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DAYS Clyde's Last Ride: James Read Shares Heartfelt Message To Fans On His Final Airdate!



Another character has left the Salem canvas on-screen! Tuesday’s episode of Days of our Lives marked the end of the line for treacherous Clyde Weston (James Read), who caused quite a bit of havoc in Salem, to say the least!

While DAYS tapes six months ahead, actor James Read ended his run several months ago, but took time today to mark his final airdate with a special message sent out via his Twitter account!

Read related: “Clyde’s Last Ride – Had a fabulous time in Salem – thank you for watching and for all your kind words and support! Rock on, Days!”

With James leaving the canvas, and Chrishell Stause (Ex-Jordan) having exited some time ago, that leaves only Rob Scott Wilson (Ben) currently on-screen from the Weston clan who is still shaking up the town as the necktie serial killer!  But how long will it be before Ben is found out?

Share your thoughts on the exit of James Read on today’s DAYS! Will you miss Clyde’s evil deeds? Comment below. But first: watch two parts of Tuesday’s Days of our Lives that feature: Ben admttiing to his father that he is the necktie serial killer in part one, and then the father/son goodbye in part two, where Clyde tells Ben he will keep take his son’s secret to the grave!

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One would think Clyde would have been around for the entire story of Ben descent into madness– perhaps had some tidbit from Ben’s past that might explained why Ben snapped. I mean a person doesn’t go from a sane human being to a cold blooded killer because his girlfriend screwed around on him. He could have framed Chad for a number of crimes other than murder and got the same results, so that murdering people comes from something else and it was my hope Clyde would have those answers. Enjoyed his last scenes with Ben, just think this was the wrong time for the character to leave the scene.

I am going to miss Clyde. I hope that James Read is nominated for an Emmy.

I think James Read is a great actor too, and I’m sorry they couldn’t work him into the permanent landscape. He was capable of so much more. 🙁

I agree so very much with you, Mary. A few days ago I did suggest that perhaps Ben’s first killing was that of his mother. Clyde knew about it, but shielded his son. Ben could have blocked it out. I know it’s far-fetched, but, as you so aptly say, one does not go from being a sane person to a murderous fiend overnight.

I agree. A big mistake to take James Read out of Days. He’s a terrific actor. The scene today with his son Ben was riveting and emotional. I agree that he should be around for Ben’s falling apart and final conviction. What a story that would be! Moreover, I think he should be the one to turn his son in to authorities. How powerful and perhaps would afford an opportunity to further humanize Clyde and elicit some sympathy for him.

Of course! This leads me to fear that this story will drag on in unsatisfying ways.

Absolutely so, Anne. As I have already intimated Aiden will be caught with his hand in the cookie jar as he tries to kill Hope. He will be blamed for the killings, dragging the story on and on and on.

I, too, am going to miss James Read. He is a great actor. It appeared at one time they were going to rehabilitate him through his sessions with Marlena. Another actor I am upset about leaving is Daniel Cosgrove. I think Days is making a big mistake by letting these fine actors go. I have watched this show since the very first episode and I, for one, am not happy about having all of the old characters back.

Hopefully, the police will believe Aiden is the necktie killer when he is caught trying to strangle Hope. Ben will harbor the secret for a long while, marry Abigail and create angst for Chad.

The identity of the neck tie killer is supposed to be revealed during the week of the 50th anniversary. The actor who had the role of Ben has apparently left Days there will be no creating angst for Chad for a long while. I think what will happen is that Ben’s pathological jealousy will finally overwhelm him with the end result being Abigail ‘s life on the line. In Ben’s mind it will be “if I cannot have Abigail then no other man can either.”

That makes sense, I figured all of this would be wrapped up right before the anniversary so that there can be celebration and happy times.

We sure think alike, Kelly. …..except that Rob is leaving Days, isn’t he? After Aiden is arrested for the murders, Ben will take this opportunity to leave. He has the best excuse. He will join his father in Florida for moral support during Clyde’s trial. I can only hope he takes goody-two-shoes, virginal Abby with him.

Sorry, I forgot to add that Ben will try to convince Abby to leave with him. When that fails, I do agree, he will attempt to kill Abby. I got the same vibe as you did, when Ben told Clyde that it was Chad who said, ” If I can’t have Abby, nobody will.” That is precisely how Ben, himself, feels.
I am not into Abby….never was. But, she seems to have become the apple of the town’s eye; when not too long ago she was the scourge, the Jezebel of Salem and repudiated by everyone. How soon we forget.

Hello there, Friend! Thanks for your reply later in this discussion! I couldn’t reply directly to you there, so I am doing it here.

I really like your theories regarding Clyde and Ben. they make total sense.

And I really like how you conduct yourself here, CeeCee. You are always a polite, classy breath of fresh air!!

PS: I am not posting as much these days, as DAYS is the only soap I am currently watching, down from all 4 soaps just a few months ago. Please take care. 🙂

@ james75.
Why, thank you, my friend. You are the definition of ‘classy’, I must say. I try to speak my mind without stepping on any toes. However, I am not so docile, James. I will defend my stance, politely, of course, but with conviction. That’s because I am the product of two forcefully strong-willed, Wall St. attorneys. LOL….it’s the Viking blood in me. Enjoy Days….later, and you take care, also.

No, Abby and Chad “forever.”!

@nancy d.
Lol, Nancy. I respect that. The problem is I love, love, love Billy Flynn. I abhor Abby…always have. Once a Jezebel, always a harlot. But, I know Chad and Abby will end up together; it was meant to be. Plus, the baby will be Chad’s…done deal. Nonetheless, this couple will have to run through Impossible excruciating obstacle courses to get to that pinnacle of happiness…oh, joy!,….and happy day! Lol.

Of course, Jimmy. Clyde was experimenting with Laura’s head and he took the potion meant for Laura himself. He then decided to follow her to Salem. But, my beautiful angel Laura wants nothing to do with him…oh, I don’t know Jimmy. That’s all I got. LOL. Except that I had my flu shot today and I am shaking and so achy, I can barely type. I just want to sleep. As a teacher, I have to get one. What bothers me is that doctors say, it’s all in our heads. Ha!

I wish that DOOL had cast James Read as Bill Horton instead of a new character with no ties to the established cast. His character was doomed the second they had Jordan accuse him of molesting her as a young girl. There’s no coming back from that. James Read is a talented actor and a classy guy and I’ve been a fan of his since North and South. I wish things had been different but I wish him well. And as seems to happen on DOOL, he was absolutely brilliant in his last scenes with Rob Wilson. Considering both Clyde and Ben are killers and evil to their cores, it’s a true feat that I actually felt for both characters as they didn’t want to leave each other. Kudos to both actors, and I’ll miss you, James Read.

He wouldve made an interesting Bill Horton but Bill should look older than his neice Julie!

@Beth – I’m wondering if Clyde is the only one who molested Jordan as a young girl. Where was Ben in all of that?

I don’t know, Kelly. Ben is supposedly much younger than his sister. Plus, didn’t Jordan take Ben away to protect him from Clyde? It could be Jordan was afraid of Clyde molesting Ben. I know it’s sick to even contemplate, but there was so much mystery around these two. It never really was resolved, was it? She just picked up and left. Also, I was under the impression Jordan was going to be recast. It’s starting to sound like GH, where things are left ‘pending’.

How about James Read on GH as a love interest for Laura? Are you listening GH? After all, they played together on North and South, and I have a feeling James would be perfectly cast opposite Genie Francis. They both appear very nice in real life, and I’m sure they work very nicely off each other in “reel” life. How about it?

He could be a doctor who treated Laura for her mental illness and fell in love with her!

I’m just sorry to see another choice actor let go from DOOL. Some fans seem to be unable to separate reel from real and whined and complained loudly that “Clyde” must go. Well he’s gone. A good soap needs a good villain and that is exactly what James portrayed. Joe is not going to be around much longer and nor is John, who better to become Salem’s crime boss? Andre you say? Hell no he is too weird. I like him but no thanks. There is nobody in the Kiriakis family stepping up to be boss and Chad is good at heart. So let’s just get rid of people because they do a good job of depicting the scum of Salem. I have watched this show since it started and m not looking for sweet babies and cupcakes. Give me drama…..a healthy mix of good and bad and I will continue to watch.

I disagree! Nothing would make me happier than to have Andre become a crime boss . Thaao Penglis is too good in the role. What is needed is another henchman operating under Andre’s orders. To bad Bart was killed off because he was the perfect foil.

James Read would have made the perfect villain, who carried many secrets with regards to Hope and John years in captivity. I am not sure where they plan to take Andre but, I think having multiple bad guys who man of the vets characters for their own personal reason, would be very , James Read and Thaao would have would have pulled that off with BRILLIANCE…. Who cares about Bart, he was a total amatuer by comparsion. Clyde is no more a Hillbilly from Popular Bluff than… Ok, Yeah I do love Bart too, but mostly because the humor he gave the stories at the time

Hi, Sheila
LOL… After I read, “hell no, he is too weird”, I was laughing so hard, I lost my concentration. HaHa.
I guess it’s a matter of taking to an actor. I just abhor Clyde and Stefano. On the other hand, I love Victor K. However, you are right, there must be a villain in every story…..where there’s good, there must be evil. Even old Willie would agree to that……this premise is age-old. Clyde was the perfect foil for any one representation of good, despite my negative feelings towards him.

Another example of a DOOL mistake. James Read is an accomplished actor whose talents were wasted during most of his time on the show.

With John Anniston and Joseph Mascolo both reaching the point where Victor and Stefano will no longer be viable kingpins, it makes sense that TPTB bring him in to set up a new crime family in Salem. At first it seemed like that’s where his character was headed, but his scenes were so poorly written. Only here at the end with JJ and Ben do his scenes carry any real substance.

So instead of building for the future, the show rehashes the past. Looks like a farewell cruise to me.

On the plus side, Clyde was sent elsewhere not killed off. So he can be brought back.

That’s the plus side? I think Florida will give him the death penalty and he’ll languish on death row for 20 years before busting out and showing up at Days’ 70th anniversary.

I could see legions of long time, loyal fans objecting to this newbie being the new big bad in town. People did not take too kindly that this nobody guy could kill off EJ DiMera or take down Victor’s empire. If he stayed long term with a purpose like that, I could see fans and critics going mad with anger.

Can someone tell me what Clyde was trying to tell Ben when the police came in?

There was a witness to some crime Ben committed in Florida. The witness was in jail himself, so Clyde got a friend of a friend to murder the guy so he couldn’t testify against Ben.

I bet what happened in Florida was another murder Ben committed (blocking it out) and Clyde took the blame, compounding the crime with yet another….WOW! What a travesty. So glad I don’t live in Salem….LOL

“So glad I don’t live in Salem”…words to live by. lol.

Theory #2: I thought it had to do with the truth behind what happened when Ben and Jordan were kids and the death of their mother.

Exactly, James. I have been saying this ad nauseam. I think Ben killed his mother. Another thought came to me. Ben witnessed Clyde strangling his mother with a necktie. Ergo, Ben’s instinct to kill mimicking the crime over and over…..which leads me to believe there may be many more unsolved murders of which we are not aware. I know, I know, I sound a little nutty, having my imagination run away with me…LOL. Sorry! Good Night, my dear James.

CeeCee, I like your thinking on Ben witnessing Clyde murder his mother with the necktie. Uber creepy in a soapy way.

Ben said something like, since I told you what was bothering me, are you going to tell me the truth about Florida? I had to rerun it back a couple times to get it. Clyde said yes and started to tell him before the cops broke them up.

Thanks for clarifying that point, Mo! I appreciate it.

Yet it goes without saying that much has gone without saying in DOOL. So much has been left dangling with regard to Clyde.

LOVE James Read. Clyde was one scary guy, and I think Days is crazy not to keep him. 🙁

maybe he will return one day

It would be nice if there was closure for the EJ fans.

i’m going to miss you. you are such a good actor. best wishes for the future. miss you mr Read.

I love a lot of what is going on right now with the show. But, Clyde’s exit happened WAY too fast. Why did he leave without having to face the music about killing EJ, a goodbye scene with Kate and one last scene with Victor? I love the fast-paced storylines, but slow down and let the arcs come to a logical ending. Clyde being sent to Florida so quickly leaves a lot of storyline on the table.

I agree with you Ray. Clyde was involved in so many things that have just been left hanging. He was responsible for EJ’s murder. I know he didn’t actually shoot EJ or order him killed; but, it was Clyde’s man that did the deed while Clyde was present. He’s the drug lord. He ordered the attack on Sonny. He threatened Victor’s entire family. He manipulated the paternity test that Abigail had. That is a long term item that should be left undiscovered for some years. All of the that has just been left without a resolution. That’s bad story telling. Now, his beloved son is the serial killer. That would have been a great story to show how Clyde used his power to deal with Ben’s crimes.

I am so very sorry to see James Read go. He’s a wonderful actor and seems like a very nice man. Unlike the young actors Days has kicked to the curb recently, we don’t have to worry about his career. He’s a proven professional who will continue to have a very bright future. Thank you Mr. Read for your wonderful performance as Clyde.

I could be wrong, but I thought it was EJ’ s body guard gone headcase because of Clyde’s manipulation and goading that turned him into making the mistake of accidentally pulling the trigger and then running so Stefano wouldn’t get him and then Clyde had to get rid of him as he could not be weighed down with the guy who was too frightened to be controlled…wasn’t that it?

James is a great actor that played a guy you loved to hate!

We are all going to miss you good luck in whatever you decide to do, you are a great actor

I was one of those viewers clamoring for Clyde to go. However…

1. It’s unforgivable that he wasn’t able to divulge his secret to Ben about what really happened when Ben’s mother died.

2. It’s a shame that his responsibility for EJ’s murder did not come to light, particularly given that Sami is currently in town.

3. It would have been nice to see Clyde and Kate in one final scene together.

I agree. A lot of loose threads left hanging. I thought James Read was amazing from beginning to end though.

The exit of Clyde is proof positive that the writers in power now don’t know how to end a story. They write some decent beginnings and middle points but the endings are all awful. Will’s funeral is proof. And now with Clyde just being shoved out of the canvas. No closure. The one thing I have to give kudos for on today’s episode was the beyond the limit acting between James Read and Robert Scott Wilson. The look on Clyde’s face when he found out that his son, Ben, was the killer was so painful and chilling at the same time. He expressed the pain and disappointment and pride and love at the same time for his own son who is more like him than he could believe. Ben’s confession to his father just left the viewer’s blood running cold. His tears and explanations for his depraved behavior were so psychotic. He expressed such depth in explaining it to his father. Then having the brass nuts to ask for his father’s complicity in covering it up. The scenes literally took my breath away. So powerful, painful and uncomfortable to view yet I couldn’t look away. I know more craziness is coming but I can’t help but stand back and think what a crime it would be if both James Read and Robert Scott Wilson were not nominated for Emmys for their roles. Both are amazing. I will miss James Read. He is a great actor and did a fine job on DAYS. Sad that the good actors are leaving in massive numbers but I still praise the actors for superb work. I just wish the serial killer would finally get it right and knock off Eric. Please, if there is a God in heaven, let Ben kill the porno priest. (and calm down Eric fans I know he is not a priest any more and he is not into porn. Joke folks just a joke!)

I don’t know….

I realize the nuWriting team… is expediting… and cleaning house…. of story and actors not “in their arena”

but it smarts….


Clyde, Eve, Aiden, … all incredible talent… that were NEW characters…

DAYS production is bringing back whats old is new again
very familiar characters with SORAS teen kids… and balancing… what?

three generations… Victor, Stefano, Caroline… Maggie

the thing that bothers me… is watching the same ole same ole… with… Daniel, Nicole, Jennifer, Eric, Brady… they still have brought nothing to the canvas… two months plus with the new Production team with writing.

fans are still waiting for more intrigue from Steve “Patch” Johnson and Bo Brady. John certainly hasn’t triggered much with Marlena… yet these are still heart tugging couples that I’m waiting out with….

ie: sorry about the retread

John and Marlena : I don’t know that I care about his past all these years later… I’d rather watch; his life unfold… with Paul and Tori…

Patch and STeve: “god” my favorite couple… does the new audience DAYS wants care as much as “me” when they first aired…. she just lights me up!

Bo and Hope: I can’t forget how amazing it was to watch Hope fall in love… without Bo… knowing Bo isn’t on for the long haul… and Daniel Cosgrove fired… ??? what’s the point? Rafe? ! ? ! hell yeah… but will it spark and fire another new coupling …. Bo and Rafe ? I don’t know… Rafe is better left to tango and single … he’s just so sexy… plus ! Rafe won’t have that magic he had with Ciera Alice… played by Lauren Bowles…

Justin and Adrienne : will this best of the best supercouple… be featured and prominently… with such rich intelligent actors.. who are riveting… together and alone… they dissed Adrienne and Lucas that fast… Eve is leaving … so that’s another huge gaping loss for the show and the character of Justin… to SLAY

if the SORAS doesn’t take ???

god… i’m pining for all that is DAYS… and critiquing…

what are they really going to do with Eduardo and Andre

I hope the magic is their… with the uber sexy Shawn D. and Martha Madison’ Belle

I really don’t care about the nuPhillip , as played by JPL, formerly of OLTL fame

all of this because I loved Eve and Aiden

ps: Greg Vaughan’ Eric should do porn… what a waste! ugh! I loved his scenes with Eileen Davidson…. Yum

kudos to the nuWriters for shawcasing and featuring how interesting they’ve made Clyde and Ben….

ie: there will be so many emmy nominations for DAYS this coming year ! LOL


He was excellent on his last day today. Today with Ben, he just crushed it playing a loyal, misguided, loving father. I truly felt his pain hearing his son’s confession. As a matter of fact, ever since the new writers took over, Clyde has been much scarier- a much more believable villain. The thing I hated was how they “caught” Clyde. That he couldn’t tell JJ was wearing a wire, especially after he already suspected he was a narc, was so pathetically written. That’s paint-by-numbers storytelling…way too convenient, quick and clean. I’m not saying something big should have taken him down; Stefano he was not. But after putting a hit out on Sonny (that never came out), “killing” EJ (that never came out), switching a Horton/Devereaux paternity result, probably killing his late wife and unborn child, and anything else he did, you would think he raked up enough enemies to justify a more convincing end.

Anyway, James played the character extremely convincingly. Clyde was not well liked, and not because he was a bad guy, but you could always see (and hear from his costars) how fabulous of an actor he is. Hope he lands somewhere else soon.

2 things….

all the posts praising James Read Talent.

I’m tickled for all the ladies “swooning” over James Read… throw me in

total agreement with;

“…ever since the new writers took over, Clyde has been much scarier- a much more believable villain ”

he doesn’t even need to be with Kate…. he was lauding his performance right up their… and yeah… not necessarily the magnitude of a Stefano or Victor… but nonetheless…. I like what soap

i’m still holding out hope… diehard

Michael Muhney or some other strong character is brought on to carry the DiMera
and it’s obvious… that Vincent Irizarry is on … for the Kiriakis

this is a quote from celebrity dirty laundry:

“…Perhaps Clyde will simply go on the run so they can leave their options open. James Read is an excellent actor with an extensive body of work. “Days” producers might want to bring Clyde back at a later date if Read’s on board with the idea. Sometimes it’s fun for viewers to wonder if a villain could return someday for revenge ”

i’d welcome this

ie: James Read

debuted in Salem; June 27, 2014 – October 20, 2015

great acting

Those final scenes between Clyde and Ben were so powerful.

When Ben confesses to murdering Will and Ben saying Clyde would be proud of him (covering his tracks). The look on Clyde’s face was like “Oh my god, what have I done to my son!”. After hearing Ben murdering Will disturbed Clyde. It was like he was admitting (to himself) that he’s responsible for Ben’s psychosis.



“…Those final scenes between Clyde and Ben were so powerful. ”

I watched yesterday eps after the fact…. and was stunned !

emmys all around

James Reads’ scenes: were full of heartache and sad…. and then it looked like he wanted to snap his neck and put him out of his misery

and when they had to part… as they hugged for their own father/son bond

blew it out of the water

nonetheless : I like what soap – disregard

nonetheless he showcased his character with armor

Robert Scott Wilson : ex-Price is Right : ex-Petey, nuAMC

standing ovation

this father / son duo let it be known

RSW’ is still emmy reeling Ben…. even with his confession to dad… he’s still not coming across as the serial murderer… just playing it so close to his mindset… and yeah…. telling someone… may even up the ante on all the reaction and ACTING Robert Scott Wilson has….

he’s layered his performance(s) and has taken off

I wasn’t particularly a Clyde fan but I, too, have been a fan of James Read since North and South. Other actors have come back to play a second role [Josh Taylor, etc], so why not James? I’d love to see him come back as a romantic lead.

I watch a few episodes of REMINGTON STEELE on my visits to Martha’s Vineyard….(different networks with different programming). James Read had such a presence and looks…he surely changed. I will not miss Clyde. Sorry, don’t shoot me. I dislike the character with a vengeance. My opinion, guys. LOL.

Remington Steele actually starred Pierce Brosnan

I did not say James Read played Steele. I said he was a regular on the show. I believe his character was of an investigative reported. I know Pierce was the star. However , thanks for the info, albeit unnecessary.

I actually saw today’s episode live and I assumed Clyde would stick around. Being as bad as he is I thought that he would have gone out a different way than JJ framing him, but I think this leaves an opening for him to come back. I want Clyde to ultimately be killed off but visits here and there work also. Like he could escape and be back for bits and then go back. And Ben with no family around means he won’t be around Salem too much longer. You just know that Chad will be the one to take him out while Ben has Abby hostagge.

i am so disappointed that we didn’t see kate experience any repercussions from all the evil that clyde did – after all she was responsible for bringing clyde to salem – tptb could have at least let her realize what havoc clyde caused …………………….

I CRIED FOR 2 MURDERERS! Some of the best acting and most powerful writing in daytimes history-the final scenes between Clyde and Ben most deserving of a Daytime Emmy EVER. The next person to criticize soap acting needs to watch these scenes then back away from me slowly…

I’m with you, Laura!

You have said the two magic words, Laura; acting and writing. The marriage between writing and acting needs to work. It did here; big time. My sister is in love with Days…fanatically so. God forbid anyone interrupts its programming or anyone calling her on the phone. However, she was so taken; so overwhelmed by the scene between Ben and Clyde that she actually paused the show and called me to tell me she was stunned by the performance.
Little Petie Cortlandt (Ben, lol) is all grown up….he has arrived. I cannot believe what a good bad guy he is playing…( sorry about the oxymoron)……he is mesmerizing to watch, albeit I covered my face with my hands and peeked through my finger when he committed the evil deed. I had a hard time watching the Will killing…just awful. But, to evoke such emotions is the mark of a good actor. Sensational!!
The writing was so honest, so explicit between father and son that it strangely moved me….against my will. Both the writing and the execution by the actors was eerily breathtaking….traumatically good…..if that makes any sense. This scene had everything….suspense, discovery, mystery, good, evil and at the root of it? LOVE.

Thank you, Cee Cee, for your eloquent explanation which says it all! The writers and actors pulled loving emotions out of characters the viewers had forgotten they had and did so very effectively. This scene had better not go unnoticed by the nominating committee for Daytime Emmies or I will stage
a sit-in!!! Haha

Thank you, Laura, my friend.
And, I agree, this scene deserves notice and a very loud, clamorous applause by one and all. All of Ben’s scenes were executed with skill and in a timely, almost robotic manner; as macabre as they were.

For security reasons, inmates are not told when they’re being transferred.

Wish they’d been some last scenes at some point between Kate and Clyde. Even if she just told him to go to hell.

I think a lot of people, myself included, never liked Clyde and especially not after he killed EJ. And now his son has killed Will. Like father, like son.

While James Read did a good job, it was an unnecessary storyline and character. Some of beloved Days characters could have been given more storyline like Josh Taylor and Bill and Susan Hayes.

I cried for 2 MURDERERS! Some of the best acting and most powerful writing in daytimes history. The final scenes between Clyde and Ben most deserving of an Emmy EVER! The next person to criticize soap opera acting needs to watch these scenes then back away from me slowly…

I agree, Laura. True fatherly love, however misplaced. We were presented with so much steadfastly strong parental love, albeit so devastatingly dark.

Sorry the Weston family could not be integrated into Salem. A new family is not a bad thing, but when so much is stacked against them, then maybe it is best. Good actors though and talents like that are missed. Seems misguided that bad things happen only to new families and characters. Will give DAYS credit for killing off Will. dDd not care for the recast but I loved the character and all Will stood for until he was written poorly. Thought Will’s death brought forth so much from the actors and promise of new story turns. Anniversary time is opportunity to shore up and clean house a bit. Go DAYS go. I am standing by you even if I will miss the latest departing actors.

I sense that the writers are keeping their main focus on much more established characters and no longer seem to be developing new people….which somehow causes one to pause and realize that, perhaps after the 50th Anniversary, the show will close. I don’t know for certain but it almost feels like are doing a “wrap”.
Maybe Caroline can tell us since now her dreams prove her to be a psychic.

Ha-ha. Good one!

Unfortunately, I get the same feeling.

“… no longer seem to be developing new people ”

it really is like a slap in the face

had DAYS production team realized they erred on so many levels….

would they have cared to write for new characters and enliven Salem with new blood and new arenas of TALENT pool to draw from and reinvigorate the same ole characters

I’m going to miss… Eve, Aiden, and Clyde… heck Ben paired with Paul!

something NEW and energized

He did a great job in the role and was more convincing than some of the other
actors on this show. Clyde wasn’t supposed to be likeable and James R. certainly made sure he wasn’t.

Agreed. He made me love to hate him. Great job!

the new writers had tunnel vision when turning things around for the 50th , the jj and clyde drug storyline was hot especially with kyle… things were just getting good! loved seeing jj and mom jennifer shaking in their boots! paige got axed to quick and it would ve been bittersweet to see jj and paige just about to get back together before her murder
clyde was just getting his groove on before the writers cut him….

Goodbye — Clyde is so creepy!!

I am overwhelmingly disappointed in Clyde’s ignominious exit. I was waiting for him to go out in a “blaze of glory”, after having been found out for his previous crimes. And why was he panting so hard that day in the park when he ran into Jennifer? So much about Clyde was never explained. I just think his character deserved a better exit storyline than that one. James Read was awesome tho.

You know when clyde weston, first arrived in Salem I didn’t really care for him that much at all. But as time went by, and he started wrecking havoc on salem, then it started to get more exciting. But today’s storyline played out with him falling into salem’s trap of trying to kidnap chad’s son and ended up getting caught, that right there was the icing on the cake. And he went into the room he thought Thomas was in and saw a baby doll in the crib and thought he had won. And now this sow brings his contract to an end, so good by clyde/ James Read. All I can say is it was good while it lasted. October 13, 2016

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On Saturday night at the 30th annual SAG Awards streaming on Netflix, several stars from the world of soap opera were remembered in a very moving In-Memoriam segment.

Honoring those actors we lost this past year, and set to the song “How do I Say Goodbye” by Dean Lewis, the screen was filled with so many heartbreaking losses.

Those who were remembered in the tribute included: Bill Hayes (Doug, Days of our Lives), Ellen Holly (Carla, One Life to Live), Nicolas Coster (Lionel, Santa Barbara et al), Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, GH, Stefan DAYS), Billy Miller (Billy, Y&R and Drew, GH), Sharon Farrell (Flo, Y&R), Arlene Sorkin (Calliope, DAYS), Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio, OLTL), Jeffrey Carlson (Zoe/Zarf, AMC) and Mark Goddard (Ted, OLTL).

Photo: ABC

Other notable stars who passed away and were included in the tribute were: Chita Rivera, Andre Braugher, Suzanne Somers, and Matthew Perry.

Before the video package was played, actress Naomi Watts took to the stage and shared, “We have lost so many extraordinary actors in the past year, but because they touched the world with their talent, we all share their loss. To those of us who worked with them, alongside them, we feel their loss and their absence deeply.”

Photo: Netflix

She added, “Of course their memory will live on in our recollections of the precious time we shared together — and through their work, their performances captured in countless frames of images, ever ready to dance across the screen and come to life again, if only for a while.”

What did you think of the In-Memoriam Tribute at the 2024 SAG Awards and seeing a lot of familiar faces being included who represent the soaps? Comment. below.

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Days Of Our Lives

SAG AWARDS 2024: Jennifer Aniston to Present Barbra Streisand with SAG Life Achievement Award

This Saturday night the 30th annual SAG Awards will be handed out for acting performances in motion picture and television. One of the high points of the evening will be legendary actress, singer, producer, writer and director Barbra Streisand receiving the SAG’s Life Achievement Award.

Scheduled to present the award to Barbra will be Jennifer Aniston. Streisand becomes the 59th recipient of  SAG-AFTRA’s highest honor for her career accomplishments and humanitarian efforts.

The 30th annual SAG Awards stream live on Netflix this Saturday February 24th at 8pm ET/PT.  Winners in SAG’s 15 categories will be announced that evening. The SAG Awards historically have been a predictor of who will win the top performer categories and potentially Best Picture.


Additional presenters for the evening include a reunion of  the stars of A Devil Wears Prada with Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt.

Others on the presenter list include: Erika Alexander, Danielle Brooks, Sterling K. Brown, Michael Cera, Colman Domingo, Robert Downey Jr., Fran Drescher, Phil Dunster, Billie Eilish, America Ferrera, Brendan Fraser, Taraji P. Henson, Troy Kotsur, Greta Lee, Melissa McCarthy, Cillian Murphy, Glen Powell, Issa Rae, Storm Reid, Tracee Ellis Ross, Alexander Skarsgård, Omar Sy, Hannah Waddingham, Naomi Watts, Jeffrey Wright, and more.

In the nominations, Barbie and Oppenheimer lead the motion picture categories with four nominations apiece, while the television nominations saw Succession receive five followed by Ted Lasso, The Bear and The Last of Us.

The Morning Show and Friends star. Jennifer Aniston, is the daughter of the late Days of our Lives legend, John Aniston, who passed away on November 11, 2022.

So, looking forward to Barbra Streisand receiving the SAG Life Achievement Award? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Playgirl Confirms ‘Hunks of Days of our Lives’ In Spring Digital Edition

Looks like the Days of our Lives men, who have been known to show some skin on daily episodes of the Peacock streaming soap opera, will be featured in a pictorial spread in an upcoming spring edition of Playgirl.

The guys that are known to have participated include: Robert Scott Wilson (Alex Kiriakis), Eric Marstolf (Brady Black), Paul Telfer (Xander Kiriakis), Christopher Sean (ex-Paul) and Bryan Dattilo (Lucas Horton).

The official Playgirl Instagram account shared a pic with Rob Scott Wilson in a robe with noted photographer Katie Levine, and expressed: “Cooking up something epic with @katielevinephoto@robertscottwilson and the hunks of @dayspeacock.”

Photo: Playgirl IG

In response to the Playgirl post, Rob Scott Wilson replied, “Here goes nothin’, while Christopher Sean added, “Thanks for having me.” Bryan Dattilo took to his Instagram story in a post that has since bee deleted, where he confirmed that the ‘hunks’ shot their photos this week.

Playgirl Magazine made its debuted in 1973. It’s last print edition was released in 2016. Now, the Playgirl brand is returning as a digital publication.

Photo: JPI

So, what do you think? Glad the DAYS hunks will kick off the new digital edition of Playgirl? Looking forward to seeing the photo spread? Comment below.

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