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The Young and the Restless Wins Best Make-Up Daytime Television Series At 2016 MUAHS Guild Awards!

Those hard working men and women behind the camera who make actors looks so good, or so bruised and banged up were celebrated and acknowledged over the weekend during the 2016 Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists (MUAHS) Guild Awards, recognizing outstanding achievements in motion pictures, television, commercials and live theater categories.

The event was held on Saturday night, February 20th at the Paramount Studio Theatre in Hollywood, California, and “The Artisan” award was handed out in 19 different categories. The Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild (IATSE Local 706) is the official labor union for make-up artists and hair stylists in Film, television, stage, commercials, digital media and Disneyland Theme Park. These artistic professionals have created the iconic looks for Hollywood’s most memorable characters and stars, and have influenced major trends in the consumer industry.

CBS’ The Young and the Restless walked away with “The Artisan” for Best Make-Up for a Daytime Television Series, with the longtime Y&R make-up team of Patricia Denney, Marlene Mason, Kathy Jones receiving top honors.

However, in the Best Hair Styling category for a Daytime Television Series that accolade was awarded to the talker, The Real, which airs on FOX.  To view the complete list of winners click here.

Congratulations to Patti, Marlene and Kathy and Y&R for their honor! Does Y&R have the most stellar make-up on the soaps?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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I love Nikki’s wig !!! makes her look younger. (No, it is not her hair…I worked with cancer patients and wigs, they are very easy for me to spot/distinct giveaways..
I do not like the red lipstick on all who wear it, it’s too harsh..
But- Y&R does well in the makeup department..

Do they have Sharon’s hair looking like(Brady Bunch) Marcia Brady- she it too old to try to appear young in a 80’s hairstyle……… by hair extensions .. lol
She really needs a an updated modern makeover befitting to her age..

Hey, su,
Nikki’s hair texture looks so natural (well, not the color, obviously), I would have never known.
As for Sharon’s hair; it looks like she is growing in bangs? I’m trying to remember when she had bangs. I love Sharon, always have, albeit her character went through the mill, making me not like her so much. But, I admire the actress. TPTB do not realize what she brings to the table. She is a vet and it warms the heart to see her on a daily basis.
I could never understand why there is this fallacious standard that when reaching a certain age, women must cut their hair. Funny you should mention that, SuzieQ……as I understand it; way back in the day, the etiquette was reversed. Only young women were to sport short hair…..and, the more mature woman left it long, in a braid, a bun, or just streaming down their backs….hmmmmm. Later, babes.

Sharon is beautiful, bangs or not! On Friday’s show they flashed back to when Noah was born. Sharon was so young and gorgeous. Then they show her present day and she has held up well. Nick, well he was a young average looking punk back when Noah was born. He has grown into a mature handsome man!

PS: I met Sharon Case about four years ago. She was stunning! BUT, beside her looks, she was so nice. I gave her a big hug and told her to keep an eye on VICTOR!

Hello, my Timmmbo. Of course, Sharon is beautiful. She still had her beauty….she always will…and, a body to match.
Nick is gorgeous…always was. His face is perfect; masculine, but easy to read…love the actor, as well. Ciao, babes.

@Timmm I watched Friday’s show this weekend why don’t they just put Case & Morrow back together the chemistry after working together for twenty one years shines thru. They are the end game . The flashbacks were great I remember those great story lines. I wonder who wrote that episode?

Hi, Kay,
Oh, boy….do I ever agree with you. I have always maintained that Nick and Sharon belong together. After all their tempestuous relationship(s), they are still so great together. Good call.

Hi CeeCee…
Longer hair on older can be cool, but it needs to be a `modern and styled..
Sharons hair is 70-80’s ……. and too much a teen look for her age..
Thing is… she never changes, decades the same hair lol
I have had my hair to my waist and cut to ears.. many different lengths of straight, curly, bangs, side, bobbed and layered etc etc .. also some color changes (nothing drastic) keeping up with the times and simply a new look.. never extensions as Sharon and others..
Sharon has the same hair for decades… I do not understand how any woman can have the same hairstyle for 30 years LOL .

Sharon’s make-up is good, it is subdued/more natural than than others..

ie( even tho a wig.. Nikki’s new doo takes years off, is peppy, much younger looking for her.. It did her facial features very well, the change.. lookin’ good!

ooh I was just informed; at one time during the Disco era Sharon had the ‘big hair’ for awhile LOL

I think ALL the Y&R women need a hair update…

ohhh Cindy Crawford, 50yrs old, has long hair..
It looks great on her, why- it is modern and styled, not a Marcia Brady look .. lol


Ok…I get what you mean, su…’s not the length of Shsron’s hair, but the style. I guess it is a little girlish. My nieces have blond curls as Sharon had today, but, they’re both under 12.
Cindy Crawford is a goddess. My mother is 55. Her hair a bit past her shoulders. Bye.

Hey, SuzieQ, it depends on the person. I have never had short hair. I see pictures of myself, and I was 2 the last time I had short hair. It’s long, straight and parted in the middle. Sometimes it gets curled….this fact does not put me or anyone else back decades. Sharon is a different story. The front of her hair is just weird looking. There’s no style to it. Besides, my husband loves my hair long…LOL. Bye.

I like Nikki’s wig as well and it does look so real but I don’t agree that age has anything to do with long or short hair. Some people just have the type of face that suits long hair no matter how old they are. If you remember Melody T. Scott had long hair for most of her adult life and she’s 59 now. Jacqueline Smith looks beautiful at 69 with her long hair so did Katherine Kelly Lang at 54 and the best of all is Jane Seymour at 65 and even more beautiful today still with her long hair. Sharon Case is the youngest of them all at 45. I think she looks beautiful with her long hair but whatever she did to the sides looked awful until the extensions now it looks great. I can’t imagine these beauties with short hair. Im 67 and my hair is shoulder length. Sometimes I have it pulled back, sometimes just loose and other times in a ponytail. My husband loves it.

Nikki has a wig? Its not real hair? I love Sharon best. Chelseas hair is to dark now

Yes Sharons long hair is so pretty 🙂

You go, girl. My 75 year old Nanna has long hair; but tied back in a chignon.
I know women who do not want to bother with the care that goes along with long hair. Then there are others who feel free having short hair…that it interferes with work or they just like it short. Back in the 50’s, I believe short hair was the bite; the cat’s meow, Daddy-O. Lol.
I thought Nikki look spectacular today. I liked the hair style, the makeup, and particularly, her very classy tweed ensemble. ( it looked like tweed).
Love your post, Nikki…thanks for the info. Later, my friend.

Did they have the awards yet because Im only routing for Sharon Case . Sharon got dissed so guess im not watching

I think the makeup is pretty good overall, but NOT the super red lipstick sometimes, or weird
shades of pink, especially on Chelsea. Lily usually looks great…talk about flawless skin!
For some reason, those women come to mind first.
Hairstyles…well, Sharon, jeez. Looks cuter when wavy, and would be super cuter shorter,
but have to wonder if that will ever happen, but her makeup always looks natural and pretty.

I think they get lazy over there whenever they curl the women’s hair looks so much better and someone finally handed Ameila a hairbrush .

I love red lipstick, Nanci…depends on the occasion. When wearing red lipstick, the eye makeup should be minimal. It’s one or the other. I agree with the eye shadow. I think brown is THE basic color…..or should be….I don’t particularly like rainbow colors on my face.
I also think you called it right….Lily’s makeup, hair, wardrobe are impeccable…great skin; great body. She’s beautiful.
Chelsea, in my opinion has great hair….that’s it. She is not pretty; but, she makes herself attractive ….her clothes, hairdos, the way she carries herself. She also has very boyish hips…no curves.
Sharon’s hair looked nice today…but, you’re right, nothing to talk about.
Victoria has beautiful hair…always had full, thick hair. A little messy; but I like that look, albeit we can never be sure is what we see is real?
Summer is not a fave of mine, but she has a great body.
I envy any woman who is taller than I, Nanci…LOL. I have the curves, though…DOUBLE LOL.

Lol, K/kay. Normally I like Victoria’s wavy, bedhead look, but yeah, sometimes
it was a bit too bedhead and instead just looked tangled like she was riding
in a car with her head out the window.
She is gorgeous, though!

Back when Billy Miller played Billy, they did an interview with him and Amelia. He was saying that she is like a little girl and always playing with her hair. So that thought always sticks in my head when I see her hair mussed up. But why they let her get away with it on camera is beyond me. However, I wish I had all the hair volume she did and she is just one year younger than me. 🙁

But I would bet, CeeCee, that your red lipstick shade is a pretty one.
The reds on the soap can be quite clownish, lol.
I agree about Chelsea and Victoria’s hair…so pretty.
Hilary’s hair has been looking nice I noticed, too. A bit shorter
and bouncier.

I think Melissa Claire Egan looks best when she has brown hair with blonde highlights. Nothing worse than bleaching the heck out of one’s hair to make everyone blonde on that show.

Yes, Nanci. It is a subdued shade of red. I have full lips (naturally, lol) so I really would look like a clown if I wore fire-engine red…imagine that! Later, love.

Gotcha Stan! If Sharon were to embrace her inner Marcia Brady it would be a 70’s hairstyle and not the 80’s sir!

Chelsea wears too much makeup! I’ve alway said and I know I’m a guy but less is best! We are not playing cowboys and Indians here, lay off all the razz-ma-tazz! Au Natural!

Plus, too much makeup can just make women look older than they are.
Just one example…flipping through a magazine I saw a pic of Kim K
with no makeup, and she looked tons prettier and at least 10 years younger.

Good point Nanci. I saw J Lo Makeup less and she looked fabulous!

Timmm..I agree about Chelsea…tone it down, she doesn’t need red, red lipstick and overly made up eyes. It really hit home the other day when I went from a 17″ to a new 32″ TV and the red lipstick just jumped out.

Chelsea has the best body………………..

Au naturel is fine and good, Timmmy…but, we ladies need that little razz-ma-tazz, at times. I wear makeup ; not a lot…..more if I am going somewhere special in the evening.
My lashes are long but not dark enough to my liking. I’m Icelandic….so, I definitely need mascara first and foremost…..very fair.
Chelsie/Melissa does not have great skin; I suppose she needs to cover her face. I saw that today, in technicolor ( close-up).
As I said, she is not pretty, so she feels the heavy makeup will make up for it ( excuse the pun)…. However, sometimes that is not the case. Less is more.
Eileen Davidson is also a natural beauty. I think her makeup is appropriate, as most of the women on Y&R.

CeeCee my dear friend I can’t believe we’re going to disagree Ouch!!! We usually agree on everything! M.C.E. is beautiful! If you go on her twitter she’s with her husband in Australia without make-up and she’s beautiful. Now the dark red lipstick I agree it is too dark. I don’t know what shocked me more 1. You don’t think she’s pretty or 2. We disagree on something. Now if you agree that Summer is way too big for that top she’s wearing we’ll agree but I luv ya anyways my friend. later!

I know, lovely, Nikki. I argue with my sister about that all the time. So, you are not the only one who finds Melissa beautiful. Perhaps I admire the classic beauty type,….or the exotic look.
I suppose I am being very technical. I look at features, makeup or not.
I guess it is a matter of opinion. I do know that she has problematic skin….but, that’s neither here nor there.
I agree…that top did nothing for Summer. You’re right, that top was made for someone like myself…petite. LOL. Her body is statuesque. Not a great actress…terrible character, but she has great body…and, pretty.
It is great to disagree, Nikki. Shay and I always agree…except for Nina…LOL Later, my friend.

Just wondering the brand name and colour lipstick Eileen Davidson wore on the episode air date March 2nd, she had a burgundy dress on.

I LOVE Y&R… everyone is beautiful! I must know what lipstick Victoria wears. I would love to try it.

I’d like to know what eyeshadow and lipstick Lily uses on the soap. So soft n pretty. Thanks Shirley


Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes Plan to “Spill the Tea” on Launch of Their Podcast ‘Amy & T.J.’

December 5th will be, and was, a memorable date in the careers of the controversial pairing of former ABC news anchors and GMA3 co-hosts, Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes.

The duo will officially launch their iHeartPodcast Amy and T.J tomorrow on Tuesday. The series is hosted and executive produced by the couple, who last night stepped out for the first time together at the iHeart 2023 Jingle Ball.

Their outing was quite the strategic one, right before the premiere of their new show where in the teaser released by iHeartPodcasts, they play up the scandal of it all.

Photo: iHeartMedia

Making the drop date of Amy and T.J. all the more salacious is that one-year ago on December 5th, 2022 Robach and Holmes were removed from their hosting duties on GMA3: What You Need to Know.

Promoting their new podcast, the couple shared in a promotional photo: “Why yes, we be serving tea… One week from today, ‘Amy & T. J.'”

Photo: iHeartMedia

According to the press release on their new audio venture, Amy and T.J. will use their decades of experience delivering headline news and captivating viewers nationwide as they get behind the microphone to explore meaningful conversations about current events, pop culture, and everything in between where “nothing is off limits.”

The two anchors intimate relationship first became public knowledge when photos of the two together holding hands surfaced back in November of 2022. Both were presumably married to their spouses at the time. Holmes to Marilee Fiebeg, and Robach to former Melrose Place star, Andrew Shue.

Take a listen below to the intro teaser for Amy and T.J.  Then let us know, what do you think about how they are working the scandal that got them ousted from ABC? Intrigued to hear if they reveal anything about their relationship and what really went down behind the scenes in the season premiere of their new podcast? Let us know via the comment section.

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Judith Light to Star Alongside Billy Crystal in Apple TV+ Limited Series ‘Before’

Whenever we get to see more Judith Light on our screens is always a good day. Almost every project she touches, or appears in, sees her delivering yet another magnificent performance on her already more than impressive acting resume.

Now comes word that the former two-time Daytime Emmy-winning star from One Life to Live (Ex-Karen Wolek) and two-time Tony Award winner will star along with Billy Crystal in Apple TV+’s upcoming limited series, Before.

According to the loglines on the series, Before is a 10-episode atmospheric, character-driven psychological thriller about Eli (Crystal), a child psychiatrist who, after recently losing his wife, Lynn (Light), encounters a troubled young boy who seems to have a haunting connection to Eli’s past.

Photo: JPI

Seductively enigmatic, Lynn (Light) is the love of Eli’s life, but her recent death may not be quite what it seems. As Eli digs deeper into the hidden life of the wife he thought he knew, he soon finds Lynn haunting him from beyond the grave.

According to Deadline, Adam Bernstein is set to direct the pilot. He previously directed the pilot episodes for  Fargo, 30 Rock, and Scrubs. His most recent directing credit include Apple TV+’s Silo and Showtime’s Billions.

Photo: JPI

As for Judith, she had continued to work project after project. She also received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You can see Light in Max’s Julia and Starz’s Shining Vale as well as Peacock’s Poker Face.

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Winsor Harmon Hopes Audience Reaction Will Prompt B&B’s Brad Bell: “To Start Writing for Thorne Again”

On tomorrow’s December 5th episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Winsor Harmon makes a return as Thorne Forrester, as Eric (John McCook) is set to throw a major Forrester family party since he plans on saying goodbye to his loved ones as he was given only a few months to live.

The last time Harmon visited the CBS daytime drama series was back in 2022 during a dream sequence of Brooke’s (Katherine Kelly Lang).  Harmon has appeared on and off the series since from 1996- 2016.  For a short run, Ingo Rademacher took over the role from late 2017- to early 2019.

Joining Harmon during his return will be another B&B favorite, Ashley Jones who reprises her role as Bridget Forrester beginning on the December 6th episode of the soap opera.

Photo: JPI

Speaking with SOD on his latest comeback to BOLD, Harmon expressed his hope’s that out of his appearances will come a potential new story for Thorne down the line.

Winsor shared, “We’ll see how the audience reacts and I think things will start popping in Brad’s (Bell, executive producer/head writer) head and he’ll start writing for Thorne again.”

Photo: JPI

In terms of what Harmon was told when the series offered him to make a comeback for some upcoming episodes, the actor revealed, “They didn’t tell me anything.” So, apparently Winsor was in the dark when he said “yes” as to just what the story would be.

Coming up, look for some emotional moments for the Forrester family, as some people know of Eric’s condition, while other’s in the family do not.

So, do you hope that Brad Bell decides to write future story for Thorne Forrester and bring back into the canvas for a longer run as played by Winsor Harmon? Comment below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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