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46th Annual Daytime Emmys Predictions: Who Will Take The Gold? Who Should?

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It’s almost impossible to pick just how the blue-ribbon panel votes when it comes to the Daytime Emmy Awards.  Now for the 46th time, tonight is the night we all find out whom is going home with an award for their hard-work as judged by their peers.  So when it comes to Michael Fairman TV’s annual Fearless (and Fearful!) predictions, its often picking apples over oranges, but taking into account what we know, taking the temperature of the genre at this time and last year, and throwing in some Emmy history, here is how we think some of the major categories will shake-out.  So, check out our thoughts on the ‘Who Will Win’ and the ‘Who Should Win’ in the categories below.  But note this:  To the nominees – you all deserve to be here.  So enjoy the day and night, and let’s see whose name is called when they rip open the envelopes on stage beginning at 5PMPST/8PMEST.

Here’s how to watch: On the Web:, On Facebook: and on Twitter: @TheEmmys and @DaytimeEmmys On YouTube: well as on the KNEKT TV network ( on Apple TV, Roku, iOS and Android. Or “Download the KNEKT TV app on “Amazon Fire”

Outstanding Drama Series

This looks two be a two-horse race, but as with Emmy history, never count any show out.  General Hospital submitted the finest episode of all of last year on the soaps; and that was the funeral of Detective Nathan West.  With its tribute to the men and women in blue, and it’s moving portrayals by Kirsten Storms and Michelle Stafford, along with the police ritual where Dante hands Nathan’s widow the American flag, this one had all the feels, all the drama, and an episode that the viewer needed 10-plus hankies; this one was not only beautifully acted, but directed and written at all.  GH’s second submission was an episode from the Nurses’ Ball; something the show has done repeatedly in the competition, which often has failed to land them the win.  However this time, it features Mike struggling to remember the lines to “Summer Wind” due to his Alzheimer’s, and Sonny coming to the stage to help him out, and the stunning number from Ava Jerome aka Maura West, “You Don’t Own Me.”  All of this as Peter is delivering Maxie’s baby by the roadside.  The Young and the Restless could also take home the gold, and this would be under ousted EP Mal Young’s tenure.  But both episodes were strong.  The culmination of the J.T. abuse story goes down where Victoria is confronted by her angry ex-husband, and during their discussion things escalate as she figures out he tried to kill her father, and he emotionally and physically starts to abuse her.  In walks in the women from downstairs, and Nikki clobbers J.T. over the head with the fire poker.  The second installment is a doozy where Ashley reveals she is the one who set-up Jack to not be a “true” Abbott as part of her revenge plot.  Jack throws his chair through the office glass windows in horror and disgust of what his sister perpetrated on him.  These episodes featured stellar performances by Peter Bergman and Eileen Davidson.  Days of our Lives ‘film noir’ episode of Abby lost in her mind with her alters was a clever and well directed, written, and performed episode by Marci Miller.    The second installment was Lani struggling to survive and keep her baby too, as she has an emergency c-section in what was deemed the “Sliding Doors” episode.  We were surprised Days did not submit John and Marlena’s attempted wedding and its aftermath – where the children rally around Marlena to say their “goodbyes”.  The Bold and the Beautiful is all about the “Who Shot Bill Spencer” whodunit?  Murder mystery reels are always good, but not sure this can overtake the others in the category.

Will Win:  The Young and the Restless

Should Win: General Hospital

Photo: InstagramJLindsrtrom

Outstanding Lead Actor

The juiciest role in soap this year goes to Jon Lindstrom who got to relish in playing twins Kevin Collins/Ryan Chamberlain.  Emmy voters love a doppelganger, and duel or multiple personalities, and Lindstrom is a long-running vet in daytime, who has never won the gold and in Lead Actor.  So if any time is right to reward him this is it!  He faces very tough competition though;  Maurice Benard had submitted his finest reel in years as Sonny is heartbroken when his father, Mike doesn’t even remember who he is during a scene.  Benard’s scenes with Max Gail are always stunning and in this reel that is true.  He also includes a scene from the ‘Sonny-centric’ episode where Sonny’s son, Dante had become the mobster in town and tries to talk his son out of a life of crime to no avail.  Then, there is probably the best reel of them all in this year’s acting competition and that is from former Days star, Tyler Christopher.  As Stefan DiMera, who is obsessed with the alter “Gabby”,  the emotions displayed in his scenes combined twisted, compassionate, gut-wrenching, and evil all rolled into one.   We could be seeing an upset here and it would then be Christopher’s second Daytime Emmy for Lead Actor.  Peter Bergman is always good and always deserves to be invited to the party and in this one; Jack is very upset over what has been done to him which kicks-off by him learning in a movie theatre that he is not the bio-son of John Abbott.  Of course, we later learn Ashley set the whole thing up to dupe her own brother.  Never count out Bergman.  Billy Flynn always shows Chad DiMera’s emotional heart no matter the stakes, and he does it here again with his nominated work, especially when he tries to process that Stefan is the bio-dad of Abigail’s father, not him!

Will Win:  Jon Lindstrom

Should Win: Maurice Benard, Tyler Christopher, or Lindstrom (So close to call)

Photo: Instagram

Outstanding Lead Actress

Five major performances by major soap opera powerhouses are vying for gold in the Lead Actress category.  GH’s Maura West delivers the one-two punch in her reel.  The now signature scene of Ava yelling at her dead daughter Kiki to wake-up out of the body bag after the young woman is murdered is one of the most memorable moments of 2018.  Couple that with a showdown at her daughter’s gravesite where a guilt-ridden Ava looks to get into a fight with Carly and everyone she knows, plus, having told her other daughter Avery that Kiki is gone, puts West as the nominee to beat.  But, do not count out GH’s Laura Wright, who delivers a very emotional and understated performance in her reel.  You can’t beat scenes between Jason and Carly and in Wright’s reel she has two of them.  The gut-punch occurs at the end when she tells Jason (Steve Burton) what she endured at Ferncliff.  The reel is juxtaposed by the final scene where Carly lets Nelle have it!  Then, we have the DID storyline played to perfection by former Days star Marci Miller as Abigail is lost in her own mind and her alters Dr. Laura and Gabby struggle for control.  One Life’s Erika Slezak won an Emmy for Viki’s multiple personalities and it could do the same for Miller, who carried Days for most of 2018 in this story.  Heather Tom is a five-time Daytime Emmy winner. And in her scenes; Katie has her day in the custody case of her son, and in emotional testimony reveals why she wants full-custody even though she loves Bill Spencer.  It’s Tom at her usual best.  Tom’s co-star, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, who’s Steffy was the lead in most of B&B’s storylines of 2018, illustrated the mistakes (sleeping with her husband’s father!) and then taking charge of her life as a single mother showed how the actress evolved the character through her performances.

Will Win:  Maura West

Should Win:  Maura West

Don’t Count Out:  Laura Wright, Marci Miller

The Rest of the Acting Categories

Outstanding Supporting Actor

This one is tough because all of the men in the category delivered in spades:  GH’s Max Gail, DAYS Eric Martsolf, Y&R’s Bryton James, DAYS Greg Rikaart, and GH’s Dominic Zamprogna.  However, we go to go with the man who has been the talk of the soaps since he took over the role of Mike Corbin, and in the emotional story showing the effects of Alzheimer’s disease on those afflicted and how they relate to their family.

Will Win: Max Gail

Should Win: Max Gail

Outstanding Supporting Actress

Six women vie for the gold:  DAYS Kassie DePaiva, Martha Madison, Linsey Godfrey, and Y&R’s Beth Maitland and Mishael Morgan, plus GH’s Vernee Watson. This one is tough too: Beth Maitland gave the performance of her career, Mishael Morgan broke our hearts, Vernee Watson is a master class of acting, Kassie DePaiva deserves an Emmy, Madison showed us what she can do when give the material, and Godfrey balanced drama and comedy.  When the dust is settled it’s down to this …

Will Win: Beth Maitland

Should Win Beth Maitland or Mishael Morgan

Don’t Count Out: Kassie DePaiva

Outstanding Younger Actor

Two-horse race here: Days Lucas Adams betrayed Tripp, or GH’s Garren Stitt’s heartbreaking Oscar who learns he is dying.  Take your pick!

Will Win:  Lucas Adams

Don’t Count Out: Garren Stitt

Outstanding Younger Actress

It’s got to go to naughty GH’s Nelle Benson for the second-year in a row.  Chloe Lanier have your acceptance speech ready.  (Although, Hayley Erin and Eden McCoy could surprise here.)

Will Win: Chloe Lanier

Should Win: Chloe Lanier

So, what do you think of our picks? Agree? Disagree? Weigh-in via the comment section below!

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Tina Schönbrodt
Tina Schönbrodt

I disagree with the outstanding lead actress… Laura Wright will win and should win. I think Maura West won enough… Laura is much better and maurice benard will win for lead actor


Laura Wright is a good actress but not a powerhouse like Maura West.

JM Sullivan
JM Sullivan

Both of these actresses are powerhouses, in my opinion. They also seem to be close friends who support one another.

Tina Schönbrodt
Tina Schönbrodt

Yes both are great I like maura but i love laura


If Garren doesn’t win this year, he better win next year.

JM Sullivan
JM Sullivan

In my opinion, no one is in the same class with Maurice Benard! Garren Stitt’s time as Oscar was fabulously played. Max Gail has been damn near perfect as Mike. Eden McCoy tugs at my emotions every time she’s in a scene. Kassie DePaiva always leads the field in every role she plays. Laura Wright is outstanding in her role as the complex Carly trying to be a better person all the time.
[This article would have wowed me more if an editor/proofreader had spent a few more minutes working on it.]


I agree with you that nobody is in the same class as Benard: nobody is that bad.

JM Sullivan
JM Sullivan

He’s the best actor on television and has been incredible in a number of movies, too. In addition to that, he represents extremely well for those who live with bipolar disorder. That puts him on my list of heroes.

Tina Schönbrodt
Tina Schönbrodt

Absolutely ♡

Tina Schönbrodt
Tina Schönbrodt

He is the best you are so jealous…


What I want to see:

Best show: DAYS/GH

Best Writing: DAYS

Lead Actress: Maura West (love Miller though)

Lead Actor: John Lindstrom

Supporting Actor: Max Gail (Love Martsolf though)

Supporting Actress: Kassie De Paula (Love Madison though)


I liked watching it on TV

Scott (ATWT Fan)
Scott (ATWT Fan)

“Will Win: Maura West

Should Win: Maura West”

This is all that matters. That’s all. Welcome to my TED Talk.


Lindstrom captivated in every scene he was in. Benard picked up his game a bit last year, but JL should take it for multiple roles.

West and Gail in runaway categories.

Maitland breaks the GH stranglehold on the acting categories.

While Stitt had the higher profile role, Lipton could surprise.

Lanier should take it, with McCoy already the front runner for next year.

In the guest category, Patricia Bethune was a true short term character that stands out. Just her annunciation on “Caroline” creeps you out.


Thank you for posting how to watch the show!


The 2 sure things should be Lindstrom and Gail.

Denise Calise
Denise Calise

Gh for the win would love to see a tie for the gh days of our lives


Maura! Maura! Maura! Love her! & Jon Lindstrom and Max Gail.


Do you have any idea how many great daytime actors have given their heart and soul to this industry? But hey let’s just keep on giving statues to the same old same !


Dear Michael Fairman ..
After reading your predictions=
You have 80% of them wrong 🙁

I do not watch the awards, but nonetheless, you are way off this year 🙁

JM Sullivan
JM Sullivan

So many actors/actresses were deserving of awards this year! Great job to all!

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