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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Crashing Through Windows, Unbreakable Bonds, River Of Tears

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Friday’s episode of NBC’s Days of our Lives continues the soapalicious drama that began last week with Jarlena’s nuptials, the nuptials that unfortunately did not go off without a hitch, and that’s putting it midly.

John is beside himself as his dear friend Steve looks after him, (in nicely played scenes by Drake Hogestyn and Stephen Nichols) while they are awaiting the news of Marlena’s (Deidre Hall) surgery.  When Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) tells them the update, we learn that while Marlena survived the surgery one of the bullet fragments is still lodged near her heart and they cannot at this point take it out … it’s too risky.  Poor John is so worried for his longtime love, and eventually once he goes to see Marlena who is unconscious, he breaks down in tears.  Steve has gone on to tell the others about the update on Marlena’s condition.  If you hadn’t ever loved Drake Hogestyn before, you would have now, and if you always loved him than we are sure you grabbed the hankies as he poured his heart out to his doc.


Will (Chandler Massey) has come to the Kiriakis mansion he says to see his daughter, Arianna, now that his memory has returned. Sonny (Freddie Smith) is there, and is at first, disappointed that Will did not say he came to see him, but things quickly change.  But first, Arianna comes running in and call’s Will “Daddy”, which brings tears to Will and Sonny’s eyes, and in particular when Will recalls watching Arianna as a baby, and going to the park with her, and the recognition of his love for his little girl. All of this was touchingly played by Chandler Massey, who is once again delivering gold in these scenes.


When it comes time to address his relationship with Sonny, Will starts by telling Sonny he loves Paul (Christopher Sean), but he then says … and we are sure many a WilSon fan jumped up and down when Will confesses to Sonny: “Ever since my memory has come back.  I’ve been trying to control the feelings that have come with them.”   He goes on to say, “But now, I know my feelings for you run so deep.”  Will finished with, “I do love you.  I have always loved you.”  And with that, Sonny and Will share a major lip-lock.  But little do they know what is about to happen to Paul!

Sami (Alison Sweeney), who has knocked out Rafe (Galen Gering) at the Salem PD, has taken off to find Kristen (Stacy Haiduk).  She wants answers to where EJ is, since Kristen told her he is alive!  Meanwhile, Brady (Eric Martsolf) has been taken by Kristen back to John’s room at the Salem Inn, which John has all prepared for his wedding night with the good doc, Marlena.  It is there that Kristen seduces Brady, who seemingly cannot fight off his desires for his one-time- lover!   When she is on top of him on the bed, the door busts open and it’s Eve (Kassie DePaiva)!  She has just busted out from being locked in a freezer by Kristen, and finds her man in a compromising position with the dangerous DiMera.  Not good, but Brady explains.

Paul is also at the Salem Inn and runs into Sami. He is there looking for Brady and Kristen, and she wants in as she has to find Kristen. At this point, Kristen has pulled a gun on Eve and Brady; feeling betrayed by the man she says she has always loved.  She says her life has been meaningless since the day she lost Brady.  He reminds her of that little ditty; when she drugged and raped his brother, Eric (Greg Vaughan).  Just then, Sami and Paul bust into the room, and Sami and Kristen have a war of words.  Sami says she knows she will not pull the trigger on Brady, and demands to know where EJ is.  Kristen decides she will kill Eve!

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Next, Sami gets the answer she wants, sort of from Kristen that EJ is alive, but Kristen turns the table and says it doesn’t matter, because she is now going to shoot Sami.  Being no one’s fool, Sami starts to remind Kristen that if she does this, Brady will never love her.  At this moment, Paul is making his move!  He grabs the gun from Kristen and pushes Sami out of the way.  There is a struggle between Paul and Kristen and lo and behold, they both go crashing through a window at the Salem Inn, as Brady, Eve, and Sami look horrified.

Great performances by all, a story arc that is continually giving us drama and twists, and another riveting episode, have made DAYS can’t-miss-TV from the end of August now into September.

So, what did you think of Will’s admission to Sonny that he loves him?  What will happen when Will finds out about Paul?  Will Kristen get away?  Will Sami ever find EJ?  Will John finally get Marlena to wake up?  Tune-in next week, but first share your thoughts to these questions and more via the comment section below.

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Reading the comments here, I feel as though I must be the only person who perceives Chandler Massey as still being innately uncomfortable kissing another male.

Strangely, this is reminiscent of the kissing scenes between Adam West (Batman) and Julie Newmar (Catwoman), which weren’t believable even to a child viewer back in the 1960’s.

Chandler does get credit for making a real effort, though.


Hi, ChandlerFan,
Chandler is sooo gorgeous….I’m so smitten!!
Yes, I see the discomfort with Freddy, as well, but not as much.
What do you mean about Batman? Was the actor gay? Was he in the closet? I suppose back then being gay was not ‘groovy’? LOL.
The same for Rock Hudson ( he died before I was born, I think). I read that he married a woman just to dispel the rumors…..not good for his career to be gay?
We’ve come a long way, baby. Thank goodness!! There’d be a lot of unhappy people today, otherwise.
Chandler is killing it!! Poor Will….between a rock and a hard place.


That was an awesome shot of Paul and Kristen falling out of the window, along with Sami, Brady and Eve running to look out of the window.

I read that the actor playing Paul isn’t set to the leave the show until November. I hope he survives this fall and isn’t going to be in the hospital/coma for two months.

And is Stacy H. time on Days almost done? Is Kristen disappearing again? I thought Stacy had a long term contract.


Right, blake?! Incredible camera “footwork”.

Mary Marteny
Mary Marteny

I think the wedding day was the worst performance ever on Days. Kristen with a gun, two NSA agents doing nothing when Kristen and Sami are fighting, Claire kidnapped and Steve just calmly standing around. So what the heck producers, you could have done much better than this.


The falling out windows thing is getting old. But I’m sure Paul is either injured badly and will be left paralyzed and need to go to South Africa with Theo for treatment () or dead. Kristen lands on him ala Joan Collins’ Alexis Carrington at the original series ending to Dynasty that kills Dex.


I really think Sonny needs to get overhimself. He’s weak and a bit of a big baby. Paul is so much more of an Adult. He’s patient and extremely mature. Sonny is a big cry baby … but what about meeeee. Will is better off with someone thats mature.


I wonder if this is the end for Paul .No show today and I cannot see it tomorrow because I wont be home,now that stinks.I am sure that Kristen will survive.

Vickie Sandover
Vickie Sandover

Don’t like the new Kristen. She is good as Susan though. Like the arc though.


I’m enjoying the show. Keep it coming Days!


It is bad enough I had to miss Days now I can watch it but I have no sound.Well at least I can tell what is happening.

Violet Lemm
Violet Lemm

Carol. Hope you have your sound back, but in the meanwhile,use your Closed Captioning feature on your TV, so at least you can read everything. Hope this helps. I use it all the time, so I don’t miss anything being said.

Violet Lemm
Violet Lemm

What a way to dump poor Steve.


Kristen should really try to steer clear of windows. One of these days she may be seriously hurt.


Is Paul going to be killed off? If so, I wonder if Marlena ends up with his heart.
Isn’t that how it goes? Second verse same as the first. We’ve already had the Daniel/Brady heart ” donation”.
Every soap has had this theme, why stop now?!
I really like Paul, so I hope he just goes away for a while, for having his heart broken by Will. Leave the door ajar, as it were.

Days Of Our Lives

Next Week On DAYS: Caroline’s Loved Ones Gather to Mourn Her Passing

Grab the hankies as Days of our Lives pays tribute to the late Peggy McCay and her beloved character of Caroline Brady next week on the long-running NBC daytime drama series.

As viewers know, McCay passe away over six months ago in October of 2018, and now fans will see how the show will deal with the loss of the matriarch of the Brady clan.  Back for special episodes include Christie Clark (Carrie) who came back to Los Angeles to film the memorial from her home in England, while Alison Sweeney (Sami) also makes another emotional return to the series, as does Brandon Beemer (Shawn-Douglas).

Look for Caroline’s family and dearest friends to all come together at the Brady Pub via an Irish-Catholic wake,

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

As previewed in this week’s Soap Opera Digest, Sweeney related on coming back for this special moment in DAYS history to honor McCay:  “I think the script was written so beautifully with everyone having a chance to honor her and say nice things about Caroline that reminded us all of the things about Peggy, things we had done with her, or moments we had with her.”

Check out the latest promo featuring the death of Caroline below, then let us know, if you will be watching this emotional episode featuring many Days of our Lives favorites in the comment section, and if you will miss Caroline Brady on-screen, and what she meant to the Brady’s and the town of Salem.

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Matthew Ashford Talks Jack’s Political Decisions & Amnesia On All-New Episode Of ‘Inside Salem: Days of our Lives Podcast’

The latest installment of of NBC’s Inside Salem: Days of our Lives Podcast is out now featuring conversations and segments with three of the popular stars of the long-running daytime drama series.

First, host Michael Fairman chants with Matthew Ashford for a return visit and six-month check-in since he first returned to DAYS as the beloved Jack Deveraux but with a twist!  Yup, Dr. Rolf got a hold of the guy, and he has amnesia.

Now after this return, he is won the mayoral race in Salem, placed Eve Donovan (Kassie DePaiva) as the police commissioner, and is trying to get Haley (Thia Megia) deported out of the country in the immigration storyline, even though his son, JJ (Casey Moss) is in love with the young woman.  In the meantime, Jack is upsetting his family and loved ones with his latest personality change, while Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) hopes somehow she get still get through to her one true love, so he remember his past.  On the podcast, Matt dives into all of it.

Later in a dressing room, segment, Camila Banus (Gabi) and Freddie Smith (Sonny)  chat about working on the show, with each other, and some other fun tidbits as they catch up.  And as viewers know, Gabi and Sonny, as well as Will (Chandler Massey) all have a unique and special relationship with one another.

To listen to the podcast go to iTunes to download or you can head over to and listen there as well.

Now, let us know in the comment section below; how you are liking the current machinations of Jack, and if you prefer him with Eve, or are you still hoping for a reunion with Jennifer?

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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Arianne Zucker, Stacy Haiduk & Paul Telfer Talk On Masks, Villainy & Their Wildest Storyline Yet

Take three great actors, add a prosthetic mask into the equation, and let them have at it! That’s just what NBC’s Days of our Lives is in the midst of serving up to its fans with this latest plot device and twist.  Last week, it was revealed that the nefarious Kristen DiMera (Stacy Haiduk) is alive and well and pretending to be Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) donning a mask, a voice alternating device, and some other body tweaks!  The goal …  to be with Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) and she will do anything to accomplish that!

Enter Xander (Paul Telfer) who has been in the thick of the plot being the only one we know of, so far, who knows that Kristen is parading around as Nicole.  They hatch their next moves inside a room at the Salem Inn.  They even went so far as to set it up to appear that Nicole’s daughter, Holly was killed, so she could blame Eric (Greg Vaughan) and cause a break-up of the long-suffering lovebirds and play it off as she needs to be consoled by Brady!

Michael Fairman TV chatted in an entertaining and wickedly funny interview with Arianne Zucker, Stacy Haiduk, and Paul Telfer to get the lowdown on what happened when they learned they would be wearing or working with a mask, how they pulled off the emotions in the storyline twist, and what to look forward to from here.  Under the clever pen of head writer, Ron Carlivati looks for the hits and twists to keep coming as this storyline continues to rock the world of Salem for some time to come.  Here’s what Arianne, Stacy, and Paul had to say about their latest on-screen predicaments and schemes!

Ari, at what point did you know that you really weren’t Nicole … and that you were Kristen playing Nicole?

ARIANNE:  I actually didn’t find out until a little bit after the van went off the road in the storyline; thinking it was Holly who was killed.  Sometimes, the less I know makes it fresher, and I think if I had known before those scenes, and the scenes with Eric (Greg Vaughan), and when I first came back, I would have had a little too much Kristen on my mind, and I don’t know if I could have been as raw as I felt in those scenes.  So, anyway that’s my long explanation.  I found out after I started back on the show! (Laughs)

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Additionally, did you have a conversation with Stacy about certain mannerisms hat Kristen has if you’re “masquerading” as Nicole?

ARIANNE:  Our co-executive producer, Albert Alaar had talked to me about watching Stacy because everything was happening fast.  Stacy and I really hadn’t had a chance to even talk to each other even from the last round of me being thereI remember Stacy was inundated with dialogue up the wazoo when I came back for that twelve-episode arc.  So, because of all of that, Albert said, “Watch Stacy! Watch her mannerisms, watch what she does,” and then I’ll throw a little Ari in it.  I just hope that I do as good of a job as Stacy does.

Paul, you and I talked about this on the NBC ‘Inside Salem’ podcast, when we played back for you (for the first time) the clip of Kristen taking off her Nicole mask.  Xander had the perfect set-up line for the reveal: “The part of Nicole Walker is being played by Kristen DiMera!”  Did you not have a good laugh doing that scene?  How did you get through doing that moment?

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

PAUL:  Oh, yeah, I was laughing my ass off the whole time.  This is an insane storyline with masks and doppelgängers.  But, it looks great on-screen, and that way it’s edited.  So, I was really happy.

STACY:  There was one moment when Nicole would hold steady to unfold the neck.   So, Ari started that to the point where I’m pulling it off completely.  I think it’s cool.  It’s “Mission Impossible”.  How nice!

PAUL:  That’s what I going to say.  If Tom Cruise can make a hundred million dollars doing this stuff …

STACY:  … then, we can do it!

ARIANNE:  Right?  We can make a quarter of a quarter of a quarter of a quarter of that.

STACY:  We’ll make it look good!

What is the real deal between Xander and Kristen?  They are conspiring and in cahoots, but there’s this underlying sexual tension between them.  I think Xander respects Kristen in a way, because she can one-up him!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

PAUL:  I think every character who Xander has interacted with who isn’t a member of his family, he’s trying to either get something from, or get into bed with, and he can’t really do either with Kristen, because she’s crazier and more dangerous that he is up until this point.  That’s certainly the way that it feels.  The way Stacy plays it, she is not to be messed around with. Honestly, I think that turns him on.

STACY:  Yeah, there you go.  That sounds good. (Laughs)

PAUL:  I mean, it makes sense.  Just like, “Wait a minute.  This is a bit spicier than I’m used to,” so, he’s excited, but at the same time he knows which side his bread is buttered on, and he doesn’t want her to murder him!  (Laughs)

STACY:  Well said.  I like that. (Laughs)

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

So, what does Kristen think of Xander at this point?

PAUL:  That, he’s a useful idiot.

STACY:  She actually needs him to go out into the world because she can’t leave.  When she does, she has to leave as Nicole, and then it becomes a whole other storyline.

PAUL:  It’s fun because Kristen is actually the boss, and Xander is convinced that they’re actually partners and that becomes our whole dynamic where she’s treating him as her lackey, but he’s like, “No, we’re partners, because I know your secret.”  Then, it becomes kind of a bargaining chip between the mask and all of that.  It’s so crazy because certain evil characters when they come back, they have to come back in disguise; whereas Xander’s always quite happy to be just jogging through town square with his shirt off after holding someone ransom or kidnapping a baby like, “Ah, whatever.”

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Arianne, it’s been awhile since you got to play the villainess side of Nicole, and with this return to DAYS you get to play that side of her as well, even though it’s really Kristen. Do you enjoy playing the bad girl?

ARIANNE:  Stacy and I were just saying today that you have these conversations about the villain character, (and Paul, I’m sure you’ve felt a lot of this too) people hate you or they love to hate you, and you’re like, “Hey, it’s a good thing because I’m doing my job if you hate me,” but in order for the storyline to move, you’ve got to have a villain.  Nicole used to be kind of villain-ish but playing someone like Kristen who is such a valued villain on this show is just … oh, my God!

Stacy and Paul, what do you think is the most heinous thing your characters have done so far?

STACY:  The most heinous?  (Laughs). Wow.  You know what’s funny is that she’s done all of these things, and I don’t think she thinks what she does is bad.

PAUL:  It’s so funny because you totally would expect her to be like, “The other characters are evil.  We’re the good guys!”

STACY:  I mean honestly, so she kidnapped Nicole, and took her baby.  There’s Marlena and the window.  I mean, it’s hard when she’s done all of these crazy, horrible things.  I’ve just really enjoyed playing her because she’s smart, she’s sassy, she’s this brilliant, deviant person who just wants one thing, and there’s one thing on her mind, and everything else gets in her way.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Is the one thing Brady?

STACY:  Brady, Brady, Brady, and I think even Xander has to repeat it over and over again.  We were playing in rehearsal, and I think I had him do that.  I don’t remember the line, but I said something, and he goes, “Brady Black,” and I go, “Say it again,” just because I want to hear him say it again.  That’s her driving force.

What did Greg Vaughan and Eric Martsolf say when they found out about what the twist was?  Did you tell them?  How did they find out?

ARIANNE:  Well, Eric Martsolf always has a great chuckle.  He has a great laugh, and I think Greg Vaughan just stared at me for a minute.  Then, I told him about the mask process … about making the mask …. and how I thought I was going to pass out and die.  (Laughs)

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Is putting on the mask an extremely weird experience?  How long does it take to put on? 

STACY:  About an hour?  It’s quick, and I thought we were going to suffocate when we were under that because I’ve never done my whole face before, but I’ve done body things. Make-up department is like, “You’re going to be fine.”  It was heavy too, really heavy.

ARIANNE:  Yeah, and because it’s so heavy, after a while, it starts to pull your skin down a little bit, and you’re like, “No, no!” (Laughs)

Did anybody else go running around with the mask on?

PAUL:  Oh yeah.  Everybody!

I knew it!

ARIANNE:  How could you not?

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

So, what is the relationship between the real Nicole and Xander, which we saw play out before her death?

PAUL:  She’s my wife!

So, Xander sees Nicole as his wife?

PAUL:  I’m happy to give Xander’s perspective on Nicole, and then Arianne can feel free to correct it.  (Laughs)

ARIANNE:  Alright, that sounds good.

Photo Credit JPI Studios

PAUL:  The way I’ve tried to handle it over the years in our ins and outs of this failed romance is that they’ve saddled poor Arianne with: this psycho chasing after her, and kidnapping her and her baby, and whisking her off to foreign lands – and also to Nashville.  When Xander first came into town, before they decided to make him a total psychopath, it was all working nicely, and Nicole wasn’t really on the up and up with Xander, and she wasn’t really honest about what her intentions were.  Meanwhile, Xander was involved in all of this chicanery with Serena, so once that metastasized into full-blown evil, and Nicole was aware of this, it shifted from, “I just really wanted to take this girl to the movies,” to, “Well, I guess I have to kill her now.”  (Laughs)  So, I think he’s just been playing that out ever since.  “Well, if I can’t date her, and if she won’t love me, then I guess I just have to torture her for the rest of her days.”  I think now on the other side of her supposed death, I think Xander has probably reconciled that his twisted romantic notions, or torture, or whatever he was doing with Nicole, is probably over, and he’s moving on to greener, more alive pastures like Sarah.  To be fair, I do think they’ve purposely made it confusing.  Not just for the audience, but for us.  There’s a real sense of, “Am I playing this to Nicole as Kristen, or do you want me to play this just to Nicole?”  Very often they just go, “No, just play it to Nicole,” because it’s funnier if for Xander it just occasionally slips his mind because she looks just like Nicole.  I’m kissing her… like he’s just enjoying the fact that he can.  “I never really got to kiss Nicole much, but this is Nicole’s face, so I’m going to.”  (Laughs)

ARIANNE:  That’s hilarious.

Ari, what would you say is their relationship?

ARIANNE:  Well, I’m certainly not as long-winded as that.  (Laughs)

PAUL:  He’s a creep!

ARIANNE:  He is a creep.  What cracks me up coming from Nicole is, “Ew, what a jerk.  He’s so gross.  Yuck, yuck!”  Like, really?  You’re not going to make that one work, huh Nicole?  When you reach that far back to the history of Xander and Nicole, it doesn’t have a lot of depth for the two characters because the next thing you know he’s trying to kill her and Eric.  It’s like that scary online dating when you go on one date and it didn’t work out because that guy is going to kill you.

PAUL:  Xander is like the ultimate bad Tinder date.

ARIANNE:  Totally. (Laughs)

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

That is classic.  The bad Tinder date.  That’s basically it.  Xander also apparently feels bad for Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) as she is having her bout with alcoholism.  Is that correct?

PAUL:  Yeah, I’m actually excited to see some of that stuff.  It was great doing it because I love Suzanne to bits.  I was very afraid of ruining Xander by making him too nice, but at the same time when I was first brought on to Days, I wasn’t offered a villain role originally.  Xander morphed into a more severe villain than I’d been led to believe he would be, and it happened quite quickly.  So, I’m actually quite happy to right the ship a little bit back towards he’s bad but he has some occasional glimmers of goodness in him.  So, Maggie really represents that because she’s actually quite nice to him and nurturing in a way that no other character on the show is.  When she has her dalliance with alcohol, he’s one of the few people who doesn’t judge her for it, and we finally get a little bit of Xander’s back story.  I’m actually excited to see those scenes because they felt nice to do, so hopefully they come across well.

Stacy, how did you track this storyline, when Arianne would be playing Kristen as Nicole? 

STACY:  Well if I didn’t get the script, I didn’t know about it.  So, if I wasn’t in the script that time, then I would be looking at Paul going, “What are we talking about?” and then, Ari had obviously already shot those scenes, so they were written for me, so I’m like, “What did I do?  What did I do?” It’s just scenes between Xander and Kristen at the Salem Inn.  Occasionally, you’d get somebody knocking at the door, but then I’d have to quickly put on my mask. (Laughs)

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

So, Ari did you ever have to go to Stacy to get tips about Kristen’s past or anything?

ARIANNE:  It was all about the future moving forward.  I think old, former Nicole had some crazy similarities with current Kristen because it felt kind the same as pulling some things from what she used to do … you know, just a couple of crazy chicks in one crazy character. (Laughs).

The other big part of this is Rolf’s diary that Xander has in his possession.  Is Kristen in cahoots with him on that?  Is she trying to get that from him?

STACY:  I think she is.

PAUL:  Yeah, that’s when she starts to get mad at him; when she realizes that he’s not just being her underling and he’s off scurrying around with his own agenda in the meantime.

ARIANNE:  He’s manipulating and doing his own thing.

PAUL:  I use it to start manipulating Eve (Kassie DePaiva).

So, what would you say to the fans to look forward to?  “You never know who you’re talking to on DAYS?” “Gird your masks?”

ARIANNE:  I definitely think fans know that’s not Nicole the way she is.  And, you never know who is going to give you a shot in the butt and turn you into somebody else.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Well, that’s true.  You never know.  One day they’re going to tell you that you’re playing Julie today! (Laughs)

ARIANNE: “Today the character of Julie will be played by…”

STACY: “… you will never guess by whom!”

PAUL:  This was fun.  This is a fun way to do it.  Let’s all do all of our interviews together moving forward!

So, what have you thought of the plot twist? What do you think of the Nicole mask and the performances and comments made here by Arianne, Stacy, and Paul? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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