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WATCH: Former GH Head Writer Ron Carlivati's WGA Award Acceptance Speech Which Includes A Diss At Tony Geary!

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This past Saturday night General Hospital took home the prize in the Daytime Drama category for its writing team under former head writer Ron Carlivati at the WGA Awards ceremonies in New York and Los Angeles.

TV and film writers Brian Koppelman and Davie Levien, who this year have premiered their series Billions on Showtime, presented the Daytime Drama category.  They both stumbled through their bit, and reading the nominees before announcing the winner.  But when all was said and done, GH was named the winner and a good majority of the team was present at the New York cermonies who came up to the stage to accept.  Ron Carlivati spoke on behalf of the team.

GH won this award based on their 52nd Anniversary episode that aired on April 1, 2015,  and two other episodes surrounding that, which told the tragic story of Luke’s (Tony Geary) childhood past, and how it has haunted Luke his entire life.  Carlivati took the opportunity to deliver some choice words aimed at former GH icon Tony Geary, who dissed Carlivati publicly as Geary finished up his run on the show.

After first acknowledging the work of the other nominee in the daytime drama category, the writers on The Bold and the Beautiful for telling the transgender storyline of Maya Avant (Karla Mosley), Carlivati went on to say: “On General Hospital, we told an origin story about one of the most popular characters on daytime television.  At the time the actor who played him told me it was his favorite storyline in his entire 37 year run on the show.  Shortly after this however, he became disenchanted with my writing, and for some strange reason refused to acknowledge that we ever even met, referring to me in interviews only as  ‘the writer’.   Apparently, this is supposed to be some kind of insult, but I’m sure my fellow writers standing on the stage, and most of you in this room would agree, I can consider being called ‘a writer’ a badge of honor.  So thank you to him for that, and thank you to the writer’s guild for this.”

Watch Ron Carlivati’s speech and GH WGA victory after the jump!  Are you glad that for winning an award based on a massive storyline written specifically for Tony Geary, and then being dissed in the press by the lead actor in said story that Ron tied that together with his acceptance speech remarks?  Share your thoughts below!

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Good for you, Ron! Geary needs to be put in his place.

He’s gone. What’s the big deal? We love Tony and we loved the story telling too.

Joel thats your opinion Ron wrote a sucky ento a great character So Tony had every right to say what he wanted

But the problem is (and I cannot believe I am defending Ron) is that Geary had a lot of input into his exit story and in fact, told Ron he loved the writing he was affording to Luke.
TG had way too much influence over the writing even to the point where they bowed down to his request that he not be given some meaningful, character driven scenes with Laura which would have pleased fans immensely.
So Geary gets his way and yet still bashes the head writer.
Geary was wrong and rather cowardly to bash Ron on his way out the door.

Well, MIKE, that is YOUR opinion… and not a very good one, considering both Anthony AND Ron have now been awarded for that last years production. Meaning, the story was fine, the actor had the issue and was, in a literal and artistic sense…wrong, as proven by the accolades given the writer and Mr. Geary as he ever so ungraciously took his swan song.

FYI, *TONY GEARY* dictated how his own character’s time would end on GH. There were many, many things the network and the writers wanted to do to honor the character of Luke. But, Geary shot all the ideas down. If you didn’t like what you saw on screen as Luke’s exit, you only have Geary to blame. I find it so twisted that after knuckling under to his demands, Geary turns around & insults the people who gave him exactly what he wanted for decades. They gave him his extended vacations, his huge salary, storylines that killed off favorite characters just so he could explore Luke’s “darkness,” etc. As talented as someone is, that never justifies being so mean-spirited & unprofessional at the end of one’s tenure.

You do realize that most of the “suckiness” came from conditions Geary imposed on the story, or things Geary did, right?

It wasn’t Geary that changed Fluke from being Bill Eckert to actually being Luke. That is what created tons of holes and inconsistencies and negated the months of work that Geary put into the character’s portrayal. Geary was told of the change when he returned from back surgery.

It was this change, a change that occurred because “the writer” decided it was more important to pull the rug out from the audience for figuring out the mystery instead of writing a smart and coherent narrative. A good writer drops clues, allows the audience to figure out the mystery and feels rewarded for a job well done when they do.

RC doesn’t understand the job of the writer in relation to the audience through his work, he only understands his relationship with the audience through social media and his immature and misguided need to appear smarter than them, which he never did.

If Geary got fed up and went off the rails in terms of his exit story with his input and demands, it seems most probably due to being betrayed on the Fluke/Eckert fiasco and understanding that he could not trust “the writer” or the EP. He may have added to the debacle, but I understand how he felt and why he would want more control. He just should have been professional enough to leave and not throw shade.

Well Ron wrote that story line so many different ways that Tony probably got confused by the end. I think in the end Ron really didn’t know where to take the story that would be a surprise. Therefore he just wrote what he knows best DID.

RC’s comment on TG might have resonated if he hadn’t driven GH ratings into the ground and wound up unemployed due in part to the Fluke story and Luke exit.

The award doesn’t vindicate him. The problem with giving a writing award based on one episode or even two or three for a show that does 250 scripts a year for a continuous story is that you have no way to judge or even see the inconsistencies with the narrative; the holes, continuity issues, 75% of the other scripts full of silly camp and plot points that demand characters act OOC.

Geary was wrong to go public with his comments and we’ve seen in the past that RC has a thin skin and often feels the need to retaliate. In this instance, he should have just taken the award graciously. Again, Geary shouldn’t have said what he did, but he wasn’t wrong and RC is no longer the head writer is he?

And as for Geary referring to him as “The Writer” and Ron saying that it was meant as an insult but he and other writers would consider the term a badge of honor, RC misses the point.

Geary calling him “The writer” was not a shot at writers, but at RC, who he felt clearly is not worthy of the title. It’s like calling someone “Genius” when they are clearly not. That isn’t a knock on geniuses. RC lacks the common sense to even understand the insult and to not repeat it. His writing lacked any common sense as well.

RC has left the building. And now everybody has turned their attention to Nathan Varni. Jean and Shelly whatever you do, please stay away from Facebook and Twitter.

Tony Geary is such an ass.


I totally agree and I was a HUGE Tony and Luke fan. Even if he wasn’t happy with his storyline (which he mostly dictated and then Ron had to put off for Geary’s surgery and recovery time)
I feel Tony acted classless and he was selfish about Luke not getting any real time with Laura in the end. This wasn’t about Tony–this was about Luke and Laura and their fans who deserved a better send off of that relationship. I think it speaks volumes that Genie didn’t come back to the show under contract while he was there but then signed on as soon as he was gone. It really tarnishes such a wonderful memory of a story line that meant so much to me growing up.

He left, Genie signed and NOTHING! I love Laura but she is nothing without Luke. And before I get attacked, listen, I like Laura! But they dont know what to do with her. Not saying she isnt a good actress. She is NOTHING without Luke meaning they have found nothing for that character to do! Us fans know. Give her a job, a cause or a new love interest. WHY cant the writers see this?

Timmm I completely agree that the writers don’t know what to do with her. I don’t think that it is because Laura needs Luke so much as this is the only story line that any writer since the 1970’s has given her and the only thing the fans really wanted. Now that he is gone and she is back, I want to see her interact with more people than just Nik, Liz, Lulu and Hayden. I actually liked her conversation with Tracy. Why the heck hasn’t she had any visits with Monica? They have a history together. They even share a grandchild. For goodness sakes have her go talk to Monica about her concerns for Jake. She definitely needs a project or a cause and her own apartment and a life outside of her children. Put her with a younger man and make Nik and Lulu freak about it. Have her go back to school because I domt think she ever finished during her years with Luke and the campus disco. She could meet a younger guy there. Something! Anything! And have her dress better! They make her dress so frumpy. They don’t do that to Anna who is older than her. She just lost weight and yet the way they dress her, you’d never know!

I know Shari. Genie is capable of so much moxie if given the chance. I think they are showing some glimpses and I hope it means they will have more story for her. I loved her “Thought I smelled manure” comment to Hayden the other day. I have loved her Tracy interactions too. I too was complaining they have ignored the Laura/Monica history. I guess I’m ok with how they are dressing her because I still remember the awful wardrobe they gave her in the 90’s. She looks like royalty these days compared to that. Yes, she totally needs her own life and her own residence and her own adventures. Robert knows Laura is capable of adventures and missions. I am hoping Robert or Mac will recruit Laura for something.

Tony Geary’s “ideas” ruined a much loved character on his way out and created unnecessary suffering for the audience in the overblown attempt to showcase him. Clearly, that over-baked story limped along for many months to the detriment of all the other characters and the entire show. Imagine being ungracious enough to make negative remarks about an actor during an acceptance speech for a major award. Both of them took petty childishness to new levels. I’m sure Ron’s excuse would be “He started it!”

Tony Geary was and Still is One of my Favorite Actors. Ron you are a writer. Why so Hurt he acknowledged that?? Why the Sarcasm. It actually makes me Not Like you at all.

Lisa, in an interview with Michal Logan, Geary pretty much bashed Ron.
Ron is merely giving back what he feels he received from Geary.
That said, I agree with you–both men are acting unprofessional and petty.
Should it not be more about what the loyal longtime fans want rather than what ego driven head writers and actors want?

Tony looks ungrateful because he isnt living the high life in Amsterdam without the Luke and Laura craze! He hated that time in his life. I dont think he hates Genie but wants the L&L thing gone! I dont know why it would have hurt his ego to show clips and kiss Laura goodbye but who cares, its over.

if you aren’t understanding the big picture here then you should read up. Carlivati worked wonders with this show and Anthony only to be pushed out with great help from Anthony… what you are witnessing here is vindication that the writing and direction on that show was working and well, and they lost a large part of that when they let Ron go. Ron’s direction on the show was wonderful unless you are a stick in the mud… and remember when you judge… Anthony started this fight… Ron just won it.

I completely agree Steve! Well said.

Nice post Steve but did Ron really win? Tony is sipping tea in Amsterdam laughing all the way to retirement!

Did you read the interview Ron is referring to? Geary said that RC had never talked to him, that they had never even met, and Geary wouldn’t call him by name, just referred to him as “the writer.” Regardless of what any of us think about Geary, or about RC’s writing, I think RC had every right to call Geary out for that. It was intended to cast RC in a bad light through dishonesty, and that’s pretty low. If Geary didn’t like the writing, that’s one thing, but say so directly; don’t make up things that are untrue.

Good for him! I found Anthony Geary ‘ s whole attitude towards the end as very off putting, petty, and dangerous. I’m glad Ron got the chance to speak up. Maybe Tony Geary needs a little psychotherapy as well as Mister Luke.

Well, its a win win or a lose lose! Tony was great in 52. He will probably capture another Emmy. He went out and retired and seemed to have burned those who he left behind? Ron and his crew wrote a masterpiece, 52. He got his verbal revenge on Tony and he was awarded an award for such a fine job. EVERYONE was great in 52 but no one was happy. Ron will go on with this award under his belt and Tony is charming them in Amsterdam! Its a win win and a lose lose!

I totally agree – Geary can be a jerk! Look what he did to Genie Francis. His talent may have been good but his ego was horrible. Loved his acting but can hate his ego.

This is ALL fact you speak. Except maybe what you loved is the character of Luke, as written by many writers over the years. Luke comes in a rapist and left an icon on this show, Anthony could have let some of that figure into exit…unfortunately, he forgot he was old now and didn’t care for the sexy new young types, thus affecting his ego into full @sshat status when he left.

Amen, Harry I!

I found Ron C.s writing sporadic-but there was some really good moments here and there…i liked the flashback episode with the younger Luke and Patricia ect….Ron C. deserved the win for that…so congratulations…i always had mixed feelings about Tony Geary…i always felt he was arrogant…his acting was some of daytimes finest but i always felt his biggest fan was himself…GH will always be his true success story but i feel he wishes he never done daytime…he always seem to think he was so much better but never found greater success in primetime and film like im sure he really wanted and hates that it never happened because GH was a curse that made him too identified with his Luke character…oh, he is wealthy because of GH and his many fans but i think he always wish he had gone on to primetime stardom and not GH…jmho.

i’ve been to school pageants better organised than this. it was so endearingly amateurish. delightful!

also, as disses go, it was a very classy one

I agree the 52nd episode deserved to win. I’m always torn when someone uses a public format to jab someone else. I didn’t care for it when Tony used it in his exit interview last summer when he said “the writer”. And I don’t really care for Ron having done it during his acceptance speech by recounting the ordeal and by saying “the actor”. I think maybe both men have similar personalities and I’m not surprised how things ended. Getting the last word may feel good in a few fleeting moments, but it is often just a hollow victory. Maybe I’m old fashioned but I think it would have been classier if Ron had gotten up there and simply said his thank yous and stated he was proud of everything he and his colleagues put into that story. Winning the award should have been enough vindication against Tony and against the GH machine. Best wishes to both men in their new chapters.

Applauding loudly for Cathy’s comment.

You see this incorrectly. Ron had to remain silent for the most part as he was getting beaten down by Anthony. The crux of Anthony’s attacks WERE about the writing and direction. To be totally vindicated by this win…well it is human nature to want to strike back and make the end game point. THAT said, had he actually NAMED Anthony in the speech instead of saying the ‘actor’, wouldn’t that make him WORSE…no. The answer is..those that understand the reference, get it, those that don’t can move on..but to NOT say anything after losing your job???…not sure how many ‘stand up’ people out there let that one slide.

Congrats Ron! Touché. Wait to stand up for yourself. The award was well deserved. The 60’s show was amazing!

TG really disrespected everyone especially Genie Francis. He owed his fame to her.

I really miss your writing and great stories!

Thank You!

There is zero basis for the assumption that Tony is the reason Ron was fired. Perhaps it was because he never even bothered to spend time where he worked and it was clear almost every episode that Ron was disconnected from the characters, the audience, the actors, the basic rhythm of THIS show, period – frequent Twitter tantrums, notwithstanding. No one fires the head writer of a show on the basis of grumbling from a departing actor. In today’s world Geary is a once was. The audience the show wants to capture doesn’t even care who Luke and Laura are. My goodness that iconic wedding was almost 35 years ago. The audience numbers never even moved whether he came or, went in the last ten years. He has fans and he’s a great daytime actor but, he’s nostalgia. The suits know that. They’re not making critical decisions based on him. Get serious.
The writing during Ron’s tenure was abysmal. That’s not Tony’s fault. It’s not even Ron’s, really. It’s TPTB that took for-e-ver to fire him.

I think “zero basis” is too strong. I think TG’s dissatisfaction played a part, but had RC been in good standing with TPTB otherwise, I doubt TG’s unhappiness would have been enough to get RC dismissed, especially with TG leaving (although maybe, if TG said, on his way out the door, “and the only way I’d even consider coming back would be if RC isn’t here anymore”; that might have been enough). But Ron’s Twitter behavior and the fact that the ratings were down and they were looking for a scapegoat (TPTB never look in the mirror when ratings go down, but I suspect much of GH’s ratings volatility is their fault) probably factored in there and meant more than anything TG did or didn’t feel about him.

But to think TG’s (very vocal, I’m sure) opinion meant nothing and didn’t factor in there at all? That seems most unlikely.

I’m sure Tony appreciates that your writing gave him his 8th emmy..

I will never forget the back to the 60’s black & white episode, it was truly remarkable, your masterpiece!

I suppose this is now the time to mention the ‘good ol’ days!’ and say- Thank you Ron, it was fun, indeed..


I am sorry but that was a horrible acceptance speech!

Yes, he should have thanked Anthony for creating a rift and then thank GH for not having any vision and firing him… that would have been wonderful. No need to be sorry about it… just educate yourself to the full story… it’s hollywood… it isnt pretty.

I really do not know whose side to take. I think they both can be a couple of d–heads and trying to take one man’s side over the other is rather like sides while watching the GOP debacle. (debate).

I don’t see how that was a “diss” at all. He just referenced the truth — we all saw the interview where Mr. Geary oddly used that turn of phrase instead of Ron’s name. I wasn’t a fan of all of Ron Carlivati’s writing but this actually seemed like a polite way to acknowledge Mr. Geary despite a public falling out, that apparently even Ron C. doesn’t fully understand!

I’m glad they are both gone . They both poisoned GH at the end so good ridense.

You…are no GH fan

Aria speaks the truth. Look, they didn’t care for each other and that happens in careers/jobs. Anthony Geary is an established actor, who knew Luke inside/out and maybe he wanted a different swan song? Nothing wrong with that. Carlivati had a certain writing style that didn’t appeal to everyone. He wrote an interesting ending to Luke, that came to life because of the young actor who played Luke, the young woman who played Patricia, Laura Wright, Dee Wallace and Anthony Geary. The story is done, awards have been won, so let’s move on from this.


Well, I say this, GH is still on without them!

That was totally unnecessary and very childish. As were TG’s remarks. Both showed no class or professionalism. Just like RC’s Twitter foolishness & childish renarks…..Any good work he may have done was cancelled out by his lack of professionalism. Glad they are both gone from GH.

His professionalism kept him from getting up there and telling everyone they can kiss his @ss as he was vindicated. Instead, he went up there and offered a polite EF YOU to Anthony AND GH producers. However, if you want to let us know how well you take it when you are doing well and are unceremoniously fired and then have a chance to say something in front of a national forum… Given all that, and seeing the real world as it is today, I would think this is the least of the responses he could have given and was pretty tame about it, too. Unless you wanted him to do like most American’s and take their beating in silent reverent protest… oh wait…no one in America has ever done that.

Agreed Steve. Ron was polite and professional.

I agree with Steve.

Agreed Cat. Plus TG probably doesn’t even care anymore. I imagine him smoking a doobie in his house in Amsterdam, while counting his money.

Diane, I think you are correct. Thanks for the laugh.

After AG left I had read that he enrolled at the University of Amsterdam. He understands the language better than he speaks it. However, he said nothing about Retiring from acting just retiring from GH! He said he still wants to ACT.

As far as his exit, He said he had very little input. He did say who he wanted to have scenes with as far as Lucky, Holly, Laura, Ethan..,etc.. [He knew Tristan Rogers/ Robert was on Contract so they would not be able to get him over so do not even think they asked]. However, Lil Jake and the Smith’s [and recasts on top of that ?! he said showed no reaction of imagination! He was disappointed ]

IF it was written so well. WHY were the ratings at over an 18- week LOW in all Demos and GH #4 across the board?!?! They should have easily had over 3 million viewers – ]

IA with you, Cat. Both men behaved badly. TG wasn’t the first or the only actor to express their unhappiness with RC’s writing but TG, on his way out the door, certainly could have been a lot more gracious to the GH fans who over the years made himself and Luke the soap icons that they were.

Likewise, RC should have resisted the impulse get in his own childish digs and last word in on his own way out the door.

While the episodes that resolved the Fluke story were well done in the end, let’s not forget the story as a whole was often meandering, nonsensical and painfully dragged out. Ditto the awful Luke Farewell Tour tacked on at the end that pretty much undercut the power of that handful of standout episodes.

I expect Geary is likely the front runner for yet another Best Actor Emmy since he did consistently good work throughout the story but maybe RC should have been a lot more gracious here when his own work was pretty spotty to say the least.

I accept EVERY point you make…except for the point that Geary did good work throughout the story!!! How could he? He was told early on hat he was playing a deranged Bill Eckert,……so that’s what he played for most of the story…until Carlivati got all pissy and childish and mad that viewers guessed his mighty plan…so he changed Bill Eckert into a fractured Luke personality. It didn’t fit with the throughline, the timeline, or anything else in the story. Geary’s acting was ridiculously over the top through most of the story…often painful and embarrassing to watch. If he wins another Emmy it will be a joke. He had NO regard whatsoever for fans who followed the character of Luke through his journey in Port Charles. He wanted it HIS way, or NO way. Same as Ron. I just thank Goodness for Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante.

I do NOT think Tony Geary is deserving of an EMMY this year–he “murdered” his own character Luke–and betrayed his loyal fans. Stay (silent) in Amsterdam.

eye for an eye i say….why should dreary not be put in his place,,, act like a ass be treated as one… havnt missed the dreary geary one bit ,,,

I agree. I really loved Genie Francis and never understood the fawning over TG.

Yes, love Genie!

What he said about BB was very nice. As for the rest of it…. meh.

Interesting, but I don’t think it’s the place to air your dirty laundry.

You go Ron! Geary, in interviews with TV Guide, sang praises for the abuse storylines and for Carlivati, and then right after he left GH, in interviews with the TV Guide again, he denied every meeting Carlivati. TV Guide’s Michael Logan, who hates Ron, ate up the scandal and proliferated the lie, without ever asking why Geary said one thing before the story aired and other afterwards.

A well deserved win for a fine writer.

Tony is entitled to his opinion. As a viewer, I’ve found the writing on GH to be terrible at times. So I can see how an actor would feel getting a script where they think to themselves “what the hell is this crap?!?” Not to mention, many of the actors have gone on record about how the scripts even tell them how to motion, look and speak. Things that once used to be left up to the actor. Before the days of let’s hire a model and give them some acting lessons. It’s so easy for some to sit at their televisions and then go about bashing an actor that they don’t even know personally. I think that Ron could have done the classy thing and just accept the award and give a speech worthy of his writing skills – but wait, perhaps that was one. Instead he comes across as butt-hurt and unprofessional.

Terrible writing–terrible (over) acting.

It was spot on , TG loved the sl until he didn’t & when he didn’t TG took it upon himself to diss RC & now RC won for his writing at the WGA awards , this is the very writer TG dissed lol. Everything RC said was true.

Carlivati deserved to win for these episodes and it is true that at that point in time the writing was brilliant but Tony Geary was right in pointing out the bad quality of the writing for his exit : little Jake alive and well ? really ? Frank Smith alive and well ? really ? when you think the guy was shot dead by Luke years ago … They just had Luke leave town ! Really ? I am mad at Geary for not respecting and not agreeing to giving the majority of Gh fans what they wanted : Luke and Laura reunited and going away together and of course mad at Carlivati to have accepted Geary’s request

hi nicholas..
that would be FV, and the sponsors who wanted their star written as was..
RC was not listened too all the time as to how he wanted it {Genie/Laura written differently & flashbacks, didn’t happen as others had their idea including Tony and FV..

Glad Genie Franci has a contract and Tony isin Amsterdam!! His dark storytline wishes have forever tainted GH, and continue to do so, even after Ron and Tony are both gone! Long live Genie, the TRUE heart and soul of GH.

Way to go Ron ! Just wish ABC would wise up and get you to pen OLTL again !

Um, OLTL was cancelled FIVE years ago bro.

And maybe Babe Ruth will play for the Yankees again! Its over!

Hey Dylan

yes, of course I know that….but I still love to let ABC know that there are a few people out there that still won’t mind another kick at a re-boot.

I will say thou, I certainly get slammed whenever I post such things on this site.

Since it seems ABC can’t get a show off the ground to replace OLTL, I will keep posting my pipe-dream of OLTL returning.

Glad Tony Geary and his over-inflated ego are gone! He was such a jerk keeping Genie Francis off of GH. Now that he is gone she has a contract.

Genie did not deserve to be held hostage–I wish for her a great storyline and (another) great love story. Success is the best revenge. Go, Genie! You look like a load has been lifted off your shoulders. I like it when you just let loose and go with the quips and the eyebrow–and your laugh. I’m with you!

Yeah, she has a contract and NO story!

I LOVE that RC dissed TG. Long time coming.
Having said that, I agree with RC in that I assumed B&B would win the award, and they should have.

Tony had behaved badly in the last several years in his attitude about Genie. He bought into his own press, and unfortunately believed he achieved his fame all on his own – forgetting that he had to have Genie in order to play Luke and costing her her job on AMC which she loved. However, for Ron to use that platform to blast Tony for not calling him by name and not esteeming Ron as highly as he would have liked to have been is sad. They both have acted like entitled brats. WE made them who they were by supporting them and their show (s). Pretty sad in my book. No man is an island.

Speaking the truth Nancy!

Two sides to every story ….but come on ,does RC really need to feel his self worth by putting TG in his place even if it was warranted.

Agreed. I understand his motivation 100% but I wish he would have left it alone instead of breathing new life into it. What if it hurt his chances for future job prospects he might have wanted? Don’t shine a light on a time where your work ethic was ever called into question. Oh well. Two men with larger than average egos and defensive natures. Too much alike. Of course they were going to butt heads. This was a missed opportunity for RC to use TG as an example of how NOT to behave. Instead, he used the opportunity to give TG a taste of his own medicine. But two wrongs don’t make a right.

I am glad that Ron got to even the score. Tony knew exactly who “the writer” was. I wish Ron would have continued his speech, though, to properly thank his writing team.

I bet the production staff at GH are glad that both divas (RC,TG) have left the building.

And what about Logan? I hold him equally responsible for this mess between the writer and the actor.

Ron Carlivati wrote extremely well. His sense of humor in his characters shone like a bright star when he was writing for the entire cast of GH. I get that the character of Luke Spencer was iconic for what he did to bring GH to worldwide acclaim but in my opinion, Anthony Geary was the most overrated actor in daytime. He had zero depth and seemed to be bored with all things GH at the end. This wasn’t strictly due to Ron either. He had wanted to “retire” for quite awhile. He wasn’t too bothered to be accepting a daytime Emmy for his role of Luke. He may have earned that award by acting but if it wasn’t for the words on that page he wouldn’t have had anything to win. So his ungrateful attitude towards Ron Carlivati seems pointless. GH hasn’t been the same since Ron’s departure. I believe that some stories under Ron took too long to develop and come to conclusion but every one of the shone under his stories. He really knew what character traits to focus in on with each actor. I am glad Ron Carlivati was awarded for his good work, and after seeing Taylor Swift make a strong speech for her Grammy win it’s nice to see Ron Carlivati standing up for himself. I would have done the VERY same thing. Congrats Ron, I wish you were still in charge at GH in the writing department. Good luck on all your future endeavors whatever they may be.

Thanks Mateo – I said similar things above. Well said!

Character of Luke is no longer iconic–sullied by Tony Geary–and by RC.

Ron could be a good sitcom writer. He has a good sense of humor. He is not a soap writer! He doesnt piece stories together. Look at GH52, it played as one episode. It was fantastic! But, anything before that or after that was a wreck! Tony may have had his fingers on the script. Yes? then you blame him to. But Anthony Geary was great on daytime. Yes he over acted at times but he could go to all places and if you look at any of the soaps today, how many actors can do that? Not many! PS: There is in no way any similarities to what that thug said about Taylor Swift and what Tony said about “The Writer!!”

Timm, you make a good point. I also could see him as a writer for American Horror Story. Not kidding or being snarkish, I could see this.

NEVER liked the character of Luke without Laura; and never liked Tony Geary’s snobbery. What an ego. Good riddance. GH has lost nothing with his retirement. No more inexplicable summer absences for the character of Luke. I thought Ron’s writing really weakened toward the end, but he did not deserve Tony’s nasty, public remarks.

Agree with you–no Luke was viable without Laura. Sad what happened. And sad for what could/should have been.

I really miss Ron. Geary is so arrogant and very ungrateful.

After what we’ve witnessed from Geary in recent years, anytime someone wants to knock him down a peg or two, I’m all for it!

Hey, James…me too, Brother!!!!! A-M-E-N!!!!!

Later, bro.


I will have to skip the Daytime Emmy’s. I don’t want to see TG win and ruin his acceptance speech too. These guys are acrimonious.

Anthony Geary said he had written into his contract that he could have influence over his storylines. He wanted his stay at GH to be interesting as an actor. Sometimes that happened at the expense of Genie Francis without whom he woul never have achieved the popularity and notice he came to achieve. She was Ginger to his Fred. His inability to accept the fact until he was ready to leave that that was something he should be grateful for. He killed the number one super couple with his portrayal of his feelings for Laura wanting the writers to make Tracy (whom I love) his most important love. This is a soap Tony we wNt the fantasy most f the time! I was a grateful for Ron join g GH and lightening up the show less mob more women driven stories…he brought Alexis put of hiding, Anna returned,. All that being said I am grateful to have had Anthony G I miss screen very grateful for Ron especially his OLTL years but maybe both men could take class lessons from Michael ESton who was given some bad storylines wAs stabbed in the back on the show and left gracefully thanking his fans and speaking no animosity toward his fellow humans.

He said it he got the attention out there over and done with. TG’s comment about Genie shocked me because I always thought they were close I still think something is going on with Tony I have s pretty good idea what I think it is but I’m going to keep it to myself.

I look at it like this…

1. Now that that spoiled, arrogant and pompous Anthony Geary has F-I-N-A-L-L-Y left GH, maybe and hopefully, the FABULOUS Genie Francis will F-I-N-A-L-L-Y get the RESPECT that she truly deserves!!!!! It’s been long overdue!!!!!
2. To me, Genie now has the opportunity and all to shine without Geary’s spoiled ego getting in the way. AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!
3. Most of all, as far as I’m concerned, Anthony Geary=GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!!!!!!!

Just saying……….

jaybird, we disagree on Tony. I have no desire to meet him, dont care about his diva-like poses and only enjoy him as Luke on screen.

Laura: Love her. BUT, where is her story? Tony has been gone for 10 months and she is sitting in the background poking her head in at Spoon Island or showing up at Liz’s house. I respect Genie BUT I want to RESPECT her on her own two feet! Make her devious, make her horny, make her a business mogul, make her SOMETHING!

I with you–Genie appears less tense and much more free-wheeling again in her acting–IF ONLY TPTB WILL LET HER AT IT–GIVE HER A STORYLINE WORTHY OF HER TALENTS–AND THE FAN EXPECTATIONS. Go, Genie! I’m pulling for you and for a showcase for your talents–passion, humor, ad-libbing like crazy with snappy dialogue–and a passionate, humorous relationship.

I think it is utterly ridiculous to blame Ron for Tony’s storyline exit. Ron may have been the headwriter but the higher upps decided if the story woul air or not. Blame must lie with the entire team for a failure of this nature. Harding Lemay spoke of writing a story about an established character coming out and how the network killed the storyline. Do we really believe that headwriters decide the direction of a show? Days of Our Lives EP recently did this with their former writing team. He made comments such as he was not watching what was going on. I suppose that means no other person on the DOOL team was watching either — it is absurd. The DOOL storylines were approved by someone beyond the head writer. In this genre writers are the sacrificed by networks, producers, actors and fans. It’s truly a shame if it weren’t for the words on the page where would this genre be? Reality TV? Wait even those shows are now admittedly scripted.

And back when Mr. Lemay was writing Another World, the headwriter actually did have a fair amount of influence over the storylines–and even then the execs had final say, as you noted. The headwriter has had less influence since the late 1980s writers’ strike, and progressively less since then. Although I’m sure there is still room for suggestions and the headwriter’s suggestions do carry weight, story seems to be decided by committee now, and the headwriter is by no means the most influential voice. The job of headwriter seems now pretty much to be to figure out how to execute the storylines that are decided upon, rather than to determine what they are going to be.

I think even within that changed job description, RC’s work on General Hospital is open to criticism. The pacing was often very uneven, for example, and the camp took over, especially toward the end of his run, at the expense of the drama. Both of those are execution issues, not story issues. But I suspect he did pretty well with what he was told, or allowed, to write, and I found GH more watchable than not. Blaming him for story choices, however—such as how often the vets were or were not used, or something like the decision to bring back Franco, or the decision to kill off AJ—strikes me as precarious, without more knowledge than I think any of us have about exactly who was responsible for which story decisions.

That said, RC can be his own worst enemy. I don’t begrudge him what he said in his acceptance speech, as I thought it both was justified and tied in well with getting a writing award, given the exact nature of Geary’s diss. But his own behavior, especially on Twitter, didn’t help him out, and probably factored into his eventual dismissal. I hope he has learned something from the experience. I’d like to see him pop up somewhere again. He’s talented.

Genie was already a main focus as Laura when Luke hit town. Luke and Laura were a phenomenon–not just Luke, and I feel like he spent decades downplaying and belittling that. Perhaps he didn’t want to be stereotyped by that role and storyline but you know what? Too late and also many non-working actors would give anything to have become a house hold name for awhile.
Tony ruined Luke for me and he has ruined my memories of the Luke and Laura early days storyline.
As for Ron, I feel it must be hard to write for someone who makes nonstop demands that directly oppose the desires of the fan base you are trying to please. Also, Tony’s schedule must have been difficult to write for. How csn you give him a love story when he isn’t there for 4-6 months out of the year. How utterly unfair was that to poor Jane Elliot who only had screen time when he was in town and then suddenly would have to shift when he was gone. It felt inconsistent and I always wanted Tracy to just kick him to the curb for good but Tony wanted Luke with Tracy so of course, as soon as he was back, Tracy would be written to go totally against character and jump for Luke again.
Personally, I feel Ron came and saved the show from being canceled. He brought back the nurses ball and attempted to do things to bring back the feel of the classic GH days. He even brought Jason back. Did the storylines take a while to develop? Yes–but he was trying to put together many important storylines at one time and then suddenly Tony needs surgery and a story line that was supposed to develop faster and end sooner, had to be put on hold and suddenly Ron had to fill in dead air time with new characters but also trying to keep the Fluke storyline going without the main character. So characters like Brad and Fekix and Lucas and Rosalie develop more only to need to be pushed aside again once Tony returned. He gave the kids (who many people liked) bigger storylines only to then be insulted because the “bratty” kids were getting too much time. He created a very detailed storyline of Jason getting in a car accident and forgetting who he was and then starting over–all really good in my opinion and pretty realistic in timeline, only to be insulted and hated by Jasam fans who hated seeing Jason with Liz. Isn’t that what soap operas are supposed to do? Have conflict and tension and keep characters unhappy? Would anyone really want to watch a storyline where their fav couple is happy all the time because that leads to a boring couple and less air time for that couple.
I feel Ron was a good writer and I feel that Tony’s exit interview was classless and I don’t blame Ron at all for his small dig. It seems to me that everyone loved Taylor Swifts recent dig at Kanye at the Grammy’s calling her a strong woman for her comments. Why is it petty and classless when Ron does it??

I agree with your statement wholehearted: “Tony ruined Luke for me and he has ruined my memories of the Luke and laura early days storyline.” You say it all and say it well! Amen and amen!

I completely agree Shari!

I love the way Ron Carlivati handled his acceptance speech. Geary’s post-show comments should not have gone unanswered.

Carlivati did a LOT I didn’t like in the last year and a half he had on the show but the Fluke storyline cannot be hung solely on him. Geary and his enormous ego – ludicrously large in comparison to the tiny bit of talent he at one time may have possessed – dictated a LOT of what we saw on screen, just as the asshat has done for many years. Remember how many cast members he’s dissed over the years, too.
Fluke was a fitting end to what had become a reprehensible, show eating character, but one Geary was THRILLED with and said so publicly – unitl if finally sunk in to his bloated head that this actually was it, the end, and he’d no longer be coming back to a place where he could bully, demand and not deliver.

It was time for Carlivati to go, that’s without argument on my part.

But it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past time for Geary to depart as well. What a sad, pathetic excuse for a man he is.

Good for Ron and the GH writing team. They weren’t perfect, but who could be with what they have to produce every year. I think he did a fine job and Geary became vocally arrogant in his last few interviews. Tit for tat, as they say.

Congrats to Ron, and a big Bronx cheer back to Tony. he didn’t care what the fans watched the show to see. He decided what he wanted and so goodbye, and good riddance. Ron came on did some good and some bad. he needs to be less getting even, and more grown up. I find GH even worse now. Everyone is evil .and no one pays for murder. Geary burned his bridges, he said his piece and left. he didn’t want Laura beck and blamed GH for the fact that he wasn’t a big movie star, like that face could ever rule the big screen? I always thought he was lucky to get the role of Luke, and have his fans keep him on. the story Ron won for was mostly because the newer actors brought it.

ABC and the GH bigwigs created the monster known as Anthony Geary – large salary, summers off, dictating that he didn’t want Genie Francis on the show, etc. Geary is a good actor, but a lousy human. Carlivati was classy; he should have been more direct in bringing Geary down a few pegs.

Ron Carlivati proved day in and day out via social media that he was nothing more than a thin-skinned, self-righteousness, childish jerk without one ounce of class. This acceptance speech was just the latest demo. Class would have been shown by taking the high road and accepting his award and being grateful that the basis for it was only a couple of selected episodes. He further proved how much power Geary had over his little tiny pride by giving Tony the spotlight, AGAIN in what should have been Ron’s moment. Tony was probably thrilled.
Geary didn’t get him fired. The suits just chose a much needed, often demanded, long overdue, audience pleasing FRESH START. The ratings prove they were right.

Ron Carlivati,
You are not only a writer, but a brilliant writer!!! I love your work, and you got me watching GH again after not watching for many years due to the Sonny Jason “SHOW.”..
MY FAVORITE soap of all time was OLTL!! YOU made that soap so incredibly fun…and the actors were so lucky to have both you and Frank…

In addition, when OLTL was cancelled ..took me a very long time to stop being angry and hating DISNEY/ABC…WORST decision ever. I hate them to this day. However , your moving to GH helped many people, and were able to continue to see the actors and your work. You are a very talented man…and Tony Geary…well…it saddens me that he chose the route he did with his last interview..sad. ..And you deserved better. Sad for him. Sad for his fans. I can’t imagine, how you felt…you handled with Class!

General Hospital

General Hospital Pays Tribute to Tyler Christopher at End of Episode, ABC Exec Nathan Varni Shares: “You’ll Always Be In Our Hearts”

If you caught the end of the Monday, November 27th Thanksgiving episode of General Hospital, the ABC daytime drama ended the show with a special dedication to Tyler Christopher (ex-Nikolas Cassadine), who passed away on October 31st at the age of 50.

With a very touching title card, and a photo of Tyler from his younger days as the dark prince of the Cassadine clan, it read, “In Loving Memory of Tyler Christopher.”

On Tuesday, November 28th, ABC Current Series executive, Nathan Varni, who oversees Grey’s Anatomy, The Conners, Station 19 and General Hospital for the network, shared on X some additional thoughts on Tyler’s contributions to the GH family.

Photo: JPI

Varni expressed: “This lovely tribute card was shown at the end of yesterday’s episode of GH In loving memory of Tyler Christopher. Thanks for bringing Nikolas Cassadine to life on our screens, you’ll always be in our hearts. RIP.”

Tyler played the role of GH’s Nikolas from 1996–1999, 2003–2011, and lastly from 2013–2016. He also took on the role of Connor Bishop from 2004–2005. The late actor took home the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 2016 for his work as Nikolas.

Share your thoughts on GH honoring Tyler at the end of their Thanksgiving episode via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

GH’s Scarlett Fernandez on Charlotte’s Mindset: “She Completely Believes That Anna is Out to Get Her”

Once returning to General Hospital, Scarlett Fernandez (Charlotte) has been involved in a juicy storyline, where an impressionable young Charlotte Cassadine has been persuaded almost brain-washed, if you will, via a letter from Victor Cassadine from the grave.

In it, he implores Charlotte to keep Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) away from her father, Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). So, taking that to heart, Charlotte burned Anna’s house down and much more.  When she gets shot by Anna after intruding into the super spy’s apartment, the stakes get even higher.

Valenin had figured out that Charlotte was stalking Anna and trying to do her harm, but did not inform Anna. That has caused a major rift in their relationship.  Meanwhile, Laura (Genie Francis) and Valentin confronted Charlotte after she returned home from the hospital.

Photo: ABC

In her latest interview with Soap Opera Digest, Fernandez shared on getting to play this kind of story: “It’s definitely an honor because when I was little, I was getting storylines, but this is just crazy! I kind of feel like I’m treated like an adult on the show now, almost, and it’s just been great. I’ve been given great stuff and the fact that Frank (Valentini, EP, GH) and all of his co-workers have trusted me has just been an amazing feeling.”

With everyone confronting Charlotte on her dirty deeds against Anna, and her denying it, Fernandez weighs-in on just where Charlotte is at this point in her mind: “I think that she definitely realizes that the people around her don’t believe her and don’t trust her and I think that really frustrates her because she completely believes that Anna is out to get her. So that (the adults in her life don’t believe her) is hard for her.”

Photo: ABC

There is also burgeoning chemistry between Jake (Hudson West) and Charlotte! So what does Fernandez think of that? Is she using him, or could be the beginning of young love? She expressed: “I think it’s definitely a little bit of both. I think that maybe she and Jake are partners-in-crime, but I also think that Jake has or will have a good influence on her. She just really needs someone to be there for her and for her to be able to confide in and I think that he has been that.”

So, have you been enjoying Scarlett’s performances as a troubled Charlotte? Would you like to see Jake and Charlotte have a ‘date’? Do you think Charlotte needs deprogramming to help her out of the grip that Victor has on her; as she believes Anna is the cause of all the trouble that will come her father’s way, if she doesn’t find a way to get rid of her? Weigh-in via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

Soap Stars and Notables Participate in the 91st Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade (Photos)

Sunday night in tinseltown, it was time for the 91st anniversary of the Hollywood Christmas Parade, which has become an annual tradition featuring soap stars and other celebrities from primetime, movies, music, and sports as thy drive down famed Hollywood Boulevard amongst floats and musical performances.

While many attended the live event, viewers around the country will be able to see the taped version of the parade on Friday, December 15th when it has its first airing on The CW in a two-hour special starting at 8 pm ET/PT.

Taking part in the festivities were: General Hospital’s Tajh Bellow (TJ), The Bold and the Beautiful’s Kimberlin Brown (Sheila), Ashley Jones (Bridget), Denise Richards (ex-Shauna), and Naomi Matsuda (Li), Days of our Lives stars, then and now, including: Deidre Hall (Marlena), A Martinez (ex-Eduardo), Stephen Nichols (Steve), Brant Daughtery (ex-Brian), and Jen Lilley (ex-Theresa), The Young and the Restless’ Kate Linder (Esther) and former star Tatyana Ali (ex-Roxanne), The Bay’s Kristos Andrews (Peter/Adam) and Maxwell Caufield (Sir Thomas Kenway), plus As the World Turns Ming Na Wen (ex-Lien) and more.

In addition, iconic dancer/singer and choreographer, Paula Abdul was the recipient of the Humanitarian of the Year, while Dean Cain, Erik Estrada, Laura McKenzie, Montel Williams along with guest host, Elizabeth Stanton, called the Sunday-after-Thanksgiving tradition from different locations around the parade route.

Now below, check out some of the snaps from the 91st annual Hollywood Christmas Parade featuring some of your soap favorites.

Photo: JPI

Wow! Marlena and Sheila together for the first time! Imagine if Marlena as the MarDevil met up with Sheila Carter and caused all sorts of havoc from Salem to Los Angeles? Crossover? Here’s Deidre Hall and Kimberlin Brown getting into the holiday spirit.

Photo: JPI

Reunited and it feels so good? Remember when Daytime Emmy-winner, A Martinez came to Salem to play Eduardo Hernandez, father to Gabi, Rafe and Dario? Now, A can be seen in The Bay. Meanwhile, Stephen Nichols continues to keep on keepin’ on as Salem’s “Patchman”.

Photo: JPI

GH’s Tajh Bellow with his lady love actress Lauren Speights.

Photo: JPI

Giving us some Christmas wrapping vibes, The Bold and the Beautiful’s Naomi Matsuda (Li).

Photo: JPI

Always ready for the holidays is former Days of our Lives star, Jen Lilley (ex-Theresa).

Photo: JPI

Former ‘Bold and Beautiful’ star, Denise Richards (ex- Shauna) dressed in the holiday spirit.

Photo: JPI

There is no doubt! Our pick for ‘Best Dressed’ has to go to General Hospital’s Josh Kelly (Cody). I mean, how can you top that for being in the ‘Christmas Spirit’?

Photo: JPI

Humanitarian of the Year recipient, Paula Abdul.

Photo: JPI

Former As the World Turns Star Ming-Na Wen (ex-Lien Hughes) ready for the holiday season.

Photo: JPI

Brant Daughtery brought along his young son, and wife Kimberly, who is expecting their second child.

Photo: JPI

Maxwell Caufield who will soon appear in the latest season of The Bay, looking ‘Christmas’ dapper.

Photo: JPI

Ready for winter, and dressed in holiday white, Y&R’s Kate Linder.

So, who’s holiday outfit from their appearance in the Hollywood Christmas Parade, did you think was the best? Let us know via the comment section.

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