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Y&R's Amelia Heinle Chats Tricky, Villy, And The Arrival Of Teenage Reed!

Photo Credit: Ed McGowan / Plain Joe Studios

Photo Credit: Ed McGowan / Plain Joe Studios

Ah, that untimely knock at your front door!  Just when you are about to share a kiss with the love of your life, fate intervenes!  On The Young and the Restless as Genoa City rang in 2017, Victoria got quite a surprise when her SORAS’d son Reed (Tristan Lake Leabu) showed up just as Billy (Jason Thompson) and her were about to ring in the New Year with quite the lip-lock.

Now trying to figure out what to do with this teenager’s sudden arrival at her home, Victoria has been thrown for quite a loop.  And thus begins the latest chapter for Victoria’s portrayer, two-time Daytime Emmy winner, Amelia Heinle.

In 2016, Heinle was paired romantically with Michael Roark as Travis Crawford, who fans deemed as “Tricky”.  Roark became a bonafide love interest for Victoria, but with the actors decision to exit the series, that once again freed up the heiress of the Newman clan.  Will Billy and Victoria finally be reunited, or will they just continue to have close encounters?  With newly-planted Y&R head writer, Sally Sussman promising to focus on the mainstay couples on the show, Villy is certainly one to watch.  But as Heinle tells On-Air On-Soaps in our sit-down interview, she is hoping that the road to reconciliation for the two is not that easy.

In addition, Amelia shared her thoughts on playing mom to a teenager on-screen, how she was involved in the casting process that brought the new Reed to the canvas, plus her thoughts on Jason Thompson in the central role of Billy Abbott, as well as her time working with the recently exited, Roark.  And as for Victoria’s business dealings, Heinle weighs-in on if she enjoys being part of the Brash & Sassy team or not!  Did we mention much fun we always have chatting with Amelia?  Well, this conversation was no different.  Here is what one of the best of the best gals in daytime had to say.

So, what happened with “Tricky”, Vicky? (Laughs)  Fans were enjoying you and Michael Roark (Travis) together.

Photo: MRoarkTwitter

AMELIA:  Michael wanted to do primetime, and sometimes it’s hard to do daytime, and so he made a choice to go and pursue that.   We are going to miss him.  He is a sweet guy.  I had a lot of fun working with him.

Many thought that the Travis/Victoria on-screen chemistry worked so well, and that he was the first viable love interest for her since Billy. 

AMELIA:  Yes, I thought so.  It was nice.  I thought the story at the beginning was interesting when Victoria was working at the bar with him, well… I mean “Tori”. (Laughs)  Yes, it was a little silly, but I had fun with it.  It was different.  Then I don’t know when they discovered that Michael may, or may not, be able to continue based on what he wanted to do, but once they knew they had to write him off.

At one point in 2016, Michael was written off the show, but Travis returned with a bombshell that ruined Summer (Hunter King) and Luca’s (Miles Gaston Villanueva) nuptials.

AMELIA:  Yes, and that is when it was a little up in the air as to if he is going to stay.  So it was a work in progress between the show and him, and so the story shifted, because of that and it turned into something else.  I know people liked the character of Travis.

Photo: AHeinleTwitter

You know the audience is very protective of Victoria, and they won’t accept just anyone with her, but … it just felt like he was a leading man that could work with her.  Then the story wrapped quickly with his betrayal with his ex. 

AMELIA:  I think initially they had Michael coming on to the show and to see what would happen.  I liked working with Michael a lot.  He was really professional, and he got the jokes around the set most of the time.  He would be laughing right along with us, which is nice.  A lot of people come in here and they get overwhelmed by how fast-paced it is.

Is Victoria devastated by how things turned out with Travis?

AMELIA:  I am not playing her devastated over Travis, because it was not written that she was that devastated.   She was kind of like, “I’m going to get back on my horse, but no more men.  I am done with men.”  I believe this is the start of what our new head writer, Sally Sussman, wanted to do, which is even out the characters, and sort of find the characters, and let everyone show who they are as opposed to just pairing people.  Victoria hasn’t even mentioned getting into another relationship since Travis left.  Normally, she would be right in a relationship with somebody else.

Did you talk to Sally Sussman about your thoughts on the character of Victoria?

AMELIA:  No, not all.  I was just hearing about some of the things that were going to come down the pipeline, like with bringing Reed back.  When Sally first came here she was in the office one day.  I think when it was announced she was returning to the show as head writer.  I said, “Oh! This is great news.”  She said to me, “What is (my husband), Thad (Ex-J.T. Hellstrom) up to?”  Unfortunately, Thad is busy right now.

We love Thad!

Photo Credit:

AMELIA:  I know!  It would have been fun to have J.T come back. When I heard about Reed, and that story that she wanted to tell, I thought: “This is going to be great, because this is about Victoria’s family  … and he is a teen-aged son, and I have gone through having a teen-aged son in my real life.  So, I feel I know how to play this.  It will be fun.”

This is great!  I was thinking, “How is she going to play this,” but then I realized you have a teen-aged son at home! (Laughs)

AMELIA:  It’s crazy!   If I did not have my son, August, I would not have known what to do with this, because I also have little ones at home.  So when I sat down for the first time with Tristan, I felt like what it is like talking with August.  It is familiar to me.

Were you at all concerned how it would look for you to be playing the mom of a teen-aged son?

AMELIA:  Oh, you mean because it would make me look older? (Laughs)  It’s too late for that. (Laughs)

So, what do you think of Tristan Lake Leabu (Reed)? Were you involved with the casting decision?

Photo: TristanLakeLeabuInstagram

AMELIA:  First of all, I love him.  I think he is a sweetheart, and he is really talented musically. Acting-wise he is really professional.  For that age to come here, he does not seem overwhelmed by any of it.  He is just kind of taking it in stride.  I have not heard him play the guitar yet, but everybody is saying he is amazing.  He plays the piano, too.  He has all these hidden talents.  I think he is going to blow people away with his guitar playing.  When we auditioned the guys in a scene with Jason Thompson and me, I was shocked that they were all so good.  I remember Tristan distinctly, because I think he was the tallest one, and he came in with this hipster-vibe.  I thought, “He is cute.  He is like a little Hollywood hipster!”  I couldn’t tell which actor they were going to pick.  I think Tristan looked more like my son than any of them.  Max Page, who played the young Reed before was a blonde, so Tristan was closer in looking like Max than the others.

Reed’s re-appearance on to the canvas came suddenly on Y&R’s New Year’s Eve episode, as Billy and Victoria are about to kiss.  Lo and behold … there is a knock on her front door … and who should be there, her son!

AMELIA:   Yes, it’s a police officer, and they have Reed.  He got thrown off a bus for not paying the whole fare, and was brought to Victoria’s house.  He was on his way to Victoria’s, but he had some trouble getting there.  He is 15 on the show, so he is a minor.

Where has Reed been?  Now that he is back, it seems like Victoria may be having a hard time coping with this.


AMELIA:  He has been with J.T. but he is moving to Warsaw, Poland for work.  They had to make it really far! (Laughs)  Reed does not want to go; he wants to stay in Genoa City so he sort of guilt trips Victoria.  In the beginning I thought they were writing her a little bit cold, because she was like, “I don’t know if I am ready for this!”  But Victoria lost custody of him so she would really want him back, but it’s been a long time.  So I could see her thinking, “I don’t know if I am ready to raise a teenager. I have a demanding job, and two little kids.”  And she is honest with herself and Billy, and with other people that she was not ready for that.  In the beginning, Victoria is not reacting that well to having a teenager in her presence.

It’s evident that Billy and Victoria are having this push-pull with each other, don’t you think?

AMELIA:  Yes, this new story was explained to me in the beginning that it would be both of us in the storyline, and it wouldn’t just be us coming back together.  It would be us dealing with this kid, and Reed being able to go to Billy more easily than Victoria. That will create conflict, and will create interesting dynamics between us rather than “Oh, I love you, again.”   .  I feel with Sally writing the show, you really get to see the push and the pull of Billy and Victoria, again.

How do you view what led up to that moment between Billy and Victoria on New Year’s Eve that gave Villy fans, some real hope for the future?


AMELIA:  We find out that Jack made a deal with Victor, so that Billy and Victoria could stay at Brash & Sassy.  We were sort of in a celebratory mood, and we go to the New Year’s Eve party.  She gets a phone call that Johnny is sick.  When we get home, Johnny is not really sick, and she tells Billy, “You don’t have to leave.”  She lets her guard down for a minute being New Year’s and Billy said something very sweet to her.  It was a sweet moment. They have us doing that a little bit more here and there, so it’s cute.

What does Victoria think of Billy right now, especially coming off of his affair with Phyllis (Gina Tognoni)?

AMELIA:  I like how it set their relationship back, because they were working more closely together, and then she found out about his affair with Phyllis.  After that, she was really disappointed in him.  It was more of, “How could you do that?”  The good thing is that they have Billy being more promiscuous with women, so she is used to it by now. Victoria has moved on past what they had, past that bond that they had, and she has had to because now the Billy character has been with lots of different women including; Bethany (Chrishell Stause).  Billy has been out there playing the field for a while since Travis came into Victoria’s life.  It’s easier for her now to not get hurt. It’s more for her of:  “Oh, well. Here he goes again.”  But this one was low, because he cheated with his brother’s wife.  But Billy is charming to her, and he is the love of Victoria’s life still, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Do you think that because Billy helped blow the whistle on Travis that Victoria feels in some ways indebted to him for saving her from a relationship that was not as honest as she believed?

Photo Credit: Ed McGowan/Plain Joe Studios

AMELIA:  I think she said that a few times, something along the lines of: “Thanks, for looking out for me.”  I also think she knows that he loves her. I think in everything they write for Victoria in story it should have those undertones that she knows she is still in love with him.  However, she always becomes disappointed with him.  I do hope they emphasize that in the story moving forward; that she doesn’t want to marry Billy again.  She needs more time with that, because both of them need separation and time from their recent relationships, and then come into meaningful ones.

I think viewers want to see strong women and strong men on their soaps, as opposed to weak guys and dumb-downed women.

AMELIA:   Exactly!  I want Victoria to be more like her dad, Victor.  I hope they keep writing that.  I believe Sally is working on that.  I just have to say, I love what she is doing so far with my storyline, from what we have been taping.

Jason Thompson has been at Y&R for a full -year now.  You have seen and worked with all of the ‘Billy’s’.  How does Mr. Thompson measure up?

AMELIA:  He is just wonderful!   I adore him.  He is a very classy guy and a phenomenal actor.  I really like his style.  I love how subtle he is and how he plays emotional scenes.  Billy Miller (Ex-Billy Y&R, now Jason, GH) was actually a great promoter of Jason Thompson.  It was nice, because Billy was very complimentary of Jason.  He gave me his stamp of approval.  I’m a hard audience, and a tough customer.  The part of Billy is a very hard role.  So, I was just happy when Y&R got Jason.  It’s certainly a different take on the role.  All of the men that have played Billy are different, and each of them had their own strengths.

Do you now look at Jason and see the essence of the character of Billy Abbott?

Photo Credit:

AMELIA:  I feel Jason is Billy. I feel the potential is brimming over with story for him, and I hope I get to be involved in that, because Jason is so good.

The scene, in which they break test tubes when Jack wants them out of the lab before New Year’s in an effort to shut down Brash & Sassy, reminded me of classic Billy and Victoria scenes! 

AMELIA:  This is one of the other reasons Billy is so loveable.  In that scene, he helps Victoria figure out how to vent her frustrations by breaking things in the office, which is really cute   I liked that they let us play the humor in that scene.  I think that is one of the things that people loved about these two together.  Victoria was the one that was uptight, and he was the one that kind of loosened her up.  So in this scene, you saw that.

Playing the corporate intrigue of being at Newman Enterprises, or Brash & Sassy, do you like that, or do you say to yourself, “What am I doing?  I know nothing about running a major business conglomerate!” (Laughs)

AMELIA:  No, I love it.  I love playing in scenes with Daniel Goddard as Cane, Jason as Billy, and Jess Walton as Jill.  Oh, my God!  I love when Jill comes in and throws in her two-cents as the boss, as we three stooges try to figure out what to do next! (Laughs)  I like working at Brash & Sassy, better than working at Newman. 

What are your hopes for Victoria in 2017?

Photo Credit:

AMELIA:  I can’t wait to explore this storyline with Reed.  I know Sally is going to write some material for this story that people can relate to.  I also like being a part of the realistic storylines on the show, the simple family stuff.  Right now, they are showing me as working mother with two kids and a teenager, moving around the house, cleaning up after my kids, going to work in a high-pressure job, and that happens in real life.  You are frazzled, and then she yells to her son, “Turn that guitar down!”  I love that because it’s cute.  People are already sick of me on the set yelling, “Reed! Reed!”  all of the time. (Laughs)  This story reminds me of the stories that people who watch Y&R loved in the past.

Amelia, you are one of those actresses who never play a false note, and are so realistic in your acting approach, and very relatable on-screen to the audience.  Not many have those qualities that make them so endearing.

AMELIA:  Thank you.  That is a huge compliment.  It’s fun to play the material when it is written as realistic as it can be.  They are giving us situations now on the show that don’t have to be complicated to be entertaining.  It doesn’t have to be about drugs and alcohol, and I feel my character would never go down that road

Now (laughs), do you feel Victoria can be too “judgy” of people?

Photo Credit: Ed McGowan / Plain Joe Studios

AMELIA:  Yes, totally!  I love it! (Laughs) People may not like that, but I do.  Here is the thing:  You have to show flaws in a person in order to make them redeemable later. There are moments where I will say, “Oh, Billy! Maybe if you hadn’t done this!  Or, I can’t believe you just did that!”  I am always on my high horse, but it’s funny.  I hope they knock Victoria off of her high horse, because it’s fun to watch people have to get back up after being annoying and “judgy”.  In soaps, a lot of people won’t allow their characters to look like that, but that is when the audience enjoys those characters the most, because they see their flaws and then you can redeem yourself later.

How do you justify in your head that Victoria stands by what her dad, Victor, does when some of it is downright unscrupulous?

AMELIA:  He did go to prison, but that was weird.  Victoria wouldn’t want her dad to go to prison.  I would like for them to make Victoria very strong where she could stand up to her dad, and the choices that he makes, but at the same time show that she loves and supports him, but also that she is just annoyed by him.  For her to just love him all of the time, and for her to be his biggest cheerleader all of the time, that is also boring.

How would you feel if the writers down the line put Victoria back working at Newman Enterprises?


AMELIA:  If I go back to Newman that would be fine, but it depends on how they write it.  I am sure they would have me working with Eric Braeden (Victor) again, which would be fun.  I have been in that office so many times I can’t imagine a scenario, or story that they would write, but you never know.

In closing, do you have a New Year’s wish for all of your fans?

AMELIA:  I want to first say, Happy New Year, and I hope this year brings everybody health, wealth, and wisdom.  Thank you for looking out for my character and caring that she is with the right man.  I appreciate it, and I hope everybody watches lots of Y&R in the New Year.

So, what do you think of Reed showing up on Victoria’s doorstep and Y&R’s decision to age the character to a teenager?  Are you looking forward to the story which will feature Amelia, Jason Thompson and Tristan Lake Leabu? Were you rooting for Travis and Victoria? Are you intrigued to see more Villy?  Share your thougths on the interviews and Amelia’s thoughts contained within it via the comment section below!

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I like Reed ..
about time the Young and the Restless put back the Youg & Restless in the cast..
There are very few young.

I am luvin Jason as Billy.. I do not like him with Victoria..
Billy, (whichever Billy) has always been Victoria’s Lap Dog and Victors punching bag.

I want Jason way out of Victoria’s realm. I don’t like her she’s a bland charater..
I hope Reed brings some excitement with him.
Too bad there is no others of his age to play with ..

I think Amelia, as Victoria, lacks charisma and chemistry with her co-stars. I don’t see any chemistry with Billy (I didn’t see it with Travis, either).

I love Amelia, Victoria, and Villy!!!!

Me too, and what a terrific interview.
Amelia comes off as a sweet, level headed and somewhat self depreciating person. I like her even more after reading it.

For the love of God, free Billy. And me.

This pairing is deader than dead. No chemistry. Forced and contrived. Even more after Philly.

Very forced, and Amelia plays Victoria as though she is unsure of herself, not confident, in my opinion. I’m not a big fan of Billy; although, Billy and Phyllis had a lot of chemistry.

Interesting, it does not feel that way to me at all. I think they have chemistry.
I also thought she had chemistry with Trevor.

Y&R is better than ever and Amelia is a solid actor with a great on screen presence. I am looking forward to all of the stories that the current writers have in store as I believe they have a real handle on each of the characters and how they relate to one another. The story lines, the dialogue, the direction, the editing and the performances are all tremendous and the show is a real pleasure to watch again. What Y&R is doing now should serve as a lesson for the other soaps. I have always considered GH to be “my soap”, but Y&R is slowly but surely usurping it as my main soap. I believe that they are serving the long standing soap viewer as opposed to courting a new audience by tampering with the classic qualities of good soap opera. I like long scenes with thoughtful dialogue, with characters who are true to whom viewers know them to be. Y&R is checking off all the boxes now and is the most satisfying of all the soaps.

I like it a lot that they added a teen to the mix. I have always loved Amelia as Victoria and Jason has really made the role of Billy his own. It was a nice interview.

Agreed. Love Amelia……since her AMC days, as Mia, and Liza’s long-lost sister. I was only fifteen when she first appeared on the soap, and remember the day, crystal-clear….loved her immediately.

Her husband has been busy all right executive producer he and his brother of La La Land up for several Golden Globe awards! kudos to a fellow Okie!

I have loved this actress since her Loving/The City days. A true gem.

Me too!

No matter how hard the writers try and no matter how hard JT tries, he has no gravitational pull. Billy has, more or less, cleaned up his act, but he does not inspire me. Just my personal feeling, as I am sure JT, as Billy, has a following.
It was obvious, the PTB were striving for a Victoria/Billy re-connection….and, that’s fine, if one likes a passive relationship.
Hey, they seem to be ok together….some couples are satisfied with that……having no fire with your mate.
Will their ‘coupling’ reach that pinnacle, eventually? Sadly, I doubt we will see that stormy, yet irrisistible vibe Amelia and BM had.
Good luck, I say!!
I love Reed. He may be the typical 15-year old, but he seems like such a good, wise-for-his-years kid. I was pretty floored by Victoria, though. Shouldn’t she have been overjoyed by her son seeking her out and wanting to live with her? What mother wouldn’t? That’s disturbing to me… the mother to a young son, myself.
I must admit, the interaction between Billy and Reed was refreshing……loved seeing that!! That’s this Billy’s redemption….the camaraderie with Reed.
The only discordant note was : ” Moving to Poland”. Really?

Well, I think Reed was possibly aged for a specific reason….one with which I agree. The show does need teens. Soon, Faith will be sorased. I surely hope not. I would not like to lose Alyvia….such a talented little girl. I think all soaps, in general, should have children of varied age groups.
Sooner or later, a teen girl will also be introduced to us, just for Reed.
I wish the writers would incorporate High School ‘life’ within the segments. OLTL did a lot of that. I think it would bring reality back to Genoa City.

I watched , todays ep… not all of it… but was once again taken with how much Victoria and Billy have, together

not matter what any one says… naysay… hey, I do it

this couple … with nuBilly… played wonderfully… by Jason Thompson, delivers

god, I delight in Victoria’ Journey

I knew from the instant Victoria and nuBilly debuted , when Billy was @ the hospital… they had chemistry

Victoria is lovelier
Billy is comfortable

I saw her SORAS teen son…. I saw the easy camaraderie he has with Billy and Victoria… all I have to say this early in the game…. GAIN SOME WEIGHT.

haven’t read the above interview… yet

Amelia Heinle is the best

the NICE thing

I do not think of Jason Thompson , from GH.

this Billy… has a smart keener drive… sure he’s sexual… still lingers in the mindset of playboy… does he LOVE Victoria


does he know… what family is?


that first scene with Sally Sussman… on December 7 th ??? when the Abbott Breakfast first premiered… and he showed up… sure, Jill had to prompt him… you are every bit the Abbott as any one else… and he looked right at Jack and took his lumps


i’m so glad Amelia and Jason… have that it factor

isn’t she the cutest… in the pic above , in purple dress with pony tail off to the side

Amelia plays Victoria with a vulnerability… that shows… and that’s OK

men want to help her

love that her best relationship is with her brother Nick.

she isn’t that torn up about either her mother or father… that she would rather go her own way than rely on them.

I’ve posted… the Newmans are not the same… without Adam

i’ll post… the Newmans would never be, without Victoria

I’m so glad you feel that way about Billy and Victoria. I just do not get any goose-bumps, Patrick. To me, they are more like brother and sister….I just don’t feel the sexual tension. He is your average, standard character.
And, I honestly feel it is not because of Victoria. JT simply does not ‘stir’ me in any kind of way….As I said, he does work for his following.
I do agree that we need Adam back. But I say this with temerity and caution, Patrick. He needs to be the RIGHT Adam. We do not need another fail….or another parade of actors streaming through and off the stage.

I feel like Tristan looks a bit old for the role. I don’t know. It’s hard I guess to cast. I don’t think he really looks like Victoria or JT. I don’t really care for all the music talk. Haven’t we had characters before interested in music (Noah) and it was a big snooze?

I hope for good story for Victoria in 2017.

If the guy who played Travis left on his own, why not recast him? I liked Vicki with someone other than FAKE Billy!

Agreed, Timmmy.That relationship certainly had a lot more chemistry than with nuBilly. Perhaps it is just my antipathy for JT. I find him neither good-looking nor sexy.
However, that’s neither here nor there. Sometimes personality, a sense of humor and savoir-faire will surpass/outdo any physical/visible beauty. JT falls short on everything for me.
What can I say? That’s how I see it.

Yeah, JT was good as Patrick but he doesnt have the looks or charm to be Billy. And for the first time, I am not campaigning for Miller’s return. I lost interest in that guy as an actor after watching his lazy performances as Jason Morgan! There are so many talented actors out of work, I’m sure there is a Billy out there!

Right, Timmmy. Jason T fit the role of Patrick. Serious, adult-like…
But, trying to assume any vestiges of a jokester; the forever young ‘lad’ ( as nuBilly did when mimicking playing an invisible electric guitar) makes him look like an absolute ridiculous fool. That ‘style’ of horsing around is simply not suited for him….the picture was distorted for me, as I did not find any humor in it.
Remember Ryan Brown who played Billy for only a year? Well, I loved him. I wish he could be brought back. I also like John Paul Lavoisier….age perfect. And, he can definitely assume that happy-go-lucky attitude which Billy Miller embodied.
Also, I do agree with you about Miller. After his less than pasty, colorless acting as Jason on GH, I doubt he could reclaim the crown of THE Billy Abbott he once owned. That was a one-time phenomenon, in my opinion.

Ooooh, I really love that idea, Celia… of John-Paul Lavoisier as Billy Abbott. He’s got the looks, the right kind of charm, the charisma. I can picture him having some pretty amazing chemistry with Amelia Heinle (Victoria). I also can envision it… he’d fit in well with Billy’s siblings, Jack and Ashley. He has quite the canny resemblance to Ashley / Eileen Davidson… especially when he was a lot more blonder than he was on Days of Our Lives, back when he portrayed the role of Rex Balsom on One Life to Live. I’d think he would have a really good rapport with his on-screen mother, Jess Walton (Jill), just as well. Jill kind of reminds me of the Kate Roberts of Genoa City. And on the reversal, as well… Kate Roberts reminds me of the Jill Foster Abbott Fenmore of Salem. Kate Roberts, of course, being Phillip Kiriaki’s birth mother on Days of Our Lives.

And it’d be ironic for him to have to interact with another character that goes by the name of Victor, like he did on Days recently when he portrayed the character of Phillip Kiriakis.

BINGO CEE! I thought the same thing, Billy was trying to get in touch with his inner Patrick by playing air guitar. He looked like a fool!

@Timmm & @Connor.
Absolutely Connor. We do agree that John-Paul would fit right in. Mostly, he’s the type to stick it to Victor with harmless pranks….be in his face, as it were. I miss that back and forth, rif-raf between Victor and Billy.
And, as Timmm and I agree; where JT looks the fool, Lavoisier’s antics; his clowning around endears him to the viewer without looking the fool.

I am having a hard time believing a teenage boy can be so “goody two shoes” towards his mom. Maybe it is an act because he really wants to stay in Genoa City, but so far, he is not coming off very believable to me with all the nicey nice. Then again, maybe JT and Mackenzie are much better parents than Victoria could ever dream of and he actually has good manners.

I don’t like that in the last 10 years they have very few “moms” on the show that actually put their kids first. Chelsea is the first I have seen in a long time that always puts her kid first and I know that just gets some viewers’ dander up because they hate Chelsea, but her being a mom first makes her endearing to me. With all the other women it is career FIRST and then kid. That is not right.

HOWEVER, I do like the actor … a lot. I will say it again, he reminds me soooo much of Michael Graziadei (Daniel).

Billy and Reed have always had a good relationship. I like that the writers are having them pick right up where they left off.

I also like that Chelsea is portrayed as a devoted mom (it makes sense that she wants to do better by her child than Anita did by her) who is able to balance work and parenting successfully.

I’m really enjoying Reed’s arrival. I hadn’t heard it was going to happen, and it’s been a nice surprise. The physical resemblance between Amelia and Tristan has made it easy to get on board with the relationship, the young actor is quite good, and it’s nice to see a new story line open up for Victoria and Billy. Anything that gives Amelia more material to play is a good thing for me – I love watching her! I completely understand Victoria’s initial wariness about this situation. The thought of it has to be thrilling, and overwhelming, and scary. Also, it sounds like JT has only “approved” this arrangement until the summer, so I’m curious about how that will play into things. Will Victoria lose Reed once again?

I enjoyed Tricky, but Villy is on another level for me. I think I’ll always root for them, even when I know they both need time alone. From Jason’s first scenes in the hospital, I’ve seen the continuation of Billy and Victoria’s fundamental connection – they’ve had an amazing, at times emotionally torturous, love story, and it’ll be interesting to see how it continues to evolve under the new regime.

I’m all for a return of strong & business driven Victoria, but yr can miss me for a return of lopsided and sexist Villy. Billy hasn’t changed, while Victoria has changed for the worse to keep Villy alive.

Reed ‘s story looks good on paper, but the execution is a mess to prop Billy.

Exactly. I said I like Reed and I like the interaction between him and Billy ( within certain parameters).
You just gave me food for thought, vikki…..Billy is on crutches, as I see it.
That is such a good point you make…had not seen it until you mentioned it……So, was Reed brought back as a teen to boost a crippling Billy? Makes sense to me.

Although I was having trouble accepting Jason Thompson as Billy, he is kind of growing on me. He seems to be mellowing out more and showing a more softer side of Billy. I am still having trouble understanding why Victoria isn’t more thrilled with the fact that her son is back. I am not saying she has to bow down and kiss his feet, but to me she doesn’t seem that thrilled. I remember the scene when Reed left, compared to now, it just doesn’t sit right. I guess after so much time apart, they need to have an adjustment period. Since I am sure he will be sharing alot of scenes with Billy and Victoria, I am glad that the chemistry is their and they play off one another nicely. As for any resemblance, I think he is very passable as Victoria’s son. It is so nice to have a teenage set back. I am hoping for friends and possibly a girlfriend down the road. Is it just me needing new glasses, or does anyone else think that Reed resembles Oliver from B&B? And speaking of finding friends for Reed I hope they don’t age Faith to catch up. I love her. Time will tell. As for the new writers, so far I am liking what I am seeing. if they keep writing like this, I will definately keep watching

Yes! He looks like a cross between Michael Graziadei and Zack Conroy (the hair).

I don’t think Victoria has had a lot of contact with Reed and she doesn’t really know him. I was surprised at how Victor treated his grandson–like they were strangers, but I guess he too didn’t have much contact with Reed.

Also, I was thinking, maybe Victoria doesn’t want to get too “attached” to Reed as JT has custody and could at any moment yank Reed back.

She’s been visiting him for years off and on, so that makes no sense that she wouldn’t be more close to her own son. Again, someone needs to learn to do real research on the new writing regime.

Nice interview! She seems like a super sweet person. Admittedly, I am a torn Philly/Villy fan (I know, crazy, right?) I do enjoy Amelia/Jason’s easy going chemistry. They play off each other really well. Their scenes have been really sweet so far, but I do miss their bickering/snark scenes as well! I just don’t want them to put Villy back together RIGHT AWAY. Give it time and then down the road, revisit them. They’re in a good place right now.

I have a feeling that even if they were to ever get back together (even in any particular portions of the future), that something drastic would end up happening… that would just end up tearing them up and apart all over again. Because if something seems too good to be true, than it probably is.

I am speaking of Villy, here.

Great interview, Michael.. Always love to hear from Amelia.. I am so happy the brought our Reed home and I am so excited for their story.. I loved Tricky but I also understand that Micheal wanted to do other projects. Really wish him all the best, maybe one day he’ll make a return to show.

I have been a Villy fan since the beginning so one day I do hope they will reunite. However, there has been so much damage to the couple, not sure sure how Sally will fix it.

I am more interested to see independent Victoria being a kick-ass mother and businesswoman. Would love to see her become more Victorlike when it comes to business. Leave off the romance for a little while.

Love this interview, Micheal..& Hope to see more interviews from the Y&R staff.

your para #2

yeah, I”M JUST GLAD that Victoria and Billy HAVE a real relationship… that doesn’t mean that it should be happening today…

it’s just a nice know… that there will always be a simmering unrequited love that could blossom, again

whew! I’m just glad that Amelia Heinle as Victoria is playing her role to the hilt.

her character of the Newman Clan is the one I root for…

LOL I just have to laugh at … Nikki and Victor… are they still high brow

Victoria and Billy will ALWAYS love each other, no matter what, and no matter who else they end up “being with” in this life. True love never really wavers, because the fact that they fight so much, shows how passionate they have been for each other and are for each other. I know that they don’t fight as much anymore, pretty much ever since Billy Miller has left the show… which it is refreshing to see a “sweet version of love” on screen… but true love, is worth FIGHTING for… because if you’re passionate about something and or somebody in life… then that means you FIGHT for it and or them.

I have always like AH in the role of Victoria. She plays her like a real person…becoming frustrated, hard working, sometimes silly and makes it all believable. Her devotion and turning a blind eye to Victor is her biggest flaw….and yet AH makes that another believable part of the character.

I think the musical aspect of Reed’s character is a good thing…JT had musicical aspirations once so it is probable that his son would inherit that trait. I would love to see Thad return to the show….even for a short visit.

I am still not thrilled with Jason Thompson as Billy….he is a little bit to stiff for me, especially after the carefree, impish way he was when Billy Miller played the role. Not sure how much of this is the writers’ doing and I suppose you could look at it as the character maturing….but, I don’t think Billy Miller’s Billy would have entered into an affair with Phyliss…he always wanted Jack’s approval and would never have stooped to that. But, I have to say, I get that he s a good actor but I felt even as Patrick on GH JT was always too reserved for my tastes. Because of this I think this Billy is won’t allow the fun side of Victoria come through.

Billy Miller left three years ago. Maybe it’s time to move on.

BM’s Billy had an affair with Jack’s wife Sharon. And look for a video called “Billy is done with Jack”, saying that Billy wanted Jack’s approval is not true.

OH! I forgot about Billy sleeping with Sharon. What a mess that story was. Wasn’t he thrown into the Faith paternity at that time too? It’s coming back to me. Ugh, what a mess.

Personally, I find Victoria to be a very unsympathetic character these days. For years she moaned and groaned about how much she wanted a baby and then had Reed who she lost in the custody battle. Now that he’s back she acts like she doesn’t want him because she has two younger children — two younger children she continually leaves in the care of invisible nanny Hannah now that they are no longer babies and a source of attention for her. Reed should go join Faith at the ranch, Chelsea should take Johnny back and give him a real home, and Billy should take Katie to live at the Chancellor mansion so Victoria can focus on the most important people in her life — her father and herself.

Co-sign !

Alan…EXACTLY!!!!! In a way, I don’t know W-H-Y TPTB at Y&R even bothered to bring Reed back to the show (teenaged and all) AT ALL!!!!! To me, Reed was W-A-Y BETTER OFF living with JT and Mackenzie in another state. Bottom Line Here: That WISHY-WASHY Victoria has N-O CLUE about motherhood…AT ALL!!!!! N-O-N-E!!!!!

HAPPY 2017, ALAN!!!!!


Amen to this post!! Free Billy and give us back Philly

I love Victoria, she and Victor are the reason I watch the show, I do like Nick to, but Victoria has class, her hair, clothes, action, not trampy like the rest. I don’t want Billy to hurt her again so no romance please. Plus Nicki is too old for that haircut and Ashley and daughter have the same haircut, how many mother and daughters do you know that have the same haircut. Otherwise like the show story line right now, like Phyliss acting like a business women not a tramp. Hillary and Sharon are my least favorite people on the show, don’t like either role

She slept with a guy she didn’t know. I don’t know if that’s trampy, but she’s not pure as the driven snow just ask Cole Howard who she shared with mama Newman. I think you should take off the rose-colored glasses because the real Vicki is flawed, very flawed, and she can be a tramp too just ask her multiple suitors.

Gina is going nuts on twitter trying to keep her and JT alive please feel sorry for her move on

What a bunch of bull k.kay. Philly fans sent Gina and Jason a Philly gift basket and they requested a selfie. Nothing more or less. Was she trying to hook up with Victor when she took a selfie with Eric Braeden? Was she trying to hook up with Nick when she took a selfie with Joshua Morrow? Or was she trying to hook up with Jess Walton or Eileen Davidson when she took selfies with them? You need to really grow up.

Gina is going nuts? Because she tweeted a selfie that fans asked her for months?

I feel sorry for YOU.

Aw, you are that threatened by Philly that you had to say that? I guess AH is trying to Tricky alive by posing with MR at the Christmas party? Wow, AH has some desperate fanbase that’s for sure. As the other person said, GT and JT were just doing that for a fan who was gracious enough to send in a gift basket.

Where is she going nuts?? Gina shows love for all the characters and actors she works with and never has anything bad to say about anyone.. including fans like you who bash! She is just a naturally great person.

They brought Reed back to prop Villy.

Jill, Reed, Johnny and Katie, Nick, Ashley, Jack … even Phyllis has to prop that mess.

If they belong together, why do they need to use the half of the cast to convince the audience?

OK…you know what: I hope to G-O-D that ‘Teenage Reed’ is A LOT LESS ANNOYING than Victoria!!!!!

Just saying……….

“It was good that Billy was shown as promiscuous”…WHAT?! What we viewers were shown was that he was in love with Phyllis. He only said it over and over again. But now due to a new head writer this is supposed to be forgotten?! What a disservice to viewers like me that had invested in Philly. I could care less about Villy even more so with such a bad spin on what actually happened on the show.

I think AH clearly has issues with how Philly was written which makes no sense since she had her first viable pairing in a decade (or does it just seem that way) with MR. I guess he’s good until she can get the real scoop from her BFF she stalks at another soap. That in itself Freud would have a field day with I’m sure.

She also said previously Billy loved Phyllis, so maybe indeed she should see a head shrink. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt (not) that this just courtesy of Sally. The agenda can be seen a mile away with this mess, and no, AH, no one wants to see the push and pull of Billy being a piece of gum on Victoria’s stiletto week after week. It’s such a ridiculous overused plot, and no one wants to see him with that kid either.

JT and GT are clearly being punished for having chemistry. ITA with someone above who described AH as being nervous. She does seem like a nervous adolescent child on screen with men. She has no sex appeal at all, and I do think she can act, but she should stick to the Newman stuff because that’s about the only thing in her wheelhouse. And if you are that obsessed with BM, why not just go to GH and save us all some grief, so we can get back to the adult couple with Philly.

After all soaps aren’t about pushing us back in a time machine but pushing us forward, and in today’s real world, this Villy thing needs a long break, so we can see JT flourish as he should as a leading man. Victoria can learn to be an adult finally and raise her children and be strong at work where again AH is better suited acting wise, co-parent, and Billy can run off and at least for a while sizzle up the screen with GT. I don’t care about endgame, never have, never will. Just look at Shick and their endgame, right?

Love This!! Amen!! Spot On!! YRSinceCricket

Philly does not need to be propped unlike the dead Villy. GT has several pics with costars. People are so threatened by her innocent tweets it is ridiculous. No had a problem when Amelia said Villy was dead without Billy Miller. This just proves how scared people are of Philly. They see things that are not there. Sad

I really do not like the new Reed. I miss Max Page. That kid was adorable and had wonderful chemistry with Amelia. This new guy is horrible. I hate when they age up the children. None of them have worked out, Kyle, Abby, Summer, and now Reed are just awful. All of them were better as children, but super annoying as adults.

I still see no chemistry at all between Amelia and Jason Thompson. They are just depressing to watch together. Not a good fit. Amelia sparkled with Billy Miller. I think he was the best Billy and the only Billy that worked with Victoria. I also liked Travis a lot. It’s too bad he left because he was a much better match for her than this new Billy. With Travis gone, Victoria is back to looking miserable again. Maybe they should recast Travis and bring him back for her.

I adored original Villy and finally with Jason Thompson see another version that can rival Amelia & Billy Miller’s. Love her and JT’s chemistry. I do want it to be built slowly. I am excited at having one of my favorite all time couples back in story again. It’s brought me back to watching the show. I just thought Philly was too nasty and made both characters whom I love (because I am a Phyllis fan too) so unlikable. I hope it’s over for good and Tricky just seemed way too superficial for me.

Love Victoria! AH seems to be a lovely person. Really enjoying the ‘new’ Young and Restless so far.

I agree with alot of fans but also disagree with others. Hard to make everyone happy with which actor should be with another. I have watched since the show started with much joy and frustration. There is no way “on God’s green earth” to please everyone. I will continue enjoying life in Genoa City as long as God and CBS let me. The talk of pulling the plug on the long beloved DOOL saddens me, as I’m sure it does many. Than there will be three. Lets keep the faith and enjoy what we have, for as long as we can, for we don’t know what show will go next. They are saying that viewers are losing interest in the Soaps. I don’t believe that for a minute, or there wouldn’t be so many comments on sites like this. I for one do not want to sit around all day watching someone or other being interviewed or watch some idiot playing a stupid game or being taught how to cook something new and exciting!

Breaking News

Anne Heche in Her Final TV Performance to Air on ‘All Rise’

It is hard to believe that now one year later, television fans will see the final performance of Daytime Emmy winner, Anne Heche (ex-Vicky/Marley, Another World).  The talented actress passed away from injuries sustained in a car crash back on August 5th, 2022.

Heche was officially declared ‘brain dead’ on August 12th, when her reps shared that Anne was “peacefully taken off life support.”  Before she passed, Anne taped what would be her final TV acting appearance in her recurring role on the legal drama, All Rise.

The series formerly with CBS and now airing on OWN, will air Heche’s last performance this Saturday, September 30th at 9pm ET/8 pm CT.  On All Rise, Heche plays lawyer Corrine Cuthbert.  Since season 2, Heche has taken on the recurring role. She appeared in six episodes.

Photo: JPI

In story, Corrine has had a fraught professional relationship with Judge Lola Carmichael played by Simone Missick.  For her final appearance, Heche’s Corrine shows up as part of a trial case.

All Rise dedicated the episode to Heche. As the hour comes to its conclusion, they express: “In Memory of Anne Heche, Our Friend and Wonderful Artist. You Are Missed.”

After this, Heche will star posthumously in the independent movie feature Wildfire: The Legend of the Cherokee Ghost Horse, slated for release in November.

Will you be watching Anne’s final television performance on All Rise? Share your thoughts via the comment section below. But first, check out a teaser for the episode which also features former Y&R star, Wilson Bethel who stars on the legal drama as Mark Callan.

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Y&R’s Jess Walton On Why Mamie Irks Jill As Feud Reignites: “It’s Mamie’s Arrogance and How Much She Enjoyed Stepping on Jill’s Toes All These Years”

On recent episodes of The Young and the Restless, viewers learned that Mamie Johnson (Veronica Redd) is back and is actually the new secret investor in Chancellor-Winters.

Mamie told Nate (Sean Dominic) that she is looking forward to watching Jill’s (Jess Walton) head explode when it is finally revealed. Those remarks date back to Jill and Mamie’s longstanding feud and history; when Mamie was the Abbott family housekeeper, and both women had relationships with the late John Abbott (Jerry Douglas).

This current story will feature Jess Walton in an arc that pits her against Veronica Redd, and should delight longtime Y&R viewers who have loved the often catty remarks and fireworks between Jill and Mamie.

Photo: JPI

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now, Jess Walton spoke about why Jill has such an issue with Mamie. The Daytime Emmy-winning star expressed, “It’s Mamie’s arrogance and how much she enjoyed stepping on Jill’s toes all of these years. Mamie had always been judging Jill who in turn just hated the influence Mamie had with John.  When Jill was married to him, she never felt welcome in her own home.”

Photo: JPI

Walton went on to say on this new storyline development: “As far as she (Jill) is concerned that disrespect is continuing because Mamie bought into Chancellor-Winters without letting Jill know.”

Y&R fans can look forward to more of Jess on-screen in the next few months as she informed SOD, she will be taping scenes in October and November on the top-rated soap opera.

Photo: JPI

When all is said and done, Jess shared that her Genoa City alter-ego is very clear on just how Mamie gets under her skin: “Mamie was always so damn sanctimonious and hollier-than-thou and that always pissed Jill off. Mamie still knows how to really push Jill’s buttons.”

Check out the flashback scenes below featuring Veronica Redd and Jess Walton that were part of this week’s episodes of Y&R; where Mamie is revealed to be a now major investor in Chancellor-Winters.

Now let us know, are you looking forward to seeing the sparks fly between Jill and Mamie in the coming weeks? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Star Brandon Barash and Wife Isabella Devoto Welcome Baby Boy

Congratulations are in order to Days of our Lives‘ Brandon Barash (Stefan) and his wife, Isabella Devoto. The couple welcomed their first child together, a son, named Joaquin Lee Barash.

Taking to his Instagram account on Thursday, Barash revealed little Joaquin was actually born back on September 15th.

Brandon shared three adorable photos of the newest addition to his family accompanied by the words: “Joaquin Lee Barash arrived on the planet on 9.15.23. A mighty name for a mighty boy…to honor my (departed but never gone) father, Jerry Lee Barash, as well as my wife’s Hispanic heritage. We. Are. Smitten…and forever changed. Through your birth, lil man, we are reborn. Our family is mightier, our ocean of love runs deeper and more fierce. School’s back in session.”

Photo: BBarashIG

The actor also shares a daughter, Harper,9, with his ex, GH’s Kirsten Storms (Maxie).  Harper is pictured in one of the snaps with her baby brother. You can see them below.

Isabella and Brandon tied the knot back in December of 2022.


Share your well-wishes to Brandon, Isabella, Harper and little Joaquin via the comment section.


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A post shared by Brandon Barash (@brandonjbarash)

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Kim Coles as Whitley

Days of our Lives

Airdate: 7-24- 2023