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THIS WEEK ON GH: "If There’s Two Jasons, Where Is The Other One Now?"

General Hospital starts to unravel the tale of two Jasons, according to the latest promo for the action this week on the ABC daytime drama series.

With Patient Six (Steve Burton) on the loose, and Franco (Roger Howarth) discovering the truth about Jason having a twin, the stage is set for explosive and emotional drama.

Watch the promo after the jump, where Scott (Kin Shriner) says to Franco, “If there’s two Jasons, where is the other one now?” But cut to an unmasked Patient Six trying to make his great escape from the creepy facility in Russia where he has been apparently kept against his will.

So, what do you think of the story thus far involving the return of Steve Burton? Intrigued on how it will play out? Comment below.

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Will we ever get to meet patients 1-5? Nicholas, Stephan, Alan, Emily and A.J.!

that would be awesome but probably not

HaHaHaHaHa!!!!!! Love the understated humor, T.
Where is the the other Jason now? “Drew” did not die….it is obviously SB–Jason 1……I could be wrong again.
I was so sure Franco was a twin.

Thank you dear! Drew is Billy Miller. Jason is Jason Morgan and before A.J. ran him into a tree, Jason Quartermaine. I like it, it keeps Franco on the outside and Miller and Burton in scenes together. Imagine Sam having to make a choice?

Thank God it’s not Franco !

If the show is cancelled and David Hayward is revealed as the owner of that clinic, then
1 – Nikolas
2 – Emily
3 – Georgie
4 – Morgan (ugh!)
5 – Helena

Let’s skip right over Patient 4, The Moron, please! “UGH,” is right!

Yes! I’d love to see David Hayward step into this!


@Celia… I know, right?

twins and Franco


yeah, if Shelley and Frank don’t know by now… we certainly do

“…Love the understated humor, T “

Heather ‘s family name was Grant. I suspect that “patient 6” is probably Matthew Grant, who allegedly fell into the water. We’ll see ..

I thought that Zach (not Matthew) Grant just might be related to Heather, but she was the daughter of the Webber’s housekeeper — thus not a wealthy background. Heather’s early storylines featured a constant scheming to get more money (one of the reasons she sold Steven Lars on the black market).

With these writers, however, they could ignore that just like they’re now implying Heather and Susan were closer than played back then.

Thanks, T. I meant BM, Jason 2….. I do get confused–I have a small brain??? LOL.
I don’t think it’s so much of a hardship for Sam….she’ll want them both. Don’t berate me, ( I know you like Sam), but Kelly is the wrong actress for this particular situation. There will be more breathless weeping, mumbling and …”who do I pick?… I love them both!!!!”
Of course, she needs to express emotion, unfortunately she elicits neither compassion nor admiration from me. Where is the “AWESOME” acting???? I am a cryer, T, but this woman is so wooden….except for the tear sponges she has in her eyes, there is no body language. She does not bring me to tears, as Maura West, Genie Francis, and Laura Wright have. Kelly is no drama goddess.

Drew is Heather’s. Franco is Susan’s….as is Jason 1. Jason 1 and Franco are the twins. And Kiki is Nina’s . LOL.

@Timmmbo…Right after we get the answers to “Questions 67 and 68.” In other words…NEVER!

So Betsy is lying AGAIN! Clearly, Helena took Drew(Billy) to the island. That’s who Jake saw during stupid scarecrow story. Billy got his new face when AVA hit him with her car. Robin saw Drew in Creighton Clark story BEFORE the car crash. same DNA.
I am sure there are still holes but as long as Steve is realJason and I get Stecky, I’m OK!

YES, YES, 1000 times YES!!!!!!!! Steve Burton IS The one and only Jason Q. Morgan and he BELONGS WITH ELIZABETH!!!!! #Liason4Ever

I think it’s going to be about the conflict for Sam. She’ll love both. I doubt Liz will suddenly go back to Jake/Jason. She and Franco are great together. However, Sam loves “new” Jason ala Drew. She now has a son by both brothers. Drew/Jake/Jason will be the settled down version; Jason/Stone Cold will probably return as Sonny’s henchman. Personally? I’d rather Sam stick with “Drew”.

I like the one who is playing Jason Now!! Do not want and switching around at all!
He is not Jason ,he is his twin who did not die..

I agree on both accounts. I prefer Sam with Drew (Billy Miller), and while I hope Elizabeth doesn’t immediately get involved with Jason (Steve Burton), I look forward to their onscreen chemistry and eventually ending up together. I’m okay with it taking its time and building, just like their original relationship. It’s definitely going to be an interesting ride.

I so agree. DNA with twins would be the same. but there is no mistaking those blue eyes and that built and that kissass man who can only be Jason Morgan and the only thing that makes good soapy drama. PC will be thrown for a loop

Now the writers are bringing in Tamara Braun as Drew’s wife to build his backstory. Just a matter of time before the rest of Drew’s family appears, maybe they will cast olJake as his son and have a ‘tale of 2 Jake kids’ sub plot lmao. So far it’s not soapy at all, very cartoonish (except for the flashbacks Betsy had today), there is still time to save this storyline. For once can they create something original and get this right? Ugh, I’m asking too much…..

Nope! His twin! He left the show.. I like who’s playing Jason Now!

Sue, I almost jumped off my sofa, the day he got out of bed to help Ava, and that’s pretty hard to do for an 85 yr.old. I’am yelling to myself about his eyes and his live, action figure, body. Don’t laugh guys. I may be old, but not dead yet!
If we can believe what we see, than there is no doubt about which Jason that is.

That build is not there anymore. Billy has Sky blue eyes.

Jason was born 9/81, Helena didn’t arrive in PC until 11/81 and she was only interested in destroying the Spencers. She had no interest in Jason until a few years ago when she thought she could use him as a soldier.

Hi, MV Lauer,
I have only been watching for three years, or so……I am familiar with the bare minimum of GH life.
So, SB/Jason 1 is supposed to be around the 35-36 -year- old range? Really? Born in ’81? WOW.
He looks his age…close to 50. As does Roger Howarth. They both look so much older than Miller.
TPTB made a boo boo, here. So unrealistic.

I think so, too, Karen. Betsy is a liar. Who is Stecky? Steve and Becky? I haven’t been watching for long.
I hope the “holes” you mention will be filled. But, in my short experience with GH, I would not count on it….too iffy.
Oh, sure, we will eventually know who MrMask is….but, have some finality? I don’t know….

Billy Miller is 38 Just turned 38. Steve Burton turned 47 in June I think. Billy is 9 years younger than Steve

That scarecrow story was so stupid! This storyline will turn out to be disappointing, because I am not a fan of the Carson and Jasam Show 24/7/365. No thank you. (Although, I do like Steve Burton, it’s the others I could do without).

Yes, it will. I wish we could go back in time to the Felicia and Frisco years.
Those were the days. All soaps offered the stoy-lines I always looked forward to.
I am getting too sentimental.

Things are heating up! It will be interesting to see how the writers spin this. I was skeptical after watching the tale of two Todds on OLTL.

“Spin”. Perfect word, Gloria.

Hi, su,
I have said from the onset that Heather and Helena worked their magic in this. You quickly said the same thing.
This is a brainstorming story concocted just for Burton. But, will past details concur with what is now being told by Betsy? I don’t know….but, I’m sure those avid fans who are long-time watchers will find plenty of holes and mistakes within the rewritten GH history.
Funny you said you and your friends said Franco needs to be a Q. My sisters said the same thing. He is becoming too superfluous…..Elizabeth cannot be enough to keep the character afloat, or relevant.
What if Jason 1 and Franco were borne of Susan; and Jason 2 borne of Heather?…. is “Drew” Jason 2, or was there a fourth baby? LOL.
TPTB had better come up with a feasible story where these three guys are concerned….not looking forward to another FlukeFlop. I just want to believe it. You know….so I can say to myself, “OK, I’ll buy that!”

Be interesting if 1) Steve Burton Jason is -in fact- the real Jason & Billy Miller Jason isn’t….the BM Jason turns out to be the real imposter while SB Jason is trying to do everything in his power to get back to Port Charles. 2) BM Jason, while as ‘cool’ as he has been, (& brought a warmth to Stone Cold) is really vicious & will be a threat to Sam, Sonny, & most of PC. SB Jason will, once again, save the day. Maybe BM Jason is operating under the Cassadine powers or he truly is very bad. I don’t know how Franco wil figure into all of this, but maybe he is the twin of SB Jason. I’m 90% sure good ole Valentin has his hands dirty in all of this, too!

I don’t want Drew nasty because i love the fact we are getting another Q and I do like him and Sam together. which is like Days. Roman, Marlena and John, I am sure Helena is behind this, She did curse Sam. She sent back the fake to screw all of PC.

No I don’t think BM is the imposter.

Me, and 4 of my friends agree, Franco will be revealed as a Quartermain,
All are posting wherever, and so far no one agrees with them or me..
Franco will be Quartermain,,

Heather holds the truth and eventually she will bring the truth out, that Franco is a Q..

It most likely goes back to the beginning and the births in the 70’s/80’s whenever.. Heather was involved in most everything back then..

He’s not Bad either. They will loose if they try to make him a bad person.

Heck no. He’s a twin. He’s being used. A lot of backlash if they try to make him bad.

Not into this story that much…already seen it played out on OLTL…so if GH fans don’t like Frank hiring OLTL actors for parts, how about a revamped story from OLTL too???

Anne Jeffrys who played Amanda Barrington on GH has passed away at age 94!!!

Same old, same old.

Anytime a writer tries to rewrite history it’s always a big mistake and it’s never enjoyable to watch when you saw the original they’re trying to change.

They aren’t rewriting history. We never saw Susan Moore give birth on screen. She just show up at the Q house with Jason in hand. So we never knew what happened and back in that day. She could have been having twins and no one knew it. So that story is very possible.

Heather was committed in 1981 when all this was supposed to be taking place.

Tracy is right, the writers found a “window” to make this plausible — similar to creating a pocket period where Heather & Scotty could have spawned Franco.

While we saw Susan on screen in 1981, Jason’s birth was SORASed when Steve Burton came on in the early 90s, throwing the timeline out the window.

We have to remember…1981 was the on screen date. Due to aging, Jason is well over 40 on the show, so the 1981 date is meaningless. That’s why soaps rarely mention the year something happened because they have to be fluid with years. I have learned to just go with the story on soaps. When it comes right down to it, it is an hour of escapism a day. It does not affect our lives to the point where it really matters if Heather was institutionalize or not in 1981. We all know she has no problem getting in and out of facilities! Lol. I’m rather enjoying this story!

Heather was involved in a major story in 1981. She was committed and escaping but she was murdering Diana and framing Annie during her escapes, i really don’t think she was also blackmailing Betsy to hide a twin.


Just to clarify, while it was initially implied that Heather killed Diana, it was actually Heather’s mother (Alice Grant) who killed Diana to protect Heather.

I forgot about that! Thank you, it was a great story. But my point was mostly that Heather was quite busy at the time they are claiming she was helping Susan, who she wasn’t really as close to as they are making it seem.

Billy Miller is a better actor … He needs to be the real Jason …. Especially now that we keep hearing how different he is?

your opinion. Mine Steve and Bily are both great actors. but Steve is Jason. He played him for over 2 decades and that face is the face of Jason Morgan.

So what, Steve Burton left GH to venture on another soap. He can’t decide whether he wants to stay or not.. I like who’s playing Jason NOW!!

I think they are both great actors and I like how they have played Jason differently. I think Billy Miller brought a more softer and sincere side to Jason. Actually, I liked Billy Miller best as Jake Doe, and dare I say, with Elizabeth (who I find incredibly boring and one-tone dimensional). I like Steve Burton, however, I am not looking forward to the return of the “Stone Cold Show.” I don’t miss the Guza era, when the show focused solely only on the Dimpled Don, Carson, and Jasam.

No Liz for Billy. He might as well leave the show

So does that mean Billy Miller & Steve Burton’s characters are twins? If so, how does Franco figure in at all? Triplets? Well, I’m grateful Billy is staying put, but still confused as to why we’re still bringing in new characters. Yes, Jessica Tuck is a great actress (I still remember her wonderful work as Jillian on JUDGING AMY) but so was Rebecca Budig.

That’s what I saif, Soaphound. Triplets?
Billy Miller looks soooo much younger than both SB and RH. I do not like huge gaps in age like thst….especially when people look their age.
Maybe I was right, Franco is the twin. I don’t like Betsy either. Perhaps she, Susan and Heather embodied a witches’ coven? Who was the mastermind? I smell Helena.

Betsy, Heather and Susan-the Sanderson sisters-must be a little Hocus Pocus there-lol

Hey, CeeCee….I agree with Steve on the plastic surgery angle accounting for BM’s more youthful appearance…in this case, that excuse works for the visual disparity in aging. At least these two guys share certain general physical traits that I don’t at all see when compared with RoHo’s Franco…He is still the odd man out as far as I’m concerned….forever condemned to his sole role as the pariah-produced son of Heather and Scotty. I must say that sordid status does suit him…why mess with the meme now???? LOL. As for Helena, one can always imagine her fine-boned fingers in any ill-intended scheme….that’s the beauty of her character….nothing is too outlandish or out of bounds for consideration where her malicious meddling is suspected.

Hi, Shay,
Yes, the ‘plastic’ surgery; otherwise known as ‘reconstructive surgery’ would explain the ‘youthful’ appearance. ….did not think of that. Yet, I can be pretty stubborn, LOL. I am reminded of that negative quality, regularly. I sort of stick to my guns. Therefore, I am still not convinced Franco and Jason 1 are not, indeed, the twins. Just as Kiki is Nina’s. Yeah, I know….that ship has sailed. But, since when have stories/history, in soapland, not changed course? LOL.
….not resembling each other means not-so-much, in soaps.
I don’t know if you are familiar with some of DOOL’s history. That is, Sami had twins, yes, but each twin had a different father. This phenomenon is not so extraordinarily rare when a woman has multiple sexual partners at the same time. “Heteropaternal Superfecundation”… as per my husband; paternal and fecund are key words here.
So, just as the “Toxoplasmosis” diagnosis, TPTB got that right.
Actually, fans scoffed and scorned when DOOL presented this storyline. Even at that time ( 2007-DOOL was the College favorite soap, LOL), my husband ( still in medical school), told me that. I, among others laughed at the ‘notion’.
The fact that Franco is “the odd man out”, makes it that more soapy and compelling. I know I am most likely wrong….but, I never follow the ‘norm’—I am a skeptic by nature. I was always one to look for the needle in the haystack…..drove my teachers and parents crazy. LOL.
You may have read one of my posts where I questioned Scotty’s paternity–he was and still, acting weird whenever Franco brings up the twin factor. Betsy did give an explanation. Is Franco really convinced? Or, did he simply appease that need to know the truth?
Well, I’m not convinced. What was Susan like? Did she sleep around? Did Heather? Hey, one never knows in soaps. It could have been Heather who gave birth to Jason1 and Franco.
Yes, Helena. I have had confirmation by Satan that she is in Hell……which does not mean she is not the mastermind. HaHaHa and Ha!!

Hi Soaphound!

They addressed that today; said Betsy took in “Drew” the twin and raised him with Franco unitl he “died” which we know is a lie since he’s either Jake or Jason. (I personally think Jake…the current Jason…is Drew.) So, if some part of the story is true and Franco is not part of the Q equation…he was raised with Drew…until Drew disappeared.

By the way, when Betsy claimed the twin, Drew, died, she said he was three. The boy in the picture with Franco looked about six to me.

Franco is a distant cousin to both. They’ll ignore the age difference, but could explain it with the cutting-edge plastic surgery BM’s character got after the car accident. I guess that doctor left GH, since Ava has to go to Russia to find an appropriate surgeon.

Not distant enough!

”So, what do you think of the story thus far involving the return of Steve Burton? ”

It is uneventful.. boring.. and masked man stupid..

–If, they wanted to thrill us then Steve should have been brought in with BANG not a Whimper ..–

Already, this story is a fail..
it is dragged out and honestly I have lost interest waiting for something to happen..

It was a horribly dull entrance … the entrance is bad bad bad YAWN !
If this is preview of the pace of the upcoming 9 months, it is dead in the water..

Why , why! can’t these writers write exciting drama, why..??

this story being written by Guza or any writer of the 90’s..
imagine it !!! we’d be pumped up from excitement and hard hitting drama!
((not yawning))

I got me back and i have not watch this show in years.

I know right… forever and a day

we are waiting for the machismo, BALLs, and steroid to kick in

when this show has to wait on physicality to show. ie: mob and breaking out

it’s the cartoon first and the drama that shunts us all

sigh… and it’s all smack dab run of the mill … stalwart Sonny and Carly w/Michael

standing atop Port Charles

why is that dreadful
show over

He is real life Billy just turned 38. Steve turned 47 in June I think. Big difference. He should have played baby brother.

I sure hope this 2 Jason s/l does not go on forever. a lot of GH fans are afraid that other cast members will be relegated to small snippets of airtime so as to facilitate the unraveling of the Jasoning. So many vets now get little s/l and there is a great imbalance of episode count and this s/l will not improve the disparity that fans are seeing.

they can drag out some of it but if the reveal they can not. There is still alot to learn and many of story to tell just get him home and let the games begin

The month of the reveal will probably feature Sonny 99% and Monica 1%

Huh, I say we’ll be really lucky if we even get that much of Monica before the “Anointed One” totally takes center stage to single-handedly rescue his beloved “Stone Cold” from the shackles of his Russian captors.

Now THIS is rich!! LM butt off.

So Patient 6 is just sitting around in his wheelchair until he gets a hold of a pen and then … watch out he can KILL someone. But I guess he isn’t that good of an assassin because he couldn’t do anything with the DRAWSTRING on his hoodie?! He couldn’t do some Filipino Kali or some other martial arts move until he got his magical pen. What is he, Dumbo?


No as they said he has been drugged most of the time. WIth freaky horse tranquilizers. The one and only way to keep the real Jason Morgan from breaking necks. They have kept him drugged and isolated until recent. Trust, the writing as been bad for years. so far they have this right.

But by getting the magic pen in his hand he can now kill people whereas he could not with his drawstring? No disrespect, but I am not buying that.

A pen can indeed be a weapon. If you’re fast and furious, you can gouge out eyes, stab someone in the neck, etc.

I had thought that he wasn’t really receiving the medication..that one of the nurses was pretending to give it to him…which is why he was not down for the count most of the time…until Dr. Klein had the two male nurses inject him.

Still laughing, Chrystie.
Did you see how the camera zeroed in on the pen? As if it were the most powerful weapon. Worst scene ever!! C’mon…
And, since when is Ava a scared bunny.? She gave the fake doc the note? Why would she do that?
Could she have done it on purpose, in the hopes the doc would call the number?
If that’s the case, it certainly rang Sonny’s “alert” bell. …how droll.

Me too, Celia!!! Ha! Ha!

Some great assassin he is. Ha! Ha! Yeah, Ava aint scared of ___t.

And what is the big deal about someone giving someone a pen? Sheesh! Were there “please do not give the patients pens” warnings on the wall or something.

Yeah, to those of you who say I am not getting it that the pen is a weapon, I am saying the writers did not do their due diligence. So I am going to spell it out for you:

If he was some great assassin, then he would have been able to use ANYTHING around him to harm an orderly, etc. Yes. I get he was drugged, but it was so funny how once he got that magical pen in his hands he came to. If he was a real assassin, then the writers would have seen that he could have used his drawstring on his hoodie to choke someone.

C’mon, people! Have you not watching any of the Jason Bourne movies or ANY action movies. If you are that good then anything is a weapon. He could have grabbed Ava and thrown her against someone.

If he is suppose to be a dangerous person-and drugged or not-they are very lax in keeping people from having easy access to his room…and i dont hear much Russian accents for them being in Russia!!!

Hey Jimmy,
Right???? Ava was told, in no uncertain terms, to stop meddling and stay away from MrMask, and others, I assume. Where are the guards?
Dr. Bronsky ( sp) did have a Russian accent….I guess he soon lost it…no need for it anymore. LOL.
This is a complete farce.
Then, Sonny argues with Griffin about how Ava was responsible for his son’s death. He is so high up on that celestial pedestal that he can’t grasp the concept that he took another parent’s son away from her. Why is his action acceptable? I can’t even look at this guy….he says it with conviction and a straight face.
I guess Monica’s rightful rage went right over Sonny’s head. He makes the hairs on my nape stand on end.

“He could have been able to use ANYTHING around him to harm an orderly…” He couldn’t reach anything around him. He had just gotten his uncuffed, sitting privileges and it seemed like he was only beginning to be able to use his hands. He kept opening and closing his fists slowly as if he hadn’t been able to move them in a while.

He wasn’t planning on using the pen as a weapon; he was just writing Sonny’s number for Ava. It was only after the Dr. shouted that the pen was a weapon and they lunged for him that he then used it. Natural sequence of events…

@CeeCee….Sonny isn’t just on his “celestial pedestal,” as you so beautifully put it….he’s in his own freaking world where he honestly believes he can do no wrong, but pity the poor fool who does him or his any sort of harm! Such a rarified view of life is so departed from reality that it truly beggars belief…is he really THAT deluded or have the meds just been messing with his mind for so long that he has no genuine concept of what’s good and what’s evil at this late date??? And to wit, how much more of this utter self-worshiping lunacy must we endure as GH viewers before this deservedly-villified character (at least here at MFSoaps….) becomes an absolute parody unto himself??? Just when one thinks he has reached the supreme height of the predictable and ridiculous, he surpasses himself in all his inane incredulity, vainglorious posturing and hypocritical pontificating! If this weren’t so galling and appalling , it would actually be downright comical!!! Note to GH writers: Enough already with the “St. Sonny” as hero meme….we’ve had it up to here with him and we ain’t buying it…..period!

The “magic pen” seemed familiar. Then I remembered the scene from “Bourne Identity” (one of my fav movies) where another Jason (Matt Damon), used a pen as a weapon. Come to think of it, there is a physical similarity between Steve and Matt. even in their fight scenes.

Also would have thought Ava would recognize Sonny’s number since she’s had to call it enough because of Avery.


Message to myself…Got my answer re: Sonny’s confidential phone numbers on todays show.

YES!!! And I love the Bourne Identity too!!

And what is with the VOG MASK????? Are they trying to make the viewers think he is in Hannibal Lecter league and he is so dangerous that he will bite your face?

That is not what a vog mask is for.

Oh, my gosh…you’re too funny, Chrystie…”please do not give patients pens”, warnings…..hilarious.
As you said, he could have used so many things as weapons around him, to his advantage.
I am beginning to think that those injections affect MrMask in the opposite way. They give him immeasurable strength, not take it away……A real live HULK.
Is Valentin Bronsky’s boss or is it Helena? ….or Nikolas? Or all three?
As Shay said, Russia is “home base” for this diabolical family.

Christie…I wasn’t aware of vog masks. I know, I know, where was I hiding. Hunted them up and saw they can even be custom “decorated” for those that need them. I figure they thought Patient 6 was safer if he couldn’t bite, or even talk too much. But why left him sit in a common area anyone could enter???

Rose, I thought the same thing, but then Ava wouldn’t have seen him, sitting there, in all his Hannibal Lector glory.

Who told you Jason was an “Assasin” ? He is more like a Soldier trained in Guns and self defense. Nobody who knows Jason would call him an Assasin, He can be a stealth and stone cold killer when required.. But I think you have a misguided opinion of Jason Morgan.

The real Jason was just kicking some people ass. I have so missed the real Jason. So happy Steve is back. Love all the sides of him. But kickass Jason StoneCold Morgan. Makes me super happy.

I am glad they went twin. I like that there is another Quartermaine and all those relationship build to not go away. Betsy is lying where did she send Drew and when did Helena get her hands on him?


I like who’s playing Jason now , do not want any changing around.. Burton left GH now all of sudden he wants to come back, really!

Yes, Burton left, but what’s the big deal? The following characters all left (on their own recognizance) and now are back on the canvas:


Read the Soap Opera Digest interview with Burton, who clearly explains the three career moves. No one forced Valentini to rehire him.

All I am saying I like who is playing Jason NOW! And no switcheroos!

Yeah I like him too. But I’ll still like him when he plays Drew. I LOVE Steve Burtons version of Jason,This show needs Stone Cold Back.. The question is…..Who will Sam Choose considering she loves them BOTH !

LOL, dmr.
Read. Between. The. Lines.

So obvious.

Although it’s taking its own good time, I’m thrilled that Steve will be back as the Real Jason Q. Morgan aka Stonecold with ALL of his memories intact, not just those of Samantha; so sick of Jasam. GH Fans who have been faithful for 20 years, some longer, want to see our Liason finally reunited. We’re okay with it taking a while, just make sure they end up together, with lots of longing looks and intimate moments along the way to tide us over.

So. Sick. Of. Monotone. Sam.

I liked Liason…But I’m really loving Liz & Franco.. I really love the original JaSam So this story should be exciting.

Same words, same thoughts with yet another alias. Liason, JaSam….where is Julexis?
I was never one to “like” combining names, Taelyn??

Wasn’t Franco the fraternal twin brother of Jason? How.Many.Times.Is.This.Going.To.Happen?

Franco is NOT related to Jason, They ran a DNA test and their is no relation. He believed they were brothers at one time but he now knows Jason’s twin was raised with him like a brother.

I’m really enjoying this storyline. Keep it coming! 🙂

Haven’t seen Monday’s episode yet but I’m pretty sure the phone number Patient 6 gave Ava is for Kelly’s Diner. He’s tired of borscht and is jonesing for a BLT.

Ahhh, Andy….it’s really Heather in full SB/Jason1 mask regalia…..she’s the BLT lover, afterall.
I knew Faison was hard at work, making masks. He’s really the Dr Bronsky, you know?!?! LOL.
You got a chuckle out of me. Too funny.

Rofl….a BLT sounds so good! Lol 😉

The “real” Jason is in Russia. He’s obviously been held captive for a while. That’s why he wrote down Sonny’s number.

Jake/Drew is the twin who was switched and then brainwashed by Helena. He’s the more “mellow” twin; the twin that wants to settle down with Sam and not be involved in Sonny’s business anymore. The one that Sam, Carly and Sonny find “different” since he returned. The one that Elizabeth didn’t realize was Jason because he WAS different.

As I mentioned above in reply to someone, I think it should be an interesting conflict for Sam as she now loves both men, and both are the father to her boys. I’d like to see her stick with “Drew.” He’s got more heart, emotion and is willing to let go of “the business.” His boys love him.

Could go either way, obviously, but I think they’re doing a good job with the story. Though, yes, they did to the two Todds on OLTL, it’s okay by me. It’s a soap and the stories just get recycled. Different day, different actor, different soap. I’m not expecting Dostoyevsky. Or Shakespeare. LOL…not Tarantino. It’s good soapy fun.

And, contrary to many that have been vocal here, I love Sam. I think she’s been “whiny” because, well, what else would she be considering the stories she’s had recently? Other times…even when she’s happy? She’s subtle. She’s expressive but not too animated. Not sure if it’s Kelly’s acting or what the character calls for but I like her cool, calm demeanor.

My one complaint? They are interspersing too many stories when they should be focusing on this one. Placing the Shriner’s story in on the same day that they’re telling the tale of the two Jason’s is ridiculous and poor storytelling. In order to get the viewer involved they need to stick with it without breaking the chain by throwing in an unrelated aside. Really distracting.

oh Rebecca … We can’t tie it up that neatly ( thank you )

“I” want…. Jake Doe as Drew… who … was simply coming to Port Charles… what? after escaping Helena… so many loopy and lost turn

I want that Billy Miller and Rebecca Herbst TRY again… and it was so smolder… that it’d be the best outcome…

Drew was on his way to Port Charles… “looking” for SB and will discover who Franco is.

I hope Drew is thee doctor Monica always wanted. at least I wanted. and LET THE QUARTERMAINIA reign.

Sonny and Steve Burton can fall in love. Carly returns to Franco. or dies

because Liz and Drew are IT

“…stories just get recycled. Different day, different actor, different soap. ”

absolutely. from what I’ve read… OLTL NAILED this crème de la crème gem.

with so much mob overtone… I just can’t let this one lie

“…My one complaint? They are interspersing too many stories when they should be focusing on this one. ”

exactly… this is how GH ruined the last Nurse’ Ball

with tired Sonny reliving Morgan death… at the chapel… or thereabouts… whatever it truly was’ forgettable

what was not… was missing out on the real meaning of Nurse’ Ball.

all for Maurice Benard

There’s only one real Jason… and I hope he kills a bunch of Commies on his way out of Russia, before coming home to reclaim his life.

I’ll make room for them in Hell, I promise!

Drew can go back to work as head of security for ELQ, once he recovers from his coma. He and Michael can compare notes on their experiences in veggie-land.

Other than Sam’s inevitable confusion… problem solved.

You invaded my dreams during the night, Satan!! You looked nothing like your fantasy depictions. No horns! No trident! Imagine that!?
More like Lucifer Morningstar. Hot….LOL.
Say, do you see Helena? Is she really dead? Do you talk to her? Ask her what gives?!

Your humor is much like Timmm’s…..understated. I LOVE it!!

I actually enjoy the “Lucifer” TV show. Best portrayal of my Most Unholy character to be on the air in a long time. Most people get me entirely wrong and just go for the cartoonish Devil approach.

Of course I couldn’t possibly get away from Hell long enough to open up a nightclub (let alone help a major metropolitan police department solve murder cases) but aside from that, Lucifer Morningstar is very similar to the real me.

And yes, Helena is still here in Hell. So whomever is giving the orders to the folks at Joseph Stalin Memorial Clinic in Russia, it’s not her!

Morgan loyal? Is that why he lied to one and all? Is that why he drugged his own brother, Michael? Some loyal, loving human being.

Great show…great cast… looking “devil” I’ve ever seen. Lucifer!! “Luce” means “light”, in Italian/Latin……you, are the bearer of light–the star of morning (Venus)—-what made you stumble and fall? You were His chosen one. You shone goodness on the universe—the firmament never looked better, I hear….then, came the darkness. Sigh!!
Yet, Lucifer Morningstar has come a long way. You, Satan, have come a long way.
We shall never meet in Hell, as I am a good, little girl—but, I will perhaps meet you on earth, in humanly form…..I may have already; just didn’t know it. Gorgeous!!
I wonder if Helena–or all people in Hell–revert back to their youth?! Beautiful woman.
How can you be so sure she will not return to cause havoc in PC?
Actually, all things evil, yet intricately woven give me cause to determine the loom of devastation is manipulated by her.
The Joseph Stalin Memorial Clinic —that’s rich!!!!! But, Satan, do you know who her puppet on earth is? Are there more than one? She, with her powerful “Chi” , and evil wand in hand, is directing all things malignant. Can you not abort her actions? Talk to me. I’m your friend.
I suppose you know everything—having been shunned from Heaven, did not diminish your light, your energy, your scope……God’s decree gave you more power.
I am glad to see you are not the evil being we think you are—there is some good left in you. Your devotion to GH is proof enough for moi.

Steve Burton will be Jason Morgan and Billy Miller will be Victor Morgan.

Victor Morgan?

Nah… Frankie wouldn’t want to be TOO obvious about recycling his own failed story.

Is the budget so tight that Valentino can’t afford to use Robin Mattson? Heather’s absence from the story is a big miss.

Susan married Scotty to shield Jason from the Qs. One would think she might’ve mentioned the twin to him at the time. If Ron were writing, Susan would return from the dead after 35 years.

The scene we’ll probably never get — Monica (a renowned cardiologist) asking Betsy what Drew’s heart condition was.

Tell me about it, Steve! This “Heatherless” aspect to GH’s biggest storyline in an age is absolutely unforgiveable and it needs to be corrected and soon! The notion that Ms. Webber has thus far been absent in this mix cannot be explained away, no matter how “cleverly” the writers attempt to do so…or not!

Just all too messy for me. Forgotten twin is the new black, the new 30. GH seems to love these tropes. I am weary of them.

It should be, “If there are two Jasons…” or “If they’re two Jasons…”

It really bugs me that people use there’s when it should be they’re. And it seems to be happening more and more.

Mo, there is no contraction for “there are”. “They’re” is the contraction of “they are”. I am not sure I understand what you are saying, as “there are”, and “they’re” express different meanings; completely!! One is an adverb ( there), the other a pronoun ( they)… is “their”.
One cannot say there’re–non-existent. Never seen. Never was; never will be.
Do you mean that people mistake “there”, ” their” and “they’re”? Sometimes, these are typos….not intentional. Auto correct does make mistakes, LOL…. a combination of oxymoron and irony, at the same time.

As interesting of a story as this could be, I’m not interested as it will circle back to Sonny as most storylines on this show do. No thanks.

Of course, it will, Scott5. It’s always been thus, as far as I can see.
GH should change its ‘legendary’ name to “The Sonny Show.”
Every situation; every storyline; every character can only exist; can only be told if it involves Sonny. Cannot escape his far-reaching tentacles.
Why can he not fall on his own ‘sword’? Figuratively, or literally—both work for me.

Sonny is Jason’s best friend. He has every business being in this story. It’s Frodd “Baldwin” who doesn’t belong anywhere near it. Or anywhere near Jason’s kid for that matter.

Hopefully Jason will kill him just like he did the actual Franco and the 5 year long mistake of forcing OLTL characters down our throats will finally be over and done with.

That’s the point, Satan. No matter which way the story goes; Sonny is front and center.
Yes, it does follow the logical patter….Sonny is Jason’s best friend. My point and everyone else’s ( if I may take the liberty) is exactly that….we are sick of Sonny….and I am relatively new. GH seems to revolve arount this irritating man, when there are so many other, more interesting stories to be had.
Then, in walks Bobbie, and her ” Virgin Mary” attitude. I can’t bear looking at her!! She condemns Nelle ( whose mystery is not one iota interesting to me). Yet, upholds Sonny in the highest regard? They are one and all , people “of the gutter”.
To add salt to the wound…I find Benard “less than”, as an actor. Stumbling through his lines is getting worse….that idiotic fixed look is not intimidating; nor does it instill fear.
If it is meant to freeze people where they stand, the icy stare fails miserably. How did this actor get into such an exalted position?
My opinion only.

& the repetitious dialogue regarding the moron, Morgan.

Yes, dmr….agreed. I think I would feel differently about Morgan if it were anyone else other than Craig…..never liked the actor. That’s just moi.

Agreed, Celia. I was never a fan of the actor or the character from Day 1.

Morgans body was never found. Just some trace DNA…. I’m hoping for a return, I happen to really like Morgan. He’s less than perfect, outspoken but loving and loyal. I find him an interesting character. I enjoyed Brian Craig but I can accept a recast easy enough. Only problem is it would have to be yet another amnesia story to explain his absence.

There is only one fan on the GH site who loves Morgan, dmr. We all know who that is….no matter the name.
As we both agree, neither of us likes the character nor the actor.
But, if another actor played the part? Who knows? We may end up liking both actor and character.
Morgan was a man, not a child. But, he did act like a whiny, spoiled six-year old, didn’t he?

I watched Monday’s episode today (Tuesday) while at home for lunch. I spent most of time on my phone. I think that just about sums up my thoughts on “The Tale of Two Jason’s (and Drew).” Also, I could care less about Michael and Nelle. Boring. & I love how the wait staff at Kelly’s just continues to work while Griffin and Valentin have a fist fight in the diner. The waitress just went back into the kitchen, then came back to serve her party at the counter. Just so stupid.

My lone question is: how will they make this about St Sonny and the Mob Moll?

Because it isn’t possible to have any story that isn’t 100% owned by Shakedown Sonny.

It started already, Tomas. The call from Russia. Enter Sonny without even trying.
“All roads lead to” uhmm, Sonny; don’t you know?!?!

Ain’t that the truth, CeeCeeGirl!? Once again, it shall inevitably be the “Dimpled Don” to the rescue, along with his “bull-in-the chinashop” spouse in tow? They’ll probably have to insert their endless Morgan lamentations into the storyline somehow, as well….Just hope there are no signs of him languishing in this medieval medical compound…

” Bull-in-the chinashop”…. best one, yet.———female ( cow )–not meant in a pejorative way, guys, …’s a fact!!
Morgan will always be in their hearts and on their minds. That’s the way it is when one loses a child.
It does the soul good to talk about one’s deceased child sometimes….and with the right people, always, but privately.
The constant wailing on soaps gets old….especially if some of us did not like the character. Not real-life, people).
Laura lost a child….we do not hear her go on and on ( when on stage), only peripherally, when the time calls for it.
But, because he is Sonny, and she is Carly ( love LW), Angel Morgan is above all others, as his parents are. Never mind, Laura, Monica or Felicia etc.
Oh, my!!!!….. what if they’re all there, in Russia’s clinic with padded rooms, a’ la Bedlam and a’ la Newgate Prison, as Timmm said?

Actually that call was a clue. Only Jason would have that private number used only for the business. It wasn’t about Sonny it was about PT6 knowing the phone number. I know you are not excited for SB return but many are.

Please do not presume to know how I feel. Perhaps you should read my posts.
I do not know SB, as Jason; therefore, I have no “feeling” whatsoever.
And, of course, it has to do with Sonny. Is it not coincidental that he has a secret number only the select few have? Gimme a break…..EVERYTHING HAS TO DO WITH SONNY.

Am I the only one who wishes that phone number would have been for “The Noodle Buddha?” If this “masked man” truly is the real Jason, then I should think his years in captivity would have worked up one mean yen for his favorite Chinese takeaway nosh!

Hey, Shay,
HaHa, I got it, albeit I did not see Jason 1 and Sam together much, I do know about the reference to the “Noodle Buddha”…. very clever of you, and, and, and, I am very proud of myself.
Well, considering I do not know the intimacy between these two….I got it.
Anyhoo….I think it is the real Jason only because of what he said….”I want to get back to my family”. He must mean Sam and Danny, no?
Furthermore, the trusted ship’s Captain is not so trustworthy is he? I suspect he is in on whatever that imbecillic makeshift clinic full of crazies is all about.
Seriously, I am so confused. Sigh……what, whom and where is the connection?
Was the Byzantine priest part of it, as well?
Will Jason, Ava and Griffin eventually catch up with each other and travel ( mayhap on the run??) together?

Hah, good girl! Oh yeah, the “NB” was yuuuuge in Jason and Sam’s life in Port Chuck. It was always their “go-to” locale for takeout and they actually were married in an impromptu ceremony in the restaurant’s courtyard…those little porcelain Chinese figurines that played a part in “Jake’s” recovered memories were a gift from the owners of the eatery as a symbol of the couple’s love, so this place was much more than simply a source of sustenance for them…it was also laden with much significance and symbolism of their time together. As for “6”s” quest to return to his family, I think we are supposed to assume he means Sam and Danny, but isn’t there buzz about “Drew’s” wife and child turning up soon? Thought I read something about that scenario somewhere in passing, so that mention could be another of GH’s famous red herrings…By the way, kudos on your most aptly-put description of the “imbecilic makeshift clinic full of crazies!” It’s spot-on, as is the notion of the “byzantine.” Quite appropriate choice not only for the so-called priest’s religious persuasion but this entire dramatic Russian/Cassadine tableau, as well, eh? In terms of “6” running into Ava and Griffin on the road to Port Charles? It’s a reasonable possibility, although Burton’s “Stonecold” was usually by nature a “lone wolf” when it came to his particular missions…that’s just how he rolled, but of course, it was not unheard of for Sam, Carly, and naturally, Sonny, to barge in on his operations, for better or worse!

& the moron son, Morgan. Have to add him into the dialogue somehow.

To the writers credit, there’s been far more mentions of Nikolas than Morgan this month. Heck, Susan might have gotten mentioned more than Morgan as well.

What is with the vog mask????

It’s an allergy mask, Chrystie. My neighbor has one. She’s allergic to everything….especially her cats. Get rid of the cats, I say!!
Beside the fact….What MrMask is wearing looks nothing like it. So, what is its purpose? To ward off evil spirits?
It’s not as if he can bite anyone or himself . He’s in “ball ‘n chain” attire….manacled and leg-cuffed.

Oops…sorry, Chrystie. I misread your question, LOL.
You already knew what a vog mask was. My bad.

HaHa! Yeah. I figure most people know what they are for, but apparently the writers do not unless Jason now suffers terrible allergies. My friend with Cystic Fibrosis will wear one sometimes too in lieu of the surgical mask to prevent germs.

I know what the writers are getting at – let’s make him look creepy and bad a–, but for the people that know what this stuff is for, it looks like they did not do their homework. Hey, here’s an idea, why not put a Friday the 13th mask on him or would that be copyright infringement? HaHa!

You said it, Chrystie. This mask thing is complete nonsense…child’s play. I still don’t get it?!?!?!?!?!
I understand the hand and leg cuffs, for whatever reason ( hope we will soon know), but the mask?
Then, SB/Jason removes the mask… the picture freezes on his face—is this the cliffhanger? No surpise—with or without the mask. We already knew it was SB ( looks so much thinner, doesn’t he?)…..Looks good.
On the positive side, I was surprised at how good Steve was in these scenes. ….the fighting looked so real…authentic….proving his mettle.

If I were Ava, I would be asking, “When I am going to have my %#$%&# surgery, already?” You would think they would want Ava sedated, and then out of there as soon as possible, given all of the trouble she has given the staff. If I were Ava, I think I would have thought something was “not quite right,” when I had to hand over my phone upon check-in..

Yeah, right, dmr!! It’s one of those “Huh, duh” moments.
Was Ava really sent to this facility for reconstructive surgery? This place is a front….a facade for something. Do TPTB even know???? Are they making up the plot as they go along? Obviously they do have a skeleton of a story….bits and pieces here and there. The end result may or may not be palatable. I really do not mind Burton….I started warming up to him by the end of his tenure on Y&R. And, I have yet to witness the camaraderie between his Jason and Sonny….because whatever “love”/friendship these two had, is desperately lacking between Sonny and Billy’s Jason.

The point of this fictitious “clinic”, in my humble opinion, has always been for Ava and MrMask to meet.
I think this is why many of us thought it would be Nik. For him to be Jason 1 makes no sense at this juncture. So, why Ava?
So what is the point….is Ava used to herald the second coming of “he who makes Sonny’s heart go thump-thump”? It would have been an “ah-ha” moment for MrMask to emerge as Nik.
Nonethesless, Nik may still be within that fortress.
When Sonny and Jason 1 finally come together, this time around, the scene should be shown in slow-mo. Ha!!

Oh…PS……with arms outstretched….reaching….reaching for each other; excitement building…until their fingertips faintly touch like the flutter of butterfly wings…..throbbing heart emojis and birds a-singing, surrounding them;….hearts a-racing, until they envelop themselves in each other’s arms.Awwwww….and so the chest heaves with every palpitation. Can you see it??
Finally!!!! They breathlessly disentangle themselves and look into the depths of each other’s eyes….one pair piercing blue; the other obsidian black…..searching….searching.
Oh, shucks!! Too bad, they see Carly a-comin’ ’round the mountain…..

“Brokeback Port Charles”…The Sequel!!!!! You nailed it, CeeCeeGirl! LOL….

Ahhhhh, my bestie, Shaybelle…. not only could Helena have “fiddled” with Jake’s medical records…..she could have had her personal staff of medical teams ( that’s with an ‘s’, in the plural, LOL) alter Jake’s head, both physically and mentally. She may have even switched Jason1′ s x-ray/ MRI with Jakes’s.
This is Helena of whom we speak. Weirder things ( such as the Faison masks) have happened on GH, no? Double LOL.
This is a merry chase we are on, Shay….the merriment won’t last long. I am too impatient…..too impulsive and spontaneous—-not always a good thing.

Well, of course, Helena “fiddled” with much more than just the GH records…she has played that institution like her own personal violin more times than one could quantify, CeeCeeGirl, but through how many hoops will the writers have to jump to make this storyline even a tad bit plausible? Patrick Drake was no fool….he was a highly skilled surgeon with an unimpeachable intellect…I would find it more than disingenuous to suggest that he could be so easily deceived by “doctored” material of both the human and documented variety. But I certainly won’t be surprised if this fact is ignored, glossed over or simply explained away by that same old excuse of “Blame Helena!” This omnipresent she-devil’s influence is held responsible for more ills than that of a certain ex-president who was seemingly always at fault for something! LOL.

Uhmmmm, Shay? Patrick Drake should have put some of that impeachable intellect in his pocket and brought it to Y&R with him. LOL.
Billy needs some of it really badly. I can see the immaturity and lack of wisdom raising its ugly head again. “When will they ever learn……?”

I know you do not watch Y&R on a regular basis, but I also know you are aware of the characters and their roles, so…..

As you obviously gathered, CeeCee, I was solely referring to the character of Patrick, not the actor who portrayed him. Drake Jr. was considered a second-generation hotshot brain surgeon who was a chip off the old Noah….the best of the best and quite brilliant, in fact. I simply cannot fathom him being so easily conned by Helena’s shenanigans, no matter how cleverly-implemented. However, I can see your point about JT’s “Billy”…seems that his role as a recast has not been greatly received….Mr. Miller’s shadow apparently still looms large by comparison despite his now long-absence from his popular interpretation of that character. Too bad for both Thompson and GH fans that Patrick was not better utilized and retained…he may have ended up being a “jack-of-all-trades” m.d. but at least he had legacy links and a real backstory, which is more than one can say for the rotating cast of temporary docs being paraded through the hospital corridors these days!

End game;
It’s going to be—

Franco Quartermain !!

Su oooo, I think that is true. I believe Franco is a Quartermaine too. Every piece of the puzzle will fall into place.

I am happy to see Steve Burton back. We need more Quartermaines to fill that empty house. Olivia does not quite do the family justice.

Yesssss, Francesca….that’s three of us who think Franco is the other twin. Anyone else?

@Francesca and CeeCee….Well, ladies, I’m still prone to favoring the “Two Jasons” as twins scenario, but there is one huge hole in the theory that Steve Burton is the “original recipe” Stonecold that I don’t see can be ignored and explained away. Remember when Patrick finally confirmed “Jake” was really Jason as he compared his current MRI results to the real Q’s old patient records? They showed identical brain injuries and surgical procedures to correct highly-unique physical conditions. So, how was this possible if Jake were not the genuine Quartermaine who actually sustained those horrible, life-changing anatomical alterations? Sure, Helena could have done what she does best and tampered with the GH files, but are we supposed to truly buy into the notion that she had someone convincingly replicate Dr. Drake’s handiwork on Jake’s brain in order to pass this surgeon’s muster as his own previous handiwork when he treated Stonecold’s injuries? That’s seriously pushing the envelope on the concept of credulity, no matter how fantastical the Cassadines’ past escapades have been.

The show has invested too much time establishing the bond between Scott and Franco. The Franco is a Q fell flat when they tried it. With the dwindling ranks of Q’s, there would be no payoff making him a Q. Franco, being Scott and Heather’s keep those two legacy characters involved.

Drew (assuming that’s Billy Miller) has established a bond with Monica and Michael, so it makes sense for him to be Q.

Well, then….who can argue with that!

Well, it appears the “real” Jason is Patient 6 but who knows. Ava is so stupid to defy the people who are suppose to “fix” her. I hope her payment is that they make her have scares for life!

Ava is not stupid. With all due respect, Ava’s time of reckoning hath cometh… she has paid enough.
Ergo the courage to help MrMask. Her good side has finally unmasked itself, today…pardon the pun……her soul is in place….unlike Sonny’s, who still thirsts for blood. Spawn of Dracula, that he is.

I hear ya but Ava has yet to pay her dues and Sonny…really? Ava may get rescued from the defrocked priest but Ava has two bodies to pay for and I do not believe Sonny killed anyone in cold blood.

Oh, I agree…I have said so somewhere here or on another site, Ava has not paid for her sins. ….trying to atone. However this was not my point.
My point is that Ava does not have evil on her mind, right now….of course, that may change. Sonny is a hypocrite. We could argue this until two Sundays come together….Sonny slithers on his belly. That is my concept of him. My opinion.
As far as the defrocked priest? That’s another fallacy…a story that, as a R Catholic, is yet to sit well we me. Before entering the priesthood, a would-be-priest takes a vow of celibacy. I have said this before. I may not agree with it…….the Church is trying to ‘remedy’ that, but until then, it is what it is. So, I sort of laugh it off whenever Griffin gives the idea that he could go back to the Church if he so chose. NOT !!
Suddenly, TPTB have changed Canon Law to fit their story.
In the real world, a priest may take time off ( I believe three years), but unless the Church has been revolutionized, a priest cannot have sexual relationships. He is excommunicated by the Vatican.
Sonny did not kill anyone in cold blood? That’s what I saw when he killed AJ. Sonny is a souless criminal in my book. I do not understand how the “bosses” expect the viewer to forget all he has done. Plus, he calls his wife a whore and then all is forgotten? Degrading women this way is archaic and offensive. I could not last half a second with a macho-man like him. Disrespecting and belittling a woman is supposedly such a bitter notion to these ‘story-tellers’, yet they ‘dip’ women in muck on a daily basis. Where is the balance?
We must have seen two separate shows…”sure enough”!! To each his/her own.

Perhaps Ava may not have evil on her mind at the moment, CeeCee, but that is subject to change at any given time. Despite her latest current “humbling” with her horribly flame-scarred face, this self-centered woman’s motives and modus operandi can turn on a dime, as we have so often witnessed in the past. I have absolutely no doubt she will be just as lethal and lawless once her visage has been restored to its former state, for that is her true default setting. So, no, I do not forgive this woman her former trespasses…especially those that include the taking of another’s life. (Anymore than I can overlook Sonny’s countless gross moral infractions or Nina’s utterly nauseating ends to which she went to covet Ava’s unborn child….there are certain sins which simply can be neither undone nor erased from one’s mind!) The very idea that Ava is now weeping on the shoulders of a defrocked priest and that he would even consider her as a prospective lover is a bridge too far for me. Yes, he once before broke his vows to God with a woman he thought he loved, but that isn’t the same as doing the horizontal mambo with a murderous she-devil, church or no church standing in his way. That he would dare toy with the notion of being involved with such a cold-blooded, heinous creature (no matter her presently-challenged physical state which obviously is evoking his sympathy…) is what should be giving him prayerful pause, not his religious delusions that he could ever return to his priestly past.

Exactly right, Shonuff!!! There is no way to wash the blood from Ava’s hands, whatever penance and good deeds she now implements to try and cleanse her sordid past! And entering into an unholy relationship with Griffin’s fallen priest doesn’t count much for her so-called absolution either…this is a wicked woman who fornicated upon the grave of one of her victims along with the actual triggerman. That is an image that shall never be eradicated from the viewers’ collective memory.

Lol…irony bites, Shay. If Griffin ( love Matt) is attracted to calamitous Ava ( she’s a bad girl…I love Maura West….best actress in mine eyes) how will he explain that to God during one of his hypocritical talks with Him, as he kneels at the altar?
I am so tired of listening to his ‘despair’ ; his confusion of choosing between the Church and living life as a man; a doctor. He has no choice….I don’t care what the script says!!
He sinned with Claudette—what’s to stop him with Ava? It’s not as if he could ever go back to being an honest-to-goodness, bonafide priest again…he can’t even say Mass.
He is too weak to be a priest…he succumbed to the pleasures of the flesh, just as Adam did, in the Garden of Eden ( or as Iron Butterfly said: “In A Gadda Da Vida”), which brought doom upon us all. LOL. ….words to live by, as per Sister Mary Margaret. LOL.

I’m betting they are both Jason. Jason Q is Billy Miller. He was too damaged after the AJ accident and someone (Heather, Helena?) replaced Jason Q. With Stone Cold Jason Morgan (Drew). Robin actually saved Jason Q. unknowingly and that’s who has the new face. Now Jason Morgan is in Russia and Jason Q is with Sam. This explains why he is more family oriented (Jason Q.). It would also give many long time fans the emotional pay off of Monica getting her loving good son back AND Jason Morgan as is. Also, his dead personality would easily be explained by him terrible upbringing with Betsy and Franco.

I think Helena switched them somehow, for she was so vanguard with it came to new medical procedures. Remember when they scanned Billy Miller’s brain he had that same injury that the ‘real Jason” had. Hell I will be glad when Scotty gets his due cause he participated in the baby theft thing.

I am an older watcher and am referring to the two Jason’s as thing one and thing two I actually thought that the masked patient would turn out to be Nicholas probably a better story line than regurgitating the Jason Franco Betsy heather drew stuff again does anyone ever reallly go away in port Charles I prefer billy to Steve as Jason more of a family man type it actually gives me a headache to scroll through all the ancient history and I am a hex major yikes I will watch because I am retired and am really hooked

A bit crazy.
If old Jason is still he than how did new Jason (Billy) get old Jasons memory?
Like Billy as Jason now. Good chemristy between he and Sam.

Well, Lynda z, one could argue that Helena “put” those memories in his head….brainwahing. LOL.
Nothing is making sense, right? We try to think logically.
Glad you see the chemistry between him and Sam….I haven’t gotten there yet. I liked Billy with Rebecca the best, as Jake.
In my opinion, this Jason and Sam cancel each other out. I have to raise the volume whenever they have one of their nonsensical conversations. I still can’t make out what they’re saying….not fully.
I do not know how Sam and Stone-cold interacted. But, I will soon find out.
Nonetheless, even with all my naysaying, I do look forward to the development of this story….we may all be pleasantly surprised.

Keep Billy as Jason. Great chemistry with Sam.
Besides, how would he have the other Jasons memory.
Yoo crazy.

Helena was a master hiring medical personnel that had massive research and medical skills.

I NOTICE THE ORIGINAL CARLY CAME BACK to General Hospital. Its funny when original characters on a soap are replaced such as Jason and Carly(number of years ago), the producers of the show expect us to accept theyre the same character as before when in reality theyre a different person, although in Jason’s case the producers thought of an explanation of what happened to the real Jason, haha, i love it though. HEY HOW ABOUT using the same explanation for the original Carly, that the newer Carly had her mind replaced by the scientists with original Carly’s mind years ago, and that the original Carly who now thinks shes a doctor also had her mind replaced with a doctor’s mind.

General Hospital

General Hospital’s Adam J. Harrington Weighs-in On John and Carly, and How it’s ‘Starting to Get Very Complicated”

On recent episodes of General Hospital, Carly (Laura Wright) came to John “Jagger” Cates (Adam Harrington) rescue as he was beaten down in an assault. Carly put on her “nurses cap,” sort of speak, and got John to his hotel room and watched over to him, to make sure he didn’t lose consciousness.

GH fans also got their first glimpse of what may be a new romance for Carly, if she and John continue to bond.  If John and Carly were to have a relationship, it would certainly have a ripple effect with Jason (Steve Burton) and Sonny (Maurice Benard).

Adam J. Harrington shared his view on the scenes and what might be next between the two. Speaking to Soap Opera Digest, Harrington shared, “I thought it was written in a way where there’s an understanding and a respect between them both. I don’t think there was any moment where she was not aware that he’s an FBI agent, and there was no moment that he wasn’t aware of her history and relationship to other people in the town. I really liked it. I was really looking forward to shooting it with Laura and we had a really nice time shooting it.”

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When Carly and John part ways, it seems there were some romantic sparks, as Harrington puts it, “Isn’t that interesting that sometimes with people, the one moment they actually show how they feel is when they know there’s an escape hatch. They know they’re about to walk away. So, it’s almost safe in that moment to do it. I thought that was really special about how (the writers) handled John and Carly. Even the music in that scene was beautifully done.”

Where is this all heading? Conflict! Internally and professionally, and as Adam explains, “Who Carly was to John on paper as just a tool to be used as bait is starting to get very complicated.”

What would you think of a John and Carly pairing? Would you prefer him with Anna, or neither of them? Let us know via the comment section and take our poll below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital’s Steve Burton Reveals the Emotional Scene He Almost Could Not Get Through

On a recent episode of General Hospital, Jason received a message from his mother, Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson) via a note. The effect it had on Jason’s portrayer, Steve Burton turned out to be quite visceral.

As GH fans know, although Jason’s bio-mom was Susan Moore, he was raised and adopted by Monica. Speaking on his Daily Drama podcast with his co-host and GH co-star, Bradford Anderson (Spinelli), Steve shared some insight on the difficulties he had getting through that scene.

Burton shared that in the key moment, “Brooklyn (played by Amanda Setton) came in and that’s where she gave me (Jason) the letter from Monica. That was a very hard scene for me to do. That was a tough one. That was the one time I was almost going to call ‘cut!’  It read ‘Jason, I believe in you.’ I was literally going to walk off the set.”

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To clarify and in the story, Monica was saying “I believe in you” and that she knows Jason didn’t shoot Dante (Dominic Zamprogna). Steve added, “It was tough, man. Emotionally, it was a tough scene. It was overwhelming in the moment.”

Steve went on to detail to Anderson, “She (Brook Lynn) pushed it to me and I read it and she was walking out and I had to stop her, but I was so emotional I couldn’t even get it out.  And at that point, I’m like, ‘Do I just keep going … or do I just walk off the set right now?’ But, I knew just to stay, because it’s so hard to get back there, once you shut it down. I knew, the next take wasn’t going to be the same.”

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It’s clear that Leslie Charleson is so missed on-screen as Monica by all of her castmates, and that Jason and Monica had a very special mother/son relationship throughout the decades on GH.

What did you think of the moment when Jason got a note from Monica that said, “I believe in you?” Were you touched as well? Let us know in the comment section. You can check out the latest episode of Steve and Bradford’s podcast below.

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George Russo to Appear on General Hospital as Carmine Cerullo

Coming up, it looks like Brook Lynn’s (Amanda Setton) grandfather, Carmine Cerullo is headed to Port Charles.

According to casting news from the ABC soap opera, George Russo will take on the role. Russo will tape his episode next week on April 15th and will appear on the May 15th episode of the long-running daytime drama series.

If George looks familiar he has been in numerous primetime television shows and motion pictures including: The Offer. Winning Time, Grand Crew and Shameless.

Photo: ABC

Longtime GH viewers will recall that Lois’ (Rena Sofer) dad, Carmine, was previously showed up in Port Charles on and off from 1994 to 1996 and was played by John Capudice.

Clearly, it seems that Carmine will be a part of Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn’s wedding.  Will it go off without a hitch? Are you looking forward to it? Stay tuned.

Who else would you like to see attend the nuptials? Gloria Cerullo (Ellen Travolta), any other blasts from the pasts who should be present? Let us know in the comment section.

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