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John-Paul Lavoisier & Farah Fath will NOT Be Part Of Prospect Park's One Life to Live!



Fans hoping for a return of Rex and Gigi and the Balsom clan will be in for a disappointment!  Last Friday when posed a question from a fan on her Twitter account, Farah Fath was asked, “Can we expect to see Rex and Gigi on One Life to Live online?”  Farah responded, “No.”

In addition, On-Air On-Soaps has confirmed with John-Paul Lavoisier today that it is true, that indeed he will not be part of the Llanview canvas.

Many fans were hoping to see Rex, Bo, and Natalie again if JP, Robert S. Woods (Bo) and Melissa Archer (Natalie) signed on for Prospect Park’s One Life to Live.  Thus far there has been no word on the status of Bob or Melissa from the actors themselves or Prospect Park.  Looks like Farah and JP have decided to continue to pursue roles in primetime television and films as pilot season is happening again!

So soapers, would you have liked to have seen John-Paul and Farah back on One Life? Let us know!

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I’m OK with their decisions.. they both know what is best for their lives and what will give them happiness…
OLTL is not in their future by their choice….
I wish them the best of everything on their career journey..


I agree. While I like them, I really don’t feel the Rex/Gigi/Stacy/Shane etc story added very much. And Rex being Clint’s son was too forced. I do wish them well. For me it won’t really be OLTL without Bo/Bob Woods. But, pleeeese NO Melissa Archer.


Omfg I wish jp was coming back he is one of my favorite chatacters and.sexxy as hell too so please come back as for farah u r so annoying as gigi and as yourself I saw u on dirty soap and. U r a bitch I hope u see this and.get overself. …… jp please come back


I would love to see John Paul come back too.

H Allen

JP please come back!!


He is BO’S son.. If Bob Woods signs on ..he could always play a short role for a visit some time.. They will be missed.


No, Rex is Clint’s son not Bo’s


For Vickie, Bo , and Clint to sign on. I hope Natalie, Liam, David Vickers, Jack, Sam, Tea, Blair, don’t understand why not Rex and Gigi with their son.You have to bring back Rene.I hope it all works out. I am so happy OLTL will be back.


Why won’t you 2 come back with your son. You made the show. Rex always going to Bo for advice. Hope you think it through. You will be missed.We wanted OLTL be come back so much. Wouldn’t be the same without both of you.


I doubt any of the actors who relocated to California are going to relocate again back East. Did enjoy their characters though; think the “canvas” is going to be pretty empty with only part of the cast.

Brian Tripp

They can recast a few of them and bring back others from the past.


Robin Strasser did.


Josh Kelly (Cutter) has vaguely expressed interest in coming back to OLTL if PP approaches him again when fans asked him about it on his facebook page saying “he doesn’t know what will happen” and “stay tuned and we’ll see what will happen”, and Bree Williamson (Jessica, Tess, Bess, Wes) has said in a interview with a internet radio show saying she also expresed interest in coming back to OLTL as well if she can work it out with her busy schedule (she’s on a primetime show on NBC called “Deception” now), and both of them live in L.A. like FF an JPL do!

Robert Coplin

Bree Williamson was also in a tv series on the Syfy Channel last season called Haven.


bree williamson’s character on deception is already dead so that may free her up to do the oltl reboot…………..


I would love to see Josh Kelly & Bree Williamson sign on.

Rex & Gigi will be missed as I love their characters and their ties to Roxy, Bo, Clint, Natalie, Shane, Vicky, etc.


Well you know, It could be that FF and JPL are just waiting to see what happens. If it turns out that there isn’t the opportunity out west, and their OLTL parents like Roxy and Clint come back, they may change their minds.

Brian Tripp

I figured they wouldn’t come since they moved to LA. Also how can they make Starr, Todd and John come to OLTL if all those actors moved to LA?


Agreed, don;t think the people who play Todd,Starr and John will move again.


They don’t have to make the actors move…but the characters do. Recasts?

I HeartPoas

That is a strange comment since they are playing the same characters on GH. If they don’t move over, they will probably continue where they are and make periodic crossovers like Skye Chandler used to.


THAT is the legal conundrum they find themselves in. The CHARACTERS are licensed to Prospect Park. The ACTORS are in contract with ABC/D. If they can’t work it out, the actors can stay on GH, but they will have to be new characters and then the OLTL characters would be recast – if they were going to be used. They were only allowed to play the oltl characters because PP gave them the okay for the short term…now they want them back.


Never cared to much for either of them.


Well, I did, until I watched “Dirty Soap”. FF is a real piece of work. She also could use a little self-control when it comes to Twitter.


I thought the same thing when I saw her on Dirty Soap, didn’t like the way she was treating “Rex” . They were such a cute couple on OLTL but then she was acting.


You know Dirty Soap was scripted, right? Farah’s awesome and I think her Twitter is hysterical. I like people who speak their minds and don’t apologize for it.


Thank goodness! Rex and Gigi worlds most annoying couple!


No loss for me either. Who needs them when there are so many more integral, beloved and connected characters we need to get like Blair, Bo, Nora, and VIKI!


I’m disappointed he will not be part – her not so much. I wish them nothing but the best in their careers though. I frankly think too much time has past and this will be a watered-down version of our beloved OLTL.


its doubtful if the shows can get everyone to come back, plus a reboot show means introducing new characters to interact with some familiar characters.

Eileen Hargis

PP cannot afford the whole cast of each show. And with possibly half hour episodes 4 days a week, less will work drpending on which actors they bring back.


Oh well. I mean I like Rex/John-Paul but i’m grateful that we wont be seeing Gigi anymore.


Same here. She wasn’t so bad at the beginning, but that changed fast. And unlike JPL, it seemed like her ego really got in the way.

There are plenty of other cast members or characters to fill the blanks.


To pick up and move for just a year before OLTL gets cancelled is a smart move on their part.. lol.. sorry could not resist… I will be ready a year from now for you to be telling me I was wrong… I will accept it…… and eat crow… but not until then….. 🙂


Let’s also remember that FF was acting towards JPL. She’s doing what a writer/director wanted her to do.


Me too…like JP but Farah doesn’t seem as nice and approachable….she played her character well.


yes was so hoping they would join PP , so sad they want ,i support them in watever they do thou…


I adore JPL …..I hope he scores something soon so I can see him on my tv again. 🙁 I’m so bummed about this whole reboot thing. Things just don’t seem hoyle with PP. I don’t trust them.


I hope they get Fiona Hutchison onboard. If ANYBODY deserves a back from the dead story, it’s Gabrielle Medina.


Oh I agree! I love Fiona, and she could come back from the dead. Maybe David from AMC saved her also lol.


I agree would love to see Gabrielle!!Would love to see Tina and Karen return as well !!


Tina defiinitely! I don’t know Karen enough really to say.


Oooh, FH would be awesome. Gabrielle throwing a wrench in Bo/Nora would be great. Or maybe Chatherine Hickland’s Lindsay? Both would be on my wish list.


I remember when I first started to watch OlTl Tina and Gabrielle were pulling each other hair, I laughed. Then I seen the luv between max and Blair, and I fell with Megan and her hubby, I dont remember his name. That was when I luv the show and wish to see them again. I really mis the old bad guy Carlos.

David Larsson

I’m over it.


They were one of my favorite couples. I can understand their decision. Expectally since they moved away.


Yeah, i would have loved to see Rex & Gigi back….but they’re young & hopefully they’ll find some nitetime gig that will make them both happy…good luck!

I hope to God we see Bo & Nora….GOTTA HAVE THEM…

Lisa Jaworski

Disappointing for sure, but I wish them all the best! Hopefully, much of the cast will sign on, but they will also introduce new characters too. I’m just so thrilled they are bringing the shows back so I know it will all be great!

Mind Bloggler

It seemed that Farah never wanted to be part of OLTL and couldnt wait until the show ended from what I saw on Dirty Soap. JP seemed to be truly sad that it was ending and had hope for OLTL2.0 (the first attempt) but Farah wasn’t having it and couldn’t wait to move to LA. It seemed like Farah was consistently crushing JP’s hopes and dreams. Let’s just say I think Farah is kind of a bitch and had JP on a leash.


Agree 100%


Wow, Mind Boggler, you just said everything I was thinking but I tried to be a bit more polite. But you are exactly right. That’s exactly the way it was portrayed on Dirty Soap.

John-Paul may have confirmed to Michael that he does not want part of the reboot, but I would not be a bit surprised if it’s because Farah told him not to.


I believe they are no longer together.


Well said. I too got the feeling she wanted out, but JPL, not so much. Maybe he’ll get smart and move back to the east coast closer to his family and away from his new “mom” FF. Their relationship was painful to watch on Dirty Soap. All she wanted to do was change him. She actually came off looking really bad in every relationship she had on that show IMO. I won’t miss her on OLTL 2.0


Gigi was useless on the show so I won’t miss the character at all, and I was turned off by Farah Fath after seeing her on Dirty Soap. I wouldn’t have minded having JP back as Rex but no big loss if he doesn’t come back.

I’d rather see Kassie DePaiva, Erika Slezak, Hillary B Smith, and Melissa Archer back first anyway.


Have to agree with you. I was always a big Gig & Rex fan, but once I saw her on Dirty Soap…..let’s just say she left a filthy scum that I could not get rid of….LOL Her attitude, dirty mouth and ego was a big turn off for me. Kinda sad, because I liked the storyline that was done with the bullying involving Gigi, Rex, Shane & Jack…..they all did such a wonderful job with that story arc, but like I said Dirty Soap helped end the love that I had for Gigi/ Farah..


Ditto & LOL!


I too changed my opinion about Farah after seeing her on DS. She came off as arrogant, rude, unappreciative of fans, etc.


I know Farah said No but does she speak for JP? Are the still together ?

Sheryl Postin

I’m disappointed I really like them and I disagree with the people that aren’t . I thought their story lines were very good and going to miss them and Austin too. I wish them good luck in whatever they decide to do .hope to see them on tv very soon again.

Karen M

I do respect their decisions – but um…hate to be captain obvious – but haven’t exactly seen either of them catching any gigs on any shows in…over a year…so like I think the whole “pilot season” excuse is a bit long in the tooth, yea. Perhaps thou protest too much? Or better yet, probably shouldn’t be so quick like to turn down a steady gig when H-wood ain’t zactly beatin a path…. Just strictly my opinion…


I was thinking the same thing. I wouldn’t mind seeing JPL & Austin Williams as Rex & Shane though. Maybe Gigi stayed in London after the breakup or comes back as the girl who played Stacy (sorry, forgot her name, but I liked her). That would be poetic justice.

Tina Gray

Darn! I really would have loved to see them along with Austin Williams. That kid is phenomenal!


Yes he is. Surprised we haven’t seen HIM on the big screen or TV series.


Why is Farah speaking for JP. I want to see him say he doesnt wanna do it & Im sorry but tRex may be needed. he is Buchanan. If JPL doesnt want it recast. Hell recast Gigi. Maybe Crystal Hunt with a brown wig


Really miss Rex:( are they even working..


Im still hoping for Susan Haskell and Trevor


Ok so JPL said no. They dont need to relocate. PP is alternating filming of AMC & OLTL. Both soaps will share the same studio and crew I hear. So it looks like film 6 weeks of AMC than 6 weeks of OLTL then repeat until all episodes are produced. So all actors need to do is fly to CT. No one needs to live there. This could be a great schedule for actors film six weeks off six weeks off rthen repeat. That schedule leaves tons of time for outside projects


You read my mind. Why do they have to “relocate” for the shoot? It would seem to me that they would also have the option of doing other projects. Actors do it all the time.


Them not coming is just fine with me.


Same here… so many others I’d rather see.


YES! would love to see them on!


That bites. But who knows if PP was even going to offer them the roles again? I actually did like Rex and Gigi, especially their last storyline about her believed to be dead and them finding their way back to each other.

shari barnes

i would love for rex to come back,gigi not so much,i never liked her,i actually liked stacy.but i would love for eex and adrianna to come back and be together.


JP & Farah broke up about 9 months ago. They somehow managed to keep it out of the news. Many wonder what happened, including myself. His lack of commitment was probably a big part of it, too.

I loved seeing them on and off screen as a couple, & wish both of them happiness & success.


How do you know?


Yes, do tell please. I have been wondering if they’re still together or not, but have found no source to confirm or deny either way, so I just assumed they were still together. Where did you hear this news that they broke up?


How do you know they broke up? Just because he doesn’t mention her doesn’t mean they broke up. It’s hard to think about marriage when neither has a job now. Dirty Soap was a reality-based series and was fairly scripted. Farah admitted that herself.


I would love if they would bring back Andrea Evans(Tina) and Fiona Hutchinson(Gabrielle)


I liked the Balsom/Morasco clan, but I would take these 2 over Rex/Gigi anyday. Those characters always drove great story and the actresses are amazing.

keith lopez

Hope they are smart and bring andrea evans back. She was a huge part of there success.ratings wise.


Michael,they made a wonderful family on the screen and I look forward to see what projects are coming their way.


even i would have considered watching OLTL… had Mims’/GIGI and Cutter… ooh la la, this sizzling twosome would have been.

Good Luck Farah…. loved you on DAYS.


Would love to see Farrah back on Days as MiMi.


I wouldn’t.


Would love to see JPL back as Rex. Glad if him & FF broke up. Wish he was on twitter would love to hear what he’s up to He needs to be back on TV or OLTL one

lynne albritton

I want them back on the show at least him


I’d love to see Andrea (Tina) back, too. I also hope to see these characters back for the humor they delivered: David Vickers (Buchanan), Madam Delfina, Moe & Noelle, Clint & his shotgun, Kim, Stacy. Todd (TSJ) & Tea, Todd & Sam always delivered. Same goes for Todd & Jack.

I loved watching Destiny & David a few days ago, when they went to London. Can’t have Destiny without Sean… I just read that Dorian signed, so things are looking better by the
day for all of us.

Heck, call me greedy–I’d love to see all of them back! This is the best soap, hands down (or up?)!

Debbie Harris

I am disappointed that Farah and JP won’t be a part of the OLTL reboot. I loved the characters of Rex and Gigi. I know Farah tweeted that she would not be a part of it and was going to try TV pilot season again.
Maybe once the OLTL reboot gets going JP and Farah will have a change of heart and come on the show again. Stranger things have happened! I hope so!
I will watch them on any shows they might act on in the future! 🙂


I agree, if things don’t work out during pilot season this year, FF could change her mind. She can’t stay unemployed forever one would think.


I would love to see both of them back on OLTL. How exciting t hat would be!!!!!!!!!!!


Really loved them in their OLTL roles and will miss them and the guy that played Shane. They were all so good. I wish them the best in whatever they are doing now.


I really thought that they would be a good possibility, especially since JP loves the East Coast, oh well. While I am disappointed not to be seeing John and Farrah as Rex and Gigi, I respect their decision, and wish them good luck in their pursuit of primetime gigs.


These 2 were quite the pairing on “dirty soap”! it’s like fath walked around w/ a dark cloud hanging above her head. her gay friend though kept causing all this unnecessary drama. he wasn’t part of the cast and yet he kept finding the cameras and needing attention. he was really annoying. “dirty soap” should’ve been only abt people from daytime and not had farah’s nobody gay friends feeding the drama. there should have been more kelly monaco bec she is the most known.

Jennifer Crittenden

OH THAT REALLY SUCKS!! Was so really hoping to see Rex and Gigi again:( Maybe later on they will come back!! Heres hoping:)

S. Bowers

I wish Everyone would be more optomistic about the new AMC & OLTL! I sure hope the person that said they will be gone in 1 year is very wrong! If it goes only for 1 year it is better than not at all. We the fans helped to make it happen by not giving up on it.


I definitely think that all the fans and other people out there should try to stay positive about AMC & OLTL. If we support them online and watch, then continue to generate enough buzz about them it is possible that instead of cable showing it later after we have seen it online they could return to t.v. full time. But one thing is for sure, if we don’t watch they won’t be around long. So everyone has to do their part and help. Watch the shows online.


Thank you for getting an answer from JP – the tweet from FF was pretty misleading – Someone asked if Rex/Gigi would be returning and she simply answered “No.” They could be interpreted a few different ways so I appreciate the clarification. I didn’t like her answering for him, regardless if they date in real life.

I would love to see Rex back, Gigi not so much. Rex is a Buchanan, there is room for him in Llanview, recast or otherwise. JP had such amazing chemistry with RW, MA and ES. I would especially love to see more of the relationship play out with JVD.

I am just too excited for OLTL to return! They are like family and I have missed them so much! 🙂


Great points. JPL did have amazing chemistry with his castmates and Rex is a Buchanan.

Jan in Greater Houston TX
Jan in Greater Houston TX

Well Rex and Gigi were among my most favorite couples…..but. I can understand if they relocated to California and have gone forward in another direction. One Life to Live will have enough of the former cast to make it work, and bring back great storylines. Good luck to Farah and JP. We miss you tho !!!!


When thinking of my “must-have” list of cast members for the reboot, Rex/Gigi were not remotely on it. There are so many others that should be brought back first so this news doesn’t disappoint me at all.

I would like to see Rex back eventually but i’d be happy to never see Farah Fath on the show again. If they must bring back Gigi, i’d prefer a recast.


dont really care that much for gigi but im gonna miss rex, he was one of my favs </3
who i REALLY wanna see back on the OLTL is Victor! (Trevor st. john) ive been waiting a year! to find out what happened

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