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Y&R’s Michael Mealor on Jack Wanting Kyle to Quit Marchetti: “That Doesn’t Sit Well”

Photo: CBS

Now that Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) has slept with Audra (Zuleyka Silver), has caused more of a rift in his relationship with Summer (Allison Lanier), what’s next for the guy?

In previews for this week’s episodes of The Young and the Restless, Kyle’s Father, Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) wants Kyle to resign from his duties at Marchetti.

According to the Soap Opera Digest’s latest issue, Jack believes changes need to be made at Marchetti, in lieu of Kyle and Summer’s separation and their marriage falling apart.  Jack tells his son that Marchetti is all that Summer has to hold on to.


Kyle’s portrayer, Michael Mealor shared with SOD, “That doesn’t sit well with Kyle, but deep down he does understand, why.”  But Mealor add, “Kyle is like, ‘How dare you put Summer first and not your own son?’  That’s really hard on Kyle, so will he cave into his dad?”

In a twist, Kyle will later learn that since Billy is still the CEO of Jabot, there is no job for him there.  So, to stay employed it looks like Marchetti or bust! Will it bring Summer and Kyle closer together, if so?


Meanwhile, on today’s July 3rd episode: Kyle pulls out all the stops to impress Audra!

So, where do you hope this goes? Should Kyle leave Marchetti? Do you want Skyle back together? Our bet … Audra will scheme to keep them apart once Summer and Kyle want to reconcile. What about you? Share your theories in the comment section below.

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Audrey ain’t nothing but a vulcher, who will sleep with anyone to get what she wants.

So true. Tired of Audra. No self respect for herself. Its just shameful.

Agree, wish she’d go back to London so Noah and Allie can come back.

What goes around comes back around. Summer hurt Noah. .

How did she hurt Noah he is her little brother and no man who ever loved anyone jumps in bed that quick wit someone eles.Kyle is a nut job. And we already see Summer is going to wind up with chance

No self respect for herself. As opposed to having no self respect for another person?

Kyle has become a hypocritical sleazebag, using his marital woes to revert back to his old immoral ways. I’m not a big fan of Summer but she needs to unload this excess baggage, take control of Marchetti, rehire Phyllis when she can, and move on. Let Kyle sow his wild oats all over GC and produce more broken families. That will at least justify the permanent scowl on his albeit very pretty face.

Totally agree!! That would be a perfect scenario!!

I can’t stand his face!

I agree.

He’ll probably have to stay with Marchetti, even reconcile with Summer and then, Audra will falsely claim she’s pregnant.


She will get preg and there will be chaoes Audrey prob has a son from Noah who she didn’t lose and will use it for her own good at Victor Holding his great grandson over his head because He heard Nate and her talking

Yeah, I forsee her at least faking a pregnancy. ‼️‼️

That’s definitely what she plans to do but summer is going to be pregnant for real

I expect that. She’s a ladder climber and is willing to step on whomever to get to the top.

Shame on you Kyle. You have a level head and should not have fallen for the schemer.

Need to get rid of Audra character. Too “perfect” (looking), no substance. Doesn’t fit on B&B.

He fell for all his mothers stories, etc.

Summer should have put Kyle first. Summer and chance would be good for ‘Sum-romance’ Kyle and Audra are hot together; I think Audra respects Kyle; she was already attracted to him and his business acumen is just a bonus. Loving Y&R!!! Love Nate and VIc!

Seriously! They need to get rid of Audra, Nate and Victoria make me want to

Love Nate and Vic ? Are you serious. Both are so boring.

Exactly!!! Well said!

Audra and Nate are trash, both need to be ran out of GC

I agree, Melanie. Victoria also needs a major attitude adjustment. Nikki should have asked her if she’s even bothered to leave her brother a voicemail over the death of his child, her NIECE! After all, Adam stepped up for her during the ongoing Ashland Locke fiasco. She’s a real barracuda and Nate is just a dirty-dealing narcissist who thinks he’s God’s gift to women executives EVERYWHERE. As if!


I totally agree

Agree. Need a ht storyline with summer and Chance. Get rid of Diane too.

Absolutely trash! Nate and his deception. Can’t wait until he is outed. As for Victoria… what a sense one. Nate slips her the rod and she makes him CEO. How dumb can you be. She needs to go. She’s had way too many affairs to ever be seen as intelligent. She’s an insult to women. Besides no doubt Nate will be banging Audra soon(if he hasn’t already). Talk about ajeckyl abs Hyde personality. He’s ruthless. Maybe Victoria will walk in on Nate and Audra.. that would be choice!!

Both of them going down .. and Victoria is going to get what she deserves. So is Kyle and Nate

Exactly!!! Can’t wait!

I hope so too

Sounds like you live the Drama!!


Maybe he’ll join Ashley’s company

Audra needs to back off. Kyle needs to grow up

Agree. Audra is fake. Kyle is boring. Typical


Well said!! Kyle needs to grow up!!!

He sure do how can you fall in love with someone that fast

As the song goes, What’s Love Got To Do With It? It’s just pure unadulterated sex.

Can’t anyone stay together, please. It’s like “commitment ” is never an option. And, everyone can’t help but give into their lusts. Does nobody know resistance?

We need some strong players. Some twists and turns that in the maneuvering that come out as winners.

I know that’s right

Wish DirectTv hadn’t taken Y&R AND B&B OFF, can’t watch them, some contract dispute

I’m sick of Audra. Kyle always has a pouty face. I think Summer can do better. I wish Audra would leave the show.


I cannot stand the character Kyle or the way he’s portrayed and I’m sick of Audra, Nate and Victoria. The only good thing about the latters is that I can’t wait until it blows up in smug Victoria’s face.

Agreed. I can’t stand to watch her. About ready to quit watching this soap.

Kyle is a whining little spoiled boy. Needs to get a reality check. Audra is an opportunist. Both need to loose their job. Victor should fire Victoria and Nate,along with Audra. Give them a reality check also.

Kyle has every right to feel the way he does about Summer after the way she treated him while helping her bitch of a mother. Now, she thinks she can just shake her butt and everything will be forgotten. Saying that is no excuse for him jumping in bed with that slut Audra.

I wish her dumbass could leave the show too

Put Kyle and Summer back together, or you will portray Kyle as a cheater like he did his first wife. No Jack and John Abbott traits. Leave Audra out in the cold!!!!

Summer brought Marchetti to Jabot. Marchetti is Summer’s not Kyle’s. She asked him to come on board. She thought it needed him and he excepted it. Jack said s going to have to make the correct decision and Kyle will have to live with it.



Very true!!! 100%

I am tired of the break ups. Let people get together and stay together for a while before breaking them up. I don’t like the way they are playing Nate. I don’t like Adam being treated like dirt under the other Newmans feet. Victoria needs to be brought down A LOT of pegs.

I agree. Adam had a hard decision to make. Either way he comes out the bad guy. He needs someone in his life, that hasn’t been with Nick. Bring in some new characters.

Kyle belongs with summer

I think Summer is better off without Kyle. He isn’t worth the time of day. Kyle is and will always be a player.. or wanna be player. Definitely plays the part, cause I can’t stand him. I hope Audra dumps him and he has nothing. Audra is a piece of work too. She will sleep with anyone to get what she wants. Maybe Audra and Kyle deserve each other. I feel bad for Harrison though.

Kyle is a JACKASS for cheating on Summer. He’s done worse than what Summer did for her mom

Kyle is boring . Keep Summer. Bring back Phyllis. The Nate and what’s her name (Victoria) is just stupid . Get Nick Back. Victor Back and head of Newman.

It would be really steamy if Kyle got Audra pregnant. Then let the sparks fly where they may!

Want to c summer n chance have a strong bond. N relationships. Kyle n his dad get burned by Diane….Kyle ur mom was never there for u…

Kyle will be at Newman’s before the Abbots know he’s gone. Audra will use her “wiles” to get him there and Victor offered him a position before.

Kyle is an idiot. Man wh*** so sleeps with a sl**. All the while his wife is moving in on the cop and will be banging him soon. Story lines are dismal.

How did she hurt Noah he is her little brother and no man who ever loved anyone jumps in bed that quick wit someone eles.Kyle is a nut job. And we already see Summer is going to wind up with chance

DO NOT LIKE NEW FORMAT, very confusing as to who the reply is going to or coming from.

Michael Fairman,
Thanks for the explanation. I’ll get used to it, like everything else in life. You could have just told me to deal with it, thank again.

Oh NICK, what hast thou done to your beautiful hair?? Do not like your half- ass haircut, I mean half-head.

What an ass this new Kyle is. Summer is well done with this insipid baby!

General Hospital

GH’s Amanda Setton on Brook Lynn’s Feelings Towards Chase: “She’s Head Over Heels In Love With Him”

General Hospital’s Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) has once again landed in hot water.  After being blackmailed by her grandmother, Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot), she winds up fired from Deception, after the whole ‘Deceptor’ debacle.

Not only is Brook Lynn hurt that Maxie (Kirsten Storms) fires her, but she feels she needs to come clean with her man, Chase (Josh Swickard).  Previously, Brook Lynn lying to Chase has backfired on her and kept the couple apart.  What will happen this time?

In a preview in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest for next week’s episodes of GH, Amanda Setton shares how important it is for Brook Lynn to open up to Chase and finally tell him what she has been secretly facing.

Setton explained, “She’s head over heels in love with him.  She trusts him. I think more than anyone in her entire life, ever.”  Amanda goes on to say, “I think she (Brook Lynn) has to get everything off her chest and spill it all out because he’s her main confident at this point.”

However, Setton is well aware of how things have gone south for Brook Lynn with Chase before, “She doesn’t want to make the same mistake again.”

Be on the lookout for Brook Lynn to feel anger and betrayal at Tracy which could lead to consequences for both of them.

Photo: JPI

Meanwhile, what will happen when Brook Lynn’s mother, Lois Cerullo (Rena Sofer) arrives back in Port Charles come October? Will Lois be TeamBLQ? Will Chase stand by Brook Lynn? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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CBS Announces Fall Previews and Season Premiere Dates for Daytime Lineup Including Y&R and B&B

CBS, which has network television’s leading daytime programming block, is about to have its fall premieres and along with that, several broadcast milestones.  The network will continues its reign as the #1-rated network in daytime for the last 36 years, and this upcoming season would mark The Young and the Restless as the top-rated drama for 35 years.

The Young and the Restless will begin its 51st year on television beginning on October 3rd, and as CBS’ longest-running scripted series. In a preview of the new season, the network offers up: “Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) will fight to protect his legacy at all costs while an unexpected adversary challenges Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott).”

In addition, “Viewers will be treated to returns from fan-favorite characters Mamie Johnson (Veronica Redd), who has unfinished business with rival Jill Abbott (Jess Walton), and Danny Romalotti (Michael Damian), who finds himself caught between ex-wives Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) and Christine “Cricket” Blair (Lauralee Bell, celebrating 40 years on the series). And Jack Abbott’s (Peter Bergman) vow renewal with Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters) will be the perfect setting for romance, intrigue and family drama.”

Photo: JPI

Meanwhile, Y&R’s sister soap, The Bold and the Beautiful, will have its official 37th season begin on Thursday September 21st. In story. look for: “Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) to learn that Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) has gone to great lengths to prove his love for her. A new intern at Forrester Creations, fashion student Luna (Lisa Yamada), arriving with a mysterious past. Viewers will also learn if Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) will continue to pursue Thomas (Matthew Atkinson), a man dedicated to only her, or reunite with her husband Liam (Scott Clifton), who also admits to unrequited feelings for his ex, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), who is currently estranged from her husband whom she loves, Finn (Tanner Novlan). Eric Forrester (John McCook) faces a health challenge he chooses to hide that may end his illustrious career. Yet, he’s determined to create his final fashion collection with the help of his grandson R.J. (Joshua Hoffman), much to the consternation of Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye), culminating in a stunning Forrester fashion challenge between father and son filled with gamesmanship, heartbeat and high stakes. And, a shocking secret engagement will lead to either scandal or happily ever after for one couple.”

Photo: JPI

On the game show front, the longest consecutively running game show in television history, The Price is Right. is back for its 52nd season on Monday, September 25th. This will be the first season in the game show’s new state-of-the-art facility in Haven Studios in Glendale, California. Drew Carey returns as host for his 17th season along with announcer George Gray and models Rachel Reynolds, Manuela Arbeláez, Amber Lancaster, Alexis Gaube, James O’Halloran and Devin Goda.

Photo: CBS

Meanwhile, Let’s Make a Deal will celebrate its 60th anniversary on television, when the new season premieres on Monday September 25th. Wayne Brady will celebrate his 15th year as host. The first episode kicks off with a $15,000 giveaway for one lucky contestant.

Photo: CBS

The celebration continues all season long with Wayne’s signature improvisational and musical stylings, the show’s trademark games, and of course, the dreaded Zonks. In honor of both anniversaries, there will be special surprises for contestants to play and win throughout the entire season. The show also features announcer Jonathan Mangum, model Tiffany Coyne and musician Cat Gray.

So, looking forward to what’s to come on The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, Let’s Make a Deal and The Price is Right? Let us know in the comment section below.

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General Hospital

GH’s Josh Kelly On Cody’s Plan to Save Sasha: “He Has to Use Some Tough Love to Get Through to Her”

Last week, Cody (Josh Kelly) was able to neutralize Dr, Montague (Darin Toonder) in order to save Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) from his clutches at Ferncliff. For weeks, Montague has been drugging Sasha so badly, that she has been hallucinating, confused and isolated while in his clutches.

Now, after infiltrating the mental institution, Cody with the help of a getaway car (thank you, Sam!) has whisked Sasha away to hopefully safety.  So what is Cody’s plans from here?

In a preview for the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Kelly explains that after Cody brings Sasha to a remote cabin to begin to detox, “She’s frenetic and exhausted and still having hallucinations. For Cody, it’s just really sad. It hurts to watch and it’s really hard. But then he has to use some tough love to try to get through to her, because she kind of starts to not want to fight anymore. It requires Cody to cut pretty deep with some tough love.”


Cody is now on to Gladys (Bonnie Burroughs) and her part in all of this.  As teased by Kelly, Cody is going to do anything in his power to bring her down, and to justice, while keeping Sasha safe.  If Cody’s action land him in hot water with the PCPD or any other authorities, according to Kelly, that is OK by his soap opera alter-ego.

Josh added on Cody’s mindset, “He’s been in trouble his whole life and this is totally worth it. He’s like, ‘Who cares if I go to jail? This is bigger than me.'”

So, are you glad that FINALLY Sasha is out of Ferncliff? Are you rooting for a big love story ahead for Cody and Sasha? What SHOULD happen to Gladys now? Weigh-in via the comment section below. But first, check out this week’s promo for General Hospital.

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