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Y&R's Sean Carrigan Assures Fans He Is Staying Put In Genoa City For Awhile!

Photo Credit: HutchinsPhoto

Photo Credit: HutchinsPhoto

Into the fire, the inferno, and surviving it, that had been the concern for fans of The Young and the Restless Stitch played by Sean Carrigan!

After having quite the intense moment with Ashley (Eileen Davidson) that could surely mess up Stitch’s wedding plans with Abby (Melissa Ordway), and facing dire straits, viewers have been concerned by online reports that Carrigan’s time is up on the number one soap opera.

Today, to reassure fans and to clear up any rumors, Carrigan took to his Twitter account and tweeted:  “Hey everybody… Happy to say… Stitch survives and is staying in Genoa City for awhile :):)

Just how long Carrigan will remain on Y&R remains to be seen, but it looks like for the forseeable future he is on the canvas. 

So, how do you want Stitch’s romantic story to play out? Do you want Ashley and Stitch? Or are your rooting for Abby and Stitch to say their “I do’s”?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Break up with Abby and propose to Ashley. LOL

How about Stitch and Tracy! UGGGG! I thought we were done with this guy!

Bring back Judith Chapman as Gloria and pair him with her! She would knock it out of the park and would elevate his acting. 🙂

HUH? Come on. I hope you’re kidding.
I love Judith Chapman but she deserves better.
It’s already bad enough that Ben is in love with a woman old enough to be his mother.

Awwww I miss Gloria!!!

To Harry: Uh, actually Ashley is not old enough to be Stitch’s mother,unless you’re thinking of preteen/teen motherhood. On the show, and in real life, they are about 10 – 15 years apart.

I’m sad to hear Stitch is staying in Genoa City.

The need to reinvent this character or get rid of him. Its absolutely absurd the way he flip flops between a mother and daughter. They really don’t want any strong women on this show anymore. They are making Ashley hateful. The only plus out of this bad writing and story is Melissa Ordway is finally coming into her own as Abby.

Rob, there are no MEN on the show anymore either. Cane is a whipping boy for his hypocrite of a witch wife. Nik, gosh don’t get me started on that waste of a character. Neil USED to be a man, now he is a vengeful petty male. The last man was killed off … Detective Harding. It is all fodder.

“Vengeful pretty man” Hahahahahahaha I love it!!!!
Even Paul is sniveling. And holy cow, look at Joe Clark who was ready to shove women out of the way to get on the helicopter.

I don’t mind the character in general, but TPTB have written him poorly, the way he jumps around between Victoria/Abby/Ashley/Abby/Ashley. Ben needs to move to L.A./B&B where jumping from one family member to another is a common, accepted practice. Otherwise, get him away from the Newman/Abbot women and put him with someone else.

@Ashleigh Did not see it but that little scene was taken right out of the movie Towering Inferno with the character Richard Chamberlin played.

Glad to hear that Ben is staying on. Personally, I don’t like him with either Abby or Ashley. I’d prefer to see him in a new relationship.

This! I don’t want Abby and Ashley’s relationship destroyed. Never liked him with Victoria…rebound relationship only. Who for a new love interest? Maybe a tough nurse or someone who won’t put up with his flip-flopping wandering eye!

O please Ben is in love with whatever woman is standing in front of him. I’m surprised he hasn’t declare he has feelings for Nikki yet— Honestly both mother and daughter can do better. Personally they should move the character to B&B where sleeping with those who are related to your current lover is pretty standard practice there, he would feel right at home.

Mary, that is why I call Ben Pepe LePew. He is the skunk who falls in love with every cat he may run across.
I do think the actor can do better but he is being handed some really bad writing.

Mary, I have to handed to you. Your comment is hilarious. Nikki, indeed. You have painted Stitch with the perfect palette. HaHa!!!!

Hahahahahahahaha SO TRUE! Brooke/Bridget style.

Well now Mary it has worked for twenty ones years for the character of Nick. I mean this guy is in love every year with a different woman. Yes dear good old Nick I believe he almost married two sisters engaged to Avery and was married to Phyllis oh and he did have a affair with his step mom Dianne when she was played by Maura West one of the biggest miscasts in history of the show. The character of Ben could have been a gold mine but he was appealing to the audience and JFP could not have that everyone had to worship Dylan/SB thus the crap writing started for him. Frustration comes to mind when I think of this show. Tell me because I know you are still hanging in and watching the show. What was the purpose of the fire? You know what really would have perked up my interest back into this once great soap if Christine had handcuffed Jack, Chelsea, Sage & Michael all of aiding Adam Newman.

I find neither pairing compelling nor believable. Maybe if they phase out the “Stitch” nickname I can take this more seriously. Carrigan is likeable and capable and Davidson is a powerhouse. I guess there’s just not enough backstory or buildup to sell their pairing. Ordway’s Abby comes across as an airhead and not an ingenue. Not sure if that’s due to the writing or her interpretation. Y&R had an awesome week if you are able to overlook the obvious character manipulation by the writers.

Y&R has been really good since J&S were fired..
I like Pratt, he doesn’t bore me 🙂
I could give a dang about Abby, Ashley, and Ben’s triangle.. It’s old soap boring and has been played a 1,000000 times (different couple same story)
Couples and their love problems to their break up have never been a whoooopioe in my world. boring stuff..
I mean– who actually really cares. ahaa!

And c’mon – who doesn’t love a ‘stop the wedding’ reveal (gorsh that has never ever happened before!!! suprise!!

Long Live Y&R 🙂

Abby is not meant to find love. It just isn’t in the stars. She always chooses poorly. Stitch isn’t a character that many really care about and for Ashley to pounce on him is a little off the pale. I love Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) but can she make adult decisions please? And for God’s sake when is Kevin going to come out of the closet? He has failed at love so many times. Love with women that is. It’s time to bring some rainbow love to Y&R. And even though I know they are going to terrorize us with the Sharon/Dylan/Evil Doctor story for months to come can they please at least give the viewers some feedback as to exactly who she is and why she wants to terrorize Sharon, Nick, Sage and Dylan so badly? Her being evil just to be evil is unfair to the viewers.

Sorry, Mateo, but a gay romance will not happen. If the way they VICIOUSLY killed off Will Horton on DAYS is any indication of what the brass think of gay storylines, then it will never happen on another Sony show which is a shame especially with the age we live in.

But I think Abby could find love. Get the actor back that played Tyler and start them over. They were actually cute together. Tyler had no chemistry with Mariah (stupid name and doesn’t fit the actress) but he did with Melissa Ordway’s version of Abby. They could give Tyler something to do and it would be good.

I agree! Tyler and Abby had chemistry!

Tyler was one of the WORST “Actors” ever on Y&R!

I thought Tyler barely had chemistry with himself, let alone
Abby or anyone else! He was so monotone and stiff…but he
was pretty handsome at least.

My guess is she was the girl that got hurt at that party Nick threw as a teenager and Victor covered up– or related to her at least. That girl or a relative of hers would have reason to hate both Nick and Sharon — plus why would they introduce that story element into the show if they weren’t planning on pursuing it at some point– I think Sage and Dylan are just casualties and not her prime targets. I

Guess I’ll start… really don’t care for the character, but a soap does need its doctors (except for that whack job who’s “watching” over Sharon.) I don’t care for Stitch with either Ashley nor Abby… Ashley needs someone intelligent and Abby needs someone adventurous… Stitch has neither of those traits. What does he need? Well, maybe GC will introduce us to the head librarian at GC Public Library.

hi Ron..
I do not care for any of the Y&R couples..
There is no great super duper couple, just characters shoved together for whichever reason. lol
None are actually interesting or intriguing.

Jack is carrying a hardazz bitch on his back, poor guy, no romance and fun going on there lol ..
Billy & Victoria make my eyes bleed ..
Nick & Sage are stupid together ..
Noha the love struck puppy looking the fool..
Devon and Hilary make me wanna puke .
Neil is an old dirty man drooling on young daughter type chicks lol
Sharon and Dylan are zeroed out nonsense, nothing hot and sexy there, just yawn
Adam and Chelsea are ok but tired of seeing Adam begging her to love him like a whipped puppy..
Cane and his witch are not amusing/bickering
Nikki and Victor, well they are just there.

Couples = BORING!!
but ehhh what can ya do, so people like them lol .(episode fodder)

But– all-in-all, Y&R is really good these days!! 🙂

That is probably the best summation of yours ever. I actually agree with you on ALL points! 🙂

Excellent summation of the horrible couples on this show! I was going to go find a list to see if there is a “good” one, but you did it for me and I agree with all you said. Adam & Chelsea are the only couple I’m even remotely interested in.


You are 100% on those summaries of Y and R couples. Don’t forget Paul and Christine and Michael and Lauren… they should be reversed!

Wow, well said. And Lily is truly acting like a witch!!! She has been for a really really ling time. Cane is just pissed because for once it’s all aimed at him.

Nail on the head!


LOL High 5 @su

I’ll take Chris McKenna, ex-Mark Harding…. over any and all of them

Yeah, Su. Why is Phyllis always so defiant? She has a perpetual snarl on her face.
And, wonders never cease….how does Dylan get to read statements made to the police; such as the nurse’s statement? In what world does that happen? Being the chief’s son does not make him special or give him the privilege of sticking his nose in police business. He is a lay person, and as such he is taking matters into his own hands? Isn’t that against all that is protocol?
Yes, Su. Right now, Chelsea and Adam are holding the soap together for me.

Honestly who cares about stitch, they should fire the actor. His acting is painful to watch. LOL. They need to recast the role of Dina, abbott Mergeron with Louise Sorel ex Vivian Days of Our Lives. She would be terrific in the role.

beautiful idea ! Louise Sorel and Eileen Davidson would own this show

stich and ash together were hotter than the flames burning down newman!!!
hope stich and ash continue a hot affair! eileen s still got it! she was mezmorizing in those scenes thinking her life was over and giving into temptation! stitch is great for her!

I agree! I love Stitch and Ashley. They should have been together from the start but Eileen Davidson was on, what, Days? They are far more suited than Stitch and that tall baby Abby.

And Ashley did nothing wrong. Her feelings for Stitch evolved naturally and innocently….she hooked up with Stitch after they both thought Victoria and Billy were getting back together and before Stitch hooked up with Abby. If you ask me, when Abby found out she slept with her mother she shouldn’t have looked at Stitch. AND Abby shouldn’t have dated someone who dated her sister. Ew, yuck. Abby is the disgusting, no boundaries, one; not Ashley.

Glad to hear that Sean is staying on Y&R. He doesn’t belong with either Abby or Ashley. He needs to get back with his first wife.

Good idea she was cute! Yeah, Stitch never mentions his son!

Oh, Timmm….I was not a fan of Tyler myself. There was something about him. Didn’t he have a giant head? Golly, looks like Abby has a fetish for misshapen heads. She deserves better than either Ben or Tyler……considering that both do have a wandering eye. She is so airy and free; and, so loving, right, Timmm?
Still luv-ya, Timmm.

So happy about this! I was not ready to say goodbye to him, nor to Stitch!

I find no rooting power for a man who goes from one woman to her half-sister to the half-sister’s mother (and the first woman’s ex stepmother) in the space of 2 years. That’s not leading man material, that’s a hound dog.

At this point I think the best thing the show could do with Stitch is either make the character a smarmy Lothario or just writ him off the show all together.

Agree! What I found ridiculous, too, was that Ben was so genuinely happy when he
proposed to Abby that day. They had grown closer and more solid and I thought they
were going to go forward happily. Then his sudden declaration of love for Ashley?!
Doesn’t even ring true to me. All of his waffling feelings and woman-hopping just
makes him lose credibility anyway.

Hey, Alan? What is going on here? We seem to agree on just about everything. Mental telepathy?

I think-
they were considering writing Ben out and changed their mind and his long term direction. Therefor his 180 ..

Hi Cee. [Good drink!] Tyler was like the black Stitch! Not attractive and neither of them could/can act!

So…who are these 4 people that were supposed to die? My count is at zero. The baby doesnt count because he is not dead. Day players dont count. It should have been Marissa and Luca. If there were ever two more pointless, unappealing, expendable characters, I would be hard pressed to find them. Well, except for 35% of the current GH cast, but thats another rant.

I’m not elated over this. As expected, TONS of hype for the “Towering Inferno,” and no one significant dies!!! How many times can this show throw a disaster plot at us and the only characters who die are randoms who appear for the episode?? I (fleetingly) thought Stitch was going to prove me wrong —- DEAD. But, in the end, I was right.

The guy has screen presence and appears to have some acting skill. The problem is that the writers have poorly developed Stitch and have given the viewers no reason to dislike or like him. For example, did the writers even give the character one scene to mourn the death of his sister?? They went to a LOT of trouble to bring her on and build up a HUGE mystery about her connection to Stitch. Six months later, she is dead and he doesn’t even seem to remember her. Likewise, what about “great” pal Dylan?? While Dylan was playing Fire Chief Junior during the inferno, did he even mention Stitch’s name once or seem to have any concern that his “great” pal was upstairs, possibly being scorched??

And how did Cane get out of a locked room?

“Possibly being scorched”, lolol.. Sorry, that cracks me up, can’t stop laughing. Lol.

Ha! Actors have said that before on Y&R and were gone shortly thereafter. Anyone remember when the actor that played Austin said “you haven’t seen the last of Austin.” and then he was only shown in flashbacks … of his DEATH!

He is a goner. He is too good of an actor and a wasted character so it makes sense. They need to free up space to bring on some underwear model that can’t act.

Worst thing they ever did was break up the very good potential with Victoria. Amelia Heinle has had ZERO chemistry with anyone since Billy Miller left with the exception of Sean Carrigan. Abby is a petulant brat. I can’t stand the way Melissa Ordway portrays her. I miss Emme Rylan because when she played her Abby at least had a conscience. And how can Ben be in “love” with Ashley after just having sex with her in the shower?! I guess if he can all of a sudden be head over heels for Abby then he can be head over heels for her mother. Barf!

Well, Stitch and Abby have always had a thing. And a bad timing thing. (if she wasn’t in New York, they would have dated, not Stitch and Victoria). And we’re to plausibly assume that working closely together brought them together. I mean, you don’t just drag your boss into the shower for sex unless you know that you won’t get any objections, or get fired.

well anytime an actor/actress say they “are staying” on a soap you can best believe they are leaving……………….well unless the actor is eric breaden

What needs to happen with Stitch is that he needs to find out what really happened to his sister Kelly in that she was never dead the first time around. That she was the one holding Jack hostage on that island at Victor’s request. Jack needs to tell Stitch what really happened and how his sister was used by Victor and unfortunately was killed by Jack so that Jack could survive in order to get home. This story point would serve to give Stitch the complexity and the back and forth drama between being with an Abbott lady who is related to Jack, the man who ultimately killed his sister in self defense. This is exactly the storyline that Stitch needs and that this silly triangle needs as well. Also, Stitch’s Mom, Maureen needs to be back on canvas as well to help Stitch through this process. I think at the end of this storyline, Stitch realizes that his Mom is more important to him at this juncture so as to help them both heal from the devastating way that Kelly was used and ultimately killed off, so he and Mom leave town.


I like him and am glad he’s not leaving yet, but for goodness sake stop sleeping with the same family. I guess that’s Y&R though, because look at Sharon’s Newman collection. Ewww. She’s slept with all of them, including the one that isn’t actually a Newman, Dylan.

Glad he’s staying on Y & R! But don’t marry Abby…Marry Ashley instead.

Where is Patty? She knows Sharon’s MD is up to no good. How long with this drag out?

Yeah, Melissa sleeps with her mom’s boyfriend, Emme ran over her mom’s boyfriend!

Three guesses where the crazy shrink is going to get Sharon’s baby from. Here we go again with “who’s your daddy”, storyline. Happy to hear that Christian will still be alive !

I hope so for the simple fact that I cant take Nick mourning yet another dead child!!! Every year the anniversary of Cassie and Christian. Enough with killing kids already!

Yeah, Patty. There is that!

Question: what is the deal with Sharon’s doctor? And why must Sharon always be so weak and in need of saving. How much can they continue to beat on this character?!?! Can’t she wise up and get strong on her own and save herself? She could spit the pills out, she could find the pillow bump, she could just sign herself out!!!

I looooved Stitch when he first came in but now he just seems like an insincere womanizer. Being with half-sisters was bad enough but involvement with mother and daughter is just eww.

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