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Tori Spelling talk show coming to the ABC Daytime line-up?

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

The L.A. Times today says that ABC is developing a daytime talk show starring Tori Spelling and a yet to be named male co-host.  The article was clear that the show is in the development stages only, but it does raise some red flags for soap watchers of the ABC Daytime line-up.  Could the Spelling gabfest be a replacement for one of the soaps?  What time slot would this show potentially go in?   Read some excerpts from the item below:

“If ABC is going to launch another hour-long show, it will have to get that time from its affiliates. One possibility could be late afternoon, where many ABC stations will likely have a hole to fill next fall when Oprah Winfrey departs to cable. However, getting the ABC affiliates to give an hour back to the network may prove to be a challenge. Even the ABC-owned stations may resist such a request because many are planning to replace Winfrey with another hour of local news.

Another scenario is that one of its current daytime shows is, uh, going away. We’re pretty sure “The View” is staying put, so that leaves one of the soaps as potentially heading to the exit. But don’t panic yet, soap fans, there is no guarantee that the Spelling show will get off the ground. ABC could also try to sell it to a cable network or syndicate it to local television stations. ”

Drew Barrymore Daytime Talker A Go: Set For Launch 2020
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Daytime is abt actors pretending to be homewreckers, not actual homewreckers hosting talk shows.

The only time Tori Spelling ever gave a decent performance in a movie is Trick, and that’s because she was portraying a bad actress! She’s so familiar w/ the material, she can just be herself.

Isn’t it bad enough that Randy Spelling polluted daytime w/ his acting on Sunset Beach? Now his homewrecking sister, who made money off of her homewrecking ways, could infiltrate daytime? Mind you, I actually liked the ripped from the headlines aspect of SuBe. I liked their zaniness and the references to popular culture, and even to other soaps. Olivia and Annie got into a verbal catfight that was a direct plagiarism from B&B. They had those Titanic/catastrophe episodes, they spoofed Jerry Springer and they had a Bill Clinton/intern affair arc. They actually had a lot of racial diversity. And I think the turkey baster storyline somehow made an imprint on popular culture. Was SuBe the first to come up w/ that? I think so. It spanned jokes and even a movie. What soap can lay claim to actually coming up w/ an original storyline that’s now copied and joked about? How great was Annie, w/ her arms outstretched like a boxer, running around a room to the tune of Rocky, when she was told abt her inheritance from Gregory? Sarah Buxton was its clear break out star, and she regularly mopped the floor with Leslie Anne Downe’s overstretched, stapled face!

Brad Bell was obviously obsessed w/ SuBe and went thru a SuBe hard on period. Adrienne Frantz, Dax Griffin, Sean Kanan, Leslie Anne Downe, Jack Wagner and Sarah Buxton were all SuBe actors he snapped up. And B&B even used SuBe’s opening musical score in 1 ep of B&B for their opening credits. What does that say abt Brad bell, that he thinks he’s on the same level as Aaron Spelling, the granddaddy of all that is unreal? Brad Bell is a hack.

OLTL is actually the new SuBe, especially since it borrows a lot from popular culture. Grey Gardens, Who wants to be a millionaire, etc. And they certainly are as loopy as SuBe. How can anyone top the craziness of the immortal “pervs on parade” line.

Anyway Tori Spelling should keep her homewrecking claws off daytime.


OMG, who gives a rat’s patootie about Tori Spelling? She is nothing more than a rich brat who had a rich mogel daddy that left her a ton of money. Why do these “offspring” automatically assume they have talent or that anybody even cares about them just because they had a famous father/mother.

I just saw my two favorite soap actors who are tremendously talented get axed from what was once my favorite soap so the show could accommodate a “less talented” duo (among others) and try to shove them down our throats when we couldn’t care less about them. These two no-talent faux “actors” (and I use the term “actors” loosly) currently have an 85% DISAPPROVAL rating among viewers, yet they were shoved to the forefront of the show and given major storylines while two extremely talented and dedicated actors in a very popular storyline were “sucker-punched in the gut” without warning and axed without notification to make room for this no-talent bimbo and her equally untalented bozo boyfriend.

Tori needs to go live off Daddy’s money and stay out of show business. She’s nothing more than a Paris Hilton, a Kardashian sister, or anyone else with no talent that comes from wealthy parents that are trying to make names for themselves in show business. Nobody cares about Tori Spelling or any of these other celebrity brats with no talent! Give us all a break and stay home and raise your kids.


How did these extremely talented actors get axed to make room for this untalented bimbo and her boyfriend who were on the show long before?…

Boy, some folks get blamed for stuff they have no control over..Wow, just wow…

All My Children

Kelly Ripa Reveals How Her Son Chose NYU Due To The Consuelos Connection To Former Soap EP/ Director, Chris Goutman

Last week on an episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, the former star of All My Children, Kelly Ripa (Ex-Hayley) told Ryan Seacrest how a chance meeting when her son, Michael was deciding where to go to college; between her, Michael, and Chris Goutman (Ex-Executive Producer As the World Turns and former director, All My Children) changed the course of Michael’s creative and academic path.

Turns out that Goutman is now working over at NYU’s Tisch School for the Arts as an assistant professor and academic director.

During their banter on the talk show, Kelly revealed that Goutman directed the screen-test that landed Mark Consuelos the role of Mateo on All My Children, and thus how Ripa met her real-live enduring lovematch.

Ripa explained that Michael was waiting for a sign as to which college to go to as he liked most of the places he saw.  Then came the sign as Ripa explained to Seacrest: “We’re walking down the hallway and I hear a voice I know say, ‘Consuelos!’ “He turns around and I see Chris Goutman, who was our director at All My Children … I worked with him for 11 years.”

Ripa says Chris then expressed to Michael: “You have to come here, because I am the reason you literally exist.”

Photo: JPI

Ripa is reportedly also working on a film for the class, as well.  Watch what Kelly shared below.

REVENGE Reboot in the Works at ABC

Then let us know your thoughts on the story Kelly told via the comment section below.

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All My Children

Y&R, AMC and GL Alum, Jeff Branson Featured In New AppleTV+ Drama, ‘For All Mankind’

Daytime Emmy winner, Jeff Branson is featured in a new drama coming your way on the new AppleTV+ platform.  Branson takes on the role of famous astronaut Neil Armstrong in For All Mankind.

At the epicenter of the story is NASA and the Soviet space program as they square off in the space race of the 1970s.  But this has a twist, America has lost the race and tensions boil over between the two nations.

The main focus in the series is the lives of the astronauts and the personal and professional relationships they encounter. For All Mankind presents an aspirational world where NASA and the space program remained a priority and a focal point of our hopes and dreams.

Branson is fondly remembered in soapland for his performances as Ronan Malloy on The Young and the Restless, Jonathan Randall on All My Children, and Shayne Lewis on Guiding Light.

For All Mankind is created by Emmy Award winner Ronald D. Moore (Outlander, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica), Matt Wolpert and Ben Nedivi.

In addition to Branson the cast includes: Joel Kinnaman, Michael Dorman, Wrenn Schmidt, Shantel VanSanten, Sarah Jones and Jodi Balfour. General Hospital’s Jason David (Aiden Spencer) also appears in the series.

WATCH: 'Saturday Night Live's' Cold Open: 'Days of our Impeachment'

The first season streams on on AppleTV+ beginning on November 1st, with the second season of the series “all systems go”.

Watch the teaser for the series and interviews with some of the cast including: what Branson had to share about playing Neil Armstrong below.

Then let us know, would you love to see Jeff back on the soaps? Will you be checking out the new streaming service featuring For All Mankind and check out Jeff’s performances? Comment below.

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All My Children

TODAY: ‘Tainted Dreams’ Begins To Stream Episodes On PopStar! TV Platform

Beginning today on Monday, September 23rd, the series Tainted Dreams, which shows you the behind-the-scenes antics of a fictional hit TV soap opera, will stream its first two seasons for free on the on the Popstar! TV platforms.

To view: you can download the Popstar! TV’s mobile app or visit to watch Tainted Dreams or for more info visit

For those who need a refresher: Tainted Dreams follows the cast and crew behind the scenes of a hit TV soap opera called “Painted Dreams”, and of course, it’s filled with lots of twists and turns

In addition, there is a bonus episode on Popstar! TV that gives some background on how all the characters came to be a part of “Painted Dreams”.

Courtesy: NYCBrandEnt

Sonia Blangiardo, the executive producer and creator of Tainted Dreams shared in a statement: “We are thrilled that there is more life for the show and that the new exposure will attract new viewers for the series. We’re excited to be in great company with the other shows the platform will be streaming and couldn’t be happier to be working with Craig and Jim Romanovich who has always been a loyal soap supporter.”

Tainted Dreams features a cast that includes: All My Children veterans Alicia Minshew, Walt Willey, Michael Lowry, Bobbie Eakes, Terri Ivens and the late Larkin Malloy, General Hospital’s Natalia Livingston, As the World Turns‘ Colleen Zenk, Austin Peck, Marnie Schulenburg and Kelley Menighan, Guiding Light’s Grant Aleksander, One Life to Live’s Ilene Kristen, Tonja Walker, Nathan Purdee and James DePaiva, Big Brother’s Jessie Godderz, The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Dina Manzo, and more.

Dynasty Casts A New Alexis Carrington

So, will you be checking out Tainted Dreams on its new platform? Comment below,

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Video du Jour

DAYS Eric Martsolf and Stacy Haiduk chat with Michael Fairman at Day of Days 2019; during their conversation the on-screen dup talk about the latest developments of Brady and Kristen within the series time-jump and more. Leave A Comment

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