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Alexis and Julian's Wedding Day: How Many Interruptions Will There Be? Watch The GH Promo!



“A super romantic wedding that goes off without a hitch … now what fun would that be?” That’s the voiceover in the latest ABC promo for General Hospital as the nuptials for Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Julian (William deVry) get underway this week!

But just when you think it’s going to be smooth sailing to the  “I do’s”, you might want to think again!  If you try to watch back the fast-paced last few seconds of the promo it looks as if  … someone busts into the church brandishing a gun … Sonny  (Maurice Benard) is involved … what looks like Lulu (Emme Rylan) falling into the waters … Morgan (Bryan Craig) with a gun, and Paul (Richard Burgi) with a gun.

Now just how will this all fit together and really play out in the actual story?  That’s the question inquiring GH fans want to know.

Watch the Julexis wedding promo after the jump.   Then let us know what you think will happen on their wedding day?


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Let the games begin!

I really am tired of the same old wedding delay by whichever means, it is way too old fashioned and simply stupid to have to watch the 1000000000 wedding interrupted..
writers should be intelligent enough to not use that uhho moment and give something different..
I was big fan of Julian and Alexis when they were daring exciting and in an unusual lusty-love, they were sooooooooooo hot !!
Now, they are just another 50ish old married couple, their lustiness has been killed and replaced with the boring usual ho-hum couple, what a shame…. 🙁 🙁

LOL you are too funny

I know Su00, give me good old fashioned robot sex over Jillian and Alexis.
But see? Robots cannot have sex in the bathtub or they rust.
As Neil Young once said, “Rust never sleeps.”
That said, I will not watch this wedding as I am allergic to shell fish and bottom feeders.
If it gives others pleasure to watch this debacle of wedding then I say more power to them.
My regrets have been sent as I abhor those who refuse to RSVP.

Your manners are impeccable, Harry! And they say proper etiquette is dead……

I’m delaying this post! Ha ha ha!

Timm, you obstructionist, you!

I miss the days of romantic weddings, like Nina and Cliff on AMC, for example. I like Julian and Alexis too. Maybe as a wedding gift, Sam will go mute, and then we won’t have to hear her monotone voice replay the Jason saga over and over again. #boring #fastforward

Oh, my goodness, dmr. I know I wasn’t even born when Nina and Cliff were married. But, AMC was one of my favorites; dearest to my heart, soap. I watched every available clip and snippet.
We cannot compare that couple to Alexis and Julian. Alexis is a grandmother who has lived life and been with more men than I have fingers.
Nina was a vision of innocence; swathed in frothy white, symbol of purity….face aglow, which only youth can present.
It’s a joke! At the same time, you crack me up, dmr….later.

Hi dmr…some think “grandmothers”..,be they 40-something or beyond…who have a past love life…are done. Or should be. Lol…I like Alexis and Julian too. Where I differ from you is I’m also a fan of Sam.

I have a feeling they’ll end up married somehow. Could the writers please get Morgan off of GH? They have no idea what to do with the character but make him go berserk from time to time. They should have kept him on his meds and coping with the consequences so that the actor could play other emotions other than hysteria.

I have said it from day one, the character of Morgan is a waste of air-time. The actor is over-playing the recent storyline and is not doing it any justice. Terrible acting and I have no sympathy for the character whatsoever.

Thats why I want Luke back. Not starting another Luke debate but my point is you have characters like Morgan, Nathan, Andre, Jordan, Miss America and the list goes on who are disposable! Luke is useful and can act! Bring him back and have him and Laura grind out their difference! Luke can fight for Tracy and Laura can date someone like Stephan that will drive Luke Batty!

Yes, yes, yes, snd yes.

My ‘yes’ replies were in answer to your comment, dmr. Lol.

Morgan’s story with going off the meds is pretty common with Bi-polar disorder. People miss the highs, and go off the meds for that reason. That story has yet to be played. People also hate the side effects, which is the story GH is telling, albeit with mobsters, guns, and mob wars.

I miss the Morgan who was such a smart kid and can’t reconcile it with the adult Morgan who is none too bright, which is not the same thing as having Bi-P disorder. This story would be so much more interesting if Morgan were bright enough to express how it feels to have the illness and be on the meds, and bright enough to call his doc when he has a bad side effect, like ED.

I think the actor is not big enough to handle the material. Even in his scenes with Kiki, that recasted actor has gotten much better and he has not.


Agreed. Hayley Erin is really improving and I like her as Kiki. GH needs a few more people in its younger set so that she has an alternative to Morgan, although I suspect TPTB see this as a Romeo and Juliet story with the two mob families.

I know, Trudy. I think we are all aware that this is what bipolar patients do….go on and off their meds. But, Morgan is not an interesting character. He is doing real people afflicted with the disorder a disservice. He is terrible!

Yes, I am sold on Hayley. I have been for a while. She’s fantastic!

I like Morgan. A lot. First, I think Bryan is an extremely good actor. Thought so from the beginning. I remember how powerful and heartbreaking he was when he and Sonny clashed at the metro court so long ago.

I also think he’s playing the manic, anxious role very convincingly, as well as his frustratuon, confusion and angst as he tries to accept his reality. As far as not calling his doctor about the side effects, I think that will come later. Like Sonny who we’ve seen go through catastrophic meltdowns…he’ll eventually, hopefully, find his way. He’s been lost for a while. Still is. But we see him grappling with it.

I think they’re doing a great job tackling this condition. Maurice Bernard as we all know has BP and is consulting. Im sure it’s a rocky road for many and instead of painting a rosey picture they’re showing what the individual as well as the family goes through. Kudos!

Good point. The consequences of the meds and going on and off them are part of the story of being bi-polar. But this story as written and acted lacks nuance and complexity. It isn’t helping the public understand what bi-polar disorder is or what people with the disorder go through. The disorder just seems to be an excuse for Morgan to flip out from time to time and do disruptive and dangerous things.

And I also agree that Hayley has done amazing things with the character of Kiki — better even than what Kristen Alderson did with the role, as much as I liked that actress.

I don’t think the writers can decide what to do with anyone really…

Yeah, that is something I also declared a few times. TPTB tend to keep characters on the shelf, take them down now and then, until such time as they decide what to do with them. You are so right.

That’s very true. Every character is out of character. The lovers are boring. The haters are boring. The only thing better is the dialogue and that’s because it had hit rock bottom under Carliveti. Anything is better.
I actually think Morgan is well-acted and the treatment of the subject disease is 100 times better than the debacle at Y&R. That show should be sued for their incredible version of someone suffering from bi-polar disorder.
As for Tony Geary, it’s a gift to me that he’s gone. ENOUGH of him demanding and getting consistent opportunities to chew up scenes and spit out stories. Yes, the man can act but, so can many, many, many, many people and the grace and beauty is knowing when to fold ’em and his day for packing it in has come and gone, hallelujah.

@Melissa……Whilst I’m on the side of this marriage never happening, if it should be so unfortunate as to actually occur, the only place that vows between this couple should ever be exchanged is behind bars….with the groom wearing orange and the bride…well, whatever!

“Wedding interruptus?” (Thank you, Harry!) One can only hope! Oh, and the choice of bridal attire is EXACTLY what I expected…..WHITE? Give me a break! (Tsk tsk….) As for the “style statement? No further elaboration required on that subject! (Although it does look rather, um, nippy, for winter nuptials!)

Speaking of nippy, did you ever notice on these soaps the actors will wear next to nothing or carry their coats on their arm as they exit the room? ITS COLD! Where are the hats, the gloves and hot chocolate! I never see anyone shoveling the sidewalks at Kellys Diner! Does anyone ever get a dead battery?

heeeyyy Timmm..
It Wisconsin! they wear flannel shirts, big fluffy warm slippers, mukluk boots in the snow not high heels, sit in Lund fishing boats and have snowmobiles..
Most dress up for weddings and funerals, only.. LOL

Speaking of clothing, Timmmy. I was surprised to see Julian, in the picture, with his shirt on! Ha!!

Suffice to say, that dress is not at all flattering.
Now don’t yell at me–I am dishing the dress, not the woman.
Horrid choice, just horrid.

Harry1. I know you weren’t criticizing the dress being white as most of us know any woman can wear white, whether it’s her first marriage or her tenth, whether she’s a virgin or experienced, whether she has children or grandchildren. The antiquated “rules”went out so long ago and were written by… who? Some know-it-alls who decides what’s proper? Love the anything goes…do what you want, wear what you want mentality. As for the cut or style? I’m going to reserve judgment until I see her at the alter. If she gets there. Would have liked her hair up though…

@Timmm…..We could only wish that Julian or Alexis would get a dead battery…..especially on wedding eve!!!! That they couldn’t even observe the time-honored tradition of spending that one night apart sans nookie says it all. (Sounds like CeeCee’s medical diagnosis is more than correct…..)

Oh yeah…where would the world be without “time-honored traditions?” Shudder!

@Harry 1,
Yes, dearest, Harry. An off-white suit would have been more indicative, for this time around. I have no idea how many times Alexis has been married. But, considering she has three grown daughters and a grandson, I think she could have chosen something more demure.
Who chooses for the them? Wardrobe? In that case, the bride, ahem, had no choice.

Tell me about it, @Harry 1…….Where is “Duke of Bloomingdale’s” when his fashion expertise is so sorely needed????

I think the priest is dressed nice!

I am beginning to think, Shay….well, actually for a looooong while now, that some people doth protest too much. Over a fictional character, no less. What a litany!!!!!!!! It just makes one wonder??
Well, again, Shay……I have said this ad nauseam…..this couple CANNOT, i repeat, CANNOT be married in the Roman Catholic Church. It is a no-no, if indeed, this is a Catholic priest. Again, unless one is a widow/widower, or gets special dispensation from the Vatican, divorcees cannot marry in the RCC, PERIOD.
Anyone who naysays this IS WRONG. 100% WRONG!!
Fashion? What fashion? The only dress/gown that was beautiful, in its simplicity, was Sam’s. She also wore it well…flowing, without any couture faux pas. Unlike Olivia’s…..
…….While it was a gorgeous dress on an equally gorgeous body, she did not wear it well. It was dragging on one shoulder, and the stitching in back was so bad, it made the waistline look ruched. I also loved Kiki’s red lace…so Kiki…it’s her color…her skin was glowing!!
As far as the bride? We shall see. I will not be surprised if it plunged to the navel. How about a little bolero jacket or creamy, silky foulard over the shoulders? Tasteful, yes?
In all honesty, Shay….I cannot deny how pretty Alexis is, albeit I hold a strong antipathy for the character. She is naturally attractive; therefore in no need to put it all out there. Just sayin’.
Later, babes.

Thanks for the backup, my Shay. I am not some charlatan who spews things out of my****.
As far as the wedding….I will stick to my guns. I like tradition. My opinion. People are free to do what they choose, after all is said and done.
I did mention that the symbol of ‘white’ really lost its meaning. It’s a brand new, beautiful-ugly world. It depends on the person. However, a woman of a certain age should be more mindful of her modesty. Let the stones be hurled! Ha and Lol…Love.

Thats ONE of the problems with this world today CeeCee, no one believes in traditions anymore! I could write a hundred pages on how Christmas has been gutted of traditions and family but thats not for here. But back to the wedding. I once knew a girl who got married in a PINK wedding gown! I gasp EVERYTIME I think about it! By the way, the marriage didnt last! Luv ya babe!

Of course, CeeCeeGirl….it was my pleasure! I am also one to “err” (not that I consider it to be such….) on the side of tradition. There is nothing wrong with maintaining certain standards….as Downton Abbey’s Carson the Butler has so eloquently observed, once abandoned, they are impossible to regain! However, in terms of this wedding, if it were meant to be in the “bohemian” spirit of the “bride” herself, in other words, modern and so clearly against the grain of polite society, then why must it have been set in a church, and not say, Ava’s art gallery? That would have provided the suitable avant-garde backdrop for this obviously “anything goes” couple. Or the MetroCourt? No, instead Alexis had to demand a religious setting for her big day, although God only knows why when she professes no beliefs. It’s all really quite silly when one considers the alternative venues that were available. As for the fashion parade, thus far, you have called it correctly, and I echo your spot-on sentiments that a lace jacket, pashmina/wrap, or even capelet could have provided a fitting winter touch, tasteful finish and respectful coverage to whatever matrimonial wear Alexis dons—white or otherwise….and it would have saved the priest from averting his eyes from the obvious up close and personal peep show.

This looks awful, back to guns, guns and more guns. The only thing missing is a woman character tied up to a chair and having a gag in her mouth.
Exciting stuff GH!

Lol, Ryan…great post.
you forgot the girl tied up on the railroad tracks…..”along came Jones”…. Except the only hero ( heroine) here is female: ANNA!!

Thank you, mia amica! I’ve long referred to fair Anna as “The Divine Devane!” As for your “Midwinter Night’s Nightmare?” Inspired! You’ve done “The Bard” proud with that one!

@Ryan….That sounds like something Julian and Alexis would get up to on their “honeymoon!” (Although I’m hoping they don’t get past the “I do” part…..instead of a wedding march, I’d prefer a frogmarch out of the church for Julian, courtesy of the divine Anna Devane! To the strains of Mendelssohn…just for good measure!)

HaHa…hilarious, Shay. Strains of Mendelssohn, indeed. How about ‘ Midwinter Night’s Nightmare?’ Later, love.

Hmmmm. Divine Devane….how quaint. I like it.

Thank you, ma belle.

hi Ryan.. the last time I saw a gun Anna was holding
I’d be GH has 4, 5 at the most prop guns..

They need something original but I don’t think its happening…

Su…you brought it up, but sometimes you can be a 30ish or 40ish married couple and be boring by your standards. Kids and mortgage can do that to you. Heck, even some of the unmarried couples can be boring. But blame it on the writers…I do long for some of the adventûres couples used to have…many times in “exotic” locations…Frisco/ Felicia, Anna/Robert, Laura/Luke.

Dearest Rose,
I may not be at that stage of my life yet, but, you know better than I, I would assume, that sex and lust is healthy at any age; in moderation….otherwise it becomes a disease. By the same token, sex does become a luxury if one leads a busy life…kids, everyday life etc. But, it is not realistic to have so much sex at that age. Osphena and Viagra do help. There is a gross mismatch here. Julian needs none of it ….he is in his prime. Alexis is another story.
Nonetheless, as I have said to su, these characters can only go so far in the sex department. So, it does become boring seeing the same thing over and over. I just get repulsed by Alexis and Julian doing the tango. Perhaps next time they should have a rose in their mouths, to break the monotony. Not you, sweet, Rose. Lol. I didn’t even realize the pun until I wrote the word, ‘rose’.

hi CeeCee..
Sex without the lusty passion- is like a once a month Saturday night roll-over ahaaa!

You know what I am saying, yes, Rose? There is such a thing as too much abnormal craving……It is a very simple thing to go on the Internet and check it out. It is a medical condition. That is a fact.
I have come to realize that I misread your earlier post, of say a few weeks ago? You were trying to make a point which completely went over my head; and, I apologize for that.
Never have you tried to challenge my intelligence. I do appreciate that. So, to sort of elongate my reply, you are so right, life happens. Sometimes, sex is the last thing on people’s minds, yet at other times, it is a relief of all the stresses life can bring.
I appreciate you communicating with me. Night.

Oh my G-d! Lolololol…a healthy sexual relationship between consulting adults…is a disease!!!! Ahhhhh…swiping away tears of laughter.

Nancy and Will are friends. They have more fun OFF camera than on. I like these two and their characters. I mean, what other couple can we root for. Jasam is STARTING to take shape and the Kristina story COULD be good if they write it with some courage. BUT in the end, I hope that the wedding is eye catching. GH is so cheap when it comes to their sets. The past two NB sets were a joke and the MC and Sonny’s warehouse are laughable! I ALMOST gave credit to Liz’s house exploding. It was great as Jason carried Sam out the door as it blew up. HOWEVER, he then picks her up a minute later and carries her past the front door and all you see is a little camp fire burning. WHAT?

Well at least they are still trying to build sets, over on Days when they want a warehouse shot, or the high school, they just shoot in the empty studio or in a hallway in the studio– and who says soaps don’t do location shoots–LOL

I know Mary all the soaps seem to have cut their set budgets. Oh the good old days!

Remember a few years ago Nick and Sharon ( and I think Phyllis, too) went to Paris? It wasn’t fake. The background was the Seine, verily, Lol. None of that happens anymore…too bad! As Timmm says; budget cuts, for all remaining soaps.

Alexis’s house blew up….the Spenser’s old house blew up’…now Liz’s home also blew up…im waiting for the next one…lol


Hey, Jim…me, too…LOL!!!!!

Liz’s house needed to blow up…The cracked fireplace became an eye sore…

Oy Vey, vaat a day!!

An uninterrupted wedding would make a nice rare twist…thats why i like AWs 1968 wedding(this rare ep. is on youtube) of Walter and Lenore-a beautiful uninterrupted old fashion church wedding and party that made you feel like you are at a real wedding-thats what good soap writers do instead of the predictable interruptions…but got to love the pun-someone ‘busts’ into Alexis’s wedding’…lol…will she and Julian honeymoon in Hooterville…lol…i could be wrong but i dont think there is a shooting at the wedding…probably Paul is there to arrest someone?

Don’t care! Alexis’ character has been violated so badly I can no longer invest. And Julian is a killer–no way to identify, care for, or empathize with him. (Snoozezzzzzzz)

Indeed. Nancy, Julian was lost to me the day he whined to Jordan that Anna was picking on him. The word he used was “inappropriate.” On one hand, he is a cold blooded killer who expects his happily ever after and the other, he’s a big ole whiny sissy. I remember way back in the late 80’s there was this type of car alarm which had a whiny, effeminate sounding male voice wail,”Someone is tampering with me” when someone touched the car. To me, that is how Julian sounded when he whined to Jordan about Anna.
And it has been made clear that Alexis knows that he had Duke killed. She doesn’t care.–she wants her man no matter what. Carly nailed it yesterday when she said that Alexis is a hypocrite.
I am honestly not into any of the couples currently playing at the General Hospital Theater.

Nor am I Harry–and you nailed it re Julian AND Alexis. Well said!

Julian would not bother me half as much if he were with anyone else other than Alexis, the advocate, officer of the court. She gives attorneys a bad name. She should ‘mingle’ with men who follow the law, not break it.

They made Julian a whiner when they also couldn’t decide what to do with him. They wrote him all over the place. Yes one day he is a bad ass mobster. Every mobster wants their mob wife but they don’t give up who they are completely for them. Bad writing.

How has her character been violated? She fell for Sonny, Jerry Jax, Shawn and now Julian. All involved with the mob. She rejected all of them, with the exception of Sonny who went back to Carly…because they wouldn’t leave the business. Julian did. I don’t see a departure from character. Still love her.

SURE he did (wink, wink). And isn’t she a LAWYER? Say what?! Where are her ethics? She knows that Julian had Duke killed, for heaven’s sake! Come on!
Give me a break!

And Anna knew that Duke had a hit out on Jordan. Sabrina knows Carlos killed Duke. Lulu knows Johnny killed his father, Olivia knows Sonny and Julian are hitmen. Liz, a nurse commited to saving lives, loved Jason even when he was Stone Cold. Diane…another lawyer…defends the mob and is dating Max, Sonny’s bodyguard, who presumably would kill if he had to. As Epiphany…dating Milo. Laura, and Tracy loved the ol’ Luke…even knoaing his invovement in crime.

The whole town is knee deep…just a matter of degree.

And I dont know why everyone keeps saying Julian ordered the hit. He approved it, eventually. But it was Carlos itching to take him out and convinced Julian it had to be done. I loved Duke…but objectively speaking Alexis is just one of the casualties of the women who love too much in Port Chuck.

Good points Rebecca. All of the GH women have been intertwined with the mobsters at one time or another. Alexis is no different.

Thank you Abruzzfan. Alexis is such a loved character, deservedly so. She’s just so likeable! And for Carly of all the Port Charles women to call Alexis a hypocrite was just as funny as some of the posters on this site singling her out Sigh…oh well. Not everyone is a good judge of character (pun intended!) 😉

I have been asking that question for months, Nancy. ” where are her ethics” and , may I add, her modesty in the courtroom?. Thank you, for that! I always get rebuffed.

Hello, my friend,
You are correct. Even the most ‘sainted’ woman in Port Charles has been tainted by the mob monsters….however, Alexis is the only flamboyant Bohemian. She is the only one her age, who can’t seem to get enough. Not suited for a MATURE woman. It is not NORMAL to indulge soooo much. Especially at her age.
I am strictly talking about behavior and dress code here….not the scum of the earth with whom she and the other PC women associate. That ‘condition’ deserves an entire chapter.
Why are some socially respectable and intelligent women attracted to bad boys? It is not such a mystery. It is a psychological phenomenon having to do with said woman’s past.
Lol, I don’t want to bore you. Later.

Whatever. Next……….

“Lusty love”isn’t unusual…it’s hopegully the norm for all couples. We’re just not going to get graphic portrayals on a daytime network show.

If you want graphic lust nutthin like a a good Vampire show…True Blood, Vampire Diaries…and probably, The Originals, which I’ve yet to watch but is on my binge list…there’s where you’ll get your fix. And great stories too.

Alexis and Julian? I’m just hoping whatever happens they get to say “I do”…

This was a reply to Su that got thrown out of order!

It Feb sweeps time, there’s a grand wedding with lots of drama attached to it– it is tradition, like turkey at Thanksgiving, presents at Christmas and hearts on Valentine’s Day. It just wouldn’t be Feb on the soaps without one of them doing a wedding that gets interrupted– I look forward to it all year long–just like I look forward to the trouble youth coming to town every June just in time to have a teen story for the summer– sometimes, you just can’t mess with tradition.

Can Lulu stay in the warm, please?


She should fall in the water, sink to the bottom and who surfaces but Julie Berman!


I think my new nickname for Lulu is Boo-boo

I like it Harry !

I think Lulu is obnoxious at times. It made perfect sense for Dante to be concerned about her and Rocco staying at the Haunted Star. In my opinion he should have insisted on Rocco not staying there. Can’t force Luly but it’s his right as a father to exert his parental say in a potentially dangerous situation. Everyone knows all the criminal activity that goes on by the docks. Completely stupid for a woman and child to stay on a deserted boat…frustratingly stupid. And then she pulls that belligerant crap like a kid telling her parent to leave her alone…she’s a big girl and can make her own decisions. Apparently not. These characters are so dumbed down…

Did you see yesterday’s show in which Boo Boo told Don’t-Know that it’s her fault he slept with Valerie?

Please Harry…the way Lulu acts at times makes ME want to sleep with Valerie…and I’m straight! 🙂

I completely agree Harry!

Ha ha! Rebecca, you are funny.
I think Honey Lulu could drive a man to drink and cheat.

By the same token, Harry 1. A disheveled, nondescript, mama’s-boy, unsexy, kissy-poo husband would drive me to cheat. ME!!!! The one who never would. LOL.

DUH… its very transparent..
wedding interruption..

The 19th is date of carel Gun shipment buy.. and Julian, Ava and Sonny will be at the wedding on the 19th..
Not hard to figure out.. LOL

I hope that Julexis make it through their wedding! LOVE them! And it’s nice to have a hot, loving pairing that involves actors over the age of 45 for a change. Enjoyed watching them have some happiness for a change and look forward to inevitable angst.

I hope that once again Sonny doesn’t get to upstage everyone but with him at the wedding, he’ll probably have to “save” them all from some evil enemy, so his journey to sainthood will be complete.

Still can’t wait until the wedding, only two days away!

And I can wait forever–lol!

Too funny, nancy.

I truly find it kind of strange for Sonny to attend the wedding. He and Julian are archenemies. Dumb and Dumber, if you ask me. I don’t care that he is going because Kristina asked him.
Do not get it…I thought Sonny was do steadfast in his convictions….first and foremost; do not break whatever stupid, hypocritical code of ‘ethics’ mobsters live by.
Another thing, nancy. Is that a priest in the picture? Is this a Catholic Ceremony? Oh, my!!!! I hope the saints and Tabernacle don’t bring destruction upon their heads. Maybe objects will start moving around. Me oh, my…Blasphemy!! Lol.

I can’t wait for it NOT to happen. Please, please, please! Oh, and CeeCee? I think lightning should definitely strike this unholy misalliance….God’s wrath and all that, don’t ya know?

Lets hope they get some screen time for that angst!!!

I do like the part about the couple being over forty-five.
I just wish it were a different couple….like say, Robert and Anna or Robert and Holly or Mac and Felicia.
This couple just doesn’t float my boat but if they float yours.
Sometimes I become frustrated when I hear such statements,”At least they’re giving us a gay story.” Or, “At least they’re giving us an African American romance.” And, in this case, I hear,”At least they’re giving us a romance between two older characters.” Or worse yet, “At least they’re giving us a romance involving Prince Charming, Sparkle Ponies and Unicorns.” See? I want a good old fashioned romance for all the aforementioned groups if it is done right. That means an introduction which ignites conflict, tension- build up thus forth propelling the story forward in an interesting and emotionally compelling way. I want to feel emotionally invested in the couple and I just don’t feel that way about this couple anymore than I feel that way about Sam and Jason, Nina and Franco, Maxie and Nathan, Felix and Lucas and Boo-Boo and Don’t-Know.
I don’t care how old they are, what color they are or what their sexual orientation is, give me a good romance and I will watch.

Forgive the incomplete sentence. I meant to finish with “if they float yours, then that is great.”

Yes, what you said….forevermore, Harry1.

Except for my Nina.I am starting to have misgivings about Franco and Nina. I think his eye is starting to wander. Poor Nina.

Its sweeps time so you know that something unexpected is going to happen at their wedding. I wish them luck!

General Hospital

Eva LaRue Makes Her ‘General Hospital’ Debut: What Were Your First Impressions of Natalia Rogers-Ramirez?

On the Monday, February 26th episode of General Hospital, former All My Children favorite, Eva LaRue (ex-Maria Santos), made her first appearance in her new recurring role of Blaze’s (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) mother, Natalia Rogers-Ramirez.

In key scenes, as Kristina (Kate Mansi) and Blaze are happy after spending the night together, Kristina is in for a shock when she is still in bed and the door opens and Blaze’s mother, Natalia strolls in seemingly oblivious to walked she just walked in.

Natalia announces, “Alison, Mommy’s here!” Then, Natalia looks over and sees Kristina in bed and both women are a bit startled. Kristina introduces herself to “Mrs. Rogers-Ramirez.” However, Natalia corrects her and says it’s “Miss.”

Photo: ABC

Next, Blaze walks into the room still in her robe. She is very shocked that her mother arrived in Port Charles much earlier than expected. Natalia wants an explanation of just what she walked in on. It is then, Kristina concocts a story and explains they had a girls’ night, and it got late so Alison let her crash.

Natalia seems to buy into Kristina’s lies. Blaze starts to argue with her mother over the non-vegan sandals her mother brought her from Puerto Rico and her grandmother’s pudding, which she has told her in the past she dislikes. Kristina pipes in that the reason Alison doesn’t like it, is because of the texture and the same goes for avocado and flan. Natalia says she thinks she knows her own daughter.

Photo: ABC

Then, Blaze gets more upset and asks Kristina to stay and be by her side. Blaze announces that she and Kristina are more than just friends. We already know that Natalia is from a very conservative background, so we anticipate on tomorrow’s episode of GH, she won’t approve finding out her daughter is gay. Stay-tuned.

So, were you happy to see Eva LaRue back on daytime and now on General Hospital? What were you first impressions of her new character Natalia Rogers-Ramirez? Share your thoughts in the comment section, but first, check out the scenes from her arrival below,

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General Hospital’s William Lipton to Star in Music Drama Series ‘The Runarounds’ From ‘Outer Banks’ Creators

This sounds like a perfect starring vehicle for the multi-talented William Lipton (Cameron Webber), who recently made a brief return to General Hospital for his best friend, Spencer Cassadine’s (the exited Nicholas Chavez) gravesite memorial service.

Now comes word that Lipton is set to star in a new series in the works entitled The Runarounds. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because The Runarounds is the name of the band seen in season three of Netflix’s popular series, Outer Banks. 

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Amazon has given the green light to an eight-episode, straight-to-series order for The Runarounds which premise features the story of a post-high school band as they try to make it big.

Photo: IsiahPate/Lipton IG

The fictional drama is inspired by the real life band of the same name and will star its group’s members: William Lipton, Axel Ellis, Jeremy Yun, Zendé Murdock and Jesse Golliher.

The Runarounds will be set and film in Wilmington, North Carolina, where Outer Banks was also shot. Skydance Television is the studio behind the series. Outer Banks creators Josh Pate, Joshua Pate, and Shannon Burke will bring this project to life.

Lipton took to his Instagram on Monday, once the news of the series was revealed, expressing, “Where are we going, fellas? To the top, Johnny!” Immediately GH co-stars past and present shared their congratulations to William including: Sydney Mikayla (ex-Trina Robinson) and Enzo De Angelis, who plays Lipton’s brother, Aiden on GH.


In a statement, Vernon Sanders, head of television at Amazon MGM Studios, expressed: “When we first met with Jonas and Skydance about The Runarounds, it was immediately clear that they brought us a special show featuring an incredibly talented cast and real-life band. We are very much looking forward to sharing the exhilarating journey of The Runarounds with our global Prime Video customers.”

The Runarounds were actually formed as a band back in 2021, when Jonas Pate issued a casting call looking for a group to appear on Outer Banks. The group first performed together when they played for Pate ahead of appearing in season three after being selected from a more than 5,000 musicians who responded to the call.

No word yet on when The Runarounds will be released.

So, excited for this opportunity for William Lipton to star in this music drama? Hope he returns to GH down the line? Comment below.


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Daytime Stars We Lost Remembered in 2024 SAG Awards In-Memoriam Tribute

On Saturday night at the 30th annual SAG Awards streaming on Netflix, several stars from the world of soap opera were remembered in a very moving In-Memoriam segment.

Honoring those actors we lost this past year, and set to the song “How do I Say Goodbye” by Dean Lewis, the screen was filled with so many heartbreaking losses.

Those who were remembered in the tribute included: Bill Hayes (Doug, Days of our Lives), Ellen Holly (Carla, One Life to Live), Nicolas Coster (Lionel, Santa Barbara et al), Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, GH, Stefan DAYS), Billy Miller (Billy, Y&R and Drew, GH), Sharon Farrell (Flo, Y&R), Arlene Sorkin (Calliope, DAYS), Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio, OLTL), Jeffrey Carlson (Zoe/Zarf, AMC) and Mark Goddard (Ted, OLTL).

Photo: ABC

Other notable stars who passed away and were included in the tribute were: Chita Rivera, Andre Braugher, Suzanne Somers, and Matthew Perry.

Before the video package was played, actress Naomi Watts took to the stage and shared, “We have lost so many extraordinary actors in the past year, but because they touched the world with their talent, we all share their loss. To those of us who worked with them, alongside them, we feel their loss and their absence deeply.”

Photo: Netflix

She added, “Of course their memory will live on in our recollections of the precious time we shared together — and through their work, their performances captured in countless frames of images, ever ready to dance across the screen and come to life again, if only for a while.”

What did you think of the In-Memoriam Tribute at the 2024 SAG Awards and seeing a lot of familiar faces being included who represent the soaps? Comment. below.

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