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Will DALLAS Return For A Third Season? Patrick Duffy Believes So!



With so-so ratings for its second season and amidst the passing of Dallas’ central star Larry Hagman (J.R.),  many long time fans have found it extremely appealing and riveting!

In a piece out from the New York Daily News, series star Patrick Duffy addresses the ratings lag, but that the show is really stronger than ever relating,  “A network like TNT and Warner Brothers look at the trend. … They are ecstatic with what ‘Dallas’ is doing and as long as we continue that in the demographics of 18-40, we are their golden child.”

In addition Duffy believes the show will even get better in its third season ratings,  “The summer is the perfect time on cable television because none of the other networks are premiering anything.”  As Dallas fans know, the second season launched this winter, while the first season reboot launched in the summer.

Sources also told the NY Daily News that executives at TNT were “nervous that show icon Larry (J.R.) Hagman’s death in November combined with subpar ratings could spell trouble.”

OK, Dallas fans, do you think the series will have a third season?  If so, what do you think would help increase ratings to ensure its staying power?  Share your thoughts below!

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YES! I love the pacing of the storylines and with Pam coming back (whoever plays her, it doesn’t matter…. they can recreate flashbacks with Margaret Michaels if they have to) it will great. She was very believable in those 1988 clips… she can do the job if she gets it. That character is pivotol with Cliff and Pamala # 2 .. and with another generation of a barnes/ewing couple.. we need that first generation couple back! it’s perfect!
I love the pacing of these storylines.. much better….moves faster…Cynthia is doing an awesome job!

ITA. Dallas is better than ever & deserves a third season! Please renew Dallas, TNT! I want to see more. Loving Sue Ellen being in power at Ewing Energies, loving the chemistry between John Ross and Pamela – those two are sizzling! Loving the Pam references – I would love a Pam recast. This show is in fire right now. Must have a third season!

i have always watched the old Dallas episodes with ms Elle , and i have started watching the new ones with the grownup boys. hated the fact that we lost JR, but we still have Bobby, and Sue Ellen, so lets make the 3rd season happen waiting to see

Can Pam (Victoria Principal) not return to the show as other past Dallas actors have done?



I love Dallas as much if not more than the old series. I hated to see it end and couldnt wait to see it each week. I sure hope there will be a third season, if not , it sure did end odd.


Yes I definitely think it will return. The show is an excellent show! It will be back!

Dallas must have a third season! It’s too good not to. I would move it back to Wednesday nights like it was on season one.

I agree!! But either night I plan on watching it again next season, I love this show!! Even more now than it’s earlier years.

It should definitely come back in the summer so it’s not competing with a million other shows.

I definitely hope it comes back. I did not watch the original series but have grown to love this one. Please TNT!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a great show.

Best show on tv, hands down.

Here here!!!

Its one of my few primetime favorites…its gotta return for another season!

Patrick Duffy must come back to b&b! I wish he could at least manage to play in both shows!

IMO, Patrick Duffy just never did fit at B&B, especially paired with Alley Mills (Pam). She’s a total goofball, even though they need to find someone else for her.

Loving having Dallas back. Miss Larry Hagman, but show is still very riveting and both my husband and I hope that it will continue. I believe it has a fan base from both the baby boomer generation as well as the current generation of young people.

I think it’s been fantastic! The younger cast has been great, not just the vets. It deserves to be renewed.

I agree with Jeff!

I also agree with Jeff. I watched the original show and my daughter (19) both love the new show.

YES to a a season 3. The show is so good. I can’t wait to hear its been renewed so we can all relax about it!!

Sue Ellen: “I’m a little drunk right now:” …..


…only THE Linda Gray… can pull that off!

Best show ever So exciting can”t wait till next week. Love the story line. I will miss larry Hagman but his son will take over.

I love Dallas, just the music makes me feel better..Larry Hagman will definately be missed but the writers are smart keeping him in storylines constantly..I loved the original & the new one..I think this is what TV programmers need to look at..people love continuing stories & drama & good writing..not a bunch of reality nonsense..

From one Gloria to another-yes the music when it comes on excites me to no end & takes me back baby! LOVE DALLAS. Miss Larry Hagman-cannot believe he is gone. Dallas must live on for him. We cannot wait to watch every week.

I was a huge fan of the original Dallas and I have become a huge fan of this Dallas. The acting and writing is excellent. This is the best show to come along in years. I hope it stays around as long as its predecessor.

I agree completely!! I love it!!

I totally agree with you, I get excited just hearing the music! I could watch Dallas every day!

I agree also! Loved the original and love this one! Please continue with another season!

I also watched the original..I enjoy just listening to the opening music as well. the story line is fantastic..having John ross take over in his daddies footsteps. Having Bobby step up into the big boy shoes..I really hope Dallas is renewed for a 3rd season. Best show on tv

Dallas is the best show on tv. TnT has not done a great job of advertising the show, If CBS had jumped on this for round two of Dallas It would have been just as strong as in the eighties. TNT is missing the boat with a potential gold mine. Come on TNT figure out how to get the word out that this show is the real deal and bring it back for many more seasons. I have watched this since the beginning and was so happy for the return. I look forward to this show every week and will be very dissapointed if I have to give it up.

Ditto! This Dallas is fast paced and the actors of this new generation are excellent. Wondered if there could be a Dallas without Larry Hageman but I believe the cast they have will keep Dallas the show it was and is now. Please TNT keep it going!

I agree also. Loved the original and love this one! The pace of the storyline is awesome, you sure don’t have to wait for things to happen!

It IS the best show on television. I wish more viewers would give it a chance. The writing is absolutely fascinating. I absolutely LOVE the new Dallas!

I agree 100%!!!

Season 2 of the new Dallas was much better and improved over the first season. I liked that Audrey Landers and Deborah Shelton returned. Hey, even Lee Majors did a couple episodes. I stopped everything to watch him. The story so far is finding “Pam Ewing” and if Victoria Principal would have returned that would have brought the ratings up, but she has turned down the offer. I suggested on the internet Teri Hatcher could play “Pam”. The mystery woman could be “Pam”. Some think it may be Morgan Brittany as “Katherine Wentworth”.
I would like Lee Majors to return in Season 3 to help the Ewings.
I would like to see Priscilla Presley return as “Jenna Wade” to offer some comfort to Bobby.
I would like Audrey Landers to return. She sure was a scene stealer in Season 2 and her character was a hot pistol.

James has summarized pretty much every I thought about this season.

It would be a travesty for TNT to dynamite it out of existence, especially on the, uh “cliff” hanger.

Oh wow, would love to see Priscilla Presley come back as Jenna Wade. Give Bobby’s wife a run for her money! lol

I so hope so.

I hope it comes back. I agree it should be on in the summer. And let’s go for at least 20 episodes. It is definitely “must see” tv for me!

I am amazed at how good the new Dallas is. They have done a phenomenal job! I can’t wait to see each episode. I really hope there is a 3rd season!!

Dallas deserves a 3rd season at no doubt !!! Actors are excellent mostly Josh Henderson within the new generation .
GRAY and DUFFY Are just AMAIZING and has never been that good in the early days from 78 till 91!!

Linda was as its best in episode 8 when she entered JR s bedroom looking and searching for him and remenbering these days…drinking…. For that particular scene she deserves an Emmy,Golden G or what so ever… i loved too DUFFY s :”I love you brother” Linda Gray is just AMAIZING in everything she is ..

Please GO TNT for a 3rd Dallas season… To be aired in summer 2014.. This way no useless cliffhangers to wait for season 4 and beyond!……..U have the audience … just air it right…..and believe us all CIDRE is doing just a great job!!!….. Now at everyone request and expectation s have some breakfast patios back with some good old JR JOCK and ELLI be aise from where they are they CAN just see and approve!…..!….!!!!!!

As a 42-year-old man who watched “Dallas” from the day it premiered in April of 1978 until it ended in May of 1991, I can easily say it is my No. 1 fave TV show of all-time (and I’m a TV junkie).

But I completely lost interest after the third or fourth episode in this revamped version. Just didn’t have the same pop that the original had.


I’m suprised you feel that way.. I personally didn’t think it could ever be as good as the orginal Dallas, but I have to say I was plesently suprised! I love it!!

I am surprised too! I also watched all episodes of the original and I think this one is just as good. They have done an excellent job of casting John Ross, Christopher and the new Pamela Barnes. I look forward to every Monday evening!

I’m not surprised by Joshua’s response. I completely agree with him. Compared to the original, this version is lacking.

I loved the original Dallas and I was a bit wary of a reboot. I liked the first season, but season 2 has definitely turned it up. Really good season and I’m enjoying the Ewings actually getting along with one another to fight outsiders rather than each other! 🙂

I too watched every episode of the original Dallas and absolutely love the new Dallas! The only thing I don’t like is having to wait a whole week to see what is going to happen next! If they bring back Pam I hope it’s not Victora Principle, she’s not a very good actress.

i think a third season would be worth it but prelonging it further would make the series a bit tired looking it would have to be top class for that to happen but i dont think the mordern dallas will last more than two years as hagman will always be remember as jr

I’ve gotten so hooked this season, never got into the younger set first year, but now I’m loving both ages groups.

wish it had started a year earlier so Larry Hagman would’ve been around two whole seasons but glad he got to come back at all.

I think it would be good if Bobby and John Ross become closer, a little on the gray side of things and Christopher and Pam get in conflict with them (still think Victoria Principal will return?? maybe, and if she won’t I’d cast Jaclyn Smith in a minute.)

This season and the passing of Larry Hagman has not missed a beat. I hope there is a third season. I am an avid fan.

I was a fan of the first Dallas, but this one is by far a great return, I would be very disappointed if it didn’t go one for several more seasons, LOVE!! LOVE!! LOVE!! Should have the attention of several age groups..

I think Dallas is one of the best shows on television! I love this show. I was always a fan of Dallas since its beginning. It is so great to see the actors from the past, but also the new actors. It is action packed…you never know which way things are going to turn…it is full of surprises and suspense. I think it is so sad that Larry Hagman will not be part of this…but the show is still great…and they continue to honor his memory and carry out things in his name! Love John Ross and Christopher…..and Bobby is as great as always! Ryland makes me want to punch the screen…as well as Cliff Barnes! lol Please don’t cancel this show!!!!

Love the show! My family is addicted to it! It has to have a 3rd season! Please keep it going….full of twists and turns!

Hope they are back. Miss Larry Hagman but still enjoy the show. Wish it was on more often.

Our teenage daughters love this show! I had to fill them in on the history of the Ewings from the 80’s series and then they were hooked!

Same here I got the hubby hooked!!

So love the show and am definitely looking forward to more next season. Such a loss is Larry Hagmen, but the remaining cast has done a wonderful job. Please give us more.

i don’t see why the ratings are down? I love the show and look forward to watching it every week…i love the story lines and some of the episodes shown were better than some of the original episodes i think the writers for this show is brilliant….on the edge of my seat every week, please renew it!

Well, we survived the passing of Jock and Miss Ellie, so we can survive this. I’m hooked on this one, as I was the first Dallas. Keep it on! My 31 year old son never watched the first one, and he’s hooked on this one as well. It’s given us something to watch together at times, and it’s great. Mother and son……watching Dallas. Can’t beat it.


I was not a fan of the show before.Who shot JR I didn’t care. have always loved Bobbie and now he has to get tough. It would have been fun if John R osswas sweet and good like Bobbie and Christopher was like JR Scheming and just evil enough.No one beat JR.
I like the show and I watch it every week even going so far as to changing the channel from Dancing with the stars for it.
The Ewing’s together should be able to take on these little schemers.

I’d like to see more elegance at Southfork, it just looks like a big ranch ol’ ranch. Spruce that place up for God’s sake, those folks are rich and can afford it. It looked more classy in the 70’s.

I agree, but love the show.

I agree I miss “Jock ewings” office, don’t like the change!

We need a third season of Dallas. I’ve watched it since 1978 and it was always my favorite show. The new one is great. Wonderfull storylines and the writing is terrific. I still feel like JR is still there with the flashbacks and his picture everywhere. Keep it going!!!

Please come back for a 3rd season, it’s the only good show on right now with the drama that I like, just like the old Dallas. I have always loved Bobby and Sue Ellen, they really make the show. John Ross and Pamela are a hot item, and add a lot of heat to the show. Larry Hagman will always be missed by me, and I like the fact that they show pictures of him, so it really is like he is still there, in spirit and photos. Please come back for a 3rd season, and I agree about moving it back to Wednesday night if possible.

I am a Dallas fan from way back. I love the new series and do hope it will return for a third season!!


This new dallas and the orignal are amazing entertainment.Thanks to the entire cast and crew ,of course a third season and many more best show on tv hands down looking forward to the summer.

I thought Dallas would be a disappointment because I didn’t feel it could be as good as it was the first time.. I loved it when it came out in the late 70s. I couldn’t wait to watch it each week. Now, I feel just as excited. I can’t wait to watch it. It is fantastic. It’s wonderful they brought it back. It was around for years the first time. It will be around for years this time. It’s rare to like the new characters as much as you did the original. I’m so happy they pulled it off.

I agree with Dann bring back Victoria

Love, love, love the new Dallas. Didn’t think I would, but the younger generation picked up where the older folks left off. Look forward to Monday nights.

Great News!!!!

As a loyal fan of the original series, I am beyond thrilled with this reincarnation.

The great writing and new characters sure keep me on the edge of my seat and wanting more.

It is a shame that the season will end next week, to be sure!

I love this new Dallas and think the story lines are great. I especially love Linda Grey as Sue Ellen! Keep up the great work! I want a season three!

Have not missed a show. You can count on that for season three too.

Most awesome show I’ve seen in 20 years! I hardly watch much TV anymore but this one drew me back in, and in a big way! hope it lasts a while!

It better be back. I miss J.R. but the story line has been great. Please keep it going!

Love this show, love the cast, love the storytelling and I really, really hope it’s back for a 3rd season!! Josh Henderson & Jesse Metcalf are soooo sexy!!!! Can sit and watch them for hours 🙂

Yes I certainly hope that Dallas returns for a third season. The new Dallas has not lost a beat. They still have you on the edge of your seat with all of the cliffhangers. I love it.John Ross is a chip off the old block. I like how Sue Ellen has become a force to be reckon with. Bobby is wonderful. I will always be a LOYAL fan.

Dallas is by far the best written show on TV. It would be a shame if it was cancelled.
I loved the original and love this show even better.


Morgan Fairchild, Nicollette Sheridan & Donna Mills Visit ‘Tamron Hall’ to Talk ‘Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas’

UPDATED: Monday November 27th, soap opera favorites, Morgan Fairchild (GH, ex-DAYS, DFT, The City, Dallas, Falcon Crest et al), Nicollette Sheridan (ex-Knots Landing) and Donna Mills (ex-Knots Landing) visit with Tamron Hall on her syndicated talk show. (find times in your area here).

The trio is set to give some inside intel to Tamron on their highly-anticipating holiday film, Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas, set to premiere on Lifetime on Saturday, December 2nd (8pm ET/7Pm CT) and streams next day.

As previously reported, Ladies of the 80’s: A Divas Christmas also stars Linda Gray (Dallas) and Loni Anderson (WKRP in Cincinnati) and in story, five glamorous ‘80s soap opera stars reunite to share the spotlight to shoot the final Christmas episode of their long-running soap opera.

The producer, Alex (Travis Burns) and director Nell (Taylor Ann Thompson), old college friends, do their best to keep things on the rails but as the ladies come together, old rivalries resurface that threaten to tear the whole production apart. With the show nearly canceled before it even begins due to the ladies’ famous diva behavior, they reluctantly agree to set aside their differences and past secrets to “act” as if they all still love each other.  When old sparks reignite between Alex and Nell, the ladies become eager to play cupid and conspire to bring the couple together. Along the way, the divas also discover that the love between them all is still very strong too.

Photo: Lifetime

Ladies of the ‘80s: A Divas Christmas also stars Christopher Atkins, Patrika Darbo (ex-DAYS, B&B, The Bay), Alec Mapa, and Mills’s daughter, Chloe Mills. In addition, the holiday film features a theme song performed by none other than ’80s pop star Tiffany.

Check out the official trailer for ‘Ladies of the ’80s’ starring Donna, Nicollette, Linda, Morgan and Loni below, followed by the Tamron Hall Show segment.

Now let us know, are you looking forward to watching Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Donna Mills, Linda Gray, Nicollette Sheridan, Morgan Fairchild, Loni Anderson to Appear in Lifetime’s 80s and Soap-Themed Holiday Movie

Wowza! Now here’s a line-up of soap opera and primetime favorites all in one movie! Coming up for the holidays, Lifetime has revealed they have an 80s and soap-themed film starring: Donna Mills (ex-Knots Landing, General Hospital), Linda Gray (ex-Dallas), Nicollette Sheridan (ex-Knots Landing and Dynasty), Morgan Fairchild (ex-Falcon Crest, SFT, DAYS et al) and Loni Anderson (ex-WKRP in Cincinnati).

Filmed earlier in 2023, Ladies of the 80’s is said to follow five soap opera divas (how fun and perfect!), as they reunite to shoot the final Christmas episode of their long-running soap opera!

In story, the producer, Alex (Travis Burns) and director Nell (Taylor Ann Thompson), who happen to be old college friends, do their best to keep things on the rails but as the ladies come together, old rivalries resurface that threaten to tear the production apart. With the show nearly canceled before it even begins due to the ladies’ famous diva behavior, they reluctantly agree to set aside their differences and past secrets to “act” as if they all still love each other.  When old sparks reignite between Alex and Nell, the ladies become eager to play cupid and conspire to bring the couple together.  

But wait, there’s more! In addition to the five leading ladies, the cast also includes: Days of our Lives favorite Patrika Darbo (ex-Nancy), Alec Mapa, and Donna Mills’ real-life daughter, Chloe Mills, plus 80s heartthrob, Christopher Atkins.

Photo: TiffanyX

There is even a Ladies of the 80’s theme song, performed by none other than 80’s pop star, Tiffany!

In a statement on the project, the movie’s EP Larry A. Thompson shared: “The opportunity to bring together Donna, Morgan, Loni, Linda and Nicollette, five powerhouse women into one holiday movie, has been like finding the perfect gift under the Christmas tree.”

The official airdate of the holiday movie will be revealed shortly in the networks’s A Wonderful Lifetime Holiday movie schedule. Deadline first shared the news.

What do you think of this upcoming soap opera-themed movie featuring Donna, Linda, Nicollette, Morgan and Loni? Comment below.

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‘Soap Opera Know-It-All’ Virtual Game Show Debuts

This week, the Michael Fairman Channel dropped the premiere episode of the first-ever virtual soap opera game show, Soap Opera Know-It-All.  

The game features four soap fans from around the country who test their knowledge against each other for prizes and the bragging rights to be the “Ultimate Know-It-All” come seasons end.

Photo: MFTVInc

With the coronavirus pandemic still among us and life not fully back to normal, the game show is produced and hosted by Michael Fairman that brought fans from different parts of the country together for the kick-off.  They are: Marni Ockene, Floyd Elwell, Nicholas Hess and Gina Patterson.


The game is played in two rounds, and the players receive points for each correct answer as they choose questions from 2 game board categories which are all soap operas; either primetime or daytime in a ‘Jeopardy’-like format.

Photo: MFTVInc

However, come the knock-out round we are left with two players who try to answer the final question from this week’s guest performer, The Young and the Restless‘, Sharon Case (Sharon).  If no one is eliminated, the game goes into “Sudden Death”.

On each new episode, different soap operas will be featured on the game board and/or in different amalgamations, plus you never know just which of your favorite soap stars might pop up!

Check out the premiere of “Soap Opera Know-It-All” below.  Then, let us know what you thought of it via the comment section below.

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