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Casey Deidrick Reveals That He Has Taped His Final DAYS Episode!



One of the best young actors on daytime, Casey Deidrick revealed this afternoon that he has finished his final episode today of Days of our Lives! Deidrick, who had made a decision to leave the show awhile back, had this to say below on Twitter  and shared a screenshot of his final script as Chad DiMera!

Casey related, “Taped my final episode today on #DOOL. One more day of filming tomorrow. What an amazing experience, thank you all!

It has been suspected for awhile that DAYS has been recasting the role of Chad.  Now that Deidrick is exiting is it in a dramatic way on-screen in Salem?  But since DAYS tapes so far ahead, he could certainly be on the show and the canvas for several months to come!

Are you upset that Casey is done taping at DAYS?  What do you think should happen to the character of Chad DiMera?

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I will surely miss Casey… He’s the only Chad for me… but I wish him the best and cannot wait to see what the future brings for him…

I don’t think this is good he should stay on the show

I’m so sad that casey has decided to leave days of our lives. he is a terrific actor. good luck casey on your next job.

That’s sad…..he was so good as Chad…..I think maybe the whole “Sami” stuff will either make him leave or he’ll do something ultimately stupid to piss off EJ and maybe EJ will order him out of town and then that cues in a few times later the new Chad, if they did anything they should just end the Chad story line and not replace, CD was so good at it how can anyone top him?

he can be easily recast and he will be !

I knew he was leaving, was just waiting on the official announcement. And I fully expect his good buddy Chandler Massey to leave Days as well once his contract ends in December.

I hope so! Then maybe it can become DAYS of Our Lives again!

it’s a funny thing… to grow attached… and nest whilst said persons expand their horizons.

I would expect that NBC/Sony would pay what is necessary to keep Chandler. because of said storyline that rewards. He is such an integral part. I’d hope this.

Days has been on my radar for my lifetime. Currently, DAYS Rocks! I’m so happy… content… enjoying… that… It must be some DAYS that elevates its being.

yikes… having seen all the comings and goings that interested my thus far. I wonder… about those pastures some times… you know… those that find their lifetime with… ie: Jeanne Cooper… Bless her. etc….

You wonder.. about those purse strings…. that show… that act… that being. and You connect with your imagination.

Chandler Massey has brought back memories of my younger life. and it’s on screen…. televised… hopefully… sharing with others, elements in similar situations.

anyway… he’s emmy’ed two times. there are longings of where are they now. IMO… ATWT had the most success in outside the box.

his job… hopefully fulfills his readiness to contribute. I am vested in his being’ on DOOL.

Days of Our Lives is ready relevant and real to me.

Figures, but I’m sad. I loved his dynamic with James and Eileen, not to mention Joe Mascolo. The writers seemed to lose steam with the actor, and it seems to me like he just wants to move onto to other ventures.

Best of luck to him in his future endeavours!

For me he never seemed to fit in with the Dimeras…i miss Tony and Anna more!!! Why recast…say he left to find himself!

I hate to see him go he is a great actor. Wish him all the best!

CD was a great chad an was a great actor i wish him the best seems that everyone is leaving days for some reason maybe they are tried of the writers and the where days are going I know that the writers bounce the actors around from one person to another and all that but they should have chad leave the show i think the new chad just be ready to step in when chad leaves this way the his part will just be picked up by the new with out chad diapering

It looks like they going to have to overall their younger set within the next year. I hear the actress who plays Gabi says she leaving at the end of the year two.

I wonder if they would not be better off being in some new charaters instead of recasting. You can bring JT to tell to live with Hope while he goes to Salem U (Drew Garrett Possible?), there Justin son he had from the affair with Jane Elliot Charaters (Eddie Alderson) and you can have Joy pop up and go to Salem U (Lexi Ainsworth) who can be pair with JJ.

I really hate to see him go!!! I also hated it when “Melanie” left…..Casey is a great actor and he hasn’t been given any decent story lines in quite awhile…It’s a shame 🙁 I’m sure he will have no problem finding another job soon!!

I will miss him. He has a nice way about him & I enjoyed watching him. And I really liked him with Abby, MUCH more than with boring Cameron.

I was seeing Abby and Chad as the next Jack and Jennifer for the show. Jack’s bio dad and his adopted dad were both bad men, so Jack was torn between his good side and his evil side; Chad had that same vibe about him. Jennifer was the virgin with a heart of gold that helped Jack be a better man, and Abby could have done the same with Chad. But his character hasn’t been a priority with the writers for a while, so I don’t blame the guy for trying to find a gig that would give him something more to do.

Right now Chad himself and his ‘storyline’ are boring, they will recast and i hope the new Chad will be more dark..he needs it asap !
Good luck to Casey Deidrick in his new projects. (i quite enjoy his metal music).

Good. Chad was becoming annoying and useless. Casey isn’t that great of an actor anyway. Makes room for more talent to actually come in and be used. Rehire SJB as Madison or TB as Ava!

Are you on drugs or plain stupid scott. casey is a terrific actor. he is a smart man for leaving days of our lives. casey will get a lot of work.

I am not on drugs, nor stupid. Nor do I appreciate being asked such a question. My opinions on his acting are my opinions. I find his acting dull and boring that any Joe-shmo could pull off from the streets.

scott nancy is right you are on drugs. casey can act. he is a wonderful actor.the acting is not dull. you are dull and miserable you pathetic loser. get a life and dont watch days. if you are not happy.

I was never overly impressed with him. It seemed his acting style was running his hand through his hair….sort of like Drake Hogestyn’s arched eyebrow.

Besides which, the show never seemed to fully develop his relationship with the rest of the Dimeras. He sort of floated around them, neither becoming a part of the family or distancing himself fully. One scene he is hugging Stefano or EJ the next saying he wants nothing to do with the whole crazy family.

Don’t know…or really care…if they recast…unless they find decent story for the character. Being the “spoiler” in Abby & Cameron’s relationship is not really working either.

Why would the show rehire SJB as Madison?? She was a useless character who had no purpose and did not click in any of her stories or relationships. That was a major miscalculation by the show. FOUR shows hired her in an attempt to recreate the stunning impact she first made on GH, but what they did not seem to realize that it was not just Sarah who made that magic. It was a combination of everything aligning…a killer storyline, awesome writing that built over years, incredible acting by her veteran co-stars, and connections to beloved characters. ATWT hired her as a character with no ties to anyone, and whose only purpose was to come between the show‘s reigning supercouple. B and B brought her on as a character with no ties to anyone, in a pointless rape storyline that fizzled rapidly. GH brought her back asa vicious mobstress with no ties to anyone and no redeeming qualities. And finally DAYS hired her as a character with no ties to anyone and all the sex romps in the world with Brady couldn‘t generate enough chemistry to make her a viable character. Do you see a definite pattern here? The fault isnot with the actress, but always with the writers. Hiring a big name with a bad or poorly developed story never works. I maintain that if the show hired her as Sarah Horton, she would still be around today. She could very believably play Suzanne Rogers‘ daughter. That way she would have played daughter to two of daytime‘s most famous redheads. Most importantly, she would have been solidly integrated into the fabric and history of the show. And same with Tamara Braun…her Ava was connected to no one and was just a nutcase. The less said about recasting her as Taylor Walker, the better. That was a disaster on every level.

SJB had tons of chemistry with the cast and was NOT a useless character, and her pairing with Brady was amazing. And Taylor would be better brought back with Natalia who had more chemistry with her co-stars in the role than Tamara. SJB as Madison could still have Kate in a storyline that isn’t directly tied to Stefano and could really branch out and continue to be a fierce and ballsy character, something never got from her previous daytime handles.

agree with you Jovin, Sarah was wasted by bad writing..

scott we all find you boring. you are pathetic and get a life you loser. casey can act. but you are a cocksucker right.

Wow. That was BEYOND rude and offensive. Why are you even allowed on this website?

You are unneccessary. Find your life… and stop protuding on others.

gangbusters are reality. until you take notice and stock. relevant is not useless.

mouse be gone. click too fast and it bites you in the ass.

Lisa, I’m real with you

I agree with you Scott. I have never taken to this character. He has always been kind of a jerk & never seemed really connected to anyone. I won’t miss him.

Thank you Gloria. And hopefully you don’t get rubbish libel written about you on this website!

I am shocked at Lisa’s comment. For real? Why is this allowed? I always liked this site because it provides soap fans a place voice their opinions. Do we always agree with each other? Of course not but I enjoy reading what other fans think. Tthis site has always been a class act. Lisa should be banned.

Personally how long does it have to be brought to your attention? Hello they hit the button boom it goes off! You guys want to talk trash go for it if you worked for me you would be fired. Be kind to one another someone gets their jollys off of people tearing the skin off of one another. You should all be ashamed!

Thank you K/Kay.

We ALL need that dose of reality… to be kind. to one another.

if we come off as dolt… and/or whatever… so be it.

soaps are a wonderful connection.

we’re certainly not on here to define any one.

Hey Patrick thanks if I came off as a Pollyana I did not mean to I am certainly not perfect I just found out today that a dear friend of mine who I spent 12 years with in school etc has to go to a nursing home and is totally broke and she is young it breaks my heart and to see people attacking each other on this board over a stupid soap character etc breaks my heart we do this to escape from our problems not to call each other names because we disagree on a character or a storyline for gosh sakes people tomorrow is promised to no one be kind enjoy life and please stop the personal name calling! some day you may need someone to reach out to you in time of need I as a soap fan would like to be there for you.


no, not at all.

nothing to think twice about.

Pollyanna… is all that. LOL. Sincerely.

I often think… that… all things considered… for those of us who’re in our 50’s plus.

that, that… was our way of thinking…. and i find a charm in that.

See how much fun this is when everyone respects everyone have a great evening!!!!

I truly hate to hear that Casey is leaving the show; he did a decent job playing Chad. However , I wish him well.

so, so sorry to hear that. i really enjoy his sceens with abby and was hopeing for true love for those two,

his true love was Melanie, he dumped Abby like yesterday trash for her..come on.. now they try a contrived and boring triangle with him, Abby and Cameron because they don’t know what to do with his character (which is a shame since he is supposed to be a Dimera ! He should be mysterious, wicked and scheming but no..he is just ‘here’ talking coffee with Abby Deveraux..riveting really..zzzzzzz) and Melanie is gone.

Truly. What a Good, charismatic Young Man.

I couldn’t agree more… that he was so in-tune with ALL the DiMera’s. They make an excellent cohesive unit.

I had no idea he was moving on…. I liked the flirtatious dance with Abby… I thought that was going somewhere.

Man… Easy on the Eyes… He kinda reminds me of a younger Eddie Cibrian.

He smolders.

I’ll miss his presence…. I don’t want any thing to take away from the DiMera’s and ALL of DOOL’.

Best of Luck! Continued Success!

I’m not surprised. I don’t know why any talented actor/actress with options would stay with DOOL. If the actor or actress is lucky enough to get a s/l it’s ultimately a ridiculous one. With the exception of Sami/Alison Sweeney of course.

They haven’t had much story for him. Would have love to have him move in the DiMera mansion and develop a relationship with Stefano. They started to explore that, then stopped. Maybe writer change, but they dropped the ball there. All he’s done lately is pour coffee.

I was just starting to like him with Abigail and now that he’s away from Melanie. This is a shame! Oh well — good luck Casey!

They had great chemestry, and potential of becoming a daytime supercouple!

in order to do Chad and Abby should be fleshed out characters..right now they are just a BORE talking coffee or other people’s business oh or her virginity all DAY : BORINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

I feel the show mostly wasted Casey‘s talents. He was a quirky and engaging actor, and there never seemed to be a real commitment to giving him a solid storyline and love interest. But I think they should recast the part, only if the writers plan to use the character in a meaningful way. I actually long for the supercouple era when DAYS used to create the best romances around, that did not involve homosexuality, or men sleeping with their former stepmothers, or priests who you know will ultimately leave the priesthood, and other lurid topics. Chad and Abigail had supercouple potential written all over them! I do hope that they never make him an evil DiMera as all the other children became. It is nice to have a voice of reason in the family that Lexie used to provide. Hopefully they can find another newcomer that can dazzle with star quality.

Without any dark is not in character for a Dimera, secondly Lexie did some vile things, remember the JT/Zack story..Lexie was not ‘nice’ here (not always the hypocritical voice of the reason or i am blinded in everything my Dimera family do..) and when she became more the ‘nice’ Dimera she did not have any story..a bit like If they recast him and i think they will they need to reevaluate his character and make him darker otherwise he is not needed.

I do quite remember that…that was 11/12 years ago. Lexie went back to being nice after that. And she was nice for 10 years. So no, Chad does not HAVE to be evil. He can be a good guy.

GOOD! He can not act. Hopefully some of the other younger actors leave as well.

casey is a really nice looking man. also he is a wonderful actor. im going to miss him as chad dimera. i predict he will star in a prime time series and movies. the man has talent. they can recast a good well known actor. you can really act.

It’s a dead issue to me because Chad sat on the back burner so long, I lost
interest. I think the new writers want to phase out all the young set in favor
of their own creations and I am confidant we will be very pleased.

We all wish Casey Deidrick the best in his future endeavors. The sstory of Chad was never well developed and changed over time. Casey was not a seasoned actor when joining the show. We hope he can leverage what he learned on a demanding soap.

I hope that character of Chad rides off to Wake Forest University as his mother had hoped for him in the beginning. No real need to recast.

it’s funny…. – again – . because… I still have strong feelings for Lisa Rinna… and Crystal Chappelle…. Jason Brooks…. Robert Kelker-Kelly…. and so on… and so on…

Our lists… for said soaps are endless. I miss Anna as well…. she was amazing….

I just read on the SOD mag…. that ??? Patsy Pease may be coming back?

Hopefully… this is true.

DOOL…. what’s up with no Kayla? Miss her.

Patsy Pease was great I am still one of those that think Wayne Northup was the only Roman! Oh the good old days!

Sucks that he’s leaving right when things for him are getting interesting, he and Abigail are finally getting close and they make a great couple! Both are hot also! And today I couldn’t help but notice how great Casey looks and how great his body looks in his tight clothes! Great hair also! lol

Chad was an okay actor but not one of my favorites. It seemed like he wasn’t that vested into his character. Usually I don’t like replacements but for me recasting his role is okay with me. I wish him well.

Days writing is too good for his exit to be negative.

I LOVE CHAD! I really don’t understand the negative replies here. He is so good looking and a great actor. I have always felt that he is a really caring person and that he is always searching for the truth. There’s so much to say about him, and in my opinion, it is all good. I am really going to miss him….he is so perfect for the part. I wish him the very best of luck in the future….and I don’t think he should be recast. Maybe down the road they can bring him back, too!

Omg I do not want chad leaving days , he has always been my all time fav. Great actress and handsome. Going to miss him on days:/

They need to keep his character going

He will be the one and only Chad DiMera and he will be missed! If they do recast they better do him justice and let him win Abigail’s heart, for they are much more suited than with Cameron – kind of boring. Hope you find what you’re looking for Casey!

Watched today and Chad has a brain tumor that cld be fatal so looks like they will kill Chad? Hope not, I really hate Cameron for Abigail

No I d on’t want Chad to leave. I think he is a great character and a favorite of the show. The tumor in head is real life stuff and people can relate. Going to miss a bright new young actor. Really like the good guy role.

I love casey and am heartbroken he’s leaving where will they find such a talented actor who looks so much like EJ and stefano ? The casting was ingenious but chad CANT die now that kristin is leaving which is just stupid she is legendary as kristin I think its and when assanine to kill off every dimera that’s just lazy writing u should recast chad as the guy who plays wren on pretty little liars he reminds me of ej so much and when ppl have nuerological disorders they can wake up with mysterious accents its a true
medical phenomenon!


No don’t’ let him go let someone else play the part.. Stepino die some many time and you guys keep bring him back .. He his so ruthless.. Why kill. Chad.. The good people. Look at Kristin she is bad person. Please bring chad back.. Those two make a good couple.. Abigail. And chad.. And the Spanish. Girl and the Dr make a good couple.. Nicole and Brady.. Good couple.. Why not kill off nick..

Please don’t break Abigail. Heart like that she just found love. With chad.. I have been following this soap from when Sami Brady was a candy. Stripers ,, , from when Bo and fancy face… Come on let those young people stay please.. Now Abigail gonna want the dr . The dr and the Spanish. Girl . Make a good match.. Can’t think of her name am too upset to see chad go.. Find someone else to play the part.. I have been watching this a decade. Ago. Am 50yrs and still watching. It…..

There will only be ONE Chad!! So sad to see him go!! Him & Abby have such chemistry together!! I hope the new Chad will be a good match.. 🙁

Hate to see him go… he’s one of my favorite characters… 🙁

How in the world….Chad leaving by death JUST AS ABBY GIVES IT UP TO HIM BREAKING HER GOLD RING PROMISE….
Please people….Watch Abby be pregnant and she has no Baby Daddy for the baby….SAD!!!!!!!

I just now saw todays episode and am very sad Chad passed away. Ive always loved his humor, strength, sarcasm, passion and truth. Heres to you Chad Dimera

I am so bummed. I think Chad was the HOTTEST guy on the show. Open minded, cool, and, hell that bod… we saw so much of !
Well, good luck Casey !!!! Eye candy is off the show!!! There goes the gay audience, because we AIN’T watchin for Will and Sonny’s HOT moves…

I think that Casey should not go. He finally has a great role with Abigail and they have a promising future, recast if you must, but try to find someone who looks and acts like Casey!

I think it’s wrong for Casey to go. Chad DiMera became a huge part of what could be and should be the up and coming new generation ofStephano off spring. They sshould of ran with it . His relationship with EJ. His stage presence, his looks and height. You can’t and won’t find a more perfect actor to take that role. Look at the character of Will and how long and the many actors who have taken it on. Not until today, has there been a better actor to play that character then Chandler Massey. Perfect in all areas. The look, his amazing talent, and skills. So believable. It’s crazy off the charts. There are so many story lines they can run with on this DiMera story line, as they should. The writer’s have done so many of the back to back same and simular stories that it’s getting stale and boring. The Jennifer, and Daniel. Need I say more. Fix it or lose more viewers.

It was interesting to watch Casey mature, grow, and develop from a gangly ‘boy’ into a young man and fine actor during the period he was on the show. He seemed to be coming into his own. Wish we could see him more, but he is young and handsome, and has a bright future ahead of him. We will miss him, but wish him all the best.

Bring someone else to replace him.. So Abigail could have boyfriend .. Let go nick.. An pair the Spanish. Girl. Up the the Dr .. Don’t. Remember her name and the Dr name very handsome guy… And she is is gorgeous looking also.. They make a perfect match… So does chad and Abigail……..

Please recast chad with someone else.. So Abigail. Could have a boyfriend they both make a perfect match.. And the Dr and and the Spanish girl make a good match also.. She is no match for. Nick he look like a. Nerd .. He should go.. Or pair him up. With that crazy girl that keep bothering Jennifer and that girl that work in HR need a life ….Nona…. Tuning.

The Dr’s name is Cameron. The Spanish girl is Gabi. The crazy girl’s name is Theresa and the HR lady is Ann or Anne.

Oh, BTW, the show’s name/title is Days of our Lives, but DAYS and DOOL are also acceptable.

Gabi and Dr.Cameron…nuChad might not have the same chemistry with Abigail but i agree they should try a recast. Nick and Theresa pairing would be interesting.

the role /character should end with Casey/

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Terry added,“My princess. Kennedy Archey. You are my everything. I pray I am everything you want me to be in a mama. I never thought I’d love so deeply the way I love you, baby-cakes. I’ll forever be your guide, protector, and nurturer.”

Photo: LArcheyIG

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While Lilley explained in interviews with the press, that she gave the series a 3 to 4 week window of time she would be available to reprise the role, she noted the long-running soap opera wrote more episodes and story for the character; thus the part will be turned over to another actress for the next leg of Theresa’s return story.

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DAYS started its run in its new home on September 12th, 2022, and now one-year later, Peacock helped the show celebrate its first anniversary in its current streaming digs with an ice cream truck outside its studios in Burbank on Monday.

Taking a break from Salem, and to partake in some ice cream were DAYS stars: Billy Flynn (Chad), Ella Cantu, (Jada) Abigail Klein (Stephanie), Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes (Doug and Julie), Carson Boatman (Johnny), Raven Bowens (Chanel), Mary Beth Evans (Kayla), Stephen Nichols (Steve), and Greg Vaughan (Eric).

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Raven Bowens served up an ice cream cone to Carson Boatman!

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Too cool for school! Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes strike a pose with ice cream treats.

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Greg Vaughan with his longtime castmate, Mary Beth Evans, celebrating the one-year anniversary of DAYS move to Peacock.

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Here’s the signage from Peacock upon sending the ice cream truck to DAYS.

Photo: JPI

The Salem gang strikes one final pose before heading inside and back to work to tape all-new episodes.

So, what do you think about Peacock sending the ice cream truck to DAYS to mark the occasion of its move to the streaming service? Are you glad DAYS is still moving forward on the streamer, even though a year later it’s not on or coming back to network TV? Comment below.

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