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Y&R's Melody Thomas Scott Reveals First Airdate Of Sally Sussman Morina and Kay Alden's Scripts!

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The Young and the Restless fans, who have been wondering just when will the new scripts generated by new head writer, Sally Sussman Morina, along with new story consulant, Kay Alden (although both of them have written for the CBS daytime drama series during previous regimes), have had their questioned answer by none other than legacy series star, Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman).

In a tweet on Thursday, Melody posted a photo of the front page of the script teasing: “In lieu of our popular Polaroids,I must share R 1st script w/new/old writers! Can’t wait to return 2 classic YR 2day!”

The photo reveals that today -Thursday, October 20th – is in fact the first tape day of the new material led by Sussman and the writing team.

The episode will air on Wednesday, December 7th!

Sally Sussman is also noted on the script as the co-executive producer of the series.

So, are you excited to know that the return to classic Y&R is upon us? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Darn Phone!!! I meant to say holy cow!! How did CBS pull off the transition between writing teams so fast?

Oh, my gosh, Lou. You always manage to make me laugh. I did wonder about ‘Holy’. LOL.
As JK proposes, I hope it is better than the fare we are getting.
I am so sick of this stupid Hilary-TV thing…trash show, not trash show. No one is interested.
And, the Newman-Abbott company espionage that has been going on for decades? Really?
I must say, though…..the inference by Jack to taking a hammer to the flash-drive was rich!!!!! Sooo very clever. I enjoyed that thoroughly….not to mention the ‘leaked’ Newman emails Hilary found on her desk?!?! What a gift!! Ironic that Hilary’s name is Hilary…yes??
Later, Lou.

lets hope it is an improvement over what we are seeing now…..

Whew! I can’t wait till Dec 7th! Hoping it’ll be the start of a new creative resurgence for Y&R. I’ll be watching. Love MTS’s reference to “classic” Y&R!

HOORAY!! Can’t wait!!

xmas comes early!
thank the heavens…
y n r has been embaressing the past couple of weeks… the upper cbs brass must ve decided to scrap pratt and the crap that s been airing and pulled a 911 writer shake up after whats been airing recently!
Sharons turned into a cartoon, nick a dud and mariah a accomplice which makes no sense.
the lights out episode where sharon screamed at every noise, nick sat in agony after kevin clocked him and paul and pattys doc studied a painting was unwatchable and probably the worst episode i ve ever seen given the state of the material the worthy actors were given!
poor sussman really has her work cut out for her….
my most needed fixes would be :
1. make sharon and victor normal again
2. make phyliss fun n sexy again instead of a walking around like a sour puss
4. bring back tricia cast as nina so jill can have a worthy opponent again
5. pls stop the silly chelsea/ nick flirting


Laughing out loud

#2 may take two regime changes

LOL… her pursed lips .. need a rest…

I agree.

I hope it’s as good as everyone says it will be.

Pearl Harbor Day

Let the writers write and Mal, PLEASE dismiss Summer, Billy, Stitch, Travis, Devon and Fake Fillis!

We strongly need a handsome man for Ashley she is too vibrant to be meddling in Billy and Jacks love life they are big boys and Jill needs something to do if JW is going to stay besides meddling in Billy’s life. So much work to be done but they are up for the challenge and the cast who have been there a long time know that!

They need Dr. Neville back for Ashley!!!

Yes, give Ashley an intelligent hunk her own age. Watching her with old gay Tad from AMC was gross.

They need to cast Robert Newman or Ted King as a corporate raider that catches Ashley’s eye.

Agree that Ashley needs a story of her own.

Wish Colin was back. He and Jill are good together and gives her more to do.

Right, Kay. I think we all feel the same way. Don’t TPTB know what to do with Ashley? She has been reduced to , more or less, a medler, an office-gofer, and a filler of empty spots….taking turns between Billy, Jack and Phyllis.
It’s EILEEN DAVIDSON we’re talking about, here, you guys!!!!!! Give her something challenging to do other than clean up or worry about her little, man-child brother who is still as recalcitrant and immature as ever.
I really don’t get it? What was that scene in Phyllis’ closet-office ( which is so stupid in itself) with taking the flash-drive from her and locking the door? Such arrogance and demonstration of the spoiled-brat that he truly is. Is that TPTB’s goal?….. to bring Billy down to the level of no return?
Should ‘they’ not salvage whatever diginty he has left?

BTW, Kay… thst Abby’s marriage msy be on the rocks, do you think Sitch will turn to Asheley? Will their ‘distraction’ rekindle?

LOL, Kay. I must agree. Stitch is not suited to anyone. He still garbles when he speaks and he truly needs to shave. There is nothing interesting about this guy.
But, Ashley was into him at one point. Then, he married her daughter. Ewwww.
I just wonder if TPTB would go there again.

WOW … hold the presses… answer

They need to cast Robert Newman or Ted King as a corporate raider that catches Ashley’s eye.

this is what sexual energies taste

come on now… including Ms. effervescent Eileen Davidson

Good to know. I googled all over the place and couldn’t get the answer. So whew!

Tim, disagree all those you want gone still is e unanswered story lines which is classic y&r.
Speaking of. Where is Sharon’s mother? She missed Sharon being in Fairview forever, wedding, birth of Sully (aka Christian) and all the drama surrounding Sharon. Is Reed ever coming to via it his mother again? Will Kenu ever visit Jack. Lauren talks about her eldest son every once in a while, why can’t he come back? IJS

Get rid of Hillary

Hey, Rebecca,
Hillary is instrumental to Devon-Neil, and to a certain degree the Newman imbroglio that’s unfolding.
Plus, she is a foil, at this stage. There’s no one else like her….if we discount Chloe; she’s in a league if her own.
Then, of course, Natalie is back???? Hmmmm. I don’t know what to make of that, or her.

I don’t think the PTB have figured out if Hilary good or ‘evil’…..’they’ keep undulating and vacillating back and forth.
Hilary is ‘kinda’ growing on me. It’s Devon that is being represented as a stooge. As I have always said, I hope Mac or a daughter, as Jimh suggested, shows up and claims Catherine’s billions and everything which ‘encompasses’ that.

Michael Logan asked her that in a interview this week the character needs her father to show up and resolve her Daddy issues I hate that Pratt is still writing the Sully reveal

Excellent points, Marlene. Keemo must be around 50 now. Right? Was he not a product of the Vietnam war? I’m not sure.
I loved Sharon’s mother, myself….all the characters you mention should make appearances….at least, during the holidays.

Celia the character of Keemo will never be back PB hated the storyline the character of Kyle needs to come back with Kyle Lowder in the role pair him up with Mariah and no to Stitch and Ashley . I expect slow changes and characters that are not working to be written out.

I’m excited. Can hardly wait.

I sorry but I do not watch young and restless anymore I don’t like Victor. He is always run everything. He never said I am

ECSTATIC and AMEN…I trust Sally and Kay to return this show back to the Classic Y&R with it’s Classic Background Music, sorry I had to say it. I want the feel and sound of the show to return and I know that Sally and Kay know what to do to make this happen. I haven’t been this excited in years. I also would love to see Jaime Lyn Bauer back for she will always be the one and only Lauralee (Lorie) Brooks.

the new music is so bad when they use it which is sparse…. when scenes begin and end without classic y n r background music you can sense somethings missing… now that jfp and pratt are yesterdays news the real headwriters can hopefully get the old musical team back

I so agree Damien…THANKS for the comment and your support

A glass of champagne that day has my name on it!


PLEASE! I can’t take anymore of the Winters family! Neil’s either drunk or preaching, Lilly and Cane are either making love in his office or in a room at the GCAC or where ever they can cause that’s all they do and there is no story there. And please, Devon and Hillary need something better then to GC buzz… BORING!!

Only one thing can make the Winters family interesting again: the return of Drucilla!

Yeeesss, Alan! I miss Dru. The stage lit up when she entered. She had that magnetic, magical thing going on.

The GC Buzz storyline is so boring. I don’t care. I’m hoping the new writers drop it quick.

Much like that silly baking show for heather or whoever it was…I fell asleep through the show so much I didn’t wake back up till PHYLLIS DID… now I’ve been stranded on a snowy mountain because my private plane crashed…HOORAY..I’M RESCUED..oh they radioed down to me stay safe keep warm… they’ll rescue me on December 7th when the storm has blown over WHEW!!!

Oh yes, I so totally agree

Devon and Hilary deserve better than this GC Buzz nonsense. it’s so boring

Amen Mary!

LOL, Mary. How true.
Something’s brewing again, though. All these late nights ….Cane working …..well, I feel that it’s the beginning of another affair. Lily’s or Cane. She is in the habit of ‘finding’ love elsewhere when little, ole Lilly feels lonely and ignored.
I think Devon is the most boring and lifeless character on Y&R. I think it’s the fact that I cannot take him seriously. He looks 12 to me. I cannot see him as an adult businessman with billions.

And he seems to have no involvement whatsoever with Chancellor. I get he may not be qualified to run it, but maybe meet with someone to make sure your billions are safe. I guess Jill is running it, but she is now involved with BS (Brash and Sassy is such a stupid name. Loved when Ian made a quip about it being so 80s. He was so right.) Devon just seems to follow around after Hilary and cleaning up messes, trying to get her to be a good girl.

I don’t think Lily will stray again.

I hope the new writers bring back Adam.

Which “Adam” are you hoping will come back?

Bring back Michael Muhney !!!!

You know they will…but not until Nick and Chelsea become a couple and get hitched because that will give Adam’s return the maximum impact. Chelsea will be torn between two brothers, Adam will feel betrayed by both of them, and then Nick will crushed by the reveal that Christian isn’t his son and Chelsea knew all along.

I must hand it to you, Alan. That is the perfect soapy scenario.

I just have one major question. How many times in about 3 years, can they have Sharon lie again about a paternity test?!?! Seriously! I love Y & R and have been watching it since I was a child, in the early 80’s (w my gma). Over the course of a few years, its been absolutely painful. But it’s like train wreck that I can’t stop watching

Why can’t they bring back the old school people, like one of Victoria Newmans many exes like Ryan, or Neil’s ex wife Drew (her body was never found, someone else mentioned Nina…i think thats an amazing idea…even Nina’s son Ronan, Paul’s Daughter who’s “supposedly” with Daniel. There’s like a plethera of characters that could be brought back in on occassion instead of the same old recycled & tired story lines. I’m over Sharon’s nuttiness, all the different Adams, I’m a fan of Lilly but the beef between her and Hilary has to go, don’t let me even begin on the staging for the Newman, Abott offices, and the homes of some of the characters that hasn’t changed since 1995. The point of my tangent is that I’m really looking forward to the new, old writers!

Good post Jerzy. They need to make the Chancelor name relevant again. Bring back Daniel and Heather. Nina and Phillip. Write stories about the Baldwins. Victor has an office from 1992. I guess Jack and Ashley share one. That Jabot lab is cheap and annoying! They need to redesign their sets, go back to their old music and like you mentioned and I added some names, bring back characters we love!

Absolutely, Timmmy. Great post
I would love to see Chance back….the true heir to the Chancellor name and fortune.
I wouldn’t mind Jeff Branson thrown in there, either.

Maybe Chance is Bella’s father. If that is the case, than Nina and Phillip can come back for a bit and bond with their grandchild while living in the Chancellor mansion. It would be interesting to see Nina, Jill and Esther all interacting as grandmothers together. And Billy can bond with nephew Chance. I would love to see more of Michael and Lauren as well. Always loved the chemistry between the two of them. I also wouldn’t mind some Gloria sightings as well. I loved when she was running Gloworm. Now that Abby and Stitch are finally calling it quits, I am hoping they pack him off to be with Max. This character never grew on me. He always looked like he needed a good shave and a sh8wer. The scruffy look never suited him . And please don’t let him have a another go round with Ashley. That one shower scene was plenty. We all know tht Sharon is on the verge of cracking yet again. I wonder if she will be back at Fairview yet again. And lastly I would love to see Mariah with a hunk of a man. Someone with a decent job and a sense of humor. To me, she was never a romantic match with Kevin. I say let Kevin stay with Chole. The two whiners are good for each other. Let Kevin and Mariah keep their platonic friendship. On a side note, I loved the episode of the storm when Mariah was walking around the house with the fireplace poker. She cracks me up

This show is on life support. Pratt & Phelps ran it into a ditch. There needs to be a purge of at least 10 characters or more. Steve Burton is a good start, but there’s additional departures needed. Good luck to the new production & writing team. You need it!

Steve Burton is a big star and no one seems upset he is leaving. Thats wild!

that’s because his character was terrible

I would like to see happy stuff, how in the hell can one town have so much drams, make so true story lines ,where people really work for a living, and not always at that club doing nothing, that’s not real life! Let a marriage be a good one, let Victor be a god man, not evil all the time, you can almost write the stories ourselves, I can pretty much tell you what’s going to happen, who goes to prison and has visitors every five minutes, and the prisoners get to roam around, that’s not real life, and the bipolar thing with sharon, that is not how bipolar people act, if your going to give someone a mental illness, make it real do your research! The show is so predictable! Boring

Great post, Elisa.

great post. the writing has been very sloppy. the way this show treats mental illness is terrible. Sharon’s bipolar has turned into a plotpoint

This cannot happen soon enough!

Speaking of new stories for Ashley, did anyone pick up on the sparks between her and Travis? Since he might have a penchant for “older than himself” women (I presume his former boss was older than himself hence possibly his wife was also, and please don’t tell me he’s older than Victoria), why not Ashley? If not him then at least let the guy be worthy of her, like the Vanessa/Matt romance on GUIDING LIGHT in the 90s. Not some lifeless oaf like Stitch, more like Robert Scott Wilson, recently free from DAYS …that would breathe some fresh, um, air into her life!

Yes, Soaphound. But, I thought it was all in my head.
However, I did mention, if you had happened to read my post, wondered and asked about the elevator scene between Ashley and Travis. What was that all about? Fanning the flames?

Amelia ( Victoria) is about 10 years older than Michael (Travis)…. she looks it close up.
Eileen is about 25 years older than he. Will TPTB go there??
But, as I always say, it’s a soap….they are licensed to take liberties?? That’s ok….I guess.
What bothers me the most is when TPTB take said liberties with the R Catholic church….infuriating!!
When it comes to messing around with canon law? Well, that is taboo. To a R Catholic, it is sacrilegious.
Later, my friend.

“…Amelia ( Victoria) is about 10 years older than Michael (Travis)…. she looks it close up. ”

OH , of course;

she treats her screen well

maria arena bell brought a diversity of stories to the show that made it exciting and entertaining to watch . i couldn’t miss an episode . i hope that these writers while sticking true to the original formula can bring this typr of excitement and entertainment . the soap was exciting to watch from 1973 to 1993 and it afterwards turned into a boring soap . the veronica landers story woke the soap up but once she was gone it got boring again . when maria bell came along it was great : loved skye and the volcano , ricky williams which resulted in paul killing his own son , the diane jenkins murder and the way it was put together , the shocker of the sharon – victor : reminded me of jill and phillip a bit and also of brooke and eric on bold ! many viewers forget that bill bell wrote the younger woman -older man pairing with the younger woman potentially turning into a bitch and gold-digger . i hope this young and the restless doesn’t put me to sleep ! fingers crossed !

Reading this thread and watching yesterday’s ep. Did Victor really tell Jack he should own up and act like a man? Kettle! Victor gets caught every time – just never pays for it.

yeah. that was terrible

December 7th can’t come soon enough. Chuck Pratt has sucked the life out of the show. it’s just been terrible. this GC buzz stuff and Sharon’s storyline is just bad. that episode when the lights went out was one of the worse episodes i have ever seen.

I totally agree with you Robert…I know I said this before, if anyone can turn this soap around and get it back to it’s classic roots is Sally and Kay…I really believe with all my heart we will see the Classic Y&R return.

I heard Stich got his walking papers as well. Fired or recurring status ? Who is this Hank character they are casting ? Who was the guy Sharon was involved with when she ran away to avoid going to jail. He was a country guy and lived on a farm. Just wondering who they will put with Sharon.

Marking December 7 on my calendar. . . .

I sure hope they stick with this configuration of the writing team. In addition to choices that were simply bad from the get-go (cough, cough, Chuck, cough, cough, Pratt, cough, cough), I think the revolving door of head writers and writing regimes since Mr. Bell passed away has really hurt the show; it has ceased to be Y&R (which always had a very distinct “feel” and playing style–one that I’ll admit wasn’t always to my taste, but it was consistent, and you could count on it) and become Generic Soap (which is what happens when you don’t hire the writing team with an eye to the show’s history and who can best honor it–just ask viewers of any other soap on the air now or that was on the air in the last 20 years or so), and these two, with their extensive background and association with the show, could definitely make it Y&R again, which would go a long way toward repairing the damage and re-winning the hearts of veteran viewers while attracting new ones.

I’m actually surprised Sony thought of this–because it makes so much sense–but I’m willing to put aside being snarky and be grateful if they stick with it.

all of the regime changes over the past decade has hurt the show. this show has had four different head writers over the last five years

I agree with “michael (not fairman)”. It’s a long shot but I hope the new writing team can turn Y&R around. It’s not easy seeing a show you’ve watched for decades (along with the rest of daytime) just decline so rapidly. What the new writers need to do is take a few lessons from the Bell era and bring back the music, lighting, and camera angles that made the show dark, shadowy, classy and unique. 2016 may be a far cry from the days of Neil, Drucilla, Sheila vs. Lauren, John, Kay vs. Jill and older Victor/Nikki but the writers can still try to improve what’s on screen now.

Hello! New to this forum. I am a lifelong Y and R Fan and am so pleased about the return of Sally Sussman! Loving the character of Curtis Fielding. That voice! Find him a love interest. He needs to stay!

Keep Stitch in it. The show has lost/losing two other strong males in Adam and Dylan, so we still need Stitch. I would like to see something happen bewtween him and Ashley, they were hot together.

Bring back Michael Muhney as Adam………Justin is a TV series success so he won’t be back anytime soon and we really miss the character of Adam. MM and Justin were the best.

General Hospital

Kimberly McCullough Shares Remembrance of the Late TV Legend Norman Lear on the Set of ‘One Day At a Time’

Television legend, Norman Lear passed away on Wednesday at the age of 101 years old. The comedy genius who created, wrote and produced some of the greatest sitcoms of all time died of natural causes at his home in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Lear’s body of work included: All in the Family, One Day at a Time, Maude, The Jeffersons and Good Times, Sanford & Son, plus the soapy, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.

General Hospital’s beloved Kimberly McCullough (Robin) has been working as a director in the television industry for years now and upon learning the news of Lear’s passing, shared a very touching moment via her Instagram that stayed with her through her directorial career. McCullough had been a director on the reboot of One Day at a Time that featured EGOT winner, Rita Moreno.

Photo: JPI

McCullough expressed: “My hat goes off to your, sir Norman. What a wonderful life you lived. In my very first directing job, only 6 weeks after having a baby, I was feeling fragile and not quite ready to get back to work. On the set of One Day At A Time, you squeezed my chin and said ‘Look at you! A baby directing our show.’ It wasn’t condescending at all. In fact you seemed thrilled by how far we’d come in the industry, giving young women a seat at the table. I replied, ‘I’m not a baby. I just had a baby.”‘

McCullough added: “You gave me nod of approval saying, ‘Even better. You let me know if you need anything.’ That meant the world to me. Thank you for your service of the television industry, of our country and being a stand up human. #ripnormanlear”

In a previous post pictured with Norman Lear, Kimberly shared: “Thank you changing the world with your storytelling. Honored to say I’ve been able to work with you. One time I heard you say “but where is the HEART of the story?” I have a feeling you’ve asked that question a lot…”

The Lear family also put out this statement on the death of the iconic TV genius: “Thank you for the moving outpouring of love and support in honor of our wonderful husband, father, and grandfather,” the Lear family said in a statement. “Norman lived a life of creativity, tenacity, and empathy. He deeply loved our country and spent a lifetime helping to preserve its founding ideals of justice and equality for all. Knowing and loving him has been the greatest of gifts. We ask for your understanding as we mourn privately in celebration of this remarkable human being.”

Tonight, across all network television, an in memoriam card will air at 8PM ET/PT to pay tribute to Lear and acknowledging his influence in the medium.

Share your thoughts on Kimberly’s touching tribute to Norman Lear and the passing of the TV legend via the comment section below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Kimberly McCullough (@kimmeabreak)


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Kimberly McCullough (@kimmeabreak)

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Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes Exes, ‘Melrose Place’ Alum Andrew Shue and Marilee Fiebig Are Dating

In a romantic twist … are we sure this isn’t an episode of Days of our Lives, or The Young and the Restless? After disgraced ABC news anchors and former GMA3:What You Need to Know co-hosts, Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes, launched their new podcast on Tuesday, comes word that their exes are now dating!

Former Melrose Place star, Andrew Shue had been married to Robach since 2010 and their divorce was finalized in March of 2023. Marilee Fiebig had been married to T.J. Holmes for 12 years.

Last November, photos of Robach and Holmes leaked to the press which showed them holding hands and being close. They were taken off the air by ABC News and GMA3 on December 5th, 2022. The following month, it was determined they would not be returning,  Now, on December 5th 2023, the two finally opened up about their relationship and its timeline on the premiere episode of their iHeartPodcast, Amy and T.J. 

Photo: iHeartMedia

On Wednesday, Page Six is reporting their exes, Shue and Fiebig, are currently dating, sharing from a source, “We’re told the couple have been dating for about six months after bonding over the traumatic experience of being cheated on.” The source went on to reveal, “It turned into something else, and they’re connected over their values.”

Photo: JPI

Meanwhile, Holmes shared on the couple’s new podcast: “To be clear, we were outed as being in a relationship, but everyone else thought we were being outed as adulterers – being outed as cheating on our spouses – and it wasn’t the case.”  However, conflicting reports have still said otherwise.

Primetime soap opera fans, remember Andrew Shue  for his role  as Billy Campbell on Melrose Place; a part he played for almost seven seasons. Fiebig has been an attorney in Atlanta.

So what do you think about Andrew Shue and Marilee Fiebig dating and the timing of this intel coming to light following the launch of their exes, Amy and T.J.’s podcast? 

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: What are Your First Impressions of Charles Mesure as ‘Mr. Brennan’?

There’s a new villain in town and things are about to get turned upside down for Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) as General Hospital circles back around to the looming mysterious ‘Pikeman’ story and who was the target of the shooting at the Metro Court that put Curtis in a wheelchair.

Last Friday, and into yesterday’s Tuesday, December 5th episode of the ABC daytime drama series, viewers were introduced to “Mr. Brennan” who has to turn out to be the dastardly “Pikeman.”

If his portrayer looks familiar, actor Charles Mesure has appeared in numerous television series and film roles including: Once Upon a Time, CastleThe MentalistDesperate HousewivesBones and more. Mesure is also British-born, but moved to Australia when he was younger, accounting for the fabulous accent “Mr Brennan” has on GH.


In story on GH, as Sonny was telling “Mr. Brennan’s” minion, Hume that he would no longer run Pikeman’s shipments through his territory, the guy showed up at Kelly’s Diner with an ominous message for Carly (Laura Wright), although she doesn’t know it.

On Tuesday, in his room at the Metro Court, Brennan is upset that Sonny won’t work with him and tells Hume he plans to stay in Port Charles to make sure the shipments to Canada are ready to go. We also learn that apparently the head of the WSB has taken a leave of absence. Brennan reveals that being the director has its benefits. He then says he got rid of Frisco and he can work remotely and now things are falling into place.

Hume asks Brennan who the intended target is in all of this, and he says both Sonny and Anna. “Brennan’s” goal is to force Sonny’s hand to continue the shipments and more. Meanwhile, Curtis on the case as to who is behind his shooting and more.

So, what has been your impressions thus far of GH’s newest baddie as played by Charles Mesure? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Kim Coles as Whitley

Days of our Lives

Airdate: 7-24- 2023