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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Sonny Survives Surgery After Being Stabbed, Paul Comes Out To His Family & Then Unwittingly Saves His Ex!



This week on NBC’s Days of our Lives the storyline that continues to drive interest, and is front and center, is that of the brewing same-sex triangle between Paul (Christopher Sean), Sonny (Freddie Smith), and Will (Guy Wilson).

With the events that unfolded, the groundwork has been laid for some heavy duty fireworks and some more twists and turns.  We’ve got to give props to DAYS for knowing that for February Sweeps whom to build one of their major stories around in the character of Sonny Kiriakis, because as of now, in our opinion, the rest of the stories on the canvas just don’t live up to this one.

If you have not seen the episodes this week do not read any further.

The set-up of the events that unfolded began with an extremely touching performance by Christopher Sean on Wednesday’s episode where Paul over the phone tells his mother (Hira Ambrosino) and then his grandfather (in Japanese no less) that he is gay.   With his mother upset when Paul prepares her for the tell-all article that is about to come out, where he admits he is a gay, she is concerned of how his grandfather will take the news and how Paul could hurt the man like this!  But much to the surprise of Paul, when Paul talks to his grandfather,  he tells Paul that he is so very proud of him.  The tears flowed as Will listened in (lurking behind the door), as Paul was so relieved and overcome by his grandfather’s word.  Will let Paul read his article, and the pro baseball player signed off on it, and everything was set in motion for it to go online including leaving the part in the piece about the athlete’s ex and his marriage proposal! Will shares a drink with Paul, unaware that his husband Sonny has been stabbed and brutally attacked, and has been rushed to surgery.

Sonny’s horrible night began when Derrick (Spencer Neville) visited him at the coffee house and informed him that Will has been hanging out with Paul in his hotel room and more!  Mortified, Sonny takes off to go find Will and Paul, but he runs into Victor (John Aniston) in Horton Square, and while there someone  is lurking ready to attack Sonny at the right moment as payback for Victor taking supposedly taking out Clyde (James Read)!   Next, while walking in the park on his way to find Will,  Sonny is attacked and stabbed!  He is found by Victor and Maggie.

Later, after Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) finds Sonny bleeding out in the park, and applies pressure to the wound, he is rushed to University Hospital by the paramedics and needs immediate surgery.  One by one members of the Kiriakis and Horton families find out that Sonny’s life is on the line.  Adrienne (Judi Evans) is beside herself because she can’t reach husband Justin  (Wally Kurth) who is in Dubai, and clearly she is fighting her growing feelings for Lucas (Bryan Dattil0), who is there by her side.  When Sonny is brought in and prepped for surgery the hospital is in low supply of his blood type.  Therefore, they are concerned he won’t survive the surgery.

Maxine( Aloma Wright) remembering Paul’s blood type, calls him to be an urgent donor which Paul is happy to do, not knowing he is saving Sonny’s life.  After giving a lot of blood, Paul has a hallucination of sorts, where he tells Sonny this time that he loves him and wants to marry him!   Elsewhere, Will prays in the hospital chapel feeling guilty for his transgression in his marriage for sleeping with Paul, and admitting he would be alone and lost without Sonny.

Friday’s episode left us with quite the cliffhanger after Chad (Billy Flynn) spilled the beans to Paul, who was leaving the hospital, that his best friend Sonny was stabbed and almost didn’t survive!  Paul is devastated and heads to Sonny’s room, only Will is already in there telling his husband how much he loves him and how much he means to him.  The episode fades to black as Paul is about to walk in the door!

Will Paul and Will finally know each others relationships with Sonny? Who are you rooting for after watching the action this week  … WilSon or PaulSon?  What did you think of the performances of Christopher Sean, Freddie Smith. and Guy Wilson during this week’s key scenes?  Comment below!

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Its been one of days better weeks(Sonny and Will belong together)…i was barely watching the show which got to be a big bore for the longest time…hope this is a sign of better writing ahead…also, lets move Nicole away from Daniel and Erik(now here are two guys who are so uninteresting and dull…maybe they should become a couple…lol) and for a change let Nicole find a little bit of happiness with a man who truly loves her! But let dumb Daniel and dumber Erik first find out Nicole was right about sneaky Serena(who Days goofed by not making her Sarah Horton) and when Daniel and Erik ask Nicole for forgiveness, have her tell them both to drop dead!!!

I’m loving the triangle.. but just like everyone else, I’ve never liked Guy Wilson in the part as Will. He’s a great Actor, but he is NOT a great fit for Chandler Massey. He has never ‘felt’ right. The chemistry is just not there.
Sad situation. WILL is the only dishonest, cheater, (only scumbags pull their wedding rings off)! The other two are sincere. Sonny didn’t cheat. Paul didn’t know. DAYS has GREAT writers! I’m LOVING Nicole now. Her day will come. She’s earned it NOW.

Yes, yes, yes, jimh. Nicole is too good for both those boneheads. Eric is a complete train wreck….why is he so dumb?
And, Daniel? What is he looking for, anyway? The perfect woman? Is he perfect? Oh, Lordy, Lord…are there such sainted men as these in reality? If there were, the human race would come to an abrupt halt.

Hi CeeCee,

H-o-n-e-y…your post here made me TRULY LMAO!!!!! ESPECIALLY ‘the human race would come to an abrupt halt’…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Anyway, looking back on all of it now, over half of all of my ex-boyfriends were (and still are) TOTAL TRAIN-WRECKS…LOL!!!!! To me, that’s D-U-M-B!!!!!

Later, CeeCee. Peace.

I honestly agree – Nicole should stop groveling already, and if Daniel says “it’s over, we’re done” why doesn’t she just move on – Daniel is a snooze anyway and Eric a close second. She’s good looking and sharp and eventually she could find someone new, or just stay single for a while, is that a crime in Salem? I think it’s wrong to portray her character as the town punching bag.

Great week for Days….I thought everyone did a great job!

This whole storyline unfolded beautifully. DAYS was full of unexpected reveals, some that I didn’t see coming this quickly! Now that is an effective soap opera and a story that really moves. Well done to DAYS. Thank goodness it didn’t take a year for these reveals… unlike Fluke/Luke storyline over at GH.

Let’s hope Sonny has (partial) amnesia and all those flashbacks of PaulSon’s past become his present again. This would give him and Paul the chance to grow very close (again), and when Sonny finally remembers NuWill and what he did to him, he should tell him to go to hell!!! Seriously, Chris and Freddie are rocking their scenes and have amazing chemistry, and Sonny deserves to finally be with someone who loves him wholeheartedly and to the fullest!! After coming out of the closet, there’s no doubt in my mind that Paul is that special someone!!! I really hope TPTB don’t waste the huge potential of this pairing and give PaulSon a chance to be the new gay powercouple. Christopher’s coming out scenes as well as his scenes in the hospital (donating blood, learning that Sonny is the one whose life was on the line) and Freddie’s reaction when he learned about NuWill cheating were EPIC!!!

I meant “Freddie’s ACTING when SONNY learned about…”, of course.

I wish people would stop calling Guy “NuWill.” To Sonny he is the same Will. It’s not like Sonny has been living with an imposter. I don’t think PaulSon will be strong after Sonny wakes up. Will didn’t cheat with just anybody; it was with Sonny’s ex. That is going to shake his trust with Will and it’s going to make things very awkward with Paul even though he didn’t know Will was Sonny’s husband. Geez, Paul flirted with Will even after he knew Will had a “boyfriend” as if it didn’t matter. Paul even wanted to end Sonny’s marriage until recently. Even if WilSon ended, PaulSon wouldn’t work. Sonny would always question if Paul would cheat, too. And when Paul finds out about Arianna, he’ll worry that Sonny wouldn’t be able to fully commit to him. When Will finds out Sonny proposed to Paul, that is going to shake his confidence in their marriage and question Paul’s motives. I think Paul will miss Will as a friend. They are bonded by Will helping him come out. Basically, every relationship in this triangle is going to be rocky. I think WilSon will eventually prevail and it will begin with Arianna before things are actually okay between Will and Sonny. I’m curious to how things work out with Paul since we know he’s staying on the show.

GW doesn’t fit the role or feel like Will to many hence the NuWill name. It doesn’t matter if he is the same Will to Sonny or not. That is beside the point. To many viewers, he feels like an impostor.

@ iheartwilson – I’m with you, Guy Wilson IS Will. He’s been doing a fine job depicting HIS version of Will.

Well said, Brian. Love your post and I agree, wholeheartedly.

I love Paul he is such a believable actor. I don’t know…something about him makes me want to hug and cuddle him.
Will? Heh!

I’m glad Sonny found out about his cheating husband although I think he might forget about it due to the attack. Judie Evan did great work. She is amazing.

I hope Will and Paul find out about each other this week and I really hope they become enemies. I need someone to take down Will. Will can try to take down Paul too. I know who I’ll being rooting for.

Glad Paul saved Sonny. Paul stepping up and giving more blood then required for a stranger shows what a great guy he is. I hope the character doesn’t get trashed to prop Will and WilSon. I like they had Chad tell him about Sonny being hurt. I wonder if they are going to develop friendship there.

I don’t like how they have Justin neglecting his family. At least his is coming and staying according to WK unlike Bo, Jake and Steve.

Guy Wilson is just terrible actor. He is ruining the Will/Sonny/Paul story for me.

Always team PaulSon. I don’t have hope though that the show will go there.


Can I just sign every single word you wrote, Lex? 😉

Only one thing I see a bit differently, though: I agree that Days did originally NOT intend to break NuWilSon up (just wanted to make them “more interesting” and “stronger”), but I believe they observed fan reaction very thoroughly over the last two and a half months (since PaulSon shared their first scene and kiss) and I also believe they realized what a huge wave of excitement the character of Paul and he and Sonny generated in a matter of DAYS and weeks.

Meanwhile, it’s all over the web, in the soap mags and even on their own Facebook page that most viewers are less than thrilled about NuWill. So, I really think they might have changed their original plan and give PaulSon a chance. Christopher Sean seemed quite upbeat about his work on Days since the beginning of the year, so maybe this is a good sign.

I don’t think they pay attention to fan reactions whether negative or positive. If they did, they would have recast Will.

I don’t think fan reaction has anything to do with how this storyline is developing. They’re taping 5-6 months ahead now so when PaulSon had their first kiss, they were taping for scenes in early April. At the Days of Days event in November Guy or Freddie said they were taping their first anniversary.

Well I have given up on watching Days.. It is just too painful and boring to watch.. Go GH!

GH is booooring. Days is so much more exciting and relevant. They really know how to write a soap in the 21st century. On GH, gay characters are being marginalized and stereotyped in the dumbest way possible.

DAYS is quickly turning into a must see heart pounding soap. The Hope and Aiden storyline is heating up this week where they will be featured all five DAYS! And Judi Evans as Adrienne is kicking ass!!! Victor has become the force he once was and Clyde will wish he was dead! Nicole is on the verge of making the men in her life realize what big fools they are. Serena better look out!!! There’s so much more to love about DAYS…It’s moving forward and upward!!!!!

WilSon all the way! Freddie, Guy and Christopher all did amazing jobs this week. I am sure the weeks to come will be very exciting as well.

If only will was still being played by chandler Massey, this would be so much more Powerful!

I totally agree and I’d be rooting for WilSon then, of course, but now it’s PaulSon all the way!!!

I think the storyline would have flopped with Chandler because I don’t think he could have made the sexual tension between Will & Paul believable.

Why not? Massey is sexy AND gorgeous. One does not necessarily go hand in hand with the other. Some of the not-so-unattractive men/women can be very sexy…so, looks are definitely secondary. But, I neither felt nor saw any sexual tension between Will and Paul. Looking at Will, all I think about is how so unattractive he is and infantile. Only a self-centered idiot with worse aspirations would have betrayed his husband this way. He should consider himself lucky that Sonny even deigned to give him a second look. Oh, oops….actually Sonny gave Chandler’s Will a second look. LOL.

NuWill never took root with me….now, I like him even less. Paul and Sonny all the way….well, unless Chandler comes back. I know, I know, I vacillate.

All 3 actors in this love triangle did such a great and moving job! I feel bad for Will but I really feel he has a lot to make up to Sonny. He shocked Sonny broke his heart and made Sonny furious. I think Sonny was mad at Paul but he doesn’t know Will was writing an article on Paul or that Paul did not know who Will was! Paul has a lot of regret for letting his love go because he wouldn’t admit who he was. Paul realizes now he was in love with Sonny then and he has never stopped loving him Paul can’t believe Sonny was stabbed and could die he wants to see the man he can’t stop thinking about. This story has so many interesting elements and it’s got the fans divided over Wilson Paulson and who was to blame for the cheating. Waiting for more story to be revealed !!!

It’s ridiculous and ironic how NuWill made it all about himself after what HE did to Sonny, while Paul was saving Sonny’s life without even knowing it. The writers are really turning NuWill into Sami 2.0. Allison Sweeney can act, though, that’s the difference.

I’m confused as to why Will & Paul are never a choice because while I’m a die-hard WilSon fan, I like the friendship & sexual tension between Will & Paul much better than PaulSon. PaulSon is all about nostalgia over a relationship that was hidden in hotel rooms.

Guy, Freddie and Christopher’s performance were awesome this week. There story is the only reason I’ve been watching the last couple of months… by DVR to skip over the nonsense of the other current stories.

Guy, Freddie and Christopher hit it out of the park last week! They all equally gave committed and moving performances. Fantastic work from all three actors! DAYS is stepping up! I love it.

I don’t think Pill is viable option in the show unless Freddie Smith is leaving and Sonny is out of the picture.
Sonny has been stabbed in the back by Chad, Will and even Paul (unknowing), failed in his second club losing all their savings and got stabbed in the back almost losing his life. There has to be some relieve for Sonny and for the viewers. They have shown him to be great husband and just a great guy and all these horrible things happening to him. Do you or anyone really think that they are going to continue taking a dump on the guy by having him fight for his cheating husband or Paul with the other. Making him that pathetic. As I have been saying from the beginning, the only viable triangle here is if Sonny is in the middle of it all hence giving you either WilSon or PaulSon to root for.

They had both Will and Paul realize how much Sonny means to each. With Paul it was seeing him again and being confronted dealing with his feelings for Sonny. Paul hurting his arm and losing his baseball career and having lost Sonny came to realize that if he was to get one wish now, he would choose Sonny over his arm healing. Paul came to realize the mistake he made in letting Sonny go. He came to realize how much Sonny means to him. That was what Paul’s confession to Sonny in their last scene was about. Sonny needed to hear that and was affected by it.

With Will, is almost losing Sonny. That is what it takes I guess for Will to get his head out of his own behind. Realizing how lucky he is to have Sonny and how he’ll not take him for granted again.

So do you think that Will having feelings for Paul makes any sense if we are to believe anything he said at Sonny’s bedside. Do you think that Paul having feelings for Will or some other guy makes sense if we are to believe what Paul said to Sonny in their last conversation. If the writers wants the audience to believe that both Will and Paul really love Sonny as they say, they can’t really develop feelings for each other or any other guy until Sonny is out of the picture.

Once Paul realizes who Will is, he’ll know that Sonny doesn’t have happy marriage since his husband cheated on him. That is an opening door for Paul. Will now realizing how much Sonny means to him will have to fight Paul to keep Sonny specially since he cheated on him.

The story is what will Sonny do. Who will Sonny choose. Well, that is what it looks like to me anyways.

Most WilSon shippers think everything is going to work out for them in six months because they saw GW having wedding ring on or they said something about filming their anniversary. CS is on contract and isn’t going anywhere. Maybe Sonny tries to make it work with Will but realizes is not the same anymore and he can’t never trust Will again. Maybe Sonny loses his memory for the next few months, etc. Who knows. I wouldn’t assume anything.

Forgot to sign off,

iam so rooting for Paulson. They are so cute and hot together. After what Will did to Sonny…i hope that sonny will not forgive him. i want to see Will and Paul fight for Sonny, but Paulson can have second chance.

Freddie, Guy, and Christopher have been awesome in the story so far. Derrick led Sonny to believe that Will and Paul have been lovers all the time they were meeting which is not true. I think Sonny is now doubting that the article was real. I think when he wakes up he is going to wait to see how long it takes for Will to confess. I wonder if Paul will tell Sonny first to drive a wedge between Will and Sonny. At least when the article is published Sonny will know Will was not lying about that part. I think Sonny will separate from Will but he will give him a chance to explain. I hope they can work through this but if Paul has his way he will try to get Sonny back for himself.

I could care less about Paul coming out to his family. He hasn’t been on long enough for me to care. And then to do it in Japanese-fast forward.

Will be interesting to see if Sonny remembers why he was tearing off when he got stabbed and when Paul and Will come eye-to-eye over Sonny being Will’s husband.

I loved the week’s episodes involving everyone and the Thursday episode ending with the split screen was so exciting!

This is a great soapy story, but it’s been undermined by Guy Wilson’s cringe worthy acting. I’ll never understand how he was cast in this role. Guy was suppose to be such a find that TPTB fired Chandler Massey so they wouldn’t lose him. What a joke. Now that Guy Wilson has proven to be such an inadequate actor, it’s time for the producers to get their heads out of the hole in the ground and replace Wilson with a new actor who can act…rant over…Freddie Smith & Christopher Sean are both doing a great job.

Please tell me people realize that if Chandler was still playing Will that Will would have still cheated on Sonny. Chandler’s Will would have been a cheater, too. If that was the case, would PaulSon fans still want WilSon to break up?

I liked Candler. He was adorable, had good chemistry with Freddie and was a good crier. He was amazing in the coming out storyline. I don’t think it would have been as powerful with Guy. But Guy has chemistry with Freddie, too, and is an all-around better actor, in my opinion. He doesn’t forget his lines like Chandler often did and he doesn’t smirk at inappropriate times. In the beginning, I would agree that Guy had difficulty showing emotions, but he has improved a lot. His scenes the last few weeks have been amazing. Guy is much better at the intimate scenes and his inner debate and hesitation before getting together with Paul was right on. Chandler couldn’t have pulled that off in my opinion. The sexual tension was great between Guy and Christopher. They work great together. Chandler is too hesitant at sex scenes for any of this storyline. I know people think Sonny and Paul should be together and they have great chemistry. But to say it’s better than Will and Paul, I disagree. If Will wasn’t married, I could see Paul moving on with Will. That is great acting. The writers are actually writing a great storyline so far and all three actors are making it work. If they weren’t, fans who are upset and panicking about WilSon breaking up wouldn’t be sad and worried. If they weren’t great actors, people wouldn’t be rooting for a different pairing. Guy, Freddie and Christopher, all three, are the reason this storyline is so powerful and engaging.

Guy Wilson doesn’t deserve the hate he is getting. It’s very upsetting to me.

@ iheartwilson, I get everything you’ve articulated, and I’m in total agreement wih you. Well said. Every actor is different in their depiction of a given character. I remember when Julie Berman left GH as LuLu, oh man, it was very similar with Emme Rylan, so many haters. I guess it’s just really hard for many people to accept what is. No matter the reason(s) for an actor exiting a role, this is what they do in soaps… they recast if/when necessary. It is what it is. Guy Wilson is fabulous and gives us his version of Will, same with any other recast.
Once again, Guy, Freddie, and Christopher have fantastic chemistry.

Yes. What you said. All of it. Guy absolutely doesn’t deserve the hate. But, you know, “haters gonna hate.” They don’t have anything else better to do.

I happen to love WIlSon and I love Guy and Freddie together. And I really loved Chandler, but he’s moved on, so let’s all move on, too. Besides, as wonderful as he was in WIll’s coming out story, I don’t think he would be good as “grown-up Will.” (Not to imply that the character is wildly mature!)

Christopher Sean has just knocked me out. I think he’s such a boon for the show plus a character and an actor like that can only raise the level of the show. But, just because he’s good and just because the character is gay is no reason to assume that we have to pair him up with Sonny. That’s a knee-jerk reaction because Sonny is a good guy and who doesn’t love Sonny/Freddie?

I cried with the character of Paul when he spoke to his grandfather. I am so glad Days wrote it the way they did. I have not liked the NuWill up until now. I have seen a better side to the character when he was encouraging Paul. I do not like Paul and Will together as a couple.

Sad to say it but I am giving up on Will and Sonny. Sonny is my favorite character and Will cheated on him. Then he did not show any remorse. I saw that he truly is Kate’s grandson as much as he is Marlena’s, unfortunately.

Is Chad the one who stabbed sunnyp
And is Chad and Paul set will and Sonny up

Can’t. Wait for tomorrow to see what happens with Will and Sonny.Great acting by both last Fri.Sonny is the greatest.

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