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AEW’s Maxwell Jacob Friedman Joins Cast of Von Erich Family Wrestling Bio-Pic ‘The Iron Claw’

Photo: AEW

MJF’s rise to stardom is a-coming.  Now the 26-year-old who’s in-ring promo skills and wrestling skills are through the roof, has landed a part in the upcoming motion picture The Iron Claw.

According to Deadline, Maxwell Jacob Friedman has signed on to the Von Erich pro wrestling bio-pic.  The cast already includes major Hollywood names including: Zac Efron, Maura Tierney and Lily James.

Based on a true story, The Iron Claw will follow the tragic rise and fall of the Von Erich family, a dynasty of wrestlers who made a huge impact on the sport from the 1960s to the present day. Friedman’s role will be his first feature.

As to who MJF will play is being kept under wraps.  The film is being written and directed by Sean Durkin (Martha Marcy May Marlene)..

Zac Efron has already been seen in a remarkable transformation on early social media posts as Kerry Von Erich, the only surviving son of the family.

Meanwhile, MJF will get his title shot at the AEW World Championship at the Full Gear PPV on November 19th when he wrestles, the champ, Jon Moxley.

So, what do you think about MJF landing a motion picture role in the story of the Von Erich family? Comment below.


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Tony Khan Confirms William Regal’s Exit from AEW to Return to WWE

On Wednesday, ahead of tonight’s AEW Dynamite on TBS, and to promote Saturday’s Ring of Honor Final Battle pay-per-view, AEW President Tony Khan spoke with the media and answered questions on several topics.

Chief among them is the status of William Regal who reportedly is heading back to the WWE.  In story, Regal was taken out by MJF on last week’s AEW Dynamite, after Regal helped MJF become the AEW World Champion during the main event at the Full Gear pay-per-view in November.   During last week’s episode, Regal was carried out of the ring by stretcher after being clobbered in the head from behind with brass knuckles by the new champ in another swerve.

Today on the media call, Khan reportedly explained the Regal situation sharing that Regal approached AEW executive Megha Parekh and requested to be released form his contract so he could go back and work his “golden years” coaching his son, Charlie Dempsey, and to the WWE.

This all went down around the time Khan was with his mother in Toronto, who was undergoing a major operation when doctors found that she had a spot on her heart and if the spot was removed, that it the best chance of stopping the strokes she was having.  She has already had two strokes, previously.

During this time, Khan arranged a call with Regal and shared that Regal had good intentions for wanting to go back. He was very empathic to the situation, given what he was going through with his mother and his own family at the time.

Khan added that Regal is still with AEW through the holidays, but he wishes William all the best and that it was “hard to see him go”, and they’re going to make some on-screen sacrifices to help him do the right thing for his family.  In addition, Regal’s release was on the condition that he could not be on TV next year, meaning Regal could then only work behind the scenes at WWE, anyway.

Tonight on ‘Dynamite’ look for Khan to address the William Regal situation.

Reports from Pro,, David Bixenspan

So, what do you think of William Regal obtaining his release from AEW to go coach his son and return behind the scenes to work with the WWE in 2023? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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AEW DYNAMITE: The Elite Mock CM Punk In Chi-Town; Jon Moxley Confronts William Regal After ‘Full Gear’ Swerve

Anticipation was high for Wednesday night’s Thanksgiving Eve AEW Dynamite on TBS.  There were plenty of questions to be answered from the fallout from the Full Gear pay-per-view.

Airing live from Chicago, the show opened with William Regal, who came to the ring to address the crowd who were already hostile towards him for his heel turn during Full Gear.  Regal, who had been the manager of the Blackpool Combat Club, and supposedly in then champion Jon Moxley’s corner at Full Gear, passed brass knuckles to MJF, who used them on Moxley to become the new AEW World Champion.  On ‘Dynamite’, Regal had some explaining to do, only we never got the explanation!

When Jon Moxley came to the ring to confront Regal for his betrayal, out came Bryan Danielson.  Danielson pleaded with Mox to not attack Regal, followed by Danielson slapping the former champ in the face.  Moxley eventually told Regal: Lordship, I only want one thing from you.  I want you to run. Run far away, as far away as you can, and you never, ever come back. Right now. Walk. And keep on walking.”

Next, Regal left the ring and headed to the back, but is it for good? Previously, Regal told the crowd, MJF was off shooting a motion picture (The Iron Claw) and would return to ‘Dynamite’ next week and all would be explained.  AEW fans in attendance and the viewers at home were left with basically no answers … for now.

In another major development, during the second in the best of seven trios matches between The Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson) and AEW Trios Champs, Death Triangle (Pac, Rey Fenix, and Penta El Zero Miedo), The Elite effectively mocked CM Punk in the ring during the match.

Photo: AEW

This did not sit-well with the fans from Chicago.  After all, Punk is their hometown boy.  When Omega bit Pac during the match, it was a mocking of Punk’s friend Ace Steel allegedly biting Omega in the backstage brawl a few months back. Then, Omega hit Punk’s finisher, the GTS to try to pin Pac.

Later, Matt Jackson executed Hangman Adam Page’s signature move, the Buckshot Lariat, but as if he were Punk in his championship match with Page.  In that match, Punk botched the move several times.  It should also be noted, The Elite are friends with Page.

In the end, Death Triangle (using a hammer again) won the match going up 2-o in the best of seven series.

One thing is for sure, Wrestling Observer noted that people in Punk’s camp were not happy with the mockery The Elite made of the backstage brawl, and Punk in the ring, during their match on ‘Dynamite’.

So, why do you think William Regal aligned with MJF? Do you think CM Punk could be on his way back after he is healed from his torn tricep surgery, or is he on his way out of AEW with a contract buyout as has been previously rumored? Share your thoughts in the comment section, but first check out the action of what went down on “Dynamite’ below.

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AEW DYNAMITE: MJF Gets Beat Down From The Firm; But Will This Truly Signify A Babyface Turn?

On Wednesday night’s AEW Dynamite on TBS, the main event between the challenger, Penta El Cero Miedo vs. the AEW champ, Jon Moxley delivered the most intriguing spot in the show, but it wasn’t during the match, it was in its aftermath.

After Moxley defeated Penta, the Firm arrived on the scene along with manager Stokely Hathaway and the group attacked the champ. To set up the fact that no one from Moxley’s Blackpool Combat Club could save him, the cameras went backstage to a room that was chained from the outside – meaning the guys couldn’t get out of there in time to help Moxley.  Then, Security runs to the ring but the Firm easily throws them all out.

Photo: AEW

All of a sudden from the ramp to the ring comes MJF, who looks conflicted.  Should he save Moxley … or let him get a beat down to soften him up for his title match against him in November at Full Gear?

MJF decides to run to into the ring and tells the Firm to back off of Moxley.  Earlier on ‘Dynamite’, Hathaway was told by MJF to not soften up Moxley before the PPV, or he would be fired.  Stokely clearly wasn’t hearing the message, or is a part of a bigger swerve? MJF made it clear to Hathaway that if the Firm lays a hand on Moxley, then he will be fired from MJF’s payroll.

Now in the ring, MJF receives a blow to the face from Ethan Page and the beat down begins, which ends with W. Morrisey choke-slamming him through a table to end the show.

So, what is going on here? Viewers and fans aren’t 100% buying that this sets up MJF for a full babyface turn.  In fact, many pundits and fans believe that in the end this will all be revealed as a hoax, and that MJF is still working with the Firm in an effort to win the title from Moxley at Full Gear.

In addition, with Moxley and MJF both getting pummeled by the Firm, could they wind up teaming up on the next episode of ‘Dynamite’ to go up against them? What was the point of it all? Stay tuned.

Check out the final moments of Moxley’s championship title match against Penta and MJF coming to the ring and what followed below!

Do you believe AEW is setting up MJF for a championship run as a babyface, or will he reveal himself to be all heel, all the time, in the weeks ahead? Share your theories in the comment section.

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