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Who's Framing Chad DiMera For The Necktie Murders On DAYS?



Things are looking so bad for Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn).  First, Serena Mason (Melissa Archer) is found murdered following a drunken altercation between her and Chad.

Next, after having a confrontation at the Horton Town Square with Paige Larson (True O’Brien), she is next found dead.  Both women have necktie’s draped around their lifeless bodies.  Each time a murder has happened, Chad has awakened from what seems to be a drunken stupor and clueless to what transpired, before he got to his room.   Was he dumped in the room by someone else?  Who is framing the young DiMera?  Is someone drugging him and spiking his drinks?  Clearly, Chad is not the culprit.

The early odds look predictable: either slimeball Clyde Weston (James Read), or his in-need-of anger-management-lesson son, Ben (Rob Scott Wilson) is setting Chad up to take the fall.   But is it it really one of these two guys?  Both certainly have cause to want Chad out of the way …  for good!

Watch this week’s NBC promo for DAYS after the jump.  Then weigh-in:  Who is setting up Chad DiMera for the murders of these two young women?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Please do not make this mystery an obvious one a las GH’s Who Killed Silas? plot. I am hoping for some genuine twists and turns. DAYS is really working well for this disenfranchised soap fan. Looked to Salem after ATWT and AMC closed shop and have been happy for most part. I worry about some of this secret agent stuff but hope it will not become hokey or strain credulity.

A great twist would be it ‘IS’ Chad after all!!!

Very good!

YES!……… But now I’m sad 🙁 because this Chad is growing on me.

Agreed, Iakovos. The obvious answer is Clyde. Too easy? Yeah. I think the best twist would be for Ben to have multi personalities….well, at least two….he should be the killer. No one will ever guess…..well for a while. Can you imagine tracking his girlfriend on his phone? Good grief, he’s got issues. WOW!!!! it is a true manifestation of mental instability. Maybe he killed his own mother and blocked it out?
I would say the other candidate/suspect is Aiden. The writers are doing their best to tease us and, at times, throw us off track, but, just like MadMaddie, it has to be someone who’s exiting the Days stage. So, who is leaving? I have no clue.

Well, the killer could be Ben. He does have motive to kill women and frame Chad. Ben is not a fool; he know deep down inside that Abby is in love with Chad.

Aiden is out at Days…also kind of an obvious choice for the killer because he has the shady past and secrets etc.

Where is Celeste with her strange hats, tarot cards and vague warnings of eeeeeeveeeel?

I don’t know who Celeste is, Torqumada. I’ve only been watching for a few years. But, maybe, Susan….isn’t she the one who says, eeeeeveeel? ….which brings Kristen to mind. LOL. Let’s go aaaall the way and say it was she. We already know she has nine lives. But, I don’t see the motive. I would think if Kristen were to be back, the first person she’d kill would be Theresa, no? Or Marlena? I guess, I answered my own question, LOL. later.

hmmm celeste’s son is what I’m thinking cameron out for chad

I feel it’s Clyde behind it but Aiden is doing the killing.

Sounds very plausible, Mindy. But, how does Stefano fit into all this? Could Aidan be working for both, for different reasons?

It’s not Chad, Clyde or Ben…’s Andre….

It’s driving me crazy! Logically (a word one should never use for a soap) Clyde would be the #1 suspect. He killed Serena & Paige to set-up Chad and he also killed Paige to show JJ he means business. He attacked Marlena because he’s probably having Chad followed and knows Marlena will get to the truth and the last time Marlena & Clyde talked it was very strange. This is a soap though. That scenario might be too easy and it very well could be Ben. I guess we get to find out tomorrow 9/24. Someone had a good thought, Maybe it is Aiden doing the killing and Clyde giving the orders. Whoa!

It’s Andre!

It is he wants Dimera power and money and will share with no one…including that Dimera interloper Chad!

Awwww!!! JIIIMM!! LOL. I love Chad. He’s one of the good guys…and sexy.

I haven’t watched in a few weeks … need to catch up!

Is it possible it’s Xander? He wears a lot of neck ties … or at least he did until Uncle Vic made him the landscaper.

Xander is no longer on the show . You need to start watching as the stories with the new writers have just begun . Patch and Bo are back ! If you’ve got friends who no longer watch the show please tell them to start watching again !

zander is off the show………………

Haven’t watched in a few weeks? A few weeks is how long the new writers material has surfaced! It’s been exciting!!!!!

Doug and Caroline are having a secret love affair behind Julie’s back and are taking turns killing off all those who have seen them making out in their favorite love nest…those fake woods…this explains why there are no birds or squirrels in these woods…these sadistic Senior Salem Stranglars will kill off animals too…no wonder Betty White wont watch…lol

OMG. that is so funny…..poor Caroline…she can barely stand.

Chad mentioned to Rafe that he got drunk faster than he thought, and twice when he drank he was knocked out so someone is putting something stronger in his alcohol.

Notice how Clyde was at the bar when Clyde and Serena were drinking? Clyde must’ve spiked his drinks at the bar and put it in his bottles at home.

ive been saying that, if ya notice Clyde is usually near Chad when hes at the club and he is prob sneaking in his room and spiking the bottles if liquor thats in Chads room, maybe Clyde and Justin is working together

I will believe anything underhanded by the despicable Clyde, but I don’t think Justin is dirty. He just hates all things DiMera and wants to make a killing, if you will. Later, guys.

Exactly. The drug lord ‘took care’ of Chad, alright!!

Yeah in a new promo Clyde is right behind Chad in the bar and of course Chad has a drink.

Maybe its the bartender…or Chad is nuts with a split personality and as ‘Brad’ is framing himself for the murders he really is committing!!!

Now that would be a nice change.

Hey, jimh. I said something like that….except that it’s Ben with the multiple personalities. That guy is strange.

I was hoping it was Xander, but he was in jail when Serena was killed. I’m hoping that it is either Clyde or his son Ben. I have no use for Clyde at all, he is a waste of air time. He thinks he is smarter than anyone.

Ben has a really bad temper and he is being manipulate by his father. Anyone who has an app on their phone to keep track of their girlfriend has a serious problem of trust.

Lots of good red herrings…but who has the potential to drive a twisty, nail biting and dramatic story line? Ben.

I think Ben, also. Fits the psychopathic profile. But, at the last minute, the writers will suddenly change venue.

Agreed, a surprise twist in the works!

I know the character of Andre DiMera is coming back—could it be him?

perhaps clyde is masquerading as tony dimera or Andre dimera…tony can disguise himself as Andre or reverse as Andre was the killer years ago.

I have heard James Read who plays Clyde is supposed to be leaving the show but nothing has really been confirmed yet.

I think the writers missed a few important scenes in the past week. Where were the scenes with JJ telling Jennifer, Abigail, Daniel and Theresa. I like a fast-paced storyline, but slow it down enough to have the scenes that we want to see. Why wasn’t Abigail concerned about Paige dying instead of Chad being jailed? Why was Theresa worried about become Nicole’s business partner instead of being with Eve?

Theresa doesn’t know about Paige’s death.

Isn’t that an oversight by TPTB, 4ever?!… By the same token, wouldn’t the entire town know by now? …unless some are living under a rock. It’s all over the papers, no? Later.

I agree with you.. I would have liked to seen some of the scenes of Jennifer, Daniel and Abigail finding out that Paige died… that was a big miss on their part…

I just want the scene where Jennifer offers her sympathy to Eve. Then I can enjoy Eve slapping her silly.

I am trying to keep track of everyone’s neckties to see if any of them end up around someone’s neck– I want to guess Justin because he is so eager to get Chad for the murders, but I am hoping it will be someone we will never guess, which is the fun of a good murder mystery

Daniel could be using the ties that he doesn’t wear or Jennifer could be using Jack’s ties!

Its NICK FALLON…Back from the DEAD and CRAZY!!!

Ok, Jen is going wacky-doodle just like looney mom Laura!!!

You guys are cracking me up!!!! Too funny with the ties thing.

Let’s add Adian to that list of possible serial killer. The metrosexual has had it with his pretend feelings for Hope.
Here is a thought. Could the killer be a past character on Days Of Our Lives that will be revealed on the 50th Anniversary episode?
I’m going to enjoy Thaao P. returning as Andre DiMera. Is Andre jealous of Chad being a DiMera? Could it be Andre framing Chad?

It’s Jack.. he back…. but not as Jack and he will being brainwashed into being the murderer by Andre..

Tim and James.
These murders have proven one thing. Our minds are working overtime. The result? It could be anyone….a present, past or future character. I think the writers have accomplished what they probably set out to do. Keep us guessing and on our toes….Thing is, if this storyline/guessing game is prolonged; knowing myself, I will most likely lose interest….like the Fluke story….stale and flat.

I like your theory. I once said it could be Jack under mind control.

I hope it’s Daniel. Salem’s favored son. Oh, that would be sweet. He’s been sporting an extra evil beard lately, so….

I’m surprised Daniel the dud is still on the show. is reporting that Kassie DePaiva in on her way out….

ta-da : w/drum roll…. so is : Shawn Christian… Daniel the dud

i’m going to be crushed if it’s true about Kassie DePaiva

she belonged in the big leagues of the vets plus leading lady status…. it’s not her fault the writing was so stymied and left her , on her own. WASTE!

Oh NO! Not KdP! She’s brilliant. If this is true another waste of incredible talent. Yet we’re stuck with Kate Mansi? Ugh!

It’s probably Ben who’s trying to frame Chad, but neither him, nor Clyde are the necktie killer. I think it’s Eric. When Kristen drugged him and he had lost his memory, I think that drug did something to his mind, and he has 2 personalities. Like a Jeckle and Hyde type. So he has no clue to what he’s done. And he doesn’t need a motive, something just snaps, and he turns into the killer. Maybe something triggers this, and he kills that person who sets him off. And Ben and Clyde are just taking advantage of the situation, planting the evidence to make it look like Chad is the killer, just to get him out of the picture, and away from Abby.


They said the killer is supposed to be a ” legacy” character and someone that´s been on for years. I think that leaves out Ben and Clyde directly. Both too obvious choices, although Ben with his creepy vibes and anger problem seems realistic. And he would want to get Chad out and away from Abby´s life.
However my money is on either Daniel, Eric or Justin. Both Eric and Justin are behaving very oddly and out of normal. Eric feels kind of dark to me right now. Justin seems way too eager to nail Chad too. Lucas? The poor guy never succeeds in keeping a woman, has he grown hate for women? Who knows.

Hmmm…..some interesting possibilities on your list.

It’s definitely not Chad — obvious that some one is setting him up. Not Clyde either, he’s got something else up his sleeve — maybe killing Daniel (since he’s close with JJ and Shawn Christian is leaving the show). The killer is most likely Andre who comes back this month — he’s out to get anyone that stands in his way of DeMera money, etc., — including Chad, and is also out to get revenge on John! Anyway, that’s what I think!

I heard this crazy rumor that it’s not really Andre who returns; it’s actually Tony who has been pretending to be Andre. As I said it’s a very crazy rumor. I still think the killer is Ben who has deep seeded rage because Abby is in love with Chad.

I think I know that slimeball Clyde Weston drugged Chad’s drink just as sure as he killed EJ and he also had Sonny stabbed in the Park the man is certifiable he needs to be arrested before any more mayhem continues


Yesterday Abby said to Ben “I don’t know who you are sometimes” giving the viewer a slight hint that Ben has two distinct personalities. So, it could be Ben who is the Salem cheap polyester necktie killer. Then again, it could be Clyde.
Maybe it’s Cierra, Hope’s bratty kid.
She’ll be convicted and sent away to Little Girl Prison and when she gets released she will of course be played by a 25 year old.


I am ready for the killer to be revealed. I understand it showed Ben throwing the ties away today, but I don’t think it is him. I still think it is his dad Clyde. They could be working together.

Dumbest plot line yet no motive for Ben to kill the two women- and Nicole with Daniel ?- unbelievable -been watching for over 20 years and finally done – can’t take the ridiculousness of it all any more

Need Sami and/or EJ back to make worth watching

All My Children

Chrishell Stause to Guest Star on Amazon Freevee’s ‘Neighbours’ in New Soap Role

Look. who’s returning to the soaps but this time down under? Chrishell Stause, who before the reality-series Selling Sunset found notoriety on daytime dramas, is set to play a new guest role on the iconic Australian soap, Neighbours.

Stause will play a new character, Yasmine Shields, who is said to be,”a glamorous and successful businesswoman in pursuit of an exciting new opportunity.” Chrishell will make her way to Australia and start filming in July.

Neighbours releases new episodes Monday-Thursday, at 7 a.m. BST, on Amazon Freevee in the UK and the U.S.  Stause is joining the show at the right time as it just received its first Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Drama Series at the upcoming 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

Photo: NBC

In a statement, the former All My Children, Days of our Lives and The Young and the Restless star, expressed, “I am honored and excited to join such a beloved and iconic show.  Coming from the world of soaps in the U.S., it’s back to my first love in the entertainment industry. They pitched me an idea for a character, and I was immediately excited to figure out a way to make it happen. Ramsay Street here I come!”

Neighbours Executive Producer Jason Herbison said on the casting news, “We are thrilled to welcome Chrishell to the cast of Neighbours. We created a character especially for her and we can’t wait for her to bring the storyline alive. Expect intrigue and surprises – and many implications for the residents of Ramsay Street.”

Photo: CStauseIG

As fans know, Stause married her partner, Australian musician G Flip back in 2022, so now she has additional roots on the continent.

Previously on the soaps, Chrishell played the role of Amanda Dillon on All My Children (2005-2011), Bethany Bryant on The Young and Restless (2016) and Jordan Ridgeway on Days of our Lives (2013-2015; and make returns in: 2019, 2020, 2021, 2023).

Since leaving the American daytime soaps, Chrishell has received an MTV TV & Movie Award ‘Best Reality Star’ and a People’s Choice nomination for ‘Favorite Reality Star’ for her appearance in Selling Sunset. In 2023 she was recognized by Variety as one of the ‘40 Most Powerful Women in Reality TV’ and by Us Weekly as one of the ‘Top 10 Reality Stars of the Year.’

In February 2022, she released her debut memoir, Under Construction: Because Living My Best Life Took a Little Work. Chrishell is committed to philanthropic endeavors and is a vocal advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights.

Photo: AmazonFreevee

The continuation of the long-running series, Neighbours, is about the lives, loves, and challenges of the residents on Ramsay Street in Erinsborough, Australia, a fictional suburb of Melbourne—picked up two years after the finale in 2022, which was watched by millions of adoring fans.

As well as on Amazon Freevee in the U.S and UK as mentioned above, Neighbours streams on Prime Video in Canada, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Australia’s Network 10 will retain first-run rights in Australia for the new chapter of the series. Previous seasons of Neighbours, as well as over 100 iconic episodes, are currently available to stream on Amazon Freevee.

So, what do you think about Chrishell Stause returning to the soaps with a role on Neighbours? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Ron Carlivati Reveals When Days of our Lives Episodes From His Head Writing Regime Resume Streaming

Days of our Lives viewers have not been watching material from head writer Ron Carlivati and his writing team for many months. Well, things are about to change.

Circle this Friday, May 31st when the first new script from Carlivati and company will stream on the Peacock soap opera. If you recall, Carlivati had to step away from the writing gig at DAYS due to the writer’s strike, but because the soap tapes at least seven months ahead of air, it is only now that fans will see how the stories shift or finish out that were started by Carlivati.

According to Ron’s conversation with TV Insider, when Carlivati and his team resumed writing the show in late October of 2023, the stories were already written well into 2024. Carlivati explained, “For me, as of us talking right now, the (replacement writers’ material) is still airing, so that has been very tough. I’m just very anxious and eager for our stuff to start airing again.”

Photo: JPI

Ron explained before the writer’s strike, he and his scribes had written up through the 2023 Thanksgiving episodes. Speaking on how the replacement writers tried to handle stepping in for the regular team, Ron expressed, “I think what they tried to do was move things slowly in the hopes that the strike would end and respect where my storylines were so that I could play them off when we came back. Unfortunately, the strike dragged on, so I understand that the show needed to make story decisions.”

The award-winning writer made clear that, “from January to May (2024), those were not my stories. I had nothing to do with those.”

Having lived through a writer’s strike before (when he was at One Life to Live in 2008), Carlivati explained how he dealt with coming back and adjusting the stories including that the plan was to, “blow things up, jettison anything that I did not like, and get back to a show that I understand and can enjoy and tell. ”

Photo: JPI

Look for a Carlivati-style ‘wink-wink’ on Friday’s episode. As he puts it, “I did want to make it clear that this was the line of demarcation, that the writers were back and there was a change happening. We have a little nod or two to what was going on in the first day and I think it will be very obvious and clear to the savvy viewer. Luckily, story-wise, certain things were coming to a head already.”

Photo: JPI

Stay tuned for how Ron resolves a Sloan and Nicole showdown, how Eric will find out he is Jude’s true baby daddy, what happens when the new Gabi returns from Salem from out of the slammer, the Maggie/Konstantin wedding, payback time for Theresa and more.

In addition, and as previously reported, when Carlivati returned, he crafted the series 15,000th episode which is set to air in early December, and will also pay tribute to the late Bill Hayes with the passing of his on-screen beloved character, Doug Williams.

So, glad to know Ron and his team’s material will start to reveal itself this Friday and moving forward on DAYS? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Eric Says Goodbye to Baby Jude

The Monday, May 27th of Peacock’s Days of our Lives, picked right back up for the emotional payoff of Nicole (Arianne Zucker) finally getting her biological son, Jude, back in her arms and learning it from Eric (Greg Vaughan).

As the episode began, Eric (with Jude in tow) is at the front door of the DiMera mansion. Eric recounts Sloan’s (Jessica Serfaty) confession. Nicole (Arianne Zucker) says she knew from the first time she held Jude that this was her child. She says a parent knows deep in their soul. Eric looks at her with tears in his eyes, as he thinks Jude is now EJ’s (Dan Feuerriegel) biological son. That’s a lie into itself and EJ is covering the truth of that along with Sloan.

Eric goes on to explain that Sloan even rigged the DNA results, telling the couple that they can check for themselves with a new DNA test, but this is their baby. Once inside the living room, Eric apologizes to Nicole for what Sloan put her though. Nicole says EJ was a victim too.  She turns to EJ and insists that Sloan be arrested. He tells her there is plenty of time for that. She reiterates, “That bitch stole my baby!” But, EJ is not about to do anything about it.


Eric vows he will make Sloan pay for all of her lies and deceit. Nicole asks Eric if he would like to hold Jude one more time before he leaves. Eric tells Jude he will love him more than he will ever know.

As tears stream down his face, he returns Jude to Nicole. She tells he can come over anytime to see the baby. Eric thinks it’s best for Jude to bond with his new family. Holly (Ashley Puzemis) comes in on all this and is filled-in on Jude’s “parentage.” Outside, Eric continues to falls apart.


However, after getting a call from Rafe (Galen Gering), they meet outside Eric’s apartment door. When they enter, the place is a torn up and there is no sign of Sloan. All that they find is a necklace, Eric gave her for Mother’s Day.Eric realized she took off, knowing she could be caught for her crimes. Meanwhile, back the DiMeras, an overcome Nicole is in tears that she actually has her baby back.

Now, what? Will EJ try to bond with Jude or not bond with Jude since he is knows Eric is the biological father? Will Sloan eventually get arrested? What did you think of the performance of Greg Vaughan and Arianne Zucker? Let us know via the comment section below. 

But first, in case you missed it, check out the Michael Fairman Channel’s conversation with the Ari and Greg  from five months back where they talk about the baby switch storyline and more.



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