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NASHVILLE's New Showrunners Assembling Writers For Season 5, But Will It Even Be Renewed?



The ratings for ABC’s music city soap opera, Nashville were down (3.7 million viewers) after Wednesday night’s airing.  Meanwhile, newly hired showrunners, Edward Zwick and Marshall Herkovitz (formerly of Thirtysomething) are set to take over the show for an upcoming 5th season, but ABC has not officially announced the series renewal.

Now comes word via on Thursday that the showrunners are already assembling a writers room designed to help the duo who are new to the country music scene.  Word is the 5th season could be smaller in episodes and actually wind down the series to its finale.   The assemblance of a writers room, wouls seem to indicate the show could move forward in some form.

The renewal of Nashville has gone down to the wire the last couple of seasons, mostly coming down to ABC and Lionsgate trying to negotiate the salaries required for the the show’s leading ladies: Connie Britton (Rayna) and Hayden Panettiere (Juliette).

So, what do you think?  Will Nashville get renewed? Should it?  Will the new showrunners help the series increase their ratings? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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25 Comments on "NASHVILLE's New Showrunners Assembling Writers For Season 5, But Will It Even Be Renewed?"

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Love this show. Absolutely worth the renewal.


I have been a huge supporter of “Nashville,” but the current writers seemingly have no idea how to craft an emotional arc to a storyline. We watch the same sort of scenes over and over for months, then there’s an abrupt payoff to the story — if there’s a payoff at all. Lately, the show seems more interested in minor characters (Cash, Luke’s tourmate, Deacon’s partner in the bar, Vita) than the characters we actually care about. I would like the show to come back — but I would also VERY MUCH like new producers and writers to make this show as good as it should be, considering the acting talent it has available.


I love the show also but totally agree about too many secondary characters, and that includes way too much of Maddie. It was smart bumping Layla into a more major role, but these newbies are for the birds.


Nashville has lost its’ oomph..
It will not be renewed..
This past season was really bad ..

nancy dillingham

Never really had any oomph–didn’t have a center nor characters developed so that the viewer cared for them–much too fragmented and filled with “sprawl.”


I thought it had “oomph” from the beginning and instantly fell in love with the characters. That hasn’t changed for me but the stories were more engrossing than now. Still a fan and hoping it can up the stories and ratings.

Donna Dykema

My friends and I love Nashville and look forward to it each week. Please don’t cancel this entertaining show!


RENEW! Admittedly, this season has been less than great. BUT… The potential for a strong fifth season is there. ABC should press the button abd GO. Am sure there is nothing in the web’s pipeline with the talent and texture of NASHVILLE.


I really like the show and hope it gets renewed. However, I would not be surprised if next season is their last.


I’m a regular viewer, The great talent of the actors/musicians is what keeps me tuning in. Honestly, I think there is some great Country music coming out of this show, often better than what’s available on commercial Country radio. But the stories were at their best in season 1, and have not really been as good since. Still, I hope it gets a season 5 and an opportunity to wrap up all the stories.


How do I become a part of the writing team? Lol!


Yes, definitely hope it will be renewed since it is one of the few shows I really enjoy. Thirtysomething was a good show so the new writers should really do a good job.


Nashville needs to be cancelled, the ratings are way down, I was a fan of the show. But now the show is boring and needs to be cancelled. Time to bring back Jonathan Jackson to General Hospital.


Greg, you can have Jonathan Jackson and his endless flow of tears back on GH (I’m sure Elizabeth will be thrilled), but leave us the show.


Nashville in comparison to Scandal- (10 high
Nashville 2
Scandal 10

nancy dillingham

I’ve never seen Scandal–nor do I have any desire to do so; the “previews” are enough to dampen my interest. Very much like “How to Commit Murder”–or whatever the title–tried that first epi and it was so “out there” and mean-spirited that I quit in the middle of the premiere.


Nashville abd Scandal are completely different creations in every way. The only thing they have in common is excellence!


NASHVILLE has never lived up to its potential — ABC should just cancel it and let Zwick/Herskovitz create a show from scratch. THIRTYSOMETHING and ONCE AND AGAIN were two of the best shows ABC ever had.


Love Nashville but this year has been a little odd – too many minor characters having major storyline. Hayden being gone didn’t help. Also, there seemed to be less music being performed; country music rules and the show needs more of it! The facts are that the major support for Nashville is no longer with ABC, so on the surface it seems pretty grim for renewal. I truly believe it’s a “Nashville or Castle” call. If Castle goes, Nashville will get another season – if only limited episodes. And someone, somewhere, must know something, otherwise why would the new producers bother hiring new writers? Could Nashville be renewed, but at a different network?


I’d pick Nashville over Castle. Easy call. Nashville has been disappointing, but it’s hard to make a show work when its story-line is interrupted for ten weeks to show a different show (American Crime). I think Nashville generates money in the music downloads.

Castle has been so bad that it is not watchable. And the recent news that ABC is dumping Stana Katic and the supporting actress who plays the medical examiner for “budget reasons” is so wrong. ABC: the network that saves money by firing the leading actress and a key supporting actress. I won’t support that by tuning in. And the stories about Fillion’s behavior toward Katic are really disturbing. I won’t support that either by tuning in.

So cancel Castle and renew Nashville.

nancy dillingham

They might both be cancelled.


Trudy, I agree. CASTLE was cute for a few seasons but enough already. They never really mined the real treasures on that show, Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas. They were my reason for watching so long. Handome, funny, talented… maybe they should have their own show. Or bring Seamus to Nashville.


I loved the show from the start but there’s simething missing. Charlotte seems to be as changed as her hairstyle, Raina’s eldest daughter has become too distant from her sister, there are barely any scenes from the Blue Bird (name?), they should never have killed off Jeff (Oliver Hudson). I really loved all the characters and their dynamics but a lot got lost along the way. Would love the show to somehow make a comeback…


And every song sounds the same ..


Correction! Scarlett, not Charlotte! (Brain freeze and or typos.) And I have to diagree with you Su. I love the music…partly because I love the characters and the songs are always tied to the story…if not in the lyrics than in what’s happening to the characrer or between the characters.

Just caught up to the last three episodes and I’m revising my post above. I said I still loved the show and hope it gets renewed. I still do to both. But I also said something seemed missing this season. After binging the latest three episodes I feel reconnected to the story and characters. I truly think it’s a quality show that offers a slice of life in a town of creativity I’d love to visit… if not by plane just yet than virtual reality via TV is a nice way to travel…


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