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Ingo Rademacher Is The Bold and the Beautiful's New Thorne!

Ejami fans will be happy to see this! Ali and James at Afternoon in Salem.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

The bombshell’s continue over just what is happening with the role of Thorne Forrester, and now we have answers!

Over this past weekend, fans of The Bold and the Beautiful learned from Winsor Harmon via a tweet that he will no longer be playing the then on and off again role of Thorne, a role he has played on the show since 1996.

Now comes word via TV Insider that none other than longtime General Hospital favorite, Ingo Rademacher (Ex-Jax) has been tapped as the replacement and that Thorne is coming back to the canvas as a contract role.

Rademacher reveals that he has yet to speak with B&B executive producer and head writer, Brad Bell on the specifics of what will happen when Thorne resurfaces on the canvas on-air in mid-to-late November.

However, Ingo offered up this comment to TV Insider on replacing Winsor Harmon: ‘You can’t try to be someone else, but I certainly hope to play Thorne as well as Winsor did. He’s really one of the nicest and most gracious people I’ve ever met. He tweeted over this past weekend that his role was being recast and I read the comments and a lot of people weren’t happy. There was a lot of support for Winsor, and rightly so. I said to my wife, ‘Wow, I feel kind of bad about this.’ I mean, I know it’s the way things go in daytime, but this is a new experience for me. I’ve never stepped into a role that was previously played by someone else. I hope the fans aren’t too upset about this.”

Rademacher, who hails from Australia, has been living in Hawaii with his wife and children, but had recently relocated back to California, and so the timing is perfect for him to have a full-time gig on a daytime drama and CBS, where he also has appeared on Hawaii-Five-O.

So, what do you think of Ingo as the new Thorne? Will Thorne be romantically linked to potentially Quinn (Rena Sofer) or Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) or someone else when he hits the scene again? Comment below!

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Maybe Windsor can play the new Jax at GH???

lol maybe , who knows.

GH is laden with contract players over 45, but WH is more of a Steven Lars actor than Jax.

You kinda nailed that one Steve!!

SORAS in reverse. Both Ridge and now Thorne are getting younger and younger. I just seriously hope they have a dynamic love story for him and a purpose. No Brooke redux! Ingo and KKL….h, no thanks. Not to be rude, but she has not aged well! They would not be a match. And please, no Katie. Enough brother/ brother sister/sister entanglements! It’s gross! These people are not Amish!! LA is a big city with very attractive people! I like Ingo, wish he was on GH. This is a bizarre recast but it will work. It will ONLY work because of Ingo!

I’m cracking up over your Amish comment! HAHAHAHAHAHA! & funny, I thought the same thing about KKL..

KKL is in her mid 50s. Ummm she is stunningly beautiful and her body is amazing. I dont know what TV yall are watching through. Haha.

So sorry that GH did not see fit to give Ingo a contract. We lost a good one; he really makes contract (those intense eyes!) with the audience–GH’s (and its viewers’) loss.
TPTB lost one of their best. 🙁

Nancy, I remember when Ingo first appeared on General Hospital. Although I was a die-hard Sonny and Brenda fan, I loved Jax and I remember the scenes of Jax and Brenda shopping in California (I think) and on the beach. This was when the shows went on location, and storylines were exciting!

Yes, lovely scenes, exciting times for viewers. Remember them on the boat?

I would much rather have Ingo Rademacher (Jax) full time on GH than Steve B.
Ingo is awesome!!
I never understood why ABCGH didn’t bring him on full time, I’d have really loved seeing Ingo everyday 😉

GH has become weak, quite weak in its cast and stories.

(((( GH, clean house!! get rid of the old and bring in the new))) save GH from itself.

I would have loved seeing him everyday also–those twinkling eyes, that smile, that accent!

I don’t understand why the ousted the original actor who played Thorne since B&B’s inception.
I also don’t understand Brad Bell’s propensity to name his characters with phallic implications. Thorne and Ridge?

I am guessing the Thorne that grew to be the most solid and realistic of the bunch will lose that in the translation and we will have more childish teen crushes among the older set that pass for love and romance. We used to joke about Erica Kane on AMC’s marriages. It means nothing in LA as the Forresters and Logans just bed, marry, and separate in the span of weeks. Or mope about each other for years. Stephanie Forrester must be so glad she is a better place.


knock it out of the park will ya

made me smile.

especially about “Thorne , the most solid and REALISTIC… will lose that translation”

absolutely the truth

thank you for the admonishment… because yes.. .i’ll take Erica Kane 10 to 20 plus marriages over any of the Brooke sisters tired dance.

at the very least… because of IR> stud muffin quality… he can act rings around Sonny. he has that magic requisite

alas , Ms. Stephanie Forrester : “…must be so glad she is a better place ”

ok… I can go now… NICE READ

This smells horribly unprofessional on the part of Bradley Bell. It sounds like, to me, he had already cast Ingo in the role of Thorne and simply phoned Winsor Harmon as a last-minute “courtesy,” when it was anything but courteous. I love Ingo and do wish him back full-time to General Hospital, but I feel like this will be a horribly wrong cast recast.

Horrible recast, what a nightmare.

Ingo Rademacher is a great actor, but him as Thorne is what’s the potentially bad decision. I just don’t get why Brad shafted Winsor so carelessly.


No mistake, but this is terrible news.

Ha! Ha! Forrester boys have accents now. Ha! Ha! Gimme a break. And I thought Ingo was living in Hawaii and not acting.

That’s the first thing that came to my mind. Nothing against Ingo because I like him on GH but this is yet another dumb move in the world of soaps. They seem to be racking up higher every day. I remember when soaps never missed a beat.

yup I agree with you, bad casting. Bill Bell needs to lose his job.

That’s what I thought, Chrystie_Delancey. Ridge went from a nondescript California accent to an Irish brogue. And now Thorne has gone from a southern drawl to an Aussie accent. Remember the days when recasts made some sense?!?!

Ridge is from Germany. (Thorsten Kaye)

And storylines were at least plausible and original.

I don’t understand why this change was necessary. It’s not like Winsor Harmon looks noticeably older than Thorsten Kaye. He was on contract with B&B for several years and is great in the role of Thorne, so this switch makes absolutely no sense.

As for Ingo, he’s a fantastic actor but he belongs on GH as Jax. I’ve missed him ever since he left the show full-time, and the writing for his most recent returns have been less than stellar. It would have been great if GH found some way to incorporate Jax back into the show and bring Ingo back under contract.

However, I’m optimistic about how this will play out. I have a feeling Ingo will fit the role of Thorne well, but I find it funny how now both Forrester boys will have accents, and they aren’t even the same!

Brad Bell has never written anything for the character of Throne that was note worthy- so casting a bigger name will change that? I doubt it– Since the show recently filmed in Australia perhaps this is more a PR move to promote a native from there on the show, since Ivy seems MIA again. This is stunt casting that will last as long as snow in spring time.

What??? I l Dont’ get me wrong, I like Ingo and he is a good actor. But Why did you not ask Winsor Harmon back?? It would have been a great lift for the show! Bad Move B&B.


I like the guy and all, but this just seems like a miscast in the making. They should have just gone in a completely different direction.

Love into!

Ingo lol


to TPTB –


pair nuThORNE w/ the hag sisters Brooke and Katie

I see the lovely Quinn and Ingo Rademacher’ ( nuTHORNE ) pronto

give it all a rest… the same old same old… and this includes the much talked about younger trio. just spare us all

I’m so sorry that Windsor Harmon is not with .

this is truly a double edged sword.

from the out set.

absolutely it should be Windsor.. for the core family veteran.

this struck a chord any way… what with Stephanie passing… why is it getting easier to let go of their offspring ? think @GH with Tracy leaving.. and how easy it is to fire RPW’ Dillon.

@General Hospital… Shelley and Frank STINK ! they had a wonderful opportunity to better this show… and all we get is the lame limp and oh so tired:

Sonny and Carly – Jason and Sam – Michael and Nelle – Franco and Finn . DOA

I wish Ingo Rademacher the best opportunity. it’s at the expense of the audience.

here’s hoping Bill Bell does HIS JOB and starts writing something… worthwhile

if they jump right in to a dead on arrival tryst with either Brooke or Katie.

forget this show

Couple of things…It seems that everyone starts match making when character changes come to a show. But absolutely agree…no Brooke or Katie. Or even Sheila like James R. Poissant suggested. Please leave the “lovely” Quinn with Eric for a while.

And am so sick of Carly as the bereaved, interfering mother, and best friend of Jason. She actually seems to be taking up more air time than Sonny if that is possible.

This is insane lol, I loved Ingo as Jax on GH. Bill Bell is insane in firing Windsor Harmon. This is BS Period. Thorston Kaye is a terrible Ridge, they should have hired Grant Alexander ex Phillip Guiding Light as the new Ridge Forrester. Thorston is scruffy and needs a makeover. Ingo as the new Thorne is not good at all, I AM angry as hell lol.

“…This is BS Period. ”

Absolutely – 100% agree

The Corinthos’ men are so dull. and that is going to include Steve Burton.

Ingo Rademacher as Jax… has all the requisite exquisite definition of all true man

I can’t imagine as Thorne he is going to get that same magic.. if he’s stuck with Brooke and Katie.

B&B breathe new life in to this show

yeah, i’m feeling rightly pissed @GH


Ohhh, Grant Alexander is a great suggestion for Ridge. I liked TK on All My Children but NOT enjoying him as Ridge. I can’t help but suspect that something is up in Windsor’s personal life that makes him not a good fit for Bold and Beautiful at this time. As to Ingo’s accent, Windsor had an inexplicable southern accent for a Californian

Claudio that is Brad his dad Bill built an empire and he came along for the ride.

I will tune in. Remind us in November. Ingo has a lot of energy, so this should be fun.

Yep, I’ll tune in also. How does one NOT give Ingo a chance? ?

Not thrilled. Sonny just fixed his Jax screwup which would allow for more Jax time in Port Charles. Once again, GH psses up a popular character with a following.

As for B&B, I think it’s so insulting to the actor who’s been playing Throne on and off for years. He’s good-looking as well as a good actor. You need a really thick skin to be in the soap biz.

I’m curious to see how Ingo does but I hope Harmon lands a role on another soap if that’s where his career goals still lie.

uggg..Thorne, not Throne.

And on HBO, Game of Thornes! 🙂

haha…I LOVE “Game of Thornes!” 😉

@James now that was clever?

Can’t help but wonder why the disconnect between Ingo and General Hospital execs over the years establishing a real role again. And some of his comments about the soap industry seemed sorta cryptic to me regarding this. I realize there was the Hawaii commute, but it always seem to come down to “should he stay or should he go?” And if B&B could get a role and commitment from him why not GH? Part of me thinks it was because they wanted to make Sonny the main guy (ugh), and Jax was his only real competition.

Also wonder if he moved back to California because of better acting opportunities and paychecks than he would get living in Hawaii. Lucky/GH and Justin Hartley/Adam Y&R haven’t done to bad lately.

Hey Rose…glad you’re back! Haven’t seen you out here lately (haven’t been on too much myself but noticed your absence. Hope all’s well!)

According to Ingo, he and his wife moved back for her business. She has a clothing line and needed to be in California. As for Ingo, from what I understand he had a recurring role on Hawaii Five-O but doesn’t seem to have been offered a major role in prime time like Jonathan Jackson or Justin Hartley. I wonder if he’d even want it; he seems to love his free lifestyle…surfing, working beside his wife, etc. Who knows…

Still lovin’ B&B though the Ridge/Brooke/Bill is ridiculous! You and I haven’t even been watching that long and it seems this back ‘n’ forth has been going on quite a while. Silly.

Kinda funny; people complain GH has too big a cast yet B&B works with the same characters over and over so they seem to square dance with each other…just keep changing partners all in the family…extended family. LOL. Yet, I STILL like it! Talk about escapism! Disappointed though that”Thomas” left and that Rome Flynn (Zende) are leaving.

Perhaps “Jax” will make the occasional visit to Port Charles; Wally Kurth and Tristan Rogers did so even though they’re on other soaps…

If you read the article it says he moved to CA because his wife wanted to be close to her factory.

The only thing GH kept wanting to do with Jax is continuously bring him back off and on to drool after Carly only to have Sonny be the winner again. Carly chooses Sonny, Brenda chose Sonny, wash, rinse and repeat. Jax was brought back each time it seemed to be the rejection guy. I would have given anything to see Ingo brought back and put into a storyline with someone else, but I knew that would have never happened. I may be in the minority, but I want to give Ingo a chance in this new role at least. I have never watched B&B ever, so I have no sentimental connection to the guy who used to play the role, so we shall see how it works out.

Harmon should play Jax on GH…

Hi Rebecca… Yes I’m here and accounted for. Just drifting through the rest of the”almost summer” which has been mostly pleasant compared to many places in the world. And trying to pretend much of real life isn’t so real, and like a soap can be rewritten quickly with a stoke of writer’s pen. And just having to adjust that GH is never going to be what it used to be.

Agree about Thomas. I finally started to like him when he hooked up with Sally Spectra and showed he was more than a fairly good looking guy they seemed to always catch with his shirt off. Could say the same for Nathan /Ryan Paevey on General Hospital in the Manlanders story. And reading comments I am probably the only one that doesn’t mind this storyline.

Catch you later. :))

But other that that B&B is still pretty silly.

You’re not alone (cue Sabrina) 😉 I think the Ask Man Landers is cute. Don’t mind it at all…It “fits” the light fare of Amy, the once-playful side of Maxie and Spinelli and shows Nathan to have a heart of gold. Perhaps there’ll be more to the story down the line that goes deeper. And I like Amy. Obvioiusly she’s not crucial to story or Port Charles, but she’s adorable. (I could actually see her with Spinelli}.

Ummmmm…as for Nathan and Thomas, their “topless” shots are as subtle as saying Shrin’ers Hospital for Children every three seconds. But they both serve the greater good… 🙂


I agree with you jaybird. They should quit while they are some what ahead. Only time will tell what we’re in for. Take care.

You’re so right about this, Jay! Thanks for the kind words and backup in the Ratings thread BTW. 🙂

I’, throwing out 2 very wild guesses as to what the new Thorne’s storyline will be although i could be way off base. The first thing that came to mind was having Ingo’s Thorne get in with Sheila. I know Kimberlin Brown is on contract for a year but if they gave her story, she could always consider staying longer.

The other thought i had was what if they did this recast of Thorne so that they could pick the Macy story back up. It was never revealed if Sally took her daughter off life support so for all we know, Macy could be very much alive.

I am still having trouble trying to understand why the recast of Thorne but while i was thinking of an answer, I came up with these possibilities.

I’d love nothing more then seeing Macy alive, Bobbie Eakes only. But to recast Thorne is so stupid. He and Ridge get younger and younger but Brooke and Macy keep getting older?

Ingo, get out while you can!

This sounds bad from the jump.

No matter how amazing the storyline turns out, the “Real” Thorne exists and has already addressed the displeasure of not being informed until “last-minute”.

OMG MY JAW IS ON THE FLOOR!!! Ingo is HOT AS HELL! Let the games begin!!!! They wouldnt hire Ingo is they didnt have HUGE plans for Thorne! Ingo and Thorsten will have excellent sibling chemistry! Noowwwww who will they pair with Thorne? Brooke? Katie? Could Donna be next to return???

As he did with Thorsten Kaye, Bell shows he is not afraid to recast legacy characters with superior experienced daytime actors. Moss and Harmon are fine, but TK and IR have something extra.

Moss left so Ridge had to be recast. Not the same story with Thorne and Winsor.

This is terrible news! Bad move Brad Bell!

Dool is lucky to have Tyler and now BB is lucky to have Ingo I’m disappointed at my GH but I’m learning to roll with the punches who knows what will happen next .

Is he talented enough to disguise his Australian accent? If you watch Longmire you know that actor is Australian and you would never know it . Now I like Ingo but the man never screen tested with anyone on the show all done with managers etc. what is going on are we wanting every of the last four soaps gone? So while Thorne has lived in Paris he turned into a Australian??

Thanks K/kay!

And your last question is truly clever!

I hope that they do not split up Quinn and Eric. We need happy couples and stop with the constant breakups. Very surprised Brooke gave Bill his ring.

I liked Winsor as Thorne and would like to see Thorne back on the show. I hope there is story for Thorne. Good story. I don’t know how Ingo will do. I am willing to give him a chance as what’s the alternative?

B n B s payroll must be pretty $$$, maybe they ll lighten the wallet and let go of Dollar Bill (speaking of money) so he can return to Y n R where he can finally return as Brad!
Ashley needs her soulmate back and they can undo the horrible decision MAB made years ago to kill off the Carltons. Bonus if Colleen came back too.

Good luck Ingo. Hate to see an actor lose his job but you will be great! Now about GH, Frank just continues to mold his own version of GH. “One Live to Live in a Hospital!” I hate it! Jax could be used on GH. He has Carly, his daughter is stepping into her first romance and there is always a CHANCE he could get revenge on the Sonnynator! What a blunder letting Ingo go to CBS. BUT, thats why they lead the pack, they still believe and support daytime!

Number one, B&B is not GH, thank goodness. Cannot stand the Sonny show.

Two, GH didn’t want IR back as Jax or he would probably be there.

Three, while I love Winsor Harmon as Thorne, Brad Bell has something else in mind. He de-aged Ridge a bit and now it seems he is doing the same to Thorne.

I think IR will add some good energy on B&B if Thorne is given a story and is not just used to prop other characters. I would love to see a story where he blames Steffy for killing his only daughter. A good romance for Thorne would be nice too. IR is a good actor and with all the mess going on now on B&B, this is something I can look forward to watching.

GH has been in continuous writing decline since they fired Carvilati. Writing sucks, they keep losing the good actors, misuse the good ones they have left and prop up the boring. GH’s losses are other soaps gain. Tyler to Days, Ingo to B&B. Sorry about Windsor’s raw deal and he’s barely been on in years…but Bell was going to do it no matter what. He has the high ratings in the U.S. and internationally so he doesn’t care.

i adore winsor & ingo i really do – i was hoping against hope that gh would put ingo back on contract and i wanted to see more of winsor on b&b but that did not happen – i really hate to see anybody lose their job……………………………..
i think ingo will fit in well with the other actors and he will definitely shine…………..
i have heard many say things about his Australian accent – as for me it is the acting that is most important …………….

Well now Brooke is free. They will probably do some triangle so she can be fought over by Ridge and Thorne.

NO surprise that Steffi is going to end up with Bill now. I saw that one a MIIIIIIIIIIIILE away. She was the only one, besides Wyatt, supporting arsonist Bill. They will be in bed before long and Liam will go to Sally.

Ugh. Can’t ANYONE be happy????


I’d like to say this about that. First, Thorne is a legacy character and he needs to have story on screen. I am not opposed to a recast – its a soap staple. You can’t be a soap fan and not accept it. Thorne was played by at least two other actors before Winsor came on. He was great and I’ll miss him but Ingo is major soap talent. Hopefully with the buzz about Ingo Thorne will have real story to play. I hope the same thing happens with the Zende recast. If they are going through the trouble of recasting they might as well give them a good story. Now if only B&B can tell more than one story at time …..

As far as I’m concerned, Bradley Bell is a MORON for doing this…PERIOD!!!!!

Tnorne can get with ivy. Their accents match. As for Sally, i think she is Bill’s secret daughter. She dyes her hair. Shes a secret Spencer not a Spectra.The

Well, B&B will down have a Scotsman (I think that is what Ridge is) and a Aussie for Thorne…Cool. Ingo is doing nothing on GH so it is good he is working. I hope this Thorne has a backbone.

I totally agree with you jaybird. I will watch out of curiosity, but I know I won’t like what I see. My question is, why after being hidden in the basement at Forrester all these years, and then in the Paris office, is there a sudden need for Thorne. The last I remember, at the time of his daughter’s death he was happily involved with Taylor. If that is still the case, I hope they don’t intend to replace her as well. In my opinion Hunter Tylo is irreplaceable. I guess we’ll have to wait and see

Great to hear! Love Ingo !! Maybe now they will write more than father and son triangles !!! First, it was Ridge / Thomas / Carolyn, then, Ridge / Eric / Quinn. Now, it looks like a Bill / Liam / Steffy. This is getting old and VERY boring !!!!!!!!!!!! Need new writers with ORIGINAL / NEW storylines !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree 100% with everything that you said. From Grant Alexander to play as ridge and having Windsor Harmon as Thorne. Wow, Grant Alexander…. That would be great casting.


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