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BIG BROTHER Recap: Scottie Shakes Up The House With Bold Nominations!

Scottie sets the tone by drawing the lines as we head into week three of Big Brother 20!

As Sunday’s episode kicked off, no one was really surprised to see Swaggy C become the second evicted houseguest. The real surprise came when the votes were read, and he only had four votes instead of five. Someone on his side switched for a second time in two weeks, and the alliance was trying to figure out the source. This time it was Scottie, who happened to be wearing a “Swaggy C” shirt to show support, that voted against him. He reassured viewers in his diary room session that he’s with Swaggy C’s original side FOUTTE, but voted him out to draw doubt amongst the alliance hoping to move him up in the alliance’s totem pole. It kind of worked as Faysal questioned Haleigh’s loyalty, but Rockstar was onto Scottie after Haleigh herself swore she didn’t flip. Both realize it had to have been Scottie, and went on to call it as an “evil genius” game move. Scottie continued to deny he switched, which left the house in confusion.


Luckily things worked out for Scottie as he won last week’s HOH competition. He’s been playing it safe these past two weeks, but with all this power and a last-minute vote switch (that have the houseguests talking), we have a feeling his role in the game may change.

It was then an opportunity for players to get a special power as the BB App Store opened one last time.  Bayleigh, who just lost her closest ally, became this week’s “top trending” houseguest! She selected an app titled, “Identity Theft”, which allows her to select two nominees of her choice under someone else’s HOH. That person must act like they made the noms even though it was Bayleigh. Unfortunately, Haleigh was the “least trending” and is forced to read all of Shakespeare’s’ Hamlet whenever the BB intercom shouts “READ!”


As the show continues back to focus on Scottie’s nominations, Bayleigh took the time to figure out where his head was at.  With this new power just received, she wanted to make sure if she’d need to use it, or not.  Scottie told her that he wanted to go after Winston and Brett, because they had lied to him in week one about voting out his final two ally, Steve. Scottie spoke with each houseguest about how they voted in week one with all of them saying they voted for Steve to stay … even though a majority had voted them out.  Still unsure of how the votes played out, it wasn’t until he spoke to Sam that he found out Winston, and most likely his “bro” Brett, voted out Steve.  Sam confessed to Winston that she had mentioned he voted Steve out causing Winston’s game to shake.

With the nominations coming up… Sam spoke with Tyler and Kaycee of “Level 6” (a secret alliance of six), about the possibility of using her power this week because if not used, it will apply to next week no matter the circumstance. “The power” would give the opportunity for an evicted houseguest to return to the game. Sam ponders the idea that it may be good to keep it for next week, in case her, or her allies, were put up on the block.


It was finally time for the nominations, and by no surprise based on how the episode played out, Scottie made a bold move by nominating both Brett and Winston. (filed by Jake Updegraff- Big Brother Correspondent)

In what seems to be like Level 6’s first hit, we want to know who’s side you are on. Team Level 6 or Team FOUTTE? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to tune-in Wednesday night at 8/7c on CBS to see who will win the Power of Veto!

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I’m so happy Bay got the power! Nice recap!!!

Big Brother

BIG BROTHER Season Finale: And The Winner Is ….

It was the final episode of the season, and in last night’s Big Brother we crowned a new winner. It was between Tyler, Kaycee, and JC


Each week, we saw the alliance of Level 6 dominate the game through blindsides, manipulations, and competition wins.  It was a 3-part competition that would determine who would win the final HOH of the season guaranteeing them a spot in the final two ,as well as deciding who will be joining them.

In the first competition, it was one that required endurance. Kaycee and Tyler made a plan that he would throw the competition to her, but he didn’t. He actually ended up winning the first part which gave Kaycee some doubt in their alliance.  However, it all came together when the second part came out and Kaycee bested JC. It came down to Tyler and Kaycee.

It was a close one as both correctly guessed 6 of the 8 questions. This led to a tie-breaker question, and it was Kaycee who came out with the win causing her to secure the final HOH. Although she had a final two with both JC and Tyler, she decided to stick with the deal she made on day two and brought Tyler to the end with her.


With Tyler controlling the house and Kaycee dominating the power competitions, it will be interesting to see how these allies will sell themselves to the jury and secure the votes. Will the evicted houseguests vote on game or emotion? As the votes came in, it was neck in neck … but locking in 5 of the 4 votes to win, Kaycee took the crown!

Rockstar, Faysal, Scottie, Sam, and Bayleigh all voted her to win while Angela, Haleigh, JC, and Brett vote for Tyler. I t wasn’t too bad for Tyler considering he won the second-place prize of $50,000 and was crowned “America’s Favorite Player”- a poll for viewers of the show to text or vote online for their favorite player which also comes with a nice $25,000 reward… so Tyler really left with $75,000. Not too bad for coming in second.


As Julie Chen signed off, adding in “Moonves” once again, she secured the show would be back with Celebrity Big Brother returning in winter and a new season coming back next summer!

Until then, be sure to follow along at Michael Fairman TV for all the coverage on your favorite shows… and always remember to expect the unexpected. (Filed by Jake Updegaff- Big Brother Correspondent)

So were you happy Kaycee won Big Brother?  Share your thoughts on the season finale below.

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Big Brother

BIG BROTHER: Down To The Final Three!

When Big Brother left-off; Sam was sent packing in Wednesday’s special eviction as we came down to the final four.  It was then between Angela, Kaycee, JC, and Tyler, and one was evicted on Thursday’s episode.  In addition, host Julie Chen once again announced, this time at the top of the show, that her name is “Julie Chen-Moonves”.


“Expect the unexpected” is the slogan for the show so it was a bit surprising when we saw JC win the HOH competition … especially considering he’s never won a competition before the entire season.  This meant that one of the Level 6 members will be sent to the jury house … but who? It all comes to the Power of Veto competition.  Whoever wins it will get the final decision, because only one person will vote this week.

All of Level 6 knew it was every man for themselves as it has to be one of them.  The competition required both skill and balance, and everyone was determined to win it. Unfortunately for JC, he was the first one eliminated followed by Tyler. It came down to Kaycee and Angela, and it was Kaycee who took to win! This meant that the Level 6 showmance of Angela and Tyler must be broken up.


It was a hard decision for Kaycee as she considers both Tyler and Angela as “best friends”.  Ultimately, she had a final two deal with Tyler and decided to keep him by exiting Angela.  We’re now down to the final 3. (filed by Jake Updegraff- Big Brother correspondent)

Who do you think will win… Tyler, JC, or Kaycee? Let us know in the comments below and tune-in to the 90-minute finale on Wednesday night, September 26th on CBS to find out.


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Big Brother

Julie Chen Says Goodbye To THE TALK Via Video Message

As anticipated on Tuesday, Julie Chen officially and publicly exited The Talk.  Through a videotaped message to her co-hosts, viewers and staff and behind the scene personnel, Chen wrapped-up her run.

While Chen has bowed out of The Talk following her husband Les Moonves’ removal from CBS following allegations of sexual misconduct, she will continue on through the end of this season as the host of the reality-competition series, Big Brother.

On The Talk, Eve tossed to Chen’s videotaped exit message which the ladies of the panel also saw for the first time during the live broadcast:

Here is what Julie shared: “I have been at THE TALK since the day it started 9 years ago, and the cast, crew and staff have become family to me over the years. But right now, I need to spend more time at home with my husband and our young son, so I’ve decided to leave THE TALK. I want to thank everyone at the show for the wonderful years together. I will always, always cherish the memories we shared. Most important, I want to thank you, the viewers, for allowing me into your home every day. It was a privilege that I will forever be grateful for. To everyone behind the scenes, I send you my love. I will miss you all very, very much. To Eve: you’re the newest one at the table, but I feel like I’ve known you forever. You are even more beautiful inside than you are on the outside, if that’s even possible, because, you know I think you are flawless. Sheryl, thank you for being the perfect go-to partner for the last 7 years. I open, you close, and you always bring down the house. We called ourselves “The Book Ends,” remember? And we always laughed when we said it to each other. Your wit, and timing, and humor, and compassion, and intelligence is simply unparalleled. You are incredible. Carrie Ann (Inaba), I don’t know, but in my opinion, you look awful good sitting in that chair, my Asian sister. I’m just saying! And finally, to Sara and Sharon: we’ve been together since day one at THE TALK! I’ve spent every day with you both. I will always treasure our friendship, the great parenting advice from both of you, and the memories and laughs and all the private jokes that the three of us have shared. We are the original three musketeers. I love you all, and I know this show, and the sisterhood it stands for, will live on for many, many, many more years to come. You ladies got this, and I could not be more proud to call you my friends. I love you.”

Following the video, Sara Gilbert, creator and co-host of The Talk  thanked Chen for being a major part of the series ongoing success, as Sheryl Underwood looked on in tears.

Watch Julie’s goodbye below.  Then let us know what you thought of the sentiments shared by her via the comment section below.

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