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Y&R's Steve Burton Addresses Dylan/Paul Reveal & Complaints Of "The Dylan Show"!

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It is going to be a big couple of weeks on-screen, off-screen and at home for daytime favorite, Steve Burton (Dylan) of The Young and the Restless!  On-screen viewers will finally get the truth that they have suspected for months that Dylan and Paul (Doug Davidson) are related, in fact Paul is Dylan’s bio-dad not Ian Ward!

Off-screen, Steve Burton goes for his second Daytime Emmy win on Sunday at the 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards in Beverly Hills as he is nominated in the Outstanding Supporting Actor category, and at home, wife Sheree is about to give birth to the newest addition to the Burton clan!

Burton talked with TV Guide Magazine about the plot twist of Dylan being the son of Paul Williams and the ramifications of that and even addressed the complaints that Y&R has become “The Dylan Show” ever since EP Jill Farren Phelps brought the soap superstar to CBS after his long time reign as Jason Morgan on General Hospital!   Here are a few interesting excerpts below!

Burton on the reveal of Paul and Dylan being related:  “This is whole new territory for those two and for many others. You’re going to see how this affects Paul and Nikki, and Paul and Christine, and Victor and Nikki. Do not miss these episodes, people!”

Burton how people comment that Y&R has become “The Dylan Show”:  “Listen, without the fans we don’t have a show. I understand their frustrations and I know that they don’t necessarily like change. I guess maybe my coming to Y&R upsets people because they don’t really know the truth of what happened.  What you and I both know — that GH didn’t make a deal with me. And that’s the whole truth. My contract was up and they didn’t want to play ball and make it work. At the time, I didn’t want to throw anyone under the bus over there but of course, as soon as it was announced I was going to Y&R, people thought the whole thing was planned by Jill from Day 1, which it was not. I vividly remember my manager telling me how ABC Business Affairs had called him to say, “Hey, is Steve going to Y&R now that Jill’s over there?” And my manager said, ‘No, he wants to make a deal with you! Quit dragging your feet. Make a deal.’ But they wouldn’t.”

So, what do you think of Paul being Dylan’s bio-dad?  Better than having it be Ian Ward (Ray Wise)?  Or, would you have preferred it to be Ian?  And are you off the mindset that Y&R is truly “The Dylan Show”?  Share your thoughts below!

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As a GH fan I hate the whole way this has
played out.Seems the story has changed
A bit.I thought originally he just wanted a break
and to be in Nashville.
It does seem odd is loyalty to JFP.But Y&R
Can keep her.
I was such a SB fan or really I guess a
Jason fan..I do really miss him but
Think it was sad for his fans when he joined
Y&R.but it’s his life..I never watch CBS
soaps and that won’t change for anyone.

He said from the get go that they didn’t make an effort to make a deal. Not sure what people expected him to do. He said he wanted to spend some time with his family. GH didn’t want to make a deal so he moved on. I was really bummed to. But, I was glad to see him on Y&R so at least he was still on my screen

I remember it differently. He wanted to move to Nashville. That’s why everyone was so shocked at the YR job. We’re really just splitting hairs, though, because he’s gone from GH either way.

Your post caught my attention so I went and looked up the interview with Michael Logan/TV guide he did when he left GH. He was wanting to leave had sold his house he wasn’t negotiating blah, blah & blah. Then the last question was about JFP being at Y&R would he go over there he said I will never say never because I could show up there. Maybe next time he might want to go back and read his old interviews so he can keep his story straight. When he is gone and JFP I will start watching again but until then it stays off the DVR.

Yes, but in this interview he said at the time he couldn’t throw anyone under the bus at the time so he had to zip it.
GH did not renew his contract, didn’t even try and negotiate with him leading validity to the contention that they also didn’t play ball with Tristan Rogers and Kimberly Mcculough. Burton would have stayed had they negotiated a new contract with him. Instead they did not and meanwhile, they did what the could to ruin the character of Jason so 1. Fans would not mourn his leaving the show and 2. To make room for the pairing of Sam and John McBain. Frank n’ Ron wanted Steve Burton out of the way.

What soaps are you watching right now? Just curious.

It’s not “The Dylan Show.”


i smell something fishy, he should not try to get into politics cause he can’t keep his stories straight, there might be some truth about ABC not wanting to pay extra or give him that much time off like they do with Anthony Geary, yet if irecall he was trying to sell some show to sony along with bff jfp and james franco and i’m sure that played someting into him exiting GH along with him wanting to “retire”” and live in TN, who cares anymore, he can stay at Y&R with bff jfp and hopefully we’ll get a younger hotter Billy Miller to play NuJason.

To much Dylan time. To much Chelsea stuff. Enough, bring back the old style writers

@ 4everDays I still watch GH from time to time curious to see if Michelle Stafford /Nina is going to go all crazy on us, shades of the first years of Phyllis on Y&R when she was so much fun to watch before they put an apron on her and made her crazy over a school boy. I did catch SK/Deacon on B&B simply because I think when he has good material he is smoldering. Y&R I just read the recaps of the storylines I refuse to watch a show that the writing and the acting is so BAD that a high school play holds my attention more. Still have not went back to Days I have not watched in so long I would be lost.

I love it! It means that Doug will be around for a while! I think Steve and Doug will be great together ! Can’t wait.


I agree that Avery and Dylan are boring. I think Avery is always boring. I like Dylan with Paul and think it could be a great story. I liked Dylan and Chelsea but that didn’t last.

Dullan is the worst. I knew when JFP brought him in he’d eat the show alive. I’ve never seen one of the most untalented actors get this much screen time in my life. It’s disgraceful that CBS and Sony have allow JFP to turn Y&R into absolute trash. They need to send both Dullan and Avery off to the great cook-off in the sky. Can’t stand either of them.

I enjoyed Steve Burton on CH and I enjoy him on Y&R. Y&R was due for a refresher of characters and stories after so many missteps in the MAB era. Is everything the JFP team done good? No. But there is progress. I like Paul and Nikki together very much, more than Victor and Nikki. Seeing them more on the screen is a plus for me. The idea of Paul and Christine worrying about a baby now seems a little farfetched. I know there are late-in-life pregnancies but really? I am weary of Victor and would appreciate a change in direction somehow. Does he smile? I miss the Abbotts as a core family. I miss scenes with any family or group doing routine things. The Abbott breakfasts. Those nights everyone seemed to be at dinner at The Collonnade Room. Some luxurious model shoots or concerts. Please find more engaging storylines for the Winters family and for Jill. And mine the histories (the good histories) for new developments. It is difficult to care about an Austin or such when we really do not feel his need for revenge other than realizing it is a plot device.

Oh crimminy – The Dylan Show ? Really ? How silly is that ?
I’m thrilled that Paul is Dylan’s bio dad.
Paul and Nikki have a long standing history – and the reveal that they now share a child (an ADULT) one at that ….doesn’t mean it has to be a threat to Victor or Christine.
I would think that Victor would be more comfortable with Paul being Dylan’s dad than evil Ian Ward.
Nikki is already establishing ties with Dylan ,this gives Paul another shot at parenthood……bonus if he and Christine wind up pregnant.

ITA! I like Dylan, Avery is fine, no, they’re not the most exciting couple in the world, but does every couple have to be in the midst of some drama every day?
You can’t please everyone.
As far as dull goes, imo, neil is the dullest person on the show, along with the perpetually horny Cain and the perpetually snotty Lily.
I am so sick of their faux paris scenes I could vomit.
Colin is another bore and I don’t know what they’re doing to jill besides making her dummy of the year.
Hey writers, check your facts, Inheritances are NOT community property UNLESS you co-mingle the funds.
JFP is not the greatest, but she sure is compared to MAB and Latham.

Whether or not what he say is true what went down at GH, its still the dullan show…however, its better to tie him to a legacy character like Paul than newbie Ian!!!

He’s not even on as much. It’s been the Shick show more than anything. Between that and Victoria/Billy, they’ve taken up most of the show.

Seems like he is a good guy, happy with his career, and okay with GH recasting Jason.

That’s right Steve, blame fans who don’t like “change” , divert, & NEVER answer the questioned posed. We fans are too dumb to notice. O_o

What are you talking about?

I am not at all keen on the Dylan S/L also the same goes for Avery she is supposed to be a Lawyer not a cook they are making Y & R ridiculous they need to improve on all S/L and for heavens sake get replacements for the actors who have left.
I do hope that the rumor is right that they have asked MM back to play Adam again, and please wake Phylis up from her Coma ! enough already.

Phyllis has been recast so she should appear soon.

Oh super that is such good news I am looking forward to seeing the new Phyllis.

Yes! Hire back Mr. Muhney.

JFP did indeed ask MM to come back to the role of Adam Newman but to put it politely, he told her to take her offer and shove it. This is why the show has ramped up it’s efforts to recast the role of Adam Newman in the last week or so. Still no word on who will be playing Adam.

Just glad that Steve is on YR

Gosh could this guy be anymore full of himself? I use to care but now he can have the show because it is not the Y&R Bill Bell created.

How is he full of himself? He’s actually a really nice guy. He’s not even on a lot.

I am with you, Scyren–I thought he came off as being down to earth in that interview.

Yeah, he does come off that way in the interview.

He was good as Jason but he bores me now

Not his fault. It’s writers fault.

So, it seems you are going down the line of comments & challenging those who see through this PR political disaster. JFP, is that you?

Hey, if you are handed lemons, you make lemonade.

I love the fact that Paul is Dylan’s bio dad. I don’t think it’s the “Dylan” show at all. I think there is a pretty fair balance of all the characters although most of the s/l’s are totally boring.

I followed Jason to Y&R love the show and there can never be too much Dylan! And I think Steve Burton handled leaving GH like the gentleman he is!

Indeed! He is a great guy. Doesn’t deserve the nasty coments. GH treated him badly. He’d been there for 20 years and deserved some consideration to work a few less days to be with his family. I started watching UR as soon as it was announced and am so glad I get to see him. If you think he and Avery are boring, don’t blame them. Blame the writing.

No, I think the main reason people think it’s the Dylan show is because it has been so much “the Avery show” for the past year, and Dylan was made her boyfriend. And before Avery, it was Chelsea. I wish tptb would let this story be about Nikki, Paul and Dylan, and leave Avery out of it, although I know they won’t. I know Jessica Collins/Avery has fans, but I’m not one of them and she bores me.

I do agree with you about Avery. But, honestly, Steve is not on as much as people make him out to be. I can’t stand Avery.

True. I think the animosity is really about JFP, and he’s a logical easy target because of their friendship.

I don’t think the Dylan show is about screen time, it is about the fact this new character is being connected to everyone on the show. He is Nikki’s and Paul’s son which ties him to the Newman’s, Nick, Victoria, Abby etc. He is tied to Williamson’s now. He is tied to Ben, who only came on the show as his friend and now is thrown into front burner status; to Avery which ties him to all their stories and connections of that character such as Phyllis and Summer. And now with Paul he is indirectly tied to Lauren and Michael because they are friends of Paul. He is friends with Sharon. In less than a year this new character is woven deep into the fabric of the story and in all my years of watching I never seen that happen before. It is only a matter of time before they find a way to connect him to the Abbotts, and then he will literally be a the center of Y&R universe, and that is what they mean by the Dylan show.

To Mary SF, if you’ve never seen a character be integrated into the show the same way as Dylan, you must have missed when Avery joined Y&R. She came on and was immediately connected to Victor, Sharon and Adam. Then Phyllis, Daniel and Summer became her family. She was involved with Michael Baldwin and Leslie. Was given a connection to Nick and Faith, then Dylan. Everyone loves her, and she’s so great we had to watch endless shows featuring her cupcakes and cooking show! Avery has been front burner since her arrival in 2011. Yes, Dylan has been woven into the show, just as he should be as a new character. Does he get too much exposure? Maybe a little, but that’s on the writers, just as it is with Avery.

There’s a difference between not making a deal, and being asked for things that can’t be worked out no matter how much they want to keep an actor.

I suspect there were rumblings of him going to Y&R or the manager wouldn’t have been called and asked. Probably put out there to hopefully get better leverage to get what he wanted. Didn’t work.

I was really tired of the one dimensional character of Jason anyway. I’m hoping with a new actor they will send Jason in a new direction (or should I say old direction) of Jason Quartermaine. I miss the Qs, ALL of them! I would love to have Monica, Dillon, Ned, Jason, Allen (no reason Robin can’t be saving him too), Tracy, and Skye all back under Monica’s house (Allen gave it to her!)

I don’t see how they can just change Jason’s personality after all these years unless they totally make him Jason Q again (which I honestly have no desire to watch).

“Old” Jason was planning on becoming a doctor & following in his parents’ footsteps before his accident. While recasting Jason may bring some new opportunities, the chances of him taking over the Q’s medical mantle @ GH have long passed. I really don’t know what GH will do with Jason if he’s brought back, other than have him throw a wrench into the romantic lives of Sam & Elizabeth. It’s not like they need more romantic male leads @ GH. There is an overabundance as it is.

I dont blame him, per se. I blame that showruiner JPF.

I think he has been pretty gracious and seems to be a decent guy, I just dont like the character and the way he is being anchored to the canvas.

Maybe JFP should have played ball with the real talent that walked out the door in the past year and given a less is more approach to Dylan.

Completely agreed, GH didn’t “play ball” with Burton, but JFP has done the exact same thing with Y&R’s top talent. Billy Miller is a prime example. He wanted a few changes made to his contract and Y&R didn’t offer them to him, which forced him to walk. Since then, the role of Billy has been a trainwreck in terms of casting because David Tom doesn’t fit the role anymore and now a new guy is coming in when all we want is BM back.

As far as “The Dylan Show” goes, I think Y&R is pretty balanced in terms of using its characters. Yes, Dylan was sort of crammed down our throats at first, and I think it would have been different if he was an interesting character. But the writing for the whole show has been subpar and the storylines are boring right now.

Side note, isn’t it ironic that Miller is now rumored up for Burton’s old GH role, and they both had the same problems with the shows they worked for?

I completely agree with everything you said!!

Yes, I miss the Quartermaines, also. Those writers have turned GH into a copy of One Life to Live. Too many stories with little meaning and no resolutions. Hated that story and stopped watching years ago.

So he never really did address the issue of him being on the screen so much.

Who cares why he left GH. The issue the fans have is the amount of unfair screen time he has. That was the question posed…and NOT answered.

I don’t think ANYONE would have given a s##t if he’d been introduced like most new soap characters.

He said in the original article that he is not on that much. What else was he supposed to say.

All he said above is that the fans don’t like change.

That’s not addressing people feeling it’s become the Dylan show.

He IS on less these days, but Phelps made him her priority since day one.

His time on the show has been mostly a big mess.

This article is linked to the original one. Did you read the full article? Cause he directly said he’s not on that much and that is why he doesn’t understand why people say the Dylan show. He said that it was more understandable when people called it The Jason show on GH.

Furthermore, he does not dictate script and lines. Why are people in his face? Go complain to JFP. The whole freaking show is a big mess. The writing for everyone sucks. Are we suppose to blame the actors and get pissed at him. I don’t know what you want him to say.

That is why he would make a good politician never gives a straight answer! I loathe the show the storylines are so dull I mean they have literally neutered the character of Jack. Neil is acting like a needy teenager and bringing Camryn Grimes on as Mariah epic fail because Cassie was so loved. Billy falling for Chelsea the woman who drugged him and raped him. Nuts!

Exactly! Not once did he answer a direct question with a direct answer.

Giving Dylan a twin would kill Y&R.

I believe most all knew Paul was Dylan father from near day one..
Y&R is very obvious with their plots.
Seems the fans usually know months ahead of time what comes to be ..

also to mention-
It was mainly ABC, not RC or FV that did not OK the deal SB wanted..

believe it or not, RC and FV are not totally in control of GH, ABC is.. 🙂

I like Steve Burton on Y&R. I don’t think it’s the Dylan show. It’s most of the rest of the show that’s a problem. All the un-interesting characters and too many of them. Not to mention, just like GH didn’t make a deal with Steve, Y&R did the same with Billy Miller. I can honestly say, they truly, let the fans down in a BIG way with that one. Between not being able to enjoy Villy anymore and what would have been a great storyline between Billy and Victoria, plus numerous boring characters/actors, it is turning this show into something un-identifiable. Sad.

Glad he’s having so much fun on the show–that’s what it’s about. The actors have all the fun and the viewers none.

I don’t think it’s the Dylan show, but there have been times when a little goes a long way and I don’t mean that in a good way. I have fast forwarded through a lot of Dylan/Avery scenes because they are so inane. The cooking story added nothing. I guess it was so they could get to Paul being shot and the sire story, but surely there had to be a less painful way to get there.

Ha, Mo–your first two sentences made me chuckle.
I do agree, however, I do not see this as the Dylan show at all. When Burton first arrived in Genoa City I was really enjoying his new role as Dylan. He showed he really does have the acting chops. He was poignant and touching playing an ex American soldier suffering from PTD. Moreover, he got to wear color and he looked great! I thought he enjoyed great chemistry with Sharon but for some reason the writers and maybe JFP were determined to pair him up with Avery. Sometimes writers and producers fall in love with the idea of a couple and they stubbornly cling to that idea despite all evidence which shouts out that it’s not working.
Again, I don’t mind Burton being in front burner storylines if the writing and the coupling is up to par. Sadly, it is not.

I am thrilled Dylan’s is Paul’s son– I don’t know why they even bothered with this Ian Ward nonsense in the first place– it should have been Paul from the get go—

As for the Dylan show– what is done is done– Dylan is now woven into the fabric of the show– so I’m embracing it— I rather watch Dylan than watch what they did to Neil and Lily– both characters are no longer the Neil and Lily I grew to love— I rather Dylan than watch Summer, or Noah and his girlfriend, Tyler and Abby etc. If the plan was to make all the other characters and stories so bad that Dylan looks good next to them then it is working. LOL

I for one think SB is a great actor. I have been watching gh for 40 years lets just say its time to give it a rest people Steve is a good actor and needed change who cares weather or nothe stayed or went he is getting paid not me! Lol he can also take on any role . I think as far as playing Dylan he is doing a good job. the show is not just about him they have to finish stories, so they gave him a longer one. good for him I like seeing him play Pauls son anyday. so go SB on your journey you deserve it for being a great actor, you have my support I watch both shows.

Am I the only person who finds him very cocky? I’ve never been a huge fan of him as an actor, but ever since he left GH and went to Y&R, he, as a person, has come off very negatively, too me. Even in this article, when asked about complaints of it being “The Dylan Show” because of his constant airtime, he throws it back on the fans saying that “they just don’t like change.” No, change is fine, change is good in moderation, not when a character is suddenly everywhere, all the time. Now, granted, that’s not Steve’s fault necessarily, he isn’t a writer or producer, but instead of casting that onto the fans, his answer should have been akin to, “Hey, I just work when I’m told to work, you’ll have to ask that to Jill or Jean or Shelly.”

Also, he originally said he left GH because he was moving to Nashville and wanted to spend more time with his family. But he’s on Y&R an awful lot, it seems like he isn’t granted all that time to be with his family. Which is interesting because all Billy Miller wanted from Y&R was more time to do other projects and Jill Farren Phelps and CBS refused him.

Honestly, I was never a Jason fan so I was happy when he left GH, very happy, so I won’t complain about that. Stay at Y&R, for all I care, as long as he doesn’t come back to Port Charles.

No, you are not alone on this. I agree with your assessment.

🙂 I was expecting hate from his fans; it’s nice to know I’m not alone, thanks.

Nikki…I totally agree with you!!!!! Thank you.


Nikki there are obviously a lot of viewers who are not that in love with the actor. I believe GH ratings with women have went up since he left and Y&R’s have gone down.

Bwahaaaahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! – the ratings must REALLY be terrible for him to put this plea out there for fans to watch! …..I’m a long term watcher and I’m not buying it…..He said they wouldn’t give in to his demands…..and I DON”T BLAME THEM ONE BIT!……I only imagine this as Steve thinking that he wa GH’s bread and butter and he wanted his comeuppance – like Tony Geary….Even Maurice Bernard isn’t bytching about pay…..that’s what blows his story outta the water because if ANYBODY should be asking for more money and expecting it, then it would be Maurice…….Steve bit the bullet and that’s it – what’s done is done and I hope ABC shuts that door forever. He should have considered the FANS – the ones that make his pay negotiable…..So I hope his plane rides have been lovely and his commute is even better now – be well and enjoy the new addition to your family…You certainly have the time you asked for now, no need for explanations…..LoL!!!!

I don’t believe Steve Burton as to how and why he moved to Y&R. That was the plan between him and Jill all along when his contract came up for renewal. BUT, I no longer watch Y&R so I don’t care what Steve Burton does, I think he’s dull and not a very good actor. Why he is even nominated for a Emmy is beyond me, what did he do to deserve the nomination? I see Jill’s hand in this. I refuse to watch the Emmys but I will be hoping Steve does not win.

Good riddance from GH. I never liked Jason Morgan after he became Sonny’s flunkie. I hope the inevitable Jason re-cast goes the Quartermaine route.

He doesn’t answer the obvious, he doesn’t address the fact that most fans don’t buy the load his is selling…and sadly he doesn’t get he is a downright bore.




I stopped watching Y&R after Delia’s pointless death. Now I might watch ten minutes a month at the most. And every time I tune in, without fail, it’s Dylan standing around, looking like an idiot. Or maybe his character is just meant to be perplexed 24/7. His acting was better on GH twenty years ago than it is now–there’s plenty of evidence on YouTube.

I am not surprised that Dylan is prob Paul’s son. This will drive Christine crazy since she is so jealous of Nikki. As for “the Dylan Show” it’s a breath of fresh air for this soap. Victor and Jack’s feud is getting old . The craziness of Jill and Colon’s relationship is so phony. As is Sharon’s secret. Recast Phyllis and bring her back.

The biggest problem with this character has been the show’s insistence on making him a paragon of perfection from the second he appeared.

He’s a war hero. He’s got mad carpentry skillz. He saves little kids lost in the woods. He marries grifters who claim he put a baby in them. He rebuilds kitchens for chicks with the bi-polars after a tree falls on their roof. He shares his Turkey Day dinner with people who are alone for the holiday. Even the off-camera affair he had with a married woman was explained so that the blame was her husband’s for being inattentive ’cause you know, Dylan would never do anything wrong on-camera or off.

And now the one potentially interesting thing about him — being fathered by an evil cult leader — is being rewritten so that he can be the son of the town’s wicked awesome and totes beloved police chief (whose own past as a ladies man and absentee dad — at best — who killed one of his own kids has pretty much been swept under the rug like it’s no big).

The good news for Paul is that if he doesn’t pull through, he knows he’s a lock for a halo with “sired Dylan McAvoy” on his resume…

This is not “The Dylan Show”, grow up people, really tired of these fans trying to dissect every word and motive of the actors. Move on stop watching the show. let the story unfold…..grow up, you don’t have half as much writing talent as these writers, your opinions don’t really matter.

Our opinions do matter. If our opinions don’t matter, then we don’t matter. If we don’t matter, then Y&R does not matter. The fans tune out and Y&R dies.

I’m so happy to have Days of OUR Lives!

I’d rather watch the “Dylan Show” as opposed to the “Winters Show!” Steve can only act out what is written. I see the writing on the wall with JFP. If they do fire her, I wonder if Steve Burton would want to stay on Y&R?

“You don’t have half as much talent as these writers..” Really? Maybe you don’t, but I’m fairly certain that many of us who have been long time Y&R fans, could write a WAY better show than the current regime is constantly putting out. I would love to, actually! Tell CBS to give me a call and we’ll return to this discussion in a few months. 🙂

You are absolutely right. It was the fans who insisted that Dylan should be Paul ‘s son when JFP was trying to cram Ian Ward down our throats. Glad JFP relented and gave this to the fans as this is the only story helping to stem ratings from bleeding down below the 4 million mark. But alas, she chose again to put Paul in a hospital death bed so the fans have to endure another agonizing dying storyline. And watch more vets crying relentlessly. Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhhhh!


There is a difference in what Miller wanted and what SBu wanted. What SBu wanted sounds more like a steady schedule that allowed him to work in LA and have time in Nashville.

What Miller wants/wanted is a schedule that producers and writers can’t necessarily plan aroundn. If Miller gets a job and can’t be on set that throws a major wrench in the works especially if the show tapes only 4 to 6 weeks a head. As a producer you can’t plan long term for a major character if he wants to pursue other projects. It isn’t practical.

It is easier to work with an actor who may want extra time on a consistent basis than with an actor who may come in and say ” I just picked up a pilot that may go to series so I won’t be available for the next month” after the scripts have been written.

Reading all these blogs we are really all,so unhappy with our once beautiful Y & R I used to wait anxiously
everyday for MY prog. It was always so exciting, those days are gone now I am watching out of habit, I FF most episodes.
Where as I used to always watch it live after 40 years, time has only made it such a sad show instead of the delightful and happy hours I spent watching, I do not think it will ever improve sad to say seems to me the heart has gone out of it,And TBTB do not care what we say !
Thank you Michael for at least giving us a place to Blog about our feelings.

I feel many of us are watching out of habit and FF a high percent..
I watch on-line and I FF through the couples, they are so lame boring, and the stories are horribly long and boring..
I watch about 10 mins, rest is FF ..
what a shame ..

Eileen Davidson will air next month on Days of our Lives.




Simply put: I am an admirer of Steve’s work from the beginning . It’s great to see him wherever he is and the behind the scene politics don’t concern me.

GH had become The Jason Show before Burton left, so it’s not surprising the same thing is happening with his character at Y&R, especially considering who’s running the show. I don’t miss him on GH. His character had become stale and way over exposed. So even though people are still talking about how and why he left, personally, I think it was for the best. GH is doing fine without him.

I like Dylan and love the fact he is Paul’s son.Thats actually one thing on Y&R that went the right way.

I’m not surprised about “The Dylan Show” comments because I am guessing that the show paid top dollar for Steve Burton to join the show.

I honestly don’t think it was a matter of money. I think why it didn’t work out with General Hospital and DID with Young and the Restless is because Steve was used to having some of the highest episode counts, far above most of the other GH actors, which led to criticism of it being “The Jason Show” (deja vu!). But when the current GH regime took over, I think they told him they wanted a more ensemble feel and he’d no longer have that screen time, where as, his good friend Jill Farren Phelps, who always gave him that screen time and was now at Y&R, said “You’d continue to have that high episode count over here.” and then he leaves GH, goes to Y&R, and now it’s the same old complaint, but with a different character name- “The Dylan Show”.

I don’t think that Steve left General Hospital for a lack of money. I meant that I think The Young & The Restless has created “The Dylan Show” because of the amount of money they are paying Steve Burton. I’m sure they are paying him well because he is very popular and talented. They want to make good use of the money spent. But, who knows really? Not me! HA!

I don’t know how they can say it is the “Dylan Show”. I started watching Y&R only to see Steve Burton and it seems I don’t watch the show more than I watch it.
I am beginning to wonder why they brought him over because all I’ve seen him do is pour coffee. I have been very disappointed with the lack of story. I’m hoping this will all change.

To all those bashing Mr.Burton, he is a genuinely good guy. I know multiple people who have met him & have nothing but good things to say about him. He made a career choice and by no means is Dylan ruining the show. In fact, I recently met Sharon Case and she said that Steve is one of the kindest people she has worked with. So, before you make assumptions about him, try to consider there are two sides to every story.

love steve burton and i never heard it called the dylan show i am just glad he is getting a story and that paul will be his dad. glad he is on this show since GH wouldnt give him a deal,least we still get to see him,no compaints here.

I’ve been hanging in faithfully to/with ABC soaps since the end of ’68. I’ve watched SB grow up on GH from a young guy of 20/21 to a man in his 40’s, and always admired how well he acted the part of Jason Morgan. It is to his credit that he could take his character from the extremely bright and sweet character who had a calling to become a Doctor, to a brain- damaged kid who divorced his past and became an emotionless(for the most part) enforcer to a mob boss. I think SB had the perfect right to make whatever change was necessary to support his growing family, and even though I don’t watch the Y&R I’ve heard from my Mother that he is doing a great job there. I am a soap fan like everyone else on this board, and there have been times I have vented about this or that but I don’t understand why people attack an actor when they don’t even know him or her in real life. I’ve never met Steve, and apart from the positive things that his co-workers have all said about him, I’ve talked to people I know personally who have worked with Steve and the consensus is that he is a kind, caring, down to earth, funny guy who really gets along with everyone on a set, be it technical people to his co actors. I perceive him as a regular guy who loves his growing family and wants to take care of them in the best possible way. Wouldn’t any one of us like to be in his shoes? Is there someone out there that wouldn’t gratefully accept an offer from a friend( like JFP)for a work opportunity when they needed it? I don’t think for one moment that SB doesn’t appreciate his fans whether they are from GH or Y&R and this hype about Y&R becoming”the Dylan show” is really hackneyed.

Beautifully said!!


I am just happy he never showed up on Days or I would be hitting the FF button. Dylan is a boring, character played by a one dimensional actor.

He was CROWNED KING of Y&R. The Genoa City palace was already full of princes and a couple of kings. They did not need King Dylan. He did nothing to improve ratings, and minus Michelle, Michael, Billy and Liz, things are going downhill.
We loved the characters we know and have, this newby wasn’t needed.

Well said, Jo!!!!! I AGREE!!!!!

Chaz…Y-E-S…THANK YOU!!!!! You are so RIGHT ON!!!!! More and more (real-life and all), watching some of my neighbors FIGHT (verbally or whatever) offers WAY MORE EXCITEMENT than watching that blah and bland Dylan…LOL!!!!! I’ll take watching my certain neighbors THROW DOWN AND ALL over watching that dull-as-dirt Dylan ANY DAY…LOL!!!!! And…whenever Dylan The Dullard starts huffing, puffing and stomping all over Genoa City (aka the show), I keep pressing (over and over again) the Mute button on my DVR remote control until he stops talking…LOL!!!!! Yep.

Take care, Chaz. Peace.

Why is the dude still talking about Gh?? Hmm is he upset Gh is gold with out him? Or is it because Biller Miller is about to show him what a real emmy supporting actor is all about? Me thinks both.

I have enjoyed Steve Burton’s performances on BOTH “General Hospital”
and “Young and Restless.” I liked his teamwork with both Sonny and Spinelli
on GH, especially…….and go ahead and bash me, but I enjoy seeing him with
Avery, Nikki, and even Victoria on “Y and R.” I certainly don’t care for everything
that’s gone on lately on “Young and Restless,” like the awful Delia storyline,
but the Dylan stuff is OK with me…….I even like his friendship with Stitch!

Sometimes when I watch Stever Burton on Y and R, I have to wonder if
he’s glad not to be playing a mob enforcer–I know I couldn’t stand all the
excess “mob wars” and violence on GH at times (although I did like
Sonny and Jason’s chemistry together), and if I was an actor, I think I’d
go nuts if I couldn’t play some other part than a mobster during my career!
Happy that Dylan does not keep a big gun at the ready in his lockbox,
like Jason used to do!

Sally I agree with you completely. You know all the bashing about Dylan and his acting abilities is getting a bit boring also. I have watched Y&R since it first started and there have been actors and actresses that you just could not stand, but that was their role’s. You know right now this storyline with Victoria and Billy and Stitch makes me sick and I would love to reach thru the screen and shake the devil out of her LOL, but its a role. She is so caught up with what Billy done that she forgets what she is doing. I mean she is still married to Billy and pregnant with a baby and does not know who the daddy is because she slept with Stitch and that was right after she slept with Billy because she still loves Billy but she cannot trust him. REALLY! You really think she is Miss Perfect. Sorry Sally Had to get that off my chest!!! LOL But I still do not sit around and bash her because of the role she plays now or in the past or in the future. She’s an actress and a good one and Y&R may have some story lines that are not what we like sometimes but they have a great ones also.

More and more, Y&R is getting WAY TOO RIDICULOUS…CONSTANTLY throwing that dull-as-dirt Dylan onto our TV screens 24/7!!!!! BLECH and more BLECH!!!!! As an example (or whatever), I wish that Y&R would bring Carmine back. Hey…to me, Carmine is WAY MORE ENTERTAINING than Dylan!!!!! And…Marco Dapper is SO WONDERFULLY EASY on the eyes…H-E-L-L-O!!!!! Bottom Line Here: I’ll gladly watch Carmine The Crazy/Cuckoo Bartender over that Dylan The Dullard ANY DAY…LOL!!!!!

I love the show Young and the Restless. I think its fantastic that Paul and Dylan are related. It will make a great story line.

I love the young and the restless!! I just don’t want Paul to die. They just killed Delia off, Katherine Chancellor is gone!!! Now to take Paul off is going to cause them to lose me as a fan!!!! They don’t have to compete!!! Too many people, male & female fans love this show. I like the fact that Paul is Dylan’s dad but don’t kill him off!!!!

General Hospital

GH’s Mark Teschner Tells Casting Stories of Johnny Wactor, Giovanni Mazza, Rebecca Herbst & Nicholas Chavez

This week during a very informative and insightful conversation, General Hospital’s 11-time Emmy-winning casting director and now a Daytime Emmy Silver Circle honoree, Mark Teschner spoke on finding the talent for specific roles on the ABC daytime drama series throughout his near three and half decades with the show.

During a livestream chat on the Michael Fairman Channel, Teschner recalled some of the behind the scenes casting stories that brought many beloved favorites to the GH family including the late Johnny Wactor (ex-Brando), the newly-arrived, Giovanni Mazza (Gio), longtime fan favorite, Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth), and rising star, Nicholas Chavez (ex-Spencer) to name but a few.

When speaking with sadness over the loss of Wactor, who was shot and killed back on May 25th, and what he brought to the character of Brando, Teschner recalled, “With Johnny, what you see is what you get. You see the most kind decent, standup guy, and that’s innately who he is. So, that quality comes through in his work and with the character.”

Photo: HutchinsPhoto

Mark explained, “Brando was a raw kind of hothead, troubled kind of character, and Johnny was able to go there. He had a real intensity that he was able to bring to the role, but at the same time, the character of Brando had to have this depth and this giant heart that he doesn’t necessarily reveal when you first see him. Well, Johnny had the biggest heart of anyone you’ll ever meet. So that essence was already there, and then his acting and his skill played the character. Johnny brought so much of who he was to the character, and there was something so authentic about him.”

Photo: ABC

Giovanni Mazza recently debuted on GH as “Gio”, so what was his road to landing in Port Charles? Teschner shared, “I was casting a recurring role for a 15-year-old on the show, but when I’m doing the audition, sometimes I’ll open it up because we try to cast true to age, really within a year or so.  If you think about it, all the kids in our show are the exact age of the characters that they’re playing. Because if you have somebody that’s older playing younger, it sticks out because they’re not going to blend age-wise. But I did read a number of actors that were older just because they looked interesting. Gio’s audition came in. I was viewing this through self tapes, and there was just something about him. It wasn’t just that he was a great-looking kid, it was just there’s something very soulful about him and something very compelling, and he draws you in. ”

Photo: ABC

Mark continued, “So with the group of the 15-year-olds that I sent to Frank Valeintini (EP, GH), I said, ‘Hey, I’m including this kid, Giovanni Mazza. I’m well aware he’s too old, but I just want you to see him.’

After having him come into audition, two weeks later, Frank called Mark and told him they were putting Gio under contract. Teschner added, “So, that was an example where it was his first week in LA, it was his first and ever audition. So we got  before anybody else.  I think he’s really gonna develop into, you know, quite a young actor.”

Becky Herbst has been beloved as Elizabeth for decades, and Teschner recounted her audition process and how she came to the role of Elizabeth. “She (originally) auditioned for the role of Sarah Webber. But the role of Elizabeth was created for Becky. While the character of Sarah did not last long, here we are with Becky 30 years later.”

Teschner cited Becky’s casting as a great example. “I always tell actors when they come into audition, you lay it out, you put it all out there, you bring everything you have to that role. You may not get the role, but if you do good work, you get remembered. And it’s so true.”

Photo: ABC

Nicholas Chavez popped in the role of Spencer Cassadine before exiting the series. Teschner tells how Chavez came onto the GH casting radar. “Nicholas sent his self tape in from Florida and the rest is history. He had a meteoric impact on the show.” Mark added, “You always have an expectation and the hope that they’re (the actor) going to nail it and run with it. But sure, there are actors, you think, ‘They’re gonna be awesome,’ and then all of a sudden it goes to another level. With Nicholas Chavez, we knew he’d be amazing, but you know, who knew? Well, we did.”

Watch the full conversation with Mark Teschner below where he talks about even more of the casting stories behind some of your GH favorites, then and now.

What you think of the Teschner’s eye for talent casting the characters of General Hospital? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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General Hospital

(WATCH) 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards Winners Interviews

Last Friday night at the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards, many of the daytime drama series and performer winners took to the ‘Winners Walk’ to share their reactions on taking home the gold in their respective categories.

Speaking with Michael Fairman TV were: Outstanding Lead Actress winner, Michelle Stafford (Phyllis, The Young and the Restless), Outstanding Lead Actor, Thorsten Kaye (Ridge, The Bold and the Beautiful) along with friend and former B&B co-star, Alley Mills (ex-Pam, now Heather, GH), and his daughter McKenna, who attended the ceremonies with her dad.

In addition, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Daytime Drama Series, Robert Gossett (Marshall, General Hospital) stopped by to celebrate his win, as did Outstanding Supporting Actress, Courtney Hope (Sally, The Young and the Restless).

Photo: NATAS

General Hospital won both Outstanding Directing Team in a Daytime Drama Series and Outstanding Writing for a Daytime Drama Series, and both former co-head writers, Dan O’Connor and Chris Van Etten, spoke to us following their victories, as did the Directing team led by Robert Markham, Tina Keller and Allison Reames.

The Young and the Restless icon star, Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman) along with her husband, The Bold and the Beautiful’s producer Edward J. Scott were the recipients of the Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award honors, and spoke on what it was like to take the stage and deliver their acceptance speeches after the moving tribute from many of their colleagues.

Photo: NATAS

Make sure to check out our red carpet interviews from soap’s biggest night and all the winners conversations via You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel.

Now, watch our 2024 Daytime Emmy winners interviews below.  Then, let us know who you were most happy to see taking home an Emmy for their work via the comment section.

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General Hospital

Bryan Craig Teases ‘Who Could It Be’ in Response to General Hospital’s Returning Mystery Man

Since General Hospital’s executive producer, Frank Valentini dropped a major bombshell of what’s to come on the long-running daytime drama at the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards, the guessing games have begun of just what former GH actor is returning to the cast this summer.

Speaking with ABC’s On The Red Carpet, as previously reported, Valentini shared, “A former cast member is coming back. And I think that the audience will go crazy for HIM.”

That has led to major online speculation that it could be anyone from: Jonathan Jackson (ex-Lucky), Greg Vaughn (ex-Lucky), Ted King (ex-Lorenzo Alcazar), Nicholas Chavez (ex-Spencer), and Bryan Craig (ex-Morgan) among others, that might be the gentlemen being referenced.

Photo: JPI

On Wednesday, responding to a post on the subject from Soap Opera Digest, Bryan Craig commented, “Who could it be ….”  Now, clearly he can just be having some fun with the situation to throw fans off-track, or he might be giving us a tease of what’s to come.

Before exiting GH, the actor won two Daytime Emmys for his performances as Morgan Corinthos in 2016 and 2017.  Craig appeared on GH from 2013-2016 and made a return in 2018. Since departing GH, Bryan has appeared most recently in Freeform’s Good Trouble and ABC’s Grand Hotel, plus several independent films.

The character of Morgan was killed-off the show when Olivia Jerome set a bomb that exploded in the car that Morgan got into, but was meant to kill Olivia’s brother Julian Jerome. Morgan’s death caused a huge split in the relationship of Carly and Sonny.

So, do you think Bryan Craig is just having fun with the audience, or do you think it’s possible he is the big return Frank Valentini is talking about? Comment below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Michael Easton as Finn

General Hospital

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