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Y&R's Michael Roark Video Interview: The Mystery Of Travis & Working With Amelia Heinle!

Photo: MF Soaps, Inc

Photo: MF Soaps, Inc

On The Young and the Restless, Michael Roark entered the canvas as mystery man Travis Crawford, who was not what he seemed.  Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) took a liking to this guy when it appeared to be a start of a romance for her with a guy from the one side of the tracks and the rich girl from the other side.

For Travis seemingy owned a bar and was the bartender of it, too.  But that was not the case of who Travis really was!  Currently, Travis is a very viable love interest for Victoria, but there is clearly more to his story than meets the eye.  Then when Michael Roark exited the show recently, the audience wasn’t 100% sure if he was coming back, but Roark did send out a teaser of a tweet alluding to that it may not be the end of his run in Genoa City.  Lo and behold!  Travis shows up and ruins the day for Luca (Miles Gaston Villanueva) with the truth about the groom’s involvement in the oil rig sabatoge as he is about to marry Summer (Hunter King) Newman.

On-Air On-Soaps caught up with Michael at the recent Y&R 11,000th episode on set celebration to get the skinny on what’s going on with his Y&R alter-ego, and more!

Roark shared if he thought when he was written-off the first time at Y&R, it was the end of the line for Travis.  He responded, “It was kind of tongue and cheek and nothing was for sure, but I kind of had an idea of how it was going down.”


As to when Michael felt he knew it was clicking on-screen with his love interest Victoria,  as played by two-time Daytime Emmy winner Amelia Heinle, he shared: “You know what’s funny?  I don’t think we ever really know. We try things and we see what works, and we see how the audience responds and fortunately people seemed happy with what Amelia and I were doing,  I am sure some people werent’ happy, but you know how that goes.” (Laughs)  Speaking of Amelia Heinle, Roark expressed how she make his days better at CBS Television City. “She’s great.  I can’t say enough good things about her.  She’s a lot of fun on-camera and off-camera.  We have a lot of fun together.  It makes it much easier to come to work.”

As to … just what is Travis’ secret and is about his true identify?  What’s his deal?  And, do the viewers know everything about him?  Michael would only say: “Nope, you sure don’t, but you’re going to find out though. There’s a lot of context and a lot of subtext to Travis.  He has his demons, and he’s a genuine guy in a lot of ways, but there’s other things beneath the surface.  I will leave it at that.  I don’t want to say too much.”

Watch Michael’s interview below! Then let us know, what do you think is the mystery to Travis that will be revealed?  Is he related to someone?  Does he truly love Victoria?  And, what do you think of the on-screen duo of Roark and Heinle? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Thanks Michael. I hope this means they have taped more about Travis and we will learn at least some of his secrets soon. I really enjoy Travis, Tricky and Michael. However they really do need to flesh out Travis so this makes me happy that it sounds like that is coming. I hope they give him a job too!

I love him! Good looking AND a personality! Cute, friendly interview! Still reminds me of a cross between Paul Levoiseur (sp?) and Derek Hough.

I really like him and hope Y&R keeps and gives him a great storyline.

To me, he is “Billy Miller Lite” but he seems like a nice guy, can act and seems to be getting more comfortable with the cast. He is better for Vicki than Jason Thompson’s Billy, for sure

As a rabid Billy Miller fan, I tend to agree with you, Timmm. I’m not crazy about him, but he’s a competent actor and basically harmless. And you’re 100% right about Jason Thompson’s Billy. He and Amelia are a casting disaster, even worse than she and Stitch. But I’m biased. I also think he’s a flop with Gina. And with me.

Jason is a good actor. He was wonderful on GH. To me, he was a get just like Steve Burton. So Y&R got them and does not know what to do with them. Jason looks like Jill’s son. We are used to Billy looking like an Abbott. So there is that. BUT you hit the nail on the head, Jason and Amelia have as much chemistry as Gisele Bundchen and Danny Bonaduce! And Gina, a BUST! She doesnt have chem with Jack or Billy. She clicks with Glummer and Michael. So what!

Gina and Jason have amazing chemistry. Only blind people can’t see it.

The only time they share chemistry is when they are in the Jabot lab!

Such a pointless and unnecessary character – I hope he goes away again and soon.

I know he is so going to end up being an Abbott…just know it

I like this guy I really do a positive thing for the show I hope with SSM writes some great story for him.

Great interview Michael. I love Travis. I hope they give him a contract so we don’t lose him and I love him with Victoria. She has absolutely no chemistry with this Billy but Travis and her are another Adam & Chelsea. Would like to see him with a permanent job and a very long story.

Doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out Travis is Gabriel Bingham. Could certainly add some twists & turns later. Roark is handsome as all get out, but his acting ability leaves a lot to be desired. Zero chemistry between him and Amelia Heinle doesn’t help matters.

Now that’s one I didn’t imagine! Way to go, Kevin. THAT’S thinking outside the box. What do think would happen from that? Very interesting.

I love Michael in the role and I love the relationship he and Amelia share. Let’s hope Y&R keeps him and will make his character’s past interesting but not deceitful. We need a few good characters around. I’m tired of Victor playing “God” and Chloe getting away with murder.

I doubt Chloe killed Adam, so no murder- Adam will eventually return.
I see Travis sitting in as an Adam type character until Adam is recast.
I can see him becoming entangled with Victor..

I completely agree with you Grace. I love the chemistry between Amelia and Michael. I am really hoping the writers delve into the character of Travis more. We need someone new and interesting on the canvas. Sick of Victor actng like a demi god, and ruining lives and getting away with it. His time in jail was nothing more than a vacation. Chole for sure got away with murder. As far as we know she was the last person besides Adam who was in that cabin.

I adore Travis, Michael and Tricky. I hope they really flesh out their story and give them a chance. Team Tricky

What is the name of the song that Victoria and Travis danced to on 9/30/2016?


Trevor St. John Chats On His Latest Film ‘A Good Enough Day’, His Y&R Leading Ladies and the Loss of Kamar de los Reyes

The Young and the Restless multi-talented Trevor St. John (Tucker McCall) most recent film dropped last week on Amazon Prime, AppleTV+ and Tubi. Not only does St. John star in it, but he directed and co-wrote the feature, as well.

A Good Enough Day features St. John as Tyler Hamilton, a terminally ill photographer who has been saddled with enormous grief over a loss in his life for over 10 years, while trying to tie up loose ends before his death. Wanting to right his fractured relationships, Tyler interacts with his sister, and his daughter via phone calls in two haunting and moving moments in the film. St. John shot all of the scenes in the movie in his home state of Washington.

During a recent livestream conversation on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel, Trevor spoke on the character he portrayed, the making of the film, the poignant phone calls and the takeaway he hopes lingers in audiences’ hearts and minds. In addition, Trevor shared his thoughts on his experience thus far on Y&R, and being in story with two strong leading ladies, Eileen Davidson (Ashley) and Zuleyka Silver (Audra).

Photo: AGoodEnoughDay

Many fans recall Trevor’s stellar performances as One Life to Live’s Walker Laurence/Todd Manning/Victor Lord Jr.  Recently, he and many other members of the OLTL family, suffered the loss of actor Kamar de los Reyes (ex-Antonio Vega). St. John takes a moment to share his thoughts on losing one of his dear friends. Coincidently, Reyes’ wife, Sherri Saum (ex-Keri, OLTL, ex-Vanessa, Sunset Beach), also appears in A Good Enough Day.

Speaking on embodying A Good Enough Day’s Tyler Hamilton, and what the journey he is going through during the film, Trevor shared, “We did our best to make this man, not all one thing or the other. If you heard the other end of those phone calls he was on, you think this guy’s a real piece of work. But then you realize he really suffered. He didn’t choose the grief, and maybe he made some choices out of that grief. Maybe he did not do enough to resist being all consumed by it. But as you pointed out, how can anyone know what that’s like to go through what he did?”

Photo: A Good Enough Day

As fans of St. John’s may know by now, when Tyler speaks to those on his phone, it all seemed so raw and real. Trevor gave us the secret as to why it worked so movingly and effectively. He explained,”The calls were shot and performed in a really unique way. We gave each character a very detailed biography. In particular, the detail of their relationship with Tyler, and their particular family life in the present day. But, we didn’t tell them anything else. So, none of those actors were ever told or were given the full material. We just said, ‘Here’s what you know about this man. Here’s in great detail what’s happened in the past 10 years and maybe even before. That’s all we are going to tell you. He’s gonna call you and you answer the phone as if this is all you know.'” Trevor added, “It was very risky, but once we shot that first scene I thought, ‘I think we might be able to get away with this.'”

Photo: A Good Enough Day

The beauty of A Good Enough Day is that it requires the viewers to think, interpret and go along on Tyler’s journey without hitting you over the head of exactly what is happening. However, by the final moments in the film, and we mean after the credits roll, you know everything you need to know. Trevor shared on laying out the movie: “You have to, you have to reveal everything. By the end, everything must be revealed. The question is the timing. The question is the intensity with which you peel layers away of information. The goal is to have the audience thinking, ‘I’m not sure I know precisely what’s going on here but man, I can’t really look away. I wanna see what happens next.'”

Photo: JPI

On The Young and the Restless, St. John has been in a red hot storyline with two-time Daytime Emmy winner, Eileen Davidson (Ashley Abbott), where Ashley’s sanity is now completely in question., Trevor expressed on sharing scenes with Eileen,”She’s terrific. She’s such a dear person.” St. John is also quite impressed with her recent work, “She’s become so open to the unexpected and the unknown, and that’s where you want to be. She’s a wonderful playmate and a really great person, supportive, and just super talented. I’m very lucky to be working with her.”

The CBS daytime drama currently has the relationship between Tucker and Audra taking several turns. St. John shares he is not sure where it’s ultimately leading,”That’s very difficult to say. When I get these scripts, I’m surprised as the audience. So I’m intrigued. Tucker has definitely some legitimately strong feelings for Audra.  She’s his best friend. She might be his only friend. The connection with Audra is profound. Whether he can communicate it, whether she can communicate, is another matter. But there’s something inherent there, something built up over years.”

Photo: JPI

So, just how is working with Audra’s portrayer, Zuleka Silver? Trevor remarked, “I just adore her. I light up when I’m around her. She’s just a lovely person and talented and we have great fun together. I like to tease her a little bit, but she’s also open to the unexpected, which for me, if you’re any good, you gotta be prepared for curve balls, you know, because as a human being you don’t know what’s gonna happen next. If you’re a good actor, you’re receptive to all of that, and she’s like that. ”

Photo: JPI

Back on Christmas Eve of 2023, Trevor’s former One Life to Live castmate, Kamar de los Reyes (ex-Antonio), passed away after his battle with cancer at the age of 56.  St. John opened up on this personal loss, explaining, “That was hard. He was a good friend of mine, a dear friend. I miss him. I miss him terribly. It still hasn’t even penetrated completely that he’s gone. It’s just that stage where you don’t believe it. He was a beautiful man. I saw Sherrie recently and she’s doing okay, all things considered. She’s got a nice support system. My heart breaks for her, and his family, and his boys. I appreciate you asking. It’s been very difficult.”

Photo: JPI

In case you missed it, watch the full interview with Trevor below, followed by the trailer for A Good Enough Day. 

Now let us know, if and when you watch Trevor’s film what was your reaction to it? Then, who do you want Tucker to end up with on Y&R? Audra, Ashley or someone else? Let us know in the comment section.


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Kristen Alderson Talks on Her First TV Performance in 9 Years in Lifetime’s ‘The Man In The Guesthouse’, Her New Baby Girl & the Loss of Members of the OLTL Family

Daytime Emmy-winner Kristen Alderson will star on the Sunday night, February 18th premiere of the Lifetime TV movie The Man in the Guesthouse marking her first television role in nine years!

Fans are excited to see the former One Life to Live and General Hospital favorite (ex-Starr Manning, ex-Kiki Jerome, respectively) when The Man in the Guesthouse airs tonight 8 pm ET and will stream the next day.

In it, Alderson plays opposite Ignacyo Matynia as Ashley and Brandon, a youn who decide they need to rent out their guesthouse for additional income, only their renter turns out be much more than they bargained for in this thriller. Another familiar face to soap audiences also appears in the movie when former Passions and Y&R star, James Hyde (ex-Sam, ex-Jeremy, respectively), shows up.


As well as her role in The Man in the Guesthouse, this has been an exciting time in Alderson’s personal life, as she and her fiancé Taylor Crousore just welcomed their first child, their baby girl, Kiera, just a few weeks ago on January 29th.

Michael Fairman TV caught up with Kristen to talk about bringing Kiera into the world, what to expect from her first Lifetime movie, and her experience filming it, and the recent deaths of One Life to Live family and extended family members, Kamar de los Reyes (ex-Antonio) and Erika Slezak’s (ex-Viki) daughter, Amanda Davies.

Photo: KAldersonIG

Kristen recalled on the birth of Kiera, “I was in labor for like two days and by the second night I ended up having to get a C-section. I was really scared to get a C-section, but the nurses and the staff was just unreal. They were the nicest. We had a very fun c-section. It sounds so weird, but we had the best time. Taylor was in the room with me. My mom and my dad, and Eddie (ex-Matthew, OLTL) were at the hospital, but you’re only allowed to bring one person into the operating room with you. I had two other nurses before the original nurse, and they were just the most incredible nurses ever! I was so emotionally attached to each one of them. I didn’t want them to leave. So, each time I was like, ‘Oh no! A new nurse is coming.’ But then I would be like, ‘Oh, wait, I love you too.”‘ (Laughs)

Photo: KAldersonIG

When the moment came for Kristen to meet her daughter for the first time, it was more emotional than she had originally thought it might be, sharing, “Right before the C-section, they numb you from the waist down so you can’t feel anything during the surgery. I was talking to Taylor the whole time. They said, ‘We’re 10 minutes to baby.’ I go, ‘Taylor, I don’t think I’m gonna cry. I think I’m gonna be so excited to meet her that I’m not even going to be able to be emotional.’  Literally, they’re like, ‘Here she comes!’ And, all of a sudden, we just heard a cry. We busted out crying. I was like, ‘Oh, my God! We made a human. That’s our baby.’ Li it was so surreal. We are just so in love with her.”

Kristen’s worlds collided last year when she was filming The Man in the Guesthouse and learned she was expecting at the same time. As she explains, “I had found out five days into filming that I was pregnant. This is my first television in role in 9 years!”

Alderson revealed on the premise of her Lifetime movie, “Ashley and Brandon have been married for 10 years and they decide to renovate their guest house in their backyard. They need the extra money, the extra income. They just start having like, Airbnb people in. And that’s not going really well because they are short term rentals, which was annoying. So, they decide, ‘Let’s get someone that’s going to be in here for a while.’ Ashley’s best friend helps her find someone online. She finds someone that seems to be the perfect tenant … until they’re not!”

Photo: IMDb

It wouldn’t be a Lifetime thriller without things going awry! Kristen confirmed this won’t be any different, sharing, “Bad things happen to everybody and very strange things happen too. At first, they’re like, they can excuse this or that, but then all of a sudden, they can’t excuse something that happens and then it’s how do you get him out? That’s the hardest part. Allen Williamson is the actor playing the renter. He is this good-looking guy, very unassuming young man, so you would never think he is a bad guy.” Addressing her part in the film, Alderson teases, “We think I’m a good girl.”

Clicking with your new leading man can be a challenge for any actress, so Kristen was intrigued to see how she and co-star, Ignacyo Matynia would get along. Kristen explained, “We met up, a day or two before we started working together to introduce ourselves, because we had to have like 10 years of marriage chemistry by day one, you know?  We clicked because our personalities were so fun and goofy together. Then, I’m thinking, ‘I hope he is a good actor’. When we ran a scene I got really nervous, because he was so amazing! I was like, ‘Oh, my God!  Am I good enough to be in the scenes with him?’ I haven’t seen the movie yet. So, I am looking forward to seeing the chemistry that we created when it airs.”

Photo: IMDb

Comparing her years acting on a soap with working on the set of a Lifetime thriller, Alderson spk the differences, and what in some ways felt the same. Kristen shared, “You’re filming the same scene 10 times, sometimes, depending on how big the scene is. That was something to get used to. And then, it’s a thriller, so you’re like hyperventilating, crying and running, and everything’s shot out of sequence. You kind of don’t know what scene comes after what. I give ‘Lifetime’ actors the most kudos. Like a soap opera, they film it so fast. It’s the soap opera of movies.”

Photos: ABC

The One Life to Live family has suffered great loss over the past year. More recently, Kamar de los Reyes passed away from cancer at 56. Kristen remembered this beloved co-star. “I’ve known him for years and years. He was always so sweet. Obviously, you know, we didn’t have many scenes together and there’s a huge age difference. We didn’t spend a ton of time together, but at the same time, everyone at One Life was such a family and everyone hung out in the hair and makeup room,” she shared. “When we had a little One Life to Live reunion in LA, I would say seven years ago, Kamar was there and we all got to see each other and catch up. He sat and talked with my mom the entire time.”

Photo: ABC

In addition, Kristen was devastated to also learn the heartbreaking news of Erika Slezak’s daughter Amanda Davies passing away at just 4 2-years-old.”I was friends with her on Facebook and she was always just so insanely proud of her mom,” Alderson said. “I was just so sad. She was so young.”

One Life to Live fans remember the chemistry between Trevor St. John (ex-Todd Manning/Victor Lord Jr., now Tucker, Y&R) and Alderson as father/daughter during her time on the ABC soap opera.  She had high praise for Trevor’s new film and his performance in A Good Enough Day. “He’s so insanely talented and he was always one of my absolute favorite people that I’ve ever worked with,” reflected Alderson. “I felt the most in the moment out of anyone I acted with at One Life.  You never knew what he was going to do, which some actors are scared of but not me. I love it. That’s why we just worked so well together. Not too many people know that Trevor’s like the funniest person I think I’ve ever met. He would just crack me up on set all the time. I got in trouble so many times because he would just make me laugh.”

Photo: JPI

One of the profound moments in St. John’s film, is when his terminally ill character of Tyler Hamilton, reaches out to his sister on a phone call. The scene made a great impact on Alderson,when she revealed, “The first phone call with his sister hooks you into the movie so deeply. That was Lisa Fuller as the sister, who is Dan Gauthier’s (ex-Kevin Buchanan) wife, and my best friend growing up was their son, Cole. It was cool to hear her act like that. I knew that she was an actress, but it was just an incredible performance just over a phone call. ”

Photo: jklphoto

Kristen also gave us a “tune-in alert” teaser of what to expect when The Man in the Guesthouse debuts, stating, “I will say that there’s like a really fun twist at the end. So, just when you think that the movie is going to go a certain way, it goes a different way. I love a good twist at the end of a movie. So, if you’re not watching it for Kristen, watch it for the twist.”

The popular actress also has been deeply moved by the fans response so far and the movie hasn’t even aired! She explained, “I’ve gotten so many incredible responses from the fans and everyone’s like ‘My DVR is set. I can’t wait. I got my popcorn. I’m watching.’  They’re all really excited for the movie. I’m hoping that Lifetime sees how the soap fans really come out to support their actors and that hopefully I’ll be in more to come.”

So, are you looking forward to seeing Kristen in her first TV movie role and performance in 9 years? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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General Hospital

GH’s Brighton Hertford Opens Up on Reprising B.J. for Bobbie Spencer’s Memorial, The Gift Jackie Zeman Left Her, and Meeting Kirsten Storms

It was two and half weeks ago that General Hospital fans received a beautiful surprise twist during Bobbie Spencer’s memorial episodes when Angela, the reporter from the Associated Press in Amsterdam turned out to be a grown-up B.J. Jones visiting Port Charles from Heaven.

In real-life, GH brought back Brighton Hertford who was last on the show back in 1994, when her character, a very young B.J. Jones was killed-off in school bus accident, and B.J.’s heart when to Maxie to save her life. That storyline is one of the most iconic in soap opera history and certainly in the stories 60-year history of General Hospital.

Brighton’s on-screen mother was played by the late Jackie Zeman mwho passed away at 70 following a short bout with cancer in May of 2023.  When GH finally was able to move forward with how to finish Bobbie’s storyline and pay proper tribute to Zeman, the show called Hertford to come back and reprise the role. Brighton lives in Utah and has a whole other career in the tech industry at this juncture of her life making this all the more special.

Photo: ABC

Last week, speaking with the Michael Fairman Channel for an exclusive livestream interview, an emotional Hertford shared her journey of coming back to the set of the ABC daytime drama series some 29 years later to help send-off Bobbie and to honor Jackie.

During her visit, Hertford met the grown-up Maxie Jones for the first time in GH fan favorite Kirsten Storms, and expressed, “I can’t say enough about Kirsten, and how wonderful she was. I had never met her, right? I was so jazzed because I loved Zenon Girl of the 21st Century.  She was just so welcoming, and offered to run lines with me in the Green Room because it is very fast paced and high octane and wanted to make sure that I felt comfortable. We exchanged phone numbers. She was like, ‘Let’s go out for lunch next time you’re in Los Angeles.” Kirsten is just a wonderful, wonderful.”

Photo: ABC

When Brighton was only 8 and killed-off the show, on her last day she received a special gift from Jackie Zeman that she has to this day. Hertford elaborated, “Jackie gave me a butterfly ring that has an opal in it. We had this really special moment where she gave it to me and she talked to me about the significance of butterflies in her life. She told me that in order to make sure that the opals never crack, that I’m supposed to take my pinky and rub it on the inside of my nose, where your natural body oils collect and and rub it on the opal. It’s always been a very, very special keepsake of mine. And to this day, none of those opal have cracked. Anytime, I see people who have opal jewelry, I’m like, ‘Oh, you have to remember to keep like this.‘ Jackie gave it to me as a way of saying goodbye.”

Coming back to ABC Prospect Studios where GH is taped, Brighton was astonished at how no one had aged! “They must sleep in Tupperware, because everyone looked exactly the same,” she expressed. “I saw Lynn (Herring) and I touched her on the shoulder and I said, “Hey, Lynn. I don’t know if this is going to be spooky, but it’s Brighton. It’s B.J.  Her face just lit up. She was like, ‘Oh, my gosh. Of course it’s you!’ Kristina Wagner (Felicia) was there, and Maurice Benard (Sonny) was there too, and we had a wild trip down memory lane.”

Photo: JPI

Part of Bobbie’s final story paid homage to the fact that a younger Bobbie was prostitute, and in the end was helping other women who were the victims of human trafficking. Brighton shared while she didn’t understand Bobbie’s past as an 8-year-old, she did late on. “I will say, in my direct experience, my lived experience, I think GH has always done a good job of things like that,” she elaborated. “I’ll call back really quickly to when I was in the coma, and the show promoting the importance of being an organ donor, because that’s what that whole storyline was about. B.J. was lifeless, aside from being kept alive by machines, and because she was able to donate her heart Maxie lived on, and this too can happen for other people. The message was, ‘So please become an organ donor now.”‘

As to how GH connected the dots of the difficult life Bobbie led in her death, Brighton said, “I thought that what GH did was really beautiful by doing a great job of encapsulating Bobby … the character as a whole person with a journey. I think there’s so much beauty in telling the whole of the story and not just saying, ‘Oh yeah, they were perfect,’ and then move on. Because they have past, because they have histories, it makes who they are all the more beautiful, not in spite of it.”

You can watch the full livestream conversation with Brighton below.

Were you touched by seeing Brighton back on GH to honor Jackie Zeman and the character of Bobbie. What do you think of the sentiments she shared about Kirsten Storms, returning to the set as a woman after being a child actor on the show, and the beautiful gift Jackie gave to her when she was killed-off the show? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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