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DEVELOPING STORY: Is Maura West out at Y&R?

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Say it isn’t so! CBS Soaps In Depth is reporting this evening that the fantastic two-time Daytime Emmy Award winning actress Maura West has been let-go at The Young and the Restless.

According to SID, “Insiders whisper that Maura West has been let go as Diane. Although West won multiple Emmys for her turn on As the World Turns as Carly, the talented actress just couldn’t get the same lightening to strike twice with her Y&R role, as viewers and industry insiders alike found the fan favorite miscast in the role of Victor’s ex (and current!) wife. There’s no word yet on how West — or Diane — will exit the canvas. Y&R had no comment.”

Do you soapers really think West was miscast?  She seemed to be doing a great job with the material given to her!  Stay tuned for more on this developing story!

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BIG mistake Y&R!!! Maura is excellent and you wasted her talent with a horrid storyline. What happened to the original story she was coming back with? V

TPTB think she was miscasted as Diane, but not Eden Reigel as Heather?? o.O Man soaps really are going downhill. MW was great on Y&R and will be missed.

One step forward, the hiring of Genie Francis. Two steps backward, the firing of Maura West.

I couldn’t have said it better. Maura West is the best TV actress – daytime or primetime.

Being a fan of Maura’s, I am in shock that Y & R has let her go. She is such a talented actress and a great addition to the show…I only hope that she will show up on another soap real soon..

I Like Maura, but yes she was miscast. There was no chemistry between any of the men they paired her with. I think once they got their hands on Genie Francis (whom I love) that was the end of Maura West.

She had chemistry with Christian Le Blanc’s Michael but since Maria Arena Bell won’t write Michael a story and only wants top use him a Victor’s gopher once the Newman boys used her up, MAB has no use for Diane or Maura. Too bad, Maura may have been miscast as Diane she is a fine actress.

They let MW go but keep ER as Heather? That makes zero sense, I just don’t get it.

I totally agree…..

Also, Whats with Shriner as new Jeff?
** Too many recasts- worst thing a show can do…just write in new character-
No Recasts!!!

I think Y&R powers-that-be need to be more thoughtful in the recent rush of big-name casting and in their bible for Genoa Citizens. I love Maura West (Oh, what she and alter ego Carly could have kept doing in Oakdale!) and accepted her immediately and wholeheartedly as Diane but that storyline West was given? Not so compelling. Where in the plot was the spark and fire one could expect from a former model and master schemer as Diane? The character, who should be wise to the legacy characters around her, seemed written into a corner from the start and… how could this be?… boring. Top talents deserve top stories. And Y&R in recent years has lost its way in some respects. If this casting news is true, I hope West will find more opportunities to shine, in daytime and primetime.

What a waste, one of the most talented actresses on television, period.

Yet we suffer through Eden Riegel, Krystal Khalil and that God forsaken Daisy they keep resurrecting!!!

There is so much potential for this character, I am thoroughly enjoying the “friendship” developing between Diane and Adam and not to mention the chemistry Diane has with Nick.

She deserves better!

Completely agree….
Although I was recently surprised at Krystal’s shocking display of real raw emotion last week during breakdown w/Caine…why she doesnt show that more often is beyond me. I find she and Caine to be a bore fest…Yet they keep them active and alive…zzzzzzzzzzz

Yeah fire West…?! she is just starting to gel too! WTF?? They should give an actress time to settle…Especially when they relocate from East to West…

Whole show suxxxx since briefly better in 09’…all downhill…see why they are all being cancelled…sad.

Maura West is a first rate soap actress. You can’t take your eyes off her. It was a great coup to get her and now this? And yes, I’m among those yof you whoe are SO tired of that cloying Lily and feckless Cane . . . putting me to slee . . . .p . . . SNORE . . . as well. AND GIVE DOUG D. ANOTHER STRONG STORY LINE. He’s terrific and has EARNED IT!

lol nick and diane have zero chemistry. I dont care for her character at all.

That’s because the character of Nick is a zero.

Sorry for Maura, but I just didn’t buy her as Diane. The few scenes she had with Michelle Stafford (who is Diane’s MORTAL enemy) just fell completely flat. Oh, how I miss Susan Walters in that role. They brought back Kevin Schmidt as Noah, now maybe Susan’s schedule will permit her to step back in the role she made so popular. PLEASE!! I always loved the chemistry she had with Michelle!!

I hope it is just a rumor. She is a talented actress., but Y&R did not utilize her correctly. They made the character into a bed-hopping bimbo. The writing with Y&R is so erratic these days.

Big mistake! Poor Maura was handed awful material to work with and never given the chance to develop the character beyond all those sideways glances she was constantly doing. Maybe Maria Bell is just trying to pay the salary of Genie Francis? Wonder if the same thing will happen with Genie? Boo hiss Y&R!

Love her and loved her on the show but I had a problem with her being cast as Diane. Given Diane and Jack were together in the early ’80s when Maura would have to been about 8. She also would have been a child bride the first time she married the mustache. Also, her son was originally born about the same time as Abby and I don’t see her being old enough to be Abby’s mother. I think she should have been brought on the show as a different character.

I do like Maura West, but she was miscast as Diane Jenkins. First of all, West is too young for this role. Maura West was born in 1972. Alex Donelley, the original and one and only Diane, in my opinion, was born in 1959. I think West would have been a better recast for Victoria.

If this happens I will be so upset. I don’t think Maura was mis-cast – I think she’s awesome and I think she tackeled “Diane” and gave her depth that we’ve never seen before. I actually loved her with “Nick” and I think she and “Adam” could be very interesting – both characters have an inside tenderness and just want to be loved – they can understand one another, even though I think it should take time for them to actually be a “couple”. They could really make things fun on “Y&R”. PLEASE don’t lt Maura be a thing of the past on “Y&R”. They will be making a huge mistake, I think, if that happens.

I hate to see her go,bring on Bryan Dattilo as another lose son of Victors LOL

I think Maura West is fantastic. Eden Riegel is a miscast – I would love to see her return to AMC as Bianca. Genie Francis’ time at DOOL was a disaster – I hope this role is better suited for her (a Laura-like character).

I can’t believe they would let her go…they should have hooked her up with Nicholas..they looked real together. Plus when Heather Tom left as Victoria…the only person that I thought who was good enough to take her place was Maura West. She is fantastic and if they let her go…I may stop watching. Who decided to bring her in as Diane? What were they thinking, she is way to young for old Victor. Also it’s time Tucker took over everything. He has star quality and they can’t Victor keep him forever. If they let her go and Billy Miller that will ruin it for me. Cause I love Victoria (Emilie Heinle) and Billy together. They are my favorites right now. And to bed hop Diane (who is the type men don’t let go) is absolutely ridiculous. Also Diane has a professional job and she is glamour queen…why would she have to bed hop in Genoa City just to get by. Get some new writers.

Further I don’t like Chloe with Kevin. Kevin belonged w/12 short of a dozen that you just let go. Michaels and Lauren are the only normal people in that family. Chloe is too normal to fit in. Gloria and 12 short of a dozen were a good duo in the family.
Another thing I really hated…Eden Riegel as Heather. The first Heather was so much better…also you blew it with the original Adam. However this new Adam has made it his role, so please don’t screw that up too. And keep Maura West and Billy Miller. (whatever it takes)

I think Maura West is a super talented actress, one of the few on daytime today. She is not only wonderful, professional, and beautiful but she’s loved by all her fellow actors she works with. I agree with others, she was put in a role, Y&R has had trouble keeping any actress in for years now.

Bell should think, before hurting an actress’s career. Just because you have a hard role to fill, don’t take an actress who just received The Best Daytime Actress Emmy and hire her to fill a trouble spot for the show. Bell needs a research dept. that shows the role of Diane Jenkins has a son that should be an adult now, not 10 years old. Maura looked far to young to be paired with Jack or Victor, but watching for years, also we know she should be much too old in years for Nick. Why hurt such wonderful talent like Maura West, to hire ABC’s actors from now canceled shows?

The best female to play the role of Diane Jenkins was Susan Walters, but she’s in prime time now. She was great in the Hot Series a few years ago “The Big Easy.” with Tony Crane, Susan played the role two days last Spring. Get her back or scrap the role. You’ve had a good actress in Susan, and one of the best in Maura, if they can’t play the role, there is something bad wrong with it. SCRAP IT!

i think maura west is doing a great job

Maura West is wonderful — much too good to let go !!!!!!

the most recent scene with nick newman, on the plane and then in the bed should allow maria bell to take another look at this. do not cancel. this is only other woman for nick now. good chemistry now. please change your minds

Maura West is such a great actress!! Y&R needs to get her character away from Victor and put her with Nick. Then they would see her in her element!! While I think Eric Braden(Victor) has improved with age, he is still a much older man and doesn’t hold a candle to Nicholas!! When Diane was paired with Victor, that’s when the storyline went South!! Just let Nikki and Victor get together again and be done with it!! Those two had their time in the sun and now it’s time for the next generation of characters to take over! Who wants to see their grandparents rolling in the hay, literally???

I am suprised most of the cast stays on the Y&R program. The writters story lines are really stupid and must be embarrissing for the actors playing such roles. But I guess a paycheck is a paycheck. The story lines have gotten so way out, the Y&R soap is now like a sitcom comedy, but less laughable, than most of them.

Okay. Regarding the men: Tucker — with his Pin Head and big fake hair — is just silly. And Victor? Stop putting him with young, vital women. Even I say YUCK, and I’m a Baby Boomer. And Kevin? I SO miss Emily O’Brien, who was WONDERFUL with Kevin. They botched that with that screwy story line.

I am surprised… she is so talented! Someone else… pick her up!

HUGE talent but MAB made bloody sure Maura was not a good fit for Y&R because she did not replace Michelle Stafford. Although different characters these two ladies virtually shared the same men (except Diane had the Grim Reaper). I knew MAB was not interested in Maura the actress but only her FanBase when she hit the ground whoring around with Tucker the first week she was hired with only a handshake. MW Fans must have figured that out the first day because they did not follow. And now with the arrival of Genie Francis, what mature actress will leave to make room for her story? MTS, MS, TB, JW?

Further, I think CBS/Sony should not only put a freeze on new hires for Y&R but get rid of everyone MAB has hired since she took over in February 2008 with the exception of Billy Miller (sorry Michael Muhney but MAB has totally RUINED the Adam character). The ONLY hiring CBS/Sony should authorize are a New HeadWriter and Co-HeadWriters!

I was never familar with her work, but I am sorry. I just could not take to her at all. I hated thew way she delivered her lines. I know the character of Diane (long time viewer), and MW was awful. I am thrilled that this charactyer will be gone for good (hopefully). I also agree that ER should go with her. One of the worst recasts EVER!

I feel sorry for Maura.She picked up her whole family and moved to LA for this job.maybe she was miscast…i don’t know.She’s such a good actress.could it be that her character of Carly on ATWT was so strongly associated with her that people could not see her as anyone elseWhen your character is so strong, , I think fans can’t separate the character from the actor.while soaps can be good to you and for you….i think in some cases you will remain forever your character.i think you have to distance yourself from soaps and try out different projects….stage, prime time, movies and maybe parts so different than your character that there won’t be anymore confusion!

I love Maura West. Great actress. I am upset she is leaving Y&R and I also get it. Yes, the writing for her character was poor. The thing is, it is equally true that even with good writing, she was miscast. She’s too young for the role and it threw off the character’s history. And Diane has always been such a 1 – at best, 2 – dimensional character that her history was all she had.

If tptb thought it was too risky to give Ms. West a new character – which I do understand; the show was going through a stage of ‘too many newbies’ back then – the right thing to do was to have her be Grace Turner. She’d have been a viable love interest for Nick. Despite Nick’s distrust and dislike of Grace they had enough attraction between them that I could see a lonely Nick falling for Grace again. And if the writers ever wanted to go back to Nick/Sharon, Grace would’ve worked with Adam.

I think this is a huge mistake. Maura West is doing a bang up job as Diane. Most don’t remember that when the character was first introduced onto the show she was much, much younger than the rich and powerful men with which she was involved – she was a contemporary of Nick’s. As a matter of fact, she left for awhile with his best friend, who’s name I don’t remember, but was played by Steve Ford. They’ve done the same thing with MW that OLTL has done w/the fabulous Ted King. They’re in under a dozen episodes – and the show claims they didn’t take off – well duh – maybe if you actually use them people will start to relate to and get a feeling for the characters. I hope the Bell boys have something up their sleeves here, rather than to let this sensational actress out there looking for a job.

Maura West is a great actress and I was so happy she came to Y & R, but they did a horrible job at writing story lines for her. A lot of people think she was miscast in the role of Diane, but what about Eden Reigel as Heather. That was the worst recast ever on the show and yet she is still around! She totally ruined the Heather character for me!

I think Maura West is an excellent actress. I really liked her paired with Josh Morrow. Y & R is making a big mistake. I can’t believe they are keeping other ‘recasts’ that do not bring anything to the show (e.g. Malcolm, Heather).

When you cast an actress who is at least 15 yrs too young what do you expect? She would have had to be 10 when she was a super model. Maria Bell rewrites history at the drop of a pen.

I really loved hating West as Diane! I thought she portrayed the trollop in a way very befitting the money grubbing man jumping bed hopper she was cast to be. If they get rid of her, I will be sorry to see her leave. She was so good at being bad!

I think Y & R needs new writers. I cannot believe how many babies are born to certain parentage just to be lost at birth and raised for 6 months by someone else. Also, I am sick to death of the same story lines circulating throughout the scripts. For example, Sophie is pregnant with Neil’s baby? Malcolm is actually Lily’s father and not Neil. Sound familiar, hmmm? Wow, it’s like I never left. I can see all of the old storylines from the late 80s to early 90s. Good grief, I stopped watching Y&R at that time and when ATWT left I went back to Y&R. Big mistake. Nothing has changed. I cannot believe it is the #1 soap. I expected more out of Y&R.

I wished so much more for Maura than this. 🙁 I wondered about casting her in the role of an existing character, even if the character had been off screen for years. An actress with so much talent and obvious loyalty to the soap opera genre should have been treated better.

I hope Maura and Scott find even better things in life than what they would be there for them in California!

Maura West is such a star in her own right, and I feel that a whole new character should have been created just for her. Diane Jenkins was not classy enough to be portrayed by exquisite Maura. She should have been a beautiful new woman in town,she would have made that character her very own, as she did with Carlie on A.T W.T.,Maura West is such a talented actress, and beautiful beyond words, how can Y.&R. let such a gift of an actress go. I hope that somehow the powers that be at Y&R will change there minds…..please.

I thinks she is currently the best actress in Y&R she plays the part to perfection and with Adam they make a great partnership! If they need to let somebody go it should be that guy that play s Sam Booooring scenes and Sharon is a good actress but no chemistry.

Sometimes it takes time to develop a character. Maura was hot and given time and better writing would have stolen the show. Y&R seems to be desperately jumping from scene to scene and character to character. The writing since Bill Bell has been horrible, hiring, firing and replacing of characters have been ridiculous. If you don’t know what you are doing, please, allow someone else bell family. Just because you are related does not mean you have the skill for the family business. Don’t RIP Bill, please come back to us.

Is it really too late?

Maura West can be brought back as the twin sister of Diane Jenkins. She could have been in Diane’s will as the person to raise her son should Diane meet a premature death. Not only will this allow the writers to create an entire new character, but Maura will be able to use her excellent acting skills.

Please give Maura a chance. She is such an incredible actress.


Maura West would have worked out as a new character she was too young for the role of Dianne Jenkins and Maria Bell knew it I blame her for this mess! And I agree the recast of Heather is horrible and they are too dam proud to admit they goofed up twice. Eden Riegel has absolutely no chemistry with anyone on that show, Maura West had chemistry she just should have been playing someone else. Case closed.

I am sickened by Maura West being fired by The Young and the Restless…….The writers should all be fired……….I have watch her acting since the start of her playing Carly on As The World Turns and was amazed by her talent…….Y and R should be ashamed of them self………..The only way they can redeem their self is to hire her as Diane’s twin sister and let her get a writer that knows how to write a good/great story line for her……..You are loosing out on the BEST of the BEST…………..Think it over…………When you hire her back it will be the best decision you have ever made………..

Maura West was not too young to play Diane Jenkins. Playing that role as well as she did should be admired. I do think she is a wonderful actress and I’m sure she will show up many times and I would like to see her on a nighttime series. She is a star in her own right. I do think her character telling the murder story and how and who is very clever. I don’t believe she will be back. The question now is who killed her? I don’t think it is any of the main characters. Could Skye still be alive? And what about her being in cahoots with the sleezy bartender?…….

I love Maura West, I think she was great on ATWT. Definitely miscast as Diane Jenkins. BIG MISTAKE, HUGE. I agree w/another writer there has been trouble w/that role from the get. So please dump it, so as not to set anyone else up to fail. Your writers did not do her justice and placed her with all the wrong guys. Except for maybe Nick. I mean Tucker right out of the gate, UGH !!! Then Victor !!! Really, Victor ??? That was wrong on so many levels. It was painful to watch. You people really blew it, and you lost me as a fan. I have watched Y&R since the first day it aired but I feel that if I get out now while I am so unhappy with all your story lines it won’t hurt as much when your show also gets cancelled.

I think this is terrible.They have horrible actresses on this soap that can not act and yet they fire in my opinion the best soap actress ever!I wish her the best and hopefully she can get into film.She is that good!CBS did not give her a good story line at all.

Getting rid of Maura West was a huge mistake. Way to go Y&R. I think I need to move on and watch something else.

I was shocked to hear that Maura West was killed off. What a waste of a talented actress. They should have brought her back as her twin. Young and Restless should think twice before getting rid of certain characters or they will be the next soap opera to fade away. Don’t get rid of the character, Billy or we will start looking at rerun movies!!!

I hated to see Maura leave the show,to me she brought class back in,all the while a few others on there suck.For example Victoria looks like she never brushes her hair,Phillis is just down right gross to look at period,and Danial is nasty as well, he never shaves.Maura West will come out on top regardless of her being let go.Wait and see.I’ll remain a devoted fan forever.

Maura West is a fantastic actress and should have been kept on the Young and the Restless. They were lucky to have her.

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During their segment both actresses initially discussed playing breast cancer storylines for their character on the beloved soap opera and the impact it made on them and the viewers at the time. However, later in the conversation, Kim made a heartfelt admission that she is currently battling breast cancer in real life.


Kim expressed, “I was diagnosed with breast cancer on November 6th. And if it wasn’t for a wonderful circle of friends that I have, and not to mention my husband AC Weary, and my family Rachel Max and Jake, who call me every day, I would’ve fallen apart. But because of my circle that I had, including fabulous doctors, early detection (was possible).

“I did have a mastectomy and I have my last infusion on Tuesday,” Zimmer added. “I would say to anyone that may get a diagnosis like I got. It’s so important that you find a support system.”

On how she is coping with her battle, Kim shared, “I’m a tough broad. But again, if I didn’t have the friends that I have, the support system that I have, the fabulous doctors, a fantastic plastic surgeon, I would’ve fallen apart. And I’m here to say early detection. Early detection. Early detection. Get your mammograms, get them soon.”

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Earlier in the segment, when Kim talked about Reva’s breast cancer battle and how her character would not tell the love her life, Josh Lewis (Robert Newman), which maddened fans of the GL. Kim related, “The fans were like, ‘Why are you not telling Josh?” It made for great drama, though, It bonded Billy and Reva again in life.  We brought in the wonderful character of Colin, who was Reva’s by the book, cancer Doctor.”

“There were a lot of wonderful things that came out of the storyline,” recalled the four-time Daytime Emmy-winner. “I actually went back and watched the (standalone show) that they did on Reva finding out she had breast cancer. And I was like, ‘Wow. I can’t imagine not fighting that story today. But it ended up being written beautifully.”

Share your well-wishes to Kim on her recent medical battle with breast cancer below and check out the livestream below of Daytime Stands Up – A Benefit for Stand Up to Cancer.

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Now Ashley is not herself.  She at times is either Ash, Ms. Abbott or the flamboyant Belle. Although her friend and psychiatrist from Paris, Alan Laurent (Christopher Cousins) has come to Genoa City at the urging of the Abbott family, he has been taking his time assessing Ashley and her behavior.

Looks like Ashley’s alter may be hell-bent on murdering Tucker during her mental anguish as the storyline takes even more twists and turns in upcoming episodes ahead.

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Coming up, next week on May 21st beginning at 2pm ET/11am PT, Eileen Davidson will chat live with Michael Fairman on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel and discuss taking on this storyline in a storied career which has already see Eileen take home two Daytime Emmy Awards for her work on both Days of our Lives and The Young and the Restless.

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Patrick Mulcahey OUT as General Hospital Co-Head Writer

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Mulcahey was named to the position back in January of 2024 along with longtime GH writer Elizabeth Korte. They replaced the team of Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor, who had been the head scribes of the long-running ABC daytime drama since 2019.

A source informed Soap Opera Digest that stories created by the co-head writing team of  Mulcahey/Korte team will air through mid-summer. However they added “There will be more news to share at a later date as to the composition of the new writing team.”

In addition, eagle-eyed soap fans have seen that in recent episodes former co-head writer, Chris Van Etten has been credited, as he is reportedly a breakdown writer with the show.

Soap Opera Network is reporting that Korte has assumed the head writing duties solely on her own at the moment, while Buzz blog initially reported Mulcahey’s exit.

We will have more on the GH writing team evolution in the days ahead.

What do you think about the writing team changes at GH thus far? Comment below.

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