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Y&R’s Sharon Case On If ‘Teriah’ Adopts A Child: “I Don’t Know If I’m Ready To Be Called Grandma”

Photo: CBS

On The Young and the Restless, the same-sex couple of Mariah (Camryn Grimes) and Tessa (Cait Fairbanks) are looking to start a family and may have found an expectant mother who is willing to give up her child for adoption.

As things go on daytime drama, this could certainly be fraught with complications, if the couple known as ‘Teriah” were able to adopt.

Photo: CBS

Meanwhile, Mariah’s on-screen mother, Y&R enduring favorite, Sharon Case (Sharon) was asked in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now, if she was looking forward to the role of a devoted grandma, if there was a successful adoption?

Case replied: “I’m not sure I’m ready for that. I mean, Sharon has been a mom for so long and she enjoys that, but for me, I don’t know if I’m ready to be called grandma. But I think that it’s still a terrific storyline and I enjoy being a part of it.”

So, how do you feel about it? Do you want Mariah and Tessa to adopt a child? Can you see Sharon Collins Rosales as a grandmother? Comment below.

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sharon needs to be back with nick immediately and mariah and tessa are a bore


I agree that Tessa and Mariah are a bore; and Mariah used to be so feisty. As for another baby sl – I am simply not interested in another one.

I’m hoping Sharon’s “grandma” comment was meant to be humorous. After all, you can be a grandmother in your thirties. I’d be more concerned about her character not having a decent story since Rey passed. Dispensing advice while serving coffee is about the extent of her role these days. And listening to Nick trashing Adam (while he himself moved in on Sally) and trying to be supportive must be tiring. On balance, becoming a grandma might be a great distraction.

I know her humor she was being funny! The lady never trash talks the show always supportive and NO they have not given her a decent story in a long time. But is anybody up for another doll wrapped in a towel for a year their has to be something else for them to do.

Not another boring adoption story with the second most boring couple after Abby and Devon, Mariah and Tessa!? Pls don’t punish Sharon Case by putting her as a supporting player in this. This gifted actress deserve s much better. She’s already been punished enough pouring coffee for the last six months. Geez. Why isn’t she pursuing her therapist career?! And doing something more appropriate?!. I can see her going to work for New Hope as a advocate for lower income ppl who need services and Nick hiring her before going back after he leaves Newman. That way they can get close again organically. Nicks become sleazy and slimy at Newman. Or maybe her and Nick can go support Noah at his club and enjoy a night out together dancing and drinking. I d love to see Shick do normal younger stuff! You know have a few drinks , get flirty etc..etc…
They both need to unwind and let loose. And more importantly Sharon Case needs more to do and we want Shi ck back!!!

Every time they head back that way a certain someone throws a fit and they do a U Turn and it’s not Case she never complains . So I want her not to be put thru that again and their was plenty of story for the character of Rey you could have made him Chief of Police etc since Doug is not coming back.

Josh Morrow throws a fit?!
I hope not
Watching him bounce around from his bros ex’s is painful
The only match I thought had potential was Avery and Sage
Sharon Case is a beautiful talented actress he should be so lucky

Unless you’re taking about Michelle Stafford , but that ship sailed thanks to Griffith

Damien…I like your ideas for Sharon, especially for her getting out of her cafe. But I don’t think Nick has gone all sleazy and slimy at Newman. At some point I think Victoria and daddy will wear him down, and he’ll walk away because his points of view and values are being ignored. For instance he seems to be against Victoria’s wishes to have him fire Sally so Victoria can replace her with Nate. As for Victoria I think it’s more about her deep bad feelings towards Adam she wants to see Sally gone who is doing a good job. We’ll see where that goes.

Nope not going to mention the person I’m sorry that Drama happened but it did and always a mess afterwards! The character of Nick has never grown up so no if I was a writer I would not put him back with Sharon it was a lovely fairy tale romance but it’s over now

See I can’t stand Sally and Nick getting stupid over a piece of tail is stupid that’s why Please stay away from Sharon please do your screwing that’s all this character does in somebody else’s time leave Sharon alone

I think I read that book. I believe it was called, “ A Tail Between Two Brothers.

So funny! I love it ! Sorry Harry I just am sitting wondering why writers never make someone grow up we do you know eventually Noah should be the horn dog !! You are a great sport love your humor

Give this woman a storyline of her own! It has been a while since Rey’s death and as someone mentioned, all she does now is serve coffee and listens to the problems of her family and friends. I thought maybe she would have been paired with Trevor St. John, before they gave him the role of Tucker. We already lost Mishael Morgan, due to lack and lackluster storylines. I hope the same doesn’t happen to Sharon Case.

Been on this show I think 28 years I think we could come up with a story besides pouring coffee

She and MM had a chemistry that was off the charts I am sorry I know a lot of gossip happened but MM will for me and that’s just me the only Adam so not interested in the fourth Adam and the fifth Billy ! Billy Miller and Michael muhney made their marks so I can’t relate to anyone else iterating their roles ! Sometimes you just need to let go of a character

K, I completely agree about Billy Miller’s charming, roguish Billy Abbott. It’s the ONLY Billy that defined the character. He had so much spirit and unpredictable moves. I loved when he teased Kevin by squeezing his cheek and calling him “my little chipmunk”. This version of Billy via Jason Thompson just isn’t Billy. He’s snarky, not funny. Cynical, not wistful. And he has ZERO sex appeal to me, certainly doesn’t fit the “playboy” image that Billy had in the past. But I do like Mark Grossman’s Adam very much and still want he and Sharon back together. I’d love watching that betrayer Nick squirm over that !

I don’t think that will happen unfortunately we got in the weeds here I think case and Grossman were involved now I think that romance is over it tends to make things uncomfortable . The death of Cassie was heart gut wrenching and for him to have a affair with Phyllis just did it for me nothing more heart breaking then the death of a child and this is how Nick handles it! So no that did it for me I don’t want her back with him no matter how cute they were that betrayal was just it for me as a viewer ! By the way I am talking characters nothing personal about the actors they read what is put on the page! Now EB and SC had the best father in law etc relationship ever then off screen we get into personal and now they hardly do a scene together ! Hey get over yourselves you have viewers that wish you would stop it you are doing a job quit the personal feelings ugh

Please put Sharon and Adam together

Put Sharon with Adam

Yes she and Nick would be great grandparents

MARIAH had a lot of potential by herself but adding a wife just brought her character worth down a lot. To me Tess is just a bothersome annoyance. Not interested in them adopting a child, etc.The PTB need to find a part for Sharon, not just a sounding board for friends, customers, etc.Actually, the same goes for Ashley. Give her a part or let her stay in Paris. Actually, just let me rewrite the whole show,ha, ha, what the hell do I know?

Well, Sharon, many women much younger than yourself, love the blessing of a grand child and welcome him/her with gratitude and pride. Snap out of it.
Aside, as there is no other site….I have this feeling that Victoria has the hots for Nate. What a dour persona she is assuming. I guess that’s what marital betrayal does to someone?

You know, Celia, I think if Victoria were alive in 1912, SHE could have singlehandedly sunk the Titanic. How cold can she go? And I also see the Nate thing happening. Since Armani (sp?) is rarely seen, Ice Woman will probably be his next romantic failure. If I were Sally, I’d sue her ass for sexual harassment and let Nick fry with her. Poor Chloe gets shafted again, too? Why can’t the Wicked Witch ask Nate if he’d like to keep Chloe on? So childish! Miss Vicky reminds me of that old joke: When she opens her mouth, a light comes on!

How does someone change so drastically, Soaphound? I suppose because Victor, the personified oxymoronic god of good and evil ( much like Sonny Corinthos) has sort of stepped down as the omnipotent ruler of the business world, his female replica needed to emerge. Ergo, the Ice Princess.
LOL—I thought that joke only applied to mothers-in-law– but, yeah, Victoria sure fits the picture.
Then, there’s “Gloria, Gloria”; uhmm, I mean Chelsea, with the voices in her head. Now what? She’s ‘gonna’ jump off the “Cassadine parapet”?
I have mixed feelings about Sally—another character who is at the threshold of being redeemed. I still have reservations about her—still not liking her much–but, yes—I feel for Chloe. She does not deserve the Ice Princess’ hailstorm.

I’m getting concerned that Sharon Case has not had a storyline in while. I don’t get why a popular veteran actress seems to be ignored by the show. She’s not even mentioned in the November Sweeps spoilers. After 27 years you would think that she would be valued by the show.

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Cherie shared her emotions on finally being able to talk about being the new Gabi Hernandez DiMera. She expressed, “WOW ✨🎬 My heart is filled with immense gratitude over the opportunity of a lifetime. I am GABI HERNANDEZ DIMERA on the iconic DAYS OF OUR LIVES ⏳❤️‍🔥 It has been an absolute dream working on DAYS.”

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As for her time so far at DAYS, Jimenez added,”These past 7 months I have worked harder than I ever have and now I get to share it with the world. Everyday I walk onto set I am in awe that I’ve been given the opportunity to live my dream. I get to work with the most phenomenal & hardworking cast and crew I’ve ever had the honor to work alongside.”

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Jimenez, thanked among others the series producer, director and writers for trusting in her including: Janet Drucker, Noel Maxam, Ron Carlivati and Ken Corday, and her agents for helping her along the way in her show business journey.

She concluded with the most ironic twist of all, Cherie recalled, “At 22 years old an audition for the role of Gabi on Days of our Lives came into my life. It was not meant for me then. Now 15 years later at 36 years old the universe told me I was now ready to step into this role…Thank you ✨ …I am just beginning ✨”

So, are you looking forward to the debut of Cherie as the new Gabriella Hernandez DiMera? Comment below.

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Eric Braeden Comes to the Defense of His Y&R Co-Stars Over Racist Attack on Social Media

The mighty Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) has spoken! The iconic star of The Young and the Restless has taken to social media in defense of three of his co-stars who were the subjects of yet another case of racist remarks on performers working on daytime television and the soaps.

The offensive remarks were made against Christel Khalil (Lily), Sean Dominic (Nate) and Bryton James (Devon). However, this same poster was also in the middle of the firestorm from previously posted hateful and racist comments directed at another Black actress, General Hospital’s Tabyana Ali (Trina).

As daytime fans know, earlier this week, General Hospital responded to the attacks on Ali with a message on all of their social media accounts that said, “General Hospital does not tolerate hatred or bigotry of any kind. Racism has no place in Port Charles. GH is for everyone.”

Photo: JPI

So, how did Eric get involved in this latest racist attack? Former GH guest star, Yvette Nicole Brown tagged the Genoa City legend to get someone’s attention from The Young and the Restless, and who better than the often outspoken Braeden?

The vile racist comments will not be written and repeated her. That post from May 31st, contained an image of all three Y&R actors, shared by @ghyrbbfan1974 using hateful rhetoric aimed at the stars.

When Braeden saw the truly awful remarks from the poster, he responded back, “These three actors are dear colleagues of mine; they have more class than you LOW LIFE can imagine! We are going to block your racist ass, you got that, bitch??!!”

Eric’s response went viral and “Victor Newman” was even trending on X, as Y&R viewers know that one of Victor’s often used phrases is, “You got that?” Since the time of the racist attack, it appears that the originator of these comments has changed the settings on her own X account to private, so only her followers can see her posts.

So, what do you think about this latest racist attack aimed at three stars from The Young and the Restless, and Eric standing up to the hatred? Comment below.

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