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Y&R's Disaster Storylines: The Underground Collapse, The Plane Crash, The Cabin, The Fire! What Did You Think About The Events That Transpired?



This week, The Young and the Restless decided under the vision of new head writer and executive producer Chuck Pratt Jr., to put the lives of most all of the residents in Genoa City in peril. The plot device for their February Sweeps, “Flirt with Disaster” promotion was put to the test by utilizing groupings of characters and watching them face dire circumstances.  In some cases, new sets were built to represent the remnants of a plane crash, or the pockets of a collapsed club.  Of course, soap fans knew going into this heavy week of melodrama that Chuck Pratt Jr. has used this formula before most recently when he was at the writing helm of All My Children.  But with Y&R, they rolled-out the disaster storylines on a much grandeur scale involving many lives.

There have been many jeers, as well as many cheers, depending on what side of the fence you are on with the action on the CBS daytime drama this week. Let’s take a look at the different ‘disaster” stories starting with Nick’s (Joshua Morrow) club, “The Underground” and what came out of it.  Nick kissed Sage (Kelly Sullivan) and told her he wants to get to know her better once they get out the rubble,  Victor (Eric Braeden) found out Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) has been drinking again, but that became secondary to saving the lives of himself, Jack (Peter Bergman), Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) and Nikki. And let’s not forget in a twist, Jack had sex with Kelly (Cady McClain) right before the club collapsed!


Hit by beams and stuck in the rubble, Victor does CPR on Jack.  But, Jack keeps muttering he has something to tell Victor about Adam (Justin Hartley)! Elsewhere, Joe (Scott Elrod) is trapped with Avery (Jessica Collins).  He tells her that they have survived much worse than this building collapse, and you can see the spark between the exes, no matter how much Avery is trying to fight it.  Jack and Victor are left behind after the paramedics get Nikki and Phyllis to safety.  Later, news comes via Paul (Doug Davidson) while loved ones are waiting for news at Crimson Lights, that there was another collapse, and Jack and Victor were still inside.  While at Crimson Lights, Lauren (Tracey E. Bregman) got news of the plane crash that had Jill (Jess Walton) as one of the passengers, and is worried sick about her sister. Dylan (Steve Burton) had choice words for Nick for being so harsh on Sharon (Sharon Case) over Faith, and a rescued Avery was not happy with Dylan after he admitted he would lie for Sharon, so Nick would not be mad at her.  So, it looks like Dylan and Sharon will move closer to each other, while Joe and Avery reconnect, while Nick and Sage get to know each other.


Now on to the plane crash group consisting of: Neil (Kristoff St. John), Hilary (Mishael Morgan), Devon (Bryton James), Jill, Colin (Tristan Rogers), Cane (Daniel Goddard) and Lily (Christel Khalil).  After the revelation that Neil could see and he knew about Hilary and Devon’s affair, and that Cane knew, as well …  the plane went down due to bad weather and crashed in the snow in the middle of nowhere.  Hilary has sustained the worse injuries.  Neil, and the entire group, has witnessed first hand the love between Hilary and Devon.  Lily is infuriated with Cane for lying to her and her father, and never coming forward with Devon and Hilary’s affair. There looks to be trouble ahead for Lane, when they are rescued.  Neil, who had been drinking on the plane, is still so hurt and angry.  Devon decided he was going to take the maps that Colin found, and go try to get help and leave the others behind.  However, at the end of Friday’s episode it seems as if Neil has wandered off!


Summer (Hunter King), Austin (Matthew Atkinson), Mariah (Camryn Grimes), Kevin (Greg Rikaart), Noah (Robert Adamson), Abby (Melissa Ordway), Fen (Max Ehrich) and Courtney (Kelli Goss) all show up at the Abbott Cabin not knowing who invited them.  Abby revealed she did, because she did not want to be alone on Valentine’s Day.  Next thing you know, someone spikes the punch they are drinking and everyone passes out.  When they awake, Austin is found dead among them.  Summer remembers hiding a statue that had blood on it in the couch.  Mariah remembers seeing Abby and Austin making out.  She then has a private word with Abby, where the Newman gal admits she was having an affair with Austin behind Summer’s back.  Mariah puts two and two together and thinks that is why she called the Valentine’s party and did it mysteriously, as this was her only way to be together with Austin.  Suspicion is on Summer, if she found out the truth about the affair, and now suspicion is on Abby, because she could have killed Austin, upset that he wouldn’t leave his wife for her!  Meanwhile, as the younger set tries to figure out their story when the cops come, which they had decided would be Austin hit his head in the snow, Fen (who says he is the one that spiked the drink to have fun) comes back in from outside and says Austin’s body is gone!

Finally, Billy (Burgess Jenkins) and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) and the kids are trapped at their place due to a fire that has broken out.  Chelsea gets Johnny and Katie out, and Billy says he will get Connor and be right behind them.  Only, Billy can’t get out as the smoke is too much!  He passes out.  Adam/Gabriel happens on the scene and goes into the burning building to get Connor out.  Once he safely rescues the boy, he is faced with the decision – should he go back in and save his mortal enemy?  Ultimately, Adam/Gabriel does. When finding him, he mutters about “being even” to Billy, which later Billy remembers.  After getting Billy out, Adam/Gabriel is looked at by paramedics for his injuries, and as they examine him they notice a bullet wound, and it looks like Billy overheard that remark.  Will he put two and two together?

So, what did you think of the disaster storylines on Y&R this week?  Was it thumbs up … or thumbs down?  Which ‘disaster” story do you like the best?  Which do you like the least?  What do you hope comes out of all it for your favorite characters?  Share your thoughts below!

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Was this “Bad Acting” Friday or what? Absolutely terrible.

Robert Adamson, in particular, was bad. And the Pamela Anderson police offier? OMG. There are no words.

I switched it over to CNN about 22 minutes in. My eyes were just hurting.

Oh, I agree, Leo. The only semblance of a disaster realism was the collapse of THE UNDERGROUND. The plane crash scene was pathetic, as was the acting.
As a resident of the North East, owning properties in both NY and Massachusetts, one cannot sleep outdoors (even with blankets) in the freezing cold and survive without some sort of shelter. No way are the elements so kind as to keep one alive. The entire scenario was so disorganized, the writing and acting so below grade. It was like watching a High School play….this was ,at one time , my favorite soap…I hope it will render its splendor back. I am optimistic and I will keep watching regardless of all the faux pas.

Wasn’t Chelsea so annoying. That girl never cared about anyone in her life. I can’t wait Sharon and Adam back and Maybe Chelsea can just stay with Billy and give him another kid untill Chloe comes back and sees Chelsea took her daughters eyes and now trying to have another baby with Billy this time without drugging him or will she

Time for Chelsea to be taken off killed off with a Victor twist. Victor and Chelsea are the worst characters we have. Phyllis is so sweet everyone lnows she is the nicest character and never did anything wrong 🙂

LMAO! It seems the YRLovers are afraid of Intelligent People who actually have an opinion contrary to their’s and not kissing Chuckie Pratt’s ass! My brain began to hurt, AWFUL!

Michelle, to paraphrase Lucille Bluth from Arrested Development says, “I do not understand your statement, and I refuse to respond to it.”
Really, I have no idea what prompted such a comment.

Nick should give Sharon back her daughter now. Nick just opened his pants to Sage. He is just like his old man

So true. Some of the Y&R zombies will say that the show can do no wrong & is always the best. They are delusional or brain dead. Just listened to DAYTIME CONFIDENTIAL’s commentary on Pratt and this abomination. Y&R was in trouble under Phelps, now that she’s brought in Pratt, it’s a disaster.

Nick really with Sage . The is so sick. Nick never did grow up did he . Sharon desereves better

Nick is the almighty son of the almighty Victor…..he can do no wrong, nor will anyone be en par with him.
You have pegged him correctly…SICK!!!!

Hillary, I also do not like black and white thinking. Fans who think their soap can do no wrong can be irksome. But perhaps calling them delusional brain dead zombies is a bit harsh
What concerns me is that Y&R seemed to be getting back on track. I don’t like what is happening with Kelly. This is a mother who has been deeply damaged by the death of her child. Turning her into a Alex Forrester (Fatal Attraction) psychopath does this character a great injustice.
And please! Would someone wipe the soot and ashes from Nikki’s face? She looks like Pig Pen from the Peanuts cartoon. Every time I see her blackened face with the eye area all white and protruding I just burst out laughing.

Pratt has either never watched an episode of Y&R or he just does not care about the fans or characters. Suddenly everyone in Genoa City is acting differently.Jack is a heel, Austin is a cheater ,once confident Avery is unsure of herself. On top of this we have just about every Irwin Allen disaster hit the town at once. All this crap is making Genoa City like Port Charles but without the fun.

Irwin Allen, love it!

Exactly!! Port Charles without the fun. Y&R was never the type of show to go this route. They need to leave these types of wild catastrophes to the shows that are known for it/GH.

Hi Joel..
So true..
Y&R can not pull-off the special effects hard drama, it never could never will.
Pratt was attempting to make his big entrance by copying GH’s hrad action drama. his mistake…

Well, I agree with one thing–we do not need two GH’s. One is more than enough, thank you very much.
I wonder if Ron and Chuck were separated at birth>

give me Sharon and Adam back together it will be all great in the world 🙂

His 2015 preview said we would see glamour and romance return to Genoa City….it was Valentine’s Day and I saw no glamour but death or near death. The most glamorous couple of daytime Billionaire Victor and Nikki Newman were traipsing around in a dirty dive bar!! So I have to say Pratt has clearly never watched this show in his life!

Very accurate assessment, Mike … Pratt doesn’t care, PERIOD!! His arrogance and colossal ego are legendary, as he steamrolls his plot-based storytelling at the expense of history and character development every time. He couldn’t care less about Y&R’s 42-yr history … he must see himself as the new sheriff in town; determined to alienate core-viewers and go after the quick-fix demo that are lured by bright shiny disasters!! (It’s called PACING, Pratt … did we really need SEVEN reveals in one week?!) I blame CBS/Sony. If you can’t learn from history or the questionable choices that first Phelps, now Pratt affected on (their collective resume of) AMC, AW, BH90210, DH, GH, GL, MP, OLTL, SB and SunB … then you’re doomed to reap what you sow. Poor Bill Bell must be spinning over what has happened to his beloved show.

Brilliant assessment ! I couldn’t have said it better!

Well said! I couldn’t agree more!!!

LOL! Irwin Allen disaster reference: GOLD!

There’s Pratt for you. What he did to AMC he’s now doing to Y&R. You all notice that AMC is no longer on the air?
That’s no accident.
Look up Pratt Falls on YouTube, you’ll see the future.

Absolutely True!

A tad over the top. Way too much going on, but I have to say I have been more interested in watching and a little upset when the time is up.

I will hold the rest of my judgment to see how this cabin thing plays out.

But they really need to get Nick’s head checked out. He has become a complete jerk.

I couldn’t agree more. I use to like Nick now he’s a womanizer, jerk & an all round ass. I think their trying to make him more like Victor & if so they did a good job. I don’t even like the look of him anymore. His hair looks greasy, he needs a shave & a hair style, The last time I saw him look good was at his wedding which didn’t happen.

Nikki, honey…I A-G-R-E-E!!!!! In terms of non-stop moronic behavior, Nick is MOST DEFINITELY Victor’s son!!!!! Beyond sad.

I’m sure it must have pleased the GH fans who watched it.

Not that much …GH has something that Y&R just can’t match….the best cast of daytime!!

Y&R has a great cast too!

I didnt even recognize the show or its’ characters.

Airport/Survive!, Towering Inferno, Pretty Little Liars, and the collapse of club Underwear(which kind of reminded me of the club disaster on Coronation Street during that shows 50th anniversary in 2010…check it out on youtube-its better than Y&Rs) and Neils case from Deal or No Deal seems like PRATT got inspired by tv shows and movies…lol…Austin missing…will those at the cabin be given cryptic text messages from ‘A’ just like family channels ‘Pretty Little Liars’?…well, i for one thought it was mostly well done and entertaining…but i agree that the sudden personality changes didnt make sense!!! GH2…lol

jimh (leave it to beaver)…I am over the moon to find some one here who realises what a treasure Coronation Street is! The 2010 tram crash and recent bus crash were SO well done! Great to see another fan! Cheers! X

British does it best…I loved it when Tracy rescued her enemy Carla from the bus accident…it kept me on the edge of my seat as did the tram crash and club explosion in 2010…such gritty realism and well paced character driven realistc stories about the working middle class…they can make a gas bill entertaining…lol still sad over the death of AK(Deidre Barlow)!!!…im writing this as im drinking a glass of rootbeer as if im in the Rovers and raising the glass to you…Cheers to another Corrie fan!!!

There’s no way Jack would have had sex with that woman after he was trying so hard to redeem himself with Phyllis. That was so out of character.
Also, suddenly we are supposed to believe that Abby had sex with Austin when there were no hints leading up to it?
And why oh why can’t Jack be the one to rescue Victor? That said, at least it’s interesting and moving at a fast pace. I do hope it slows down, however, and Pratt tries to write character driven stories. The last thing we need is another GH plot driven fiasco on our hands.
Thank you for great recap, Mr Fairman. I had missed a few episodes and this helped out a lot.

Maybe Jack was implanted with a mind control chip Victor got from GHs Helene Cassidine!!!…lol

HA! Jim! Funny, but you make a good point.

Calling su duplicitous is kind of harsh, don’t you think, Harry? I would call her statements somewhat hypocritical….nothing treacherous about it…LOL. she’s such a faithful fan of GH, that she would lay down her life for TPTB….right, su?

By the by, not only were Jack’s actions out of character, I just want to know where he gets his energy. Is it the Californian air?

Cee Cee, I stand, er, I mean sit corrected.
Duplicitous is inaccurate but I was afraid that hypocrite sounded too harsh.
I should have used the phrase ‘double standard.’

Touché, Harry. You slay me with your subtlety. I love it…right up my alley. Oh, yeah! I get you…so refreshing, are you! Later.

It was too much! Y&R is not Pratt’s style and the stories are all over the place. I am hoping for improvement over the next few months.

I just hope that Kelly (played by Cady Mclaine) doesn’t ingest poisoned peanut butter pancakes.

I think the poison pancakes were Megan McTavish, not Chucky the Serial Killer.

I hear ya!

Ohh my gawd!!
The plane crash was so terribly awful that is was funny..
The plane looked like it was dangling from a string, the snow was Ivory Soap flakes, and nothing moved..
The wind was howling, a blizzard howl and the snow was not blowing nor did hair, not one strand of was moving in a blizzard.. at the least they could have blew a fan on them lol
The tiny fire was ridiculous and would never in a 100 years burn and all should have taken shelter in the remaining plane parts..
Bottom line; the effects were horrible..
Reminded me of the movie –
— Plan 9 from Outer Space–

And what the hellll was going on with the Apt building fire..
The high class place did not have ‘fire alarms’ .. aahaa!
The fire shown coming out of the windows looked like something out of 1990’s video game LOL that was awful..
The smoke machine worked well..

Anyways.. both were terribly done and I had had a really good laugh watching how bad it all was..
I can say; I will never ever forget it aahahaa!!

The undeground was a bit better.. they did drag in piles of junk to at the least make it look like debris..

On the effects I give it a F ..

((none has come close to GH’s effects))
Then again.. GH uses them often and Y&R has never ever been good at delivering hard drama, or using special effects, they just can’t do it..

I had fun watching the Y&R disasters. LOL !!
Anytime I laugh, it is good!!

Ohh the party..
It is more than obvious it is Kevin dreaming/imagining his next online story..
He writes fiction online..
Kevin seems more like an observer than a participant..
It is Kevin, all is in Kevin’s mind.. His next story.– something like that .. perhaps?

Ohh dear lawdy!
Summer made me cringe, that was some really bad acting or whatever it was it came off as overkill extreme, but maybe that is how Kevin is seeing it (if it is Kevin’s story..

Totally agree with everything you said.
And it also bugs me that no one from the
plane crash is wearing a hat to help keep warm.
Ok, they maybe did not bring hats on their trip,
(although I would have), but no attempts are even
being made to cover their heads with anything, like
a blanket. Hilary was seemingly about to die, yet
there she continues to lie, on too of the cold ground
with her head on the snow.

Hi Nanci..
I live in Minnesota.. I have survived many blizzards/snow storms/ice storms/and drastically below zero weather..
So, for me watching the crash victims and the no wind blizzard was really funny LOL the way they are dressed, no warm shelter, they would have hypothermia in 2 hours and would be dead..
One gets terrible frostbite in 15 mins exposure ..
the whole thing was nonsense, lol .. but ehhh its a soap..

((still an embarrassment for Y&R imo lol)

Good idea about it being a dream. I hope so because it so doesn’t make sense and I don’t want Austin to be dead. But yes, Summer was a bit over the top.

Also the fact that everyone at the party read the fan fiction Kevin wrote (except Abby I think) and loved it means it might be Kevin’s imagination.

Good idea, Su. …..the dreaming is the best explanation yet.

But SuOO, if this were GH you’d be singing it’s praises from the roof tops. You’d be defending the implausible stories as being campy and you’d chastise the viewers for “overthinking” while reminding us that it’s “just a soap.”
It’s not that I entirely disagree with what you say, however, your duplicity is just through the roof.

Oh, you noticed that too, Harry? I thought I was the only one.

Lol, Su, so true! And Minnesota – brrrrr. I feel for you!
I grew up in Illinois with some wicked winters, and to
watch those plane crash scenes was a joke.
Soap or not, though, this new guy should be stopped
in his tracks with this. Should not have free rein to mess
up Y and R…God, I hope things dont continue this way!

Let’s just be thankful that the line from the cabin party about wild animals did not come to fruition for ANY of these silly plots. I can see it now, cheap effects like the ones M. Night Shyamalan used in Lady in the Water for his wolfish/grassy things.

When are these soaps going to stop trying to be pricey, scripted CABLE shows?! I wish they would stop wasting their money on cheap effects that just look cheap.

I agree with everything you stated, Su. We recently went through a blizzard….and, it wasn’t even in full force. Yet, we could not go out and stay outdoors without some drastic consequence. Frost bite develops within ten minutes in those temperatures. As you say, snow does not just sit on the head; body temperature will melt it right off. TPTB should have gone the mile and crested real snow…..

After today’s episode, I believe Jack believes he is telling the truth about not having had sex with Kelly. Was it the blow on his head? Do we have yet another amnesiac in our midst? What gives?….sigh !

“The fire shown coming out of the windows looked like something out of 1990′s video game LOL that was awful..”

I think you are giving them too much credit for a 1990s video game. Maybe 1980s? 🙂

Look, 2014 was a horrible year for Y&R so I welcome Mr. Pratt and his vision. I welcome the shakeup he has provided us. HOWEVER, here are my pet peeves about this weeks tragedies. Adam is running in and out of a burning building and none of the firemen stop him or help him? Billy is rescued and is told Jack is trapped in the Underground and Billy completely blows off going to the club and looking for his brother. Speaking of the Underground, Dylan and Nick are rummaging through the ruble without any safety gear whatsoever! HOWEVER, all in all, I am enjoying the shakeup. Nick and Sage, Sharon and Dylan and Abby and Austin. Love it!

I enjoyed the story lines even though the plane, fire, rubble, and much of the acting were very cheesy. I noticed Adam running in and out too; maybe we were supposed to think there weren’t enough firemen on the scene yet to stop him. Yeah, I know, I’m giving them too much credit. There IS something to the posts regarding Charles Pratt; it’s possible he’ll ruin the show!

Yes Becky a lot of people are judgmental regarding Charles Pratt’s reputation BUT CBS has the number one soap and it makes money for them. Do you think they would hand him over their money maker if they thought he would ruin it? Dont you think they would step in if the ratings tanked? I think they would. You can count on ONE thing in regards to Hollywood, if it is making someone money it will be treated with kid glove care. Doesnt matter if its a show or an actor!

My favorite scene was Lilly slapping Devon across the face. I crossed my fingers for it and it happened. Perfect. Just what that brat deserved.

I don’t quite understand why the plane crash victims aren’t inside the fuselage though for cover. But I”m a soap fan and occasionally I have to suspend belief.

I am completely offended by the Abbott Cabin Clan deciding that they are each going to participate in the cover up of what they think is a murder. It was completely obscene.

And why oh why are the two grandest villains, Victor and Adam/Gabriel, the heroes saving Connor, Billy and Jack? Why couldn’t it be the other way around? Now we’ll hear Victor crowing “I saved your life! You got that!”

But overall, I don’t have a problem with the Irwin Allen scenarios. This will give the writers a way to motivate changes that some characters need.

I enjoyed it. For months Y&R was slow and boring so it was good to see some action for a change,i just don’t want this to be an all the time thing. Liked the building collapse. Thought the fire was stupid,it didn’t make sense why their were no smoke alarms. I hope these disasters plant seeds for the future. I could see Victor investigate what Jack meant when he said Adam. Victor should be the first person to find out Adam is alive. I also got the sense of couple swaps. Nick and Sage,Joe and Avery,and Dylan and Sharon. I hope Y&R ends the horrible Davery coupling. Would love to see a Dylan and Sharon romance.

Robert, yes and simply put, it was kind of fun and shook things up which had been dragging on way too long.
I too, would like to see a Sharon and Dylan romance as they enjoy a lot more chemistry than he and Avery. I do see signs that the writing will improve for Sharon.
But now, I would like Pratt to slow down and investigate the terrains of the characters.
I really do not want to see Y&R turn into the mess which GH is now.

COMPLETE OVERKILL. One disaster would have been enough. And what the hell is WRONG. With Lily?? Demanding that NOBODY lie to her, EVER. Really?? Baby girl has been singing the exact same tune since she was 14 years old. It’s time for Cane to dump his infantile wife and go find a REAL WOMAM.

Amen! Lilly is ruining Cane!

Actually, Timmm, I think it’s the other way around. Lilly was so spirited and fun before Cane came around. She has become lifeless….always following Cane’s lead. Think back to the time Lily and Daniel were a couple…Ahhhh, those were the days. Cane would be better off going back to Australia, taking Colin with him. As far as I am concerned Colin and Cane are superfluous.
There are plenty of American actors in need of a job. JMO.

Nope, she was awful with Daniel, too. She emasculated him even faster than she has Cane. Than she dumped him for (gasp!) looking at porn. Cane and Colin aren’t the problem here. Far from it. Baby girl Lily is the problem. A fatal cancer recurrence is in order. I like the idea of a widower (with children) Cane.

I agree with CeeCee. Lily and Daniel were fun.

Cane was so much better paired with Amber. HE needs to have someone to reign in, not the other way around.

Great week…………..

Love Y&R! So much better than GH. GH is a huge mess and characters are missing brains.

Anyone who thinks this was a great week for Y&R is missing brains. Bill Bell is rolling over in his grave. The lowest common denominator and garbage writing by WTF Chuck? Pratt. He lived up to the horrible reputation he built as he destroyed ALL MY CHILDREN. Tell CBS to get him off of Y&R before he destroys it too. In one week, he’s wrecked the show and its characters. Horrible.

Hey, Mickey, hey Mickey….LOL.
Anyway, you said it! This was the worst week ever. The plane crash scene seemed to have been written by a child. It is the 21st Century….progress has gone far and wide with cinematography, technology etc., and the ‘bosses’ couldn’t come up with better props? It was absolutely AWFUL!!!!!
Then, there’s Jack. What was that wham, bam, thank you, ma’am senseless tryst all about?
I also detest the idea of women being used as a sexual escape by men. I am so shocked and disappointed by the writers of Y&R for sending us women back a few decades. I say, what the hey?!?!?!?!
Furthermore, to add insult to injury, Kelly, as a woman, is portrayed as “oh, yes, Jack…use me, use me any way you want….do what you will with me”… I am so incensed I want to scream at my husband….well, he’s a man, isn’t he?
We have come a long way, baby……
Had this act of anger and sexual frustration, or whatever it was, been carried out by a woman, she would have been labeled a slut. Please, this network should sift its programming before airing. Deplorable and archaic!!!!!!

GH was horrible today. Its sweeps and Y&R swept GH under the rug!

Thumbs up. I’m liking it. I see the faults everyone is talking about, but still I find myself eagerly looking forward to the next episodes.

To me, it feels like the show is being shaken up, like shaking a blanket in the wind. Get rid of the stale old dust in preparation for a fresh, new start.

I have a LOT of time invested in the Young and the Restless, and I like most of the characters, and happily go along with the story lines without complaining. But.. I would sure like to see them smarten Nick up! He is a good dad to his kids, so that redeems him somewhat.

Loved the scenes on the plane.. Kristoff was amazing. #Emmy? Hope so.. he deserves one. I had to suspend my common sense the most in the plane crash.. Like, it’s flippin’ FREEZING, so why is everyone sleeping in the snow? I just figured the writers are from California and don’t know what REAL cold is.. I can’t wait for them to be rescued.

The mystery at the cabin is intriguing.. I suspect Austin’s evil twin has showed up and is pretending to be him.. how else do you explain his odd, out of character behavior and bad attitude just before the disasters began? Now the corpse has disappeared.. how are they going to pull this together?

The Underground roof collapse.. loved to see Victor giving Jack CPR trying to save his life. Cracked me up.

The fire in the penthouse was certainly unexpected! I like the way it played out.

I have no idea what’s going to happen to all the characters, but I’m looking forward to finding out.

See, now you and I are the same type of Y&R fans…we watch the show to enjoy it AND we remember it is a soap opera…relax, sit tight through the drama and enjoy, right?

I do not nit pick all the details. How lucky are we that our favorite show is on the air 5 days a week with a very talented cast and look at all the effort made to entertain us! ?

Thanks for the insight and the inspiring comments 🙂

I agree with you two.

I admit that I am a faithful follower, seem to get tangled in negative reviewing, but still enjoy the show: a soap opera. I just miss some of the things I feel make it really special: a like an annual social issue storyline that tells me television can also be informative and groundbreaking besides mindless entertainment; I miss a character I really and truly care about and follow her/his tribulations; I miss a story that is incredibly romantic; I miss an occasion cry because I was deeply moved (does anyone recall the 80s storyline of Jack being forced to work the homeless shelter and how he eventually aided a senior citizen reunite with her family– and they did so in church? buckets of tears on that one.) So, I continue to hope people who are part of that program read these comments by its loyal fan base– the writers and producers.

I agree, Ron. I think the last time I cried on Y&R was when Paul had to shoot his son, Ricky.

The characters are only in church when someone is christened, married or goes to the chapel because someone is sick or missing. I don’t even think they have funerals in them anymore.

I would like to see the characters acting more like everyday people with everyday problems. I can suspend disbelief to an extent, but I like to see character development. I get goosebumps when some actor acts like a heal for MONTHS and then slowly wins me over. This is what happened with the character of Britt on GH, but sadly I cannot think of any character on Y&R that has done that in a long time. I think Kevin might have been the last, but as recently as Chloe, they still have him doing stupid, stupid things like robbing Katherine’s box for good will.

I respect your opinion and I see your point. I also agree with most of what you said, except for Nick, I respectfully disagree. 🙂

To me, he is not a dad, he is a man child. Always treating his kids like friends instead of his children. He is the perfect example of the kind of parent I strive NOT to be to my young boys.

And as I have said before, the writing, at least, makes Nick a dolt. He leaves Faith with Austin and Summer after just getting mad at them and admitting he forgets “just how young they are.” Then he takes time to make out with Sage instead of rescuing his parents that he just had to get to not two minutes later.

I wish if they were really shaking the blanket, as you say, that they would let a few characters fly off into the wind. The cast is bloated – that is where a real shakeup needs to happen.

I hear you, Chrystie!

Yes, you are right.. Nick has intentions of being a good dad, but he’s an all-round idiot.. trying to get full custody of Faith – ridiculous, and the worst thing for her. Your other points about him are all right on.

Once again, if the writers of the show are looking to add an element of realism to stories, Nick’s would be a good one: show him how difficult it is to be a single parent, running a household. My wife and I have two sons (15 and 11) and, man, it’s so hard to “do it all” when I am left in charge, especially over the summer months and all the school holidays! If I were Nick, I’d be screaming for help!


Okay the show needs a shake up; it is sweeps week– but honestly the sheer silliness that all these things would all happen on one day– Valentine’s Day no less, is too much. They could have save one something for St. Patrick’s Day.

That said here are my WTF moments

The police department doesn’t have a back up generator that they have to operate search and rescue from a coffee house because it is the only place in town with power.

Lauren who runs a clothing store is manning the phone for search and rescue
Paul a season cop and former PI needs to take advice from Dylan on how to manage his force during a crisis.

That CPR take a couple little pumps on the chest– and suddenly the dead person is alive and talking up blue streak– Jack in particular

Summer who is a mouse is suppose to have the strength to knock her husband over the head with a tiny paper weight and that is what they think kills him?

Victor’s Penthouse that he sold to Adam was on top of Newman Towers, now suddenly it is a whole different building.

Was someone cooking meth– how does one apartment explode–and burn like that without something to cause it. If it was a gas leak wouldn’t the whole building blow up
And like others have said– no smoke detectors–or fire alarms– really?

And this peeve not directly related to this week, but the Underground was called the Underground because it was in the basement of a building. But whenever they show the exterior shots, it looks like it is street level. So if it was in the basement then the collapse would be serious with the whole upper building falling on it. But just a roof collapse on street level bar, would not be as bad as they made it.

Lastly, the roof collapsed because of the “weight of the snow” during this so call snow storm that shut down the city– but outside the apartment fire, there wasn’t a flake of snow and Billy and Adam were standing around chit chatting without even a coat on.

Now I can exhale. If you going to do plot driven stories at least do them with some sense to them.

But the biggest disaster was the character assassinations — Jack humping Kelly like a dog in heat, Fen using drugs again, Abby having an affair with Austin? Well at least it wasn’t boring– LOL

Amen! You’re right on so many levels!

Exactly! I agree with every point you raised and cannot believe that this garbage was considered good enough to air! So infuriating!

Yes, Mary I agree. GH also has had too many story climaxes occurring at same time and which were isolated from each other.
It seems that they are now writing soaps with the idea that folks have short attention spans.

After Fen was on “Under the Dome” I gained new respect for the actor. To have his character drug a group of “Friends” was disappointing. Also, Abby, is too old to be playing around in a cabin, humping Austin! They should hook her up with Joe or that cop Kevin is always at odds with.

Timm, good point about the actor who plays Fenn.
And poor Abby. She doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere.

For me I finally embraced the actor who plays “Fen” when Maria Arena Bell was canned. She didn’t use him. He was just this brooding “emo” kid that looked creepy. One good thing I can say about Phelps is that she actually gave him story after MAB left.

This has been one of the stupidest, most character assassinating weeks I’ve ever had the torment of sitting through. Veteran cop Paul has to defer to Dylan’s judgement in an emergency? Abby is screwing her niece’s husband off-screen? Jack bangs Kelly then treats her like crap afterwards? Noah and Marian can’t lie to help Sharon not lose her daughter but they can lie to cover up Austin’s murder? Fin drugs everyone at a party? Neil would rather nurse the tramp who is cheating on him with his son than look for his beloved daughter Lily? Make.It.Stop.

And where the hell is that super hot cop Harding?

OMG! That was so ridiculous having Dylan come up with the answer as to having cop cars parked at the intersections…Paul couldn’t come up with that. Why is Dylan Superman?

Good point about Mariah not lying for her mother, but agreeing to lie for Summer–which I find to be very strange. Summer is not Mariah’s friend so why is Mariah willing to cover for her?

Why did Fen drug people? I thought he was clean. Why are they taking his character back?

And Billy would have died from smoke inhalation.

I too don’t understand Jack having sex with Kelly. Maybe Fen spiked the Underground’s liquor supply too.

I think there was too much going on and not enough of it made sense.

I did like Gabe saving Connor.

Some have suggested Victor had laced that hankie he gave Kelly when she was crying in her office with that perfume he stole from Ashley that is supposed to make others want to have sex with you– so Jack got a whiff of it on her and suddenly he had to have right then and there. That the theory, hope it is true, because at least that makes some sense than Jack just being a jerk.

They should have killed off Billy.

Oh I agree I love Harding as well and would love to see him with Abby.

Super hot cop, Harding, is on NBC’s, State of Affairs. 🙁

The Cabin storyline is already front runner worst storyline of the year.

Jack having sex with Kelly is stupid which means they is like a stupid reason (some guessing something with the perfume) behind it.

Dylan hitting Avery by accident is a No, No.

But the worst is the plane crash because it uncuts the emotion of the Reveal (hillary/devon) which has been building for months and is one of the few bright spots of the show. Plus it look cheesy.


The late,great Bill Bell must be spinning in his grave.
The destruction of this once great show continues.
Each new regime makes it worse and worse.

The cheese factor was incredible! I have to say I was entertained and glued to my screen for the sheer sight of how bad it was! Then again, I haven’t laughed this hard in ages!!

The cabin “murder” is the worst of the bunch. It’s every bad B movie from the 90s combined. Another storyline featuring Summer Newman whining and crying as if the last year and half wasn’t bad enough.

I can’t for the life of me figure out why Jill is so broken up about the Hevon affair. And why was no one but Cane looking for Lily??

Don’t get me started on that cheapo PH fire. I suppose Jack has a doppelganger??? Everything was plot point after plot point. Logic be damned!

“And why was no one but Cane looking for Lily??”

Well if you asked that question on VIEWERS and not characters it would probably be more of a rhetorical question. Ha! Ha!

Wow. So much sheer awfulness that I don’t know where to start…

Jill berating Devon for sleeping with his father’s wife when she slept with Jack while she was married to his father.

Jill and Colin warming themselves by the fire while Cane searched for the missing Lily.

The plane crash survivors building a fire 6 feet from the injured HIllary who they basically left in a snow drift.

Am I to believe there wasn’t a single damn fire alarm or smoke detector in the Lakeview Towers?

The whole ret-conned relationship between Abby and Austin.

Lily waking up and immediately carping at Cane.

Paul setting up a triage station at a coffee house because it had a generator (how primitive is Memorial Hospital?).

The sainted secret cult baby digging through the rubble without any protective gear whatsoever (I assume his halo and sheer awesomeness prevented him from sustaining any injuries).

Nick and Sage making out in the rubble.

The fact that it was snowing hard enough to cause the collapse of The Underground’s roof yet across town Chelsea stood outside and not a snowflake was seen.

Paul deferring to Dylan’s infinite wisdom and ability in organizing the police force.

The notion that Mariah, Fen, and Noah all read the online works of Plato Sphere.

Abby’s ridiculous outfit.

Nick apologizing to Sharon for doubting her judgement as a parent to Faith — you know, the child she abandoned to run off with Adam after her jailbreak. (I’m not even going to get started on how she let her children think she was dead following her carjacking after said jailbreak or that she was planning on running away with the man who stole Faith seconds after her birth.)

Avery’s line of dialogue to Joe who was trapped under a tin lighting fixture: “I’m using physics to save you!”

Dylan telling Nick that he should have had snow tires put on Sharon’s car and she might not have had her accident. Yes, Nick — you are responsible for your DNA-result-changin’ ex’s car maintenance since she has that all purpose bi-polars get-out-of-jail free card and can’t be held responsible for even the simplest of tasks.


The biggest disaster this week was the writing.

Great stuff Alan. Yes, Abby’s outfit was horrible and something a 16 year old would wear! Her and her mom are in the lab in a multi million dollar company developing a fragrance and Abby looks like a kid rolling around in the hay with another kid!

Abby is that popular mean girl who peaked in high school and who keeps returning to her old school much to the puzzlement and annoyance of her old teachers and the younger students.

“sainted secret cult baby”?

What a riot; it’s perfect! Thanks. That made my day.

Well said, Alan. Regarding the plane crash, I was thinking about all the jet fuel that would be on the ground too.. not a great place to light a fire, that’s for sure! And I also thought about hypothermia.. but maybe we’re not supposed to think about things like that. And then when they said the coffee house was the only place in town with a generator, well, ALL hospitals have generators..

I’m happy suspending belief, and don’t like to complain too much, but I can see your points on all these things.

And Abby’s outfit!! Every time I saw her in a scene wearing that, I noticed how inappropriate it seemed on a few levels, and it made me feel cold – pass me a cozy blanket! (Today’s hospital scenes she was in with Jack & Vic. Brrr.) Why wasn’t she just wearing blue jeans at the cabin? I mean, it’s February, and snowing… :-/ and it was a fairly casual Valentine’s party……..

February Sweeps.. some good, some bad. Hope things settle back to normalcy now.

I loved all the action, however, I wish they had spread all it out over a year instead of just one day. I give it a thumbs up, though…

it was too much for one day for all of those disasters to happen. Pratt is going to ruin this show the same way he ruined all my children! it seems like network executives are purposely trying to find ways for soap operas to fail by bring in individuals with a proven track record for bringing a show down. as fans lets just suck it up and continue to watch our shows to prove those idiot executives wrong!

I stopped watching months ago before Pratt took over because it was so bad. Now it sounds even worse. The only thing that could get me to tune back in would be the return of Tricia Dennison and Sheila Carter (the originals, not recasts).

I liked it!! But I am a former GH fan. I hope these writers can stay true to the characters for the sake of long time Y&R fans. The storyline shake up is good and should provide months of story. Y&R is must see tv right now for me.

Sorry, well,maybe not… DEPLORABLE, utterly the antithesis of Bell/Alden writing: the team that made the show famous and interesting and believable. I read everyone’s reviews on the show and am impressed with how savvy all of you are.

If we are going to be subjected to these types of storylines, writers: do your homework. Again, where are your creative writing degrees? Main principles overlooked: edit and revise, get the facts straight and don’t make people look so unbelievably stupid. And lastly: really, a plane ride from Genoa City to Chicago? That’s about an hour drive tops! Ugggh.

Oh, one more beef: I am so annoyed that Valentine’s Day took a full week of programming and then something like the Faith custody hearing is done in 15 minutes of airtime. Y and R needs a continuity proofreader… I’m happy to do it.

Ron…dude…TO HELL with being a ‘continuity proofreader’ (or whatever) for Y&R…I think that you should W-R-I-T-E for Y&R!!!!! I mean…happily judging by your BEAUTIFUL AND SPOT-ON post here, I think that you would do a W-A-Y BETTER JOB than all of those current Y&R hacks put together!!!!! Hey…just an idea.

jaybird– appreciate the nod of confidence here! When I was in college and met Bill Bell, I thought I would one day write for the show. But, like the great mentor he was, he told me I had a helluva long life to live first, to get some life experiences before ever becoming a daytime writer. He was tough but honest. There’s a much more involved story to this whole thing, but I took him for his word and chose a different path to travel, and it has led to wonderful things. And now, years later, I find myself watching the show with different eyes and hoping to find a way to share some of those life experiences with the current writers. I shall continue to reiterate to Y and R staff: do your homework and respect your audience. Right now there is such a disconnect with the writers and the audience because the writers have created such implausible situations and “unbelievable flashbacks” that the audience not only mistrusts the writers, but now mistrusts the characters. Not a good recipe for storytelling. Whoever you are, jaybird– keep up the replies online! Ron

Jaybird, somehow I botched up replying to this successfully, so make a second attempt here with more brevity. Met Bill Bell while I was in college, and I thought after learning about writing from him, I would one day soon write for Y and R. But the man gave me hard, good advice: go live life so you can write about it. That led to a different career path, one that has given me a most wonderful life indeed. And now, I hope to pass along those experiences to the current Y and R staff and pray they log on and read these posts! Most important task at hand for those writers is to generate trust in the audience! Right now the audience doesn’t trust the writers nor the characters and their plots– too many switcharoos develop mistrust with the audience. If it is a constant “we fooled you” kind of attitude, you lose trust, and when you lose trust, you disengage commitment and that eventually leads to a parting of ways, kinda like in the real world, huh?
Jaybird– whoever you are, keeping posting and providing wisdom and pray word gets out to the writers.

Oh, forgot to mention this, as I am a big fan of the tv show LOST: plane crash and camera focuses on Cane, who then blinks open his eyes. This and other things may not exactly be plagiaristic, but sure lack originality.

And the bloody bookend (murder weapon) a la Sony’s cable show, Damages.

THANK YOU Michael for giving us the opportunity to vent about the RIDICULOUNESS! I could not believe my eyes and ears! Not sure what was worse: the fakeness of the sets and situations or the cringe-worthy acting and scripts.

Since i live in a snow climate myself, I was especially screaming at the so-called freezing characters wandering around at the plane crash. Everyone’s hair and makeup perfect and then these globs of feathers posing as snowflakes, how insulting to viewers to think this would be engaging or realistic at all! Plus how does a plane crash with everyone so A-OK? Ugh I was livid watching this amateurish garbage.

Don’t get me going on Hunter’s worst acting job ever about supposedly killing her husband. Again, wtf!!!

Over at the fire scene, again, if you dont have the budget for realistic sets or storylines, why bother? As if Adam would be allowed to enter a burning building not once but twice without a fireman stopping him? Cringe! Embarrassing!

Then Nick “removing” little stupid pieces of so-called debris to try to get out, again, if we are noticing these lazy details it is because the entire premise is so screwed up it is mind-boggling and distracting us to see bits we shouldnt be paying any attention to. Nevermind how all this caving in just happened to miss every one of their faces, lol. *screaming in horror at the insult to us viewers*

Y&R, get back on track or you will lose us all.

Is Pratt staying around for a long time or is this a freelance, temporary kind of writing gig?
(one can hope)

i enjoyed the scenes of the disasters , the reveal of devon/ hilary affair was exciting ! loving kristoff and cristall!!! really hope neil and lily kick hilary, devon and cane to the curb!! bring back LESLIE AND TYLER for neil and lily!!
the undeground actually looked happening!! and its fun to have all the young cast involved in a juicy storyline!
however how many times can adam save someone from a fire? ( i believe he saved someone years ago from a fire at the old carlton home?)! that plot was unnesscary.
im hoping and giving the benefit of the doubt for some out of character stories that the writers will explain the 180s! like the fiercely loyal abby would never sleep with her nieces husband!

Adam saved Noah from the fire Daisy started at Brad’s old house and also saved Sharon from the fire she started at the Newman ranch.

If you noticed in Josh Morrow’s interview Pratt never has sit down and discussed his character! They all looked stupid if I ran our business this way we would have none we would have closed shop. I came and I watched now I am gone for good. I will remember Bill Bell’s legacy not this GARBAGE! I feel sorry for Lauralee Bell to have to watch her father’s life work destroyed.

k/kay…my dear, not only do I get what you’re saying here, I ESPECIALLY AGREE WITH the final two sentences in your post!!!!! If Bill Bell were alive today, he WOULD N-O-T HAVE S-T-O-O-D for this past week’s so-called storytelling…AT ALL!!!!! B-u-t…I have to admit that there was o-n-e thing that I enjoyed during the week: On Monday’s episode (the 16th)…when Neil F-I-N-A-L-Y exposed Devon, Hilary, Cane and Colin and all of their lies and all while they were all on that private jet…and in front of both Jill and Lily. As for the rest of the week’s, uh, storytelling…TOTAL STINK-A-ROO ALL THE WAY!!!!!! Moronic.

The story at the cabin is stupid and boring. I knew Austin’s body was going to be gone. I also didn’t like Courtney agreeing to cover up. Noah asking–she should have broken up with him.

Too many disasters happening at one time to one community. Implausible and ridiculous. They should have focused on one.

I did like Neil’s reveal about his blindness and think that should have played out rather than there be a plane crash. They should have been the ones snowbound at the cabin. In a confined space, but not life and death.

The high rise building would have had sprinklers. It’s fairly new, right? So it would have sprinklers and fire alarms, etc. Rich people live there so it would have all the bells and whistles for safety.

Lighten’ up ! It’s a soap! Smoke detectors? Fire alarms? Fake snow? It is fake snow because it’s a sound stage. Look at the actors. With a few story / character issues aside, I thought it was a great week.

But picking it apart is part of the fun of watching– when soaps want to do these types of plot driven stories, they are opening themselves up for this kind of nit picking. Since the viewer isn’t engaged in the fake melodrama we have nothing else to do but notice all the silly imperfections. If they had written a story where disaster was the setting instead of the star maybe it would have work, but making it the focus and doing it really badly– for me it is like shooting fish in a barrel– they are making it too easy for me not to point out all the flaws. For me, I find it fun. I’m not taking it seriously. At least they got people talking which is better than them snoozing, so I give them credit for that– and I enjoy it too, but maybe for different reasons LOL

I agree with Mary, however, the plane model did make me chuckle as it reminded me of the Stonehenge scene from This is Spinal Tap.
“The disaster is not that the Stonehenge model was too small, the disaster is that one of the dancing dwarfs was in danger of crushing the it!”

And besides–it’s not nit picking if the discontinuities and WTF? moments are enough to draw you out of the viewing experience.

There seems to be this widespread notion that as a viewer, it’s my responsibility to suspend disbelief. OK, if so, I’d argue it’s the writers’ responsibility to make that possible, then—which skillful writers do by (in part) making sure that all these stupid little implausibilities aren’t drawing me out of things. (And since I think we’ve all seen it done—I know in nearly 40 years of soap viewing, I’ve seen it done PLENTY, though I’ll admit less and less in recent memory—no arguments from anyone, please, about how it’s just not possible. I know differently. But as a writer/executive producer, you have to care about it, and you have to recognize that many viewers care about it. And clearly this writer and EP don’t. Which is a particular tragedy on this show because for so many years, it was helmed by someone who really DID care, and the kind of care and continuity that resulted is a large part of why it was number 1. To neglect that kind of thing on THIS show, and to THIS degree, is just astonishing. It’s become clear through the last three writing regimes that the executives at Sony have no clue whatsoever what made this show so popular in its day.

There’s a name for it when they don’t take the time to cover their bases on these details: lazy writing. And when writers neglect it, what it says is, “Viewers, you don’t really matter; I don’t even respect you enough to try to write something that doesn’t insult your intelligence.”

Michael, I agree with your views here. Do we now have a generation of workers who only do their job to get paid? Have we lost loyalty and love to and for our craft? I don’t mean to sound so repetitive, but I KNOW what this show meant to Bill Bell and Kay Alden. I stood next to Bill Bell one day while watching an episode and how he screamed back at the televised episode: poor staging, lights reflected on a window, etc etc. I knew then what I didn’t know about love: there’s a mutual bond that only the lovers know. As a high school teacher myself, I struggle with the capable kids who do things just to get them done, get their credit and move on. Is this what we have become? If so, THERE IS AN ORIGINAL STORYLINE FOR Y AND R! I can only imagine how many of us know people who are just like this. Y and R: it’s a great social issue: address it, make it real, do your homework and make your viewers proud.

Well, after writing that, I guess I’d like to see that kind of romance return to the show as well. I’m exhausted by characters who talk and say nothing but sharp, snappy comebacks… I am not impressed. I am beaten by all these broken marriages and failed relationships. I am numbed by “the acting.”

I can accept almost anything in a soap except when the characters no longer are recognizable.
Jack is worried about Phyllis and all of a sudden can’t control himself
and has sex with Kelly? A past affair between Abby and Austin
completely out of nowhere? Awful story telling.

This is how Chuckles killed AMC. Will Y&R fall to his Flirtation With Disaster also?

Trish…h-o-n-e-y…it would N-O-T surprise me at all!!!!! I mean…basically EVERYTHING that ‘Chuckles’ has gone near and/or has touched…he has either destroyed or close enough to it. I’m just saying…

I think, at least in the case of the cabin caper, that none of it happened. I think Kevin is either dreaming this or writing it for his next fan fic chapter.
No way would Fen drug the punch after all he’s been through, no way would courtney jeopardize her job and freedom, no way could Summer have stuffed Austin in the armoire.
It may also be possible that the kelly/Jack sex in the closet is also a figment of his imagination, since Jack is shocked when ashley tells him he had sex with kelly, and it’s unlikely that not even Victor could come up with a doppleganger for jack.
That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it! LOL

It is easy to see that Kevin is creating his next fan fiction story..
He is ‘working it out’ ..
he has been asking questions to figure out how to play it out in his story..
I said the same as you- Kevin is orchestrating the cabin story in his mind..
The cabin =Kevins fan fiction story … (the way I’m seeing it)

Jack was drugged.. but don’t see how that and the cabin story would connect..

Oh good, I’m glad it’s not real, the cabin. lol
Jack was drugged or did Victor give Kelly some of the HEX perfume?

The show is being destroyed. This must be what Sony and CBS wants because there is no other believable explanation for hiring both JFP and Chuck Pratt. Their track records speak for themselves. I don’t believe a word out of Pratt’s mouth and I really hope the long time core audience of this show sends Sony and CBS a message they can’t ignore. Tune out and don’t accept the slop the writers keep serving us like we’re all morons. Suspension of belief is one thing, but the writing treats us like we have I.Q.s of 25. Why are we supposed to enjoy this? We don’t tune in to Y&R to see GH style shock and awe. Has GH been the #1 daytime drama for over 20 yrs? No, and there’s a reason for that.

Head Writers: Stop trying to make Y&R something it isn’t and does not need to be! Y’all aren’t skilled enough to deliver prime time quality writing, so why do you keep trying only to embarrassingly fail? It’s insanity. I want off the Y&R crazy train. So it’s a huge thumbs down for me.

Sony/CBS need to fire Pratt because he has already broken every mandate the studios gave him and he brags about doing it. Fire him now.

You know that old saying to continue to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result? They do not care anymore CBS/Sony or they would not hire hacks to run this show. We have had to endure JFP’s friends who can’t act now this

Oh Karlie, I just hate when folks insult GH just to gripe about YR. I understand your complaint regarding style. GH is different-often a very fun, warm, BOLD show as well with a lot of shock&awe, some popular criminals, a bit shady. In regard to that shock and awe, GH always does it so well. They have it down to a science. Our November sweeps were superb. Are rating are standing strong since this regime has been on. They’re up 1 million viewers since Jill Farren Phelps got ousted & are holding steady.

I always took Y&R as a family centered show-almost every character is connected to the families in Genoa City. They didn’t need explosions, plane crashes, burning buildings-I feel it was a gimmick to be bigger and bolder than anything he’s done & bigger than any.
****NOW-How does he handle the fall out from all the disasters? Will he keep characters in characters or just break folks up just to switch them around w/no interest in their history. THIS is his “thing” so keep an eye out for it. I hope your show gets back on track!!*******

Since when do medical personnel direct you to a coffee shop after you’ve been buried in a building, instead of rushing you to the hospital???

How did all those people sleep outside in below freezing conditions without dying???

And I guess you have to check your brain in before watching Y&R now because what used to make sense, makes sense no more. Mr. Pratt has overreached on what Y&R viewers will accept, and he’s delivering caca.

Best part of the storylines this week: Reading all the comments online! Hilarious and insightful!

I LMAO over people believing that the ‘perfume’ made Jack bonk Kelly LOL
Kelly straight out doped Jake ..

And poor Jack, I hope we don’t have to suffer through a heart transplant..
but hey, them Jack and Victor will be like twins LOL ..
oohh better yet!
Victor got an Abbott heart and Jack will get a Newman heart (I hope it’s Sharons) ..

i dont know why anyone would watch this!!

Splat Pratt will make it YuckieR.

It was weird how none of the event has any connection to each other. Crash the plane into the club’s parking lot or something….it was so disconnected and weird. However, and I’ll say this always….Nikki and Neil drinking is the best thing ever – they’re both expert at going off the rails. Y&R needs a Matriarch. Erika Slezak style.

I agree, Robert. All the disasters were isolated from each other. GH has been doing the same for well over three years now.

The 3 stories are totally different stories and not meant to connect..
Soaps have more than one story happening at all times..
Why On earth would they connect LOL (not supposed to

I hope this doesn’t bring Sage & Nick together, although I think it will . Don’t care for Sage. I like the disasters, but think maybe too much happened at once. We can all pick holes in the way things happened, but it is just a soap. The plane crash was not very real in that they probably should have found shelter inside the plane & they probably would have died from hypothermia, Surprised that Abby & Austin were having an affair, as there was no sign of it. Wondering who the body is in the building collapse. All in all it was pretty entertaining. Looking forward to seeing how it all works out.

Hi Barbara..
lol I thought they were all dead the next day after sleeping through a blizzard in their indoor day clothing in terribly low temperatures, but WALLA! they all woke up and carried on with their day AHHAAA!! Not even frostbite to deal with lol

Abby and Austin did not even kiss, that only happened in Kevin’s mind as he is writing his next online fan fiction story..(why I see it..

No one important died in the collapse, no one is leaving Y&R that would matter,,

How about a little less of Paul Willam’s and a little more of Harding?

I would like for all to be forgiving and Hillary and Devon can have a loving relationship. The truth comes about Abby and Austin. Dylan get together with Sharon . Chelsea and Adam back together. Chelsea and Billy are not a fit at all.

Who would you recommend as a love interest for Billy, Stephanie? I can’t think of anyone suitable for oh-look-my-skin-is-the-same-color-as-my-tupee, y’all !!
Perhaps if his hair , eyebrows and eyelashes were a tad darker, he’d be a lot more attractive.
Chelsea and Adam? I don’t know. Maybe? I will wait and see how well these two tango.

way too much stuff going on!!!!! what happened to Michaels cancer?? Just dropped it NO continuity

There was a little mention when Michael and Lauren were thrown into the story on Monday about how he missed a couple radiation treatments because Lauren needed him to be strong for her while Jill was missing.

Honestly, I thought perhaps he had already dropped dead. He hasn’t been on in weeks. If he hadn’t been w/Lauren I woulda thought that was his dead body in the bldng collapse. Boo Y&R on dropping this!

For heaven’s sake, Nikki’s “post-disaster” make-up on Monday’s show Ridiculous! Grey grease that made her look like Meryl Streep’s witch character lol. So unwatchable and cringe-inducing stuff. So disappointing.

I enjoy watching young n Restless . This past week u sat on the edge of your seat. This week is going to be mmeven better. I love it

To each his/her own. You are entitled to your opinion as am I. But, please, agree or disagree with kindness to your fellow-posters. Civility is a plus.


Only on a soap would so much happen. This is so unrealistic This tops the sinking of the Titanic! All of this is truly unbelievable!!!

General Hospital

John J. York Returns as General Hospital’s Mac Scorpio and Shares, “Expect The You-Know-What to Hit the Fan”

General Hospital fans were overjoyed when John J. York (Mac Scorpio) revealed he was back on set and taping all-new episodes of the ABC daytime drama series.

The beloved GH star was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) and multiple smoldering myeloma, two blood and bone marrow disorders, back in 2022.  Later, he underwent treatment for the cancer in September of 2023, which took him off the show while he went through a blood stem cell transplant and the recovery.

Now, those who have waited for Mac to finally get to the truth – that Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) is his biological son – may finally get their wish!  Speaking with TV Insider on his imminent return (he is back on-screen this coming Wednesday, June 19th), York shared on what’s about to go down, “Expect the you-know-what to hit the fan and let the dust come down and settle where it will, so get ready.”

Photo: ABC

York also prepped viewers that he will look a little different when he first seen back in Port Charles, due to his cancer treatments, “My hair grew back nice. I was not sure how my hair would look because I was bald. Now it’s short, like a military cut.”

Photo: JYorkIG

Speaking on his own health and life, John shared, “With the MDS, if everything goes well with the bone marrow transplant, that should be handled. With the multiple smoldering myeloma, smoldering being the key word, it just kind of stays there in my system. There is a small chance that it could turn into full-blown leukemia at some point, but the goal is for me to die of old age before I die of any kind of blood cancer. I feel fantastic and all the blood tests that I take once a month have all pointed in the direction that things are all going in the right direction, which is really good.”

Photo: ABC

Are you looking forward to the moment that Mac realizes Cody is his son? What do you think his reaction will be as he has been duped all this time? Happy, as we are, that John is back on-screen on GH? Comment below.

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One Life to Live Alum Jonathan Groff Wins First Tony Award For ‘Merrily We Roll Along’

Finally, in his third Tony Award nomination, the multi-talented Jonathan Groff, was named the Tony winner in the Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical for his work in the Broadway revival of Sondheim’s Merrily We Roll Along at the 77th annual Tony Awards broadcast on CBS.

In one of the hotly contested categories of the night, Groff bested Brody Grant for The Outsiders, Dorian Harewood for The Notebook, Brian d’Arcy James for Days of Wine and Roses, and Oscar and Olivier Award winner Eddie Redmayne for Cabaret at the Kit Kat Club.

Many thought Groff should have won a Tony back in 2007 for his performance in the original Broadway cast of Spring Awakening, but ‘Merrily’ was the ticket to victory.

Photo: CBS

One Life to Live fans may remember Groff played the teenager Henry Mackler back in 2007, in what was to be a long arc of a storyline involving a school shooting, but his role as cut short after 11 episodes, due to the real-life Virginia Tech school shooting in April of 2007.

Delivering the most emotional and heartfelt acceptance speech Tony night, Jonathan began. “I grew up in a house surrounded by cornfields in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I was raised by my parents, Jim and Julie Groff, and my brother David, and the three of them were sitting right there. Thank you for letting me dress up like Mary Poppins when I was three. Thank you for letting me act out scenes from I Love Lucy on my 10th birthday. Thank you for always allowing my freak flag to fly without ever making me feel weird about it.”

He added, “Even if they didn’t always understand me “my family knew the lifesaving power of fanning the flame of a young person’s passions without judgment. I walked through life with an open heart because you let me know that I could. Thank you to all of my teachers back in Pennsylvania, especially Sue Fisher, who told me I could do this for a living.”

Speaking to how Broadway has impacted his life, Groff further teared-up and expressed, “I moved to New York exactly 20 years ago this year and I got a job waiting tables and became a volunteer for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids. All I wanted was to be a part of this community. A thank you to everyone involved in Spring Awakening who not only made that dream come true, but also inspired me to come out of the closet when I was 23. I’m now 39 and musical theater is still saving my soul.”

“Maria Friedman, thank you for letting me be your Franklin Shepherd in this production of Merrily and allowing me the chance to accept respect and express both the lightest and darkest parts of myself,” Groff continued. “Daniel Radcliffe and Lindsay Mendez, you are more than old friends, you are soul mates, and I’m looking forward to watching each other change for the rest of our lives. Thank you to every member of the extraordinary cast for lifting this Merrily into the spiritual stratosphere.”

Photo: CBS

Groff concluded with, “And finally, I just want to say that when I was a kid in Pennsylvania, I used to record the Tony Awards on a VHS tape and watch the performances over and over again. And to actually be able to be a part of making theater in this city and just as much to be able to watch the work of this incredible, incredible community, has been the greatest gift and pleasure of my life. I thank you and thank you so much for this honor.”

So were you happy to see Jonathan Groff win the Tony for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical? What did you think of his acceptance speech?  Watch it below, then Let us know in the comment section.

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General Hospital

Bryan Craig Wishes General Hospital’s Maurice Benard ‘Happy Father’s Day’; Is He Trolling Us … or is This the Ultimate Return Tease?

Sunday is Father’s Day, and it’s the time when many soap stars and celebrities take to social media to give love and shout outs to their dads.

In an another post that got General Hospital fans to take notice, two-time Daytime Emmy-winner Bryan Craig (ex-Morgan Corinthos) dropped a blast from the past photo of himself alongside Maurice Benard (Sonny). Accompanying the photo, Bryan wrote: ‘Happy Father’s Day” Maurice Benard.

The post on X comes on the heels of a previous response by Craig to a post on Frank Valentini’s (executive producer, General Hospital) comment to On the Red Carpet, where he revealed that this summer, “A former cast member is coming back. And I think that the audience will go crazy for HIM.” In response, Craig teased, “Who could it be…”

Photo: ABC

Now on Sunday responses to Craig’s post were met with varied responses from GH fans from “Stop playing with us” to “Now you’re just trolling us, lol. We really need you back right now.”  Still others took it as a potential confirmation that Craig is the mystery man on his way back to General Hospital stating, “I hope you’re going to back to GH!” to “Can’t wait!”

Craig last appeared on GH from 2013-2016 and made a brief return in 2018. Since departing GH, Bryan has appeared in numerous TV and film projects including: Freeform’s Good Trouble and ABC’s Grand Hotel.

So, is Bryan Craig yanking GH viewers chain, or is he slyly teasing us, because he knows he is the one returning to the ABC soap opera? Weigh-in on your theories below.

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