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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Marlena Becomes Possessed … Again!

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On Tuesday’s episode of Days of our Lives, the devil had his way with his favorite person, Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall)! In story, leave it to Marlena to save Doug (Bill Hayes) by giving herself up to Satan!

As Doug revealed himself to be Satan while in a therapy session with Marlena in her office, a shook Marlena tries to comprehend what is happening! When the devil says if Marlena won’t accept him in, she will punish Doug, he does just that.

Photo: JPI

Poor Doug is left writhing in pain and on the floor, crying out for help! When we come back to the scene Marlena is not exactly right near his body, but sort of overlooking what is happening. Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) rushes into Marlena’s office to find Doug as Marlena stares blankly. Eventually, she calls for help.

After Doug is put in a hospital room and is monitored, Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) and Tripp (Lucas Adams) can’t find anything wrong with him. Meanwhile, Julie finds Marlena at the nurses station and asks what happened with Doug during their therapy session.  Marlena flashes back to what led to Doug writing on the floor, and clearly something is way off with Marlena, because she has now become possessed.

Later, Julie sits by Doug’s hospital bed as he opens his eyes, as he tells his beloved wife, “He left me and went in to her.”  A confused Julie is left to ponder what on earth Doug could be talking about.

When Marlena comes home to John (Drake Hogestyn) – who is already concerned with Johnny (Carson Boatman) being set on making a movie of Sami’s life story which includes points on Marlena’s original possession – she tells him Doug collapsed in her office. When the two hug, Marlena slowly opens her eyes  revealing that they are glowing yellow.  Yup! We are off to the races. Marlena is now once again possessed.

So, what did you think about the scenes between Deidre Hall and Bill Hayes? Are you enjoying the revisiting of the infamous ‘possession’ storyline thus far? Comment below.

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LOVE IT!!! And I like that so many different characters are involved in the storyline. Also, I took a drink every time I heard “Grandma was possessed by the Devil” and got plastered (just kidding).

Great for DH fans, but if you are a fan of any other iconic duo on the show you are constantly waiting for a story. I prefer the drama/angst stories that the actors that play Patch & Kayla do better than anyone, but sadly they continually get treated like a step child and aren’t even allowed to have a child of their own on scene. I don’t like camp stories especially when in over abundance. Will sit show out til winter beginning of year before seeing if its worth picking up again; maybe by then the possession, Bonnie/Calista, Duke the Bear stories may have wrapped up.

Loves it! I’m SO excited for this storyline. However, Peacock has NOT released episodes from Monday 9/20, Tuesday 9/21!!!!!!! What’s the deal?????? I’m waiting to see these episodes!!!! Peacock get with it and release the episodes already!

Nevermind, I see now that Season 57 started and that’s where the missing episodes are. I thought the show was preempted or something strange was going on with Peacock. My error. New Season.
I can’t wait to see these fabulous episodes. I love this idea of the second instalment of MARDEVIL’s possession storyline. Bring it! How much fun for Deidre Hall to play!!! and Bill Haynes, too! Let Salem get weird now, LOVES IT!

Ouff not sure about this, I mean you’ve done it once before there is no need to rehash same script again ! surely the writers can be way more creative than this! New material Please !! I hope that this “Marlena Posession” doesn’t prolong until Christmas! fingers crossed I guess …..
Rosanna big fan of Dool .

If it lasts after October I’m not watching

Be it ever so humble… there’s no place like home.

LOL—-I don’t like too much heat, though……

Well, don’t tell anybody about this… but it’s possible to get air conditioning down here. You just have to know the right Devil.

I’m here for this story as long as it’s short and done well. Even though it’s probably the most insane story daytime has ever done (tied with Casey the Alien on GH), it can be really fun. But I really hope it doesn’t drag on too long, because Ron C. has a penchant for writing stories that overstay their welcome (Fluke, anyone?). And especially with this, if John takes months to figure out that Marlena is possessed again, it’ll be ridiculous given the fact that he KNOWS it can happen.

I’m not hating it! I’m glad Doug will be alright and think that Bill Hayes is doing a great job. I imagine he had a lot of fun doing his scenes. I’m happy to see Doug & Julie front burner again.

Idiotic and redundant story line but, oh well, it’s a tv show – we all can’t love everything they come up with ~

In total agreement!!

I also totally agree, I think it’s a storyline that should never have happened once, let alone twice. Jeez days is really hitting rock bottom lately.

I agree. I have watched for over 40 yrs. I’m not watching until this stupid devil stuff is over


when I heard Dool was doing this storyline again, I rejoice, why? because I knew RC would hijack someones original story and spin his version and then I rejoiced again because thank GOD, he’s not writing over at GH with this kind of crap. Thankyou God, and sorry Dool fan.

Lol that was funny and I am a DOOL fan. It’s not bad so far!

I do not like it at all. I will not be watching days as long as this is on. Why can’t the writers come up any thing that is not evil


Do you really think I’m worse than FAKE Eve Donovan, Bug Eyed FAKE Diana Colville (and her idiotic “son” ) or any goddamned useless member of the Lockhart family??

O.K, O.K calm down or we’ll have to send someone down there to throw cold water on you. Do you have a favorite?

Cold water? Yeah, good luck finding that down here in Hell!

Favorite?? Honestly, I don’t think Days will ever do better than the big “adventure” storylines of the 80s & 90s. Sadly, the budget just isn’t there for those anymore. The recent Peacock mini-spinoff was probably the closest they got to that. Even though the “location” shoots were all fake, and they had to do the entire storyline in 5 days, so that didn’t allow for the epic plot that such a storyline would have had back in the 80s.

Other than that…. well, I’m admittedly biased, but I’m one of my favorite Days characters. Though this idea that I would dwell in electronic devices is a bit much. Possessions don’t work that way.

I’m excited for it!! I was to young for the original although I remember glimpses of it when my mom was watching it.. I’m excited to see what they do! I love the new Johnny too and Allie and Chanel! I agree there should be more Kayla and Steve though.., but she’s getting more time being the doctor it seems maybe they will get involved with the possession and have something to do lol

Not again! Really – need new writer or what? Make it short and move on from this repeat story line.

It is kind of silly but then again maybe it is for a Halloween story.Beats me.I knew that the devil went right into Marlana.

I would have thought they would have picked a less stronger person than Marlena but guess they wanted to use her again to keep the story going the same.

Stupidest repeat Days has done in awhile. No wonder it has the lowest rating of all daytime soaps. Nothing like watching a sinking ship.

How long is this possession going to last?

As long as I want it to!

you must be happy to be back on DOOL.

I am, of course.

But this idea that I would live in a digital voice recorder, an iPad, or a white noise machine…. well that’s a bit much!

I’m the Devil, not a computer virus, for Hell’s sake!

I guess you’re tired of this “traumatic drama”, too, Wendy? I was sort of okay at first, since I was about nine years old the first time Satan “lived” in Marlena. I don’t remember—-I guess I wasn’t allowed to watch those eps with Satan as the star.
But, I’m already tired of it.
I don’t like inconsistencies—the fact that Marlena , as the Devil, peeks into the Chapel, is off base. I always thought he would burn if he even took a small breath of the Church’s Holy air.

I hate the storyline!! It’s stupid and will probably stop watching.

I agree. I hate this storyline

I hate it.

No I hate it

Please end this possession storyline as quickly as possible!! Why was it ever revisited? With all the talented writers available and the many amazing storylines that could be developed and produced, it is surprising that this ‘old’ idea has resurfaced!!
Days of Our Lives has been a part of my daytime viewing since Another World wrapped, which was about the time when the first possession DOOL storyline began to air…I was not impressed then and that has not changed this time around!

With Covid decimating our social and emotional lives we could use some uplifting storylines…please!

Doug’s getting more airtime than he’s had in decades, Johnny is launching a film career, and I’m going to help Ben & Ciara have a little baby. Oh, and soon I will make sure that Lani knows the truth about who her mama is.

How much more “uplifting” do you want from me?

Hate it when you put in unbelievable story lines. Get rid of the possession story.

NOT I FAN I might stop watching! I have watched for over 40 years

So very disappointed in the devil possession story line in Days of Our Lives….I have tried to watch it, but I give up, it is an insult to everyone who watches intelligence! I’m sure you are at an all time low of viewers! Please get some new
writers if this is the best the current ones can do. Absolutely insulting to the viewers…….do you think your viewing audience is 12 years old? Please, you can
do better I hope…..if not go somewhere else with the stupid storyline!!! Will not be a viewer as long as this infantile “so SCARY !!!!” storyline continues!!

I hate this making marlena bring possessed by devil again. It’s ridiculous. They need to get back to the other people and stop this craziness. I’m going to stop watching because it bothers me big time. I’m a Christian and I don’t want to watch something like this. I hope it’s over with soon or I’ll be tning in on some other shoe.

no this story line is stupid i wound be watching it till it’s over , this is why they are dropping in ratings

All this devil stuff is stupid. Please take off soon as possible. May have to stop watching until it is over

This is the stupidest storyline I have ever seen. Please end it now. Days comes up with too many unrealistic storylines and this is the worst.

Dool is starting to stink

Sadly yes, I’ll be heading over the GH or a rerun of something until it’s over. It was good the first time and rehashing is a bad idea.

Love “Days of our Lives”

So is it contacts that Marlena where’s?

No been there did that . Get new writers!

So over this hope it’s not continuing to much longer. Not gonna watch much more.

I have watched days for over 40 yrs. I think it is time for new writers. This devil crap is stupid!! I’m done watching it until this stuff stops. Several people have said the same thing, Days has lost a ton of watchers.

“Several people have said the same thing”….

Yeah, and you can bet your soul that a lot of those “several people” have the same IP address.

Am I right, moderators??

There has been a lot of stupid crap on this show in recent years. Masks… doppelgangers… recasts who bear ZERO resemblance to the characters they’re supposed to be….serial killers who are now supposed to be romantic leads, and characters who are completely absent from the scene when their loved ones are in a serious crisis.

That’s all well and good apparently, but when I decide to pay a visit to Salem, that’s where you draw the line? Seriously??

OMG! I have been away from here for some time and you never break character. It is a character, right?

Agree! This devil crap is getting old mighty quick! Get rid of it! Please!


Over it. I’m a long time watcher and am ready to stop watching. Really disappointing . Have the writers run out of new material?? Seems like it!

I want to see Marlena back as her self and let John get away from her while sheis possessed I don’t like the episodes where she is possessed the devil

I agree! This possession crap is a bunch of crap! Get rid of it!


I stopped watching it all those years ago because of this stupid story line and now won’t be watching again. I think it’s totally inappropriate can’t you come up with something better than this bullshit

Stupid, stupid, stupid, boring, boring, boring. Please do real story lines. This seems more like a horror movie instead of a soap opera. Please get back to realistic, relatable TV.

You mean “realistic” storylines like some bug-eyed freak showing up out of nowhere, claiming to be a woman who disappeared in 1989, but looking NOTHING like her, and having a son who spends most of his time trying to get straight dudes to sleep with him?

Or a guy with a brain chip in his head that makes him believe he’s the town’s long dead Mafioso Godfather?

Or a mad scientist who brings half a dozen or so people back from the dead with some serum, stashes them in some warehouse in Nashville… and when that warehouse burns down, they all somehow survive, even though most of them can’t even remember their own names?/

Yeah…. gotta get back to that gritty realism.

I hate this possession crap on days of our lives and insult to injury they start this undead crap!

Undead people have been walking around Salem a long time now. In fact, I’d have a hard time naming a contract player in the current cast who hadn’t been declared dead at least once. Maybe Julie?

I’m tired of this dragging on. I was hoping it would end after Halloween as a joke. Come-on people. Enough is enough. Move on.

Oh, I’m sticking around for a while. They’ll be singing a different Christmas carol in Salem this Helliday season…..

“The elves are dressed in leather
And the angels are in chains
Christmas with the Devil
The sugar plums are rancid
And the stockings are in flames
Christmas with the Devil
There’s a demon in my belly
And a gremlin in my brain
There’s someone up the chimney hole
And Satan is his name

The rats ate all the presents
And the reindeer ran away
Christmas with the Devil
There’ll be no Father Christmas
‘Cause it’s Evil’s holiday
Christmas with the Devil

No bells in Hell
No snow below
Silent Night, Violent Night
So come, all ye unfaithful
Don’t be left out in the cold
You don’t need no invitation, no…
Your ticket is your soul”

Gotta love Spinal Tap, right??

Absolutely hate it! I’ve stopped watching it.

I have seen marlena possessed in 1995. I used to watch days. But now i watch the other 2 soaps.

I’m so sick of this story line.

I think it needs to end. Bring Marlena back and save John. This is a dumb story.

Be glad when the storyline of Marlena demon possess is over. It’s good. Just don’t need to drag it out 6mths. I wish it be over by Christmas so they can develop happy tales. Lol. I know wishful thinking

Good Lord! It’s bad enough to have this inane Marlena-as-Satan storyline again, but now Susan Banks is a part of it?!?! One unbelievable storyline is NOT enhanced by the return of an unbelievable (and VERY annoying) character.

Yeah, I should have kept her as a cat. She was far less annoying that way, right?

Yes, Satan, and more approachable…

Stupid then, stupid now.

F#$k I guess imma start watching days again

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The 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards featured 98-year-old television icon, Dick Van Dyke receiving the first Daytime Emmy in his career for his performance as Timothy Robicheaux on Days of our Lives in the Outstanding Guest Performer category.

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