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Y&R’s Courtney Hope Shares Message to Anyone Who Lost a Child, Following Sally’s Heartbreak

Photo: CBS

To say that The Young and the Restless’ Courtney Hope (Sally) isn’t pouring heart and soul into her current soap opera storyline is an understatement.

Look no further than Tuesday’s episode of the CBS daytime drama series, where alone in her hospital room, Sally grieves for the baby she lost.  At the end of that scene, she tells the nurse, or whoever is at the other end of the call button, that she is ready to see her baby.  There’s more to come, so have the hankies ready!

Meanwhile, after the initial scenes aired, where Adam (Mark Grossman) gave Sally the devastating news, Hope took to her Instagram Story sharing her feelings for anyone who has gone through the same fate as her fictional character has.


Courtney expressed: “To everyone that has lost a child, in whatever capacity, my heart is with you. I know these last few days have been heavy to watch. The thousands of messages I’ve received from you guys, sharing your stories, makes my heart full with gratitude, to witness your openness and strength through one of the most difficult things one could go through in life.”

The actress went on to relate to her own life, expressing: “I’ve witnessed many loved ones lose their children at different stages of pregnancy and life, including my parents with the loss of my brother, and I know it is something that changes your world forever. But I hope you guys know you’re not alone, and your story matters.”

In closing, Courtney related: “Your vulnerability and transparency has profound healing powers, and it’s been beautiful to witness the conversations between each and every one of you as you share your history through loss, grief and the journey forward.”

Watch the final moments of today’s Y&R as Sally tries to come to grips with the loss of her child below.

Now let us know, what have you thought of Courtney’s performances? What did you think about the sentiments she shared on loss, grief and the journey forward to those who have lost a child? Let us know in the comment section.

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Powerful scenes from Courtney today!!

Courtney has done such a great job. I was sad to see Sally lose her baby on the show. Was looking forward to her having a baby on the show. Hers is my favorite story line on the show. Im team Sally and Nick. Would love to see them happy together. Adam has had some great scenes lately. Both very vulnerable in their scenes. Need more romance less corporate mergers and takeovers.

I am team Sally and Nick all the way I admire Joshua so much for his actions and acting abilities he is the best I hope Sally moves in with Nick a great couple and I’m no longer a fan of Victoria she is a mongral just like her dad and Nate is a monster as far as I’m concerned.

couldn’t have said it any better

I agree let Nick have some true love and child’s of his own to love.

What an emotional experience in the incredible “acting” of Courtney. I’ve always followed her in her various roles on different soaps…this one being the best, and she’s”never let’s me down” . I definitely love Adam & Sally together and was heartbroken when it ended . They just literally belong together….and I hope that’s what the future holds for them ….both professionally and personally.

“Adam” and “Sally” can’t be together in real life because “Adam: is with “Sharon” in real life.

Adam and Sharon broke up in real life. He is with Sally in real life now

They r together in real life not long after sally started on the soap him and Sharon broke up in real life and him and Sally got together..look it up its true sorry to bust your bubble

I totally agree with you!

My heart broke for her loss. Sally’s performance was fantastic playing this gut wrenching role. My daughter loss twins at 30 weeks & there are no words for this. Your heart breaks in a million pieces.

Such a powerful scene with COURTNEY/SALLY♥️She did an amazing job and I was in tears right with her♥️I was sad she lost the baby and feel so bad for Adam too!! Courtney is amazing and I love her on the Young & the Restless!!!

Newfound respect for Courtney—Award-winning performance!! Only those of us who lost a child can feel the full impact of her torn, pain-filled heart—so real!
We may lose our parents, spouses, siblings etc., but nothing comes even close to losing a child or grandchild ( as my mom keeps reminding me). Ours was just over a year old.
The pain never really leaves , yet one copes and and adjusts to a new way of living.
Courtney, I bow to you. Much love sent your way.

I lost my first child so I know what Sally is going through it was very hard to accept the lost but I had to put all my trust and faith in God everyone was telling me I will have other children but I wanted this one also they was right I had two son’s after which God call my oldest son to him in 2020 from Covid so to Salley you will get through this just put your little hands in God’s big hands it will take time so hold your head up and thank God it was a tough decision to make so don’t be hard on Adam

I lost my great grand son 2 yrs ago and to see and live what my grand daughter when through and still is. I was in tears for that full hour yesterday. ThankyouY&R fir this story to all who have suffered this loss. Courtney great job.

Courtney did great acting abilities she was so hurt it showed from her heart ❤️ I’m not a fan of hers and Adam I would love for Nick and her to have a great love and long relationship God bless both of them,they both went through their own sadness,.

Incredible acting Courtney!!

I feel yall pain I lost my grandson at the age of 16 he got killed in memphis tn 2 years ago and you will never forget,it still heart

Thank you, Jackie—No, we will never forget—they are with us every breathing moment. And, as my mother tells me, the loss of a grandchild is as devastatingly painful. I can never talk about my son without feeling that ache deep in my heart and bursting out in tears.
God bless all our children.

And, then there’s Victoria. who is suffering from middle-aged sexual euphoria —she is such a callous, egotistical crow—dictating from her lofty perch. She pushes family aside to make room for her lactating, shark of a lover who, given time and opportunity, will devour her like a guppy. Oh, Nate—-how I despise thee; let me count the ways.
All this to satisfy a wanton urge —she’s so into her own head, she’s too dumb to realize Don Juan is a user. C’mon Victor!! Do something!

Totally agree …

We lost our only child at 18 yrs old. To a drunk Driver. 2 miles from home…Just months after HS grad. & the day before her College Start..
she turned 18 just 20 days prior.
( Marianna “HollyWood” Ronca ) Port Jervis NY
The days following My bride & I were numb.
They say it gets easier,—— Its been 18 yrs. & its like it was Yesterday.. we can speak of her memory with out bursting into tears, but we still get chocked up at times…
Watching Your portrayal from your Hospital bed, was true & real. & it brought my Wife & I to tears. First off from a reliving of our loss of our angel., but also although it was acting, we felt a hurt heart for Sally Adam & Nick.
Thank You So much for how You brought this experience to the screen..
We Love You for it.
…..Eva & Pete Ronca….

I lost my son at 19 years old it was graduating year from High School and his girlfriend had found out she was 3 months pregnant just before he died. He was with his soon to be father in law Eric. Eric was a certified plumber of years my son road with Eric to open a well so Eric poured 3 gallons of meratic acid in the well and decided to go down the 10 foot well was opening and it had unfortunately my son seen Eric unconscious without thinking and went down to try to save him and with all this said my son didn’t make it out as well so my son has a 12 year old son he never got to meet and a son with out his dad I haven’t seen lil Justin sinse he was 2 he will be 13 this year his grandma took his to California with her where she went to be with an old school male friend she ended up after 2 years dying from COPD and that man still has my grandson so I deal everyday not having my grandson some unknown man has

Great portrayal Courtney and so so touching. You deserve an award for such a convincing experience. I have not lost a child but like you I have known someone in my family. To all mothers whom have lost a child continue to love and praise the child because you have a greater love for life. My heart goes out to all of you!

Thank you, Carol—my eyes well-up as I type. TY, again.

Superb acting by Courtney Hope and Mark Grossman.❤️

Courtney done a good job. I have an angel in heaven that I lost at 3 months and I know he is with God. It does hurt very very much by Courtney taking it out on Adam was so sad I hope it shows them grieving together like me and my husband did when we lost her little one. On the show I hope her and Adam get back together and they have a beautiful angel. I would love to see Sharon and Nick together so Adam and Sally can get back together.

I have never lost a child.I can’t even imagine. I just lost my husband.
I cried and cried from her performance. She should win an award for heart goes out to everyone who has had that loss.
I always new Courtney was a fabulous actress.
You go girl!

Yes Sally played an outstanding role of a mom loosing a baby. She should win an award for an outstanding performance!!!!!

Her acting was excellent!l couldn’t stop crying I think she deserves an award for that one!

I lost identical twin boys at birth. The pain never goes away. Will never be able to describe that time in my life.

She really had me crying she does deserve an award for her great acting love her I really liked when her and Adam were together not nick

I lost my baby girl Tiffany Anne she was taken from a me my husband at the time made the decision for them to take my girl and save my life I refused to let her go I had the nurse bring her to me to hold and I sang a song to her. She is always with me this episode was so epic for me I never forgave the doctor or My husband I cried and left the hospital 70 lbs lighter I wouldn’t eat I didn’t take the drugs I died inside thank you for portraying this as a great story you did a terrific job God bless all mothers who have lost their one and only ❤️

Incredible, tear jerking performance. Wow!!

Courtney did a amazing job, fantastic actress.I felt like she was actually going through this horrific loss and all her pain!

Wow i was really impressed and heartbroken for she was amazing you would of thought that it was real and not a soap opera way to go Courtney i had tears in my eyes

It was real watching her show how it feels to loose a child. Brought back my emotions of loosing my children. Had me in tears. I know she was acting, but man she showed it as real.

Courtney did an amazing job…I lost my little boy at 3 days old and that was 52 years ago. I still hurt and cry when i think or talk about him. I cried so hard during the show, my heart was breaking for her. I just wish they had the support groups back then that they do now. I love Courtney’s character she’s one of my favorites!!

I think its bull crap split Sally and Adam be long together like Sharon and Nick belong together get rid of writers of young and the restless

I have been rooting for Nick and Sharon since I was about eleven years old. I still remember when they first got together as boyfriend and girlfriend. I am still editing for the writers to end this misery and unite them already!!

Sally and Adam belong together period point blank and Sharon and Nick get rid writers .

I felt her grief and cried with her!

It was a very powerful scene and Sally is an amazing actress I love her. I also think her and Nick should have the love story they deserve they are so gtrat together Adam had his chance and blew it je needs to move on and now that a baby is no longer involved he has no business bothering Sally and Nick. Let them have their love story and a life together.

Great acting from Courtney. I was in tears the whole time. I am team Sally and Adam and so heartbroken for them both. But Adam is really alone and was so happy spending time with Sally and about the baby. I have been in Sally’s position and it hurts so much. Maybe they can comfort each other later on and surprise us again.

Award-winning performance by Courtney Hope and Mark Grossman. I’m glad the writers included the grief Adam was feeling as well as Sally. I’m totally Adam and Sally. Crossing my fingers they get back together.

This has definitely been very emotional few days with Sally. But I must say that I hope they stop blaming Adam for something he didn’t want to do in the first place. I know Sally is grieving but so is he. It’s not fair what she said to him!!

Courtney has always been a favorite actress of mine. She totally amazing in playing a role of losing her baby. I am sure it was extremely hard to do but being the actress she is she did an outstanding performance, along with Adam, (Mark Grossman) and Nick(Joshua Marrow). In those type of decisions it is one of the most difficult situations to be in, who would know what to at a minutes notice!! Great acting job for all involved.

I thought her performance was good just hate Adam got blamed for a terrible situation he was in, it kind of belittled what the Father’s go through and feel, cuz they do hurt as well I do what my husband went through when a decision with made for me, and like Adam said he chose family cuz the baby’s lungs were not developed she would have never made it anyway. I hate the show for doing this to him.

Powerful and authentic performance,worthy of praise and an Emmy. Judos to Courtney!

Kudos rather!

Courtney you are amazing! You are a wonderful actress and deserve many awards, thank you! I’m a huge fan and love everyone on the show but nick will always be my favorite character. I love Adam too and I hope Sally and Adam can get back together, please? Sharon and everyone, you are all wonderful. Thanks to everyone

Excellent acting and she sounded and acted as anyone would in real life

Both Courtney and Mark did amazing work!!!❤❤ I had tears running down my face!! Wishing it hadn’t gone this way!!!

Sally deserves an Oscar. She’s playing that roll to a tee. Made me cry but I’m a water head. Tears are sheding for Adam too. He never gers a break. Can he be happy just once. Really. You had to take his baby.

At the end of the day you can let it go. I lost my child at 6 months. You will never really understand.

She is an amazing actress! She had me crying! Good acting!!!

Sally Sally Sally girl u had me crying over here u play that part so true.but mad cause u blame Adam but 2thumbs up Golden glove winner rite there

I think this subject is very informative for many women in her situation. She has done a good job. But I must admit, her hospital scenes left me guessing what was saying. I couldn’t understand her between the crying and very low speech. I believe she probably had valid emotions and words to share with others who have lost a child. It was sad we couldn’t understand her message.

Moved to tears ..great performance very sad..

Heartbreaking ..Bravo!!!

Sally (Courtney) deserves an emmy for this performance. I lost my daughter during childbirth. The exact same way Sally did. I also got to hold her and I also felt like my husband should have chosen our daughters life. It has been 36 years and still very difficult to talk about. I couldn’t watch the rest as I was so emotional.

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