, when you put it that way, everyone on that show needs a hero.
No, the story is not a satire, but, the writers unintentionally mock these characters by making them appear ridiculous accompanied by obnoxious storylines, such as Marco/Jack so-far-fetched idiocy.
The actors are like puppets , dangling and dancing crazily to an unfamiliar tune trapped in the heads of the writers, which only they can hear. Unfortunately, the transmission malfunctions.
I guess it could be an Odyssey if it were not so disconnected….Nah.

Dylan is ridiculous and lame ..
He doesn’t fit in with the Newmans and no fit as a pretend cop.
Dylan = ridiculous character..,,, (he’s even dorky lol

Y&R has not been the same since they let Kay Alden go…Kay carried on Bill Bells legacy and knew how the show should be…I called and left a message on Y&R message line and begged them to bring the classic background music back…did they listen, NO…I have been watching Y&R since the middle 70’s and it’s NO LONGER the same. I have lost interest in the show. The show doesn’t even have the same feel. I know times change but it’s like the old saying…if it’s not broken there’s no need to fix it…We can go on and on about this…It’s like when Douglas Marland left the Guiding Light, one could tell right away that GL was no longer the same. I know it’s 2015 but I don’t think it’s to much to ask to bring some top notch people on board and bring the Glory Days back…But unfortunately the top notch people have passed. To me the best head-writer’s that ever existed are Bill Bell and Douglas Marland. I so miss these two individuals and they will never be forgotten…

hey Kevin..
you said’
”if it’s not broken there’s no need to fix it !!”

Y&R was ”broken” a snooze fest and had it lowest ratings drop, ever..
Y&R was in trouble and they fired the 2 Queens of Snooze brought in Pratt in to flip it, make a change and he did and ratings have been really good..
thing is;
now GH is in the hands of the 2 that brought Y&R down to its’ lowest..

Hello su0000…

I didn’t mean before Pratt was brought in…I meant when Kay Alden was the Head Writer…to me Y&R has not been the same since Kay Alden was let go…

I agree with CeeCee ,Harry, K/Kay, Nikki, Tom Jones and others.
Let’s kick behinds and take names; that Chelsea is a turncoat. I’m saying that Chelsea is nobody’s friend. ; I wouldn’t trust her as a friend!
I want Adam to be tougher ,also. He needs to stop looking for acceptance from the Newman’s and friends.
Tom is right ; I’ve always said that it was Billy’s fault.
I didn’t like the fallout from Adam’s reveal ; I wanted Adam to be in the position to be able to take over Newman Enterprises as the new owner. Hopefully, that’s still in play since the virus can’t be stopped. I’ve been always convinced that Adam didn’t kill Delia.

Harry, I was not trying to be mean to Kay by telling her about Terry Lester. I had no idea they we’re friends. I liked Terry too. As for negative comments I have a couple as well. For a good example VICTOR. How everyone at some point of time can end up at the police station but Victor can get away with so many crimes is just craziness. I was also commenting on the same people that always have and always will hate even the best of the shows/ They are very predictable. How often have you heard Billy Miller/Michael Muhney? It doesn’t matter how hard these guys we have now work, we have to hear about the whining MM/BM. If you watch & read comments from General Hospital they want their own Jason back not Billy Miller who now plays Jason they want “Dylan”. I was not trying to be mean Harry, not by a long shot but I was & am saying although their are story’s that could improve the ratings are high. the actor’s work hard and we have so few soap’s left we should be enjoying them. One night after my daughter talked about Kardashian’s I watched an episode. I hated it so I turned it off and never watched it again. The same people that spew hate about Y & R & G.H will be watching it tomorrow & spewing their hate of it on here. Does that make sense to you. My only hope for our soap’s is that someone higher up is taking the names of the haters so they know that our actor’s/actresses are doing a darn good job.

I like how Adam was exposed. I wish the writer’s would stop making Sharon so crazy. Why would they make Sage and Nick get married and have a baby. Victor used to love Sharon so much and change on her even after they found out she was sick. I just want Sharon to win once in awhile. Victor always win over jack and that’s not fair.

The show is an atrocious that’s what I think. Hated how all the FOJ and FOP get propped up while all the favorites vets get dumbed down looking stupid or brain dead. Phelps and Pratt are ruining YR and fans of YR will do a happy dance when they’re fired. Maria A. Bell must be laughing her head off after Phelps said she can last longer. The two PPs have done worst to YR in one year than MAB done in four years.

I was thinking that Gabe and Sage were responsible for DiDi’s death, Not Adam. Oh well….the story goes on.

Breaking News

‘The Talk’ Renewed For 15th and Final Season to End in December; Does Its Cancellation Make Room for ‘The Gates’?

Things just got very interesting over at CBS daytime with the announcement today that The Talk is going to end its run on the network after its 15th season, and that season looks to be shortened as the series will come to its conclusion in December of 2024.

In a joint statement, Amy Reisenbach, President, CBS Entertainment and David Stapf, President, CBS Studio, shared, “The Talk broke new ground when it launched 14 years ago by returning daytime talk to CBS with a refreshing and award-winning format. Throughout the years, it has been a key program on CBS’ top rated daytime line-up as it brought timely, important and entertaining topics and discussions into living rooms around the globe.”

Reisenback and Stapf added, “It goes without saying that hosting and producing a year-round talk show is no easy task, and we express our sincere gratitude to our amazing hosts Akbar Gbajabiamila, Amanda Kloots, Natalie Morales, Jerry O’Connell and Sheryl Underwood, our Executive Producer/Showrunner Rob Crabbe and the hardworking producing team and crew.

Photo: CBS

Giving props to those who co-hosted or worked on the show through the years including: Sara Gilbert, Julie Chen Moonves, Carrie Ann Inaba Leah Ramimi, Marissa Janet Winokur, Holly Robinson Peete, Eve, Aisha Tyler, and Sharon Osbourne, the joint statement added, “We also want to acknowledge our former show hosts and colleagues who contributed throughout the seasons. We truly appreciate the skill, creativity, and dedication everyone involved brought to the show every day.  And of course, we thank the numerous guests who appeared, and the millions of viewers who tuned in daily. For the final season, we plan to celebrate the show and give it the proper sendoff it deserves when it concludes in December 2024.”

While no firm decision or announcement has been given at this time, it seems most likely that The Talk’s time slot could be given to the new soap opera in development The Gates from CBS Studio Ventures and from longtime soap opera writer. Michele Val Jean.  As previously reported, The Gates features the lives of a wealthy Black family who reside in a posh, gated community.

Photo: JPI

The Talk was originally the brainchild of Sara Gilbert, who had developed the show when it launched back 2010 and it replaced the beloved As the World Turns which went off the air after 54 years when CBS canceled it.

So, what do you think of The Talk being canceled? Will this make room for The Gates to begin to air in its spot beginning in 2025? Share your reactions to the news via the comment section.

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General Hospital

George Russo to Appear on General Hospital as Carmine Cerullo

Coming up, it looks like Brook Lynn’s (Amanda Setton) grandfather, Carmine Cerullo is headed to Port Charles.

According to casting news from the ABC soap opera, George Russo will take on the role. Russo will tape his episode next week on April 15th and will appear on the May 15th episode of the long-running daytime drama series.

If George looks familiar he has been in numerous primetime television shows and motion pictures including: The Offer. Winning Time, Grand Crew and Shameless.

Photo: ABC

Longtime GH viewers will recall that Lois’ (Rena Sofer) dad, Carmine, was previously showed up in Port Charles on and off from 1994 to 1996 and was played by John Capudice.

Clearly, it seems that Carmine will be a part of Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn’s wedding.  Will it go off without a hitch? Are you looking forward to it? Stay tuned.

Who else would you like to see attend the nuptials? Gloria Cerullo (Ellen Travolta), any other blasts from the pasts who should be present? Let us know in the comment section.

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Y&R’s Hayley Erin Previews Her Role in Horror-Thriller ‘New Life’

While she has been tearing it up as Claire aka Eve on The Young and the Restless, Daytime Emmy winner, Hayley Erin is also starring in a riveting horror-thriller called New Life.

In New Life, Erin takes on the role of a mysterious woman named Jessica who is seemingly the run. The premise offers, that Jessica is being pursuit by a resourceful fixer named Elsa, is hired to locate. Two different and unique stories are linked and converge, as the stakes of the pursuit explode to apocalyptic proportions.

Taking to her Instagram to promote her role in the film, which drops on May 4th, Hayley expressed, “New Life brought new meaning to blood, sweat, and tears. I’m so proud of this film and everyone involved, cannot wait to share it with you all… in select theatres and streaming MAY 3rd!!!”

Photo: MovieTrailers

Several of Erin’s co-stars from her time on General Hospital as Kiki Jerome, including bff Chloe Lanier (ex-Nelle) and Maura West (Ava) shared their enthusiasm after checking out the trailer.  Lanier shared, “Best actress in the world, love you.”  West said, “I cannot wait. Congratulations!”

New Life, hits select theaters and streaming platforms on Friday, May 3rd.

Now below check out the official trailer, and then let us know if you will be watching Hayley in this complete departure from her role as Claire/Eve on Y&R in the comment section below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Kim Coles as Whitley

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