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THIS WEEK On Y&R: Christel Khalil and Eileen Davidson Return As Neil’s Will Is Read

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The next part of the story involving the the death of Neil Winters (the late Kristoff St. John) will play out this week on The Young and the Restless, and with it the series brings back two fan favorites.

Daytime Emmy winner, Eileen Davidson (Ashley) is back for two story points 1) the reading of the will and 2) to pay a visit to Dina.  Meanwhile, Christel Khalil (Lily) returns to find out the contents of Neil’s final wishes.  In addition, how will Lily feel if she gets wind of Traci’s attraction to Cane?

As to who else will be at the reading of the will look for: Cane, Nikki, Sharon, Jack, Victor, Anna, Devon, and Nate.  It will be an emotional day for Neil’s loved ones.  Michael Baldwin will tell the family the contents of Neil’s wishes.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

SOD previews from head writer, Josh Griffith, “Many of Neil’s friends were surprised to be included in Neil’s will since many of them are in positions to provide for themselves.  However, they will soon learn that you cannot put a price on Neil’s bequests.”

For more with the cast of Y&R on the passing of Kristoff St. John, make sure to listen to Soap Nation Live’s special tribute to Kristoff here.

So, how will everyone react to the reading?  What will Neil have to say to his loved ones?  Stay tuned.  Then let us know, are you glad to see Christel and Eileen back for visits to the CBS Daytime drama series? Comment below.

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I’m very glad to see Christel back, I’ll take whatever we can get. I miss her, hope things work out well for her.

Y&R did a fantastic job with Neil’s memorial episodes and the special tribute episode to Kristoff St. John. I’m glad they aren’t ending the story there, and it will be nice to see Christel and Eileen, both of whom I’d love to return full-time.

The last two weeks with exception of production and especially the vintage classic background music score has been a complete snooze…zzzzzz! Not sure what the rush to boot Mia and Arturo outta town was only to ressurect the tired Adam / Dehlia murder story. ..especially since Nick and Victoria are acting like entitled spoiled Newman heirs!. ..further also Lola/Kyle/Summer story went flat fast. ..wheres Fenn!? He should be around to pick up the pieces!?
Josh s last go round on y n r was stale and first impressions this time is not any better.
Sorry but Neils will reading looks like another boring week…

OMG, if anyone was boring and tiresome, it was Fenn. He was more of a pain in the butt, than anything, and certainly added nothing to the musical SL. Speaking of musical, Iam really getting sick of Miss know-it-all Ana. If Devon doesn’t crack down on her, she will run him into the ground. So glad that Tessa stood up to her. She should pursue her own singing career, and leave the rest to the pros.

I love the recast of Adam Newman, Mark is a wonderful actor and a sexy man.

This will probably be the last episode for me ! Good luck will miss Neil that was a big loss for the show! Josh is already writing from the past which I knew he would and we need to move forward even if MY drove me nuts he tried something new! I truly believe Steve Kent is wearing a Brian Frons mask ! Sharon living one week with Rey and now going to sleep with Adam !!! Really if JG has her go nuts again which he will I hope she burns something down with all of the Newman’s in it!

Ok, I think Josh and company are trying to build story with the current cast they have,instead of overloading us with a lot of new faces at once. This was a major complaint when Mal Young jettisoned fan favorites and gave us Kerry, nu Nate, Nu Fenn, who quickled disappeared, Ana and the Rosales family. Is it a tad bit slow now? Yes, but I am gonna hang in there. My only complaint is nu Adam is way too young! His acting is solid, but I just can’t see him with Sharon.

I insist that Devon be given – another – 2 million dollars bequeathed him, AND that he be related to either the Abbott or nuMAN . prefer the latter

let’s see Devoid live now

ok this show is getting rough to watch!so the poorly written Nate recasts hijacks the will reading which took away so much of the impact. i hope everyone realizes how lily will be missed. Devons new love interest can leave pronto and take anna with her. the show is so boring and nu adam is adding to that. the only thing that keeps me hanging in is the return of michelle stafford because as a long time viewer i am ready to leave a great show behind.

Two questions if one should read this: Can’t recall why Adam was in Jail, and why Victor was arranging for his family, at the time, to “get out of Dodge” so to speak. Was it due to the accident which killed Dehlia? Also, who was Dehlia’s mother?

New Adam, well I will wait and see. Always felt Christian was Nick’s regardless of the last blood test.

General Hospital

THIS WEEK on GENERAL HOSPITAL: Jason Visits Elizabeth and Jake; John Has a New Plan To Take Down Pikeman

The week of April 1-5 brings with it the pick up of the action from last week in Port Charles, where viewers witnessed a shift in several key storylines and characters. With new head writers, Patrick Mulcahey and Elizabeth Korte, steering the direction of the stories, it will be interesting to see what comes next.

Official teasers for GH share that Jason (Steve Burton) will at long last visit with Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and their son, Jake (Hudson West). Since Jason’s return, Jake has not been too pleased with his dad. Now that Jason has been cleared of shooting Dante (Dominic Zamprogna), will Jake come around and be closer to Jason, or will there be a continued rift? Meanwhile, will Elizabeth and Jason find common ground?

Photo: JPI

Elsewhere, John “Jagger” Cates (Adam J. Harrington) devises a new plan to take down Pikeman. Is Cates aware that Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) is running the organization while Brennan (Charles Mesure) remains behind bars? What will his plan be?

In other key points, Dex (Evan Hofer) gets an interview with the PCPD. Might he be joining the ranks with Anna (Finola Hughes), Dante (Dominic Zamprogna), Chase (Josh Swickard) et al?

Check out the teasers for the ABC daytime drama series below.


Jason visits Elizabeth and Jake. Dante confirms whether or not Jason shot him. Anna puts Sonny on notice. Diane helps Alexis on her appeal. Natalia takes over Blaze’s Deception contract.


Drew checks on Nina at work. John has a new plan to take down Pikeman. Jason reveals something to Anna. Carly and Michael make confessions.  Dex gets interviewed about joining the PCPD.


Chase and Brook Lynn ask Dante for a favor. Finn opens up to Elizabeth about his dad. Sasha and Cody admit their feelings. Blaze fills Kristina in on her new job. Tracy crosses with Stella.


Terry offers Tracy some advice. Curtis comforts Trina. Josslyn is in shock. Kevin and Laura check in on Heather. Sasha shows off her culinary skills.


Drew chews out John. Lois helps Brook Lynn with a wedding dress crisis. Sonny and Natalia get better acquainted. Kristina and Joss argue. Anna questions Brennan about Pikeman. Sam is worried about Danny.

So, what story are you looking forward to seeing the most, this week on GH? Comment below.

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General Hospital

THIS WEEK on GENERAL HOSPITAL: Sonny Tells Carly, ‘I Don’t Owe Jason Nothing’; While Sam and Jason Come Face to Face

General Hospital previews for the week of March 25-29 pits friends and family against each other over the recent return of Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), and how he is implicated as the shooter that put Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) in the hospital still in dire straits.

Last week, with the walls closing in on Jason, he turned himself in to the PCPD while lawyering up with Diane (Carolyn Hennesy). Meanwhile, Willow (Katelyn MacMullen), Michael (Chad Duell), Spinelli (Bradford Anderson), Danny (Asher Antonyzyn), and Carly (Laura Wright) all could be culpable for aiding and abetting a suspect in the shooting of a cop, and for hiding Jason.

In the latest promo for the ABC soap opera, we get a glimpse of Sam (Kelly Monaco) finally seeing Jason for the same time since his recent return, and asking him at the PCPD if he indeed shot Dante.

Photo: ABC

When everyone gathers at Jason’s arraignment, Carly is seen yelling at Sonny, “You owe Jason!” However, in a key moment, Sonny responds, “I don’t owe Jason nothing!” Will we finally see Sonny bring up the fact of how Jason and Carly were married when they believed he had ‘died’? Does Sonny truly believe Jason shot his son, Dante? Stay tuned.

Now below, check out the rest of the teasers for this week on GH:


Jason tells his story. Elizabeth is overcome with emotion. Stella comforts Trina. Michael is cautious. Jake is furious.


Anna is stunned. Carly is determined to get to Jason. Ava comforts Sonny. Curtis is suspicious. Gregory’s symptoms become more pronounced.


Sam and Jason come face to face. Danny and Jake have an argument. Anna offers a surprising proposal to Dex. Trina makes a heartbreaking confession. Brook Lynn shares a message.


Tempers fly at Jason’s arraignment. Carly and Alexis are surprised. Sonny has his doubts. Sam gets some hope. Nina is insistent.


Jason meets with Sonny. Ava and Sonny have a close moment. Anna learns some important information. Valentin makes arrangements. Oliva, Danny and Rocco rush to Dante’s bedside.

Watch this week’s GH promo below.

Now, weigh-in.  Should Sonny forgive Jason for whatever feelings he has about his former hit man? Are you looking forward to the scenes between Jason and Sam? Share your thoughts in the comment section.




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THIS WEEK on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Steffy and Hope’s Feud Reignites

Previews for the week of March 18-22nd tease that Hope (Annika Noelle) will finally give Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) her answer to his marriage proposal and her decision will have a ripple effect with the Logans and the Forrester families.

But that’s not all! Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) has had it with Hope. Is it over what she decided about marrying her brother … or over the fact that she has been hanging around Finn (Tanner Novlan) and helping her husband in his time of need over the loss of his mother, the evil, Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown)?

And, just where is this going with Luna (Lisa Yamada) talking to Bill (Don Diamont) about not knowing who her biological father truly is? Meanwhile, Poppy (Romy Park), in turn, is making a special request to Finn. What is the request?

Photo: JPI

Check out the official teasers for the week, but take note! The Thursday, March 22nd and Friday, March 23rd episode of The Bold and the Beautiful will be preempted due to CBS’ coverage of the March Madness College Basketball tournament.

Photo: JPI

Monday, March 18

Hope gives Thomas an answer to his marriage proposal.

Luna tells Bill about her frustration not knowing who her father is.

Poppy makes a big request to Finn.

Tuesday, March 18 

Hope’s decision causes emotional fallout from the Logans and Forresters.

Steffy’s anger at Hope hits an all-time high.

Wednesday, March 19

Carter attempts to convince Liam that Thomas has changed.

Their feud reignites when Hope stands up to Steffy.

So, if as previewed, and there is a major Hope vs. Steffy showdown, who are you rooting for in this one? Comment below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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