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Eileen Davidson Signs New Contract With The Young and the Restless!

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Major news out of Soap Opera Digest this morning!  None other than Outstanding Lead Actress Daytime Emmy nominee, Eileen Davidson has decided to sign on with a new contract at her original stomping grounds The Young and the Restless where she plays Ashley Abbott!

According to SOD, Eileen revealed on Y&R’s tenacity to get the popular star back in Genoa City: “They has been reaching out for quite a while and wondering what I wanted, so the deal we made suits my life very well. I’m really happy. I’ve put in a lot of years in this medium, which I don’t take for granted, so I’m very grateful.”

So what does this mean for Eileen’s return to DAYS as Kristen DiMera?  Davidson will have her 12-week story arc playing out on the NBC soap opera, while she starts airing in early September on Y&R!  There will be plenty of Eileen on your daytime screens in the months ahead … that is for certain!  So, what do you think of the news of Eileen returning to Y&R?   Just what will happen when Ashley is in town a lot more in Genoa City? Let us know your thoughts!

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WOW! Good news for Y&R fans. Hopefully with Phyllis returning and now Ashley, we’ll get some good character-driven story moving. Now if only the writing and production would improve…



Well if the writing improves it will be a good thing. At least she’s not a newbie.

GREAT NEWS…………………..

As much as Iove her and Ashley, its too late.

I watched yesterdays episode and could not believe how poorly written this show has become.

Melissa Egan and David Tom deserve emmy’s just for being able to say the crap lines they had to say.

I wont watch regularly and when I do I fast forward thru 80% of the hour.

Y&R has become unwatchable. She should have stayed at DAYS.

We’ve waited DAYS in and DAYS out for her return to the #1 YR!

I think the role of Kristin takes a lot out of Eileen. It’s so intense. I am sure Ashley is a lot easier to play. Just happy to have her on my screen somewhere. Congrats Eileen!

She’ll get a lot of rest as Ashley! Y&R=Yawn & Rest.

What a letdown. Eileen was by far the best part of DAYS during her first AND second run and it’s the show she seems to get the most accolades for. No character compares to Kristen or Susan.

I agree!

Your DAYS will never be the same…

Complete letdown! definitely, though Eileen must do what is right for her. Though, I didn’t know her return to DAYS this summer was a short-term thing. I never got into Y&R, but I’ve loved Kristen for all the days of her lives, lol…I was really looking forward to the addition of Kassie and Eileen, and now that she’s with Y&R, I’ll definitely appreciate Eileen on DAYS this summer, and equally pleased for Kassie’s arrival as Eve. Kristen for ever! She’s brilliant as Kristen, Susan, and all the others from what the 90s? WOW.

Kassie is a keeper!!!

Not happy about this news at all!
Was so excited watching her on Days, 12 weeks will not be enough :(((
Soooo disappointed ,her character on YR is boring :((
She belongs with Brady, John and Stefano :)))

She is (E)xiting (D)AYS to become a YawneR.

She must have a screw loose more than Kristen and Susan combined!

Yep! Her DAYS are numbered…

I think a lot of Days fans are going to be disappointed her stay in Salem with be a short one— but I am glad someone at Y&R feels investing in the core family like the Abbotts is a good thing. I just hope they don’t make Ashley go back with Victor, or throw her into some silly triangle with her and Victoria vying for Ben aka Stitch.

I just hope her contract allows her return visits to Salem!!

Oh shucks, downtrodden here

I knew her turn as Kristen was a story arc… I am just glad, like many, to have her on our screens…. and like you, Y&R would be an intelligent move to strengthen the core Abbotts.

but… I really do have to look at the cast of : Y&R and DOOL : and see a big difference…. Days may have 1 or 2 characters that just don’t integrate… actually they do… they are just featured too much…. (Daniel and Jenn)

Y&R on the other hand… you have to glean, search, where’s the talent for Eileen Davidson… aside from her brother? go back to tired Victor? we think there’d be enough drama for a trio with Stich, and Victoria… yes, actually. she’d make Abby better

ED Kristen could go any where on the days production and mix fit simmer vibe electric….


she’s a mainstay on our screens.

have to admit… her going to Y&R won’t change my mind and watch the show… it’s too empty

i’ll regurge… take a hit : a fall : no Jeanne, no Michael M., no Billy M., no Liz H., no Michelle S. that’s too big a gaping whole…. + spiral scripts / writing and lackluster newbies

I don’t see any upswing

I hope that one day

I don’t even feel a heart murmer for missing Genoa City

altho : if Ian and Ashley were to : nah… Gloria wants some

Would you please write in complete sentences? Your rambling is barely coherent!

As long as she’s on Days, okay, if she’s not going to still be on Days, Boo.

Glad to hear this. Ashley is a staple on YR. Kristen is over the top and unnecessary on Days.

I like Brady with Teressa but an occasional visit by Kristen couldnt hurt, especially if they tone down a bit her campy ‘Whatever Happened To Baby Jane’ performance…lol

I absolutely love Eileen Davidson! I can’t wait to see her in Salem this summer! She is the reason I still watch DOOL, because I know that she will be returning-even if for a short period. I hope that Kristen kidnaps boring, one-dimensional, useless Theresa Donovan and locks her in the Dimera mansion secret room-never to be heard from or spoken of again. Please.

Eileen! 🙁

SUCH good news.

And I hope it’s the beginning of more news to come.

She’s needed on the show, and already had great chemistry with Abby, who needs salvaging, and Ben, who would be a great love interest.

I know DAYS fans are most likely disappointed, but we’ve loaned her to that show now for a couple years.

NICE to have her back home where she belongs!

All your replies are making me laugh, but most of them don’t have a reply option.

Really dude “we’ve loaned her to that show”..LOL, I guess if you are part of Ms Davidson real life entourage you will know that and say that, but I think you are not. Or maybe you are, my bad!!

I am very happy for her getting a contract that offers her what she wants in life..Once in a contract, she will NOT be going back and forth between the two soaps like she has done the last few years.

I been a Y&R fan for close to 20 years and DAYS fan about 3 years..She is great in both shows, but from what I seen of her in DAYS, her acting skills just go up to a different level, she is just riveting because that character has more dimensions.

I will miss her at DAYS, but will surely enjoy her on a regular basis on Y&R now that she is on contract .



“…I been a Y&R fan for close to 20 years and DAYS fan about 3 years..She is great in both shows, but from what I seen of her in DAYS, her acting skills just go up to a different level, she is just riveting because that character has more dimensions.”

you know… after the initial shock of how one’s favorite serial is affected… I’ll come around and still stew…. Days for all intent and purpose is above and beyond… a cohesive gelling close knit production…. my pick for best serial

Same as above…just playing around dude.

People have been chiding YR for a couple years now about her “choosing” to be on Days over YR.

Just giving a little bit of ribbing back.

Omar sure told you!

None one tells anyone anything on here.

It’s all opinion.

People can rant, rave, tease, cry, do whatever.

You just have to be able to take it as well as you give it.

Some can’t do that. Right? 🙂

Kristen and Susan are in her blood. Her new contract allows her to make returns to DAYS. She’ll Yawn and Rest and become Restless for DAYS!

She’s so excited to put those DAYS behind her so she can REST(less)!

Not enough to bring me back, but a very very very small start in the right direction.

Her Kristen was an awesome shot in the arm for Days and will be again but that type of whack job character is just not sustainable in the long haul. Her Ashley belongs and is needed in Genoa City. She brings a warmth and maturity to the show that only a beloved veteran can. I just hope this regime gives her a good story…out of Victor’s orbit. At this point…Ashley would look like a complete moron if she waded back into the Victor waters. It would be like she is looking and angling for her 17th nervous breakdown.

“…She brings a warmth and maturity to the show that only a beloved veteran can.”

you said it perfectly.

fan lament : has always been : THE WRITING for Ashley…. for the love of GOD… please! do not feature her with Victor…. it just smacks of same old same old… Victor is so tired crusty set in his old man ways… he’d never adhere to an Abbott… his fortune is no longer interesting after ALL his tenure.

I truly hope… theres a romance brewing for Nikki and Paul… god… wouldn’t it be something to see Nikki housewife’ing it at home…. cooking cleaning setting the table… in bed… waiting for Paul LOL… Mary Williams would shudder

I’m certain there will be a triangle with Stitch and Victoria… at this point… I hope Victoria comes out on top

geez! there really is a lack of magnetic available for Ashely… coming up empty… I really liked her with Neil Winters at one time

all in all it seems like a bandaid for Y&R… at this point in time…

I’m thinking too much of what’s going on at DAYS… it’s the better of the 4 shows stil

Really? a romance between Nikki and Paul– they did that a few years back and Nikki and Paul were engaged and then she dumped him and went back to the mustache. Paul would be a fool to go down that road again, knowing Nikki’s history, knowing she always goes back to Victor.

No, I want them to do something really out of the box and keep Victor and Nikki together until death do them part. Honestly, isn’t it time for those two to act their ages and stopped inflicting their self absorbed selves unto other people? Let them stay married

I can’t imagine fans in droves want much more with Victor and Nikki

dull tired insipid dire tragic lost

the writing is on the wall

best case scenario at best for what’s left

is Nikki get a life

veteran Paul with MTS still have some pull… why not start

the writing team just doesnt have that spell

I’d hope for Nikki… to be SOMETHING… just not Victor NEWMAN tirade / wife

Paul or Ian for a turnaround

just to see her have the last laugh unencumbered freeing all her

If they pair her up with Stitch I’m in. It’s time Ashley to let have some fun in GC!

I have always loved Ashley Abbott except during her last turn with Victor and that Adam haunting, switch-the-baby MESS!

I am hoping she returns and the writers keep her Newman free. I would like to see her in a story that involves Dina and the fact Ashley is not John Abbott’s bio daughter. I’d like to see a short-term storyline at least that reunites this core family and maybe strengthens its presence on the Genoa City canvas. And if Ashley gets a new love, let it be someone new and someone who engages her in romance or an enticing sexy mystery. She has been victim too much and Ashley is not a victim. And let’s not make her pregnant again! Why do the Bells put their 50ish women — and us — through that?

But I have come to love Miss Davidson on DAYS. This better-be-minted-an-Emmy-winner-come-Sunday actress deserves all this love.

She is definitely needed back on Days to save Brady and shake things up again. Other than as a love interest for Stitch, is there any place in the story for her at Y&R? I don’t know. They also need shaking up over there. Things have gotten predictable and BORING.

Kind of sad. While I do love Eileen, her story on DAYS suited her acting much more. Hopefully Ashley doesn’t become a lovesick fool again! I need a strong Ashley to show off the amazing talents of Eileen Davidson.

Great! We need more Abbots! Ashley needs a story, though. As much as I Dont like the actor who portrays Stitch, him and Ashley had a little chemistry. BUT, you know where Ashley ends up? Yes, in Victors arms. Nicki will be too busy with Paul. I would also write a triangle with Lauren, Michael, and Chris. These three need something to do.

Oh, no! No more triangles involving a woman and a man who raped her. I hope we’re beyond that sort of storytelling these days.

Well, her and Michael are civil to each other and it would be a good story in that how could a women fall for a guy who did once rape her? Luke and Laura moved on. I do not condone this in real life. Its a soap, stories either get retold or unique ones are created.

Eileen Davidson : I’m not in shock any more !

dang it! combustible for my Days of OUR Lives

this is just as big a hit as Y&R : Jeanne Cooper, Michael Muhney, Billy Miller, Liz Hendrickson, Michelle Stafford

this is just as big a hit as DAYS : Jason Scott, Alison Sweeney, Blake Berris, Chandler Massey, Eileen Davidson

I so hope the DAYS production is shock absorbing… earthquake proofing the loss… of:

I wonder if Shane and Kimberly would come home? would they re-hire Peter Reckell

it’s time to steam up Hope and Aiden
it’s time to steam up Kayla with Aiden… imagine all the drama between these two always on fire magnetic … A Brady and Horton woman pulling out all the stops

it’s time to steam up some T for Tad… w/Abs… as I don’t think nuBen is all that
it’s time to steam up some Bev… to mix in with JJ and Paige… as much as I like the nuCinderella… Bev has a natural ease with and more likeable for the audience.

what about a Lucas and Theresa : like he tried with Sami…. reel her in for REAL

I hope Eve is around for the long haul…. love the idea of a recast for Peter Blake.

soap box

Maybe DAYS and Y&R will share her!

A year or two ago, I would have been THRILLED by this news, but now? I’m disappointed. It’s nice that the current regime wants to bring Ashley back, without a recast, but 1. It’s like putting a Band-Aid on a gun-shot wound, it’s not enough and 2. Does anyone really believe this current regime will give her anything interesting to play? I don’t even watch Y&R anymore (I have much respect for those of you who can suffer through it day in and day out these days, even reading the Soap Digest recaps make me cringe), but I can already predict her “storyline”- Being Mom to Abby’s expressionless acting and, maybe, falling at Victor’s feet again since Victor and Nikki are at odds again. I’m sorry, but Eileen is better than anything these Y&R writers and producers can come up with right now.

I would have to assume that she just wants an easier job so she can spend more time with her family, because if she wanted a job where she’d be given meaty material and front burner storylines, she would’ve chosen to stick with Days, where I would prefer her to stay. Kristen DiMera is too fun and too delicious and evil NOT to enjoy. But, if she’s happy, I guess that’s all that matters. Sad I won’t see her on my screen, but not even she is worth supporting JFP, SA, and JP. Sorry, Eileen.

You said it best!




said it all.

A year or two ago, I would have been THRILLED by this news, but now?

it’s at near 100% fan gather. the behind the scenes production is telling

I’m sad still : astonished : at how far backwards this genuine biggest show has gone


I’m with you : last sentence… I LOVE ED and all that she’s worth and brings to the show


I have too much going : LOL : with GH and DOOL : when she’s back on… I will definitely only record fridays ep


it’s really all going to matter who she’s paired with…. does the trio of Victoria / Stitch / Ashley : have enough steam, pull, and intrigue


it’s so lame after all these years to constantly feature Jack and Victor power play’ing corporate… when it should be Nikki, Jill, Ashley… and heck… I’d love a good throwdown… with LOL Drucilla dynasty 2 billion dollar stars in her eyes…

I wish Ms. Davidson ALL the BEST

Take home some GOLD… and I’ll be cheering the loudest

Well said @Nikki..I have tried my absolute best to stick with one of the best soap operas ever created that proved consistent year in and year out even with some uneven writing. But this time I have been forced to take this hot mess off of my DVR. I have no idea where that Austin story came from and that was the straw..the camel..and a broken viewer. Bringing on Gina Tognoni as Phyllis is great…bringing back Ashley is awesome…but their stories will be written by these people who after years in the business have just lost whatever mojo they may have had left.

Thank you, 4everDays and Patrick for your agreement, it’s nice to know others feel the same. 🙂

@davlestev1, I completely agree. Y&R was a family tradition for me. My grandfather watched since day one and his daughter, my mother, watched as well. I began watching at age 10 and hadn’t stopped until this past year. I agree there has been uneven writing and mistakes over the past four decades, no show is perfect, but this past year, I concur, has been too bad for words. I took it off my DVR in February and honestly haven’t missed it since. I miss the REAL Y&R, but not the one that is airing now. I agree about Gina Tognoni, I’ve been a fan of hers for years and actually got to meet her once and she’s as lovely as she is talented. It’s a shame, as with Eileen, I won’t be able to see them onscreen again, but, not only do I not want to spend the time FFing to their scenes only to be disappointed in the “material” they’re stuck in, I also don’t want CBS to think my viewership is supporting the current regime.

I’d NEVER want Y&R to be canceled, or in danger of being canceled, but I would love for it, the first time in 20+ years, to slip from the #1 spot and show CBS that the current writers and producers are not beneficial to the show and replace them.

I couldn’t agree more.
On “Days” Kristen is a complex character with multiple layers – vengeful and insecure, lying and sincere, scheming and loving, gloating and suffering etc etc etc. There are so many possibilities with this character (and they don’t always have to go to that very very dark side of the character).

And after watching her on “Days”, I’m not sure I want to watch Eileen as Ashley having all those boring conversations with annoying Abby (no offends to Melissa Ordway but the character sucks) about her daughter’s meaningless sex life or holding Jack’s hand when he is oh so miserable because he can’t decide which woman to choose. A second-hand romance with Stitch? A recycled romance with Victor? I don’t know.

The less support she receives as Ashley, the more likely she will return to her emmy nominated bad girl role!

*emmy winning

Hopefully this is a sign that Y&R is moving in the RIGHT direction with its upcoming stories. I’ve missed Ashley and I didn’t understand why she was fired 2 years ago. She’s an important character in a core family, not to mention Eileen Davidson is a great actress – who should win Outstanding Lead Actress at the Emmys this weekend. I’m looking forward to this!

yayyyyy!!!! i love me some ashley!!! true y n r heroine!!!
three ways ashley can come back and drive story , none of which include stitch.
1. rescue victor whos been abandoned by nikki whos left him for paul however ashley has alterior motives via a classic newman vs jabot corporate storyline!!
2. bring back brad, along with colleen( adrianne leonne)
3. redevelop what was hinted at years with ashley developing feelings for a changed adam( Chris Egan)! or what seems to be….

I’m happy for Eileen that she got what she wanted. But as a viewer who watches both – “Days” and Y&R – I’m disappointed. I think, her “Days” character is not only way more interesting and entertaining but also it is of great importance to the show. It’s the driving force “Days” needs so much and on a permanent basis. Y&R needs other characters more.

Agree with you 100%

She is the only actress with job security. I’m impressed.

Wonderful news. Can’t get enough Eileen. I love Ashley, and I love Kristen. It’s too bad they fired David Tom. That was unnecessary. This show needs stability right now and a return to its roots. It’s one step back, one step forward. I just can’t help but think that this current regime is wrong for this jewel of a show.

I agree, JFP and her band of soap misfits needs to step down because the writing has been really subpar for the better part of two years now. As for David Tom, I agree that he shouldn’t have been let go the way he was, but I knew sooner or later it was going to happen, because he just wasn’t Billy anymore. He’s a fine actor, but Billy Miller molded the character into one that fans loved and DT couldn’t keep that up. I wish luck to him and to our new Billy, Burgess Jenkins. AND I’m super stoked about Eileen coming back as Ashley, I’ve missed her!

Well with the new (not so new) reveal that Paul is Dylan’s daddy…and a further rift between Nikki and the Stache…well who better to get involved with Victor again. And with Adam coming back, should make for some good stories…I hope.

Is Adam really coming back though? Sure we’ve been teased with his hands for weeks now, but they STILL haven’t cast him and it’s getting very frustrating for a viewer who loved MM as Adam. I think he should be offered a deal to come back, or they should hire Trevor St. John as Adam, because I truly can’t see anyone else playing him.

Agree with you, Jared. Y and R is truly a gem of a show.
And I think the return of Ashley will bring more sparkle back
that is needed since the departures of MM, BM, EH, etc.

I never quite understood why they let her go in the first place 2 years ago… It never made sense to me because Ashley is an important character from a core family. And you’re right, there has been a huge void in the show since MS, BM, MM and EH left. Those were 4 important characters with great actors that Y&R lost. Hopefully Gina Tognoni and Burgess Jenkins impress in their new roles, and I hope the writing is good for ED’s return.

She is better on days and no on jfp young and restless. Elieen davidsion even said she prefers Kristien over Ashley , oh well at least we got Kassie Depaiva

SO happy! Eileen brings legacy, serious acting chops and a presence that viewers have come to love. It’s a big day for fans of Y&R!

Too bad a clause in her contract wasn’t that she comes back if JFP goes , I might have started tuning in again. I read the recaps and cannot find anything intriguing enough to make me want to watch the show.

ITA about the firing Billy Tom…. I think they made a big mistake, letting him go!

Great news about Ashley coming Back… She must feel like a yo-yo

If I Were Eileen Davidson, I would have said kiss my ass. I am not coming back as ASHLEY Abbott. They fired Eileen a few times on the Young and the Restless. I would have done my story arcs on Days of our LIves, and stay, and then come back to days once in a while. Eileen will get fired again, Jill PHELPS is a soap killer and she will fire Eileen again as Ashley. I love Eileen, she is a wonderful actress. I hope she wins the daytime emmy as Kristen Dimera, she deserves to win. Just give Eileen her emmy.

I think you mean David Tom (these two first names can be tricky) and I agree. I am watching Tom lately as Billy and he really is Billy Abott, so much so I can’t even remember Billy Miller.
I have never watched Days so I did not get to see Eileen’s performance on that soap. I do think she is an eternally lovely and gifted actress. The Y&R writers need to really step it up to make this soap interesting again.

why Couldn’t Eileen Davidson signed a Contract with DAYS OF OUR LIVES since James Scott & Allison Sweeney is Leaving that what would make her Control Of Dimera Enterprise there could of been so much story to tell Regarding Brady , John , Marlena , Eric , Nicole , Jennifer , Daniel , Kate , Stefano , & the New Chad coming aboard also Abgail , Ben & Tony if they brought him back come on Corday there could be also Susan coming back to and a child between Brady & Eric regarding also Kristen that was left off .. There is so much to tell Days needs the RATINGS to jump up from a 1.8 that sucks it needs 2.5 at least to survive from CANCELLATION .. & especially the 50TH ANNIVERSARY coming up … DAYS needs big changes immediately .. PLEASE CHANGE THE OPENING OF DAYS OF OUR LIVES FOR THE NEW GENERATION IT NEEDS 2015 ‘ NEW LOOK to draw in new fans like what GH ,Y&R ,B&B has done …. also when is SHAUNA & MICAH ,BO , BILLIE, SHAWN D. ,BELLE,PHILLIP ETC coming back . VERY CONCERN FANS HERE ….PLEASE HEAR OUR CONCERNS CORDAY & WRITERS ……

DONT worry Marc, Days of our lives got renewed until 2016. They have to recast Kristen Dimera with Kelly Sullivan ex Connie gh, hopefully this will happen soon. I know Marc Days needs to bring back bo jack sean and belle.

This is a desperate move of Y&R , they are seeing ratings going down and try to fill the void left by MM and BM and they are try to bring ashley back to correct the mistake they did but as happy as I am to have ashley back on Y&R this will not make up of the loss of actor leaving the show.

The writers have wrecked this show. Eileen Davidson’s return means nothing unless there’s a good story. It’s a lost cause.

Most long time fans who have watched the show since the beginning know that Ashley is a staple of the show when the Abbotts were slowly intro’d in the early 80’s.

If you don’t want her now, that’s a shame.

Most of us do and always will.


But not exclusively. She would miss Kristen too much!!!

Sad news for days. The soap is really going downhill. The writers ruined Eric and Nicole. I love Greg Vaughn, but I am really starting to dislike his character. Make up your mind, priest or no priest. They had so much potential. Jennifer and Daniel are disgusting. The Jordan story has dragged on for months. Bring on Shane and Kimberly and some romance.

Ann…honey, I so totally agree with you!!!!! I especially agree with you about Daniel and Jennifer. To me, Daniel is nothing but a BORING MORON and Jennifer is acting like such an annoying and lovesick schoolgirl…BLECH!!!!! Most of all, leading-man-wise (or whatever), Daniel is no Jack Devereaux!!!!!! Enough said.

Don’t get me wrong…I’ve ALWAYS been a fan of BOTH Eileen Davidson and her Y&R character Ashley Abbott ever since Day 1 (aka the early 1980’s). But, yet…I gotta wonder how long ED is gonna stick around this time on Y&R…contract or no contract. My point…and in 3 words: Jill Farren Phelps!!!!! Need I say more????? I think not.

Y&R does not want Days to have Eileen, so they did whatever they had to to keep her out of Salem. Good for Eileen, but bad for Days. This is just competition among soaps. I am happy for Eileen. But as a Days fan, we got robbed.

However, it could also be said that maybe Days writers wrote Kristen into a corner. Anyway, contracts are only for a specific duration. It will end. Get ready to swoop and scoop up Eileen at the end of her contract, Corday Productions! By that time Eileen may want to play Kristen again!

This is not the end of the world!

We now know, she had them put a clause in her contract to be able to go to DAYS!

Great news! I also heard about the clause in her contract during her appearance on Home and Family this week. This is great news for fans of both Y&R and Days. Thanks for keeping me informed.

I read that her new contract at young and the restless allows her to come and work at Days of Our Lives if they need her to come

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The men of daytime hit the 51st annual Daytime Emmy red carpet this past Friday night, and some again on Saturday night at the Daytime Creative Arts Emmy ceremony.

The gents wore everything to the bustling arrivals from” full tuxedos, to suits with open shirt and no tie, to a suit and tie from black and white to color.

New and past Emmy winners, many of this year’s nominees, fan favorites, popular TV hosts and actors, walked the carpet illustrating their fashion sensibility and comfort to the paparazzi in attendance.  Here’s a snap shot of some of the looks from Emmy night 2024 below with some of your favorite men from daytime.

Photo: JPI

The Young and the Restless Sean Dominic (Nate) takes to the carpet in a crush black velvet jacket.

Photo: HutchinsPhoto

B&B’s Tanner Novlan (Finn) looked dapper on the red carpet.

Photo: HutchinsPhoto

Access Hollywood host, Scott Evans is too cool for school dressed in blue jacket and pants.

Photo: JPI

GH’s Cameron Mathison (Drew) brings basic black to the carpet in style.

Photo: JPI

General Hospital’s Evan Hofer (Dex) and Giovanni Mazza (Gio) take to the carpet in tuxedos.

Photo: JPI

The Young and the Restless Bryton James (Devon) brought a dash of blue to the festivities.

Photo: JPI

Days of our Lives star Greg Rikaart (Leo) looks cool as a cucumber on the red carpet in this black jacket.

Photo: JPI

Y&R’s Jason Thompson (Billy) strikes a pose on the Emmy red carpet.

Photo: HutchinsPhoto

Days of our Lives Dan Feuerriegel (EJ) all smiles on the red carpet.

So, who do you think wore it best? Which was your favorite look of the night from your favorite men from daytime television? Let us know in the c

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RATINGS: Daytime Emmy Audience Up 39% From Previous Year; Marking 4-Year High

Friday night’s 51st annual Daytime Emmy telecast on CBS drew solid numbers according to the overnight ratings. The ceremony brought in an average of 2.82 million total viewers making it the annual daytime kudofest’s largest audience in four years.

The last time the Emmys drew more eyeballs was during the virtual ceremony during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic back in June of 2020, which averaged 3.3 million total viewers.

Meanwhile, over at the network’s streaming companion, Paramount+, and according to TV Line, Friday’s Daytime Emmys were up over 87% from last year, to make it the largest live streaming audience to date for the show.

Photo: NATAS

The 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards featured 98-year-old television icon, Dick Van Dyke receiving the first Daytime Emmy in his career for his performance as Timothy Robicheaux on Days of our Lives in the Outstanding Guest Performer category.

In addition, Kelly Clarkson made a live appearance at the Daytime Emmys for the first time in several years, and her series, The Kelly Clarkson Show, took home the Outstanding Talk Show award for the fourth year in a row.

Photo: NATAS

Speaking of four in a row, Laura Wright (Carly, GH) and Steve Burton (Jason, GH) ripped open the final envelope of the night revealing that it was ABC’s General Hospital that would take home the coveted Outstanding Daytime Drama series award. That makes it the 17th time overall that the 61-year old soap opera has received this honor.

In the top acting prizes of the night, it was B&B’s Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) winning back-to-back Lead Actor Emmys, and Y&R’s Michelle Stafford taking home the gold for the third time in her career for her role as Genoa City’s Phyllis.

Photo: NATAS

The show also featured a touching In-Memoriam segment that reflected just the amount of loss and mourning the daytime community has gone through this past Emmy season, and Y&R’s Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman) and her husband, producer B&B’s Edward Scott received the Lifetime Achievement Award honors.

What do you think of the preliminary ratings for the 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Award? Is it an encouraging sign that the daytime audience remains steadfast and die-hard? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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