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Y&R's Justin Hartley & Melissa Claire Egan Turn Up The Heat As Adam and Chelsea Have Sex! What Did You Think Of The Scene?



Last week on The Young and the Restless, Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) caught her man Billy (Burgess Jenkins) kissing Victoria (Amelia Heinle)! So what’s a betrayed gal to do? Head on over to Gabriel’s AKA Adam (Justin Hartley), and have some hot sex!

The attraction between these two has been building for months only Chelsea has no idea this is her presumed dead husband with a brand new face! Adam has been working on infiltrating Chelsea’s life for months, too!  And knowing his bitter enemy Billy Abbott is not all about Chelsea, does not sit do well with the guy, but Adam is never one not to seize an opportunity.

Justin Hartley and Melissa Claire Egan certainly brought the heat in the scenes where their characters hit the floor and make love!   What did you think of the moment?   Do you think Justin and Melissa make one sexy duo on daytime? The question is now …  if Chelsea falls for Gabriel, will he admit he is Adam Newman?

Watch Adam and Chelsea’s passionate scene after the jump, and then weigh-in!

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YES YES YES!!!!!It was so good and so well played out on both their parts I hope they both put in for an award next year. I don’t know if they read this stuff or not but if you both do Congratulations It was nothing less than fantastic. Watching this you would never know that M.C.E. was married and J.H. has a girlfriend. WOW that’s what acting is all about. Guys I had to take the sweat off the T.V. screen. Way to go Chelsea & Adam.

Ok Nikki I was dragged I was pulled I was given Valium I watched three episodes at my sisters! Now Phyllis married Jack the real one right? I believe she was wearing a white dress and white flower in her hair right? Now I believe when Jack married Phyllis the first time played then by MS she was wearing a white dress and flower in her hair! Can you say JFP is telling us something! Lol by the way I am loving GT’s portrayal you know why because she is wanting to work with Peter Bergman and it shows! They are gold together! So see I can give kudos when they are deserved! Now the negative can Victor rot in HELL for allowing Phyllis to basically be raped by Fake Jack!

You stand your ground everybody needs a loyal viewer! Take Care!

Oh The Substitute you made me laugh. Have you not figured out yet that Victor never gets caught? He should be in jail for his part in knowing Adam was guilty way back when he knew about Dee Dee. If we ever made a list of offences old Victor should be put away for we would be filling up the page. I like old Vic. Without him and Summer I’d never have a pee break or peel potatoes for supper.LOL

Michael Muhney wasn’t even 1/1,000th as hot as Justin Hartley.

Who knew Adam Newman could be such a mega stud?

Lol, Substitute….you have a way with words….too funny.

I also think old Victor knows Gabe is Adam!

You have no idea where I wanted Sharon to put that tire iron when that little spawn Summer was yelling at her. That character is why I am having a tough time with this show right now.

Right? Not only are Justin and Melissa ‘taken’ in real life, But Justin’s girlfriend, Chrishell , is Melissa’s best friend.

Where? Substitute! Where did you want Sharon to put the tire-iron? I don’t understand…LOL. You are naughty !! LOL.

I thought it was ice cold for such a big build up. The only guy who kisses worse than Justin is Burgess!

WOW Timmm your either having red hot as hell sex nightly or bitterly being neglected. From the time Chelsea walked in and said “kiss me” my T.V. screen was sweating.

I’ll tell you what it was Nikki, I watched Nick and Hayden over at GH have mad mad sex and it was off the charts. I believed when he whipped her over the sofa he really wanted to go to it. And one other thing, in all due respect to husbands, wives, girlfriends and boyfriends, Tyler and Rebecca are both happily married and they acted like to actors who are ready to eat each other alive! Thats what I didnt see as much over at Y&R. Justin is hot, Melissa, not my cup of tea, maybe that was part of the problem, as well? I just wasnt impressed.

I loved it – they are great together.
I think Chelsea knows in her soul
that Adam is quite familiar, but her
mind can’t fathom why…not yet.
But although I am glad they connected
last week, I would have preferred it
happening after Adam told her the
truth about his true identity…now that
would have made their lovemaking even
more special.

This Chelsea and Adam thing will be short lived..
As soon as Chelsea finds out Gabe is Adam the gates of hell will open..
She and Adam will be over, but eventually months later reunited..


I swear, you are such a buzz kill sometimes.

Jeez, yeah, you’re probably right about them being apart
yet again before finally reuniting down the road. Just hope
that road isn’t too long. They should finally just be together
without drama. Just chill, be happy, and raise Connor.
Let other couples have the drama for awhile, lol.

I beg to disagree, su. If Chelsea still loves Adam, she will never betray Gabe. She will understand Adam’s subterfuge/silence.

Su…I’m with you on this one. After all it is a soap and happily ever after doesn’t happen easily, if at all, or for long.

Yes, Nanci. I agree. I also think that this ‘familiarity’, or connection Chelsea feels towards Gabe, will be a point for thought in her mind. She will, most likely, mull over as to the how, where, and why she feels this way.

Chelsea and Adam are ok..
I do not like nuBilly, he is awful, so anything is better than Chelsea And Billy..
Justin is the best recast of the 3 ..
but– he is not close to the great Michael Muhney..

I was hoping Sage and Adam would become a couple.. but- Chelsea and Gabe/Adam are good together,,

If you are hoping that JFP is going to recast Billy which I agree with you he is not a good match for the character it is not going to happen. JFP never admits when she is wrong their is a leaked E-Mail out about Billy Miller and trying to hang on to him she said we were wrong and we would forget him etc. Burgess Jenkins is from everything I have heard a nice guy but he is just too stiff for the charming always making mistakes Billy Abbott. As for JH I see him as an entirely new character nice to look at but no he is not Adam to me.

Justin shouldve played Billy and the actor playing Joe shouldve played Adam—he looks more like Adam…imo!!!

Thought it was incredibly hot. JH & MCE are perfect acting partners. Can’t wait to see where their story leads and Pratt doesn’t mess it up.

i really like Justin but Michael Muhneys Adam Newman is simply the best!!

Michael Muhney has been gone for close to two years now. The period of acceptance has long passed. I loved him too, but Justin is doing a damned good job.
It’s time to move on.

I agree. Justin is Adam period. Michael Muhney was loved by all his fans but he is gone for good lets stop mourning and let Justin do his best work which is what he’s been doing.

I totally agree that Justin is doing a great job. MM was fantastic and I thought no one could take his place, when I found out Justin would be I thought there was hope for the character. I also watch Revenge and Mistresses and Justin does a great job in both.
More of him and Melissa, Billy has got to go, after Billy Miller it is hard to watch this guy.

There is definitely a lot more chemistry between Justin and Melissa than there is with Burgess and Melissa.

Burgess doesn’t have chemistry with anyone. I wish they would recast. He is awful.

Burgess is fine as long as you can give up on Billy Miller’s interpretation of Billy Abbott.
I think he’s a good solid actor who has been put in an impossible situation. I don’t mind him at all.

You are so right, Mo. I may sound mean, but, I seriously cringe when I see Burgess…and, when he opens his mouth? The way he pronounces his ‘esses’ just drives me up the wall.

Loved it, but hated when Chelsea decided to marry Billy anyway.

Same here. I was like Still marry Billy the Bore? Huh?
Especially after her romp with Adam? Um, noooooo!
But I’m not worried. That marriage doesn’t seem likely.

Scorcher!! They have chemistry

Loved it. It was dynamite. They have great chemistry. Justin Hartley also has a lot of chemistry with Kelly Sullivan.

Lets just say i have watched that love scene over and over and over and over again. etc. Well you get the point . I love and still love MM. and still hoping that he lands his own prme time gig .I love Justin, but I am HATING on these writers. Hope JH is looking at some other prime time projects, because CP and JFP were hired to Kill Y&R

That is so stupid. Have you thought of what happens if they did kill Y & R? They would have no job’s. Why would they want that? Their doing an excellent job and the ratings speak for themselves over five million right now.

Dont waste your time Nickki.

Sony wants out of the soap business, that is why they keep hiring awful writers and producers, CBS wants the time slot for another talk show, properly because Julie Chen of the talk wants her own show, and she is married to the President of CBS Les Moonvas. That is Why I say this.

That is such gossip. Julie may very well want her own talk show although she already runs “the talk” and her husband is the producer. As for Sony they just recently signed Y & R to a new 5 yr. contract. Sony could scrap the whole show right now if they wanted too but viewership is up to five million and they damn well know that another channel would pick them up. This is an ugly rumor that was started way back when ratings we’re down on some of the soaps that have been canceled (As the world turns, Guiding light etc.) At that time the talk around was that they hired the writer of Guiding light to distroy it even though the ratings we’re horrible. We are lucky to have C. Pratt he’s had a lot of experience even in Prime time and he’s doing a great show.

Every time there is a so call passionate love scene it is choreograph in the same way, girl and guy kiss, guy lifts girl up, throws girl up against, wall, desk, whatever, girl pulls guys tie or shirt off, guy rips open girl’s blouse so we can see her bra, girl begins to unzip guy’s pant, guy throws girl onto floor, bed, desk, whatever—-maybe I have seen too many of the same exact scene played out exactly in the same way, in the same order that quite frankly it has lost its “hot” factor for me. That said, I found the whole premise silly, but it’s soap, and Chelsea and Adam fans needed to be “satisfied” —– but I think like others I would have rather they waited until Chelsea knew Gabe was Adam, so their reunion sex would be more about love, than Chelsea using him to get back at Billy.

Yeah, Mary, I get it. But, as soon as Gabe reveals himself as Adam, he will, no doubt, be arrested. I don’t know if he’s ready to do that. I wish he would and get it over with….he should make an effort to find the real culprit.
Furthermore, I am sure that if he would confess to Chelsea, she would keep his secret.
By the by, does Adam know he did not run over Delia? I can’t remember.

The last I heard Adam believed he ran over Delia and that is why he is trying to keep his identity a secret. If he thought for one minute he didn’t do it, I think as you said he would be trying to find the real driver and clearing his name so he could come back and claim his real life. Right now I haven’t heard any rumblings yet whether the writers will name another driver responsible for the hit and run.

Only two people know Gabe’s real identity: Jack and Sage. Once Sage is out of the picture (I predict she will be killed off somehow– either by the serial killer or someone else because SHE IS the serial killer) only Jack will know his identity. Jack may never spill the beans… it would be great for Gabe to JUST BE GABE, win over Chelsea and maybe never (or years later) reveal he is Adam. What’s the point of being Adam anymore? He’ll just be convicted and gone…. unless he gets close with the assistant DA (ha ha… wasn’t that a silly story today?)

Anyhow: I have never been a fan of the Chelsea actress, but she has been very interesting of late, fighting feelings like she has, and believably. For once, she doesn’t seem to pause every three words in her dialogue.

My vote: Let Gabe really be Gabe.

Wow!! I never thought of Sage as being the serial killer. That assumption brings forth more questions. It makes so much sense, Ron.
Yes, it would be the ideal situation if Chelsea would fall in love with Gabe and temporarily tuck Adam away in a drawer. We shall see. I am really excited about this particular storyline.
The two Jacks nonsense is getting on my nerves. And, it seems that Victoria is following in Daddy’s footsteps. I saw Victor in her eyes, with a pitchfork and horns.

“if” in fact, Kelly Sullivan’ Sage turns out to be a serial killer !

and… YES ! leaves Nick on his own… again… while Sharon makes a go with it with Dylan

let Kelly Sullivan be hired as a recast of Sami Brady-DiMera on Days of OUR Lives

I think that’s an excellent idea. Kelly Sullivan would make a perfect Sami …she does have the ‘bitch’ factor.

Sage ran over her…its a secret Gabe/Adam will figure out…Sage stabs Gabe/Adam…he is rushed to the hospital…he reveals Sage stabbed him…at her trial Sage blurts out ‘Gabe is Adam Newman!’…lots of drama ahead…only i wish it were true…lol

Loved it. Love Adam and Chelsea together. I hope they heat up again when she finds out who he is.

What a sexy, steamy interlude. Now, we’re talkin’.
Please kick Billy to the curb….!!!!!.
Muhney was/is a great actor, but when it comes to sex-scenes, Hartley leaves his mark/stamp….no contest. He is all man!!!!! More, please.

Muhney was great with Sharon. I didnt see the spark with Chelsea. Hartley could heat up a sex scene with Ester! Hartley and Egan seemed to be holding back?

You’re right, Timmm. I didn’t get that sexual vibe between Chelsea and Adam. But, Adam and Sharon? WOW, WOW, WOW !!!!!!!

They were probably holding back because her best friend (Chrishell Stause) is Hartley’s girlfriend.

PS. When I say I did not feel the vibe between Chelsea and Adam, I mean Melissa and Muhney. On the other hand I thought that she and Justin connected. I felt them.
Perhaps Timmm hit the nail on the head. It was Justin that carried the scene…not much work from Chelsea…she has never struck me as the sexpot type…not, in the least, the femme fatale that is Hayden (GH).
As I said, Chelsea and Gabe were steamy, mainly due to Justin’s sexy aura….but, I must concede that Timmm is right. Nik’s and Hayden’s effort in simulating a fiery, spinning out of the planet and volcanic sexual interlude was so carnally tingly, I could have watched forever. I normally do not watch sex scenes…boring…but not these two. That is not to say Gabe and Chelsea were chopped liver…they were fab !!

CeeCee…HELL TO THE Y-E-A-H…on-screen-wise and all, Justin Hartley is MOST DEFINITELY ALL MAN!!!!! A-n-d…as far as I’m concerned, I think that Justin’s real-life girlfriend Chrishell Stause is ONE LUCKY CHICK…O-K-A-Y!!!!! As for CurrentBilly…y-e-s…I a-g-r-e-e with you, my dear. But, I gotta tell ya’: I tried and tried, but, sorry…CurrentBilly just ain’t working for me. Nope. (1) I find that he CONSTANTLY mumbles (dialogue-wise). (2) More and more, I end up RAISING THE VOLUME because I somehow have trouble understanding the sound of his voice (y-i-k-e-s). (3) Most of all, to me, CurrentBilly always looks like he is in serious need of a LONG N-A-P…LOL!!!!!

Take care, CeeCee. Peace.

Ah, jaybird. I love your ebullience ….you never fail to amaze and amuse me.
You are just the kind of guy my good friend needs right now. He has been summarily dismissed and told to take a hike by his long-time, live-in boyfriend. Bummer !!!!! ….with a capital “B”….get my drift?

Anyway, yeah, Chrishell is lucky…but I’m luckier. Describing my husband’s hotness is hard to put into words…LOL.
On a couple earlier posts, some of us were discussing that, although these are professional actors, and they play a role, I wonder if they, themselves, find making out with their friends’s better halves, weird. It would certainly bother me if my husband , acting or not, kissed another woman stripped down to her ‘pantalets’ or other intimate apparel…well, her underpants….LOL. Later.

@ Ron.
I really believe, as I have already stated on an earlier post, that fake Jack is really Austin either wearing a mask (a’ la Faison, lol) or had plastic surgery to look like Jack.
Also, am I wrong in assuming that both Nick’s children’s other halves were targeted and killed for a specific reason, not yet revealed? I am probably way off base, but the thought struck me as too strangely coincidental.

I must retract my assumption. Ron. Victor revealed that fake Jack hails from the belly/bowels of the gallows, as it were. So, there goes my Austin theory. I wonder if he is someone we know. However, fake Jack must have had his face altered by Victor’s orders……unless, Victor found a carbon copy.

I just can’t stop seeing Melissa Egan kissing her best friend’s boyfriend.

It’s called “Acting” for Gosh sake if her best friend understands why can’t you. Lets start to support our actors/actresses and stop looking for trouble.

You’re right, Nikki. It is bound to happen, now and then……they are all actors, afterall.

Oh dear heavens. What an antagonistic response to my itty bitty observation.

Did I say I have a problem with it? Did I say I don’t support actors and actresses? Did I imply I was looking for trouble? What an overreaction! Come off it.

I think they felt uncomfortable as well because the scene lacked fire!

Well I am going to throw in my two cents here after an expensive luch today that is all I have. The hottest scene for me in a LONG TIME was TK/Ridge and Caroline on B&B it was sensual and gosh what a. Concept they did it in a bed. And guess what they didn’t have carpet burns!

I agree Jules, I like this pairing and they are the reason I now watch Y&R both it does still feel bit unusual seeing Justin and Melissa make-out knowing how close Melissa and Chrishell are.

Exactly. I’m not against the pairing or the actors. I actually think they’re doing a pretty good job telling this story and conveying proper emotional responses. I also kind of liked that they hooked up and got a feel for the chemistry we are meant to believe between this nuAdam and Chelsea going forward. I really didn’t hate it at all. But sometimes, it’s harder to escape reality watching these shows than other times, and this is just an example where no matter how hard I try, the reality of who these two people really are and their real life connection, seeps into my consciousness.

Prefer MCE’s Chelsea and Michael Muhney’s Adam. So believable and seemed so real. Passionate! I can watch their clips over and over. Will never understand Phelps’ ruining Adam’s character by making him responsible for killing Delia. Horrid story line! Sad for Michael and Sophie.
MCE and JH’s love scene appeared awkward…height difference more apparent than any scene with MCE and MM. JH’s posture not as good. I think it’s weird that MCE is making out with her best friend’s boyfriend. I know it’s Hollywood and acting…but I still think it’s weird.

As the song says, “Let it Go.:

I still think when Gabe reveals himself as Adam he will be up on charges and it will be revealed that someone other than Adam hit Delia.

LOVE JH as Adam, Great recast! Burgess Jenkins as Billy, Biggest mistake for Y&R of late. JFP and her arrogance will never admitt to this. She shouldn’t be authorized to executive produce a cartoon. Pratt as a writer, has nothing new to bring to the table. He copycats all that has been done before.

Most stories are copied.

These two have MAD chemistry!!!!!!!!!

was hoping when chelsea showed up again later that night to adams to break things off and tell him she used him that adam would see through her and that he d seduce her again. twice in one night!!!! she was making love to her ” deceased ” husband, it would ve been awesome if chelsea picked up on something familiar

How in the hell does Chelsea have sex with Gabe/Adam and doesnt recognize her “Deceased” husbands plumbing! Dumb!

How different are pipes?

I’m not to sure but just hope yours is not rusty!

I am no expert, Ron…I am only familiar with the pipes in my house….as smooth as butter…LOL.
Timmm? You’re at it again. Your wit always grabs me by my funny bone……your humor slays me….more, please!!.

That has always been the contention in soaps, Timmm.
That’s why I had wished that either Sam (GH) or Liz had had sex with Jake.
It is weird to me also how a woman does not know her husband’s/lover’s body ….parts in which she has intimate knowledge. Go figure.

Howard Stern once had a contest on his radio show where women were blindfolded and went down the line and had to pick out their boyfriend in a “Lineup” below the belt and they all knew whose was whose! Come on Y&R! Plus, he has a bullet wound from Billy!

O-M-G! Had to pick myself off the floor. It was so very hot. JH & MCE are very beautiful together and I’m not just talking about the love scene. Just the way they act out the love of Chelsea and Adam, the look in their eyes is to die for!

“that” was… one of the HOTtest bra’s i’ve seen in A long while

i’ll reserve judgment till Adam kisses Sharon

how MCE continues to be lauded… is beyond me

bring me more Adam

great scene between Chelsea and Gabriel. I think Kelly hit Delia. Someone please stop Victor .

What is the name of the song played while they are making love?

The song is called “The Gray” by Daena Jay
I just bought it!

Thank you!!!!

I loved it! And again today! Even the one with Sage was great! He’s very hot and though I miss Michael Muhney, he’s not a bad substitute. I don’t mind him and I don’t begrudge him for having the part. I like Gina, too, but I cannot get used to fake Billy.

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