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B&B’s Executive Producer and Head Writer Brad Bell Talks The Sheila Carter Effect!


One of the most enticing of all daytime dramas right now to check out is The Bold and the Beautiful, especially now with the shocking return of all-time soap villain, Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown)

The series head writer, and executive producer, Brad Bell chatted with TV Insider to give fans some answers to their questions including some teases into just what Kimberlin Brown’s return as Sheila will be back in story for, how they sidestepped the last time Sheila was seen on Y&R when the character was played by Michelle Stafford, and how the CBS Daytime series was able to keep Sheila’s return under-wraps.

Here are a few interesting excerpts from TV Insider’s chat with Brad.

Brad on how they kept Kimberlin Brown’s return a secret:  “We gave Kimberlin Brown a code name, snuck her into CBS incognito every day and swore the cast and crew to secrecy. There’s nothing quite like a jaw-dropping soap surprise, so it’s good to know it’s still possible to pull one off, especially in this era of social media. I’m very excited to have Kimberlin back. [Laughs] She knows how to give good tag.”

Brad on what is planned in story now that Brown is signed on for a one-year contract: “This is a big arc. We will watch it closely and hope for success. We all thought Stephanie was pretty bad, but now that Eric is caught between Sheila and Quinn, Stephanie’s looking like a pussycat. I think we have all the ingredients for a great, long story. Yes, it looks like we’ve brought back the devil, but Sheila’s first moves on the show have been good. She even thinks Quinn is a great person and she’s really happy Eric married her. But then Sheila will learn more about Quinn and what she’s been up to and suddenly it’s, “Hmm…maybe Quinn isn’t so wonderful after all. Maybe Eric needs my help.” So she and Quinn will become rivals.

Brad on the decision to not play into the history of Sheila where Michelle Stafford last played the part as a Phyllis doppelganger on Y&R: “So we are focusing solely on what previously happened with Sheila on B&B. That’s my universe and the only way I can embrace the character right now. What happened in Genoa City stays in Genoa City.”

Brad on a potential crossover for Sheila to Y&R now that a grown-up Scott Grainger (Daniel Hall) is on the canvas: “Sheila was completely obsessed with him. So, yeah, there is definite potential there. We may do something, I’m not ruling it out.”

So, excited to see Sheila and Quinn duke it out over Eric Forrester? What other evil deeds do you think Sheila will ultimately pull off this time out? Share your thoughts on B&B’s plans for Sheila and let us know what you would like to see happen while she is on the canvas in the comment section below!

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Team Sheila all the way she will wipe the floor with Quinn once she finds out about Ridge and Quinn nothing but good old fashion soapy goodness! KB expresses so much with just lifting a eyebrow and a smirk she is so good the female version of Roger Thorpe on Guiding Light you knew he was a scroundrel but you could not take your eyes off of him.

I agree with your comments. As I was watching today, I knew Sheila would have something to do with Quinn and Ridge’s secret coming out. This is going to be great soap opera. All older fans need to tune back in and get ready. It is going to be a bumpy ride.

Great comparison to Sheila and Roger Thorpe from Guiding Light! Totally agree.

Hi, Kay,
Pardon the intrusion. As I stated, I don’t watch B&B, but I had to tune in for Sheila, if only this once.
I could not believe her demeanor….she’s a different person, it seems.
She must make an appearance on Y&R, sooner or later….too much mystery going on with Tessa and Zack. I am almost positive the threee are connected, and, Nikki will be one of the many to pay the price.

@CeeCee….Well, thank goodness you checked-in here! With the “CyberGods” almost constantly conspiring against us, the rare occasions that we actually can share a two-way conversation are about as common as a blue moon! (Although I do always try to reply….like just yesterday on the “Sam” and “Maxie” threads…I made numerous attempts to remark to your and others’ interesting thoughts, yet managed to post only a measly brief one to you ala the Maxie. But at least it was a goody! LOL…) Still, I’m glad that you were able to enjoy my waxing nostalgic on the way “B&B” (and by extension, ALL soaps) used to be. I know you wouldn’t think it now by my disapproving tone regarding pretty much all things GH, but I was once a totally avid soap fan….used to “VCR” numerous shows and episodes and even required multiple recorders in which to do so…I still harbor nothing but the fondest of memories about so many fictional daytime places, people and storylines that inhabited my formative years….they were, quite simply put, phenomenal! Alas, such is no longer the case, and it is nearly impossible not to express my utter disappointment in that fact. The newfangled form of soap operas simply leaves me bereft!!! But that’s neither here nor there, one finds other sources to take their place…I have my UK/European entertainment that conforms to my personal tastes…which leads me to a really valid question…What the deuce is so verboten about discussing the subject of Poldark here???? We see the most lengthy, tangential discussions about binge-watching all sorts of off-topic programs and yet, I’m the one who gets moderated for a few lines about a truly excellent series for whom numerous contributors here have previously noted their own enjoyment!!! Hmmmm….At any rate, I hear you on the weird playthings to which today’s kiddos are being subjected…I can recall not so long ago when avant-garde artists used to literally butcher Barbie and Ken into their own punk, nerd, trailer park or fill-in-the-blank versions with greatly hilarious results…it was harmless fun! But to seriously mass-market these—and other—freaky incarnations as suitable toys for the youngest of our consumers is another thing altogether. Children need to remain children in their purest, most instinctual form…they should be allowed to find their own way before being exposed to any agenda beyond just providing them a happy, healthy, safe and nurturing upbringing. If nature takes an unexpected U-turn later on, well, one prays for the strength to deal with that in the most accepting, loving manner possible for the best interest of the child, but I think that pushing any notion that goes against the age-old traditionally-accepted customs of childrearing should be avoided until any youngster has arrived in their own (individual) good time at some sense of themselves. I realize that may be considered controversial in our modern-day environment, but sobeit! Lastly, I hope Sheila does eventually find her way to GC since so many viewers like yurself seem to desire answers to her previous activities there…I can relate. I’m still waiting…and waiting…and waiting!….for umpteenth resolutions to the sloppy loose ends that have become a far-too-frequent occurrence on GH! Later, mia amica! (Fingers crossed this one makes it to your inbox….)

Also agree on Sheila and Roger Thorpe…the years that Roger Thorpe was on GL canvas and when Douglas Marland was writing GL, can’t miss a day and always long to tune in each day to see what is happening.

She is not at all like Roger Thorpe! Michael Zaslow was classy to a T!!

@k/kay…”Good old-fashioned soapy goodness,” indeed! It’s been an absolute age since I watched B&B—when it turned into “The Brooke Show” I tuned out permanently….I couldn’t abide that blandly-blonde social-climbing creature from “Day One!”—but some of my fondest memories of that soap are of the utterly unhinged Sheila! Her wrathful revenge antics were just off-the-chart awesome! Of course, I am also delighted for Kimberlin Brown’s return to the airwaves, as well…she’s too talented to be spending her days simply farming avocados! As for your previous comments about nuRidge, I totally concur….despite his often cardboard-like presence, Ronn Moss was Ridge personified, and his recast should have at the very least emulated some of his style and elegance, not to mention, extremely polished good looks! Even all these years later, I’ll never forget the debut of this series when Ridge and his brother Thorne stunned with their otherworldly handsomeness….OMG!!!!

LOL, Shay….hi, by the way,
To be honest, I never watched B&B because neither my mother, nor my grandmothers watched, sooooo…
Then, when Don Diamont made the transition from Y&R, it stopped me even further. Nothing against the actor, but Brad Carlton was cringe-worthy for me. I had developed a strong antipathy for him, due to his not-too-savory persona. Couldn’t stand him.

I only know Ronn Moss from PLAYER, the defunct? rock band. And, yes he was hot—smoldering hot.
Was he involved with Eileen Davidson, at one point?
Anyway, back to Sheila…..I keep harping on this because I really EXPECT her to show up in GC, albeit many fans want to let that part of her life go…disintegrate into oblivion.
But, how can that work? If I were both a B&B and Y&R watcher, everytime I’d see her, my mind would automatically swing to Sheila’s Y&R past history. I wouldn’t be able to omit or erase that vision from memory.
I think it stands to reason and logic she would make an appearance….especially if Zack and Tessa are an integral part of what’s coming down the pike, involving Sheila.
Those who watch Y&R know Sharon suspects Zack….I suspect his on-line dating “business” is questionable—it’s a cover-up for something iniquitous… ahh, gee, I don’t know—–a prostitution ring? LOL.

Hey, CeeCeeGirl!!!!!….At last we connect, though certainly not for lack of trying! (I sent you at least three responses on the subject of Nurse Amy….a total exercise in futility!) Mercifully, I quit my B&B habit long before the arrivals of the ridiculously-named “Dollar Bill,” aka, Don Diamont, and the seriously underwhelming reconstituted Ridge, but when the show first began, oh, what a sight to behold! Even in the late ’80’s, when drop-dead gorgeous men were a multi-soap staple, “The Bold and the Beautiful” lived up to its name from “Day One” when the “Brothers Forrester” emerged on the tv screen for the first time…To say I was impressed beyond words is a true understatement! “Thorne” was portrayed by a rather awkward, but sweet, neophyte actor/former model who looked like the walking, talking version of “Malibu Ken!” (Unlike today’s pathetic new “manbunned” incarnation…have you seen that awful thing? Eewwwwww! ) He was, to put it quite simply, “All-American” perfection personified….blond-haired, green-eyed, you know, my idea of the ultimate male! LOL. Then, as if that weren’t enough to “send me,” we had the tall, dark, brooding Ridge whose flawless facial features looked like they’d been sculpted by a master artiste! This time, even I was uncharacteristically smitten by this unbearably divine specimen of masculine brunette beauty! Soooo….yeah, those were definitely the halcyon days of B&B! (There was also a stunning blonde actress who played sister Kristin and even Susan Flannery’s Stephanie was initially an impossibly-soigne’ Beverly Hills matron who was a real looker!) Alas, today’s show cannot hold a candle to the elegance and sophistication that was the soap’s trademark in its early years….I would now term it “bland and boring” by its previous standards.) At any rate, one of the highlights during those years was the introduction of bat-guano crazy Sheila onto the show’s canvas….she was off-the-wall bonkers, but it just worked!!! Whenever something went awry in “Forresterland” one’s first thoughts wandered to this wicked wench of a woman, and sure enough, Sheila was usually back from the dead—or whatever—for more mirthful menacing! As for her time in Genoa City, yes, I do recall her part in some earlier famous capers there, as well, though not as fondly as what wrath she wrought to the B&B-ers. Hence I cannot really fill in the blanks about how these two soaps can reconcile their mutual inconsistencies in terms of her many merry forays into insanity! All I know is that I am truly delighted that Kimberlin Brown has returned to daytime….she is one of its most-storied she-devils and those who still watch B&B are in for a real treat to be sure!!!!

Hello there, Shaybelle,
Would you believe that the only reason I have “caught” your post was due to the fact that I scrolled back to check??
I am not receiving any replies in my inbox. I have no idea why!!!! I have a different email address from my personal or “business” one. I have been using/sharing my sister-in-law’s, with a one-letter difference. All I get are unwanted, stupid ads.

Yes, I have seen the ‘sexless’ dolls. Unreal. Hasbro has designed non-gender toys ….for what? So both boys and girls may play with ‘interchangeable’ toys.
I have yet to see my little Rosie play with my son’s matchbox cars or his Transformerr collection etc…..she wants her Little Ponies.
Strange. Totay’s kids will grow up completely off their axis…no individuality….if the state of the world weren’t confusing enough, as it is….

You do illustrate the way B&B was in its heyday. Soaps have always been a part of my life. Every past or present character of any soap, unfailingly, stirs special memories–with me, it has always been Sharon and Nick. (Y&R).
More importantly, every storyline had me enthralled.
Sheila is etched in my brain. As young as I was, I remember the craziness well. She was that impressive.
I do hope she shows up in Genoa City. There is sooo much story waiting for her to finish.

This is going to be sooooooooo good!

Love Sheila Carter but I don’t like the whole “I’ll just ignore what happened on Y&R” mindset since the shows have an established shared universe with numerous crossovers. The show needs to respect the audience by presenting a logical explanation for the character’s return that respects her history and then move on with the story it wants to tell.

Also, I’m finding it hard to believe that Eric hasn’t called Lauren to let her know that her arch enemy is out of prison and back on the streets…

Give him time. He absolutely has to do that, since that bit of history cannot be ignored. I’m all for the crossovers, it would do a world of good for both shows.

I have been saying the same thing, about Eric not informing Lauren.

I’m with you on the reveal that for now, the writers will pretend that Sheila’s last doesn’t exist but as much as I hated that last Sheila story, it still needs to be addressed. My reason for hating that story was because Kimberlin wasn’t Sheila. If they go down that road with Eric not calling Lauren, there better be one hell of a good explanation. I’m hoping that this one year contract Kimberlin signed turns into something alot more because I love the actress and the character even if she’s managed to scare me in the past.


Not many group members want her back in GC. Personally I detested all of the storylines she was in. I’m a great fan of semi believable villains but she was over the top. Keep her in LA, we don’t want her presence ruining the show in GC.

Her best stories were always on B&B anyway, those Y&R writers made a mess of the character on that show, glad to have her on the show she’s always been great on.

I totally agree with you. Y&R is my favorite soap, but I was ready to drop it when the entire Sheila Carter nonsense was going down in Genoa City. Those were some dark days of ridiculous and unpleasant writing on Y&R.

So agree…stay in LA…But I have to say it would be nice for her to also visit GC and all that horrible writing could be explained if done right.

Sheila was never an over the top villain though, so that is a misrepresentation on your part. Kimberlin always played Sheila as quiet and cool and deadly.

As a viewer who has been watching this soap since it’s inception it is MY opinion Sheila was an over the top villain. Carry on with your own opinion which I and others may consider a misrepresentation.

I doubt what “group members” feel makes any difference to TPTB,GramS.
I do agree with you that, as a villainess, Sheila went above the acceptable norm, but, that’s what was needed to swerve from the beaten path—she stood out —
However, I will find it hard to think that Sheila will not show up in GC. As I said, too many loose ends.
I may be going in the wrong direction, but that Zack guy and Tessa give me the heebie-jeebies—just as Sheila did. I find it too coincidental for them to come on the Y&R stage, almost simultaneously as Sheila on B&B.

Tessa has been on the show for about 3 months now and Zack about a month…hardly simultaneously. Many think Tessa is working undercover to bust the sex trafficking ring Christine talked to Scott about and that Zack is a trafficker.

Well I for one never believe the Shelia that looked like Phyllis was the real thing. Even when Lauren shot that Shelia she said with her dying breath that it wasn’t over– so to me that left the door open for a Shelia return to GC.

I get why Brad doesn’t want to explain what happened in GC– yet if there is a crossover he might have too. If Lauren comes to LA to confront Shelia — it will be insulting to viewers to have Lauren act like she never shot “her” or Shelia’s sister– and what about Shelia’s twins Ryder and Daisy when Lauren in LA is just going to forget all that— No sorry Brad at some point you will have to come up with a way to explain it– and if Shelia goes to GC to be on Y&R then that writing team will have to explain it– it is too big of a piece of the character’s history to sweep under the rug and pretend it never happened.

But I give Brad major kudos on pulling off a real surprise– not too many of those left in soaps because of social media and studio’s announcing things to hype ratings. The fact Brad got CBS to keep quiet and not run commercials advertising the return of Shelia is quite the feather in his cap–

I feel bad for Brad that the Y&R writers made such a mess of the character with the sister Sarah garbage and Phyllis face. I understand that he’s not anxious to address all that nonsense and confident we will see great Sheila stories again like in the early years of B&B.

Can’t the writers come up with a NEW storyline? Dredging up Sheila is a lose lose idea. I’m a long time B&B and Y&R watcher, BUT I am DONE with BOTH shows if these writers don’t move on to new and. BETTER storylines!

As far as I can remember I think Sheila Carter is dead in the Y&R universe…..

Well, in my opinion this show needs a lot of help. Seriously believe the boring foursome of Zende, Nicole, RJ & Coco MUST go! More Sheila airtime might b what this sinking ship needs.

I’ve been critical of B&B before but I’m very pleasantly surprised to read that KB has a one year contract! I thought this was a 3-month arc at best. Smart move by B&B. The show needed something and Sheila Carter may just be it. I’m on Team Sheila!!

Brown is great. Sheila, when written well, is great. I’m glad that she is back.

However, the show really needs to deal with the “fake Sheila/Phyllis” business. Also, Sheila has a daughter named Daisy roaming around somewhere and that should be handled as well. I do NOT want a return of Daisy (the character and actress were not compelling) but I would prefer the writers to address it at least.

I’m still wondering where the heck is Molly Carter, Sheila’s devoted, victimized mother?? It was strange that Sheila’s “sister”, Sarah Smythe, never mentioned the woman. It also would be odd if Sheila made no reference to her as well.

I’m fine with forgetting what happened on Y&R in regards to Sheila and her fam now that Sheila is back on B&B. Let’s just focus on what Sheila did on B&B.

I think Sheila is much worse than Quinn, so Q better watch out. Interested to see what happens!!!!

I am OK “forgetting” Sheila’s connection to Genoa City. The Y&R writers back in that day just made the story so insanely dumb. No one could have been happy with it. I am happy Sheila has returned to Los Angeles tho not surprised. B&B seems to be going retro with its plots and characters. Would like a clean house at B&B as some characters are just too long in the tooth for the roundelays anymore. I would like to see more story and focus on characters day to day, not just six weeks and gone.

I could not be more excited for Kimberlin Brown’s return. It would have been ashamed to go into year 30 of the show and not address/resurrect a character like Sheila. While the Brooke/Stephanie rivalry is what galvanized the show in its early years, Sheila’s appearance on the canvas literally changed the show. I appreciate the vision and guts Bill Bell had in deciding to bring back to the character. As to his decision to ignore the admittedly ludicrous Phyllis/Sheila/Sarah storyline, but it is not something that can be ignore. Y&R and B&B share a universe, and that plot will have to be addressed at some point — particularly now that Scott Grainger, Jr. is back on the Y&R canvas. With Sally Sussman and Kay Alden back at Y&R and Bill Bell getting back to basics on B&B, I’m sure they will find a way to undo the mess made of these legacy characters.

Look Sheila died on young and restless with phyllis’s face , we even had sheila’s sister sarah smythe with lauren ‘s face on that show and sarah confirmed sheila had died and of course sarah died herself . Sheila’s kids didn’t dispute or question their mother died . and she is alive on BOLD ? please don’t treat soap viewers as idiots . won’t watch .

That’s exactly my point, nicholas. We, Y&R fans, need a plausible explanation.
I was thinking that Sheila’s evil-doing will be explained away by saying that her double did all those things while she had the real Sheila imprisoned.
Isn’t that the usual theme?

Days Of Our Lives

Jen Lilley on Days of our Lives’ Theresa Recast Decision: “It’s a Little Befuddling, But I Still Am Really Grateful That I Got to Go Back.”

Now that the word is out that Days of our Lives star, Emily O’Brien, will be taking over the role of Theresa Donovan from Jen Lilley, fans of the Peacock streaming soap opera are wondering just how the show plans to unveil O’Brien as the recast Theresa, and how she will exit her current role as Gwen.

Meanwhile, Jen Lilley, who had appeared on DAYS as Theresa on and off since 2013, has been speaking to media outlets about what went down behind the scenes in the turn of events that led her part to be recast midstream of her most recent story arc.

Speaking with PEOPLE, Lilley shared that she was under the impression that DAYS was going to fit 12 weeks of episodes into the 4 weeks she gave the show for her availability to be back at the soap opera.  Jen wanted to return to film scenes relating to the memorial service of Victor Kiriakis, because of her close bond with the late, John Aniston.

Photo: JPI

Jen noted that she went to then co-executive producer, Albert Alarr, and asked why she received less scripts than expected. That is when she learned someone else was going to be taking over the role. She asked, “You told me Theresa’s going to do X, Y, and Z, but I just got the schedule for Monday, and it’s only this one script. Is Theresa still going to do that?”

Lilley says that Alarr responded with, “Theresa’s still going to do all of that. It’s just we’re going to go ahead and do it with another actress.’ That’s how I found out.”

It was at that time, according to Lilley, she asked who would be replacing her and learned it was DAYS cast member, Emily O’Brien. Alarr informed her it would be Emily moving over from her role as Gwen Rizczech. Jen shared she was further confused because they wanted Theresa to be blonde and Emily is a brunette. That was addressed, when she learned O’Brien would be donning a blonde wig for the part.

Photo: JPI

In wrapping up her time on DAYS, Jen said, “I think Emily drew the shortest straw, honestly. I was like, ‘That is the worst thing you could possibly do to a recast is be like, we’re going to wig you and make you just walk through fire for eight weeks.’ I don’t know whether it was a budgetary thing or a scheduling thing where they just couldn’t work the schedule out so everybody could do it. I don’t know their reasoning. It’s a little befuddling, but I still am really grateful that I got to go back.”

Now it remains to be seen, just how long O’Brien will play Gwen. Is it for the short planned arc of Theresa? Will it be longer? Will Lilley be back? All we can say is, play close attention to the Friday, October 6th and Monday, October 9th episodes of Days of our Lives.

What do you think about the sentiments shared by Lilley on recasting Theresa with Emily O’Brien? Comment below.

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The Kelly Clarkson Show Sets Season 5 Premiere Date

Another talk show is on its way back and finally set to kick off its fifth season. The Daytime Emmy Award-winning Kelly Clarkson Show will return on Monday October 16th.

Clarkson’s talker becomes the latest to return following the resolutions of the writers strike.  In order, Sherri returned in September, with The Jennifer Hudson Show back on October 2nd and the highly-anticipated season debut of CBS’ The Talk, this coming Monday October 9th.

In an update, The Drew Barrymore Show is also returning on the same date as Clarkson on October 16th. The premiere was just revealed. As of earlier on Wednesday, Barrymore had not announced a season debut date, following the massive pushback she received for her original stance to restart production ahead of the ending of the writers strike.

Photo: CBS

Season 5 of The Kelly Clarkson Show makes its debut in New York City after four seasons in Los Angeles.

The series will start-up taping on October 10th from NBC Studios, shooting in 30 Rock in Studio 6A, which is the former home to Late Night which featured multiple hosts over the years including: David Letterman, Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon.

In a statement, Kelly shared on the new season: “I’m so excited to start our fifth season at the iconic 30 Rock. There is such a unique energy and creative spirit that comes with filming in New York City. Y’all ready?”

Photo: NBCUniversal

Alex Duda, the talk show’s executive producer, teased: “We can’t wait to welcome a vibrant audience to join us in studio. There will be lots of surprises and plenty of giveaways. Kellyoke fans can expect to see Kelly and her band perform impromptu duets with our 30 Rock neighbors and talent from Broadway, plus more Songs & Stories episodes with artists such as P!nk, Garth Brooks and Chris Martin. We’ll also do our signature Good Neighbor segment, highlighting everyday people doing extraordinary things in their communities.”

Check out the season 5 premiere promo for Kelly’s new season below.

Now let us know, are you happy that all-new episodes of The Kelly Clarkson Show are on the way? Intrigued that the show is coming your way via the Big Apple instead of Los Angeles? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Dancing with the Stars

DANCING WITH THE STARS: Artem Chigvintsev Out with COVID, Charity Lawson to Partner with Ezra Sousa

It’s just the second episode of the season, and Covid strikes again! On tonight’s all-new Dancing with the Stars (8 pm ET, ABC), The Bachelorette‘s Charity Lawson will team with substitute dance troupe partner, Ezra Sousa.

Lawson’s full-time dance pro, Artem Chigvintsev, is out this week due to Covid. Coming into tonight’s competition, Charity and Artem were at the top of the leaderboard after night one of the competition, scoring 22 out of 30.

On the show’s official Instagram account, they shared: “Artem will not be dancing tonight due to COVID. Wishing him a quick recovery! ❤️ Charity will perform with Ezra for #LatinNight. #DWTS”

Since the outbreaks of Covid-19, Dancing with the Stars had been hard hit with cases revealed both during the 2021 and 2022 season.

Former Dancing with the Stars pro standout, Cheryl Burke, and her then celebrity partner Cody Rigsby, had both tested positive and even had to perform one of their numbers via zoom and from separate locations to remain in the competition.

Artem is married to former WWE wrestler and diva, Nikki Bella. However, both Nikki and her sister Brie, are know going under the last name of Garcia.


The dance pro and Garcia first met when they were paired together during season 25 and the 2017 season of Dancing with the Stars.  They later went on to marry in 2022.

So, what do you think of Charity’s chances to remain atop of the leaderboard on tonight’s Dancing with the Stars with Artem out and Ezra standing in for him? Comment below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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