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TONIGHT: Michael Fairman Special Guest TAKE TWO Radio: GH 50th & Nurses' Ball Review Chat! – 7PMPST/10PMEST



After the last few weeks of General Hospital, fans were treated to extraordinary episodes including the heartfelt 50th anniversary tribute, and the last three air shows of the revival of The Nurses’ Ball!

Now tonight, Wednesday April 10th, on a very special edition of the BlogTalkRadio show, Take Two Radio with host Pam, join her as she welcomes On-Air On-Soaps Michael Fairman as her special guest, who will be on board for a full hour to discuss the episodes, the performances, and to share his reviews of the highly-anticipated episodes!  It all starts at 7pMPST/1oPMEST live!

To join in the conversation, to comment and to share your favorite moments of the Nurses’ Ball,  and/or to ask questions to Michael and Pam, make sure to call-in at 1-718-506-1540 and PRESS 1.  To log on and listen to the broadcast click here!

We look forward to hearing from you!


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I was wondering why Emma wasnt shown paying any attention to Robins picture up on stage? Most children her age would! I think it wouldve been nice to see Emma run up to the picture and plant a kiss on it( kinda like Audrey did with Steves at the hospital) with Emma saying ‘I miss you mommy’ then Patrick and Sabrina singing’ Your Not Alone’ to Emma with the rest of the cast joining in. And why wasnt Audrey at the NB, and why wasnt A.J.s&Lizs performance not shown? Also they shouldve replicated some past NBs acts as tribute to past NBs plus the opening act shouldve paid tribute to all the nurses from GHs last 50 years!


But i still enjoyed the NB and hope next years is a bigger and better one and shown as a live telethon and fundraiser with the whole 2hrs or more shown on the same day!


OLTL lives in GH! Carly(Viki) catches Brenda(Dorian) in bed with her son Micheal(Joey) Hope they did it: would love it if Brenda got pregnant by Micheal and made Carly a granny! What would Carly…and Sonny think about that? Brenda making enemy Carly a first time granny would be hilarious!!! lol


I loved the NB..
It was presented by ”nurses” not Broadway Stars nor was it to be a big production, it was what it was.. a charity event with talent from the hospital..(our luved soaps actors)
I like how RC&FV kept it low-key and not an over blown production..
It looked very similar as to how an actual charity event would be held, it felt real / with exceptions of the soap drama LOL ..
It was great of ABCD to support the NB and putting out some cash to make it happen..

I like to have a NB every year, but have to be realistic on that one, but ya never know..


Awesome that “Patrick” and “Sabrina” joined the call. (Sorry, I don’t know their real names.)


Just listened to the show today and loved that you got Jason and Teresa to call in!!! How much fun to hear about shooting all that great Anniversay and Nurse’s Ball stuff!!! It amazes me that they get what they get from so many pieces and parts. I love that Jason and Teresa love working with Brooklyn so much and it shows!

Everyone who love GH should listen to you interview Jason and Teresa with Pam and David… so much fun!!!

Loved hearing more about your red carpet gig! Michael you are such a great guy and such a great fan… along with being a very talented soap genre reporter and website master of all great soap content!!! Thanks you!!! Loved to hear you are going to bring back the PODCASTS!!! Can’t wait!!! Hope it has a good GH 50th focus!

What a treat to get all of that great stuff from Jason and Teresa!!! Thank you again!

Breaking News

Vinessa Antoine Reveals She And General Hospital Have Parted Ways; After Landing Primetime Series Lead

After the fantastic bit of casting news for actress Vinessa Antoine  (Jordan Ashford) over the weekend, today, via her social media accounts, Vinessa has addressed her future with General Hospital.

As viewers know, Vinessa has been cast as the drama series lead in the new CBC production of Diggstown, and it is groundbreaking making her the first black actress to star in a series on the legendary Canadian broadcasting network,   Originally it was presumed that Antoine would go recurring on GH, while she was away filming, but that is not the case as she revealed in her heartfelt message today.  She and GH have mutually parted ways.

Vinessa’s statement: “There are so many people that God put into place who are directly and indirectly responsible for my time at General Hospital.  You know who you are. I thank you. I came into this world as an artist. My job is to create and inspire. I hope that I did that a little in playing #JordanAshford.

I believe that I have taken her as far as I can.  To clarify, as negotiations for #Diggstown were underway, although I am open to stay and play in Port Charles, I was told by my reps that GeneralHospital felt that my character would be off the canvas for too long for me to continue playing her.

With that, we decided to mutually part ways.  It’s time to make room for more women of color in prominent roles on television. I’m grateful to assist in that by starting this new chapter in my journey. I hope you’ll all come along. I feel blessed. Be well. xo”

An ABC rep told Soap Opera Digest that the role of Jordan is being recast.

So what do you think of Vinessa leaving GH for good? Share your thoughts via the comment section below and let’s wish her much success!

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General Hospital

GH Preview – Week of July 16, 2018

This week on General Hospital the fallout from Michael (Chad Duell) and Nelle’s (Chloe Lanier) nuptials will change the course of several lives including Carly’s (Laura Wright), who has come to bust up of the wedding, by busting out of Ferncliff!

Meanwhile, after those close to Drew (Billy Miller) encourage him to try to date again after his divorce from Sam (Kelly Monaco), he ends up in a surprise encounter with Marqaux (Elizabeth Hendrickson).  Will sparks fly?

Check out these other teasers for this week’s GH below, and you can watch the tease for Monday’s episode here.

Let us know in the comment section below what storyline has you most intrigued.


Michael is torn.


Valentin puts two and two together.


Curtis offers Liz an explanation.  


Carly faces the consequences of her actions.

 FRIDAY JULY 20, 2018

Obrecht encounters an obstacle.

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Breaking News

GH’s Vinessa Antoine Lands Primetime Series Will Make Canadian TV History!

Fantastic news for General Hospital favorite, Vinessa Antoine (Jordan)! The talented actress had landed the leading role in the primetime Canadian series, Diggstown!

The legal drama is scheduled to air this fall.  In Diggstown, Antoine will play Marcie Diggs, a top corporate lawyer who decides to dedicate herself to a legal aid office in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

This casting news will make Vinessa a part of Canadian TV history as the first Black Canadian actress to star in a prime-time drama on legacy network television, CBC.

Antoine spoke to the Toronto Star about her starring role, “When I first read the script I was really attracted to the notion that she was a corporate lawyer and she believed in the system. And when that crashed for her, life nudged her to do something extraordinary. And because I’m a woman of color, so many things connected. She’s complex, not stereotypical, and that’s refreshing.”

However as suspected, and according to the Toronto Star: “General Hospital fans will not be happy to learn that Antoine, who has been with the show since 2014, will no longer be a series regular when she starts shooting Diggstown in August.”

So, excited to hear Vinessa has been cast in a leading primetime series?  Comment below!

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Video du Jour

This week, a shocking move leaves Victor stunned! What will happen when the mystery around J.T. is revealed, and the fallout from it begins? Check out this explosive promo from Y&R. Leave A Comment

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