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Y&R's Christel Khalil On Contract Talks: "I thought I would be worth what I thought I was worth to them, but I guess I'm not!"

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

The rumors spread fast and furious all week long that The Young and the Restless looked like it was recasting the role of Lily Winters played by Daytime Emmy winner Christel Khalil.  As information came to light it seems contract talks were again the culprit, so the number one soap put out a casting call for her replacement.

Khalil spoke to and revealed, “I want to stay.  I heard a rumor someone said I was deciding to leave, but it’s not really working that way.  There’s something I want that they don’t want to give to me.  It hurts. I thought I would be worth what I thought I was worth to them, but I guess I’m not.  It would be very weird to see someone brand-new try to come in. It’s sad, because this is like my family. I’ve been here 10 years. I just wanted a few less restrictions, which I feel I deserve. It’s mainly about restrictions, and money. I guess they wanted all or nothing.”

MSN went on to say that Christel hopes things can work out in the final hours of negotiations, but confirmed it is not looking good.   So what do you think should be done here soapers? Work a deal with Khalil?  Or recast?  Let us know!

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Good riddance! I’ve never been able to stand her anyway. How she won a Daytime Emmy is beyond me.

Totally agree! That Emmy…I was like WTF?

You 2 obviously don’t have a clue on what she is all about. You should stick to story’s and people on what they do IF you did you would NOT be saying this about her. This is not funny!!
Christel is a good person! And she should stay if she can work it out. NO one will be able to replace her,so I guess that is the case then I guess she will have to be killed off,Or whatever CUZ Cane will be okay with taking care of the twins he has alot of help. With Jill out of town(vacation) I hope she is coming back ?

Keep her! This is not how you treat an actress who won your show its only Emmy this year.

I say good goodbye and good luck! She is being a greedy prima donna. She is not a Star just because she has an Emmy. I expect to see it on Ebay real soon. I lost my last job after 8 years, because they moved it to another city. It took me 2 years to find another job. She should suck it up and take what they offer. She is not a star, just another actor. There are plenty of out of work actors who would love to take the job and many of them are probably much better than she has ever been.

If she does not take the offer, we will see her on Dancing with the So-callled stars in a few years. She can call Sean Young for advice.

I really like her and she is a very good actress. Dont get the hate to her really

Young and The Restless should have paid attention to the last time they re-cast Lily (Christel Khalil) is a great actress she play and important role like Sharon & Nikki some actress re-cast just don’t work out it didn’t work the last time they re-cast Lily, stop trying to re-cast her & pay her a little more “Damnit”..when they re-cast Drewcilla that was a Big Flop, Neil role was never the same don’t make the same mistake.We like her keep her on the show…

I wonder what the restrictions were that she wanted lifted. It makes me believe that JFP is going to run a tight ship.

I think something will be done with all the outs that Billy Miller and Jeff Branson, to name a few, currently enjoy. I think they probably want everyone who is employed at Y&R to not have outside projects that take them away for months, but this is just speculating on my part.

The restrictions were do not bring back Victoria Rowell!! LOL!!

Money money money, be grateful you have a job in daytime and go with it – wow!

Sounds like that Emmy went to her head….Never really cared for her portrayal of the character anyway. The show will be just fine without her….as a matter of fact, they could lose the character all together, and I’d be fine.

ratings are down, y and r need these actors like never before and im sure the big guys up front know this, but would never show it,,to all the actors in negotiations stick to your belief in what your value is ,you may be dropped for a bit but so will ratings ,soon thephone will be ringing and if not then maybe this isnt where you should be,,its about time the powers that be realize why we watch…

She needs to go. Maybe now they’ll bring back Victoria rowell

She probably wanted the option in her contract to explore other opportunities elsewhere and they said no. So (IMO), it was between freedom to choose or a steady paycheck, and the network (or whoever) got fed up and chose for her. Sorry to see a single mother out of a job but maybe she shouldn’t have tried to push for something that she wasn’t going to get (even if she felt entitled to it).

Despite best efforts on Y&R’s part, I find Lily & Cane boring. Neither Christel Kahlil or Daniel Goddard are dynamic actors. Mystified by her Emmy win, frankly.

well, they now have GH old boss jfp so i’m not surprise, she didn’t give Jonathan Jackson the break he wanted and less time so it was all or nothing, its like she doesn’t know how to compromise with the talent. its her way or no way.

Christel is amazing as Lily and Sony/CBS cannot see that right now. She is needed as Lily!!!! Keep her! I know I’ll be writing e-mails, letters and tweets in support of Christel!

Maybe now Victoria Rowell will be able to return as Drucilla. One less actor that was against her coming back is gone.

Those previously written remarks by S.W. you are a small person!!!!!!oboviously jealous of her talent!!These actors, run circles around actors in motion picture roles, to treat the only actor in the ensemble who garned a Daytime Emmy is indeed misguided, and dare we say, a sign of things, to come. People you have short memories, look how the producers treated Eric Braden, MTS, and her husband was the executive producer. Such disrespect!!!! Should she leave the show, given how they are disrespectinv her, by doing a casting is outragious!!!!!!Shame!!! Shame on you!!! This is the new executive producer JFP….her handwriting is all over this…..

you are absolutely right! believe me this is just the tip of the iceberg to come from the nortorious jfp……..


She should give in and stay. Taking a pay cut is a small price to pay. Christel wins and Emmy. And now thinks she is Susan lucci. Even if she took a pay cut she would stil make more than most women working a nine to five. Its a sad reality for any actress working as a soap actress. Outside of the soap arena it is very hard to get steady work. Christel will go begging for her job back. Her character is forgetable. At most.

no disrespect intended towards susan lucci BUT she played erica kane for 41 years on amc and only won one emmy & that was after 17 or so nominations & christel won her’s on her 4th nomination so why would she think she is susan lucci?

I can’t decide if the character of Lily is boring or if its the way Christel portrays her, but I say recast and shake things up a bit.

Jill might not be back.
Ashley is gone.
Noah is gone.
Lily is gone.

all very familiar faces… with Core families. it’s so much upheavel… it’s like spending all our time… thinking about behind the scenes… the writing… who’s coming and going…. Oye…

i’m sure, i missed someone.

I never like her, I like the recast better she had lots of chemistry with Daniel. She was too pale to be Dru and Macolm’s daughter.

“was too pale to be dru & malcom’s daughter” what her skin color have to do with anything??? what an asinine comment!

I hope Christel lands a primetime gig with a major role, she will be missed, her character was loving and sweet and it’s a shame peope can’t relate to someone who has morals. People would rather watch sluts like sharon, phyllis, nikki, victor, nicholas and adam hop from one bed to the next. Doesn’t take much acting to do that!!!!! Christel you are a true talent, stay true to who you are and don’t change for anyone.

Recast with someone with a pulse.

This business is no different than any other when it comes down to money and benefits.

She is VERY popular and why shouldnt she capitalize on it?

Sony is making money hand over fist on this show, we watch for the cast and story. Without them Sony doesnt have a show.

Ronn Moss was also right to leave, B&B makes billions worldwide, why should any of the main stars who have been with the show from day 1 be expected to take “significant” pay cuts? If B&B were the sinking ship that Guiding Light was Id agree that he should shut up and count his blessings but that isnt the case and the show will suffer for it.

“Sony is making money hand over fist on this show, we watch for the cast and story. Without them Sony doesnt have a show.”

I don’t know about that, Rob. SPT is generally one of the divisions that makes a lot of profits, especially the home entertainment division (I know this from working there a few years ago. Those people get the best perks!), but news articles say that SPT is turning a profit because of their cable shows in syndication (like Justified, Rescue Me, Breaking Bad) and their shows internationally. They have a new Multi Screen Media deal with India and I remember they had a ton of shows that they filmed in Cologne, Germany for European channels. Plus they also cover Latin America and other areas. Not to mention they bought up an Indian effects company when I was there in 2009 and they have moved a lot of staff to New Mexico due to Los Angeles not giving them the tax incentives to stay.

I think you may be thinking they are making so much money because Y&R has been the number one daytime serial for so many years, but I’m not sure they are making money there. They have helped themselves by cutting costs at DAYS and Y&R, but we can only wait and see what their TRUE intent is regarding the future of those two shows. Frankly, I want to believe that their hiring JFP means they want to keep the show, but now I am on the fence about it. It makes me think they want to keep it because if they wanted to run it into the ground, they could have kept Maria Arena Bell and continued business as usual. But by hiring Phelps, who probably costs more money (I would think), makes me think they want to keep it. Boy do I hate being out of the loop! 🙂

I wholeheartedly agree with you about the cast being the reason we watch, but unfortunately, someone like Christel Khalil and her character of Lily are NOT what built Y&R – that honor belongs to Eric Braeden and Melody Thomas Scott (Victor & Nikki) are the backbone of the show plus a lot of other veterans. I had to be so blunt, and I know there are a ton of “Lane” fans, but there is always going to be someone that loves something as much as someone hates something. Just look at Kyle and Eden. I am sure there are already fans that have some shipper name for them or something. I remember when Kelly Monaco was joining GH and the rumors were that she would be paired with Jax. She had not even filmed yet and you had people obsessed with the couple. They had their shipper name already … Jam. And we know how well that worked out.

Long story short (too late for that. Ha! Ha!) I hope it works out for Christel and anyone else that gets let go. I guess if it were all about money (and we do not know that – she just said “restrictions”) then she should would see how Eric Braeden and Melody Thomas Scott were expendable in past contract negotiations and, again they are the backbone of the show. Just my two cents. 🙂

The diva-in-training attitude will not fly in the soap world.

Reading all the comments in favor of the recast makes me just wish that they could find a new Roxie and Tatiana Ali could play a new Lily. Ali is so beautiful and so sweet and definitely has a lot more in her than they are letting her do. Just a thought. 🙂

This is a shame, as the young woman did win an Emmy which should be noted by the powers that be. And she has been a strong performer for the show. As for the Lily story, I would hate for the character to go. I think the Winters family needs shoring up and stabilizing and strengthening… Lily is center to that. What I do not like is the Lily-Cane pairing. It is not beautiful or romantic. Cane has been written from so many angles, I cannot embrace him as hero or anti-hero or villian. I think Y&R could benefit from some humor and raising twins surely could offer that. Lily is well integrated into Genoa City, too, unless the new producer and writer are planning to clear out some of the extraneous 20-somethings.

As for the out clauses some actors receive, they really do upset story flow. I am weary of mysterious disappearances and awkward absences. These are talented actors and interesting characters. Use them! Keep them busy!

I don’t get all the Lilly love. I feel like I’m watching a different show. I find her character (and the actress) totally boring and a waste of airtime. Other than being a Winters, I will not miss her one bit.

I agree that a lot of characters are leaving the canvass, but they need to clear the dead wood. Lilly & Cane are dead wood to me. I do wish they would bring Drucilla back. I don’t care if some of her castmates don’t like her. Suck it up. We’ve all had to work with people we don’t care for in our careers. Act professionally and let it go at the end of the workday.

Well you know, she can always go to one of the other 20 soaps on the air!!!!

She was boring

CBS should definitely find a way to work it out . I would love for Christel to stay. I want to see more dynamic story lines for Lily and Cane. Christel Khalil and Daniel Goddard are great together and I think they could really soar if given the opportunity with better writing for their characters.

NO ONE is indispensible and the sooner these over-paid actors with over-inflated egos realize that, the better off they will be. The gravy train has been put out of commission and these actors will just have to learn to live on less like the rest of us.
We’ll probably never know what “restrictions” she’s trying to get out from under, but in this day and age, if it’s a job you love, you just suck it up and stay.

When I heard she was talking contract again, I figure she is going to agree to whatever they offer. I agree with everything you said.

“WORK A DEAL” Please!!!! I always look forward to seeing YOU. I love your acting and your since of humor – You just “ROCK” ! I don’t wanna see anyone in your place! –
~I really hope you DON’T leave!!!!! Christel ~
I don’t like Sofia- She needs to be recast.! She and Tucker should hook-up. They seam to be well connected.! I think we all think this SO why haven’t Sofia and Tucker done the bump n grind?

I think the answer to your last question, which, by the way, kind of makes me sick imagining it, is because Tucker is kind of like a father figure to Sofia. 🙂

They want to ditch Christel after she wins an Emmy. Foolish move Y&R. Changing of the guard, looks more like a dictatorship. TPTB has to work out a deal with CK, she is the only Lily Ashby!!

By all means, she’s the best “Lilly” a keeper!!!


The Young and the Restless Pays Tribute to Billy Miller at Conclusion of Episode

On Thursday, The Young and the Restless paid a special tribute to one of their favorite sons, Billy Miller. The actor who passed away on September 15th at the age of 43, was honored by the long-running CBS soap opera at the end of today’s episode.

Y&R shared on social media, “To end today’s episode we paid tribute to a greatly missed member of the Y&R family. Billy Miller will forever be in our hearts.”

Miller, who played Billy Abbott from 2008-2014 and won three Daytime Emmys for the role, was remembered with four photos from his time in Genoa City and as part of the legacy of Y&R.


Since his passing, many of his co-stars from both The Young and the Restless and General Hospital have shared their grief and remembrances including: Y&R’s Jess Walton, Eric Braeden, Elizabeth Hendrickson, Eileen Davidson, Jason Thompson, Finola Hughes and more.

Following Miller’s departure from Y&R, he joined General Hospital to take over the role of Jason Morgan/Drew Cain from 2014-2019.  Billy started his daytime career on All My Children as Richie Novack in 2007.

Photo: JPI

In case you missed Y&R’s tribute to Billy, you can check it out below.

Now let us know, what did you think about Billy’s remembrance from his former soap opera home? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Dancing with the Stars

‘Dancing with the Stars’ Might Delay Its Premiere, ‘Veep’ Star Matt Walsh to ‘Pause’ His Involvement as Celebrity Contestant Due to Strikes

More pushback for ABC and Disney+’s, upcoming season premiere of Dancing with the Stars.  Now comes word that ABC may delay its scheduled season 32 debut episode.

After the show was picketed by WGA and SAG-AFTRA members. one of the show’s celebrity contestants is ‘pausing’ his involvement with competing on the show, and that would be Veep star Matt Walsh.

In a statement, Walsh revealed, “I was excited to join the show and did so under the impression that it was not a WGA show and fell under a different agreement.  This morning when I was informed by my union, the WGA, that it is considered struck work I walked out of my rehearsal. I have been and will always stand with my union members of the WGA, SAG and DGA.”

Walsh added, “Beyond our union artists, I am sensitive to the many people impacted by the strike and I hope for a speedy and fair resolution, and to one day work again with all the wonderful people I met at DWTS who tolerated my dancing.”

As previously reported, DWTS falls under SAG-AFTRA’s Network Code contract, which covers talk, variety shows and soap operas and is at play through June 2024. Thus, celebrities taking part in the show, are not in violation of SAG-AFTRA strike rules.

Meanwhile, though an unscripted reality series, Dancing With the Stars is a signatory to the Writers Guild’s minimum basic agreement. DWTS in the the past has employed a WGA writer among its staff of reportedly, 500.  However, given the harsh blowback of participants crossing WGA lines, ABC is now strongly considering delaying its September 26th season premiere of the ballroom dancing/competition series.

So, what do you think of Matt Walsh’s suspending involvement on DWTS? Should the show also pause its premiere till resolution of the WGA strike, at least? The WGA and AMPTP are set to continue talks today on Thursday to hopefully move towards an agreement to end the strike.

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Michael Corbett Returns to The Bold and the Beautiful

Viewers of The Bold and the Beautiful knew there would be more to the story of how Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) so easily got off the hook from Judge Evan Scott during her hearing on the CBS soap opera. That hearing, set Sheila free from jail and back into the lives of the Forresters and company.

Now, according to Soap Opera Digest, The Bold and the Beautiful is set to bring back Michael Corbett as Evan Scott.

Corbett, best known for his memorable portrayal of villain David Kimble on The Young and the Restless (1986-1991), last appeared as the Judge presiding over Sheila’s criminal case back on the July 24th episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. 

Photo: JPI

SOD teased that when Evan shows back up on your screens, ‘a secret alliance’ will be revealed.

No stranger to daytime, Michael also previously appeared on Search for Tomorrow and Ryan’s Hope.

Photo: JPI

Soap Opera News first shared the casting news.

So, do you think Evan and Sheila were in cahoots all along, or is someone else pulling the strings? In a twist, could it have been Sheila’s bio-son, Finn, or someone else blackmailing the Judge to get Sheila released from her prison term? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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