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Y&R's Sharon Case Interview: "Shadam", "Sham", "Shick" & more!

Photo Credit: Steven Bergman

Photo Credit: Steven Bergman

On-Air On-Soaps caught up recently with The Young and the Restless, Sharon Case and chatted about damsel in distress, Sharon Newman’s current state of affairs!  As many know, Genoa City’s Sharon went on the run, faked her own death, ended up on a farm, met a handsome stranger, and from there the story seems to get even more complex!

If you watched yesterday’s Fourth of July episode of Y&R, the series gave an amazing history lesson into the perils of Sharon including:  the time she first came to Genoa City, her rape by Matt Clark, being reunited with her long-lost daughter Cassie …only to lose her in a tragic death… which in turn tore apart her storybook romance with Nick Newman.  From there the episode tells how Sharon’s life spun out of control.  And then, even though Adam switched her baby and made her believe her daughter had died, she came to love this man.  Sharon reveals how she feels Adam accepted her for who she is and was not trying to be her “Knight in Shining Armor”,  but someone who saw her as a strong woman capable of taking care of herself.  Now, finding herself more involved with another man, Sam, what is she going to do next?

Here is what Sharon Case had to say about the men in her on-screen characters life, plus her thoughts on the flawed Emmy voting system, and much more.

How have you liked the story arc with Sharon on the run,  and then all of a sudden ending up at a farm? We have seen similar plot devices on soaps before where characters fake their deaths or run away, and end up out in the countryside!

SHARON: I have always really liked Maria Arena Bell’s (Y&R head writer and executive producer) storytelling and I like this story. It is funny, when I found out Sharon was going to break out of prison, I did not expect it to take this turn in the story.  I had so much fun because I liked that she was getting more aggressive and then she attacked this prison guard and jumped out of a window and took off in a car. Through all this recklessness, I kind of imagined that the recklessness would continue while she was a fugitive, and Adam would meet up with her and then continue the pace of this “Bonnie and Clyde” on the run as fugitives. That is what I had imagined. So I was surprised that the pace just changed on a dime and I am in a barn with a lamb. (Laughs)  I thought the storyline turned out really lovely, but what a 180 degree turn in energy – that the storyline was going in one direction and all of a sudden it was going in another direction.  I thought it was an interesting choice and the story turned out really beautiful.

In the past you have been vocal about your support of the coupling of Sharon and Adam.  Are you still a “Shadam” fan?

Photo Credit: Steven Bergman

SHARON: Of course! The pairing took us all by surprise.  And that is what I was referring to with this storyline because of the pace and the vitality that “Shadam” has. That is where I guess I imagined the story carrying on, but it didn’t. I end up in a barn with Sam! And the thing with Sam turned out great, and kind of what we are shooting now, where we are sort of moving out of the barn, I can see the relevance of Sam into the relationship with “Shadam” for future storyline that is coming down the road.

Now that Sharon and Sam have seemingly moved their relationship to another level, is Sam truly going to be a romantic turn and love interest for Sharon?

SHARON: I think he is for a certain time and for a certain reason.  It adds an obstacle into “Shadam”, and it ends up creating a lot of good storyline for “Shadam”.  It is still a love story. You know what, here is the thing:  A lot of people ask me, “You have done so many storylines. What would you love to do that you haven’t done?” And, I have always wanted to do this “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” storyline. And so when Sharon broke out of jail and became a fugitive, I went, “This is it! This is my chance.” And then I end up in a barn. (Laughs) But again, all the storylines I have had have been great, and this one is just as wonderful. I love the writing and it was a pleasure to play it. I love Sean Patrick Flanery (Sam), and so next time I will get my “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” storyline, when I break out of prison…. the second time. (Laughs)

Your hair color seems to be lightening a bit on the air shows after you had to dye it darker and become Sheri (AKA Sharon on the run).  Do you like the color it is now?

SHARON: I like the hair color that I have now, because originally for the story, it had to be really dark… as dark as I could tolerate it for the story at first. But I knew it only had to be like this for just a certain point in the story.  I knew then I would be able to lighten it back up. So it is much lighter now and heading back to my original color slowly… but nothing too sudden.

The industry recently came together for the 38th Daytime Emmy Awards.  In the past we have discussed how flawed the Emmy system can be and how politics still seemingly enter into the Emmy game. Being a past Emmy winner, how do you feel about the Emmy voting system now?

SHARON: It can be a political game and people vote for people for other reasons some times, and one not being who are the best actor and actress. So that has always been frustrating to me, whether I was competing or not.  I think that after all these years I just lost interest in all of that.

Remember when you won your Supporting Actress Emmy and you looked like a real –life Cinderella in that pink gown?

SHARON: It was fun when I won.  And it would be fun again if they could change the system. I was talking to Michael Muhney (Adam) about it and we both agree that you simply can’t change some of the rules around and tweak it. Those tweaks have done nothing but make it worse, literally. It is maddening. What really needs to happen is no more of these little tweaks. The system is not going to work, unless we take the entire vote out of the hands of the actors.

I believe that journalists who watch the performances day in and day out should be in on the first round of voting.

SHARON: I agree. Bring in the journalists, bring in the fans, or bring in a portion of the academy that are not on a daytime show. What is wrong with the system is how biased it is in very skewed and bizarre ways.

Photo Credit: Steven Bergman

What is happening with your jewelry line Pomp, which you launched last year? Is there more to come with that?

SHARON: We are working on Pomp and hoping to launch the second part of the jewelry line in September.

OK in closing…. the big question: Are “Shick” (Sharon and Nick) finally over?

SHARON: I don’t think “Phick” or “Shick” are over, and “Phick” are still happening now.  I don’t think “Shick” will ever be over.  “Shick” is not on right now, because we have “Shadam” and… “Sham”!  I just made that up, “Sham” (For Sharon and Sam).  And for Sharon and Adam, Michael Muhney and I actually like to call them “Shazam” instead of “Shadam”.  All I can say is that Sharon Newman has a lot going on, that is for certain.

So soapers, who is the ultimate man for Sharon Newman? Adam, Nick, or Sam? Let us know. And if you missed yesterday’s Y&R, here is a clip from the episode where Sharon recounts her history in Genoa City which led her to the farm where she met Sam!

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After watching those flashback scenes yesterday, Sharon & Nick belong together. Phyllis belongs with Jack. Shick was about true love and Phick was always about sex. Who did Nick always turn to in the end? Phyllis & Jack were so sexy and it was a mature relationship. They remind me of a jet-setting, sophisticated couple from the 50’s & 60’s. Get it right MAB!!

of course sharon case likes maria arena bells Writing she doesn’t want to get fired.

Not everybody sees it that way. I used to be a huge Shick fan and now I can’t stand them. For me it’s Phick and Shazam!!!


I want Sharon with Nick NOW! Sham is a sham and Shadam is insulting. Shick has such a history on the show, and MAB does everything in her power to destroy it piece by piece. Sharon should be with Nick, and Phyllis should be with Jack. Great interview with Sharon Case btw. I love her on Y&R!!

If anything is insulting is Sharon going back to Nick after he left her to sex Phyllis up while she was mourning her child. Nick has used both Phyllis and Sharon like blow up dolls he can interchange at his will. Nick will float between Sharon and Phyllis for years if they let him. He does not love any woman over the other. He has made it clear either one will do when the other kick him to the curb.

I find Sam boring but I would take him over Nick at this point. I was all for Sharon and Adam but now that she has jump in bed with the Vet he can have her.

Maybe they will energize Sam when he hits GC. Adam needs a new lady who will stay true to him.

Sam is better then adam but who are we kidding sharon and phyllis would be better. they don’t phyllis and jack for some reason summer is jack’s.

You may want to remember that Sharon the slut had also slept around during the mourning of her daughter and was giving Nick heat about his affair with Phyllis even while keeping her own affair a secret. It was no surprise at all when Nick blew up at her about it. I used to like Sharon when she was portrayed as a nice, sweet family woman. But as it turns out, in truth she is hypocritical, idiotic, weak, needy, clingy and a total slut. If I were Phyllis I’d have bitch-slapped her long ago. And it is very true that Sharon is way too much of a damsel with Nick, they are not in the least an equal, stable couple. I will always support Nick and Phyllis. As for Sharon, her affair with Sam was more than ridiculous. Conveniently forgetting she was married to Adam to excuse her sleeping around with yet *another* man, big surprise. I don’t like Sharon, but it’s true that she is good for Adam, and that’s the only couple I support for both of them.

SHICK all the way!

Nick is Sharon’s true love for sure! I hope they reunite!

Me too! I can’t stand Phick

I like Sharon and Sam best of all. If I was writinng the s/l, I would leave Sharon riding off into the sunset with Sam (actually riding horses with Sharon in bluejeans, cowboy boots, spurs). I really enjoyed the s/l with Sam, the vet., the cowboy, the ranch. Just two alike souls, nice, good hearted people or couple which is very lacking on Y&R. Sharon needs to be far away from the toxic of Adam, the gaslighter and Mr. Major Waffle. Sam and Sharon can get married and raise Faith.

I can’t stand Sharon. This sounds like my Phick will be reunited and not have Sharon all up in their story. Maybe I will tune in again, if that is the case. But I am cautious and won’t be fooled again. Phick are #1 with me, always have been. I want to see the show get back to their story as it was before Maria Bell went Shick crazy and turned things upside down. Let Sharon be with Adam or Sam or whatever (I couldn’t care less) and let Phick bring the heat and fun and modern love/family as only they can! I am hopeful that with Phick working together and in close contact that things will be rebuilt between them slowly but surely.

It is all about Shadam. MM and SC are the main reasons why I watch young and restless. MM has been a great addition to the show. SC hit it on the nail with Sam. It is a “Sham” of the highest degree. Sharon needs to this time be the one after Adam. My goodness it will be so sexy. The farm has just not been good for the character. Y&R needs their sexy back with Sharon and Adam.

I agree with this completely. “Sham.”

And I also agree with SC’s S/L — Bonnie and Clyde — Sharon and Adam on the run — frankly, Sharon and Adam anywhere as long as they are together. They emote hotness and chemistry.

Shazam — what a couple!

Sam is so boring — nothing personal against the actor, but all the characters in NM have been played out.

Nick is arrogant, disloyal and only a notch above Sam on the boring level.

In fact, Adam is the only one who has not had any action in quite some time. He is so brilliantly loyal — I enjoyed all his scenes of grief and I look forward to their reunion — with all the angst, anger, passion and ultimate glory that only Shazam can bring.

I totally agree – I’ve just begun watching Y&R again for the simply reason of Sharon and Adam’s relationship. It would be awesome to see Sharon going after Adam – and Adam struggling with his feelings of wanting to go back to Sharon. I think those two make a great on-screen pair. Keep bringing more Shadam scenes – they’re exciting and witty!

If anything is the real sham is is Shadam. Shick is where it will always be! MAB needs to learn her history and is disrespecting her father in law’s legacy!

It’s interesting reading her perspective. I thought thsey would’ve gone the bonnie n clyde route too. Not familiar with SPF but he is no Michael Muhney! I love Phick (I hate these nicknames) and Shazam! You can’t fight chemistry! It seems that Noah ius attracted to the dansel in distress too!

If Phick reunites, I will TUNE OUT of Y&R for good. Phyllis is a needy nasty homewrecker, and here I thought she was an independant strong woman. Acccording to her fans she is. Truth is, she is weak and pathetic. And if she takes Nick back, she will have hit a new low for me after everything he’s done to her.

The same could and has been said about Sharon taking Nick back. After everything he has done to both women if they take him back it would make them both look weak and pathetic. Of course, Sharon can’t hit much lower with me than she already has.

Sharon is the weakest person i have ever seen, she sleeps with every man she comes across. Phyllis and Jack belong together and it wont be soon before long we will learn that Jack is summer’s father

TEAM SHICK! Sharon belongs with the love of her life – Nick. Nick will always love Sharon the most, more than that red rash.

I’m all about Shadam!!! Michael and Sharon have amazing chemistry and I find Sharon so much more interesting with Adam. He brings out a stronger, feistier Sharon who is willing to fight for herself instead of crying in the corner like a weak damsel waiting for someone, ie Nick, to rescue her. And she also brings out a more vulnerable Adam and gives him that unconditional love that he has craved for since he lost the only person he had in this world, his mother. I had not been a fan of Sharon for years, I found her boring, but since pairing her with Adam it was like new life was breathed into her character. True their sotry is uber-unconventional and no one on the outside is going to understand it but that’s what makes it so great; the us against the world mentality sort-of like what Sharon Case was refering to when she said she wanted a Bonnie and Clyde type storyline, Shadam seems to have the foundation for that in spades. I can say I am enjoying the scenes with Sam at the barn but for me Adam is the right man for her. They bring the heat, just like Phick!

I agree! I really like Sharon and Adam together.

I like the idea of Shazam, but would LOVE SHICK to reunite someday too. Phyllis is great w/Jack. I sort of liked Nick and Diane at first (til she married TGVN) but Nick and Sharon just seem to have a magic that exudes Fairytale–one that never ends. . .

I am a shick fan, this couple was together for 10 years.

I am a Phyllis fan also and hate it, when she is with Nick. that couple completely destroy Nick as a character. Does JM knows it? Everywhere I go, Nick is seen as a looser.

He needs to be redeemed pronto, give him back his brain.

I love Sharon with Adam. I think both she and Joshua became better actors and their characters came alive with Adam/Phyllis. Shick is duller than dishwater.

As a Phick fan, it’s nice to see Sharon Case finally admit that Phick is around and will be around for the long haul. It was a refreshing change of pace from some of her previous interviews.

And as a SHICK fan, I would love for MS to at least once acknowledge that Shick were and are a popular couple with a rich history AND will be around for the long haul too. It would be a tremendous change from the pro phick interviews she gives to Nelson Branco in particular…

Sharon Case a class act and oh she did not have to mention how hot she is MS are you listening?

Michelle is never being serious. If you read her interviews or watch her all of that is done tongue in cheek. It’s called a sense of humor.

Seriously… if you read all her interviews Michelle is always joking around/ even when she used to be on twitter or do chat with her fans MS was always very funny, she even mentioned in that recent interview about Canadians getting her sense of humor. I’m not Canadian but I get it as well because I also have a sense of humor, unlike some people obviously.

I LOVE Sharon and Adam, and think that they belong together! Sharon and Nick are over, and should stay that way! It’s time for Shick to move on! Phick is so much HOTTER than Shick ever was or will be! Phyllis and Nick have so much sexual chemistry, and burns up the screen! I love them and want to see Phick back together! I have fallen in love with Sharon and Adam, and love them together! I hope that they find their way back to each other soon!

Do you really love Shadam, or are you hoping they stay together so Nick will be single for Phyllis to snatch up. We all know Nick loves Sharon WAY more than red.

Great interview! The farm story is dragging a bit. I’m anxious for Sharon to return to GC and Adam.

You just know that Sam is Tuckers long lost son….it is sooo writen on the wall

I hope that’s true! I like Sam, not a fan of him with Sharon. Maybe he and Lily!!! I’m a fan of SPF from his Indiana Jones Days, so hoping they keep him on my favorite soap!

Adam + Sharon =Shadam.I love them together they bring out the best in eachother.As for Phick their great too but Shadam is AWESOME Shick is done Sham is nothing.

Thanks for letting us revisit the Sharon scene and the boardrom goings on from yeasterday and today. Sharon’s story is typical of all her other stories.She is so needy that I can’t like her most of the time.We know she won’t be staying on the farm with Sam. Adam will clear her from the tapes he found and she will come back to him. Meanwhile Nick will probably go back to Phyliss for the time being. And then, the writers will write a new woman for Nick. We are not through with Diane, yet probably, since she has this yen for Nick. It’s like being on a merry-go-round. I suppose Billy will hit rock bottom and be redeemed somehow. I still want Billy and Victoria to get the baby back and be a family once again. and so on-and so on-and so on………….

love shick always will shick endgame

I totally share in Sharon Case’s initial disappointment with the direction her s/l was heading when she busted out of prison. She was so FIERCE in those scenes of transition from scared, desperate Sharon to a Brunette Bombshell on the lam!! That could have/should have been her “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” moment! It was thrilling to see it all go down… but landed with a thud when she hit the barn!! That being said, I do love what Sharon Case brings to the show every day, and always have. No matter who she’s paired with, she’s one of the hottest commodities on the show, hands down!

I think the story about Sharon is great. I think the business stuff with Victor and Adam etc. is borring. I would like to see more of Nicky on the show. The interview with Sharon was great.

she ler her family think she was dead.

I will be extremely disappointed if Sharon and Adam do not end up together. I like Phyllis with Nick. And I would like to see Billy and Victoria have another chance.

Sharon, Nick, Adam & Phyllis get on my nerves, I wish they would just go away.

I will ALWAYS be a Shick fan, but I’m like Sam & Sharon right now

I am so glad that phick seems to be heating up again. Phyllis and Nick are so much more interesting to watch with each other. those flashbacks just reminded me how boring shick were together. Best thing that ever happened to Joshua Morrow was pairing him with Phyllis. They are so hot together, and Sharon is much better with Adam.

His acting was better when his character was paired with Sharon. JMO

That is your opinion. Many others feel he came alive in the pairing with Phyllis.

Love Nick’s new hair cut — it looks great on him – very handsome. Can you get Daniel to cut his hair, way too long and old looking. He had his hair short before, looked so handsome. Thanks.

I still hope that Sharon and Nick will reunite! They are my favorite couple of all time…..those flashbacks that Sharon had of them just renewed my love for them!

As a former Shick and Nick fan I’d be happy if Sharon never had to do another scene with Josh. Sharon Case is a class act, no matter what Josh Morrow thinks. He’s just bitter that Sharon and Michael have outclipsed Phick. More popular on every fansite I visit. Sharon and Adam are it. Phyllis and Nick are old news, boring all they have is sex, certainly not love. Shadam or Sham both are watchable.

Love Jack and Phyllis. big ups to shadam!!

Shick all the way!! I hadn’t seen Y&R for a couple of years since they didn’t show it in my country but now it is and right away I connected to Nick and Sharon again (and they aren’t even together right now). The moment Sharon Case and Joshua Morrow are in a scene together there is that connection and chemistry that never faded after all these years!! So bring them back together!!

Adam and Sharon all the way. What a great chemistry,Sam is boring.

adam and sharon should stay together … nick is an idiot that belongs with that other idiot, phyllis, even though he doesnt deserve her. Yes she was sly about many things but she really loved him unconditionally and put up with alot of his sickening “omg i have to save sharon again” behaviour and it was times like that, that i felt sorry for her but shes still an idiot. Adam and sharon is a very interesting storyline. If sharon and nick got back together it would be very boring! SHADAM 4 EVER!!! oh and get rid of that sam!

Sharon marrying Victor is just a bit too weird for me. It makes me uncomfortable on so many levels and I can’t say that about much else in the 37 years I have watched Y & R. I would think that a number one soap could come up with better material than this…….

Sharon and Victor is just disgusting and it makes me ill. What woman would go from one brother to the next and back and forth and then go for the dad. I mean this guy is the grandfather of her children. That’s just to disgusting to think about. I hope to God they don’t make us watch some kind of love scene between the two of them. I will not be able to keep my food down.

I would like to see Nick and Sharon reunite! Nick’s attitude towards her when she was in prison bothered me. He should of been more sympathetic towards her, after all they have two children together. I don’t like how the writers make Sharon look stupid by making her forgive Adam for all that he has done to her. As if that would ever happen in real life! I feel sorry for Sharon’s character because she is always targeted or looked down upon by Phyllis, Nick’s whole family, Lauren etc. I would like to see Sharon have some female friends that actually care about her. And I think Phyllis should leave her alone, she needs to find someone else to pick on.

I think Sharon shall go back with nick

Would be great if both Phyllis and Sharon decided they would never take Nick back because this whole tug of war or never ending love triange just makes both ladies look pathetic and needy and Nick just comes across as a user. His ego must be really huge the way these ladies are always ready to pick up were they left off with him. Would love a storyline in which Phyllis rejects Nick for Ronan or Jack and Sharon is with Adam and Nick finally gets left out in the cold where he should always have been. Come on ladies he is not some grand prize!


The Cast of ‘The Bay’ to Preview Upcoming 8th Season in Live Chat

Four Daytime Emmy-winning stars, and two fan favorites, comprise the very special guests when cast members from the upcoming 8th season of the The Bay participate in an upcoming livestream conversation on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel on Monday, December 4th beginning at 9PM ET/6PM PT.

Scheduled to appear are: A Martinez (Nardo), Mike Manning, (Caleb) Kristos Andrews (Pete/Adam), Maxwell Caulfield (Sir Thomas Kenway), Alicia Leigh Willis (Avery) and Eric Nelsen (Daniel) who will tease what’s to come for their character in the new season and much more.

Daytime fans know A Martinez best for his role as Cruz Castillo on Santa Barbara, a role that won him a Lead Actor Emmy.  In addition, Martinez has appeared on General Hospital, Days of our Lives, One Life to Live and The Bold and the Beautiful.  Mike Manning, previously played Charlie Dale on Days of our Lives, and took home the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Daytime Fiction Program for his role as Caleb on The Bay.

Photo: LANY Entertainment

Kristos Andrews, the series lead of The Bay, who has taken on the dual roles of Pete Garrett and Adam Kenway,  is an eleven-time Emmy winner and made history as the only individual to ever receive Emmy recognition in four key categories: Acting, Producing, Writing and Directing.

Eric Nelsen, also took home a Daytime Emmy for his on-screen performance on The Bay for Supporting Actor in a Digital Series, but also has two more Emmys as a producer. All My Children fans remember Eric as AJ Chandler in Prospect Park’s reboot of the series.  Recently, Nelsen also appeared in the hit show, Yellowstone. Alicia Leigh Willis is remembered by General Hospital fans as Courtney Matthews, the biological mother to Spencer Cassadine, and Sonny’s half- sister.

Photo: ABC

One of the major editions to the new season of The Bay is Maxwell Caulfield, who many primetime soap fans recall as Miles Colby on both Dynasty and The Colbys. Caulfield has appeared in numerous soaps, primetime, and motion picture roles, and is married to former Passions star, Juliet Mills.

Photo: JPI

Be on the look out for 14 all-new episodes of The Bay, when they drop beginning on Monday, December 11th, that will include The Bay’s 100th episode special, that premieres on Thursday, December 14th. The 8th season also includes the final performances of the late Jackie Zeman in her role as Sofia Madison.

92 episodes of The Bay are currently available on Tubi, Prime Video, and Popstar! TV, with several episodes also available for streaming on Peacock and The Roku Channel.

So, what has been your favorite role and performance from these six actors? Have you enjoyed their work on ‘The Bay’? Let us know if you will be with us in the live chat next Monday via the comment section below.

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Win a Private Game Night with Soap Stars and Help Children in Need for the Holidays

Jen Lilley (ex-Theresa, DAYS) is back with her annual toy drive for children through the holidays through her fundraiser in her effort to raise 25,000 toys for children in need each fall through Christmas is Not Cancelled to benefit Toys for Tots.

This week, fans have the opportunity to win a private zoom game night with none other than: Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea, Y&R), Kirsten Storms (Maxie, GH), Emme Rylan (Ex-Lulu, GH), Eric Martsolf (Brady, DAYS), Rob Scott Wilson (Alex, DAYS) Ali Sweeney (Sami, DAYS), and Lilley herself, by giving a toy to a child in need via website.

According to the site: “One Lucky Winner will be tuning in for a night of glamour, giggles, and game-winning moments, including: VIP Access to Your Soap Opera Faves: Join the virtual party with stars from your favorite daytime dramas! Prepare for drama on and off the screen as you chat, laugh, and bond over shared soap secrets.”

Photo: JPI

Lilley shares: “By participating in this prize drawing, you will directly contribute to providing joy and happiness to underserved children during a challenging time in their lives, creating positive holiday memories!”

For more info on how you can win, make sure to visit

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As Y&R viewers have seen, there is more to Claire than originally meets the eye, as she and her Aunt Jordan (Colleen Zenk) have ramped up their revenge plot against Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) and the entire Newman clan and their true identities have been revealed.

Previously, Erin appeared on Y&R as a teenaged Abby Newman. Later, she went on to General Hospital to take on the role of Kiki Jerome, a part which won her a Daytime Emmy for her performances. Now, back at her original stomping grounds in Genoa City, and playing an entirely brand- new character.

Photo: JPI

Hayley is getting the opportunity to show another side of her acting chops. Make sure to join us for this exclusive livestream conversation on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel. Make sure to ‘subscribe’ to the channel for more upcoming celebrity features, and content, and to receive up-to-the-minute tune-in alerts.

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