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BIG BROTHER: Team FOUTTE Or Team Level 6?


Another week, another blindside. This week’s episode gave Big Brother fans exactly what they wanted … drama!  On Thursday’s telecast, we were gearing up for the third eviction of the season.   This time, it was Level 6’s alliance that would lose a member in the ‘Big Brother’ house; which would be for the first time this season.  The house then must decide who will be heading home between Brett and Winston.

It’s no surprise the house has been split as each week as we’ve seen both sides battle for power. This week FOUTTE is in control, an alliance consisting of Faysal, Haleigh, Kaitlin, Bayleigh, Rockstar, and Tyler, even though his loyalty is to the other side. Throughout the episode, in his confessionals, Tyler was stressed that his vote will finally reveal the side he’s with, officially drawing a line in the sand.  FOUTTE’s target is Brett; while Level 6, rallies votes to save Brett, because they feel he is a stronger competitor for their side.


Brett and Winston promised they wouldn’t campaign against each other, well, because that’s what true bros do.  The good news for them is that there’s still a possibility for both to stay… that’s if Sam decides to use her power.  It’s her last week to give an opportunity to a houseguest to return in case they were evicted. She went back and forth about her decision, but ultimately decided not to use it.

When it was time for the live eviction, both houseguests’ were given a chance to give one final plea to save themselves from being voted out.  In an interesting move, Brett calculated a lie that Rockstar pulled him aside before the episode saying she was going flip the vote on her alliance to save him. Whether it worked or not, the vote came in 5-6 in his favor, and Winston was eliminated from the competition. Upset by the results, Winston stormed out of the house without saying his goodbyes – even throwing a friendship bracelet Sam had made for them.  Just like FOUTTE, he too, found himself blindsided by the vote.


Immediately following the vote, houseguests prepared to get ready for the next ‘Head of Household’ competition.  Rockstar, who was called out in Brett’s lie, lost her cool by calling him a “bold face liar” saying he was “disgusting” for making up a lie that the two had spoken. It was the most explosive fight of the season, and it all happened live!

As we are left with the remaining houseguests’ competition for the power, it will be interesting to see where it will go with emotions running high. Will FOUTTE or Level 6 dominate the HOH’s endurance competition?  Find out Sunday night at 8/7c on CBS!  (filed by Jake Updegraff – Big Brother Correspondent)

Now, tell us which side you are on … Team FOUTTE or Level 6 … via the comment section below.

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At first I was all for Level 6, but Winston and Brett turned out to be bullies. As cray-cray as she is, I like Kaitlyn, and I like Tyler.

Kaitlyn is great TV – but yes CRAZY LOL

I don’t like either team. I’m more for individual players. I think Tyler and Scottie are playing a better game than the others.

Same… my favorite switch each week

Rooting for Team FOUTTE, but think they are going 1 by 1 moving forward…

Level 5

Big Brother

‘Big Brother’ Winner Xavier Prather to Appear on The Bold and the Beautiful

Continue with the long-standing tradition of having contestants and winners from CBS’ Big Brother crossover to The Bold and the Beautiful, now comes word that Xavier Prather, who was just crowned the season 23 winner will be making an appearance.

Xavier became the first black champion of a non-celebrity edition of the popular CBS reality-competition series.

He also won in dominating fashion with a unanimous win, only the third contestant in the history of the show to do so.

Meanwhile, The Bold and the Beautiful nabbed Prather for some upcoming appearances to air on November 8th ad 9th and Big Brother’s twitter feed shares some photos of him from the CBS soundstages where B&B is taped (see below).

So, looking forward to seeing Xavier on B&B? Were you rooting for him to win this season’s Big Brother? Comment below.

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Big Brother

TONIGHT: ‘Tainted Dreams’ & ‘Big Brother’ Star, ‘Mr. PEC-Tacular’ Jesse Godderz Spotlighted On Special Broadcast On YTA Network

Friday night, June 19th,  OVW television will give wrestling star Mr. PEC-Tacular Jesse Godderz his own hour-long television special that will air on the YTA Network.

It all begins at 9 pm PST/12 am, EST.  Fans also know Jesse from his role as Dylan in Sonia Blangiardo’s (Director, Days of our Lives) digital soap opera Tainted Dreams, plus his turn on CBS’ hit reality series, Big Brother.  Godderz also frequents CBS’ The Talk as their ‘Summertime Santa’.

On tonight’s special, Goddeez shared: “I got my start in OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) and it’s some of my greatest memories.  I’m honored that this historic company would celebrate my time on the roster in such a way.”

Mr. PEC-Tacular cut his teeth in the OVW ring from 2011-2013, the place that also saw John Cena and Dave Bautista get their early career stars. Godderz won the OVW tag team championship five times and is also a former television champion.

“Our alumni represent a who’s who of professional wrestling and entertainment,” OVW owner and Gladiator Sports Network CEO Al Snow said. “We were there to guide and train them from the start and we hope fans will enjoy this look back on Jesse’s career.”

The Mr. PEC-Tacular television special will feature some of Jesse’s greatest OVW matches and a new interview with him sharing some of his latest television projects.

So, will you be checking out this PEC-Tacular special? Comment below.


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‘Big Brother’, ‘Tainted Dreams’ Favorite Jessie Godderz Returns To Wrestling And Wins OVW Television Championship

In a shocker, none other than Mr. PEC-Tacular, Jessie Godderz made a surprise return to the Pro Wrestling world winning his first ever singles Wrestling title in his career.

It all happened in Louisville, Kentucky when Godderz hit the ring and defeating Adam Revolver to win the OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) Television.  Godderz big win aired today on OWN TV presented by Gladiator Sports Network (GSN).

In an statement for Michael Fairman TV, Jessie shared: “My surprise OVW return has been such an amazing experience, beyond my wildest expectations. Reaction to my OVW TV Title win has been extraordinary.  I’m overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from everyone both inside and outside the wrestling industry. I’ve heard from friends at CBS, ESPN, Pop TV, and MTV who are so excited for me, as well as from buddies at WWE, AEW, Impact Wrestling, NWA, CWFH, you name it!  The Legendary Al Snow was the one who made this all possible.  He has truly revolutionized OVW and transformed it into the true powerhouse it is today.  Ohio Valley Wrestling is one of the most prestigious wrestling promotions in the world, and it’s been a tremendous honor to return home and represent the company as the OVW TV Champion, presented by Gladiator Sports Network (GSN).”

Previously, Godderz was a mainstay on Impact Wrestling and with this win as the OVW TV Champion, it marks Jessie’s 8th title win in his career.

Soap fans know Jessie from his role in Sonia Blangiardo’s web series, Tainted Dreams, appearance on The Young and the Restless, and for his time on the hit reality competition series Big Brother appearing in seasons 10 and 11.

In a post on his Instagram. Godderz shared: “Ladies and Gentleman, meet your new OVW Television Champion!! What a tremendous honor and privilege it was to return home tonight to the iconic OVW presented by GSN (Gladiator Sports Network). This win marks my first singles title…and 8th Wrestling title overall.”

So, excited to hear Mr PEC-Tacular is back in action and in the ring? Comment below!

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