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Y&R's Phyllis: "I'm Well Rested … And Ready!" New Gina Tognoni Promo!



It’s finally two-time Daytime Emmy winner, Gina Tognoni’s turn to take over the role of Phyllis Summers on-air, now that Phyllis has awakened from her coma, and is ready to head back to Genoa City and take back what’s hers!

In this newly released promo from CBS Daytime, touting the arrival of the new Phyllis in town as played by Tognoni, Gina looks to camera in complete Phyllis-mode and says, “I’m well rested … and ready!”  Watch out Genoa City when Phyllis returns to town!

So what do you think will happen when Phyllis sees Sharon, Nick, Jack and Kelly? Will she exact some kind of revenge? Stay tuned!  But in the meantime, check out the new Gina promo after the jump! 

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I’m so sick of this storyline with Summer being Nick’s daughter and no one knowing. I hate watching Sharon get everything she wanted including a new Cassie look a like after all the pain she caused Summer and Phyllis. I hope the writers will let Phyllis expose what a disgusting person Sharon is soon because if it goes on much longer then I will become an ex Y&R viewer after 35 years. Enough is Enough of dragging out this storyline. Time for Sharon to pay.

you don’t like year long stories that are stagnate for over an year, ok I’m with you on that one!!
And! it is still dragging on. It could be another 6 months til the conclusion LOL 🙂
I might get grey hair before some of the stories come to closure ..

I kinda like the build up, but am ready for the Nick-is-Summer’s-real-Daddy-afterall reveal. If TPTB didn’t reunite Shick, then Sharon wouldn’t have so far to fall…bonus 🙂 Think of it that way!

I can take a build-up for only so much, mollie. Su is right, this storyline is stagnant…one sort of loses interest after a couple of months…it becomes defunct. I guess when nuPhyllis joins the crowd, the ‘secret’ is bound to come out….unless her coma gave her a bit of amnesia.
I stopped liking Sharon a while ago. …first time I saw her I was 14…. To my eyes, she was so beautiful, and, she still is pretty…but, at that time, I was all agog over her…now, as an adult, not so much, probably because of the stuff she pulled.
I want Nick and Phyllis together….they were hot…who knows how it’ll go with nuPhyllis.
Actually, the original Phyllis and Ronan were even hotter…WOW! I wish they were both back !!!!!!
Jack and Phyllis never jived with me.

Kelly…WELL SAID!!!!! AGREED!!!!! I (for one) think that it’s LONG OVERDUE for Sharon The Stupid to comes to a SCREECHING HALT!!!!! Screech.

If you were watching for 35 years and not a jonnie come lately, you would know that the Sharon of the last 5 to 6 years is not the one that first came on the show. It is not in her character to change a paternity test, that’s your girl Phyllis’ style.
I hope all you Phyllis fans will not get the satisfaction of seeing Sharon destroyed. If the writers had any sense, they would have it turned out that Sharon, in her addled mind, thought she changed the paternity test. And for all you who think Sharon is bad and not suffered enough. Look at all the bad things that happened to her…Adam stealing her baby (Faith) and making her think the baby died; Ian stealing her baby Mariah, Cassie dying; Adam and Victor setting her up for that murder; being bipolar; how much more can she go through for all you Phyllis fans to stop hating her? Doesn’t Nick deserve some blame for Summer’s paternity confusion…he should have had the test done years ago, but I guess, he is a man so it’s ok. Some of you very Sharon haters are also Adam lovers…what about all his sins/crimes? What about Phyllis’ crimes…those were intentional and not because she was suffering from an illness. Give Sharon a break.

Debster a little bird told me there is going to be a major twist to the Summer paternity storyline. I think Sharon may end up not going down in flames even if she does the actress has never looked better. She only gets more attractive as she ages. Team Sharon all the way!

great promo. I’m excited for Phyllis to return to Genoa City. can’t wait to see what kind of drama she causes

i’m looking forward to checking out the new Phyllis..
(hope this one will be a keeper:)

Gina Tognoni can bring the crazy, the empathy, the emotion, the romance and the laughs. I have always been impressed with this actress. I predict: she will be a great re-cast with an Emmy nomination by season 2 of playing Phylis (PROVIDED the writers give her the material to work!)

You will not be disappointed in Gina Tognoni 🙂

Absolutely–she is rocking the role!

I bet it will be good!

Can’t wait!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Gina. Knock ’em dead.

Wash, rinse, repeat s/ls only with a different face. Happy for Phy fans though.

I waited seemed like years for Sharon and Nick to overcome the Phyllis curse. I like Gina Tognoni but I don’t and never have liked the character of Phyllis since the day she came to GC and made Danny’s life a living hell. She never stopped her antics to cause problems for the people whose life she coveted. She got away with everything and always came out with what she wanted. I actually like her with Jack (and I like the character of Jack) and detested the fact she lied and told Nick he was Summer’s father so she could put the final wedge between Sharon and Nick and now the writer’s are turning the story in her favor (of course) by making it look like Sharon changed the results. I didn’t watch the day she fell but I was happy she was gone. I had almost stopped watching until the writers decided it was time for Nick and Sharon to get back to their love again…but the “siren” returns to wreck havoc on the men folks of GC, so it looks like it isn’t going to last.

I never liked her either, Dawn. But I am thinking I just might start liking her with Gina at the helm. She’s very good.

Phyllis had a big role to play..
Phyllis was always the spark that stared the fires!!
a great many stories revolved around Phyllis..
I dunno if anyone can give off the fire of Phyllis, but time will tell..

Hope its not a turn out like new Billy..
this Billy is absolutely nothing at all like Billy Miller’s Billy there is zero resemblance in ever manner to thee Billy Abbott ….
So c’mon Gina give us Phyllis back !! I’m roottin’ for you!

Michelle will always be better. Gina looks nothing like Phyllis or acts nothing like her. Its another Billy fiasco!

Yep, I hear you. I never like Phyllis for all the reasons you stated. I am so disappointed that writers/producers would make it that Sharon changed the paternity test. I like Gina as Kelly OLTL and Dina ATWT, but I will not like her as Phyllis and the show becoming the Phyllis Show again.

Overrated. Not a big GT fan.

I suppose no one truly appreciated the talent that is Michelle Stafford. Sharon Case does not even come close.
As far as Phyllis putting a wedge between Sharon and Nick? Sharon did a pretty good job contributing to the doom that was their marriage all by herself.
Phyllis pulled a lot of stunts, but she repented and overcame her mistakes.
I am hoping and praying Gina will do the character justice. I know her work…she will deliver.

Phyllis repented…that is the funniest thing I have heard in a very, very, very long time. You Phyllis fans refuse to see the truth about her. Please explain how she repented and over came her mistakes if she has never taken responsibility. Did she in the most recent time, when her crime was revealed, i.e., intentionally running over Paul and Chris, take responsibility? that is a BIG HE!! NO. She blamed Chris and got indignant about Chris wanting justice.

CeeCee, I agree with you. Gina is too young to be Phyllis and Cassie too old to be Eve.
BTW, there is no need to compare Sharon (Case) with Michelle. Their character roles are different. Sharon Case does a fine job in her role. You can like the role of Phyllis and not like the role of Sharon, but no need to take your dislike/hatred out on the actress Sharon Case.

Monsieur debster. Please do not put words in my mouth. I have never used the word hatred or dislike talking about Ms. Case. I beg your pardon. I was commenting on your dislike of Phyllis. Read your post. We are talking about role playing here. How could I hate/dislike someone I have never met? You, sir, presume too much. These actors/ actresses all do a fine job…they read scripts. However, we all have favorites…mine is Michelle Stafford…I have the right to have favorites, yes? I am sure you do….you said you do not like Phyllis, right? So, what is your argument against me about? …..I keep repeating that Michael Fairman does not like accusations on any site. We should respect his very polite “talks”. He allows us to express our opinions and that is exactly what I did and what I am doing…giving my opinion….that does not mean I hate Sharon Case. She is an excellent actress, otherwise she would not still be on Y&R if she were not. So, do not accuse me of hate…you do not know me and I find your words offensive. IN MY OPINION, Michelle has that Je ne sais quoi which is rarely found in anyone!! Peace out.

BTW,debster, when Nick decided to cheat on Sharon with her best friend Grace? Phyllis wasn’t even in the picture. Or, when Sharon cheated on Nick and went off on a lark leaving her kids behind? She did that all on her own.. Their marriage was rocky from the onset.. This account of Sharon’s and Nick’s relationship comes from my grandmother, who has been watching since the soap’s inception, 1972.
That’s all it is, debster, a soap…entertainment.

I agree Michael.

She is a wonderful actress and I know she will absolutely knock it out of the park!

Love her, too. Big fan. 🙂

Truth to tell her ex-tv sis Kassie DePaiva would have been a better recast but Gina IS talented as she proved on both OLTL and GL so I look forward to her work.

Blair and Kelly were cousins, not sisters. Their mothers, Addie-Blair and Melinda-Kelly, were sisters. Kassie DePaiva (ex-Blair) is super on Days.

They felt like Sisters. I watched LOL since the Gillian Spencer as Vicki days so sorry for the mistake. I bet Kassim is great on DOOL.

Kassie is doing one bang of a job on Dool…she looks like she lost weight….not that she needed to…but, she looks stunning.

Gina and Kassie are appealing actresses and I enjoyed them both on Guidning Light and I also accept the recast of Phyllis with Gina. But Gina and Kassie are both too young in my opinion for this role.

Gina is too young, Mark…not Kassie, as she’s in her mid fifties, I believe.

I must also add, Mark, that DePaiva plays Shaughnessey’s daughter on DOOL…kind of ridiculous since the are only 6 years apart….c’est la vie……life on the soaps.

You are right David. There were times when Blair and Kelly felt like sisters. I watched OLTL from day 1. I absolutely remember Gillian Spencer as Viki, Ernest Graves as Victor Lord, and Trish Van Devere as Meredith Lord. I still miss the beloved people of Llanview so very much.

I have been posting on every site about Cassie should have been the new Phyllis (age appropriate) and Gina the new Eve on Days (once again age appropriate).

Wow! She’s going to be good. Damn! Great recast and such an obvious one.

Just a couple notes to the nay sayers: Y&R’s historically a show with long drawn-out story lines. It’s a character-driven show punctuated by major events. Instant gratification and plot driven stories can be found on GH. Y&R is a fine wine. GH is a shot of cheap liquor. Enough Y&R bashing already. This show’s back on track more than it’s been in almost a decade so enough already.



YR has ALWAYS…ALWAYS been a character driven show with storylines that sometimes last years. Look at the Kay/Jill feud.

MOST people who complain about YR being boring maybe just prefer the action of GH, which is no longer a traditional soap.

I enjoy reading the posts from fans who truly understand what has kept the show number one for 28 years.

I don’t know a lot about Gina, but like the recent major recasts…the show will go on. It’s been pretty solid this year, maybe with the exception of some shows in April and during May sweeps. Can’t wait for the fall!

Y&R has always been # 1 in my heart…..soooo happy to see it is finally starting to go in the right direction again. Bring it home, Y&R !!!!

To Pat Gina is awesome. I watched her a little on OLTL then when she took over the role of Dinah Marler on Guiding light She in my opinion was the best Dinah I think she was the third actress to play that role. She captured the spirit of that character in that scene where she was in buzzes diner on the table dancing like she was in a carnival attraction. BTW The role of Dinah Marlar earned her two emmy’s and she will be a great Phyllis!

Agreed !

Didn’t like the first Phyllis. Maybe I will like this one, as long a she doesn’t break up Sharon & Nick.

Seems like that’s where it is predictably heading, that’s why they recast with the younger Gina instead of using Cassie DePavia (Blair OLTL, now Eve Days) or the actress who played Skye Chandler on AMC, to play the role. They are more age appropriate for Jack.

Give Gina a chance.

“Y & R” is lucky to have Gina Tognoni – I think she will be great as NuPhyllis and looking forward to the hell she will indeed unleash on Genoa City upon her return!!

Gina Tognoni is a wonderful actress. She will bring the new Phyllis to a whole new level and win the hearts of the fans as well.

I don’t like it

those earings
that dumb dress… what is with the top front …. where the top meets the wider …
her hair

no sex appeal

yeah, she’s rested…. what about the head writing changes

will this bode well for a recast’ed character

I’m not dissing… the #1… although it smarts

If my lauding Eileen Davidson isn’t enough

I’m recording friday eps only

judging from posts here…

I’m so sorry… it doesn’t look well

I’m still cheering…. Ashley, Victoria, and Sharon
and Stitch

Oh, c’mon, Patrick…that dress style is avant-guarde….I have a similar style in that color. It is all the rage!!!
The hair will grow….my hair is very long, but short hair must be so freeing….give her the chance she deserves. Let me put it to you this way….no one will be able to fill Michelle’s shoes for me. But, Gina is really good…she really captured my attention Friday.
Ashley is Ashley is Ashley…..she will always have my vote….as will Kristen.

GT is soap gold! She created the iconic role of Kelly Cramer over a decade ago, and deserves to have the role of Phyliss, not many could walk in the shoes of MS

I guess I just don’t care for GT ‘s current look. I prefer her hair to be longer and red. That’s her nick-name from Jack. I am a fan of hers but I wish she looked more the part.

It is possible that everyone will think that Phyllis is hallucinating/imagining things if she reveals that Sharon switched the paternity tests after having been in a coma for over a year.

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