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There's A Doctor In The House: Matt Cohen Joins The Cast of General Hospital!



Filling the void left by the departure of Jason Thompson as Dr. Patrick Drake on General Hospital will not be an easy task for the long-running ABC soap opera.  In addition to losing Thompson, there was one less doctor in the house taking care of the patients at the hospital itself.

Well, now comes word via ABC Soaps In Depth that there is a new doctor on the scene!  GH has cast South of Nowhere star, Matt Cohen in the new role of Dr. Griffin Munro!

Cohen started shooting his first episodes this week, and will first air the first week of February.

As for Cohen;s other credits, he has guest-starred on How to Get Away with Murder, 902010, and Supernatural! No further details were made available as to the backstory of this new doctor!

So, what do you think about the casting news of Matt Cohen as GH’s latest doc? Comment below!

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Please, pair him with Liz! Get her out of Jason Hell once and for all.

why can’t tptb/writers use lucas more???

Hear, hear.

Cause Lucas is gay on a soap, which means he just drops by now and then to support the straight people.

i hear what you are saying but gay or straight he is a doctor & was raised by bobbie spencer & tony jones who are two legacy gh characters – tptb/writers need to utilize the characters they have instead of bringing on newbies that are not connected to anybody………………..jmo

Why can’t these new head writers bring on some FEMALE doctors? All we’re seeing is men being added to the staff. In the 70’s, GH was very progressive in that half of the top medical staff & hospital administration was female. Lesley Webber was a family practitioner, & Monica Q. was a heart surgeon. Liz’s sister, Sarah, is supposedly a doctor. And, what about Serena, Scott & Dominique’s daughter? It’s embarrassing how backward GH has become compared to where they were 40 years ago.

Excellent point!!!!!! Unless they are psychotic like Lisa Niles!,, it was nice to see Dr. Kelly Wu on our screens!

I’m not familiar w/ his work, but he looks cute! I was hoping that they would bring back Patrick’s brother Matt (Jason Cook) or bring back the character of Steve Webber. Elizabeth could use some family right now!

Yes I was saying for sure to bring back Steve Webber and recast him with Chris McKenna who was most recently on Y&R as Det Harding.

Brian…YES YES YES!!!!! Chris McKenna would be AN AWESOME ADDITION to the GH cast…HELL TO THE YEAH!!!!!

Good idea. These soaps flip flop with actors. Y&R got Jason Thompson so GH should get Chris. He is awesome! He doesnt cross me as a Hardy, though. BUT we do need doctors!

I like that idea! There’s so many good choices out there & he’s one of them!

he is young and hot … nothing for the older ladies lol

Probably a hookup for Liz, but no sane man would want to deal with a woman who has 3 kids and by criminal/killers dangerous father’s..

Carly and Alexis each have three children with thugs (okay, Jax isn’t really a thug but he did steal Spencer with Carly’s help away from Nik), Olivia has two children with thugs, Sam had two children with thugs, Nik has a kid with a stripper, Maxie has a kid with a hacker/thugs, Lulu has a kid with the man whose father is king of the thugs, etc..

MissySnow: You summed up GH perfectly and why it’s not must-see TV


from afar … I thought it was Nathan twin

I noticed the resemblance as well. I wonder if they’ll turn out to be brothers.

Julian’s little brother?

I think Matt may be Nathan’s brother just based on their similar looks.

Well the good news is they are restaffing GH with a doctor but it is obvious they cast this dude to be a Patrick Drake lookalike! Handsome guy, not familiar with him or his work. I just always hope anytime there is a new character they can at least act! Maybe this guy will be contented to Hayden?

There’s lots of doctors that could be utilized, like LUCAS for example, GH could’ve moved Ryan Carnes (Lucas) from recurring to Contract. That would opened up more story for him & Brad. And, GH could also utilize Brad, too. Bring back, the BRITCH!!! Where’s Monica, Kevin Collins (he could have hospital scenes, again, too), where’s Epiphany… sadly, missed her at Patrick and Robin’s wedding, Patrick and Epiphany always had fabulous scenes together. Bring Felix & Sabrina back to the hospital. Point is, there’s so much opportunity for established characters who we rarely see, Mr. Matt Cohen is very handsome, but also… use what you’ve got GH!!!

Hi Jeremy ..
Bing a doctor on GH is no big deal..
Patrick was doctor standing at the nurses station.
Dr O is doctor sitting at a desk ordering people around
Lucas is a doctor seen at the nurses station every once in a great while
doctors in white coats are props to let us know there is still a hospital ..LOL

Just what in heck is a doctor supposed to do that makes him differently special with the exception he is used less

Su… You are so right about the doctors on GH. There actually seems to be more doctor/hospital action on Y&R. Liking Dr. Neville, but wish they brought in someone to GH like Vincent Iziirarey/David Hayward. Even I wouldn’t mind keeping my appointment with Dr. H. And what interesting stories you could write around him.

Oooooh, Jeremy….You had me almost to the very end…. until you mentioned Felix and Sappy! I could do without them like….forever! But “The Britch” is another story entirely….I still miss that girl! Along with her magnificent “Mutter,” she was one of the very few newbies to have actually made her mark and earned her place on the GH canvas. Her special sort of foxy, fabulous fun has been sorely missed! “Bring back the Britch,” indeed!

I agree! Why they ever let her go and then bring in the Hayden character is beyond me. She brought a lot more to the story-line of GH. Miss her.

I think he would be far better suited for Lucas.

No doubt Lucas would agree, Fanny!!!! (But not Brad….you remember Brad?)

great casting

Thrilled that GH hired a new doctor. They need to put Lucas on contract as well.I’m disappointed this new doc isn’t tied to GH’s history.
They need to bring back Drs Sarah Webber, Tommy Hardy,jr and Jeff Webber as Chief of Staff.
If I was running GH Dr.Andre would have been Tommy Hardy,jr and Curtis would have been a Ward.GH has great history yet TPTB ignore it.
I’m so fed up with Mobster Central. Get rid of the Mob or at the very least quit trying to sell Sonny/Jason/Julian as good , heroic and honorable men. They’re murderers. Plus, making Paul another thug was stupid. He should have been a corporate shark.

I agree with some of your points and respectfully disagree with others. Paul Hornsby could have been a corporate shark and Lucas needs more airtime. However, some of the characters you mentioned have not been on the GH canvas for years (I remember when Jeff Webber left in 1981! and Sarah left GH over 15 years ago). New characters need to be able to be introduced without having DNA ties to characters pre 2000.

@JanieP….I take your point about Dr. Jeff, and I certainly wouldn’t care to see Richard Dean Anderson reprising his pre-McGyver role, but the show could use a patriarchal figure like Drs. Hardy and Quartermaine once were. A distinguished recast—as long as he’s also drop-dead handsome—would fill that bill, and don’t forget, Jeff still has two ex-wives hanging around Port Charles…Monica and the incarcerated(?) Heather…..interacting with them could be fun! As for Paul Hornsby, I agree….he should have been more of an upper crust, white collar criminal and less of a secret mobster….his trashy antics, especially with Ava, have just killed the character for me, and that comes as a huge disappointment, since his arrival was one of the few I’ve actually welcomed over these last few years.

He reminds me of RP-Nathan in this picture-great for CeeCee-lol…hope his acting is better…but here we go again with a newbie-if he has a vet connection fine but lets stop going this way and that way…i feel like im pulled in two directions with the shows cast…legacy characters make me feel like im watching GH and then there is other characters who dont feel connected to the other characters that make me feel like im watching a different show…by the way there is Lucas-bring him on more-he is a doctor.

Yum yum, he is very cute. I want to play doctor with him LOL.

Me, too…WICKED LOL!!!!!

Now boys!

I don’t know what void he’s filling, they rarely wrote a decent story for Jason, so why would we expect any more for a new actor. They don’t write for the Doctors they have now. Monica, Brad, Lucas, Kevin, Matt Hunter, any of these would have been great o have actual stories for. Not excited

He’s very handsome. .
He has,very pretty eyes..
Watch out Jason…

ghhe’s so hot, i’ve seen his work, glad he’s on GH.

@aria.. Since you’ve seen his work, can he act???????

yeah, he’s not bad, he’s been in how to get away with murder and other primetime shows so he’s got experience and he’s really good looking hot body too.

I saw him on HTGAWM and he’s someone to watch. Good catch for GH. Hope he’s introduced slowly, as there are already too many new characters on the scene. I want to like his character…or at least like to hate him. :0)

He was great on Supernatural. And he’s totally dreamy! I have high hopes

He should have been a recast for Dr. Matt Hunter- an already established character with ties to the cast and canvas, and left with unresolved story to tell. He has the resemblance.

Wishful casting to beef up the med scene would also be a SORASed Lila Rae- a sort of Quartermaine who fits the young crowd, but unlike most of them, also has ties to the show. She could be a med school student. And Skye could return or at least make appearances.

Steve Webber needs to come back too, as a support for Liz and an established Doctor, and voila, you’ve got a couple of viable employees at General Hospital.

…..But you know. I’m sure we’ll all grow to care about Griffin Whatshisname.

But, but, Jules, aka “My Favorite Canadienne!”….your suggestions make far too much sense! Rather than introducing recasts in roles we already know and love and that have historical ties to the canvas, apparently what GH really requires is even more ill-defined, newbie misfit characters to join the swollen ranks of those other smashing successes better known as Sappy, Val-Chops, Carrrrr-LOS!, Nina, Jordan, Hayden and……well, you get the idea!

Shay, you never change, you little devil! Hope you had a marvelous new year!

I think it was su0000 who once said that if a writer or EP creates a new character they get paid more or get a bonus? I dont know. Maybe thats why we dont see more connections with these newbies to the oldbies?

Tim, that’s a myth that’s been refuted by nearly every EP and writer. It gets said a lot but has never been proven true.

Though, it would be a decent explanation. I wish there were a real reason.

I like your idea of a Matt recast, but I”m ready to give him a try for whoever he is.

But I wonder if they tossed the idea of bringing Matt (Jason Cooks version) back? Jason Cook just did a quick few scenes on Days but didn’t want to be locked into a contract. I hear GH is really good at being flexible with their people. Sounds like a great fit, a good actor, someone already mixed into the canvas, good chemistry with people already there, and a doctor.

I’d like to see Jason Cook back, too.

Patrick is gone so a Matt Hunter recast would be a waste!

Thank you, Jules! Same to you! I only wish I could change my tune, but until GH sees the light and makes the appropriate revisions that are necessary to better the show, well, then, I’m just going to keep on singing!

Never stop singing! You have perfect pitch!

Hey Jules! Thanks…..I’ll keep on “singing,” as long as I have my fellow “Supremes” to join in….like CeeCee, Fanny and of course, YOU!!!!

I think “Nathan” is going to have to share the title Sexy Pants!

wow, he could have easily been the drake recast! interested in seeing how they weave him into the mix.

At least they didn’t bring in someone new as a recast of Patrick Drake, that’s what I was afraid of. I’m fine with him being a new character. Give him a fresh slate to create a new character, rather than trying to fill Jason Thompson’s shoes, or anyone else’s shoes. Unlike some commenters here that are already passing judgment, I’m gonna wait until I actually see the new Dr. Griffin Munro on screen and give him a few months to settle into the role, before I make a judgment.

He definitely passes the looks test, now let’s hope he can act. Welcome to GH, Matt Cohen!

IF Robin and Emma were to stay I would be open to this guy as a Patrick recast but Patrick has no reason to be on canvas now. Hell, they barely gave JT anything to do in 2015! BTW, Griffin Munro sounsd like a distant cousin to Jethro Bodine!

I do not get the excitement over a Doctor..
So what??
All a Doctor will be doing is standing around the nurses station doing nothing
Or, if we ever get some drama he can remove a bullet..

It’s no big deal the character is a Doctor, it does not advance him in anyway except he gets to wear a stethoscope and stand at the nurses station.

and for godsake STOP pairing every off, GH needs some awesome bachelors living the good life, as a bachelor. Many are Doctors lol
The world is full of desirable hot bachelors and it’s about time GH had some.

Speaking of doctors, paging Doctor Freud, please come right away.

For what reason? To stand around with their shirts off????

Based on this past week’s episodes of GH, I’d say we could assume this new doctor character is linked to Lucas given the phone call he made on Sonny’s behalf to find him a new specialist after that rude doctor showed his nasty attitude. Seems a bit young yes but given how GH has dropped the ball on all the gay-oriented character stories this could be a way to freshen things up. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out once he hits Port Charles next month.

He looks great & I hear he acts great. I’m all for staffing up GH, but PLEASE use Lucas more. He is so handsome and such a good actor. He’s a good guy like Patrick was and the audience knows/trusts him. Use BOTH of them.

Matt Cohen is not only sexxy , but he’s very talented !
He was AWESOME in
” How To Get Away With Murder ”
On Abc
Thanks to Writers, Casting
for hiring him on
” General Hospital ”
Feb Sweeps is off to a sizzling start .

Hope he flirts with Carly if he’s Gay there’s Felix or Lucas since Brad’s hardly on !

Oh, joy…..another newbie!

It’ll get worse…Sappy will eventually return but Carlos taking her away even for a brief time made me kind of like his

This is true, jimh….Carrrrr-LOS! may be a mangy, blood-thirsty killer, but at least this time around he performed a public service to the community of Port Charles! Now, if he could only make it permanent, I’d erect a statue of him down at the docks! (But not in the park, because it would scare the children….LOL.)

Now that’s funny….

Thank you, Fanny!

That statue would scare me too…lol

He looks like Joey from Friends. It sure would be nice if soap writers had the memory and attention span of the viewers. Instead of flooding the canvas with newbies, as GH has been doing for years, they could have solidly enriched the families they already have on the show. When will a regime, ANY regime, remember Jimmy Lee Holt…Edward Quartermaine’s son? He could have any number of children in their 20’s and 30’s who could all be brought on to enliven and repopulate the Q mansion. There are Webber’s and Hardy’s out there that haven’t even been seen yet. Instead of giving murderers in their 50’s new infants, the show could be delving into its own rich history. It is borderline ridiculous having actors like Nancy lee Grahn, Maurice Benard, and William DeVry, whose characters are all just south of the age of 60, playing Who’s the Daddy storylines!! Nancy played those 30 years ago on Santa Barbara, when her charaqcter was already an established, successful lawyer. Julian was revealed to be Lucas’ father over 25 years ago in actual screen time. It gets so tiresome to see characters never changing, never growing, never maturing, and writers who are so bereft of creative and age appropriate material. I have great respect for Jean and Shelly, two women in the most thankless, almost unthinkable roles of having to clean up the disaster that Ron Carlivati left in his wake. I feel they have been almost too considerate of some fans in continuing many story threads, and keeping some actors around and trying to make sense of their stories. What this show needed upon their arrival was an epic Port Charles disaster that claimed the lives of at LEAST 10 pointless, extraneous characters. Plane crash, explosion, biotoxin, whatever…this show has a bloated cast and many of the characters just do not work outside of the Carlivati mindset. It would be like Claire Labine inheriting a show from Jim Reilly…….losses would need to be cut and fat would need to be trimmed.

Dylan, are you saying this doctor might be Dr Jake Amore’?
I hope he takes the stairs and stays away from the elevator.
But I agree entirely with your post. I welcome a new addition as long as he is connected to core characters, he is well written and he can act.

I was hoping Hayden would be JLH and Celia’s daughter.

Ummm. No.

You’re so right, Dylan. This show has so much history and so many possibilities of new characters from legacy characters. Instead, we get endless newbies with zero connection to anyone from the past.

Thank you, Celia! That tacky guttersnipe could never be YOUR daughter! LOL….

I’ve also suggested some mass disaster is in order to clear the GH canvas of all the extraneous deadweight amassed during the Cartini regime, Dylan. Alas, the stubborn insistence upon keeping all of these awful, unimaginative characters that are dragging down the show defies any sort of logic whatsoever…..

A new man for Lulu!!

Looks like Nathan, there your back story!

Maybe “Dr. O.” had twins…..then again, with this show’s propensity for casting this particular type of “cookie cutter” male, it could very well be triplets or quads by the time the newbie parade winds down….if it ever does! How about a drop-dead gorgeous blond guy for a change…maybe even in the form of a sexy Brit or Aussie dude, like back in the GH glory days?

CeeCee was be secretly working in the casting department!

Ah, I screwed that up! CeeCee MUST be secretly working in the casting department!

Yes I was gonna say he looks a lot like Ryan Paevey who plays Nathan. It’s cool though since they are both smoking hot!

I pray he can ACT better than Ryan!

I would love a new focus on the hospital. A story that allows us to re-engage with the “title character.” Let’s give some shine on everyone out who matters, clean out those characters who do not, and promote those who could make a difference (yes to Lucas). Consider history, legacy, and future. I miss the hospital and those everyday goings-on that linked the scenes and plots (those days of Lucille, Jessie, Amy).

Okay are we starting a pool to find out how long it will be before the show has him shirtless? His first scene? His second? Someone put me down for his episode, fourth scene—- and it will either be Sam or Liz who walks in on him half naked– LOL

First scene: Lucas is in the locker room and sees the guy coming out of the shower…oops, my bad-Ron C. is no longer writing this show…lol

HA!! Good One!!

I miss those Ron C. locker room scenes!

He can act. He’s probably expensive since he’s semi well known.
I’m glad there’s another doctor

He’s already been tested with and chosen to be Liz’s new love interest. Some of us have known he was coming for awhile. He’s already ruined if they put him with Liz imo. The funny thing is the first time I saw him, I thought he reminded me of Scott Reeves who played Liz’s brother Steve Webber. Oh well, I guess time will tell. I moved over to YR when JT left. Enjoy the new eye candy though.

I get being mad at Miss Lizzy–truly I do. But the actress is so ethereally lovely and so good at what she does I find myself instantly forgiving her.

You softy, you…truth be told, she is picture perfect.

Kristina needs a hunky guy

He’s SUPER GORGEOUS! He should be paired with Jordan or Valerie!

One of those BEAUTIFUL women should be paired with this gorgeous man! Please don’t waste him on anyone else.

Half right. Val is hot!

What??? Jordan is just as beautiful as Valerie!

Val and Jordan are both beautiful but they’re played by terrible actresses who come off as vapid and stupid.

I miss Dr Sexy ….Silas Clay….sigh…..

I do, too! You are not alone. I wish they’d bring Michael Easton back, pronto.

Yes, GH is a much lesser place without Michael Easton. And speaking of Silas, this newbie could pass as a “Son of Silas.” (Or even the progeny of the long-lost Blackie Parrish!)

Welcome, Matt!

He’s a very good actor. I’ve seen him on Supernatural. I agree that veteran characters who are doctors should be brought back, but since this actor is good I’m interested to see how his character will be written. I’m always hoping for more hospital centered stories.

I hope Michael doesn’t try to steal him for his new clinic… Oh, wait, they dropped that storyline…

While I would also like to see Lucas (Ryan Carnes) go on contract, new writers are always going to want to create their own characters/legacies. It’s not only ego driven, but financially driven.

He’s no Jason Thompson. They need somebody who is totally different from the dark haired bad boy image. Why can’t they get a female doctor? They were perfectly willing to have Robin on staff.

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In story on the Friday’s June 19th episode, after Finn cuts his hand accidentally on broken glass, he ends up passing out on the floor from excessive drinking. Violet comes upon her dad, and ends up calling Tracy (Jane Elli0t). When Tracy shows up, she calls the paramedics, who inform her that the issue with Finn is he drank too much.


Once Violet goes over to Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) and Chase’s (Josh Swickard), Tracy goes back to Finn’s and takes photos on her phone of Finn passed out, a bottle of booze, the glass and the entire scenario.

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Tracy issues an ultimatum. Chase and Brook Lynn seek legal advice. Carly plots a bold move. Molly and TJ have a heart-to-heart. Ava gets an earful.

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FRIDAY, JUNE 28, 2024

Carly and Jason clash. Sonny and Natalia get closer. Ava seeks out Laura. Brook Lynn and Chase make a big decision. Blaze has some tough questions for Kristina.

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GH and Hallmark fan favorite, Ryan Paevey (ex-Nathan West) wanted to clear the air after numerous reports and rumors had him quitting acting altogether and what that meant for any future projects in Hollywood he may have had planned.

Paevey released an exclusive statement to where he shared what is going on in his life. Back on June 19th, Ryan deactivated his Twitter and Facebook accounts and he may have deactivated his Instagram account on Friday as well, or as of this writing.

For Ryan, the decision to change his current life’s trajectory came after a series of events; chief among them moving closer to home to take care of his ailing mother who is battling lung cancer and social media scammers.

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When Detective Dante Falconeri was shot by a Pikeman henchman, and Jason (Steve Burton) was revealed alive and well, it put actor Dominic Zamprogna in a coma, and a bad one in soap terms, at that. For awhile there, it was touch and go for Dante.

The good news is Dante pulled through and is now back to his old self, and just in time for Dominic Zamprogna’s 15th anniversary with the ABC daytime drama series, which is June 22nd.

Dominic spoke to Soap Opera Digest on his milestone, and reflected back on the fan response from earlier this year when it may have appeared he was exiting the show for a second time.


Zamprogna shared, “It’s nice to hear you say that people were worried about me – when I went into Frank’s (Valentini, EP, GH) office and he told me I was going into a coma, I started to worry about me (laughs)!”

From working on GH for a decade and a half now, Zamprogna has seen his fair share of comas, and in fact, his then on-screen wife, Lulu Spencer Falconeri was written off the show having never awakened from her coma.

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