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Tragic Tuesday: Grieve Reid as ATWT's doc takes his last breath!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

On-Air On-Soaps sincerely hopes you kept the kleenex nearby when you watched today’s heartbreaking episode of As the World Turns, as Dr. Reid Oliver (Eric Sheffer-Stevens) took his last breath as a result of the accident that took his life.   In gut-wrenching and powerful performances by Van Hansis (Luke) who had to say goodbye to the man he loves, and is given power of attorney by Reid, as his dying wish to give his heart to save Chris Hughes life, Hansis pulled out all the stops with beautifully acted tender and emotionally raw moments.   As for Eric Sheffer-Stevens, even while uttering his very few final words, and while laying there on a hospital gurney, his eyes revealed so much with just his look to Luke.

So, we ask you today, to share your thoughts here collectively, as we know fans of Sheffer-Stevens have been building up to this sad day, when this actor who brought such a refreshing kind of character and portrayal to daytime, is no longer on-screen, and that Reid’s ultimate demise facilitates a happy ending for the Chris and Katie love story.  We also have heard from so many of you at how saddened you are and frustrated and angry, that this blossoming gay love story between the characters of Luke and Reid, brought to our television screens over the last nine months, has come to a complete halt, even though this duo had captivated audiences.

But Reid’s impact will be felt by many of the citizens of Oakdale that will change their lives and outlooks as the show goes off the air next week on September 17th.   So let us know what you thought of today’s episode and Hansis and Sheffer-Stevens performances,  and how you are dealing with the loss of Reid.  You can watch today’s ATWT video recap below.

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Van Hansis is truly the most amazing actor I had to watch on screen! When Van cries, I cry, and when Van smiles his adorable smile, I smile: that’s as simple as that. I can feel each one of Luke’s emotion because Van makes them so palpable and so real!Today, I wanted to hug Luke and to make him feel better. Today’s episode showed deeply amazing performances by Van Hansis. What an incredibly talented actor!

Yeah, he is. But I find impossible to deal with the loss of Reid

Van is the only actor who makes the show worth watching. Van topped it all!

Van is indeed fantastic. However, No amount of great acting can mask this truly horrific and tragic story. This has to be some of the worst writing ever.

Van is phenomenal!!! He is/was the best thing about ATWT, and I just can’t comprehend why they would kill Reid. I just wish another show would offer Van a job. He completely mesmerizes me when he is on screen. Maybe Luke could move to another town to move on after Reid’s tragic and unnecessary death.

Thank you, Michael, for providing this forum. Thank you also for your incredible support of our effort to turn this tragedy into triumph by making folks aware of our campaign in honor of ESS for DWB. It is something none of us will soon forget!

Van was all kinds of amazing today but, then again, he always is. He not only spoke for Luke. He spoke for the fans. As much as I hate the end, I look forward to Van’s portrayal as our vessel to say goodbye to this “snarky bastard” we all fell in love with:-)

I have grown up with this show, watched all my life and never, never have I been more bitterly disappointed by it. I simply cannot understand purposefully adding more misery to an already miserable situation- loss of our beloved show- loss of our beloved Helen. Now the loss of the single best character ever introduced.. and for what. Yes, the performances by the actors were wonderful- but I would take sappy, happy endings for every single character over great drama any day in a situation like this- in a little over a week the world stops turning forever. That alone is more than enough sadness for this viewer. At the end of the show- this is just plain wrong.

I have been watching ATWT for 30 years. Never did more than watch until LuRe. I had spent the better part of the last 8 months campaigning, sending letters, postcards, calling the hotline to get more airtime and LuRe endgame. Instead what I got was a slap in the face. I will never regret watching Eric & Van as they lit up the screen anytime they were on. I have made many new friends through this whole experience including those I went to Vermont, Paley in NYC & Boston with. It still did not lessen the blow of the last week and today’s show.

There were so many things wrong with this story, one of which however was not the acting. So little airtime, no love scene, killing the best character to come along to daytime in a very long time if ever and a way too short death scene (but at this point to have expected anything different would have been foolish on our part). The colossal travesty is the fact that every hetero couple has a happy ending and the one homosexual couple is left shattered… And that is coming from a middle aged heterosexual woman.

Michael I want to close this out by sending a special Thank You to you for helping with the Doctors Without Borders Campaign. For me it has been the perfect way to redirect my anger and focus on something positive to come out of the negativity of the sad ending to this story. With your help as well as many others we are almost to our goal of $15000. We LuRe fans are an amazing group and I am proud to be able to be part of this group.

I am truly devastated. Reid Oliver is the best thing that has happened to Oakdale in a long time and the only reason this watcher of 28 years continued to watch in 2010. As Luke stated today, they were only getting started. What a love story it would have and should have been. I hope that Oakdale will remember this man who gave his life for a friend. Tears have been flowing snce last week. I will truly miss Eric and Van gracing our homes in the afternoon and letting us into their lives.

I agree!!!! Luke and Reid should have been able to have the fairy tale love story… They just started out and should have the chance to finish the story! I have been watching ATWT for 20 years since I was a kids watching with my mom and Reid brought the show back to life… Not looking forward to this week, because i know it is coming to an end. I am hoping that the show is saved and all of this devastation was just a dream….. I love this show became a huge part of my daily life…

Yeah- that storyline SUCKS! Chris was self-serving, spoiled and did everything he could to cause his demise… I say, let him go!

Much as I love Van Hansis acting – and I really hope he’ll garner an Emmy finally next year – I think today’s episode’s saving grace is Eric. Even though his scenes were painfully, inadequately short, and even though the writing around him was painfully, inadequately rushed, it was his understated and nuanced performance that hit me the hardest. I know it probably won’t be the kind of acting that will gain the actor awards, but it’s what will stay with fans the most. I am very disappointed with the show’s treatment of this amazing character, whose spunk, sexual maturity, and unapologetic confidence brought a much-needed breath of fresh air to what unfortunately has devolved into a moribund show. To kill him off so abruptly, so brutally, and without good narrative reason is leaving me, a viewer of 20 years and a queer-identified woman, with a really bitter taste. It may not have been intentional, but I hope the writers/producers will one day realize the hurt they have inflicted on long-time viewers and on LGBT audiences.

I disagree. Van’s performances are the most memorable from this show. No other actor did what he did. Emotions were all writen in his eyes, in his faces, in his gestures, in his posture… Van Hansis is truly the most amazing actor. Eric didn’t have a lot to do, except for watching Luke being totally devastated. Everybody should recognize Van Hansis’ brilliant work.

I beg to differ. Eric may not have had a lot to do but what he did trumped every other person. His eyes spoke volumes.

To the Producers and Writers of ATWT:

As a LGBT fan of As the World Turns, I am devastated by the direction you chose to take for the ending of your show. The choices you made felt like a blatant homophobic attack on LGBT fans and fans of the gay characters you have depicted on your show.

This was so puzzling to me, because you took the effort to create fully realized gay characters, highlight them within the show and include them in the ending, rather than bringing them on as a plot device and then shipping them off to parts unknown as so frequently happens in other daytime shows.

After some reflection, it has occurred to me that this was not your intent. You chose tragedy for the characters of Luke, Reid and Noah because you knew that the characters had a strong fan base, and tragic heartbreak is a necessary staple of soap opera drama. “The drama is always on.”

However, with the current storyline, your intent to create heroic drama resulted in a rather strong attack on the gay characters depicted on your show and the fans who have followed their lives.

What you intended: The irascible closed off character finds love and nobility, and tragically dies just as his new life is beginning. What you gave us: The straight man with the fatal heart condition sleeps with his partner and lives happily ever after. The gay man CONSIDERS sleeping with his partner and is killed.

What you intended: The arrogant neurosurgeon looks around at all the people he has come to care for and decides to fight for their happiness, tragically losing his life in the process. What you gave us: The gay man looks around at four happy heterosexual couples, and goes off to kiss a train to save the life of a straight man so there can be five happy heterosexual couples and one devastated and alone gay man. Because the life of a self-destructive and suicidal straight man is more important than the life of an out and proud gay man.

What you intended: The emotionally unavailable man finally learns to quit running from love, and dies tragically and heroically. What you gave us: The gay man acknowledges his love for another man, and therefore kills himself in a pointless and preventable accident.

What you intended: Although there is drama and heartbreak at the death of a man whom no one expected to care for so much, there is also happiness for residents of Oakdale as life goes on. What you gave us: All the heterosexual people on the show are paired with true love, including shipping in a previous character so the legacy villain (Craig) can have happiness. The gay men on the show (including, by the way, one legacy character) end up disappointed (Noah), devastated (Luke), and dead (Reid).

You wanted people to cry at the loss of a wonderful character. I was sobbing long before the ridiculous and contrived train accident, devastated at just how HATED I felt as a LGBT fan of your show.

As I said, having taken time for reflection, I recognize that sending a hateful message that LGBT people are destined to end up dead, devastated or alone was not your intent. That it was an unintended and thoughtless result is somehow worse. Your reckless disregard for the message you were sending hurt me more than blatant homophobia, because that, at least, I am frequently prepared for.

Thank you for your consideration.

Rebecca Altes
Former fan

That was so well stated, Rebecca. I am a heterosexual woman who has watched ATWT for well over 30 years, and I absolutely agree that this ending sends a horrible message. (intended or not) I am seriously disappointed in the choice the writers/ producers made in ending this show. Maybe it was done in order to allow the actors to really show their talents with a wide range of emotions. That could have been done with a near death experience or in many other ways. It is so sad that this show that has been such a part of my life will now be a bitter memory. I very much regret watching.

I completely 100% agree with you Rebecca. I don’t think anyone has yet to say what you said with such clarity and execution. Thank you for putting into words what many people are feeling. I hope your brilliant writing does not fall on deaf ears.

As yet another LGBT fan, I agree with you wholeheartedly. That’s just wrong on so many levels.

I agree with you 100%. This storyline sucks… we just had Luke and Reid at the beginning of their journey and now, they are killing him for the benefit of Chris and of course for their own agenda.

I’m so devastated by this and so angry, I will never ever root for another couple. I’m burned for life. It was unecessary to kill Reid. Noah and Luke were over, why not let Noah move on and let Luke be happy with Reid.

I hate this show, you have no idea.

As another LGBT fan, I agree 100%
I am so angry by this ending. Luke deserves a happy ending. He finally has a mature relationship with Reid. Luke learned how to stand up for himself. He found a man that loves him for who he is and doesn’t want to change him. A man that will stand by him through good times and bad. One that takes responsibility for his own actions and not blame Luke because something goes wrong. These two characters have a love that will last a lifetime and should have been allowed to end the show together and happy.

The character of Chris Hughes, should not have been saved. The character has been recast many times and just recently came back to the show. His selfish actions caused him to get as sick as he did. He should have had to take responsibility for his actions, not get rewarded by them. He gets to live while Reid dies. There is no justice in that. Also the romance between him and Katie was rushed and unnecessary. Katie hadn’t had enough time to mourn Brad (it had been less then a year), before being thrown at Chris. This is a rebound relationship at best and not one that will last much past the end of the show. This is not a love that will last through the ages.

And then there is the whole, if ATWT hadn’t been canceled then there would not have been any reason to kill off Reid. Luke and Reid would sill be together and be building on a life together. So this is telling the fans that the writers and producer don’t care what the fans want to see or what they truly care about.

Now what angers me the most is the message that this ending is sending to the world. If you are straight then you get to be happy, but if you are gay then you deserve to get death, devastation and despair. It is a complete slap in the face to the LGBT community to again be treated like we what we feel doesn’t matter. To treat us like we are second class citizens that do not get to be happy. That we will never be treated equally. Gay couples are not treated the same as straight ones. They don’t get to kiss as often, they don’t get to make love even after they have been a couple for months (when a straight couple has sex after only a few weeks), and don’t even think about actually showing them on a bed.

ATWT had a chance to show a real gay love story. They created Dr Reid Oliver, a character that was not at all a stereotypical gay character. He was a real person, not defined by being gay. It was just one small part of who he was. He was a character that could really educate people about that gay people are human too. We are not different then straight people. The only difference is in who we attracted to. Our feelings are just as strong as anyone else is. We deserve to be treated the same.

I totally agree with you Rebecca! I had invested so much of my time into this couple and ATWT that I am truly heartbroken that the only gay couple on the show could not have a happy ending. I will never become so fascinated with another couple like I have Luke and Reid again on any show in order to save my self from this type of heartbreak. ATWT knew that Luke and Reid had a large following too and they let us down. The character Chris Hughes compromised his own health and should have suffered the consequences. Now we are the only ones suffering. I am so glad that this show is over. What a horrible ending they created for it. They never cared about their fans. I stopped watching it the day before Reid’s accident. I could not bare to watch it. Good riddance to ATWT, what a disappointment!

Today was indeed a very very sad day as we had to say goodbye to our beloved Dr. Reid Oliver. Its almost unreal that we saw the final episode for an actor and character who brought so much life to this show. Eric Sheffer-Stevens will forever be remembered for his portrayal of Reid and we will be forever grateful he was brought to our screens 9 months ago.

Van Hansis proved again today that he is blessed with a gift and is one of the most talented, amazing and breathtaking actors I have ever watched. His performance today (and I’m sure during the remaining episodes of the show) were Emmy-worthy!! He earned not only a nomination today….but a win!

I am so saddened and sickened over this brutal ending to a fabulous character who had given so much and saved so many lives. I am equally disturbed that Luke, a legacy character who happens to be gay, is the only character left devastated and grieving. I do not understand the rationale that these writers used in coming up with this ending for Luke and Reid. They had just found each other and had just planned a life together which was cut short by a ridiculous train accident contrived by the writers to give their “sweetheart” her 6th love of her life when Luke had just found his first. Not to mention the stupidity with which Chris demonstrated re his heart condition. Shame on them for doing this to Luke and shame on them for doing this to the LuRe fans. The lights in Oakdale cannot go out soon enough for me after 25 years of watching.

For some reason I cannot leave a reply directly to this entry, so I’ll just leave it here. Van Hansis, as usual, was amazing today. He broke my heart with his performance. And Luke, oh, Luke! I feel devastated for him, and I am so angry with the entire Hughes family for how they were so dismissive of Luke’s grief, how they circled him like vultures. I cannot believe how *alone* Luke was today. Why didn’t anyone call his parents? Why didn’t his friends seem to care that Luke was at the absolute lowest point of his life and barely hanging on? Van Hansis portrayed everything Luke was feeling so well. I hope that he gets another role – hopefully at a place where he’s treated better – very soon.

Frustrated and Angry are definitely two words I would use. I am not angry that Reid died [well, I am, but I’ve learned to deal with that anger in the past few weeks] as much as I am angry with how underwhelming today’s episode was.

Reid and Luke got five minutes to say goodbye before the Hughes family was circling like vultures just waiting to push Luke aside and take Reid’s heart. They wouldn’t give him a moment to grieve, even before Bob and John knew that Reid wanted to give his heart to Chris. Bob didn’t seem upset at all, which was extremely aggravating.

Van and Eric were phenomenal, and I wish that were enough, but it isn’t. My heart broke several times, especially when Luke told Katie that Chris had to live because “it’s Reid’s heart, it’s Reid’s heart.” And the end when he’s alone in the room where Reid died.

It was too short. The romance, and the death. They ended something magnificent for the sake of drama and to save an unsympathetic character. The least they could have done was dedicated an entire episode to Reid’s goodbye and death, like they told us they were doing, instead of giving us this god-awful episode.

I cannot explain the level of disappointment and bitterness I feel toward the writers of As The World Turns right now. All we wanted was for Reid to live, and they didn’t give us that. So we asked for a beautiful goodbye, a real goodbye. I don’t know why I’m surprised that once again, they didn’t come through for the fans.

All I know is that Luke better be taken care of in the next two weeks. I hope that Noah [who apparently is the only one who even cares about Luke right now, and whom I personally think is the only one who can help him anyway] is able to help Luke realize he will survive and that he is strong enough to keep going. I hope that they end on friendly terms, and that both men go their separate ways, leaving us with at least the sense that things really will be okay someday, even if we never actually get to see it.


To ATWT writers you have made the worst decision ever you ruined everthing.
Luke and Reid lovestory was beautiful written everything was so perfect they started off hating each other but it later changed in love.Reid coming 9months ago to this soap changed everything for the bettter he changed so much because of Luke.And Luke actually grew up matured to a great man.Luke found love again and he looked damn happy again.For the writers do this to kill of Reid was such a big mistake i hope they live to regret it.Luke is alone with no Reid no love nothing .While the others are so happy that they at least get a happy ending.ATWT SUCKS.

I loved the scenes between Reid and Luke – both actors just BROUGHT IT completely and utterly. On the other hand, the rest of the ep basically was horrid – badly written and rushed. Who was in charge of writing it I’d like to know. The entire Chris needs to be saved arc just trashed so much of LuRe’s storyline and to me screamed of homophobia and also just a general misunderstanding of the character of the great Dr. Reid Oliver. At least we will always have YT to go back and watch so many of the great, dynamic scenes between ESS and VH. I commend them both for their work and I’ll never forget them. Best of luck to both of them in their future endeavors!

Thank you for your sympathetic article on Reid and Luke. What started out as an epic love story with such promise has ended in disappointment for so many ATWT’s fans. The actors — both Eric Sheffer Stevens and Van Hansis did an amazing job portraying Reid and Luke. Their talent lit up the screen. We will be following their careers and watching their performances for years to come.

Wow what can one say, Eric and Van once again brought us BRILLIANT performances.
It’s been an incredible 9 month journey, and my “happily ever after” is knowing that something positive came from this tragic ending, DWB.
Luke gave us the best line today “this is about saving somebody’s life”, well no better way to honour Eric than to save somebody’s life for real. Thank you for all your support.

I certainly know that a reason this storyline was so incredibly memorable is because of Eric Sheffer Stevens and what he brought to the role. No one would’ve been able to carry it off by him and he should certainly be recognized for his work. Van Hansis was an even better actor for playing off of someone who absolutely recognized/acknowledged/acted the hell out of the character that he was playing. To see all of that come together in such a horrible display of character disregard and storyline progression is incredibly disheartening.

I’m upset that the one character in the entire show is going to walk away from this with an unhappy ending. I’m upset that the writers decided to acknowledge every happy heterosexual couple while essentially destroying this couple — who were the most stable couple on this show. They made a mistake. They made a huge mistake that can only be called homophobia, bad writing, and disregard for their audience.

My heart is breakin first of all. Reid was someone i became to love. His snarkyness was who he was and i loved every moment. I’m furius with the writers for killin him off. I was lookin forward to seein his relationship with Luke progress. Van & Eric did awesome work. They are some of the best actors we have. Thank u Michael for lettin us talk

What a nightmare! The writing totally sucked. It was all rushed and cold. And made me feel like and idiot myself for watching this show as long as I have. I knew that they would kill off one of the gay actors for this storyline. Because they didn’t care about what the fans wanted and needed for closure at the end. Why did anyone have to die? They all deserved happy endings so they could live happily ever after in our hearts and minds. I would love to see Luke wake up next week and this to have all been one huge nightmare. And that Reid made it back from Bay City with the intended heart. And Luke dreamed up the rest. I think that is the only way that ATWT can pull this epic, long running soap out of the toilet and redeem themselves.

I was thinking the same thing….if only this was a dream!!!!!! Killing the character of Reid was one of the biggest mistakes in soap history. What an amazing love story…and Eric and Van hit the ball out of the park with every scene that they were ever in. In my opinion they are the two best actors working in the industry today and that goes for daytime, primetime and films. I am so insulted that all of the straight characters get a happy ending and the really nice gay guys have nothing but death and despair. I love ATWT and mourn its loss, but I truly mourn the loss of this beautiful love story. Bravo to Eric and Van. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents with us.

I am heart broken that ATWT chose to kill off the best character introduced on this show in over a decade. The Lure story line, started out so beautifully, then we had to deal with way too little air time to make room for Chuckles and Blackie. Still I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have been introduced to the wonderful ESS. And one last comment: I feel so ripped off that there are 7 episodes left and ESS will not be in them.

Thank you for this comment. Just the fact that they wasted time on Chuckles and Barbara and Blackie with Saint Janet says it all to me.

Shame on you ATWT!!!!

after 9 months watching, I would never imagined ths is how reid and Luke will be treated in the end! I still can’t understand WHY???? I’ve been crying since CG did that doomed interview! I’ve never been sad and angry in my life like I’ve been this past month.
I caved in today and watched! and the funny thing I maybe teared up over some lines… for the rest of it I felt numb with a WTF expression on my face!
the episode was awful even Van and Eric couldn’t save it for me! the editing, the writing, the choice of scenes, the reaction from the hughes family and katie were all Horrific!! it all fell flat and horribly lame!!
We’ve been begging for months for airtime and they finally give it to us only to show the death of the most brilliant gay caracter I ever seen in TV and the devastation of his boyfriend, Luke snyder one of the sweetest caracters in the show! they didn’t even allow them to consomate their love.. this ending screams HOMOPHOBIA!!! Their way to evoid expoloring Lure relationship..
How come all the straight caraters have their happy ending and Luke who is since his childhood didn’t seem to catch a break, not!!!
HOMOPHOBIA killed Reid, HOMOPHOBIA left luke alone and mourning! and no one can convince me otherwise..

Well, that completely blew chunks. I got my crying out of the way watching the recap, but the actual ep lacked power. It was cold, clinical, and rushed. Van was great, but to be honest, I liked his acting better the night of Noah’s surgery. He didn’t have enough time to let anything build in today’s show.

Eric was the only completely believable person – he played dying very well.

I did enjoy Kim’s regrets over Reid. But seemed like no one really gave a damn except Luke. Katie’s reaction wasn’t even that devastated.

All in all, it’s very easy to view this story as the writer’s revenge fanfic, as a poster said. It’s very hard to take any of this tripe seriously.

I will say that I now believe Luke truly loved Reid. It was like he had that epiphany once he realized Reid was about to be taken away from him. That was nice.

All in all, another “Bury Your Gays” tv trope. Very disgusted in the show for giving this tragic, homophobic ending to the gays. Luke and Reid deserved their happy ending.

I am gutted. I have never been so pissed off at the writers of a soap. I HATE that they killed my REID. He was the best damn thing about the show and he made me watch after years of not watching. All this for Chris and Katie, who have no chemistry and were just thrown together. I am resentful of them and will not watch them at all. My poor poor Reid. I love Eric’s portrayal of Reid and i thought he was the best thing about the show today and I loved LuRe together and this is how they repaid the viewers for their viewership. I couldnt even enjoy LuRe today and i hated all of the parties shown except Reid and Luke. Van Hansis did an outstanding job as well as my Eric. If that man wasnt already married, I’d marry him and give him babies, lol. But truthfully Reid was the best character to have ever graced a soap with those one liners and his timing and chemistry with lots of characters. I will miss that man and I will never watch another soap with Goutman and that P woman who thought of this crappy storyline for Reid. Of all the ways they could have closed out his character, this was not it. And Proctor and Gamble should be ashamed in how they put the brakes on the LuRe love story. They started out so HOT and in the end, they got watered down by all the bureaucracy I want to thank Eric Sheffer Stevens for 9 months of pure JOY and excitement. catherine

Van and Eric did magnificent jons today and only they did. It doesn’t help alleveiate the pain of such a horrific ending. What would have been so terrible if ATWT let Reid and Luke ride into the sunset and have a beautiful life together. No excuse for such a shamefule ending. Not only tragedy is entertaining. A beautiful ending for Luke and Reid coulsd have sent this 54 year old soap out on an uplifitng cloud of glory. Instead, after 45 years watching the show, it’s end has brought me great sorrow and will not miss the show at all. I will only miss reid and Luke.

The only thing that was worth watching about today’s episode was VAN HANSIS he is a wonderful actor everything else was crap and pointless and everybody else were heartless.I don’t know if I could have imagined a worse ending for the Luke/Reid.

Reid who? I am going to mourn Nancy instead since she a historical character. It is so shameful that Nancy’s death is overshadowed by some newbie character that showed up about 7 months ago. LAME.

Bye Reid, I won’t miss you.

I love Reid. This ending was definitly unecssary. Like you said Nancy died a week ago! we should mourn her not Reid!

I miss Nancy too, but she died in real life and they had to write that in last minute. However, Reid was an amazing character deftly portrayed by Eric Sheffer Stevens. He played off every actor or actress he worked with perfectly. He started out as smug and obnoxious and you grew to love him and his beautiful relationship with Luke. You are in a very small minority Carrie, who wished Reid to be gone. Maybe you should deal with your homophobia.

I loved the character of Reid and was upset by his death but as a long time viewer I can see Carrie’s point about the loss of a long time character versus one who had been on the canvas a short time. I also can see Paul’s point about the big impact Reid had in a relatively short time. I disagree strongly, however, with his assertion that just because she did not like the character that she is homophobic. Heck, for all we know she could have simply preferred Luke with Noah. To call her a homophobe is a little quick rush to judgment.

I think the actors did a great job with the crap they got for a script. I can’t remember a show that had worse writing than today’s.

I am still so frustrated. I keep telling myself it is only a show, I got on
Facebook and Twitter and tried to steel myself and now I am just in shock. I am dissapointed in the actions of all of the people in the eposide outside of Luke and Reid. Could they have been any colder. Katie redeemed herself in the end but where were Lily and Holden, no one called them right away. It was just Chris, Chris, Chris. And I don’t know why the writers didn’t give us a good Chris to root for instead of one almost universally hated. And why if this was a future reapproachment for Luke and Noah couldn’t they have made us want that. Noah hasn’t redeemed himself at all, I saw no growth in him at all.

I still don’t understand, when they had Nancy’s death to deal with, why they didn’t give her a week long tribute and find Chris a heart and leave Luke and Reid alone. This was so unnecessary.

At first I was mad at Chris Goutman for blabbing the spoiler, but I think had that been a complete surprise I would have lost it, of course in this day of leaking media it would have got out anyway.

Emmy’s? Maybe but they won’t come for another 9 months, until then we have no good reason to be happy about Chris living, Janet’s baby daddy, and Carjack getting married.
We just have youtube and fanfic.

I have watched for 25 years and am so dissapointed. And I doubt CBS, P&G, the stupid writers and CG even know of care.

Amen, amen and Amen!!!

CG and JP never cared for the fans… today, they show it again 🙁

I totally agree. They showed this in the past but really stuck it to us with this ending. Rethinking why I have been loyal fan for the last 30 years… So sad.

I agree that Van and Eric were amazing today. Honestly, when weren’t they during this love story in the making?

I can’t say the same about the supporting cast today. Not that the acting wasn’t good. I happen to think ATWT had one of the best ensemble casts of any TV show. I just thought the material given to the others today was horrifically appalling. I can’t even say that I like Luke’s bedside talk about guilt for bringing Reid to Oakdale sounded real. I think it was too soon to think about guilt while he’s still in shock.

This show use to be one of the bests in this genre. I’ve been a fan for 23 years give or take and never in my wildest dreams could I imagine that the wonderful citizens of Oakdale would let one of its favourite sons grieve on his own. Yes, things had to happen fast, but it felt more like a show trying to get to the end of its run than a show with feeling.

I cried today with Luke and Luke and Katie and when Kim expressed sorrow for not thinking Reid was a fine man. Other than that, I basically rolled my eyes – at Chris and Katie talking about marriage and babies (Luke and Reid have been together longer than this bland couple); at Allison being allowed to scrub in to such a major major surgery; at the lack of interest by Casey in Luke’s despair. I could go on.

I am also one of the fans wondering WTH the writers were thinking. Reid didn’t need to be heroic, especially for a guy that didn’t take care of his own heart!!!!!!!! My heart broke for Reid on Friday when he surveyed the waiting area at all the straight couples affected by Chris’ stupidity. A good story would have him talk to Luke, the man he loves greatly, about what needs to be done. Reid may have been affected by all that outpouring of love, but what did he get in the end. Death! That’s what he got!! Death by stupid writing!

I can’t tell if the writers were lazy, egotistically thought they were brilliant (rehashing stories from other soaps), homophobic or brain dead. I really think the media needs to take such portrayal of straight couples versus gay couples to task. It doesn’t help now, but maybe, just maybe, it will help in the future.

The only up side to writing on this show for a gay couple was the wonderful lead up to their love affair – it was nuanced and it wasn’t rushed (like the great non-love story of Chris and Katie). It was wonderful to see Luke and Reid interact (even though there wasn’t enough of it) and support each other and call each other on their crap. It was wonderful to see Reid find his heart (pun so not intended) and to see Luke mature under the care of a good man. Their love story was delightful, and, like Dr. Reid Oliver, a breath of fresh air.

I thought I would be distraught today, but I’m only mad. Mad that this one fine show even failed at giving respect to a great character. I fail to understand how a show that created Dr. Reid Oliver also gave us the drivel os the last couple of days.

Thank you, Mr. Fairman, for letting us voice of thoughts. 🙂

The writers probably thought that it was a good ending… You know JP lives in her bubble for so many times, it doesn’t surprise me at all…

Powerful and touching performance, had me crying and so upset. Outstanding Performance!! I truly wish that this soap opera would not be taken off the air. (:

I’m honestly a little torn by this episode, both Van Hansis and Eric Sheffer-Stevens were so unbelievably powerful and amazing and yet the writing left me deeply underwhelmed.
I understand that the show wanted Reid to have a tragic hero ending but I didn’t feel that at all while watching this.

Was I meant to watch Chris for the last few weeks and feel nothing but contempt?
I didn’t feel at all that Reid’s death saved the life of a worthy man or was even meaningful in any way. I felt like it was a waste of an amazingly created character to just throw him under a train so some idiot, who had no real regard for his own life and the pain his death would cause his family, could make a miraculous recovery.

I also found the way Luke was treated by the Hughes family deplorable. The actions of characters that I used to like, I found despicable and insensitive. ATWT showed me that the deeply intriguing and lovable characters who happened to be gay and in a, for a soap opera, healthy developing relationship, deserve no happiness at all. No comfort, no chance to be happy and lets not forget, no intimacy.

However, I would have probably forgotten all my grievances with the show had it been written well. Eric Sheffer-Stevens acted that train scene so phenomenally given that he was hit by a train. I mean, really? A train? And after being hit by a train he wasn’t mangled at all? His heart was still viable? The writing was so contrived and lackluster that I found myself not crying at what was supposed to be an emotionally wrenching episode, but irritated beyond belief that I spent time watching something that was so ludicrously written. Reid died in the middle of the episode. They didn’t make it emotionally powerful or even dramatic. All I felt was anger.

To cut my rant short, had it not been for the perfomances that Van Hansis and Eric Sheffer-Stevens, I probably wouldn’t have watched the last few episodes. I’ve been so infuriated by the homophobia and just plain bad writing of the Let’s Save Chris arc that the show has left me bitter about it all.

Van Hansis and Eric Sheffer-Stevens are such talented actors and I truly look forward to their future projects.

I agree with everything that you say. We’ve really been duped out of some great storytelling.

Very sad!!! Loved Reid! Great with Luke!!
Great acting!!!

I’m really just sad more than anything. Sad that the show chose to end Luke’s story on such a sad note by killing the man he’s in love with. Sad that after we’ve seen Reid grow SO much & learn to love & be loved in return, that he meets such an awful fate for a character that did absolutely nothing to make me root for him. Reid cared more about Chris’s health than Chris himself did, so all I have to say is that Chris better be grateful to him & realize what an awesome friend Reid really was! It’s sad too that so many of them FINALLY realized just what kind of guy Reid was at the very end.

Van had me sobbing like a sobbing thing the entire freaking time. If this (and the next 2 weeks) doesn’t get him an Emmy, I don’t know what will. What broke MY heart was all the things Luke was listing that they still had to do & Luke saying “I love you & you love me” and Reid looking at him & nodding. And the “It’s Reid’s heart! It’s Reid’s heart!” and the shoulder kissing. OMG. Sobbing mess. They really DO love each other so much, and it’s tragic that their love is cut so short. It’s like the show just wanted to saddle Luke with more guilt, more what-ifs & maybe’s & never knowing what would’ve happened since that’s where they’re basically leaving him – he CHOSE to stay with Reid, thought Reid was right for him, told Noah he wasn’t right for him & didn’t want to go back & then, just as they admit their love, THIS happens. It’s just…sad. And stupid. Just to pimp Chratie, a couple who didn’t even have half the build up/believability as LuRe.

Yeah…just sad. The show didn’t have to do this. They could’ve had Reid get the freaking heart from Bay City, and be a “hero” that way too without resorting to killing him to make Luke come into his own. It just sucks. I go from sadness to rage back to sadness, rinse, repeat, a lot over this.

Van Hansis was phenomenal just as I expected, every scene he was in had me crying to bawling during the scene with Katie. As well as Eric, he was incredible and so realistic. Truthfully their performances were what made the episode. Because the writing was atrocious and the heartlessness of the other characters was revolting, they had no sympathy for Luke whatsoever. I know they had to work fast for Chris’ sake but they were practically forcing Luke to sign over Reids heart. They were ready to cut Reid open right then and there in front of Luke. And Reids death was just so rushed it was an utter mess. This character and his death deserved to be more than just a device in the Chris/Katie story. Again I can’t sing Eric and Van praises enough, their performances were the pinnacle of the episode. That Emmy is Vans next year.

I am very upset by the death of reid. i cried during the entire episode. I dont think its fair that they killed him off the air. I have love the character of Dr. Reid Oliver from the very beginning and not just because eric sheffer-stevens is hot but because he brought a character that was so conceited and over confident that one couldnt help but fall for him and grow to love him and become curious about what made him the way he was and how his time in oakdale with luke would change him. i realize the irony in the fact that once reid finally gained a heart he ends up losing it but still if they were going to kill off reid i feel he should have had a more fitting death than a stuck seatbelt in the middle of a railroad track with a train coming. the only other moment i can relate to what i felt during todays show was when brad died but this was so much worse for me. reid was just one of those few characters that was portrayed so well that everyone either loved him, or loved to hate or hated to love him. it is a very sad loss just like the end of the show itself is a very heart wrenching fact. Hansis did an amazing job in today’s show though i have been rooting for luke and oliver to get together from the time oliver told henry that he was gay. and he did an amazing job showing how much he loved oliver and how much it hurt to see him pass on. But another thing that i am not happy about is that i feel that the writers will make it so that luke and noah get back together before the show comes to an end and that would be very disappointing. and i cant believe it ends next week i just turned around and looked at my calendar and the truth set in today has been a very very sad day in the life of as the world turns and i will continue to mourn reids death straight up til the end when then i will mourn the loss of the show.

The writing was atrocious, and the heartlessness of the other characters was revolting. They practically forced Luke to sign over Reids heart. I know they had to work fast for Chris’ sake but they were ready to cut Reid open right there in front of Luke. This characters death deserved to be so much more than a device in the Chris/Katie story, specifically for Chris, that uncharismatic prick. Vans performance was phenomenal, just as I expected. All of Lukes scenes had me crying to bawlin during the Luke/Katie scene. As well as Eric he was incredible, the few lines he had, he was so realistic and yes he conveys so much with his
eyes. I can’t sing their praises enough, their performances were the pinnacle of the episode, the only worthy part. That Emmy has Vans name on it.

Could not agree more.

Amen for that!! LuRe forever <3

Long time viewers watched Luke be born. We watched him grow up. He was a loving, caring character in a medium which is filled with ethically-challenged characters. He suffered homophobia, kidnappings, a kidney transplant, etc.,. He watched him be a big brother to his siblings, a loving son, a caring grandson, etc.,. Many of us truly care about this character deeply. To watch his happiness be destroyed at the end of the show is heart-wrenching. Every other long term character [including attempted murderers, baby-swappers, embezzlers, thieves, adulterers etc.,] get happy endings.

Reid was a truly original character in a medium not overly burdened by original characters who gathered a large fanbase even though he was only on the show for nine months. The way they decided to kill off Reid is disgusting. Reid died in order to save a recently recast character who is currently in a thrown together romance with the show’s sweetheart. Reid, a man who sacrificed a personal life for years in order to devote himself to saving lives and who has only recently fallen in life, died to save an unethical character who is directly responsible for his own health crisis. Chris purposefully avoided medical treatment for a condition he knew could be deadly knowing full well that his death would devastate his family. And to add insult to injury, the characters on the show all reacted today as if Reid had willingly sacrificed himself to save Chris. He died because of Chris, he didn’t die for Chris.

If the powers that be were trying to end the show with a story that would have the same kind of impact that the GH BJ/Maxie storyline had, they miscalculated. The show is ending so there isn’t going to be any sort of emotional payoff to this story as we watch the reverberations of the death. All it is a gut-wrenching and homophobic ending to a show that I once loved.

Ditto. 🙁

I also agree with your comments.

I want to add though that while Katie may be the show’s sweetheart, I’d like to cast my feelings that Luke is also the show’s sweetheart. He is the least ethically-challenged character on this show and has had so much to grieve for already in his young.

I remember Luke being born and I liked all the actors that portrayed him over the years. Van, of course, being my favourite of all.

I won’t miss Reid one bit. Chris Hughes is part of the FIRST FAMILY of ATWT. He’s a lot more important than some arrogant, insulting doctor that only lived in Oakdale less than a year. The heart-broken Reid fans need to realize that and get over it.
Van Hansis’ acting was stellar as always. Can’t wait to see Noah (played by Jake Silbermann) comfort Luke. Noah could have been a jerk and said “so what” but he’s going to be there for Luke because he loves him.

I completely agree that Chris as a Hughes should be important, but unfortunately Chris since re-arriving in Oakdale has been unbearable. He’s selfish and unkind to a degree that made Reid initially appear more flattering–and then, when Reid actually started to care about other people and fall in love, it made it even clearer that Chris did not deserve any of the viewers’ sympathy. I am devastated by the loss of Reid today, but as a fan of the show, I am also upset that besmirched the character of Bob and Kim’s son.

Sad to say this is nothing new. Chris has always been this way. He is completely within character. Never could stand him.
Was he not stalking Katie at one point years ago? They must have been passing the pipe thinking Katie and Chris would make a good couple.

See? Everything, for Jake fans, is about Noah (Jake), not Luke.
So typical, yet so stunning: they really are heartless, even if it’s Reid who has no heart now.
Seriously, how could anyone care so little about Luke to prefer to see him destroyed in order to be “available” for Noah is beyond my imagination.
I guess Noah’s selfish attitude reflects his immature fans attitude in real life. Grow up, kids.
Reid was self-conscious of his skills in medicine and unapologetic in his life as a gay man: it might be incomprehensible for you since you love a self-absorbed, indecisive and abusive character, but this is the truth.
Noah showed no character growth on screen, Reid did.
He was there for Luke everytime he needed, Noah, on the other hand, not so much, even if he has been Luke’s boyfriend for three years.
As for the rest, if Noah was the one injured I wouldn’t have exulted for his death but again, this is the difference of perception between the fans which only reflects the character’s behaviour and why we’re fond of different characters.

I guess I must be missing something. I just simply do not understand how people can take pleasure in the heartbreak of a 22 year old who has had so much suffering in his life. I thought that Nuke was a name that celebrated Luke and Noah. I must have been wrong. You would rather see Luke heartbroken and defeated while every other character on the show rides off into the sunset just so Noah appears. I guess I will never understand how tragic loss can be a good thing.

well guess what….Luke doesn’t love him.How could Luke ever go back to Noah when he had the best…and Reid was his soul mate.Luke and Reid had so much chemistry that i thought my TV might explode.Imagine if they had been able to really make love…OMG, that would have been the explosion heard around the world.I loved Luke and Reid and i feel the writers had no clue as to what the fans wanted.Or maybe like some people have stated, maybe they just didn’t care!

It’s hard to put into words how I am feeling about today’s ATWT episode. One thing I do know is that Van Hansis is an amazing actor. His performance was emotional, realistic, heartfelt and dare I say Emmy worthy. Even with the less than stellar writing and rushed storyline he managed to deliver a memorable performance, one that should make him proud. I know I am proud for him.

I’m not sure if Luke and Reid’s ending was intentional, conscious homophobia on the writers part but if not then at the very least it shows that they are extremely ignorant about past portrayals and cliches about gay characters and have misjudged their audience. I’m straight and I know that this sort of ending is one of the biggest, if not the biggest overused gay cliche’s out there. If you are going to write for a minorty character, especially a minority that you are not apart of, then be aware of the cliche’s and stereotypes that those types of characters are subjected to. I’m not saying gay people can never die onscreen but in this particular context it comes across very badly and very archaic.

Michael – thanks for letting us have this forum to express our feelings and thoughts on the show today. I for one, have been watching this show for almost 40 years. I have never been so invested in a character, or a pairing, as I was in Reid Oliver and LuRe.

I am appalled at the way that this couple was treated in the end. Everyone else on this show gets a happy ending except for the gay characters? They didn’t even get to consummate their relationship! While Katie and Chris, a couple that has no chemistry and isn’t believable is hopping into bed, Luke and Reid, who have worked on building their relationship and show real love for each other, barely get to kiss. I’ts ludicrous.

Reid’s death was rushed, and although Van and Eric did a wonderful job acting, the episode didn’t give Van or Eric nearly the time they needed to bring this full-circle. Poor Luke was completely pressured into signing over Reid’s heart because everyone was concerned about Chris. Chris, who has been so selfish and self-serving and has ended up in this mess of his own accord. If he had gotten treatment when all this first started, none of this would have happened.

I was angry with the way Luke was so alone. The only people who showed appropriate responses other than Luke were Margo and Kim, who either barely knew Reid or didn’t like him. Even Katie, who was his best friend, didn’t seem all that upset, not like she should have.

I have been crying all day. Not only did ATWT kill Reid, but they have managed to make a core character like Luke miserable in the end…all in the name of “the journey”. Idiots Chris Goutman and Jean Passante can defend their decision all they want, but it was shit. Why does Luke have to go through all this tragedy to “grow up” and “become a man”. From what I can tell, Reid had already helped him realize that end, and he didn’t have to die to do it.

I am really disappointed in TPTB at ATWT. If I didn’t want to see Van’s amazing performance ’til the end, I would stop watching. God knows I could care less about Janet and her baby (ugh). It’s sad…. They really gave up the best thing that has ever happened to this soap.

Me, I couldn’t sleep well last night… I was crying so much…:(

I am sick and upset and pissed they killed off Reid to save Chris and boring Katie. Luke was heartbroken and all they did was hurry him to sign to give selfish, boring no fun Chris Reid’s heart. Chris did this to himself and it was awful the writers ruined LuRe for Katie and Chris.

Luke and Reid had off the charts chemistry and the writers ruined it. Shame on them. Eric and Van were amazing and Luke and Reid will always be number 1.

I was sad it was going off, but after this I could care less now

I guess I’m in the minority here because I thought Van did a lot of scenery chewing. For my money Bob and Kim were the characters who got me choked up. The only scene that Van did that got to me was his silent reaction to Katie coming into the waiting area and going on and on about how Reid had saved Chris’ life. (Sorry to be mixing characters’ and actors’ names)

Bob? Bob did nothing to choke me up. He didn’t even seem to care that Reid was dead.

And you are definitely in the minority with the rest of your thoughts.

You must not have been watching the same show I was.Van was marvelous as he was begging his love not to die.Even Eric was a wonder as he conveyed his love for Luke just by the way he looked at him.These two actors were so brilliant that i feel cheated that they never got to have a future together.This was a love story like no other…two men who became so much better because of each other.How unfair that they couldn’t end happily ever after.And everything is so rushed…the writers knew this show was ending so they could have given Reid and Luke a proper good bye.As a long time viewer, I’m saddened by the ending.But I’ll always remember the characters of Luke and Reid and the superb actors that portrayed them.Thank you so much Van and Eric!This truly was a love story at it’s best, thanks only to both of you!!!

I am gutted and heartbroken and disgusted by ATWT’s treatment of this couple. I’d never watched a daytime drama until Reid Oliver came on the scene, and I certainly never will again. My 9 month investment in this storyline, being led down the garden path by promises of intimacy that never arrived, ended in a death that was wrong on so many levels. To reduce this comic outsider, this snarky genius, this sexy and unapologetic gay man to death-by-locomotive is simply disgusting. The love story they built between Luke and Reid came to nothing because they didn’t have the courage to allow for even an inference of physical intimacy between the men, nor to piss off the Nuke fanbase, which clearly dwindled after Reid’s arrival on the scene. Fans waited for a single episode, toward the end, which would focus on Luke and Reid’s love. It never came. Instead, Reid was used as a prop to the most boring heterosexual relationship I’ve ever seen on television, and his very life was sacrificed so the “show’s sweetheart” wouldn’t lose her man. Meanwhile, the show’s real sweetheart, Luke, ends up bereft and literally stranded at Memorial. Even Bob, who was supposedly Reid’s mentor and friend, was callous in his response to Reid’s passing. The fingerprints of homophobia are all over this story, from the neutering of Reid Oliver to the abandonment of ATWT’s gay legacy character. I cannot imagine what got into the writing and directing staff of ATWT. It’s almost self-destructive; they killed their finest creation, and left their remaining fans in shambles.

I actually have quite a bit to say about this, most of which I actually expressed in an email to CBS earlier today, so I’m not going to repeat it all here. I’ll post the link:

What I didn’t mention was my frustration that the Chris heart-sickness-secret bit was dragged on for months while they could hardly give Reid a half hour to die today. That saddened me to no end.

But Van’s performance was through the roof and I absolutely adored it. It was the only thing in this episode that brought me to tears. Even ESS hit the ball out of the park and he was barely coherent: but his eyes said everything.

I also posted something over on livejournal about starting a letter writing campaign to air our grievances, not necessarily soely to CBS or ATWT, but any media outlet. I think even if we think no one will give a damn, we should make our opinions heard, loud and clear.

I was more angry than sad today, mostly at the Hughes family! I cannot believe the level of nonchalance at the fact that a fellow colleague and human being had just past away in an attempt to save the life of one of their family members. John Dixon’s question “No donour heart?” caused my chin to drop to the floor. He had just been adviced on Reid’s accident and all he could think about was the fact that Reid couldn’t get the donor heart for Chris’ surgery. How heartless can you be….literaly! Just as Reid was on his death bed, they all stood around him like vultures waiting to prey on the organ that was keeping him alive so they could use it for their own benefit. I was utterly disgusted by it all. It’s bad enough to get hit by a train, which by the way is revolting enough on its own, but to die surrounded by people who don’t give a damn about you even though you risked your life for their benefit is just cruel and unusual punishment which ATWT unjustly decided to inflict on us Reid fans. However, thank God for Luke Snyder!

I so took that scene of them coming to the room completely different than you did. I took it as them coming to pay their respects to Reid for saving Chris.

How am I “dealing” with the loss of Reid? Noisemakers and confetti.

How unkind. Thankfully, judging by the rest of the comments on this board, you are one of a few.

i feel sorry for you for feeling this way about a wonderful character who had more heart & soul & passion in his little finger than the character you loved had in his whole body.
none of the fans of Luke & Reid would of had “confetti & noisemakers” for Noah even getting hurt, let alone die. it just show the difference between the maturity of the fans for each couple.

I was so impressed with the portrayal of Luke and Reid today. I cried and cried some more. I believe that were ATWT not going off the air, Reid would never have been killed off. VanHansen won an emmy today and much deserved at that. I’m sad to see ATWT go as I have watched for nearly 30 yrs. Meg Ryan as “Betsy” was the best. Good luck to all the cast and crew you have given us an amazing ride.

I don’t know that I have the right words for what I felt about today’s episode. You said it so well yourself. The things that Eric did with just his eyes. Van was beyond Emmy worthy. It was a strangely edited episode and I felt that Reid’s death came too quickly. Having said that it was the small moments that crushed my heart. When Reid looked at Luke and said “who knew I had one to give” speaking of his heart, and that followed with Luke saying they had “so many more stupid arguments to have and days to spend together.” It was touching and so frustrating as a fan to watch. Two of the finest actors in daytime did the best with what they were given and that is all, as a fan we can ask. I can only imagine what Van will do over these final days. While this is not the ending that I wished for, I hope that these two actors are recognized for their brilliance during awards season.

I tried very hard to give ATWT some credit. After all, they gave us the great characters of Luke Snyder, Noah Mayer, Dr. Reid Oliver, Barbara Ryan, Kim Hughes, Simon Fraser, Rose D’Angelo and so many more that I have adored over the years.

The biggest part of me, though, really believes deep down that this was all some kind of twisted revenge fantasy. “You want train wreck of a show? I’ll GIVE YOU train wreck of a show!” the laid off writers chanted. There was certainly nothing in the history of the show to support what happened here.

A neurosurgeon, who operates on an intricate enough level to restore sight to the blind, can’t operate his seatbelt. Another doctor who, when discovering a resurgence of a killer virus, refuses treatment (and potentially infects others.) A body trapped in a car after being hit by a moving train, with still enough valuable organs to save a life. A gay man allowed to be an organ donor without any sexual history analysis. (Usually, due to HIV transmission risk, the CDC only allows such a transplant if the risk of death is greater than the risk of HIV transmission. Otherwise, the organ is not considered viable.)

To top it off, ATWT stinted on Luke and Reid’s on screen time right before the end, only allowing them to speak in couched metaphor about Reid’s impending doom. “If I’m going to put myself out there- fall in love with you – I’m not going to lose you, you hear me?”

Ultimately, the whole story came down to this. They wanted to give a strong, meaningful story line to the gay couple. Since they couldn’t give them the other “life changers” – marriage and birth – they gave them death. That smacks of a homophobia so deep and ingrained that it pervaded every part of the story. Luke’s best friend Casey chilling with his parents while Luke’s boyfriend dies? Check. Luke’s gal pal Allison in the emergency room with Chris, since they loved each other once, rather than with Luke? Check. Hetero vultures swooping around Reid’s body for the organs, but otherwise abandoning Luke? Check.

The ethical violations don’t matter. The people involved don’t matter. It’s just one more way to reinforce the status quo: gays alone on the outside, only useful when the straights need them for something.

ATWT, I deserved better than this. I applauded when watching Luke’s coming out story, and defended you during the kissing ban. I thought you were trying to show that love comes in all forms. Instead, you showed that prejudice does. I thought, when CG released the spoilers, at the very least it was going to be about how stupid it is that we block so many from blood and organ donation, and how a private donation works.

Hell. I would’ve settled for one moment where Reid said it was all worth it to know Luke.

I’m still marveling at the acting. It was top-notch. The ideas behind it? Only worthy of the trash bin.

Van Hansis and EES brought amazing raw emotion to the “Reid’s Death” episode, and just want to thank them for bringing these characters to “life” for us. I have been a huge fan of Van Hansis since discovering his storyline several years ago. I know fans are sad and frustrated by this tragic ending, as am I, but ATWT’s had the courage to bring Luke/Noah/Reid to the screen for us to enjoy and care so much about. I will truly miss this cast and show.

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Jon Lindstrom and Cady McClain Announce They Have Ended Their Marriage

After much speculation, General Hospital’s Jon Lindstrom (Kevin) and Cady McClain (ex-Jennifer, DAYS, ex-Rosanna, ATWT, ex-Dixie, AMC et al) have officially confirmed and announced they have gone their separate ways and have ended their marriage.

For months on social media, it was clear that the two were seemingly apart, not appearing pictured in any of each others posts.

Now, on a mutually shared Instagram post, Jon and Cady made an official statement on the status of their relationship, beginning with “Cady and Jon here. We are taking this opportunity to make a short statement about our relationship status. It may be obvious to some based on our posts that we’ve taken some time apart. After serious consideration we have decided that our goals have been taking us in different directions and to end our marriage.”

Photo: JPI

As to the future, Jon and Cady explained, “We remain friends and wish each other every happiness. As people who work in the public eye, it can be difficult to have a private life. Regardless, we ask for your kind consideration in this matter.”

Jon and Cady met when they both appeared on As the World Turns, he as Craig Montgomery, and she as Rosanna Cabot. After four years together, the couple decided to get married in 2014.

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The 2024 awards season truly gets underway this Sunday night ,January 7th on CBS with the presentation of the 81st annual Golden Globe Awards honoring the best in motion picture and television as deemed by the voters of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA).

The ceremony will be broadcast live and will air beginning at 8 p.m. EST/5 p.m. PST, from the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The ceremony will also be available on the CBS app and will stream on Paramount+. (Note, however, only Paramount+ subscribers who have Showtime can stream the event live; others can watch the show the next day.)

The first round of presenters was revealed on Wednesday and two soap opera alums are on the list including Justin Hartley (ex-This Is Us, The Young and the Restless, Revenge, Passions) and Amanda Seyfried (ex-Lucy, As the World Turns and ex-Joni Stafford, All My Children).

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Joining Justin and Amanda as presenters are: Angela Bassett, Will Ferrell, Michelle Yeoh,George Lopez, Julia Garner, Justin Hartley, Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams.  Previously, Jo Koy was named host for the telecast.

The Golden Globes are back on CBS for the first time since 1982. In addition, Dick Clark Productions is back after years away as the longtime Globes producers.

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So, looking forward to the Golden Globes and seeing Justin and Amanda? Comment below.

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Motion picture and television leading man, Richard Roundtree, has passed away at the age of 81. The actor, best known for his role in the iconic film Shaft, and its sequels, died from complications from pancreatic cancer on October 24th in his home in Los Angeles.

In a statement, Roundtree’s manager, Patrick McMinn shared, “Richard’s work and career served as a turning point for African American leading men in film. The impact he had on the industry cannot be overstated.”

During his extensive credits and career, Roundtree made two stops to two daytime soap operas. In 1990 till 1991, Roundtree played Dr. Daniel Ruebens on the defunct NBC soap opera Generations. He later appeared on As the World Turns from 2002-2003, taking on the role of Oliver Travers, the father to T. Marshall Travers played by Lamman Rucker.

Photo: NBC

Roundtree’s leading lady on Generations, Jonelle Allen took to her Facebook upon learning the news of the death of her former castmate and friend, expressing: “My Leading Man on Generations. I Am Very Sad. My Condolences To Your Family. Dearest Richard Roundtree.”

In a subsequent post, Allen shared a photo of their Generations’ characters, Daniel and Doreen about to lip-lock. Jonelle stated, “In the scene with him I kept thinking: ‘Shaft is about to kiss ME!!!’ Thank You.”

On Generations, Roundtree’s character of Daniel Reubens was a brilliant doctor, who was accused of killing someone by causing an explosion at a lab in 1974. He and his daughter, Maya, then went “underground” for the next 15 years. Maya was played by Viveca A. Fox.

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Fox, honored her former on-screen soap father with an Instagram post upon learning of his death. Vivica wrote: “GM Dawlings! My heart is sad this morning as late last night I learned that LEGEND Actor @officialrichardroundtree had passed. I had the blessing of working with Richard on alot of 1st in my acting career! He played my Dad on the soap opera #Generation‘s TV show #90210BeverlyHills Mr Roundtree thank u for your AMAZING GIFTS! U will truly be missed as u were the 1st African American Action Star #SHAFT I’ll never forget the time u stood for ME when a director was being a jerk to me! I’ll miss your smile, jokes, laughs & hugs! REST EASY KING! U DID WELL. #Classic #LEGEND #LeadingMan #Actor #SuperStar #Respect #RestInPeace”

Richard was also known for his roles in Roots and the Brad Pitt thriller Se7en. On television, Roundtree appeared on: Murder, She Wrote, A Different World, Beauty and the Beast, 21 Jump Street, MacGyver, Beverly Hill 90210, L.A. Law, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Alias, Desperate Housewives, Heroes, Grey’s Anatomy, Chicago Fire, and Private Practice and many more.

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