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Y&R’s Eric Braeden Tells Fans Who Are Missing Victor Newman, He Will Be Back On-Air Just In Time For Christmas

Photo Credit: JPI Studos

Everyone is wondering about the true whereabouts of Victor Newman on CBS’ The Young and the Restless, but his portrayer, the one and only Eric Braeden, revealed on social media that Victor will be back on-screen very, very soon!

In fact, Braeden in a tweet told his fans on social media that: “I‘ll see you all on FRIDAY, DEC 21st”  With that news, GIFS, emojis, and tweets began to pour in to Eric excited for his on-screen return, which puts him back on the canvas just in time for the holidays!

Fans commented on the news: “Victor Newman will be Home for Christmas! I can’t wait . Yahoo !” …  “Hallelujah I’ve missed you “oh yeah” so did Nikki” … “Can’t wait to watch . It alway a great you watch you . You do great work,’ among many other enthusiastic responses to Braeden on his announcement.

But will the holidays for Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and Victor be one of turmoil?

We hear there is a two-episode Y&R Christmas event coming your way with all-new episodes of the top-rated soap on Monday, December 24th and Tuesday, December 25th.

So excited to see Victor shake things up again on The Young and the Restless? Comment below.

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Pls reboot victor since the characters taken a break! The writing for him has been horrible and cartoonish. Vic is the anti hero, not a one note villian! Genoa city needs a villian and not just Victor Newman. While the writers get their act together, maybe a redseig for the newman ranch!
Not sure why Nick needs a huge office set aswell as sprawling home! In the times of budget sets , Nicks been getting the royal treatment. I wouldnt mind the office but Nicks tachhouse is classic. It should ve kept. Whats next a new crimson lights?

I’ve never liked the newer Newman Ranch. The old one felt cozy, though cluttered. This one makes me feel like you don’t dare wear your shoes inside and you certainly wouldn’t touch anything.

I know, Soaphound……the new Newman house looks too sterile—-not very homey, albeit my living-room looks like that–just that room…no one is allowed in there.LOL….
I’m with you….I like cozy…..and, it’s hard to keep a clutter-free house with kids ( a million nieces and nephews–I have five siblings)…. I have to tell them six times before what I say registers. But, I relish it….I like noise, squeals of laughter and chatter….

I agree, why does Nick get two opulent sets? Poor Billy never got a home of his home of his own and had to camp out in his lover’s daughter’s apartment. And Nick’s new house is atrociously decorated–it’s very ostentatious and indicative of the nouveau rich.

Right?…. I agree with your descriptive decor of Nick’s house, Harry. It is overly decorated, but geometrically so!! LOL…..I know I sound nuts, but whenever a scene with that weird domicile is shown, it brings back memories of Geometry class. I can’t figure out why. All I see are shapes? Ha!!
I, also, know I can’t take Phyllis anymore. I wish she would go away …..AND…. what’s with that weird hairdo? She reminds me of a page out of “Jane Eyre”….
Hey, Harry….who do you think is playing tricks on Nikki? The real JT? The fake JT? Victor himself? The Would-Be-Super-Cop, Rey? Or is it Ian Ward?
I do not believe JT is dead….and, either Ian and/or Victor is in this imbroglio, neck-deep.

Eric, are you having a real medical crisis? I sincerely hope you really are healthy and happy. I realize you took a trip to Europe, but this worries me. My own husband who battled cancer took a similar trip. We had a beautiful time. But sadly it was his last family trip. I hope this is not the same senereo. Your family, friends and fans love you and wish you only to be healthy and happy. You are a wonderful actor. God Bless.

Quell the frotage

Please… Y&R “heralding” of this crusty old piece of relic NEEDS to be put to rest

Same goes for Melody Thomas Scott.. since they refuse to write for her… she looks like she has a hard time breathing through her nose as she postures for nothing more than OKay she’s still here

Setiuosly your remarks are in bad taste. If you are posturing for the job, I believe you should rethink your criticism. Remarks about age and the way a person like Ms. Thomas has to work to portray any character is not as easy as it seems.

LOL, Patrick….for Victor ( the relic?) to be making an appearance tells to me that it has everything to do with JT……
Is it possible for Victor to have done to JT what he did to Jack? A doppelgänger? …….afterall, JT did “step-over” the forbidden Newman line!! Payback?……where’s the real JT?
And, Nikki is not really that old…..only in her early sixties. I like Nikki….I just don’t like how she demeans others with her nose up in the air, sniffing for plebeians… her a semblance of superiority…..People like that exist in real life….
Methinks Nikki forgets her jaded past!!

Celia, you make me laugh; understand’ it; go tigress’ @night

I will laud Nikki I’ll go … it’s tough

it’s tough to be her

here it is


Ah, Patrick–I am glad Victor is coming back because we viewers need some semblance of stability. Y&R is a train wreck right now. I don’t know what Mal Young is thinking. Paul has disappeared with nary an explanation and this new guy named Rey seems to have taken his place as police chief. Neil has also disappeared with a vague excuse of how he moved to be next to Lily’s prison, and this other new guy Nate has taken his place as the Winters’ patriarch despite the fact that no one really seems to have a connection with him. Meanwhile, Duh Yawn is off the rails and truly, trying to make Duh Yawn interesting is like trying to give a pig a make-over (no offense to pig, I like them just the way that they are). Then they moved this entire Rosales family in all at once (although I do like Lola). And any time one character mentions a new name you can bet a new character is going to waltz through the door. Rey speaks of Mia before we meet her and she comes in like an ungainly, unwanted bull in a china shop. Jack and Bill speak of Kerry and she comes whispering through the doors of Jabot like a mouse. A few days ago Billy and Phyllis speak of some cosmetic queen named Rebecca and guess what? You guessed it– that horny dame comes in and sinks her teeth into Nick. Oh, and today the newly arrived Rebecca mentions a character we haven’t met yet named Rene. Therefore, you can bet your bottom dollar that yet another new character named Rene will come in with a whimper and not a bang leaving fans un-engaged and confused. I have never seen a soap go this crazy as far as rapid introduction of numerous characters is concerned. Does Mal Young have a shopping addiction? In addition to the over saturation of new characters and the disrespectful dismissal of veteran characters, we are left with horrid, never ending messy stories such as the idiotic JT mystery.
The one bright spot to focus on? Kyle’s friendship with Mariah and his romance with Lola.
So therefore, I am glad Victor is coming back–maybe he can help steer the Titanic away from that iceberg.

Patrick, just reading these comments crack me up! I being older than E.B shouldn’t be calling him a relic or otherwise, but, if the shoe fits, right?? I can’t see him doing all these upsetting things that he knows would surely upset Victoria and Nicki, especially with her M.S. I myself think Rey is doing these things, because we were assured that J.T would never return. Then again, the police are usually not this conniving, when trying to catch someone. This would be a first for G.City. As much as I liked Paul, they turned him into a shadow of his former sleuth type detective. I wonder if Melody is as tired of playing the snooty grand dame, with blood on her hands? She was lucky to have a young stud in her bed for awhile. Could have been a horse’s head this time. Poor Read thinks his grandfather killed his dad, wait until he finds out it was granny.

Oh, thank goodness!! With Victor back in GC, maybe we will see less of the Rosales disrupters……My stomach churns and roils each time I see Mia. She is the worst actress….what exactly is her “product”, anyway? Is she selling Tupperware? Awwww, she had a in-home-selling-party!!
And, Arturo? He is the only sibling with a thick Hispanic accent. How does that happen, growing up in the same household? TPTB did not do their homework. Lola is a keeper. Then others need to depart, lickety-split!!
What are the chances Victor left with JT’s body? Out of town…..out of the country….out of mind??
Yet….I still believe JT’s alive.

I totally agree with you. Who cares about the Rosales family? I cared about Rey until they dragged in Mia. She is not a good actress, and she diminishes Rey. He and Sharon should be together, at least for a while.

Off topic: Maybe Tessa and New-Fenmore Fenmore could take their musical act on the road.

LOL, Dr. Ruth…..yeah, Tessa and Fenn should do exactly thst…..and, take Mia with them—she’d be a perfect candidate for
“Lo Spogliarello”.

Yeah and Mia just arrives in town and has royalty over at her apartment. People should have to wait months to even get a chance to meet with someone from Newman or Fenmores!

Lola is delicious! The rest can take a hike and lets welcome back Paul and Heather!

Hey, T,
I can’t figure out why Mia is in GC. If her presence is to dissuade a blooming relationship between Sharon and Rey? Who cares? That romance would have been doomed anyway because Sharon and Nick will always end up together….they’re magnetic.
Is it to add fuel to the fiery dissension between the Rosales brothers? Who cares? Bad company. ( not the band—that’s a good, Bad Company. LOL).
Something else that struck me as strange was today’s ep.
Isn’t Y&R filmed in LA? So, were Nikki, Sharon, Victoria and Tessa in a large sub-zero refrigerator? There was actual, visible condensed vapor coming out of their mouths and nostrils. Scientifically, condensation only happens when the atmosphere is extremely COLD.
WOW!! Unless the crew and cast travelled to Alaska, that was quite an impressive feat!!

Mia was a waste. I only care about Lola. She is sweet and can act. Another lady who I hope they keep is that lady who tried to sleep with Nick. She was pretty and can act. She could mix it up with some of the Genoa City boys! Y&R is filmed in L.A. but Genoa City is in Wisconsin.

But Celia, I have to admit… Mia is a “rara avis” in that you rarely find someone whose lack of charm, lack of talent, and lack of likeability all cohabit blissfully in one person. And Rey? Why aren’t Nick and Victoria suing him for harassment? Or at least getting gas mileage reimbursement for all these trips “downtown”. Does Rey not possess a car? Arturo has grown on me (but you’re right about the accent inconsistencies) and I like Lola with Kyle. The new thing irking me is Phyllis pimping Nick out to that Rebecca woman. WTH? Is she TRYING to lose him again? Heck, if he were my guy, I’d never let him out of the bedroom, let alone go on a business “date”. Oy vey!

I have had a crush on “Nick” since I was fourteen, Soaphound. He is sexy, gorgeous, easy-going and rugged, in a very sophisticated way ( I think I just described my husband, LOL)…..and those shoulders!! …
What are the chances Mia will try something on him or Kyle?
She thinks she’s “all that”. NOT!!

Arturrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrro is a bug! Another dud for Abby!

Celia? Where on earth did they find that actress who plays Mia? She must know people in high places. Is this a case of nepotism? When you learn that she is the cause of the split between the Rosales brothers you expect to see someone like Penelope Cruz, Sofia Vegara or Jennifer Lopez. Is there a Dollar Store for Actresses? She’s unappealing, and she is a horrid actress. I noticed she has a way at pawing at either Arturo or Rey like a cat. It’s really odd! She reminds me of my cat when she paws at the sliding glass door so that I may let her in for the night. I say, let Mia out!! Meow!

Yes, Mia is the worst! I wish I could slap that silly smile off her face every time I see her. She really makes Rey look like a jerk, saying he still loves her, while still be attracted to Sharon. What’s to love? The woman is pushy and I mean that literally , always pushing herself into his face, is sickening. She’s also a snipe of the worst kind. How she could invite those women to her little Avon type party and than talk to Abby and Sharon the way she did, calling Sharon her”old woman land lady”, and I forgot what insult she hurled at Abby. Hope someone plants her in the park, under a meaningful statue.

Ha! Avon Party? Hilarious. Have you ever been invited to a party and it turns out to be one of those annoying pyramid schemes? It’s bait and switch! I say stuff your pockets and purses with food and get the heck out of there!!

Harry, yes almost got drawn into one of those pyramid things years ago. I would rather the Avon or Tupperware thing, but stay away from that these days.

Oh, Violet, from your words to the writers’ ears, let’s hope. Mia is a train wreck (and not just her wardrobe). She reminds me of a quip I read years ago by a critic who disliked a certain actress: “Were she to collide with a Mack truck, it would be the truck that deserves our sympathy”. Ditto to Mia!

Oh Soaphound, Mia today should have gotten an award. How bad is it when you have to seduce your own husband into bed? She played it just right though. Get rid of the makeup, making her look soft and vulnerable.The crying and clinging. Almost worked until she mentioned Nicki. She really is a piece of work, isn’t she?

LOL at your comment (Is there a Dollar Store for Actresses?)!

HI there I am a big fan of Victor Newman I am glad to see you come back . To the y&r I am all .away from Newfoundland Canada Paul

hi paul ..
I’m an Eric/Victor fan, luvs the guy!
hey! Canada isn’t that far from Mn.
and– you have legal weed! lucky you!

Weirdly enough, SuzieQ, I miss Victor. The “Ogre’s” presence has a comforting effect on me. Go figure this extreme oxymoron!! I don’t even understand it myself. All these years….I just never realized I love Victor?? Mamma mia!!

Celia, dear, I feel the same. Maybe because Mr. Braeden resembles my late grandfather. He just anchors the show for me, and we really NEED that anchor right now as Y&R seems adrift in the Rosales Sea (swamp?) Mia singlehandedly brings the show down, and Deputy Dawg (sorry, Rey) isn’t far behind.
Meanwhile, over in Port Charles, did you see the short scene where Drew enters Oscar’s hospital room, finds him sleeping, and touches his cheek while covering him with a blanket? All the while, there are tears forming in his eyes. Celia, I was a pile of water….so touching, so subtle. Billy at his best, which is the best we have. It’s moments like THAT that remind me why I watch daytime. Too bad subtle just isn’t on Y&R’s menu right now. “Tough gal” Nikki threatening Tessa, while swigging Vodka on the sly? Pleeeeease!

Oh, my Lord, Deputy Dawg?? I can’t stop laughing, Soaphound!!
My husband always throws me this strange look whenever I break into peels of laughter for no apparent reason ( or tears)… Then, he smiles when he realizes I’m reading MF’s soap comments. LOL.
And, yes, my friend……My Billy’s gesture did a number on me, as well…..I’m a sap….I cry over everything.
Billy Miller is one of a kind. He is the Midas of daytime. He commands every scene. He’s a man ( virile and masculine), yet soft ……LOVE HIM… yes, I am shouting it!! LOL.

hi Paul..
I luvs Erick/Victor, my favorite..
hey Canada- it’s that far, well not from Mn.
you have legal weed!! that makes Canada greater lol ..

I am thrilled to have Victor (Eric) back at Y&R. The screen has been filled with so many unfamiliar faces and so many young and less talented actors. We need more of the great veteran actors. Now bring back Doug (Paul) and Gloria, please. Give Peter (Jack) a great storyline that is believable, give Jabot back to the Abbotts and make Jack CEO. He’s the only person qualified, plus he doesn’t have constant office couch sex (a la Phyllis, Billy). Maybe then Y&R can be saved.

Tend to agree with almost all of this; just a slight sideline comment: In the past several years Victor was, at times, made to be nothing short of the Devil reincarnated. Neither party, Eric nor Victor deserved that dialog.

Yes, I forget, not only bring back Paul but also Gloria. Why are you blasting away so many familiar faces at once and overflowing with the younger crowd?

I began to appreciate the twins, love the little ones, and ask that you be careful with Adam.

Lastly, in respect for Eric and my previous depiction, he seems the most likely to have followed the “incident” and kindly removed the body. Yet that JT is still alive remains quite plausible.

I never write without being able to review. Do I just not know how to correct on this format. Wish we had a spot to ask questions and to get legitimate ones answered.

Best to all!

who the heck is Eric?

Respectfully, Eric Braeden is who portrays Victor Newman. I hope you are laughing!

Lol..dah. I had a blond moment.. I see him only as Victor. Love the man. Thanks.

You can call me Victor,
You can call me Mr. Newman,
You just can’t call me Eric!

Looking forward to Victor’s return.. His family need his help..

I don’t follow Y&R, so this is just an observation/question….But this headline/topic sounds like a rehash of the thing from a year or two ago when Mr. Breaden was off the show for a bit…negotiations/vacation/personal time…IDK. Is this a recurrent thing?

Bravo! The program isn’t the same without him.

Wish I was Santa, I would love filling that old Grinch’s stocking, starting with what I might find out in the stables.

Happy Holidays,Eric Braeden!

No Victor today… 🙁

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