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William deVry Reports Back To Work At General Hospital!

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After all the contract negotiations, being written-out of story, and now being written back in, GH fan favorite, William deVry this week is back on the set of General Hospital filming new episodes of the ABC daytime drama series as Julian Jerome,.

When last scene, Julian was sent away to do time in the slammer for his crimes.  Now when deVry does reappear on GH, although no airdate has been given as of yet, Julian will to have a lot on his mind.

This week, viewers learned that Jason (Billy Miller) has purchased Derek Wells Media from Jerome, and he still has some patch work do with his family, and his lady love, Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn).  But this time around is it going to be Julexis as the romantic end game, or will these two once and for all call it quits?

Many fans celebrated deVry’s return this week with presents, balloons, and donuts to his ABC Prospect Studios dressing room in Los Angeles.

You can see a video slideshow of all that Will received and his comments in this nifty video first posted at ABC Soaps In Depth after the jump.  Then let us know, are you excited to know Julian will be back on the canvas in the near future? Comment below.

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Ok…a man tries to kill his wife-true romantic couple-lol

Ahh, Jimmy…you say it best, my friend. How, indeed!!!! Same goes for my favorite character on GH. SONNY!! Love him from the depths of my…..

Its a killer of a romance…lol

@CeeCee….Per your suggestion that Dr. Bensch must be on the “up-and-up” in order to snag Alexis…Knowing her as we do, I ask you, would she have him any other way???? (Wink, wink…..)

Good thing he DIDNT! He was protecting Alexis. He loves her and she loves him

Um, wasn’t it a RUSE?

The writers already explained that he WASNT going to killed her AND he saved her from her drinking and on the bridge. Julian has more than proved that he loves and adores Alexis

Lizzie, they tried to clean up that mess after the fact but the damage had been done.
It was not a ruse at the time it transpired. We saw the murderous gleam in Julian’s eyes as he held Alexis’s neck. Prior to this he framed her for a murder he committed and that had nothing to with Olivia Jerome’s demands.
I am tired of damage control writing which seeks out to redeem murdering scum bags.

I said this before….the ruse was an afterthought by the PTB. When the ‘incident’ happened, Julian had murder on his mind. His actions were precise and determined ( great acting, I must say)…..
William should have won an Emmy just by that scene.
He could have whispered a word of endearment, told her not to worry, in Alexis’ ear if his intentions were not to ‘sacrifice’ her at the whim of a sister with a dislocated brain. No surprise there, that trait runs in the family.
And, if his intentions were so noble, why did he allowed the blame of his crime to fall on her?
Bah and humbug…..some of us have a long memory and the ‘higher-ups’ need to stop treating us as idiots just to appease the Julian-Alexis fan-base.
I am okay with William’s return—he’s a sight for sore eyes — but, I like them better separately.
Give him Cassandra and Dr. Bensch to Alexis ( only if he’s on the up-‘n-up, though).

The horse had already left the barn.

Yes, Lizzie. It was a ruse. There are people who still don’t want to go with the story line…LOL. Seems more people were willing to believe OJ than a fictional character who did what he did to outmaneuver his diabolical sister.

Well…last winter, the writers revealed it was all a fakeout. Julian was trying to appease Liv’s bloodlust & keep Liv from killing Alexis. Julian planned to let Alexis go & to fake his own death instead.

Yes, it’s alot of drama and fuckery for Julian & Alexis to overcome. But that should keep the story interesting. Plus, the actors have crazy chemistry. Enough to overcome anything.

I agree, Rissa!

Yeah, and guess TPTB will give him as prominent a place in s/l as they gave and are giving Ava in their continuing (albeit fruitless) effort to “redeem” them. Can’t!
And Alexis has many possibilities (should the writers allow) with James DePaiva’s character. Would make an intriguing match. But I guess that’s just obvious to us viewers.

Us viewers who? I want her with Julian and Julexis are very popular.

Plus Julian is the love of her life Alexis is NEVER going to really move on

With the creepy doctor? Why? That would never be accepted. Fans want Julexis

“Us viewers?” Nah. A) This viewer wants more of Julian and Alexis; and (B) even if I didn’t, I would NEVER want Alexis with the gross doctor trying to get in Kiki’s pants.

Completely agree Lara!! And the fact is most viewers want Alexis back with julian…look at any poll on twitter. Julexis are LOVED

I love them together! lol

I don’t care for Alexis and Julian, never got their appeal but I guess a lot of folks do.
So whatever floats your boat I guess. They just bore me.

Julexis are the most popular couple on GH besides Jasam. Haters gonna hate i guess LOL

I don’t hate them Kelsey, they just don’t interest me all that much.

So excited he’s back. Can’t wait for more Alexis and Julian!

So glad!! And can’t wait for more Julexis! ❤️ I definitely think they’re the endgame in this. No matter how hard they try those two can NEVER move past each other 🙂

Agree. Two talented actors with great chemistry. They messed up when they painted them into a corner.

I’m confused by how we overlook the many transgressions of St Sonny #HowsAJDoing? But Julian is irredeemable.

Bring it on

Not ‘we’, Tomas, my friend. Most do not tolerate Sonny….’Tis TPTB that have made him sacrosanct; impeccable; father of the year; ‘bestest’ friend anyone can ask for; immaculate; impeccable; loving husband.
….. you noticed the halo, yes?
Sonny spent two minutes in jail for murdering AJ, in cold blood. Since when are murderers pardoned? Only in PC.
Julian and Alexis have one thing in common. The bed. Hey, I’m not knocking that, by any means….but, but, there’s a lot more to a marriage than THAT.
I may be not remembering, but I cannot even think of one time where these two have had an honest-to-goodness, healthy converastion about anything……their time together was all about stripping—anywhere, anytime—and tumbling into oblivion.

Totally agree, Tomas, I’m here for Alexis and Julian again.

Really, I can’t see their characters with anyone else. They are best together

Doesn’t make sense for Cassandra to dip into JJ’s return storyline. Once he is out of Pettonville, he will have eyes for Alexis who is a collagen lip injection away from running into the creepy loving arms of Dr Bensch who really has eyes for her former niece, Kiki. Cue Julian to the rescue to grab them from the clutches of Dr David for all to see including his ebony desire Jordan! Now go make up the dialogue, that’s the story that is waiting to be written.

Oh, I’m not disputing what you say, Sam. They probably will be paired again.
It’s a matter of opinion, a feeling. I like them both….just not together.
I agree that the doctor is creepy….a challenge?
Maybe TPTB should go a different route. I have only seen Alexis with Julian. All I’m saying is that I would like to have the privilege of seeing Alexis interact with another guy, ….know what I mean?
I applaud the sexual attraction—hey, without it, we’re stuck in a blah relationship. I would never have married anyone without that burning fire. Needless to say; I would not be stuck with a demon, either….hot sex or not.
But ( and please don’t kill me for this), it’s time Alexis settle down with not only great sex but with a true relationship that encompasses the trials and tribulations of normal people…..not mobsters.
It looks to me that Alexis has never had a normal existence….whatever ‘normal’ is, of course.
However, I know that her life has been to Hades and back, again and again. You’d think she’d have learned by now. We can dare walking on hot coals to a certain point. Mind over matter, Sam. That’s what my Dad always said to his six kids, LOL.
Being with Julian is not a step in the right direction…it’s being stuck within the jaws of a worthless, fruitless, vise. THat not life. That’s not happiness.
I care what happens to Alexis……I care not what happens to Julian, albeit I like William, the actor.
I would have to see a real change in their relationship. An adult one.

Well i care what happens with Alexis ANDDD Julian.

And the fact is these two are the loves of each others lives. Why should they take it in another direction when they’re best TOGETHER? Ive seen them TRY to pair Julian and Alexis elsewhere and the chem test NEVER work because the majority of fans only want them together

Ive been an Alexis FF for as long as ive watching GH and Julian is her true love. Thats what i want for her. I want this repaired. NO thanks to anything else

@CeeCee…I hold out no hope or expectation whatsoever that these perpetual adolescents can/will suddenly turn over new leaves and act like responsible, mature adults….such is simply not within the realm of possibility, especially for Alexis. This is a woman who is so enslaved by her own obsessive physical desires that she has become totally devoid of all common sense and basic self-respect. Apparently, nothing else matters to her but the gargantuan sexual gratification which she so obviously derives from her repeatedly over-exaggerated excursions into the erotic with Julian…..Now then, that’s quite the opposite of “normal,” wouldn’t you say? What we have here is a character who’s perilously perched upon a most foolhardy cusp of reclaiming her place in a disastrous, highly-destructive duo that nearly culminated in her own cold-blooded murder and yet, according to far too many of the celebratory reactions here, we are supposed to be all googly-eyed and giddy with glee at the prospect that this seriously superficial sickfest is about to resume once more? Me thinks NOT!

Finally! I’ve missed Julian and am happy the show found a way to keep Will DeVry. I hope Julexis is the endgame because they are amazing together, and this recent forced pairing of Alexis and Dr. Bensch isn’t doing it for me.

Plus, as a character, Julian is one of the most well-developed on the canvas, and I believe he can be redeemed. If we’re supposed to accept Sonny and Carly being redeemed for their heinous actions, then so can Julian and Ava, for that matter.

Totally agree! No one really compares to Alexis and Julian for me

I know the couple is popular with many, but, he is a murderer ( leopards do not change their spots…feral til death do us part)…regardless of chemistry….which I do not see. Afternoon trysts do not prove a thing.
I just thought of something: I would immensely appreciate it if TPTB make Julian Oscar’s Daddy.
I think Alexis should be freed of the bonds that bind her to Julian….fettered to a cold-blooded hoodlum.
This pull will be her downfall for the umpteenth time. If the ‘bosses’ had any sense, this attraction between her and Dr. Bensch should be given a well-anticipated chance and change.
Later, Julian.


You said it yourself, this couple is popular with many? Why would they ignore that to go the boring route? That doctor is a recurring character that Alexis isn’t even attracted to 😀 julain is the love of her life. She was always gonna end up with him.

@Sam…Whilst this couple is apparently popular with the social media crowd, that doesn’t necessarily translate to the GH audience overall. There are still plenty of individuals who don’t go to Twitter or Facebook to post their opinions regarding all things Port Charles…forums such as this one are where we choose to voice our views and air our grievances about this particular soap, and I certainly see no great indication that the vast majority here desires a “Julexis” (God, that moniker makes me cringe…) reunion. In fact, many of us are dead-set against it!

Hi Sam…

I, too, love Alexis and Julian. And I agree, there are much more than not who are fans of Alexis and Julian. Social media (twitter, facebook, etc) have huge numbers. Nancy Grahn has close to 170k fans on her Twitter and Facebook. So, if we are to gauge fan reaction, there are infinitely more viewers on social media who are FOR Alexis and Julian together. And, as such, are willing to suspend disbelief and go with the “fix” to Julian’s story. If they can make him a psycho wife would-be killer and fans believed it…it would follow they should have an easier time believing this man who loved his wife so much would never have gone from A to Z like that. I think it makes perfect sense in soap opera land to go with the “I was faking my sister (who had eyes everywhere) out to protect my family.

I must say though…that should they not decide to pair these two back together, I love James DePaiva and could actually see them as a couple. I think James needs to loosen the “stern” persona he’s adapted for this role…he’s so good at playing charming.

But some of us don’t accept any of the so-called “redemptions.”

Cassandra is the perfect mate for him…in more ways than one.
Love William. Glad to see him….but, please, keep him off Alexis’ proximity.
Julian: if you love Alexis, let her live!! LOL.

Jules has a mob-like image but Alexis has has issues ,as well. Maybe the two of them can make each other better again like a certain someone is making America Great Again!

Yup, T. As I said above….I NEED to see how each can make the other shine.
Alexis and Julian conceived a child in a car, anonymously. Not a good start.
They came together again forty years later. How is Julian the love of her life???…. or vice versa?
They knew nothing about each other.
I have been in love with my husband since I was six years old. LOL. He’s the love of my life.
So, my T, I have to see tangible results ….can they make each other great? Climb any mountain? Would Julian be prepared to live a clean life?
I know…who am I to give advice, eh? LOL.

Amen, CeeCee! One tawdry night of anonymous backseat sex between two teenagers does not a love story make…a baby, yes, but certainly not an epic, enduring romance that has supposedly withstood the test of time!


Hey, Jay…looks like I’m outnumbered….so far.
Yes to Julian….no, to Julian and Alexis as a couple. ( do not like name-combination). LOL.
I find Alexis much more grounded without him.
If these two get back together again, it won’t be long before Julian screws it up. I hope he behaves, for the sake of his/her fans, and mainly for Alexis’ sake.

Julian is an angel compared to Harvey Weinstein!

NO ONE deserves happiness more than Julexis, give it to them!!

I can’t wait for Alexis and Julian to be back together! They’re the best couple

He’s been so missed!

In all honestly I don’t love any other gh couple like I love Julexis they are the BEST!!

I LOVE Alexis and Julian together so they better be endgame!! Haha I really can’t see them truly moving on so I see them coming back together. Nancy and Wil are fabulous together!

But hasn’t it been a rather “tortured” relationship–literally? LOL!
And who likes torture in a relationship??

That would be ALEXIS…..


Character of Alexis has become a laughingstock–a nincompoop. But she used to be complex–even funny at time. My, how times (and her character) have changed.
No longer recognizable. No longer a character I can invest in.

I’m glad he’s back

I want to see Alexis and julain back together. I don’t think they will be happy without each other

As if they were happy with each other??

Yes, they were. They were at their happiest together

Very happy he’s back! I’d like to see Sam lose the attitude…if she can accept Sonny and Carly after all they’ve done…and can forgive herself for sleeping with her mom’s husband…she should be able to believe that what he wrote to Alexis was true…that he’d never have gone through with hurting her and it was all a ruse to appease Olivia Jerome and keep his family safe.

Cute lil video. Must be nice to hear positive feedback from fans. Welcome back Will DeVry!

After that self-important interview he gave, no way I can welcome him back.
All I see instead of his face are the words he said in that interview with Michael.

I understand your view, nancy .Me? I get more turned off by actosr when they espouse views I find intolerable. Mel Gibson would be an example. An actor coming off a bit self-important? Dunno…I think a lot of them are. Personally, I’d never plunk down hundreds of dollars to go to one of their “meet and greets” or subsidize one of their creative projects like some who have asked for money on a go-fund-me page. In my opinion that’s just banking (pun intended) on fan fervor LOL…would they fund me?

At least Will’s feelings were direct. I also admire his complete passion and devotion to animal rights. That holds a lot of weight with me.

Absolutely, Nancy! Of course, I pretty much feel that way about the majority of celebrities these days….too many seem to think that espousing their personal views on everything from soup to nuts, and especially, politics, makes them relevant, special and important, when all it really does is turn off and/or alienate at least half of their potential fanbase. That’s just plain ludicrous!

Very happy he’s back! Can’t wait to see what’s next for Julian & Alexis.

I LOVE Alexis and Julian together!!! I hope they end up together. So happy William Devry is back

How is Jules going to get out of prison? Please for the love of all that’s unholy, they better not be bringing back Carrrrrrrllllllllos again. (

Presumably Julian is serving time for killing him, so if his death was somehow “negated” then that sentence would have to be reversed??

Guess I should check to see if Carrrrrllllllos is still in Hell…….

Can’t stand this character or his relationship with Alexis. She acts like some horney stupid teenager with him. No thank you

Excellent Alexis description there, Suzie! Straight and to the point….nothing like calling a spade a spade!

Bingo, Suzie. Thank you.

“Horny, stupid teenager…” Hmmmm…nutthin’ wrong with horny…at any age…if you’re lucky enough to get it goin’ on with the one you love! LOL.

Carly and Sonny “go at it” all the time. If ANYONE acts “horny” it’s Carly with Sonny ad nauseum. Ava? (love her) but her obsession with Morgan, now her attraction and “coupling” with Griffin, Anna? Frolicked with Luke and seemed all googly around Andre until he gently turned her down…And let’s not forget Tracy who is much older than Alexis but has been in the sexual throes with many a man up until Luke. And now there’s Cassandra (Jessica Tuck) also a peer (age-wise) of Alexis who already’s smackin’ lips with Valentin and wants to “take up where they left off…”

To top it off…Alexis and Julian haven’t been seen together sexually since those first months of their relationship. Since then we’ve seen them in domestic situations that had nothing to do with sex…making love…and then, unfortunately the crazy mess the writers put them through. And, since THEN…we’ve seen nothing but emotion and shattered hearts between the two as they both reel from the unraveling of their marriage.

I see the majority on this page are willing to believe the rationale for why Julian acted as he did toward Alexis, believe that he would never actually have gone through with killing her (I believed that all along) and if the show gets more viewers who approve of their reuniting vs those who feel it’s a smack against women’s rights, then they’ll reunite them.

As we say over and over again, “it’s a soap”. There are sooo many things that people do on these shows that get brushed under the rug…and on GH in particular if Sonny can get back with Carly over and over again (after threatening to kill her, putting her children’s lives in danger, Michael being in a coma, killing Claudia, going to jail, being raped…ALL because of Sonny’s business), then I think Julian should get a soap opera pass…either with or without reuniting. The writers have done everything possible to show how much Julian loves Alexis, the profound regret he has. He was willing to go to jail, prior to that he was willing to leave town.

“Horny?” Sexual attraction has no expiration date. Or, at least I hope not! ESPECIALLY when you love someone. And, what’s a soap without a lil horn? LOL. The Waltons!

Molly is much more mature!

And, beautiful !!

May we replace the word “horny” with “randy”?

– only – if

she can pull if off

she dresses her breasts , barely

she dabs her eyes Cleopatra , like

Randy … tease the senses


who I would associate that … Robin Christopher.. as Skye Quartermaine


ps: do you have showtime ?

they are showing a new 1 1/2 documentary

“George Michael: Freedom”

I know MF likes his work

belatedly…. I have so much respect for him. I can’t thank him enough for being himself. True to his artistry

If they can turn Luke’s rape off Laura into the love sorry of the century (hated that), then all bets are off and anyone gets redemption. Sonny and Jason are MURDERERS and they are always romanticized and except from their acts. So I think the character of Julian, whose actions were explained as a ruse, can be cut a break. William deVry is a strong, charismatic actor. I’m glad they didn’t stupidly lose him like they’ve done to too many others. Now hopefully the writers can write a decent sorry!

You have a point.
The basis of the discussions, Yvonne. Agree with you 100%.

Great post, Yvonne. Agree completely.

it’s a danged shame

do the “lamest” writers : Shelley and Frank have to hang their hat solely on Alexis?

she wears me out with her moral value… outside of the distinction of closet sex pot

she never has any court scenes in the legalese department

AND.. with Kristina “written off” Alexis doesn’t have her best daughter.. to interact with. God I can’t stand Sam. the golden statue for either Jason (s) that’s a crock of expletive

so.. either way… both Julian and Alexis are stuck with each other ? it’s back to the everyday romp in the hay

I truly wish TPTB would have hired Robin Christopher as Julian NEW Lead

William DeVry is a very good actor

so the weasel is back, (character, not the actor) what a bore , i really don’t see this chemistry the julexis fans see, he’s been away and i haven’t seen anything to indicate this character is needed. Alexis little dance with the new doctor is prove that Nancy can have chemistry w/ anyone, so what is julian really needed for? his daughter doesn’t even respect him, even ava can do without him, he’s really not missed in any current storyline right now. boring !!!!

Aria, you got that right–all of it!

Hi Aria…

It’s true Sam doesn’t respect him and I HATE that! She “respects” Sonny? Sonny, who has put Jason (one and two) at risk over and over again to protect himself and his family? Sonny? Who while missing his friend also missed his “protection.” She “respects” Carly? The woman who made her life miserable for years? Julian’s been nothing but a doting father to her (AND saved Danny’s life before he even knew any of them were related to him). And, we, the viewers, have seen how many times he’s tried to keep his kids safe.

If Alexis truly believes Julian would never have killed her, that his letter is completely honest and it was all staged to protect the entire family…if you recall Olivia (his sister) threatened Danny. She actually kidnapped him and so Julian snapped back in line.

If Michael (I say this all the time as do many others) can, uggggh! return to Sonny and Carly, after the YEARS they abused AJ and finally killed (covered up) killing him, if Kiki can forgive her mother for switching Morgan’s meds (Kiki didn’t forget, she holds resentment) but she still loves Ava…then I think it’s ridiculous and frustrating the way Sam treats Julian.

LOL. Just had to vent. I like Sam but her attitude toward Julian always bugs me.

Julian is sexy
Jason is sexy

You have to put Sam and Jason back together

Don’t see the sexy in either Julian nor Jason.

I respect and accept your opinion, but Sam is not sexy, Kellen. Kelly is not sexy. If she were, she would have been labeled a sex symbol, snd we’d have seen her on the big screen, by now.
Posing nude does not sexy make. My opinion.
Julian? Yes!!!!! And then some. The man is about twenty years my senior…but, hey …..he looks finger-lickin’- good.
Neither Jasons lights a fire for me, either.

Before I lay into you Celia, I think I recall a “hey now” out of you from a previous thread. Would that be a Larry Sanders or Stern reference? Just trying to gauge your sensibilities before I drop the hammer.

Now, to the business at hand. I know you gave as good as you got via the Lexi-Ashley “Pristina” thread, but now you’ve gone too far (he says in jest, for those that require subtext), “Sam is not sexy?” And while Harry’s right, “sex appeal is subjective,” that’s damn near heresy. Maybe that sort of opining is best left to the boys–or some of your new BFF’s from the Pristina thread–but Sam/Kelly is hot, and that’s in spite of the GH wardrobe department who do her no favors and even had the audacity to trot her out in Jessica Simpson “mom jeans” a while back. Now that I’ve disabused you of that notion, I’m more than happy to entertain a Howard Stern-like debate of hot or not? I know whereof I speak on this topic, and there will be no prefacing with “IMO,” just the facts! Oh, and Lexi-Ashley, that would be hot! (Insert emojis here…if I knew how.) Peace and love, peace and love!

Hi, “Reed”,
Very busy week, but because you are so kind and complimentary, I thought to respond.
In my opinion, Sam/ Kelly is not sexy….
….yes, I shound have expounded on my words….agreed, “sex appeal is subjective”. And, you take liberties in “hammering”, do you not, “Reed”?LOL.
As far as only the ‘boys’could label a woman sexy….well, not true. Women are the best judges of other women. She ain’t got it.. my opinion. Am I allowed to opine?
Britt is sexy. Ava is sexy. Olivia is sexy. Nina is sexy. It definitely IS dubjective. As for the men? I find Julian sexy. Nathan is sexy. I think Kevin is sexy….it’s certain nuances that appeal to some of us and to none of us. Subjective….
I have no idea who Larry Sanders is and I never watch or listen to Stern……not my cup of tea!!
If you can send me the quote “hey now” supposedly written by me, I would appreciate it.
I use the word, ‘now’ frequently, but without ‘hey’….. I do not remember it….but, am am not infallible. ‘Tis possible, “Reed”.
Nonetheless, I will take your ‘following’ my comments as a compliment.
If you do not agree with ehat I say, say so without the hidden insults, albeit I can take it… you said, I give as much as I take. However, do not tell me how to feel or what to write.
Love and peace to you, as well, friend……’gotta’ run. Ciao.

Isn’t sex appeal subjective?
Perception is reality and all that.
I don’t find Julian, Sam or Alexis to be sexy but that doesn’t mean they’re not sexy to others.
They’re just not my cup of tea and hey, that’s okay.
Think of all the fighting and mayhem which would occur if we all had the same taste in men and women.

Yes!!!! SO happy! I love Alexis and Julian together!

They are both good actors with many ties to PC. I would rather see these two versus Cassandra, Stella, Huxley, or BRICK! Where the hell is Max or Milo Damn it!

Yeah, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” all right, eh, T?

Queen’s homage to Elvis!

Yes, T….love my Freddie Mercury. I do love George Michael and his music, as Patrick and Mr. Fairman are wont to say and admire.
But, there will never be another as fascinating as Freddie Mercury. I can watch his videos and listen to his busic, over and over again without tiring. I, also, think he was sooo hot !! SEXY.
I know his life inside out. I am obsessed with him, albeit he is not of this world.
Yet, he is….left the greatest gift: superlative, meaningful music. Immortal.
Do you know that he did not ‘fix’ his protruding teeth because the procedure may have impacted his vocal chords? LOL. I love trivia…..
Later…..on my way out…crazy week.

William DeVry : ahem – drool some

aside from the physicality of his ALL

Julian offers masculine with intellect

OK – go their… he offers so much more than any other man on the show… besides

Scotty – YES this Man is

Griffin could almost get their… just make UP your mind and WRITERS let him LIVE something.

the men listed above

are far and away much – much – more of interest than : the dullard Corinthos clan

Yay! I’ve missed Julian. I’m excited to see how the writers get Julian out of jail, redeem him and reunite Julian/Alexis. GH desperately needs more couples with as much chemistry and story potential as Julian/Alexis.

SO HAPPY!!! Love Alexis and Julian!!

& to the 2 or 3 haters commenting on every pro Julexis post–LOL. Julexis are very popular with GH fans and their relationship should be repaired. I cant wait for it. They tried to destory this couple and STILL it didnt work!

They belong together and will be together <3

There’s a lot more than 2 or 3 haters of this coupling.

Tonja Walker was rumored to be returning to partially explain Julian’s actions. They also have to tell us the connection between Olivia Jerome and Valentin.

I like him..He makes a good pair with Alexis when they’re not fighting.
They have chemistry.
MY FAVORITES for the past fifteen or ten years have been Nicholas because he is gorgeousJason, the real Jason has also been my fav…Loved Sonny but he,s starting to act like an old man…He needs facials…his ski looks unhealthyYes I am an Esthetician….. So glad Christine’s girlfriend is gone…Gross. O. He istry with heistina..looked rediculous …..

Ava. Urdered Co nice so I can,t see her with an ex priest….Although Ava is a fab actress, she belongs with a killer and a tough guy….

Nite nite

I meant to write Ava murdered Connie …….sorry

Hey, GH Fans!

I am watching an old SEINFELD episode, the Desperado one. Is Elaine’s boyfriend the actor that plays Valentin???? He looks so much like him.

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Brook Lynn and Chase’s Wedding Reception Brings a Beatdown for Dex

On Friday’s, May 17th episode of General Hospital, Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) and Chase’s (Josh Swickard) wedding reception was the focal point as the touching celebration for the newlyweds got underway.

Sonny (Maurice Benard) was seething over seeing Dex mingle with the guests. With Dex becoming a cop, and ratting him out to Anna, previously Sonny feels betrayed by his former hit man. However, Sonny’s growing paranoia and mental stability is in question, in particular, because he has been off the proper dosage of meds for months now.

Later, when Sonny sees Dex talking with Gio (Giovanni Mazza) about serving in the military, and later chumming it up with Cerullos, he is about to go postal.

Photo: ABC

Outside the ballroom. Sonny confronts Dex about chatting it up with the Cerullos, who he says are his people. He warns Dex to stay away from his family. Dex says he was invited to the reception.

Next, Sonny calls Dex a snitch, a spy, and lets him know he is “lucky to be breathing.”  Sonny issues Dex a warning to stay away from his family, or he may not be breathing much longer.

As Sonny turns to walk away., Dex grabs him by the arm to try to reason with him and to and say he’s not his enemy. However, Sonny throws a punch. In the pickup, Sonny continues to bloody and beatdown Dex, until Jason (Steve Burton) arrives on the scene and restrains Sonny.

Photo: ABC

Kristina (Kate Mansi) walks in on the moment. She sees her father is yelling that both Jason and Dex are traitors. Sonny screams that they are both dead and he’s going to put a gun to their heads.

Photo: ABC

In happy news, Brook Lynn and Chase finally begin their wedding night when they jump onto of their bed in their honeymoon suite. Chase says now they have a great wedding night, which will be followed by a great honeymoon, and that will be followed by their entire life together. They share a kiss.

So, what did you think of Sonny’s explosive words and actions against Dex and Sonny? Will Kristina figure out what is going on with her dad, once and for all? Comment below.

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Breaking News

Patrick Mulcahey OUT as General Hospital Co-Head Writer

After various reports surfaced, it has been confirmed that Patrick Mulcahey is out as the co-head writer of General Hospital. This is after a very short tenure of under five months.

Mulcahey was named to the position back in January of 2024 along with longtime GH writer Elizabeth Korte. They replaced the team of Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor, who had been the head scribes of the long-running ABC daytime drama since 2019.

A source informed Soap Opera Digest that stories created by the co-head writing team of  Mulcahey/Korte team will air through mid-summer. However they added “There will be more news to share at a later date as to the composition of the new writing team.”

In addition, eagle-eyed soap fans have seen that in recent episodes former co-head writer, Chris Van Etten has been credited, as he is reportedly a breakdown writer with the show.

Soap Opera Network is reporting that Korte has assumed the head writing duties solely on her own at the moment, while Buzz blog initially reported Mulcahey’s exit.

We will have more on the GH writing team evolution in the days ahead.

What do you think about the writing team changes at GH thus far? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

TONIGHT: ‘Daytime Stands Up – A Benefit for Stand Up To Cancer’

On Thursday night May 16th, the daytime community comes together for Daytime Stands Up – A Benefit for Stand Up To Cancer, streaming live at 8 pm ET/5pm PT.

Stand Up To Cancer, in collaboration with leading daytime community voices Michael Fairman and Alan Locher, are coming together for a first-of-its-kind livestream event, Daytime Stands Up: A Benefit for Stand Up To Cancer … We All Have a Story.

The three-hour benefit will feature stars from the world of daytime drama television past and present, musical performances, and stories of emotional on- and off-screen experiences with cancer. Special celebrity guests will also join the effort to encourage viewers to support urgently needed research and new cancer treatments.  You can watch live on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel, The Locher Room or the Stand Up To Cancer website.

In support of the event, SU2C will simultaneously launch a 10-day eBay silent auction, from May 16 through 26, for soap opera fans to bid on a wide range of items, including a meet-and-greet experience with the cast of NBC’s Days of Our Lives; an autographed script from the cast of CBS’s The Young and the Restless and signed merchandsise from CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful cast; a 1:1 video call with General Hospital’s Cynthia Watros, Maura West and Laura Wright, and with daytime legends Robert Newman, Vincent Irizarry, Colleen Zenk, and more. Full details will be shared the evening of May 16, at

As part of the event, you will hear, cancer survivorship stories from General Hospital’s Cameron Mathison and The Young and the Restless’ Colleen Zenk, who will reflect on the impact of publicly sharing their diagnoses; and 2024 Daytime Emmy nominee Eric Braeden, who shares his battle with bladder cancer

Daytime icon Jackie Zeman, who played nurse Bobbie Spencer on General Hospital for 45 years, shared by daughters Cassidy MacLeod and Lacey Gorden.

Elizabeth Hubbard who played the iconic Lucinda Walsh on As the World Turns and Dr. Althea Davis on The Doctors, shared by her on-screen daughter Martha Byrne and real-life son Jeremy Bennett.

Two-time Emmy Award-winner Jerry verDorn (Guiding Light / One Life to Live), shared by widow Beth verDorn and his on-screen wife on Guiding Light, friend and co-star Liz Keifer.

Andrea Evans, who played Tina Lord Roberts on One Life to Live, shared by her husband Stephen G. Rodriguez and daughter Kylie Rodriguez.

Kamar de los Reyes shared by his One Life to Live co-stars Michael Easton (General Hospital) Trevor St. John (The Young and the Restless).

Poignant reflections from actors who have portrayed breast cancer survivors, including Sharon Case and Eileen Davidson from The Young and the RestlessErika Slezak from One Life to LiveTina Sloan and Kim Zimmer from Guiding Light and more.

Additional talent slated to participate in the virtual benefit include (subject to change): Eddie and Kristen Alderson (One Life to Live)Elia Cantu (Days of Our Lives)The Day Players,  featuring Days of Our Lives castmates Carson BoatmanBrandon BarashWally Kurth (2024 Daytime Emmy nominee), Eric Martsolf (2024 Daytime Emmy nominee)Kassie DePaiva (One Life to Live)Don Diamont (The Bold and the Beautiful)Linsey Godfrey (2024 Daytime Emmy nominee, Days of Our Lives)Leo Howard (Days of Our Lives)Lesli Kay (The Bold and the Beautiful)Eden McCoy (General Hospital)Kin Shriner (General Hospital)and Michelle Stafford (2024 Daytime Emmy nominee, The Young and the Restless).

You can watch the Daytime Stands Up livestream below. Now let us know if you have a cancer story that has affected your life via the comment section below, or how a daytime TV character who went through a cancer battle, gave you strength and courage in your own journey.


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