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THIS WEEK: Lisa Rinna Returns To DAYS As Billie Reed!

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In the latest Valentine’s week promo for NBC’s Days of our Lives, while in the hospital Steve (who is being poisoned by John) gets a surprise visitor.  It’s none other than Billie Reed!  But, what brings Billie back to Salem?

This ushers in the return of RHOBH’s star Lisa Rinna (Billie), who is back at her old stomping grounds for a storyline arc involving; just what is happening with John (Drake Hogestyn), Steve (Stephen Nichols), and the shooting that occurred on last Friday’s episode, where it looks as if John shot both Paul (Christopher Sean) and Will (Chandler Massey).

In the latest edition of Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now, DAYS head writer, Ron Carlivati previewed on Rinna’s return: “We came up with a fun way to weave her into the current story so she’ll get to interact with a lot of loved ones and still have a pretty significant impact on the February Sweeps story, especially with John and Steve.”

Watch this week’s promo for DAYS after the jump.  Then let us know what you hope goes down in Salem when Billie hits the canvas in the comment section below.

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I am definitely looking forward to Bille’s return. If for no other reason than to upset St Hope’s day.

Yeah, well….when you put it that way, mary; a thousand times yes! Thank you!!!!
I thought Patrick and I were the only two who merely tolerated St. Hope….great name for her, LOL. Fits like a glove.

yes, Mary – I enjoyed your post.

I do hope tho – “hope” that she can raise the bar on just how excellent her nuCiera Alice is taking . she is an in your face no holds barred “hell raising” no?

yes , my dear Hope… forever and a day is Grans Jewel. HOWEVER, it’s tiring watching her in the love department. Rafe should not be in this picture at all.

DAYS – more specifically , Ken Corday … RUINED what his pet could have had.. THEE PERFECT family…

Aiden / Hope / Lauren Boles – Ciera Alice. THIS WAS GOLD.

sorry to bring up the age difference.. but it’s not tolerable in this situation….

JUST LIKE – GH Anna and Finn… it’s too glaring.. and such a detriment to Finola Hughes character to continually act out… which is not what her character is about

same could be said for Rafe… if either of you want to jump in. Galen Gerring as Rafe… is not given enough credit for his nuanced and subtle delivery. he plays his beats on que on par.

he just sways me… takes me for a flight of fantasy… and quite honestly… can’t believe he’s wasted on Hope. Grans Jewels go and make donuts. Hope had it… with Bo and Aiden. OK done saying that.

have either of you seen the magic coming out of Christie Clark… she’s a stand alone act… just mesmerizing … LOOK @Rate now. Hope could do nothing but act out her job.

ALL it took was an eye to eye… and Rafe started dancing .. and Carrie looked on even more and knew she had him. this is it… this is the stuff that is REEL

so.. yeah.. to see a little bite here and their for Hope. Kristian Alfonso has got to dig somewhere. can she ? raise the bar… just like Jenny Bear… ANOTHER ONE… with Greg Vaughan as Eric ? PLEASE

with all due respect to the ladies… reason we all have the mindset behind closed doors is enough for these two ( Hope and Jenny Bear).

Rafe and Eric are

Hey Patrick…not sure what you mean by Anna and Finn too glaring…if you’re talking about age she’s only 7-8 years old than him….

Patrick, I definitely agree with you about Rafe. I have always thought that actor is hot. Yesterday and today they showed him in a short sleeve shirt, I LOVED seeing his big, strong arms! Why don’t they show them more often? I guess they always have him in long sleeved shirts or jackets. I’d love to see him shirtless, or at least in short sleeved shirts more often. Reminds me of Bo’s hot body!

I love seeing Christie Clark back as Carrie. I’d love to see her back on Days for good or recurring, it’d be great to have to her keep causing trouble for Hope and Rafe.

Billie killed Andre….im very sick witj flu…my only post today

Hmmm…that’s a good guess, Jimmy…we shall see.
Please take care of yourself….influenza virus ( this strain is a baddie) does not descriminate, and is running rampant. Stay well, my frirnd.

feel better, jimh!

No, Jimh, Abby as Gabi, but spelled Gabby killed Andre. Abby’s mind split just as I’d expected. I hope you’re feeling better!

* I had expected.

4ever DAYS…interesting theory! That could work…but Abby seems to have really loved Andre. Wow! Hmmm…Curious to see how it unfolds. (I was actually thinking Andre wasn’t really dead! Must have too many GH “reveals” in my mind.)

Hey there, 4ever,
Gabby (LOL) works for me, if one considers Abby’s history—I think you are hitting on something.
I, actually, started wondering about Abby’s ( Kate Mansi) mental stability when she ‘took up’ with ELvis, LOL.
It does make a lot of sense. My only question is; how does Stefan fit into this? Does he even play a role here? Are we purposely being misled that he is, indeed, involved?
I trust you and Jimh….neither of you just blows hot air….something must steer you in Abby’s direction.
Does her past mental struggle ( seems she has not conquered it, if your theory is correct) include a split personality?… If so, who is her alter-ego? She may have more than one personality.

Billie killing Andre for some bizzare ISA-related reason would actually make more sense than ReRon dragging out his stupid worn out multiple personality dragonshit storylines again.

Get well soon, Jimh! We need you back here cracking wise in your own inimitable fashion! Take care!

Mais, oui, mon poete, Patrick….we have touched on the subject of Hope and Rafe several times….the conclusion remains the same. They are water and oil !!… do not mix…
I agree with Hope and Bo, of course….the IT couple.
However, I did not get any vibe with Aiden, either….I think it’s just her persona….she’ too prudish and stiff….confusing, since she was sort of a wild-child and not-so-upright-citizen, more than a few times….she went from not-so-upright to too-uptight.
Ciera—yes, love her spunk, albeit so different from her predecessor , Vivian. ….too much of a transformation—not complaining here…I like her much better this way.
I still pine for Little Lauren, though.
You bet about Rafe…. his true self coms out with Carrie…as it does with Sami—WOW!! Stuck between two sisters?? LOL.
Hope ‘makes’ Rafe’s persona stuffy….no fun….she brings him down. I only hope Hope ( HaHa) finds out about what happened during Sami’s last visit.
Now…Finn and Anna… never liked this coupling. I, actually, enjoy him with Alexis. They’re fun….Alexis’ personality, when with Finn, pleasantly surprised me. She needs someone like him.
Everything seems to be centered around Charlie’s. And, I suspect, the reason we are seeing so much of Finn with Alexis and vice versa is to make Julian jealous and vice versa ( kim with Julian)…..TPTB have a little juicy tid-bit up Charlie’s alley.

Oh no!!!! My dear, CeeCee….We couldn’t be more opposite in our views on the Anna and Finn pairing! Initially, I was not all that jazzed about this seemingly chalk-and-cheese couple, but as their storyline progressed, Finola and Michael skillfully sold me on their characters’ relationship! I think they are a great case of opposites attracting in personality and taste, and that is what ultimately makes them so fab! Quite frankly, because both give off such a timeless, romantic vibe, I don’t really see an age difference between them…I really like them together and I especially find Finn’s deeply smitten nature over the Divine Devane so utterely charming! On the other hand I do notice an obviously older, frustrated, grasping at straws Alexis conspiculously throwing herself at Finn in order to make Julian jealous and have some hanky-panky in the process….that’s all this woman is ever about….and I am gratified that, thus far, the elsewhere preoccupied Finn is having none of it…he’s totally besotted by the enchanting Anna and he’s not looking for cheap thrills ala Alexis….actually the two of them being constantly thrown into these seriously contrived scenarios makes me want to hurl. (Aren’t there enough other random males circulating around Port Charles to help Alexis scratch her perennial itch????) Having said that, I’m digging Dr. Kim with “Charlie”….he needs some lighthearted fun with a fresh, breezy new lover to match his own youthful, sexually-charged persona.

Feeling a little better finally…maybe forever is right…Abby has a split personality and killed Andre thinking she is Gabi…if thats true Stephan will probably learn her secret and use it to blackmail her into sleeping with him…he will have extra security film showing Abby’s face dressed in a black wig ect….im not getting mail from this site for some reason so i came back to read replies!!!

I am glad you’re better, Jimmy….it’s a mad, mad world out there, everywhichway, my friend.
So, you really think Abby “returned” to her dark days with mental illness? Stefan knows this and is using it to his advantage?
That is a very good theory, Jimmy….I like it. You think the woman in the photo, which the police has, is Abby dressed in Gabi’s clothes? I am anticipating the turnout….
Also, another theory is that the DA is obviously in cahoots with Stefan and she was the woman in the photo…..ergo, the electrical ‘system’ ( cameras) was cut. How convenient.
What is the reason? I can’t believe that is just to take over Gabi’s name off their label…
The entire thing smells of Stefano.
What do you make of John, Jimmy? Do you think those were not real bullets he used on Paul and Will? I do not like John, but he’s one of the good guys…..did he simply put his son and step-grandson to a “temporary” sleep?
Aside—I am not liking what Lani is doing to JJ—but, it is a soap, and this is soapy stuff….which will eventually come back to haunt her.

Oopsie, Jimmy….scratch the DA part… I jumped the gun…it doesn’t look like Stefan and Melinda? are conspiring against Gabi….but, Stefan could be behind the photo….he could have put some woman ( even Vivian) up to it…..dressed in Gabi’s clothes.

Looking forward to Billie’s return!

I’ve never understood the hate for Lisa Rinna. I’m pretty excited for her return, even if it’s just a brief one. LOVED her with Robert Kelker Kelly.


Speaking of RKK..he was a huge star for Days and very popular as a replacement for the Bo character. Peter s said repeatedly hes not would be so exciting if someone as talented as Carliavati as headwriter could pen the return of Bo with RKK again. Nows the time!

HELL no!!

RKK was barely tolerable as FauxBo the first time around. His last two runs as Stavros Cassadine on GH – written by ReRon – were some sort of sick and not funny cartoonish joke.

RKK & ReRon should never be allowed to work together again, and we don’t need Bo back unless Peter Reckell wants to do it.

Sudden death by brain tumor would be fairly easy to unwrite, by Salem standards.

I remember reading that Lisa Rinna and others hated RKK. They were appalled by his behavior on the DOOL set.

ECHO – she’s a hot woman

AND in her prime.. WITH the hottest RKK. you couldn’t turn away

she has an honest relationship with herself… she’s bubbly down to earth present.

she has a lively personality.. which serves her well.

she’s a go getter and Hollywood made room for her

Hey, Patrick,
I forgot to discuss Miss Jenny and Eric– again, oil and water. No matter how TPTB are trying to make Eric look older with that scruffy, non-descript appearance; he still looks young enough to be her son….there’s another ‘sleeper’….The worst coupling since Popeye and Olive Oyl.
Aside– I just realized who Ciera reminds me of— a young Allanah Myles.

Patrick….your post says so much…I read between the lines…..I have come to appreciate your writing and ‘sifting’ through the words, I get you….it is not always about age. I don’t even think about it. Yet, Greg Vaughn is very youthful looking ( as is Wes on GH…looks so much younger than 40)…..Eric’s entire persona is too young for Jennifer, albeit she is not that much older. She is BORING….as is Hope.
I love Melissa and ‘Jen’, but, TPTB need to ‘step’ her up …how about utilizing her real-life husband?—–can’t go wrong there.

I read that they hated working with each other…lol

it’s not like DAYS has enough – simmering – on the table

just load the stimuli

imagine if we still had RKK and Jason Brooks… two hot bad guys who went for it

wallah i’d dance

Mark…back in the day (in the early 1990’s…and if I remember correctly), Michael Sabatino (who played Lawrence Alamain at the time) and Robert Kelker Kelly nearly got into a fisfight. Supposedly, Robert offended Crystal Chappell (who is now married to Michael)…and this pissed Michael off. Oh…the backstage and behind the scenes DRAMA!!!!! Yep.

Have a good one, Mark.

RKK and Jason Brooks were super hot on Days, I’d love to see them back on again.

timoteo: I first started to tune in during the time when Lisa played Billie and Robert played Bo (I preferred Robert as Bo). I thought they were great together. I read that they disliked one another. If that is true, their dislike of one another transferred on to the small screen as real chemistry. I liked DAYS during the 90’s.

I wish she could stay longer than a few episodes

I wish it were Julie Pinson reprising the role, she was much better as Billie than Lisa Rinna IMO.

Julie and her husband Billy Warlock live in gorgeous Telleride Colorado they may even run a resort not sure about that part.

I did’t even know they were married, kay…thanks!

Exactly. What I don’t understand is how appreciating one actress over another translates to hate. I do not see the word anywhere else except for the person who said it.
Nothing against Lisa, I prefer Julie…that’s all. WOW!!

Billie should be back for good, or at least recurring, and Julie Pinson would be perfect to play Billie again.

Yes, blake….agreed. I love Julie—I prefer her to Lisa…The fact still remains that Kate looks the same age, if not younger, however…..
As I said below, we watch with gratitude and go along with it, my friend.

She better watch her mouth, we don’t need none of her Lip.

Please keep your sexist comments to yourself! They are no longer appropriate in this “me too” age.

I think he was referring to her “lip enhancements” and NOT making a sexist remark –

Sexist comment? Sigh.

Double entendre???? Very good, Johnny Grant….

Of COURSE it was a double entendre, I don’t make sexist statements, I’m not even from that era – how ridiculous to interpret my comment as sexist.

LOL…Trust me, Johnny, I got it, instantly….we share the same kind of humor..I did not take it as a sexist remark, at all !!!! I agree with you; if the shoe fits, right ?

Thank you, honestly – this isn’t 1959, I wouldn’t make a sexist remark in that kind of way – but, even though it may seem unkind, I think Lip Enhancements make people look like Trout swimming in the ocean.

lol…well, it wasn’t exactly the definition of a double entendre…but it was “tongue in cheek!” Okay, now I think THAT was a pun! Well…related. 😉

Johnny Grant…to clarify… Your comment was a great play on words. However, since it obviously wasn’t meant in a sexist OR sexual sense…and double entendres are usually sexual in why I coined it more of tongue in cheek or a play on words. Either way, clever! 😉

I did respond, but my post disappeared. Double entendre is a French term which was adopted by the English language…. ‘Double’ in French is pronounced DOOBLE, albeit is spelled the same as in English.
Entendre means ” to hear”….. therefore, it is open to interpretation ‘what’ we hear… you used the idiom correctly.
Also, I would like to say that Kate looks amazing–yet, I agree with many who have expressed disbelief that she and Billie are mother and daughter.
This does boggle the mind….and, it is not just on Days… TPTB are in a quandary, I guess….between a rock and a hard place? As I said, people do not age in Hollywood….What to do? Find a younger recast than Lisa? That would take time and money, maybe?….. there is nothing we can do, except s**k it up….and enjoy, LOL.

Mine, too, CeeCeeGirl!!!! But by the way, “Black Velvet!!!!”

“Black Velvet” as in, Allanah? That, certainly, is a song for all time….ever alive.
It would be a great intro for Susan, if she ever comes back to Salem, n’est-ce-pas?
Actually, the song would have made an impact if it had been sung at EJ’s funeral….not trying to be facetious here…I’m serious. Mama’s little boy, albeit the son of a fiend!

I LOVE Krista Allen

VA VA VA voom… she’s HOT

I was on youtube… looking for Krista… LOL

lo and behold…. it’s a bay watch ep… as Krista is working out… and the gym is all hot and bothered

who should jump out at you…. Jason brooks… ex Peter Blake , DAYS

I wonder if they ever shared scenes @DOOL.


it was Krista Allen who played out the death of her and Bo daughter > Georgia

WOAH and just WOW

heart breaker

For once, I agree with Patrick 666%

Krista Allen was definitely the Devil’s favorite Billie.

HaHaHaHaHa….love it…666. Good one, Satan.
You should agree with Patrick all the time…he’s on fiyah….right up your alley. LOL.

Krista was my favorite Billie!

I like Lisa as Billie. There are times I think she is “too Hollywood” but she isn’t a bad actress- when she really likes the material. Her last visit wasn’t that good.. hoping she liked this return a little more.

Yes, Dean. Thank you….I couldn’t think of a word or phrase…” too Hollywood”, right on!! That must be what turns me off about her.

Mo is absolutely correct, Celia. Sami tricked Austin into believing she was carrying his child, then falsified the blood test results. Will was named long before Austin learned the truth.

Mike and Jennifer are full brother and sister. Mickey was married to Laura who conceived Mike with Bill. Mickey was sterile, but didn’t realize it until eight years later. I believe that’s when he went crazy, shot Bill, was committed and brought back to sanity with the help of a new character named Dr. Marlena Evans…way before my time. And way, way before your time!

Mike eventually accepted Bill as his father and Mickey as his uncle.

Hi, again, 4ever….
See? I misunderstood my Gran….Mickey was married to Laura? She cheated on him with his brother Bill?… Ok, got it…thanks again.
So Jen and Mike are full siblings. Obviously, this was, indeed, before my time, but Mike did have a run again, a few years ago, yes? He played the role as a much younger Mike. According to my grandmother, he should have been much older?
Also, didn’t Micket disappear for a looong time and when he returned, he had amnesia. That’s when he met Maggie?…..who was a cripple?….. all according to Fiona, my grandmother. Her memory is very sharp….it is I who gets the stories a bit ‘twisted’, LOL.

Celia, Mickey met Maggie on a farm when he had amnesia. Yes, she was using crutches. They fell in love, married, but I don’t think it was legal. I think Mickey had regained his memory when they remarried. I didn’t start watching Days until after all this, but have picked up some history through the show and reading SOD, etc.

Mike was on many years ago. I remember when he was involved with Robin, a Jewish doctor. They married, had a son, and left to live in Israel, I believe. When Mike returned he was played by someone else. He had a romance with Carrie. I think they actually married. Mike did return for Alice’s funeral/memorial, but I think that was the last time he was on.

I also posted info on Will’s name, etc. below.

Thanks Mo….I appreciate the backstory.


I love Billie (Lisa Rinna)! Please can a reunion with Bo not be far behind?!!!

Days has brought back most of the other beloved cast members. The show sags without Bo Brady. And PLEASE keep Bo with Billie. They are dynamite together!

I remember posting … all the time… just how LUCKY Peter Reckell… had it…


has something… that it factor… just va va voomed us ALL. and that’s a lot.

Kristian Alfonso
Lisa Rinna moreso with RKK still his character
I saw the chemistry w/ Reckell… more than likely “ruined” by the writers

AND my favorite with Peter Reckell… Crystal Chappell .. as Carly WOW the heat never let up

Lisa Rinna has a lot going on in her person… when she dials it down… and really focus’ WITH GOOD WRITING… she’s a solid contribution.

I am loving that these 4 shows… ARE bringing back for guest arcs… characters that are impacting for the show… and the audience gets to feast a little bit more.

i’m still LOVING Lean Hunley ‘ ANNA. NICE … pat on the back for Roman.

Christie Clark !!!!! now this gal I want forever … contract her

Billie and Bo ? she’s got more energy than Hope.

This is a nice treat. I would have liked to have seen Arleen Sorkin pop up as Calliope when things started getting thick for Anna. Maybe she still will.

Caliope Jones. Wasn’t Johnathan Frakes (Gene Francis) husband Eugene? I may be wrong I’ll have to Google that.

Nope john Delancie . They still resemble each other sort of lol. Ahhhh created by the great Pat-Falken Smith. Great soap scribe.

No, but they were both on Star Trek TNG. John DeLancie played a recurring character named “Q”. He was a comical character – as Eugene was – but in space he had god-like powers.

I WISH – TPTB had brought back Matthew Ashford as Jack Devereoux

this was one surprise that @DAYS should revisit

Lisa Rinna chemistry with Matthew Ashford stoked the fires and was a pleasant and welcome

it was playful… easy banter… and heck you got it TEASE


Billie and Jack

OK…you know what: Julie Pinson should have been brought back as Billie Reed and NOT Lisa Rinna!!!!! Oh…and Lisa Rinna herself needs to go back to The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills…and stay there!!!!!


Since Ron C took over, the show has been fantastic. The current storyline with John poisoning Steve is by far my least favorite.

@ Days of OUR Lives : “we” have found – OUR – new Queen: Christie Clark

@DAYS- you simply MUST hire and contract out this beautiful woman… who is effortlessly putting on a grand big show… so warm… so sexy… so put together… so

The TORCH has passed… Carrie Brady


Yes! Christie Clark said in an interview that’d she love to return to Days and misses playing Carrie and the acting. I’d love to see her back for good, or at least recurring.

Then they’d have to bring Austin back or break them up. I do like Carrie and with Sami gone it would be a good time for her to return. Just not a fan of Austin Peck.

Love Carrie, blake. I wish past characters/ actors could all come back. I miss Melanie, Theresa etc….Nicole, the most !!

Celia, do you know Theresa is coming back? It was announced a few months ago, so that means she will be onscreen within the next few months.

Thanks, blake….looking forward to seeing Theresa. No doubt, she will be on the warpath, considering the illicit relationship between Brady and Eve.

I don’t think she’s putting on that grand of a show, but that’s mainly because she hasn’t been given a whole lot to do. Would like to see her in more scenes with her parents and Marlena and others.

As I’ve said on previous posts, I’m new to this soap so I have to admit I took a double take when I heard Lisa Rinna call Lauren Koslow “mom.” Lauren could have as easily called Lisa Rinna “mom.” There’s barely a difference in their appearance in terms of age. As I’ve also said on other posts, I get that actors are cast as parent/offspring who aren’t that far apart in age in reality. But these two? They could be cast as sisters…but mother/daughter? That’s REALLY suspending disbelief!

Well, Lauren is not the original Kate. Still, actors are not looking their ages so it is sometimes hard to believe familial ties. What about Caroline being a Great-Great-Grandmother?!

Hey, Mo…

I don’t know Caroline; don’t think she’s been on since I’ve been watching which is only a few months. I’ll keep a look out…

Rebecca, Caroline hasn’t been on in a while. I think the actress may be ill.

Caroline is the mother of Roman and Kayla (and a couple others who are no longer on the show). When Will had Arianna it made her a great-great-grandmother, which is kinda ridiculous, but then I guess so is Kate and Marlena being great-grandmothers. We just overlook it on soaps.

LOL, Mo….not just Caroline. How about Alice Horton? She became a great-great grandmother at 15… ( kidding…but, you know what I mean). The other incredible mother-child ‘relationship’, which is truly bizzarre, is Michael Graziadei and Gina Tognoni ( Y&R’s nuPhyllis).
Everyone in Hollywood looks the same age….no one ages.

Mo…thanks for the “intel”! 😉

I agree; I know we ignore a lot on soaps. Have to…but that’s part of what makes them so fun! There are many actors, take GH, where the age differences are not too far apart…like Kelly Monaco who plays Will DeVry’s daughter. But, to me, she looks young enough to be his daughter! I guess that’s the difference for me. I really don’t care about “real” ages…but when the actors actually look the same age like with Lisa and Lauren it was just comical.

The only way that would work for me is if it was an avant-garde piece of theatre where the actors were just playing the roles…regardless of age/gender, etc. Where it’s part of the creative process. But in a case where it’s supposed to be “real”…dunno…this was so bizarre that it broke that fourth wall for me. Funny? Yes. But I like the story! I don’t want to be amused in the midst of my soapy angst! 😉

Agree with you! Mom actually looks younger than daughter and daughter’s lips are so distracting.


HaHa…Helen, your posts are few and far between, but, when you do post, I can’t help but chuckle….

Yeah it was really distracting to see this Billie and Kate together and call each other mom and daughter. Billie looks the same age or older than Kate. I’d imagine it’d be awkward for the actresses. It really took away from the scenes.

I think it was one of the most unrealistic things I’ve seen on soaps…INCLUDING vampires and aliens! The difference is we know the latter is fantastical!

It’s not believable that Billie would passively accept John shooting her namesake Will.

I think Will was named after his grandfather, Dr. William “Bill” Horton, Lucas’ father, ChandlerFan.

No, Will was named after his father’s sister, Billie. Of course, at the time, Sami told everyone that Austin was her baby daddy, but it still works as Billie is also Lucas’ (half) sister.

As everyone thought Austin was Will’s father, the baby certainly wouldn’t have been named after Lucas’ (absent) father.

Yes, 4ever…I asked my grandmother , and she said that everyone assumed Will was namd after Dr. Bill Horton. But, Mo does have a point. As soap operas go, a baby’s bio father is always questionable, LOL.
I become a bit confused, sometimes—as I heard, Bill and Laura also had a son, Mike, who turned out to be Mickey’s?
Dr. Bill was, also, Jennifer Rose’s father …..Gran said that ‘Rose’ was the name of Jen’s nanny?
So, Jen has two half brothers? WOW!!

No one assumed Will was named after Bill. He was named after Billie. Austin was Will’s father at birth as Sami lied. I’m not even sure if Lucas’ paternity was known at this time. Trust me, Will was named after Billie.

Mike is Bill’s son. Laura was married to Mickey, but had an affair with Bill. She tried to pass Mike off as Mickey’s son, but Mickey was sterile. The truth came out.

Jennifer and Mike are full siblings. Lucas is a half-sibling to Mike and Jennifer on his father’s side, and on his mother’s side Billie, Austin, Philip, Cassie, and Rex.

Lisa and Robert had off the charts chemistry please soap stars quit attacking each other years later let the viewersremember your great scenes you do not do yourself any favors. Just be glad years later you can come back and have a job! Be kind

Days Of Our Lives

Jackie Cox Talks On Latest Return to DAYS, An Offer for Dimitri, and Life as a Performer In and Out of Drag

On the Monday, December 4th episode of Peacock’s Days of our Lives, Jackie Cox is back and hell hath no fury like a drag queen scorned! With revenge the order of the day on Leo Stark (Greg Rikaart), Darius Rose (Cox out of drag) arrives in Salem with a plan.

As Dimitri (Peter Porte) is about to turn himself into the authorities to save Leo’s skin, Darius gives Von Leuschner a talking to; letting him know that Leo deserves to rot away in prison, and so, to help Dimitri out of town, Darius has a tempting, and yet outlandish way to do just that!

Cox first appeared on Days of our Lives during the limited-series Beyond Salem in 2021 and then on to the mothership in 2022. The drag artist and Rupaul Drag Race alum took time out from his busy touring schedule of his holiday show, Jackie and Jan’s Jingle Jam (coming to a town near you), to speak with Michael Fairman TV all about his recent return to the long-running soap opera, playing ‘soapy’ versions of Jackie/Darius, and if there’s more story to come.

In addition, Jackie talks on the often misperceptions of the art of drag and drag performers, working with his DAYS co-stars since first appearing on the series including: Rikaart, Porte, Billy Flynn (Chad AKA Belinda Chinashop), and much more. Check out our chat with the incomparable Jackie below.

Photo: JPI

You get asked back to DAYS, once again. Were you shocked that you got the call to return?

JACKIE: You know, what’s so funny is ever since my appearance on Beyond Salem a couple years ago, the fans kind of picked up on this little connection with me and Leo. Which then, Ron Carlivati (head writer, Days of our Lives) kind of expanded into my storyline last year where I came and broke up Leo’s wedding with Dr. Craig Wesley (Kevin Spirtas). What’s amazing is the DAYS fans now think they have seen me in places in the story that I’m not. Like, I was one of the prime suspects for the murder of Abigail DiMera, or I’m somehow helping Leo with other things. (Laughs) The fans have amazing imaginations of their own. I think Ron and the team picked up on that a little bit and have kind of found different ways to work me back into the storyline, which is so cool. I’m there, even when I’m not. That’s so fun for me.

Photo: JPI

As viewers saw on Monday’s episode, you are not in scenes with Greg Rikaart but Peter Porte. Was that a surprise for you coming back to tape a new episode?

JACKIE:  When they called me to come back, I thought I’d be working with Greg again as I have been very much a part of his storyline. However, it was really fun working with Peter, because we didn’t get to work together much on Beyond Salem, even though we were both there. It was fun to kind of like build a connection to Dimitri, because I think that’s such an interesting character.

Were you ever a fan of Days of our Lives before you were even on it?

JACKIE: I would pop in and out when I was a kid when I was homesick. My mom would let me watch a little bit. So, I remember the Stefano of it all, and Hope, and all of those storylines are still in my ether somewhere from when I was young.  Coming into it now, and to see where the storylines have expanded into even more is great. The world is bigger now than maybe it was in the nineties. So, the fact that you have a drag queen dealing with an immigration problem, and getting back at her ex, I think is so wild to me. I couldn’t imagine that kind of a storyline happening back then, but it’s so cool to see now.

DAYS, at times, had shown a lot of forward-thinking to its audience that I don’t think you’d necessarily see on the other current soaps. The way they’ve had you, and other gay, or sexually-fluid characters or romances, or introduced drag into the storylines – all these things they had implemented along the way to make the soap, in its current form, a little more progressive leaning. They are also not on network TV anymore, but on a streaming platform, which gives this most likely an assist, as well.

JACKIE:  What I love about it is, sometimes people just don’t think that we exist. You know what I mean? Maybe drag queens are something they just heard about and they don’t know what we are. I think what’s great is this character is me in my real life. I am Jackie Cox. I am a drag performer who goes around the country to different places and performs and stuff. So, for that to also be my character, it’s not like, “Why is she a drag queen?” It’s like, “Well, that’s just who she is.” I just happen to be there and I know that the daytime audience is so diverse. I love that they get to just see a little bit of my real life brought into Salem in this way. You can’t deny the fact I am Darius Rose and Jackie Cox.

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It looks like Darius had a plan to ‘help’ Dimitri?

JACKIE: I don’t know if I’m as much helping Dimitri as if I have ulterior motives. I’m pretty frustrated with Leo. He is this charmer and he always gets what he wants. But I think at this point, I’ve had it with him and his schemes. He didn’t get that emerald. He didn’t give me the money from the Beyond Salem. He left me for Dr. Craig Wesley and I’m tired of it. I want to get back at him. Now that I find out he has this hot new little boyfriend, I know just how to do it because Dimitri better watch out, because he has not yet dealt with Jackie Cox yet. I have quite the persuasive offer you’ll see during the episode, and in the performances. I do think you see Dimitri really consider me and consider what I have to offer, which is to steal him a way, and help him escape to Canada with me.

We see you as Darius and Jackie in the episode, but there is a reason for that.

JACKIE: Yes! What’s fun for the audience is, I think, is there’s this tease during the episode, which is, “How are we going to get Dimitri out of here?” So, we take a page from the old drag book of tricks, which is walk right out the front door and let them look right at you, because drag is an amazing disguise. I think that Dimitri should have, could have chosen to be a fabulous drag queen and leave with me, and we could run across the Canadian border together and done cabarets in Montreal! (Laughs).

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So, this is what Jackie/Darius wants to pull off in the episode?

JACKIE: Oh yeah, and also me, in my real life, (Laughs) I wouldn’t mind doing a cabaret in Montreal. That sounds like a good life to me. I think coming to Dimitri with this offer, which is: “Come with me across the border. Let’s get away from Leo. You haven’t been hurt by him the way I have, but I know you will be.” I think for the Darius side of me, you get to see a little bit of the softer side, in a sense. I really am hurt by Leo and the things that he’s done to me, and had been keeping me from – getting a green card in this fantasy version of my life. I really want to get back at him. What I love about Peter as an actor is, as we were working through this scene, we were able to find all these other levels. I kind of build this little connection through our episode of maybe I’m offering him something that he hasn’t even thought of before, a different kind of life where he’s not this Almanian crook, but maybe he can be a free gay man, maybe drag queen in Canada with me. That’s what’s on the table and the audience sees that. Unfortunately, he doesn’t choose me at the end, but that’s not going to stop me from putting on a fabulous look and walking outta there, anyway.

So then as he leaves, is Darius hurt by all of this?

JACKIE: I’m a little hurt. I don’t think my revenge cup is full at the end of this episode. There’s still a burning little desire for me to get back at Leo by the end of this and maybe a desire for me to just get back into Salem and see if I can find Dimitri again. Let me tell you honey, looking at Peter Porte is not very hard and maybe there’s more men in Salem for me … yet. (Laughs)

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Ya never know! What was your takeaway from previously working with Greg Rikaart? Had you known Greg before taping Beyond Salem?

JACKIE: No. Greg and I met right then, and it was so much fun. Right away in those first couple of moments, we decided we needed to up this whole backstory, like just the two of us, and then it ended up on the show: that we were from New York, and we were in cahoots together, and then apparently we got married. and all this kind of subtext we worked in. For Greg and my character on DAYS, it was not about us being hot and heavy with each other. It was more about seeing each other as partners in crime very much from the beginning. So, that’s where the hurt for me comes in. I thought Leo was my main ride or die, but clearly he is not.

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Ron Carlivati has a penchant for writing these types of campy stories. Did you speak with him at any point, and talk about the fact that you would like to do more appearances on DAYS?

JACKIE. Ron did just come to my Christmas show in New York a couple weeks ago. We had a little chat. I can’t say much, but I didn’t die at the end of this. So, there’s always room to come back!  There’s always room for more Jackie.

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Do you find there’s lot of misconceptions about drag queens and people that perform in drag?  Do you think there’s an underlying misunderstanding of it within our culture?

JACKIE: There are a lot of misconceptions. A great example of it for me was last year when I came to Craig and Leo’s wedding. Once I got out of drag, Craig, wasn’t sure how to address me. I just was very clear with the pronouns I prefer out of drag. That was just something that was a matter-of-fact conversation that could happen between any two people. I think sometimes, everyone is scared of what they don’t know or they don’t understand, or are afraid of having a conversation that they think is going to be really horrible. I think the average person, no matter who you are, no matter what side of the political spectrum you are, no matter what gender or sexual orientation you are, everyone just wants to get along in general and have a decent experience walking around the world. I think if you see people like me and my character who’s a drag queen, who’s younger than for example, Dr. Craig Wesley’s character, having just a quick little conversation and then we move on … it’s not a big ‘falling on the sword’ moment. There’s nothing horrible happening. Drag can be a performance. It doesn’t actually matter who you are. Drag is just an expression, and if you love it, great. And if you don’t, you don’t have to come to my show. It’s okay.

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What did you think about Belinda Chinashop (Billy Flynn), Sonny Delight (Zach Tinker) and Amanda Bottom (Chandler Massey) in the drag show scenes in Beyond Salem? Did you give the guys any pointers, or were you just stunned at how good they were?

JACKIE: We had just shot my drag stuff with them before, and they were like, “We’re doing this later this week.” I was like, “You guys will be fine. Don’t you worry.” They had amazing makeup artists come in and help them, which was great. I think that’s the biggest part. Billy Flynn told me, it was so fun for him to get to do it. I love that. Next time I come to Salem, I think there needs to be a reason for me to get Belinda Chinashop back out of the trunk.

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You went to college at UCLA in their theatre department, didn’t you?

JACKIE: Sure did. I went to UCLA with Blake Berris (Everett). Blake and I were in the same theater program together and he booked DAYS I think right after college or while we were in college. It was amazing. He started so young. Now, we’re on this show together! How funny! We were like, “Oh my, God. This is amazing.” Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see Blake when I was there this time this time. Hopefully, the timing works out next time. I don’t think Ron Carlivati even knows that we went to school together.

Were you determined once you left UCLA to become a successful performer? What trajectory were you on at that point?

JACKIE: I went to UCLA and I really focused in on theater because I love theater so much. I didn’t actually really do much film or TV, even though it’s the school of theater, film and television. I loved the theatre. Then, after school I moved to New York because that’s where theater is. I got to New York and I realized that the theater industry was not for me, at least at that time. This was 15 years ago or so. It wasn’t quite as progressive, even in the theater industry, as it is today. I mean, to be on Broadway, you kind of had to be this big strapping hunk back then. I didn’t really find a place for me there. I did find it in New York with drag, and that really unlocked something in me. I kind of started building this career as Jackie Cox. I’ve been doing drag now for 13 years. So, for me to come back around to what I maybe kind of started doing in the first place is very interesting. We will see what happens.

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Now, would you want to take on more roles as yourself, as Darius?

JACKIE: That’s the thing. These days, writers are actually writing material that really connects to who I am. I really want to play more characters, bringing myself to the role is something that’s important to me. So, whether it’s drag, whether it’s a character, whether it’s incorporating some of my Middle Eastern heritage in there, those are all things that I want to bring to life, whether it’s in or out of drag. It’s all on the table. It’s definitely something where I still want it to have that authenticity, to have that reason where it’s me, the actor, not just someone who hasn’t lived it.

So, if you end up with an expanded role of Days of our Lives, would you take it?

JACKIE: Are you kidding? In a heartbeat! My only question to myself and to the writers out there is, am I still going to be me … or is it revealed that I’m not actually Jackie Cox, and that I’m just some delusional fan who thinks I am? (Laughs)

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In closing, how is Jackie when she walks out the door after this episode?

JACKIE: Jackie walks out the door with a renewed sense of purpose, a burning desire to eventually get back at Leo, and maybe a new friend in Salem. Those are the things that I walk out that door with, for sure.

So, did you enjoy seeing Jackie Cox back on Days of our Lives? Should the soap opera continue to weave Jackie/Darius back into the storylines with Dimitri and Leo and company? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Peter Porte Stars in ‘Yuletide the Knot’ Holiday Movie on UPtv

Sunday, December 3rd, Peter Porte (Dimitri, Days of our Lives) stars in a holiday rom-com on UPtv, entitled Yuletide the Knot. Not only is Porte the romantic male lead, but he is also one of the producers of the movie.

Yuletide the Knot premieres tonight at 7 pm ET. Porte stars opposite Mary Antonini who take on the role of Rachel. Also appearing are Kelly Jakle, Kelsey Scott and Melissa Peterman.

In story, Rachel, a small-town wedding planner (Antonini), is tasked with planning a Christmas ceremony for an influencer couple. But her big plans hit a major snag when she is partnered with the bride’s manager, Logan (Porte), who is actually her first love and high school sweetheart. Will Logan and Rachel soon be kissing again under the mistletoe?

Photo: UPtv

Taking to his Instagram to share some background on the movie, Porte revealed: “I got the script in 2019 and was excited to come on board as an actor as well as producer. After months of planning, we were headed to Colorado with truckloads of Christmas decor and a start date of March 13… 2020.  Three years, countless pivots, pulled favors, and a pandemic later, my tenacious and wildly talented cast and crew made and sold a movie and I couldn’t be more proud. Let’s all get in the holiday spirit together!”

To locate UPtv stations in your area click here, or you can stream the holiday movie on UP Faith & Family here.

Watch the preview for Yuletide the Knot below.

Now let us know, will you be checking out this holiday rom-com featuring Peter Porte? Let us know via the comment section.


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Lifetime’s ‘Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas’ Brings Epic Food Fight and “Slapfest Coup de Grâce”

Get ready for the feuding soap opera divas, when five actresses known for their signature primetime and daytime roles are brought together in Lifetime’s new holiday film, Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas.

Saturday night, December 2nd on Lifetime (8pm ET/7PM CT) marks the highly-anticipated holiday movie premiere featuring: Donna Mills (ex-Knots Landing), Nicolette Sheridan (ex-Knots Landing), Morgan Fairchild (ex-Falcon Crest et al), Linda Gray (ex-Dallas) and Loni Anderson (ex-WKRP in Cincinnati).

Here’s what we do know! In story, five alums from the long-running soap, The Great Lakes reunite for a live Christmas finale. Uh-oh!  Now take a look at the backstory of the colorful cast of characters (pay special attention to the clever twists on the actresses names!)

Photo: Lifetime

LAUREN EWING (Linda Gray) “Everyone thinks I’m so damn good all the time,” confesses the junk food-loving Lauren of her second act as a lifestyle guru. “I don’t know how Gwenyth Paltrow does it!”

DANA CUNNINGHAM (Donna Mills) Now a sitcom mom, she’s yet to make amends to ex-bestie Juliette after abruptly leaving the soap back in the day. Not that she hasn’t tried: “When I thought the world was going to end in Y2K,” Dana says, “I reached out to her, and she never called me back.”

LILY MARLOWE (Loni Anderson) After replacing Dana on ‘Great Lakes’, Lily never again found a role to win her acclaim. “What do I have to show for (my career)? An arc on  For the People – Shonda Rhimes’ only flop!”

JULIETTE MATHESON (Nicollette Sheridan) “She left me for L.A.,” the party girl turned fashion mogul recalls of Dana’s betrayal. Will their feud derail the entire event?

MARGEAUX ROBERTS (Morgan Fairchild) “Fasten your face-lifts, ladies, it’s gonna be a bumpy weekend!” The sassy grande dame of ‘Great Lakes’ sees the Juliette-Dana beef as the perfect escape from her own domestic drama.

Photo: Lifetime

Now, making this all the more hysterical is the director of The Great Lakes reunion special, which makes the five women live under the same roof, is its former child star Alex, who has gotten his ex-girlfriend, Nell to direct the finale. Meanwhile, in the subplot. the ‘Ladies of the ’80s’ come up with a plan to get Alex and Nell back together.

As with any good soap opera, there is a major food fight. Linda Gray shared with USA Today ,”The food fight was one take. And it was fabulous.” And of course, their is a bitch-fest slap-fest. Morgan Fairchild revealed, “Oh honey, we all got ours in. Mine was a simple, ‘How dare you?’ with a slap. But I was hoping for a punch.”

Photo: Lauren Dukoff/Lifetime

The movie’s EP, Larry Thompson, who is a Hollywood manager and has Donna Mills as a client, said that the entire scene peaks with the”slapfest coup de grâce.” What is that exactly? That is when Donna Mills pushes Nicollette Sheridan into a pool in a nod to Dynasty’s Lily bond battle between Dynasty’s Alexis (Joan Collins) and Krystle (Linda Evans).

In case you missed it previously, check out the trailer for Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas below, also starring Patrika Darbo, Alec Mapa, Mills real-life daughter, Chloe Mills, and Christopher Atkins with theme song by Tiffany.

Now let us know, will you be tuning in to the movie for a premise that should delight many a longtime soap fan? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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