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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Paul Kisses Sonny! What Was Your Reaction?



On Wednesday’s episode of Days of our Lives, after a few weeks of watching newbie character pro baseball player, Paul Narita (Christopher Sean) hit on women … and make out with Theresa (Jen Lilley) … while recovering from surgery at the hospital … the cat was finally out of the bag, or out of the closet!

It all happened by the time we got to the final cliffhanger before DAYS is preempted for the next two days and returns on Monday! Sonny (Freddie Smith), who is at the hospital putting away some supplies from TBD gets the shock of his life, when the door behind is locked, and he finds himself alone in a room with Paul!  In fact, Paul goes in for a big smooch on Sonny as the episode comes to a close. Yup, as most every soap fans guessed, Paul is Sonny’s ex-boyfriend, and Paul looks to be quite happy to see him!

Next week as previewed below, Sonny tells Paul he is married, but as viewers know there is the beginning of a major rift between Sonny and Will (Guy Wilson) since Will took off to Tinseltown for a bit to pursue his dream as a writer!

So what did you think of the reveal? Are you looking forward to what happens next in the story?  Are you happy that there could be a love triangle, or against it? What do you think of DAYS having a pro athlete who is a gay character … following the sign of the times?  Comment below!

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Sonny should’nt cheat and destroy his marriage especially to the man who was gonna sacrifice himself and spend his life in jail because he thought Sonny Killed Nick, But some say Will doesnt love Sonny, BS. What about those vows Sonny made to Will? I guess that means nothing ?. If this is who Sonny is, Will deserves better. Then he & Paul can live in the closet again because he doesnt want to be an out baseball player.

Will did not Abandon Sonny. Its not like Will ran off and didnt say where he was going. Sonny knew Will was going to LA and instead of telling Will how he felt, he kept quiet. So now if he is pissed that is all on Sonny. Hee should have been honest. Who cares if they would have fought. They would have been honest. That is more important. Sonny needs to learn that.

I do enjoy a good soapy love triangle, BUT in this case I hope Sonny and Will work out their distance. They are barely married! As you pointed out, they made some big commitments in their vows. They should be honored at least for a while ( even for a Soap Universe). They are written as a couple in love–not a hook up marriage or as quickie marriage senerio.

Gotta say, the Paul character is pretty cute.

Will bears the same share of the blame as Sonny. Why Will did not answer to his husband why he avoids Sonny, apparently he has a very good reason. Sonny is also only a human being, and the way Will treats Sonny is totally inappropriate. Will does not know what marriage is, he’s selfish asshole, and if Will not change so Sonny deserve better.

Sonny, stepped up to the plate for Will to realize his dream… a future as a writer… and once again… let his husband… forefront

as he told Marlena… Sonny and Will were experiencing life… replete with trials


it was story driven… that Paul… was / is ahem… an ex… that stormed tumultuous… and now.. it’s in his face…. a good time… a quick fix… a steer with blinders… oye!

I don’t know how long… nuWill is off the canvas per se in hollywood… but… for me.. this is stratosphere for DAYS production to feature Sonny’ background… his life prior to Will… and his trial… and “common ground”

vows ten commandments common sense


this is hot good time stuff to go

Well a person who cheats in a marriage is WEAK and they do that cause thy dont want to face the issues. Instead the put the ball in their spouses court. Which is not fair. The current state of their marriage is half Will’s fault & half Sonny’s

Sonny cheating With Paul is not the fault of Will. This is all on Sonny. Will has been an ass about LA but he has never been malicious to Sonny. Sonny cheating on Will is Malicious.

So what you’re saying is if your husband doesn’t call you in 3 days you have a right to have sex with someone else? So the whole “for better, for worse” part of the marriage vows mean nothing? Sonny telling Will that he supports him going to California was a lie? So basically if any husband or wife is angry with their spouse they have a right to cheat on them?

If Sonny is as unhappy with Will as you say he is, then he should break up with Will, get a divorce and be a single man so he doesn’t have to worry about being faithful.

But until that happens, Sonny is a married man and a father and he made wedding vows that said he would support Will for better for worse and this is the “worse” and if Sonny can manage a couple months on his own without having a complete break down then he doesn’t deserve to be married to anyone.

I would also like to point out that Sonny has a business partner and he has staff that work for him who could cover for him for a month if he REALLY missed Will that much and wanted to visit him in California (which is what Victor was trying to say)

No wonder young people can imagine gay relationships lasting for 30 or 40 years if they are so quick to just have an affair the first time they feel lonely.

How do you think military spouses deal with their husband or wife being deployed for years at a time?

Please, Sonny is being very impatient. Will is not handling thing very well but he doesn’t deserve the mountain of guilt folks are piling on him. I would be angry if my family kept calling me every five minutes too.

Regarding those three days, of course it was pretty stupid of writers, it is clear, but Sonny had not sex with anyone, nothing happened, it was only flashbacks, except kiss, so it is premature to talk about it. I do not know what will happen, maybe that really Sonny ends with Paul in bed, but it is not certain, we do not know what secrets will have a Will. In any case, Will is slowly becoming like his mother, and that’s not good. We’ll see!

SO HOT sonny and paul should be together and will should stay in LA.

will is stupid jerk!! sonny is great and he dont deserves what will always doing to him!! i hope that sonny end with better person, and sonny and paul are really HOT and CUTE.

I thought it was hot!

Wow – Woah – Will

some one already called this : “what’s with all Pauls smiling”

I didn’t think it would happen this way. I’m SURPRISED!

but then again…. I ‘d never leave Sonny dangling

with nuWill as a recast… there was never a lot of steamy

I see a lot of drama potential excitement generating ; again

this is not unlike men and women. so it goes without saying… this is going to happen and nary a thought given… streamline akin to everyone goes through

VOWS do mean something to

this is going to reverberate through Salem

it’s acting chops for Freddie Smith…. danged if this change isn’t disrupted when and if Freddie Smith comes back…. PLEASE come back to Salem…

that kiss with Paul was instantaneous for combust

elements of intrigue delving in emotion rivet

I think it would have piqued the audience MORE had Paul not been Sonny’ ex

I am floored some – still

I wanted Paul for Theresa to have FUN

in any event… it’s a hoot to see Paul moving
and Sonny out and about

I was hoping Sonny would stop Paul from kissing him but he seemed to get lost in the kiss. I hope in episode he stops him and tells him he is a married man and not available. But I do not think Paul will be deterred. We know that Will and Sonny have words during a phone call and I think Sonny will be so angry that he will do something he will regret (sleep with Paul) but when Will returns to Salem both he and Sonny will have secrets they will not admit to each other. I think eventually they will both realize they love and need each other and forgive each other. But until then I am along for this bumpy ride.

No suprise about Paul since it was predicted…he should be bisexual because i liked his scenes with Theresa too…just a thought…meanwhile, noticed the downsizing of the Dimera set(the den?)…i guess they needed room for Bens and Erics apartment sets…lol…i guess EJs murder case is closed…no more talk about it…lol

Yes, jimh, I also hope Paul is bi because those scenes with Theresa were really good! Besides, the more complicated, the better!!!

Paul could be the grandson of Tommy Horton…The son of Sandy or the son of a son that we never knew Tommy had. Tommy could have lots of children and grandchildren! BTW, I’ve been watching early 1984 episodes of DOOL on YouTube and Sandy Horton is with Chris Kosotchek (spelling?). What I’ve seen so far are the January-mid February episodes. I know there aren’t too many episodes left of Sandy because when I originally started watching in mid March of 1984, Sandy I did not see her…as far as I can remember. Tommy was already gone. His wife had long passed away. So, I only see a glimpse of Sandy. The whole Tommy situation is puzzling…Why no mention of Tommy and his daughter Sandy and if Sandy had children or if Tommy had more children and other grandchildren. Why did Tommy miss his parents funerals and Mickey’s funeral? What do you think about Paul being a long lost Horton or the whereabouts of Tommy and his questionable family?

I would love it if Paul turned out to be a Horton…Tommys wife Kitty passed away in the late 60s during a confrontation scene with Bill and he went to prison for it(she did have heart problems that actually caused her death but i wont go into details of that moment like i usually do)…lol…IMO it seems the Days writers had difficulty coming up with stories for both Tommy and his daughter Sandy who would disappear from the show for years before returning and then vanish for good in the 80s as if they were never there…i believe tptb would like us to forget about them and other long gone Horton family members like Steve Olsen and David Banning…its just how i feel…they dont have to be seen…at least mentioned once in awhile…Nick gets mentioned as if he was the only Horton left before he died…im suprised Laura was recently mentioned and i was cool with that…this should happen with other Hortons as well!!!

Jim, you’re here!!! 🙂 I hope you’re doing well!

To use a baseball pun, this storyline came out of left field. And count me as another viewer who thought the actor was a real baseball player doing a guest spot. (I don’t keep up with baseball as much anymore…)

One question: Will who? If Will is really gone, then let’s see Sonny in a new relationship. And if Theresa is the last part of that triangle, it will be a FUN RIDE!! I can hear Theresa being dismissive of Sonny now. In her mind, she has way more to offer Paul. This is a great development!

Hi James,

Dude…to me, this is a G-R-E-A-T DEVELOPMENT PERIOD!!!!!

James…catch ya’ on the flip-side, brother!!!!!


P.S. – Jim…I’m glad you’re back. WELCOME BACK!!!!!!

Jamesj75…good to hear from you…im doing somewhat better(flu currently got me down)…happy to be back…i read someone had said Paul was there for Sonny so i wasnt too suprised…at first i thought he was just a day player until i read that persons comment…i think it would be interesting if Paul was bi and involved with both Theresa and Sonny(back in the 70s Days introduced daytimes first bi sexual Sharon Duval who was married to a man named Karl…both Karl and Sharon were attracted to Julie Williams…it was interesting but shortlived storyline)…i want Paul to be bi but keeps it a secret in fear itll hurt his baseball career so he publically dates Theresa while in secret tries to bed Sonny…i wish Paul quickly got Theresa prego so she believed Kayla made a mistake and she thinks she is pregnant with Bradys child after all…but we know that part wont happen…i just hope Theresa makes Brady jealous by dating Paul with Paul torn between his growing love for Theresa and his attraction to Sonny, his first true love!!! What great drama that could be…and i like Paul which makes it even better!!!

Jim, glad to hear you are feeling better and that you’re back!

I didn’t read about the advanced notice on the Paul/Sonny connection. Things should be interesting today (and beyond). Thanks for enlightening me on the history of Karl/Sharon/Julie. It’s a shame it was short-lived, but the attempt and intent were indeed brave. I am a newbee with regard to DOOL (maybe 3 years now), so I am learning more as we go along.

Jay, always a pleasure!

You guys take care!

Hey Jim,

What’s up??? Dude…hate is BEYOND RIDICULOUS!!!!! To me, life is W-A-Y TOO SHORT for that kind of ugliness!!!!! Jim, whenever something bothers me (or whatever), I VERY PRIVATELY deal with it in the PRIVACY of my own home. I DON’T BELIEVE in subjecting others to my dislikes (or whatever). Nope. Jim, you mentioned that you have a gay niece. Check this out: I have at least 4 female cousins in my family who are all lesbians. And…I have a favorite gay uncle who has always been like a second dad to me. Jim, a person’s race and sexual orientation has N-E-V-E-R mattered to me and it N-E-V-E-R will. Whenever I look at a person, only 3 things about that person matters to me: Personality, honesty and (most of all) realness. Dude…anything L-E-S-S is just WASTED ENERGY in my book!!!!! Jim, I don’t know if you ever watched AMC but check this out: Back in the 1980’s, actress Donna Pescow played the role of Dr. Lynn Carson on AMC from 1982-1983. Lynn was a lesbian and she REFUSED to hide it. Jim, the character of Lynn was on AMC for only a year but (to me) the storyline was GROUNDBREAKING STUFF!!!!! One final thing for now: I came out to myself (in my heart of hearts and all) between 6th and 7th Grade (aka when I was a very young kid) and I haven’t looked back since!!!!! FORWARD AND BEYOND!!!!! Yep.

Take care, Jim. Peace.

Well said Jay…yes i watched Donna on AMC and thought she was a wonderful character who shouldve lasted longer…a persons race, sexual orientation, religion exct., doesnt matter to me as well…my nephews ex girlfriend has a gay brother who is married to a really nice guy and raising two children…my neice and her partner are also thinking of starting a family…they fight and make up and have their ups and downs just like everyone else…they are family and friends and i wouldnt trade them for a million dollars…well, maybe i would…lol…joking…Peace to you my friend!!!

I’m totally excited about this. I wanted this show to bring one of Sonny’s ex and have an actually honest to goodness love triangle between the young men. I hope they explore Sonny’s past through Paul. We don’t really know that much about it. I’m ready for the drama and angst of adult story for Will and Sonny. I’m also liking Victor meddling in Sonny’s business and stoking Kiriakis/Dimeara feud. I hope that also goes somewhere. So bring on Paulson. They never went anywhere with BriSon.

Maybe I’m just dense, but I didn’t see this coming! I seriously thought they were just making him a chronic flirt. I wasn’t looking into any deeper secrets or motivations at all. So or me, it was a surprise! I think it’s a cool idea! A welcomed surprise after a lackluster month.

Plus, I like Paul. I liked him from the start. The actor is strong, provides diversity and has already proven way more interesting than melba toast Paige.

You think you’re dense, I thought Paul was a real baseball player doing a guest appearance on the soap. And you would think I would clue in after the second or third time he was on but no–I only began to realize he was an actor playing a character when he kissed Sonny and then was confirm by this article– Now that I know he is Sonny’s ex I will be paying more attention to Paul because before I was always rolling my eyes wondering when this silly celebrity walk on was going to end— LOL

LOl! During Paul’s first scene I thought he was a guest-cast too, because all the other actor’s kept repeating “his” name…Paul Norita. Paul Norita. I thought I was supposed to recognize him from the “real world”…but, I did clue in pretty soon after because the actor was really acting and not amateurish. lol.

Haha! That’s funny! Glad I’m not the only one! If it weren’t for the fact that I googled Paul Nordita after he first aired and nothing came up in any spelling variation I could think, I too probably would have continued to have been fooled :).

Oops, I didn’t use that extra “d” when I searched his name I promise. That wasn’t why I came up empty handed!! lol!

Mary F…LOL…so did I! That is exactly what I thought as well! I dimissed his scenes entirely.

To me the storyline with Will leaving his husband doesn’t make sense to me. he wrote 2 rag articles and now HOLLYWOOD wants him to pen the screenplay? I was thinking maybe the absence is more about bringing back the original Will back as Guy does not bring the character to life…dull.

Oh, Mary!!


This could be an interesting storyline if done right. Sonny and Will needed shaking up and if straight couples can be married and have 3rd party interference, so can gays. I sense a torrid triangle ahead!!!!

I totally agree. And they might be winning back many fans that stopped watching after Chandler left (people who actually love Sonny, but felt lack of chemistry with NuWill), but only if they make PaulSon plausible and develop the character of Paul and their relationship in a compelling way. NuWill can still be a part of that and get his own stories as a part of the Horton family, but the writers have to change the focus and try something new because many people don’t like that new version of WilSon.

I absolutely agree!

I had to reply here in regards to your reply in the video interview thread.

Do not call me a disgusting heterosexist again. You don’t know me and apparently you don’t know writers have the power to take characters in any direction they want…be it straight, gay or bi.

Are you trying to turn people into haters?

To 4everDays: The writers can turn characters into any direction. That is right. Marlena can become lesbian, they can turn Brady bi, etc. Is not possible though and no one suggest a heterosexual character be gay/lesbian/bi in a serious way. So why do we constantly get comments about turning established gay characters into bi or back to hetero and hooking them up with women. The answer to me is homophobia. Heck it makes more sense to turn a hetero character bi than a gay character. Heterosexuality is the norm. A person that struggled with their sexuality would know if their are bi or gay/lesbian early on.

Thanks @Alex!! I couldn’t have explained it any better.

This show is so diverse.

Easier crowd to please, I guess.

I love the story but i just cant help to think Paul is just Days’s reply to gh’s Brad…. Too similar???

There is nothing similar about them other than they are both Asians.

Yeah, from what I’ve seen, Brad and Paul are completely different. And at least at first, Brad was in the Sonny role, since Lucas came in and mixed up his budding relationship with Felix.

I had heard speculation of Paul being Sonnys ex but wasn’t sure what to think. There were signs with how strong Paul would come on to all the woman. But I guess I was in slight denial about a potential third party being involved with Will and Sonny. On Wednesday’s show when Sonny mentioned going to the hospital it confirmed it though.

I was completely shocked by that kiss, however! I’m looking forward to Will and Sonny having a meaty storyline again, as its been a bit since they’ve had one. While I would have liked for them to be spared of the usual cheating/trangle storyline, if it gives these boys screentime and something to do, I’ll take it.
Plus, maybe a potential threat to their relationship will make Will appreciate Sonny more, it seems he’s been taking him and their life together for granted lately.

As for Paul, I think its great having a queer athlete on the show. Days continues to be the most relevant soap on air. Good on them.

It was hot I almost spit out my pumpkin pie! Don’t put him with that skank Theresa please!

Wouldn’t “that skank Theresa” make it more interesting, though? Isn’t less complicated more boring?

Yeah you’re probably right she just bugs me.

Theresa/Paul would be boring. It would have been just another predictable heterosexual romance. Sonny/Paul caring out an affair and Paul playing antagonistic role for Will and Sonny is not on the other hand. Paul just become interesting. I would like to see he and Theresa work out some kind of deal where she plays a beard for him while making Brady jealous. Where they scheme to together to help each other get what each wants. For Theresa is Brady/baby and for Paul is Sonny.

@Alex: I dont understand why after hundreds of straight triangles that never involved anyone being “at least partly gay” or any gay plot whatsoever we should have to watch Paul getting involved with Theresa in any way. It would be way more interesting to see how Paul frees himself from hiding who he is, with all the conflicts involved – and doing it in the course of his re-connection with Sonny (and with Sonny’s support) and ultimately to be able to show the whole world how much he loves Sonny. The fact that Paul was in the closet the whole time could be the major reason why he and Sonny broke up in the first place. So developing their story along these lines could really make PaulSon into a plausible alternative to WilSon. Even more if Will continues to act like an ass towards Sonny, even betraying the promises he made to Gabi regarding Arianna and Rafe being always a part of her life and so on. Considering that Christopher Sean seems to be a really great actor, TPTB would be crazy not tell Paul’s and PaulSon’s story in a compelling way that gives viewers the chance to really fall in love with them. And there’s no need for any beard whatsoever. PaulSon’s story is interesting and exciting enough on its own.

I don’t think the show would abandon Will and Sonny. Heck it wouldn’t even surprise be if they have Sonny’s ex Paul fall for Will since everything has to be about Will. All I just want now is for Sonny and Paul to carry on an affair behind everyone’s back and for us to find out about Sonny’s past through that affair/relationship. My expectations are low for this show. I would love for Sonny and Will to divorce and move on for awhile at least but I don’t think that will happen.

@ sasha and Alex

great posts

I LOVE the story potential … for Sonny and Paul

there are 4 personalities who volcanic and trigger here

Sonny, Paul, Theresa, and … ahem… Chad

I love the reaction.. between Paul and Chad… when Chad went looking for Jordan… and Paul and Chad recognized each other…

dang! if Chad isn’t my new tantalization (s)

he steams and forwards the DiMera

his mystique is gratifying

so there you have it…. does Chad know Paul because of his bff Sonny ?

what if this is a way for Chad to get to know Theresa ?

I love this story

nuWill who?

@ Patrick, Chad and Paul don’t know each other. Paul recognized Chad from the Sonix magazine he was reading. Remember the cover story was Chad by Will Horton. The month before it was Paul Narita which Chad comment on and Paul said your story was written better.

I am glad that after the past few years, DAYS is still committed to a same sex storyline and it has been successful.

(Original) WilSon were front and center of the story whenever DAYS hit multi ratings highs in 2013. So, why wouldn’t they be committed to their story. They just have to make it more exciting again and give them a relevant story. We haven’t seen any real story for them this whole year apart from the wedding which was an isolated event.

multi-year ratings highs, of course

“DAYS”of OUR lives!

I knew it was coming. Paul was to overtly confident with every single female that walked into that hospital room…. I kind of like Paul and Sonny together, but Sonny and Will are still my No.1 couple! But this is part of Soap Opera Romance 101 — couples have love affairs, and go through hardships, and LGBT couples shouldn’t be any kind of exception to that credo.


Ok ive been watching days since i was born 33 years ago. Lol my moms fav and now mine. honestly the EJ death writing was pathetic and not up to days standards.
Sonny has had guys pursue him in the past and not
allowed it bc he loves will so I’m a little confused by this. But knew something would happen bc they played the whole poor sonny he can’t get a hold of will card.

1. Why would sonny be in a hospital closet putting anything away in the first place?
He doesn’t work there. He owns two bars. His parents don’t work there. His family doesn’t work there. He has no reason to be there.
So that locked in closet thing makes as much sense as EJ being killed by his own hired thug tail on Jordans father. Who are all petrified of dimeras and have never betrayed them.

Seems the writers are not paying attention to details. And getting sloppy.
I love jen Lilley. They need to use the Eric Martsolf baby, crazy Eileen Davidson steals, teresa has dreams of truth thing soon. Esp since Anne knows teresa thought she was pregnant and not drinking. Bc right now the show is ridiculous.
Stephano is coming back. It’s what this show does. It really seems like the writers are just filling space right now or they don’t know how to properly use the good characters they have. Sonny has way better potential then they’ve given him in weeks, Victor has been lazy…not like him or stefano, Kate making out with a guy she hasn’t had her private investigator look into…..really? Thst wouldn’t happen. Esp Jordans father.
Abigail seems to be developing a fun mean side in hospital with teresa and Anne. Finally. Jj and eve…. that really shouldve been daniel and eve to make a better story line tban 40 does 19 year old.
John just disappearing after reconnecting with both Marlena and Brady. Lol that doesn’t happen either. There is some sort of send off or drawn out stories that happen with days.
Bc it’s like sand through the hour glass….These are the days of hour lives. Meaning life is short and they make sure to show every drawn out detail.
Jennifer is just annoying now lol. She used to be a good character.

kerry, Club TBD is also a coffee bar. In previous episodes, it was revealed that Club TBD has an account with the hospital. Sonny spoke of it a bit in this particular episode…he had to drop off some supplies. The supplies include coffee for the ‘Nurses Lounge’ where Paul locked himself and Sonny in. Also, Victor Kiriakis, Sonny’s great uncle, is on the hospital board along with Chad DiMera, Sonny’s TBD partner.

You are confusing that fake version of Will with the real Will.

TPTB would be totally dumb if they didn’t make use of the huge potential of a new and much more attractive pairing for Sonny – and, of course, a major and relevant story for them!! Most WilSon fans I know stopped watching after Chandler was fired (!) and might be coming back, because they actually love Sonny (Freddie) and want something better for him than what we’ve seen this whole year!!

DAYS’ ratings have been in the tank since March – they need to get back to great stories like the ones they had for OriginalWilSon in 2012/13. But they need the right actors to do so.

It’s a matter of fact that whenever NuWill comes up on DAYS’ FB page, hundreds if not thousands of viewers and fans state how much they’re missing Chandler and that the chemistry is just not there for NuWilSon.

right on

“…TPTB would be totally dumb if they didn’t make use of the huge potential of a new and much more attractive pairing for Sonny”

it’s obvious that Freddy Smith is now the frontrunner… and he wasn’t any less IMO… Chandler Massey emmied it up… but Sonny is now the show

so, it’s just major and relevant… that DAYS invigorate with the talent they have

Sonny and Paul have that it factor…

danged : i’m still smarting , that Paul is not w/Theresa

for storyline purpose: it’s OK that Paul and Sonny are ex’lovers

Freddie Smith is the finer actor and sparks

it’s only fitting that he’s frontburner and it’s Paul that’s with

I’m with


I’ve watched Days for Many years and while I’m by no means prejudice against anyone, I get tired of having that lifestyle shoved down my throat! They don’t have to show the PDAs, just saying

I felt the same way about all the bo and hope scenes…really how many weddings did they need and all the smooching…AT THEIR AGE!!

Tas – I’m not prejudice either, but as a gay man I’ve had your ‘straight’ romances ‘shoved down my throat’ for decades, there is still a massive imbalance, just deal with it.

Could care less. Can’t stand Paul. Can’t stand Theresa. Can’t stand Eve. Hoping nuWill comes back as oldWill. Stopped recording DAYS after Kristen left. I’ll tune in again once she returns with Brady and Theresa’s baby. Tired of Ben and the rehashing of the same old lines. Jordan-waste of time. I always enjoy when Deidre Hall is on-air, though. Love Victor, too and his one-liners.

Well, if you can’t stand Theresa, then you have actually something in common with Paul, because he called the nurse during that whole fake talk with Theresa 😉 (in case you missed that detail)

He may have buzzed the nurse on purpose or accident. We don’t know for sure.

Well I can honestly say I did NOT see that kiss coming! That was so General Hospitalish of the writers!! I thought Paul just saw hot Sonny & dashed over to meet him, not kiss him. It seems he is Sonny’s ex. Hmmmm

I don’t want Sonny to cheat on Will, especially this early in the game. It seems too soon for Sonny to throw away his vows as Will’s only been away 3 weeks! Nonetheless I’m glad there’s finally another gay in town besides Sonny & Will. I LOVE that he’s in the form of a famous, in the closet athlete!! Excellent setup!!

Side note: Please fill Theresa in and have her & Paul become besties!! Theresa needs a bestie & a gay one would be spectacular. They can also help each other keep the other’s secrets. Taking their phony romance public will make Brady jealous and make Paul seem straight. Win/win

“… I LOVE that he’s in the form of a famous, in the closet athlete!! Excellent setup!!”

I so, appreciate this, about DAYS : Sony : NBC

kudos to you for delving in to and abating the attraction between two people

Jenn Lilly’ is a natural on Serial…. there’s nothing hesitant about her acting… she enigmatically dells

I’m smitten with Theresa… I hope she finds a BFF in Paul…. another friend.. that she can generate talent…. I love her with Anne, Eve, and it was instant with Paul

she walks the walk and isn’t cowering hiding lessening her mind

I love this idea!!!

I didn’t see it coming either and it’s gonna be great, so many dimensions to this storyline!

Omg!!! Wth… I dk what that all about but I think sonny will not let it happen again… Sonny seems like a well founded sweet husband…

It’s happening, I’ve seen the spoiler pics!!!!

I told my girlfriend last week that Paul was gay, she didn’t believe me. The reason I suspected in the first place was, Paul flirted with EVERY woman that entered the room like he had something to prove. He was not sincere or convincing at all. It’s going to be a good New Year on Days [smile]……

Sonny and Paul have way more chemistry after half a minute than Sonny and NuWill ever had. Christopher Sean seems to be a really great actor!!

OriginalWilson (Freddie and Chandler) will ALWAYS be endgame for me, but as long as that’s not happening, I want to see (much!!!) more of Paul and of PaulSon!!!

Let’s hope the mostly horrible current writing regime gives Paul and PaulSon a well-written, major long-term story and don’t waste this huge potential like they usually do…

I see Days is still predictable.

The only “drama” they can write is cheating.

It’s not shocking anymore, it’s just boring.

i’m 70. I been watching since makes me sick to See all this gay stuff.they have their channels we don.’t need to see all can a actor who is not gay kiss some other guy.make me sick

Sir…if ‘all this gay stuff’ (as you put it) makes you sick, then change the channel. NOBODY is FORCING you to watch it. Remember that.

Take care.

Amen say that ish again why still watch it if it’s making you that sick smh

Jaybird, I totally agree with you! This is 2014 and there are rights that allow others to work, worship and love who they want. If Mr. Chapman doesn’t like what he sees on his screen, he has the right to change the channel. So sad!

Jaybird…i so agree with you…this Ed guy shouldnt watch(where has he been anway…there have been gays on this show before Paul arrived and Sharon Duval was a bisexual character on Days back in the 70s…yet now he complains??? Doesnt make sense to me)…there are gay friends of our family and i have a gay niece and we dont treat them any different than straight friends and straight family members…We are all Gods Children…we should love each other no matter who we are…hate is a waste of time and time is too short to waste…p.s. thanks for the ‘welcome back’…PEACE!!!

Ed Chapman – Why do you state your age? Is it because you think that being old somehow gives you free reign to be homophobic and a bigot? You’re pathetic.

Actors who are straight can play gay roles because they’re professionals and don’t have attitudes like yours.

Also, what are these gay channels to which you refer? Are you talking about porn? I don’t want porn, I want soaps!

If it “makes you sick” then change the channel ~ the writers can create whatever they like – I would think in this day and age, people would at least attempt to express themselves without being completely offensive. Your comments merely display ignorance and bigotry and frankly, that makes ME sick.

I, for one, am THRILLED!!! Sonny and Will’s wedding was an amazing event….but every since the wedding, they are boring!!! I mean boring as HELL!!! Great big snooze fest every time the are on screen. I love both of them, but love love love Sonny. As a gay man, I want them to have an exciting life!! Doing things, going places, lots of hot sex!!! haha, but seriously. I am excited to see this storyline. I watched one of Michael’s videos with “Sonny and Will” and Freddie states that there is lots of exciting things coming for Sonny….I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

GREAT post

if we can’t have the magic of Freddie Smith and Chandler Massey

it’s only RIGHTing that Sonny showcase his talent

Paul… fits that marquee…

it’s true, that nuWILL and Sonny haven’t simmered and satiated intrigue…. I hope that DAYS production frontburners Freddie Smith and Christopher Sean

I love Sonny

till the writers amp up Will and Sonny

Sonny and Paul steer endorphin

DAYS is simply amping up a trigger

I love anything to blow the DAYS Prudes mind. They drive me crazy. I actually Never saw it coming. But I don’t know what Will’s problem is. I HATE games in relationships. Especially when children are involved. But what a great cover. Yep, it was HOT !!

Not to happy seeing gays on this TV show,Makes me sick

After 36 yrs. of watching day’s . I quit ……

Too much. Me and everyone I talked to turned off the show when that came on.

First, I was dumb enough to think this Paul was a real baseball player trying out a new career. I just realized he’s an actor playing a part about a week ago. I definitely do not trust Paul. He’s a snake. I do not want to see him come between Will and Sonny. I’ve been worried about their relationship for some time. Will had better get over his flakiness before he drives Sonny away.

I am all for Sonny being tempted in the same way all straight couples are tempted. Just because he kisses Paul doesn’t mean he is cheating… The reality is that when you are left with no contact or chemistry your mind, body and soul goes into search mode. I am glad to see Days present the REAL truth that Sonny and Will are not the ONLY gays in Salem. Kudos to Days for being honest, real and upfront. Other soaps could take a lesson.


No no no sonny don’t do it.

I hate all this gay crap I mean seriously is it necessary? Sonny and Will have no charisma and Paul is obnoxious . I started watching the show
in 1965 gays are the worst thing you have ever done! Also PLEASE get Nicole and Eric back together

Move with the times, we are part of nature, part of life and part of soaps. Go watch something else if you don’t like it.

Because of comments like yours, the gays could very well be the best thing DAYS has done! Gays are people…people who should not be hated. Hate is the worst thing people can do!!!

Just change the channel if you don’t like it – gays are a part of the World and they seem to be the ONLY group that, somehow, it’s all right to make nasty comments about and get away with. You wouldn’t DARE say something like, “I hate all this Black crap” if there were more Black actors on the show (which incidentally there should be) – and just how many gay characters are there – just 3, currently – and I am sure even in Butthole, Tennessee or wherever you’re from there are more than 3 gay people in town. If the ratio were truly accurate, many more characters would be gay if the show were truly reflective of real life.

I feel sorry for Theresa. No wonder Paul pressed his call button. LOL

This discovery makes Paul a more interesting character.

Can I hope that Days is recasting Will? nuWill’s acting just brings the boring to any scene his in. They let Chandler go early for this?!

So after EJ died I did watch a few episodes to see if anything would come up interest in…No..there isn’t boring SL…with Brady….sonny…and eric the only three now on the show that could possibly hold any interest for me… The same old tired storyline of Kate using a demeira and then turning around and calling them monsters…the new chad is a big turnoff…..the new Ben is as well and also stupid as well as his sister Jordan..aka…slut on the run…then there is the most irritating person of all trying to make herself still relevant to any demera…by saying chad is only using people….to get to her….why would anyone want to get to that skank?…she is a bore…watching her in bed scenes are a big yawn…and. Ej…with her couldn’t even fake being with her as exciting unless you are comparing it to say….make a tzd bit more exciting then taking a dump at night instead of first thing in the am….surprise!…this cast sucks..Jennifer Horton still a big yawn…and Nicole and Daniel…been there done that and its just as much a bore this time as it was the last time…now they bring Melanie back….the watering hose from hell…who shrieks her way and Cry’s her way through one send to the other…she is just a victim of her own life from birth and someone should end it…the only reason to have ever watched this show was EJ…even sami was boring until she had scenes with him….although they were hot in and out of bed…she always uses him to help herself..and race…? Wow just one lonely and not interesting personal life…some one needs to get him someone interesting and not Jordan…and starting a family before we forget that he doesn’t exist…now that his spring partner EJ……is no longer around…in my opinion…the best couple should have been EJ…..and Marianna…they looked great together…the Horton’s and the self satisfied,smug for no reason bradys are boring with out EJ being there…he made this show watchable

because of you i start watch days of our lives again, i hope that writers will go with this and put sonny and paul together and will can stay in LA…i dont like Will these days at all!!!! with that person who play Will…i dont like him anymore!!! PAULSON GO

Since Sami & EJ departed, gay storyline has been stepped up on DOOL. It is getting uncomfortable and sleazy with the Paul storyline where we have to always see him with his shirt off and coming on to everyone both male and female. It is getting harder to watch even though I have been a fan for many years. You are not making up for the loss of the two main characters on this show; just the opposite. Only 2~3% of the population is gay. Lots of your older fans are mothers and grandmothers with small children around. More and more I have to change the channel throughout the show to avoid scenes that are unacceptable . I’m surprised they haven’t been censored by NBC as gay porn. Your recent scenes with Eric and Serena, Nicole and Daniel, and Brady, Melanie, Teresa and Ann have been very intriguing. Please give us more of this good writing and less of the sleazy low life stuff, including women in their 50’s seducing boys or men young enough to be their sons!!! Thanks for listening. A 40+ year fan.

Check last comment.

Here is my comment. Some people may not like it, but too bad!! I ha e been watching days since I was 13. I am now 58. I am disgusted by the gay people being on the soap!!!! It is disquesting to watch 2 guys making out laying in bed!!. I stopped watching the soap cause of this!! I am very pissed off about this.

Breaking News

Steve Kent Reportedly OUT as Sony Pictures Television VP in Charge of DAYS and Y&R

On Friday, reports surfaced that Steve Kent, Senior Executive Vice President of Programming at Sony Pictures Television, is no longer with the company and overseeing the Sony soap operas, Days of our Lives and The Young and the Restless.

According to Soap Opera Digest, a set side source reported that Kent’s last day was last Friday, April 12th, which was one day after what would have been his final appearance in his Sony VP role at the Days of our Lives 15,000th episode on set celebration.

During that ceremony, Kent gave a brief speech giving kudos to DAYS for its incredible milestone. Days is a co-production of Sony Pictures Television and Corday Productions, while Y&R is produced by Bell Dramatic Serial Company in association with Sony Pictures Television.

Photo: JPI

Kent started his soap opera career as a producer for CBS’ defunct Capitol and then as the supervising producer of NBC’s Santa Barbara from1984 to 1993.

Photo: JPI

At Sony, before his role overseeing the soaps, Kent was Senior Executive Vice President of International Productions for Sony Pictures Television International department.

If reports are true, the question becomes who has taken over his position, and would oversee DAYS and Y&R from the Sony side? Share your thoughts on this developing story via the comment section below.

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(WATCH) 2024 Daytime Emmy Nominations Special Live!

After exciting morning for your favorite daytime stars when they were revealed to be nominees for the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards comes tonight 10th annual Daytime Emmy Nominations Special.

Beginning at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT, several of the nominees will talk with Michael Fairman on their reactions to the news they have been nominated for a Daytime Emmy, share what scenes they submitted that landed in the top five or six in their respective performer acting categories and much more.

Scheduled to appear are: Days of our Lives nominees, Tamara Braun (Ava), Eric Martsolf (Brady) and Linsey Godfrey (Sarah), The Young and the Restless nominees: Allison Lanier (Summer), Michelle Stafford (Phyllis), Courtney Hope (Sally), Bryton James (Devon), The Bold and the Beautiful’s John McCook (Eric), General Hospital nominees, Finola Hughes (Anna) and Alley Mills (Heather), and The Bay’s Mike Manning (Caleb).

Photo: JPI

The 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be broadcast live on CBS and streamed on Paramount+ on Friday night, June 7th and emanating, once again this year from the Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

Photo: JPI

For a full list of this year’s nominations click here.

Now, watch below as the stars chat it up as we celebrate their Daytime Emmy Nominations. If you have a potential question you might want posed to any of our guests, drop it in the comment section below and we just might ask it on air.

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51st Annual Daytime Emmy Award Nominations: CBS Soaps Score Most, Eric Braeden, Dick Van Dyke, Guy Pearce Receive Nods

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) have officially announced on Friday, the full list of nominees for the 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

While Thursday brought with it four reveals of the nominees in the Outstanding Daytime Drama, Talk Show Host, Lead Actor and Actress categories (as presented by various entertainment news programs), today’s nominations include all the other categories not previously announced.

The Daytime Emmy Awards telecast is set to be presented live on Friday night, June 7, at 8 PM EDT /delayed PT, on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on-demand on Paramount+. This will mark the 18th time that CBS has broadcast the Daytime Emmys.

Photo: JPI

In addition, The Daytime Creative Arts & Lifestyle Emmy Awards will be presented on Saturday, June 8 at t9 PM ET/6 PM PT and streamed on The Emmys apps and at The ceremonies will take place at the Westin Bonaventure Los Angeles.

Television icon, Dick Van Dyke has received his first-ever Daytime Emmy nomination in the Outstanding Guest Performer category for his touching portrayal of Timothy Robicheaux on Peacock’s Days of our Lives. The nomination makes Van Dyke the oldest Daytime Emmy nominee in history at 98-years-old.  In addition, motion picture and TV star, Guy Pearce, is also nominated as Guest Performer for his longtime role as Mike Young in the reboot of Neighbours.

Speaking of Neighbours, the Australian soap opera also received its first ever Daytime Emmy nomination for Daytime Drama Series now that its a revival can be streamed on Amazon Freevee. In addition, The Young and the Restless iconic, Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) received his first Daytime Emmy nomination in more than 20 years in the Lead Actor in a Drama Series category.

Photo: AmazonFreevee

In the Daytime Drama series categories, CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless each scored 12 nominations more than any other show. Leading the acting nominations was B&B, who landed 7 performers in the various categories, a first in its 37-year history.

In a statement, Adam Sharp, President & CEO, NATAS expressed, “We are happy to once again honor the creative talent both in front of and behind the camera of America’s favorite Daytime programs. We look forward to celebrating the icons who enliven the days of audiences across the country.”

Photo: JPI

Brent Stanton, Head of Daytime, NATAS added, “Producing the Daytime Emmys is a labor of love for all of us at NATAS. The huge popularity of these shows continues to be must-see viewing for their fans.” NATAS also revealed that Lifetime Achievement Honorees, Hosts, Presenters, and Silver and Gold Circle honorees will be revealed at a later date.

The Daytime Emmy Awards recognize outstanding achievement in television programming honoring work in a variety of categories, including daytime dramas, talk shows, instructional programming, hosting, culinary, and legal/courtroom programs. In 2021, NATAS and the Television Academy jointly announced plans to realign the Daytime and Primetime Emmy Awards to be organized by content genre, as opposed to program airtime.

The 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be produced once again by NATAS and Associated Television International (ATI). Adam Sharp and Lisa Armstrong are executive producers from NATAS, while David McKenzie executive produces from ATI.

Congratulations to all the men and women in front of the camera and behind the scenes for their recognition as we take a look at who will be going for gold come June. Here are the nominees below starting with the Daytime Drama Categories.

Photo: JPI


The Bay

The Bold and the Beautiful

Days of our Lives

General Hospital


The Young and the Restless


Tamara Braun, Days of our Lives

Finola Hughes, General Hospital

Katherine Kelly Lang, The Bold and the Beautiful

Annika Noelle, The Bold and the Beautiful

Michelle Stafford,  The Young and the Restless

Cynthia Watros, General Hospital

Photo: JPI


Eric Braeden, The Young and the Restless

Scott Clifton, The Bold and the Beautiful

Thorsten Kaye, The Bold and the Beautiful

Eric Martsolf, Days of our Lives

John McCook, The Bold and the Beautiful

Photo: JPI


Jennifer Gareis, The Bold and the Beautiful

Linsey Godfrey, Days of our Lives

Courtney Hope, The Young and the Restless

Allison Lanier, The Young and the Restless

Emily O’Brien, Days of our Lives

Photo: JPI


Robert Gossett, General Hospital

Bryton James, The Young and the Restless

Wally Kurth, Days of our Lives

A Martinez, The Bay

Mike Manning, The Bay

Photo: JPI


Linden Ashby, The Young and the Restless

Ashley Jones, The Bold and the Beautiful

Alley Mills, General Hospital

Guy Pearce, Neighbours

Dick Van Dyke, Days of our Lives


The Bay

The Bold and the Beautiful

Days of our Lives

General Hospital

The Young and the Restless

Photo: JPI


The Bay

The Bold and the Beautiful

Days of our Lives

General Hospital

The Young and the Restless


General Hospital

The Jennifer Hudson Show

The Kelly Clarkson Show

The View

Photo: ABC


The Bold and the Beautiful

Days of our Lives

Disney Parks Magical Christmas Day Parade

The Kelly Clarkson Show


African Queens: Njinga

Days of our Lives

General Hospital

Start Up

The Young and the Restless


African Queens: Njinga

The Drew Barrymore Show

General Hospital

The Kelly Clarkson Show

The View

The Young and the Restless


African Queens: Njinga

The Bold and the Beautiful

The Jennifer Hudson Show


Photo: WarnerBros


African Queens: Njinga

The Drew Barrymore Show


The View

The Young and the Restless


“Shine” General Hospital

“Unexpected Truth”Unexpected

“We’re Home” Reconnecting Roots


The Jennifer Hudson Show

The Kelly Clarkson Show

Tamron Hall

Turning The Tables with Robin Roberts

The View

Photo: ABC


Access Hollywood

Entertainment Tonight



Be My Guest with Ina Garten

Family Dinner

Selena + Chef: Home for the Holidays

Valerie’s Home Cooking

What Am I Eating? with Zooey Deschanel


Hot Bench

Judy Justice

Justice For The People with Judge Milian

The People’s Court

We The People with Judge Lauren Lake

Photo: Disney/ABC


Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Alyssa Farah Griffin, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Ana Navarro, The View

Kelly Clarkson, The Kelly Clarkson Show

Mark Consuelos, Kelly Ripa, Live with Kelly and Mark

Akbar Gbajabiamila, Amanda Kloots, Natalie Morales, Jerry O’Connell, Sheryl Underwood, The Talk

Tamron Hall, Tamron Hall


Lidia Bastianich, 25 Years with Lidia: A Culinary Jubilee

Valerie Bertinelli, Valerie’s Home Cooking

Eduardo Garcia, Big Sky Kitchen with Eduardo Garcia

Emeril Lagasse, Emeril Cooks

Sophia Roe, Counter Space

Buddy Valastro, Legends of the Fork


Frank Caprio, Caught in Providence

Kevin Frazier, Nischelle Turner , Matt Cohen, Cassie DiLaura, Denny Directo, Will Marfuggi, Rachel Smith, Entertainment Tonight

Deborah Norville, Steven Fabian, Lisa Guerrero, Ann Mercogliano, Jim Moret, Les Trent. Inside Edition

Robert Hernandez, Star Jones, Divorce Court

Judge Judy Sheindlin, Whitney Kumar, Kevin Rasco, Sarah Rose, Judy Justice

What do you think about the nominations for the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards? Who do you think deserved to get in that did? Who do you think got snubbed? Who are you happiest to see receive a nomination? Let us know via the comment section below.

Make sure to be with us live starting tonight Friday, April 19th at 8pm ET/5pm PT for the Michael Fairman Channel’s 10th anniversary edition of its Daytime Emmy Nomination Special 2024, featuring some of the just announced daytime drama nominees. 







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Eileen Davidson as Ashley

The Young and the Restless

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