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B&B's Jacob Young Chats On Rick's Revenge, His Leading Ladies & Brad Bell!

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The Bold and the Beautiful has been tearing it up of late with an umbrella story centered around an embittered Rick Forrester (Jacob Young), who after being fed up and being tossed aside by his father Eric (John McCook) in favor of Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) for the CEO seat at Forrester Creations, and never getting the opportunity to take the reins, decided turnabout is fair play and then some!  The new Rick is ready to take down those who get in his way to what he feels is rightfully his, especially after being kicked in the teeth by his then wife Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) who was smooching with sworn enemy number one … Ridge!

In addition, this storyline has given viewers an opportunity to see the acting mettle of Daytime Emmy winner Jacob Young!  So much so that back in December, On-Air On-Soaps named Jacob are pick for the Outstanding Supporting Actor of 2014, and the story has just gotten better and better into 2015.  We caught up with Jacob at the recent on set celebration for The Bold and the Beautiful’s 7000th episode, which included the studio dedication of Stage 31 to Jacob’s first soap boss and current soap boss, Brad Bell (head writer and executive producer, B&B).

Playing troubled, bad, misunderstood, and misguided is nothing new for Young having also played JR Chandler on ABC’s All My Children.  But Rick takes soap revenge to a whole new level, especially when he and his current flame Maya (Karla Mosley) get together for some collusion!  And as for Young’ intense scenes with Linsey Godfrey of late, they have been nothing short of exquisite work in this genre.  Here’s what Jacob had to say about finally being handed the ball and running with it … and more!

Brad Bell has been instrumental in your career, and it seems like both of you are getting your due and the respect you deserve: Brad being honored with the studio dedication in his name at B&B soundstages at CBS, and across the way from where his father the late Bill Bell Sr. had a studio dedication in his name at Y&R.  I saw you being very emotional when Brad spoke of what this meant to him.

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JACOB:  If there is anything more touching than Brad and Bill Bell Sr.’s father and son connection, I don’t know what it is.  I told Brad that he would be so proud of you to continue his legacy, and it’s like the torched gets passed. I was moved to tears during his speech.  It was absolutely beautiful.

How long have you been with The Bold and the Beautiful now in total, since you left and came back?

JACOB:  I am right under the ten year mark here if you add them altogether. It doesn’t seem like ten, well it does and doesn’t, because I broke up the time being here.  Somebody asked me the other day, “What has been my favorite show to be a part of?” You have special memories of every part you play.  But B&B is where I started.  I wouldn’t have been able to do those other shows, if it wasn’t for this show.  Brad saw that many years ago, and so this by far is home, and it’s my favorite show.

Can you believe the story you have right now?  Rick’s revenge and the dynamics within the Forrester family, and their business turned on its ear, has been must-see TV!

JACOB:  I can’t believe it!  Sometimes it takes awhile to massage a new person back into the canvas. It took us three or four years, but I am running with it, and taking full advantage of it.  I am just going to continue trying to pump out the best work I possibly can.

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Rick is such a jackass right now!  It’s like these circumstances have unleashed his inner-devil.  How has it been working with Karla Mosley (Maya) in this storyline, and Linsey Godfrey (Caroline) in these heavy emotional scenes?

JACOB:  You are right! Rich is such an asshole! (Laughs) Both of those girls are so talented and have really blossomed into those roles. They are so sweet that’s hard to be mean to anybody on this show!

Karla has those big beautiful, but mischievous doe eyes!  She can just go there and play the bitch and turn it on and off, which is fun to watch.

JACOB:  Some of the scenes that are to come are almost unforgiveable, because both of us together are like very … duplicitous! (Laughs)

Did you know this big story was coming down the pike for you?


JACOB:  They always give you an idea, but then I have not had anything that lasts more three weeks in terms of continuing story.  I have had good start-ups, but there is never a finish line.  And so when I heard this, I thought this was going to be another in and out of the office at Forrester deal.  But, this was all a big surprise to me, and when I saw the material for the first time (that has aired already), and some of the more emotional stuff with Linsey; I said to myself, “It’s now or never!  Take it when you got it.”

You have some really meaty material this year to compete for a Daytime Emmy.  Did you submit yourself?  You better have!

JACOB:  I did!  However, some of this great material will be for next year’s Emmys, but there were some great scenes in the office when I find out originally about the supposed affair between Ridge and Caroline, and those were the scenes I used for this year’s Emmys.

One of the things that was so outrageous about this storyline initially was Ridge’s inability to draw being made into such a huge deal on the show, but shame on all of us for thinking that! Ultimately, it fed into Caroline and Rick’s relationship coming apart at the seams, and a vindictive Rick emerging!


JACOB:  It was definitely a good connector.  Rick definitely had some lines that were good puns for him, like, “Why don’t you take that the next time you are holdings hands in front of an easel!”

What is so fascinating in your performances of late is that you can even see that there is a sadness and vulnerability to Rick underneath it all, even as he continues on this mission to take everything that belongs to the Forrester family, and make them suffer like he feels he has!

JACOB:  He is the son who has always been pushed down. Rick has never been able to find his footing, and nobody ever gave him that true opportunity, and he was tired of being the underdog.  You can only push somebody down so much, before they finally start swimming … and he is swimming right now!

The recent scenes you had with Linsey Godfrey, where she is trying to reach out to Rick and tell him that they can make their marriage work, even though she betrayed him, and he wouldn’t take her back were heartbreaking!


JACOB:  They were gorgeous scenes, so gorgeous, and we had talked about those Linsey said, “When we look into each other’s eyes it’s just a trigger.” She found her groove, and she just stuck with it, and she nailed it.  It was unbelievable, and truly some of the best work I have seen, or been a part of on daytime.

So let’s clarify! (Laughs) In real life, you and Thorsten Kaye are buds, and in fact, you go way back to being part of the All My Children gang together!

JACOB: Oh yeah!  We are really close, actually.  So it’s fun to play with him in this way as such bitter adversaries.

What have you thought of the performances of Jacob Young? Do you think this story involving Rick/Maya and Caroline/Ridge and now Liam (Scott Clifton) who wants to take Forrester Creations over, and put Rick out to pasture (as he said on today’s episode) is one of the most rocking stories on soaps today?  Share your comments below!

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Blah Rick and Myna. Rick and Caroline are exactly like JR and Babe on AMC. Caroline and Smidge are just a school girl and teacher type. Nasty.

LOL they are nothing like JR and Babe, JR was utterly unlikeable, had NO redeeming qualities at all.

School girl and teacher? LMFAO wow some people are hilarious. I bet you LOVED Bill and Steffy huh 😉

Say what you want about this story, the acting is beyond fabulous, from Rick, Maya and Caroline!!! Rick has SO much bottled up from watching Ridge mistreat Brooke all those years, in addition to Brooke chasing Ridge at the expense of Rick and Bridget!! Its all coming full circle and I am sitting back with my bowl of popcorn and watching in delight!! And now that Brooke is back, it’s gettin even messier and I love it!!! This is an umbrella story at its best and withall the inner family connections and past hookups, it’s SO juicy. My only complaint is how they have TK’s ridge treating Brooke. Calling her love life twisted was one of the most hypocritical things I have watched air. They have never given TK’s Ridge and Brooke a shot to go for it, and I want to see it bc as we ALL know, Ridge and Brooke are Endgame!!!!! Sit down Caroline, like Katie, Ridge will leave you in the dust!! How about bringing back Thomas Forrester for Caroline, he would be shocked to comeback and see his dad with his ex!!!!

Eric was with Brooke–big age difference there–even had a child with her, so age difference of Ridge & Caroline not to big of a deal, when you remember all the past history of the Forresters/Logans,

I like this story line and everyone is doing a good job at it. Although Brad can’t help embedding a love triangle in the mix, the triangle isn’t the thrust of the story, so I can live with it. But I disagree with the notion Rick was the son who was always pushed down– it seems to me Throne is the son that has gotten the raw deal from his family– at least Rick made it upstairs and was CEO while Throne spent most of his career while in LA in the basement–

I agree, Thorne was the son who has always gotten a raw deal from the family. Rick is just a big baby, I use to like him, but seeing him like he has been, I am really disliking him–now he will expect ‘mommy Brooke’ to get him out of this!!

I wonder when Jacob Young’s contract is up? I’m sure GH would love to have him back as Lucky Spencer. He was a great Lucky. B&B is lucky to have him for so long, he’s definitely valued for his talents over at B&B.

B&B has struck gold with this storyline! All the actors’ performances have been spot on, Jacob Young especially, and Caroline and Ridge’s chemistry is off the charts!

I think Jacob has shown us what is possible for Bold, even down to Rick’s stylish wardrobe.

Rick’s stylish wardrobe? You have got to be kidding! He looks like a little kid in his daddy’s dressup clothes! He is always wearing a suit—and those tears he gets! Please!

You are so right buy the boy some fashion forward 30 something clothes

Great story line and excellent acting from Jacob and Lindsey!

Mr. Young’s acting during this revenge storyline is off the wall (in a positive way). He plays unhinged and crazy really well; he knows how to tap into all of the colours that Rick possesses within his emotional state, and he brings them out. Yes, I’m not crazy about where the story is headed and the propping of Maya as the new Forrester Matriarch, but the writing for this story is what intrigues me. One thing Mr. Bell does incredibly well is write a solid and riveting story. I hated Rick with Kyle Lowder in the role; once Jacob came back, it’s as if the spunk and desire for Rick came rushing back to life. He’s an excellent actor, who I suspect will be gaining an Emmy for the work he’s been doing this past year. Kudos to Mr. Bell and Mr. Young for keeping me thoroughly entertained through this storyline.

Love B&B right great fun and I am team Ridge & Carolyn love those two and what great chemistry 🙂

It’s the best storyline I’ve seen on this show in a long, long time. Maya and Ric are a force to be reckoned with. I just love it that Bell has brought them back stronger and better than ever. I look forward to this show everyday again. Long live RAYA!

This show is so crazy, I love it. Besides all the Forester drama, I am glad dippy and whiny Hope is gone. Good Lord, what a spoiled brat. I am excited to see Liam anand Ivy Keep on with their relationship. I so want Liam to get married to her. And Pam and those damn lemon bars enough already. Geesh!!!

Rick complains he is the son left behind—I think Thorn would say that—Rick is too whinny for my liking. I love Ridge—when he looks at a woman, like he has been doing to Caroline—-Wow! When he said, “You are magnificent!’—-Perfect! I really do NOT like the Rick/Maya situation–putting that horrible picture up—made me not even want to watch B&B!! Maya has turned into a horrible person–both she and Rick, flaunting their affair! What kind of company would put up with all that –now the shooting?? It’s becoming unbelievable—get back to some good stories, Mr. Bell!!

I love this show & Rick’s acting is nothing less than fantastic! Yes he’s been acting like a spoiled little boy but can that guy act! I love Caroline with Ridge as far as age goes how about Eric & Brook or how about the other Logan girl going out with Eric. Caroline may just be the one for Ridge. Ridge is just so handsome I can’t blame Caroline for kissing him. I can’t wait to see Rick’s face when Liam & Steffy take over Forrester or for that matter I can’t wait to see Brook’s face at that time. Who did she think she was?? Back for a day & telling everyone what to do.

The absolute BEST storyline. Old fashion soap. I hope he gets the EMMY. He deserves it

Brook needs another vacation. She is acting as if its her company. Can someone please put her in her place. I’m so happy Hope is gone and I hope she doesn’t return. She is exactly like her mother and so is Ricky.

That’s Brooke’s charm, she feels like it is her company by injection via Eric, Ridge and Thorne, and don’t forget she had Stephanie’s blessing on her death bed to be the new head bitch.

Watching 22 yrs now my favorite show ever and I am furious with Rick!!! So Jacob is doing a great job!!!

I think this show is SO SO much better without Brooke and Hope…. perhaps it shows TPTB that this show is actually much better without those two characters that weigh the show down.

Because of the departures of Brooke and Hope they were forced to dig deep in the writing and it paid off…so [please do not go back to the old ways!

My favorite show ever. Just started watching this past year and although I have been a Y&R fan for 36 yr the B&B has won me over. The story line is so exceptionally Exciting. Although I can’t stand Rick with Maya. I don’t like her at all however I like Ridge with Caroline. So happy Stephy is back.

I think Maya is intentionally made to be unlikable, and Karla Mosley is nailing her scenes as Maya. I like her much more now than I did when she was first brought onto the show, she actually has a purpose now and having her cause trouble for the Forresters reminds me of when Amber was on the show.

And I, too, am really happy that Steffy is back. I wish she were sticking around longer than just for a short-term story, because Jacqueline MacInnes Wood is a great young actress and I really like the character.

I love Jacob Young! Never watched him in the early years of B&B( since I have only been a viewer since he re arrived). But I just love him. I don’t know how tall he is and he does have that young look so I see how he can look like a kid in a suit. He always wore suits in AMC as well (except when he was with Babe in the early stages when she too, didn’t know he was rich. I don’ t like the idea that “Liam” is getting involved in all this Forester stuff. He has nothing to hold on this one. But I guess they need a story line for him to juice him on some air time. I would like to see Rich take it to a unbelievable turn around and make FC tons of money despite the drama on deck. What’s hysterical is that he brought in Steffy! Wait until Ivy gets word of this…. Another Triangle… HUMMMMM Yes Eric will be angry about this lie of getting back together with Caroline but when he sees the numbers… Its going to be great!

I like Caroline better with Ridge rather than Rick . Not to sound all sappy, but Ridge and Caroline are so very sweet to each other, and for each other….I love the way they look at each other, it warms my heart!… lust, just actually caring for each other, like when Caroline was putting ice on Ridge’s bruised face. I was very moved by that, and when Ridge guided Caroline’s hand to draw, I loved it. I hope they stay together for awhile, instead of Brooke breaking them up or Caroline going back to Rick!!

For all the Brooke and Hope haters where would the story be if there were no “Logan”. It’s a soap gotta have people you hate to keep it interesting, I am already growing tired of “icky, Ricky” Maya is a PIA but then again every soap needs one it’s just laughable she thinks she can fill Stephanie’s shoes or even Brooke’s for that matter. Will be interesting to see where they bring the Steffy story line since they indicate she is only temporary, is she going to try and force a friendship between sworn enemies Bill and Ridge, make her dad and Caroline key players in the take over after all she did go to the mats to take back the company for dear old daddy’s approval, she hates Brooke and Rick and as much as her and Hope have hated each other they have been known to put their differences aside on occasion, so where will Hope stand when she comes back on Liam’s s idea knowing how much Steffy did to make the take over happen (and you know it will) or with mommy….and whats with the indicators that Wyatt is reviving up to start the feud back up with his big brother Liam?? Liam needs to kick his ass and be done with it, next they will feud over Steffy and she will leave them both fighting as she makes her exit, remember she hasn’t signed a long term contract she is just here for awhile until they get her signed agained.

It takes Rick’s anger, Maya’s gold digging, Katie’s non-threat to Caroline and Brooke as competition to build Carridge. On their own as potential “adulterers” against poor Rick and Katie who love them so much, not many wanted them. Bell needed fans to accept TK as Ridge. Fans didn’t think he was a good fit. TK’s good actor so Bell had to do something to get him to stay. First, they tried Kridge. Having Brooke get her comeuppance from her own sister and her destiny was supposed to make the case. Kridge fell flat. People loved Brill even after Ridge fell from helicopter to which people cheered. Then, they decided to put Ridge with an ingenue, another Caroline. Most people hated it. So then, comes an angry, bitter, hateful Rick and the total personality change in Maya. The crazier Rick became the more accepting the fans became. Katie doesn’t even get to tell Caroline off for taking Ridge when she was constantly on Brooke for her actions. Now, the icing on the cake, “poor sweet INNOCENT” Caroline competing with “Old” Brooke. That gets the attention of the Brooke haters. So have Ridge reject Brooke and the fans will go wild. TK finally get a stronger fanbase as Ridge. Fans are so predictable that when Ridge cheats on Caroline and falls back in love with Brooke (and he will), Bell will have Rick cured and reunited with Caroline causing Maya to fake a pregnancy.

This is what B&B can and should be all the time! Leffy/Lope and Hiam/Hyatt pales in comparison to this storyline, yet those triangles were the driving force for much of the show for such a long time. This Ridge/Caroline/Rick/Maya story is gold, and it’s really showcasing the talents of everyone involved. Jacob Young finally had the material that is worthy of his talents, plentiful they are. He’s knocking it out of the park scene after scene, and I hope he is recognized for an Emmy next year for his work. Also, Lindsey Godfrey, who I initially didn’t like at all (mostly cause she was whiny and stuck up) is really coming into her own and nailing these scenes too. And I like Ridge in this story more than when he was with Brooke or Katie. Thorsten Kaye is doing a great job as Ridge IMO, and this story wouldn’t have worked had Ronn Moss still been in the role. Overall, I’m really impressed, and it gives me “hope for the future” of B&B.


B&B’s Katherine Kelly Lang Weighs-In On Hope’s New Attitude: “Brooke is Starting to be Like, ‘Uh-oh! She’s Taking After Me!’ ”

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) has been not pleased with her daughter Hope’s (Annika Noelle) choice in bedfellows! After all, Brooke and Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) have a long history of disdain for each other (although there was that time they took psychedelic berries together and pranced around with not much clothes on).

Hope had divorced Liam (Scott Clifton) and has been getting much closer to Thomas, feeling he is the only man who ‘gets her’ and ‘sees her’ for who she really is.  On recent episodes of B&B, Hope has no problem giving into her desires for Thomas, now that she is no longer Hope Spencer.

Soap Opera Digest spoke with series iconic star, Katherine Kelly Lang to get her take on what she thinks of Hope’s attitude adjustment and recent behavior.

Photo: JPI

Lang expressed: “She seems to have changed a bit. She’s not the sweet little Hope that she once was and Brooke is starting to be like, ‘Uh-oh! She’s taking after me!’’

Brooke is not happy that Thomas has apparently won over Hope, when she is wary of the guy. Katherine added, “Thomas was stalking her (Hope) and he did all that crazy stuff with the baby. He just hasn’t been good for her, you know, especially when he was totally obsessed with her. So, Brooke doesn’t believe that that’s completely gone, that there’s still got to be some of that in Thomas somewhere and she’s worried about her daughter. So, of course, she would kind of say, ‘This is not good. This is just not a good situation. With all the men in the sea, why, why do you (pick Thomas)?”

Photo: JPI

However, many might see that as the pot calling the kettle black given how Brooke has often given into her desires with the men in her life and made some pretty bad choices herself!

So, is Hope turning into a ‘mini-Brooke’? Should Brooke continue to warn Hope of Thomas’ past, or should she just mind her own business at this point? Share your comments via the comment section.

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Daytime’s The Price is Right holiday week (Dec 18-Dec 22) will feature animal trainer, author and host of CBS’ Lucky Dog Reunions, Brandon McMillan, and Robert Valandra, nephew of legendary host Bob Barker, who both bring along some furry friends up for adoption. The week concludes with ‘Price is Right’ model Amber Lancaster, an advocate of animal adoption, and some adorable dogs who need a home for the holidays.

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Of note: Paramount+ Premium subscribers will have access to stream live via the live feed of their local CBS affiliate on the service as well as on demand. Essential-tier subscribers will have access to on-demand the day after the episode airs.

Lots of The Price is Right holiday cheer and pet adoptions coming your way. Will you be watching? Comment below. But first, check out a clip from one of the primetime episodes.

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ABC also plans on airing a special episode of their hit comedy Abbott Elementary, immediately following what should be a three-and-a-half hour telecast of the Oscars.

So, what do you think about the time shift with the Oscars starting an hour earlier? Happy about it? Won’t be settled in at that early time slot to sit and watch the show? Comment below.

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