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Will Y&R’s Jack Abbott Turn Out To Be Victor Newman’s Half-Brother?

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

This week on The Young and the Restless brings a new clue as to the identity of the biological father of Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman).  Couple things we do know: neither John Abbott nor Phillip Chancellor is his dad.

Now Jack turns his attention to the other men in the photo from Dina’s (Marla Adams) younger days.  One in particular looks mighty familiar!  And as revealed in the latest promo for this week’s action in Genoa City, Arthur Miller (the late George Kennedy) the father of Victor Newman (Eric Braeden), is one of the men in the photo.


Has this whole storyline been set up to make long-standing nemesis’ Jack and Victor actual brothers?  So then Jack would try to also claim Newman Enterprises?

Some Y&R viewers on social media have been swift to point out that this is a rewrite of Y&R history that they are not in favor of.

In the latest issue of SOD now newsstands now, Y&R executive producer and head writer, Mal Young expressed on the potential story bombshell: “This could be the goldmine Jack’s been looking for,  but it will take him down a path he doesn’t want to go to.”

The question remains: is Arthur Miller being Jack’s dad just another red herring, or how the story will actually resolve itself?

Watch the latest promo for Y&R below.  Then share your thoughts via the comment section below … would you like it, or loathe it, if Jack and Victor were to turn out to be brothers?

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If Albert Miller does turn out to be Jack’s father and Victor’s half brother that has no bearing on Newman Enterprises.
Albert Miller left his wife Cora,pregnant with Matthew,and 7 year old Christian (now Victor).He walked away in the middle of the night and left them destitute.
Victor’s company and his money is his own – Jack has no claim on it.


Agree – Victor created his own fortune

When Victor and Nick went to see Albert ,Victor told him he wan Ted nothing from him ,Albert told him he was wealthy ,But he wasn’t getting any if it ,So who knows If there is a gold mind for Jack ,

Yes I do recall that.In which case if Jack was Albert Miller’s son,then Jack could go after any money that Albert had.
I’m still hoping the DNA test was botched and Jack is in fact John Abbott’s son.

I missed out on alot of old episodes of Y&R …so is Victor and Jack half brothers ….yes or no….

This would rewrite Y&R history. I’m not sure I like that. I didn’t like it when they tried turning Jill into Kay’s daughter and I still squirm when I hear Jill and Lauren are sisters.

James, I agree with you on all accounts…I DO NOT want Jack and Victor being half brothers…I will say it again, it’s sad what Y&R has become…

Kevin, it is sad. Today Doug Davidson announced he had been fired from Y&R. Davidson is a really good actor who can emote with the best of them. He was heart breaking when he had to kill his son as a law enforcement officer. This actor can emote with the best of them. Moreover, the Williams’ family were the middle class, blue collar, Irish American family of GC juxtaposed against the wealthy blue bloods like the Chancellors or the Abbotts and later against the nouveau riche, Newman family. Just like how the middle class is disappearing from American family, it seems to be disappearing from GC.
Y&R seems to be going in a new direction and GC is inhabited by a litany of bare chested beef cakes who cannot act their way out of a hat.
In other words, it seems to have thrown out its character.

Harry’s Truthfulness…

Ugh. Agreed!

Wait–so that would mean Kyle and Summer ARE related! Oooh gross. I hope it’s not true then.

I didn’t watch when Arthur was on so I know nothing about his history.

I hope not too – they’ve already hooked up,when Kyle was played by another actor.

Hell Kyle and summer might be related

Omg! I hope not

Who is Kyle and summer

I KNEW THIS WAS COMING!! Yet another lackluster EP/Head Writer blatantly rewriting the history Bill Bell created all in the name of so-called “drama”! Nobody asked for this!!

It is pure sacrilege to Mr. Bell’s legacy and a real knee in the groin to long-time viewers – Mal Young’s “Y & R” is a travesty!!

Ultimate in lazy writing!
How did Mal get the headwriting job?
Dont hws have to have a longterm plan?.. besides maybe two weeks of the Jt story when he attacked Victor, the rest of his tenures been a flop. Revisiting Billys gambling, destroying the JT character, destroying the Hevon supercouple, turning Summer into a slut, Phick part 2, turning Nick into a Vic clone.??..
I m not sure i can stomach Jack and Vic being related. ..whens a new headwriter coming in?..can william bell jr step in temp pls?.. anything will be better than this reguratated vomit

Damien, well said…how many times can us long time fans that care say how we feel and concerned about Y&R and the so called top brass don’t listen…they don’t care at all how we feel…I so wish they would let Mal Young go as head writer and like you mentioned can William Bell Jr step in…Y&R use to be my favorite and out of the 4 it’s rank # 3 for me…

It’s just a dumber story..
Jack is Johns son..
we just have to ride out the story until its reveled; Jacks father is John. have no doubts of it.
Jack will be Jack Abbott until the end and after.

Suoo–I keep saying the same thing and I hope we are both right. My thinking is Ashely took advantage of her mother’s murky memory and tampered with the DNA tests (this would not be the first time she’s tampered with DNA tests). Her motive would be two fold: She would be able to serve up Jack his just desserts and she’d finally be able to secure that Jabot CEO seat. She didn’t figure on Billy actually wanting to stay on as CEO. She figured he would amend the blood-Abbot clause and step down so she could be CEO. Since that is not happening, she is trying to sabotage Billy or just let him do what he does best–self-sabotage. I want John to be Jack’s Dad, not George Kennedy!

PS–Suoo–I also think it’s clear Ashely is the one who put that clip of Dina video confession in her documentary. Kyle didn’t do it and it’s pretty clear Victor did not either. I think Ashely wanted Jack to suffer public humiliation in regard to paternity the way she did.

Bart, I agree with you 100% and CBS/SONY is not listening…It’s a travesty what this once classic beautiful daytime drama has become…

Mal Young is an absolute hack. I’ve never remembered Y&R to be as horrible as it is now.

Agree wholeheartedly ‼️

I cannot get on board with his story line. We went down this road with Ashley but it was well crafted and affected character and plots for decades following. To do the same with her brother Jack is dumb. The rivalry between Jack and Victor need not be fanned by some bloodline. Without Jack (and the imminent departure of Miss Eileen Davidson as Ashley), the legacy Abbott family seems unnecessary. We have little-seen Tracie and Billy. What happened to Jack’s son Kemo? Jack and Billy is the better rivalry and one that is stronger for the long term, considering love for the same woman and Jack’s contentious history with Jill. Honestly, I think Jack vs. Victor is played out. An out-of-the-blue fraternal bond won’t fix it. Jack needs a new path and a new romance.

I am hoping this unnecessary paternity story ends quickly. What I would like to see… That the upending of Dina’s romantic past undoes that boneheaded twist that made Jill a Fenmore. And maybe opens a new mystery that affects those she leaves behind. Ideally, I want her eventual passing to reunite and strengthen the Abbott family.

Iakovos, WOW, you, Bart and Damien are hitting the nail right on the head…CBS/SONY needs to listen…

Jack IS John’s son..
the writers are trolling everyone with this stupid mystery..
Jack is head of the Abbott family and always will be.
No way would the sponsors and ABC allow Jack not be John’s son and not a true blooded Abbott.
It’s just a dumber story to create controversy, and it is.
Jack is Johns son, we just have to wait for this story to run its course.

I saw the first episode in 73 when the jack Victor fued began it was thrilling but I have hated it for decades put it to rest these men are my age!! Way too old for sparring I disagree with all of you I have seen every single episode worked at home since retired I am the expert and I want Victor and jack to be friends if that means they are related so be it Kyle can be not Jack’s real son easy peazy lemon squeezy lol Victor is scum he got phyillys raped by the jack imposter daily and did nothing as a survivor who is male I hated that storyline detestable Victor is a bully and evil just like his dad Albert!!

Absolutely agree, Iakovos….as I do with Kevin. I did not mean to impress upon anyone that I agree with any of the stuff going on with Jack’s paternity……on the contrary…..just speculating upon the irony, considering these two dogs have been gnawing on that war-bone since forever.
As Su and others said, I WANT Jack to be an Abbott and that this imbroglio is just that—-
As far as Dina….love, love, love your “futuristic” idea–“…..opens up a new mystery tgat affects those she leaves behind”.

I completely agree, Iakovos

This is just plain dumb. Mal Young needs to go.

Michael, totally agree…

If anyone remembers, there were a few of us who did say how ironic it would be if Victor and Jack turned out to be brothers.
Actually, Y&R needs this twisted twist just about now. It may be a spark and push to its salvation!! LOL.
Furthermore, there are no risky familial (blood-wise) ties with anyone either had any sexual encounters.

Celia, I respect your opinion but I don’t agree about Victor and Jack and I know other’s have brought this up…We actually need a superb Headwriter and Excutive Producer that cares about Y&R…

Hi Celia, I’m going out on a limb with you and saying I’m game for this also. Well, more than the brief “Victor is Jack’s father” threat that loomed temporarily. With some cleverness, it could be fun. Right now, the morass of Lily and Cane, Rey Rosales, Shauna, Billy’s gambling, Summer’s evil meanderings, and more, I’m up for some fun.

Hi, Soaphound…..Victor/Jack; brothers or father and son? I don’t want it to be so….Jack would not be Jack, and Y&R would not be the soap I adore if Jack were not an Abbott. But, since this suggestive junk has been thrown at us, it’s normal to come up with theories.
I think TPTB are just trying to do to Jack what the ‘biggies’ are doing to John and Marlena ( Dool)……make him relevant. They’re running out of juicy stories for him. He’s no longer the playboy, no longer in his prime…, voila’.
As far as the other characters you mention, Rey is starting to interest me….what he’s all about.
Lily and Cane bore me to death….mainly because what is projected is not realistic and most importantly, I can’t stand Cane. I do not see the “point” of Shawna. Yet, I will wait and see.
Billy’s story just keeps on resuscitating and refreshing itself….same old song ……the sexual interludes between him and Phyllis are stale and pathetic. This couple simply does not do it for me…..especially, Billy’s weak chin…..”gimme” Billy Miller–I may have a different perspective, LOL.
Now, if we had Michelle Stafford and Jeff Branson on that bed? Endless erotica!!

Ha ha ha! Celia, I agree with you about Phyllis and Billy. To channel the late great Joan Rivers, OH Grow UP!”

Summer and Kyle fall into the sexual encounter category. They have been together and this connection would make Kyle and Nick First cousins and Summer Kyle’s first cousin once removed.

In one state first cousins can marry so big deal the royalty in Egypt married siblings England married cousins it ain’t new grow up kids

Also Jack would now be Abby’s double Uncle as he would be Ashley’s Half-Brother (Maternal) and Victor’s brother (Paternal).

C’mon guys–
Don’t fall for this junk..
Jack Abbott is and always will be Jack Abbott, Johns son..
Y&R will never ever change that fact.

Jack ”Abbott” is a cornerstone of Y&R and he will remain to be Johns son, and now the head of the Abbott family. forever.

the writers are taking us on a bogus journey..
(( Jack IS Johns son have no doubts of it ))

I hope you are right. This storyline was ridiculous, especially seeing that it was already done with Ashley. I thought the might retcon ashley back to being a blood Abbot, but instead the made Jack not be an Abbot. Y&R has surley jumped the shark.

hi Stevie..
Jack Abbott has been the cornerstone of the Abbott family for 30+ years.
That will never change, no more than Victor would not be a Newman.
Those two are Y&R..
It is just a dumbazz mystery, another ”who is the daddy” story..
John is Jacks father, have no doubts.

If it turns out Ashley did do this. That would be the story line of all story lines. Because That’s pure Evil. It would be one hilarious twist.

I fall in this column. You said it the best. Jack Abbott is John Abbott’s son! Now get on with it!Join the discussion…

No, another DNA test should be done that shows a mistake was made and that Jack is. Newman!!!

Sigh. I wish they would not go down this road. Can he just please turn out to be John Abbott’s son and this whole paternity mess was created by Ashely who has been angling for both revenge and a CEO seat? Or……maybe the saintly John Abbott is the one who had an affair and Jack’s real mother is Cora–Victor’s mother? Thus could explain why Dina was so depressed and why she eventually abandoned the family. Wouldn’t that be a great twist? Victor and Jack could still be half brothers and Jack could still be an Abbott?
On another note, Jack was passing around the picture of a young Dina and all her male fans asking who the man next to Phil Chancellor was. Wouldn’t it be funny if someone said,”Yeah, man. That’s the dude from “Cool Hand Luke!”

Hi, Harry,
You really think Ashley is that calculating? I don’t know……you may be right. I just never saw her as a deceitful person….to create such a diabolical mess, as you phrase it.
The other stuff? Oh, yeah….I like where your mind is going—-this soap does need an upside/down, all out, unexpected twist.
As I said on the Kristoff site…..Jack and Jill went up the hill to have a little fun. Lauren, too……but, her name doesn’t rhyme, LOL. Ewwwwww!
By the same token, if Victor and Jack are brothers, the same would apply for Kyle and Summer. DOUBLE EWWWWWW!!

LOL what’s funny is whatever the answer turns out to be they’re will always be people turning out to watch LOL but I do like your answer your version LOL

Was victors father an acvountant?
Didn’t Dina say her lover was an accountant?

Y&R’s rich history is being totally destroyed and it is so very sad! Jack’s paternity should never have been questioned. Writers, please fix this huge mistake before it is too late and have a villan be the person who changed the results making Jack think he was not John’s son. If the network really wants to save this soap, then they need to hire Michael Muhney as Adam and get rid of Tessa, Summer and Arturo. They are a waste of time as their stories are not interesting whatsoever.

Keep Doug Davidson and give him a REAL story that does not involve his job as police. After all, police do have personal lives. Michael Baldwin has left as has Christine so give Paul and Lauren a chance at love again!

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