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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Wigged Out … Abigail Reveals Another Personality!


Days of our Lives delivered a shocking Friday cliffhanger! In story, we see Abigail (Marci Miller) having quite the nightmare when she has a bloody hand and a confrontation with Gabi (Camila Banus), where Gabi confesses to murdering Andre. Gasping for air, Abby wakes up.

Next in the episode, viewers see Gabi’s jacket, a brunette wig, and someone sneaking into Stefan’s room. The woman is about to plant the lid of Tony’s urn (the murder weapon) when Stefan (Tyler Christopher) walks in and catches her. When the woman in the wig turns around it’s Abigail.

Abigail is thus revealed to be Andre’s killer, but she also has somehow developed a split personality, “Gabby”!  According to the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now, Marci Miller revealed on the plot twist that Stefan first gets wind of: “She (Gabby) is really trying to manipulate him and frame him and take advantage of him, and she’ll use anything: her sexuality, she”ll threaten, she’ll be super dark and devious.”

Now that Stefan has seen Abby holding the murder weapon lid it is only a a matter of time that he realizes it was Abby as  “Gabby” in the security tape.  What will he do with the intel on Abigail/Gabby? Stay tuned!

DAYS head writer Ron Carlivati has certainly delivered riveting stories of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) before.  On One Life to Live both Viki (Erika Slezak) and her daughter, Jessica (Bree Williamson) had gut-wrenching revelations that caused them to splinter into multiple personalities.  Before Carlivati was head writer at OLTL, Viki’s battle with mental illness and DID had also been written by other head writers and regimes throughout the series history,

Watch the promo for next week’s Days of our Lives after the jump.  Then let us know what you think of the Abigail twist in the comment section below!

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Will wait and see how this story unfolds. Marci Miller is no Erika Slezak. Is Ron doing another repeat storyline? He has really improved DOOL but I know there were alot of people who were happy when he was fired from GH calling him re-Ron. Will wait and see what happens.

Ron wasnt the one that created the Vicki/Nikki DID storyline to begin with, That was created way before his time and in my eyes what he did was nothing new or original, No one on the soaps these days can hold a candle to Erika Slezak. One of the remaining soaps should bring this talented actress back to the daytime community.

one last thing somebody at ABC please bring Jane Elliott back to GH.

You are so right Ric. No one in soaps these days can hold a candle to the incomparable Erika Slezak. I miss her and the rest of the marvelous cast of One Life to Live everyday.

I am surprised Frank has not brought Erika Slezak on GH, at least for a few episodes like e did with Nora. I know he always spoke highly of her on OLTL. I would love to see her in scenes oppisite Roger Howarth again. They were amazing together in scenes as brother and sister, Vicki and Todd. Those were the days when soaps were great!

Agnes Nixon created the Vicki/Niki DID story line, not Ron Carlivati.

I am not sure that I can even watch! This is just not believable for the Abby character and no, Marci Miller is definitely no Erika Slezak.

This just doesn’t make sense to me at all. Mental illness does but where are the blackouts, loss of time and disappearing acts that go along with DID? I am not buying it!

I was watching OLTL when Victoria was showing initial symptoms (I am old!) and this doesn’t fit.

I periodically take a break and now might be a time to do just that!!! Between JJ/Lani/Abby, I am wearing out my FF key on the remote!

How do you know ? Give her time you guys rush to judgement RC has confidence nobody thought Kelly Sullivan could pull it off on GH she did give them a chance

You have a point, Debra….Marci is no Erika….mainly due to experience.
Nonetheless, I am very confused with Abby’s split personality. I am no expert, but, if Abby transformed into Gabi as soon as she awakened from her ‘nightmare’, it makes no sense that she would go into the secret place, as Gabi…..her clothing would be readily available. Why dress as Gabi, if she already was Gabi in her head?
I don’t know if I am making any sense, and I am, by no means, an expert on mental health, but if she were Gabi, would she not question why she lived in the DiMera residence?
I suppose Chad ‘s back was to her, otherwise Abby would have realized it was not Eli? Drat…in limbo, here!
I feel helpless, as if navigating through nonsense. I can’t grab on to this story—
Another thing? Even if Abby has a split personality, what we see is not Gabi’s behavior……she is not-so-blatantly-the-come-hither type.
No siren…, I do not buy any of it. Sorry, writers.

This story is not making any sense but I am going to give it a chance and see what unfolds. You are so right, she is not acting like Gabi, coming on to Stephan. It would make more sense if Abby was just putting on an act to trap Stephan. On OLTL, Vicki played an entire different character, Niki Smith, who was fliratatious and wild. But, by the way Abby woke up in bed, all confused, she is not faking the DID. It just seems dumb to me. Evan Tyler had that look like WTH? Also, the Steve, Kayla, Marlena, John scene was ridiculous. Kayla believing John and injecting Steve not knowing what was in the syringe.. No doctor would ever di that, esoecially that it was her husband. It was so bad it was comical. Even the actors looked uncomfortable. I have really been liking Ron ‘s writing, he has improved the show so much. I am afraid he is going back to the trend of his of over the top stories, like he sometime did on GH and OLTL.

Gabigail is a fox! I hope she wears slutty clothes like Gabi!!!

AbbeyGabbey….how are they slutty clothes???????????-lol

Well, Jimmy, “slutty” compared to what Abby usually wears. lol

Gabigail? LOL.
Abby is very pretty, but homely looking….albeit, lately she has started to accent her eyes, with shadows, liners and mascara….looks beautiful, and done with taste; not overwhelmingly so. Her wardrobe has met the 21Century, as well.
I don’t exactly ken what you mean by slutty? LOL…..You think Gabi dresses slutty? Golly Gee, I need to examine my closet closely…..HaHaHa….
Ok, 4ever, you have redeemed yourself with your last comment to Jimh, LOL. ( Joshin’ with you). I guess compared to Abby, Gabi’s clothes may seem a bit risqué?
Abby’s clothes are perfect for a convent… I said, lately, she has changed her apparel ….going in the right direction.
I think she’s gorgeous ….her skin is flawless, her features are brought out splendidly with the right make-up, and prefer her to Gabi, whose new do is a killer….pardon the double entendre? Or, would you prefer pun? Fine line between the two, sometimes.
Aside…I wanted to point out that I did say the “killer” could be Gabi or Abby….the person we least suspect.
Nonetheless, 4ever, I am yet to be convinced. We shall see…I do not trust or like Stefan…..he is acting just as Nikolas Cassadine did, at the end of his tenure ( me no like him, either)…..not a fan of Tyler’s.
I, also, found it kinda-sorta weird for Gabi to punch a wall. Women do not, typically, react that way….that’s a man-kind of reaction. Women tend to throw things, scream out in frustration, or go for a run….as I do, LOL.
See ya later, my friend….good chat !!

FREAKIN LOVE what Ron is doing on DOOL, Michael. Another reason to keep watching this soap.

I’m with you. Always loved Ron!!!

Agree.. storylines like this is why I try to keep watching soaps.. some days it is difficult.. great job and lets hope this goes well. She is a great actress and I have confidence in her.

It always surprised me how much praise is heaped on Ron for recycling story that is far from original. While its something else to see Abigail get a bigger story, yhe fact that Rob will gife her a split personality and that LAME line “im not abigail, im gabby” is lazy.

Guaranteed it will be revealed she gained the personality when she was raped by Andre who taunted her with how strong Gabby was compared to her. And thats why she blocked out killing Andre and the split personality.

I do have one question… if a person, like Abigail doesnt like her hair color why buy a wig, just dye your hair?! I never understood if Nicki didnt like Vicki’s hair why she didnt change it while she was Nivky and in control? In my mind, i wouldnt find the nearest wig shop to turn me into another person, i would modify what i have.

And why the librarian look for GABBY as opposed to a slutty vixen look?!

I will give RE-Ron a chance here…Days has improved…

Love split personality stories. It’s been a long time since Days had a great one with Kim (Patsy Pease).

hi Joel..
Those stories are always interestingly intense,
And, with the different story and a different actress, a hidden personality story is never the same.

I want her to have more than one alternative personality! So glad Marci Miller is getting this story to play out!

Marci is soooo good, Phil…..I am just confused. Am I the only one?
After finally ‘seeing’ John’s crazy behavior, and accepting it; I am not buying Abby’s alter-ego.
I will stop overthinking it, and simply enjoy….which I am, anyway, even in the midst of my confusion. LOL.

Maybe it isn’t a true DID storyline, Celia. Vivian might be behind it…

As for Ben’s return, he could be quite busy with Gabigail…

So many possibilities!

Yes, I agree, 4ever. Good one. What if Abby is putting on an act? But, her trance looked authentic….her movements were mechanical…until she was confronted by Stefan. Then, she was a version of a crazy-off-the-wall, Gabi.
As confused as the Chelsea’s ‘movements’ on Y & R, I am.
I don’t care what role is in store for Ben…..I just want to fill my eyes of him. LOL.

No insult to M.M, but those legs going up the stairs were definitely NOT Gabi’s.

Ummm…..oh my my my……Everyone wants to be Gabi these days LOL….wow, I love Ron’s imprint on DAYS….Tyler has so much chemistry with the ladies on DAYS…except for that DA…lord help us…that dress was horrible and not even make up could cover up those “markings” all over her shoulders. Who would do that to any actress? Make up people…….help a lady out…I am so looking forward to what’s ahead…

Days is so fabulous it’s real soap opera

I am looking forward to this storyline. I hope to see Marci Miller vamp it up. I wish there was a way to see her with Batty Ben.

I’m sure that’s in the works, Ray, because Ben is on his way!

He is? Oh, good! He is a baddie, 4ever….but what a hunk!! Marci and Ben? I hope she can do him ‘justice’.
What will we get, when these two come together again?

Ron didn’t create nor write the best Viki DID scenes. There was a reason they referred to her daughter as Messica.

Ron does get credit (or blame depending on how you view it) for Connie’s DID on GH.

Gillian Spencer first created the did story for Vicki she was also very good

Ron didn’t create Jessica’s DID on OLTL — that was Dena Higley.

And Agnes Nixon (the creator of BOTH of sadly what now WAS of both “One Life to Live” AND “All My Children”), did too (help to create, build, and mold the whole DID with Viki and her daughter Jessica).

Jessica had even more personalities than her own respective mother did, though, at least from what I know of…. over the years and such.

Actually, Viki had more alters: Niki Smith, Jean Randolph (the gatekeeper), Tommy, Princess, Tori, and Victor Lord.

Jessica only had Tess, Bess (the gatekeeper),Teen Jess, and Wes.

I feared it was Abigail slipping into mental illness again. I was really hoping R.C. wouldn’t go down that road. I find this predictable and boring. The only thing that would make me happy about this would be if this ISN’T mental illness but, instead, Abby and Andre having faked Andre’s death. I would love it if this is just Abby, Chad and Andre going to great lengths to run Stefan out of their lives.

Carrie, I didn’t think it was Abby; I thought it was Vivian.

As I said, Boop, I am not convinced it was Abby….it’s too easy. Yet, sometimes the culprit is staring at us right in the face. And, sometimes ‘ they’ want us to see what’s not there. So, I agree with you.
I wonder, as is, in so many cases, if TPTB even know themselves, who it is?

Agree, that would be pretty amazing! We need another real twist!

Do not be too hard on RC all head writers repeat storylines even Bill Belll did it and others let’s be honest just so many storylines you can tell! Just b thankful they are not cooking big with Kate yet!

I love multiple personality storylines and couldn’t get enough of OLTL’s Viki/Niki and Jess/Tess. Just wish Abby’s alter was called Gail instead of Gabby.

DAYS continues to be the show to beat!

Gail sounds like a good idea for a possible name for maybe, just maybe if it goes this way…. For another personalities of “Abby”/”Abigail” and / or “Gabi”.

Loved Vikki on oltl can’t wait to see the story way to go Ron oh and just be thankful your watching days it could be something similar to the Chew on ABC 🙁

I figured out weeks ago that Abby killed Andre, then later I realized it must’ve been from blacking out or a split personality because they showed the same flashback of Abby and Andre in the hospital talking about Andre understanding mental illness in two episodes. Then when I saw the fake Gabi on video I knew it was Abby. She hadn’t been the same since Andre died, she’s been pretty robotic and montone as opposed to being so cheerful and joking around with Chad. She’d be upset that Andre was dead but do a complete 180.

I figured out that Stefan has known this whole time and has been trying to protect Abby because he has feelings for her, and then he admitted it to the DA the same day of the reveal. I don’t think they’d have Stefan and Vivian brainwash Abby to kill Andre because Stefan has to have some sort of soft side/vulnerability. And getting Gabi to take the fall helps Stefan and Vivian not get her company back. This would bring Stefan and Abby closer together, and probably push Chad back to Gabi. Gabi will end up going back with Chad or JJ after this Eli and Lani truth comes out.

Oh my gosh yes I agree with you on this so much! I think the reasons Stefan has known this whole time, though, is because both Staefan and his whackadoodle mother, Vivian, have been in on having it turn out this way (this whole -entire- time).

It’s like there is is some kind of big “scheme” if not several “scheme’s” going on here.

There are just so many possibilities , with all of this camaraderie of a storyline, though….

If they throw us off in a lot of this, well hey, at least it will all keep all of us entertained.

IF Abby was the murderer she changed BEFORE the murder. How boring. The fake news Russia drama has more twists and thrns.

ReRon strikes again…..

Same tired crappy plots he wrote on OLTL & GH.


Meh. If that’s what it takes to keep the show alive, I guess I’ll trudge through it.

Watching the scenes of Abby asserting herself with Stephan are just plain tedious. Further, I want to like the scenes with Stephan, but I just don’t.

Really, it’s just a matter of waiting around for the scenes with Chandler Massey, Lucas Adams, or Casey Moss — while the rest is just filler. Even if they’re just standing around eating pink donuts, their scenes are still worth waiting for.

Gotta admit that I do like Julie butting into everyone’s business — usually with unexpected worthwhile worldly-wise advice.

I was also kinda surprised that Anne Milbauer hasn’t made an appearance to mess up Steve’s hospital care. I do enjoy seeing Anne irritate anyone named Horton or Brady who comes within her sphere of influence.

Anne seems to have forgotten her unexplained hatred for the Horton family, about the time she fell in love with Lucas.

For the record, I think they would make a decent pairing. But the fact that we haven’t seen Anne in months would lead a Devil to believe that ReRon has no interest in writing for her.

I’m hoping Anne returns, but the actress is busy, Satan. I saw Lucas and Anne as having great potential. Their scenes together were so much fun. The push and pull between the recovering alcoholic and the party girl would be dramatic and hilarious!

Please come back, Meredith Scott Lynn!

I don’t know – why – RC wouldn’t be interested in the feisty Anne Milbauer… she’s Barbara Streisand , no? who wouldn’t load this , for REEL.

the zany theatrics with so much humor… SHE’S a MUST.

at the very least… have her reporting for Adrienne and Jenny Bear
at the very least… have her bar tending.. and waiting @Dougs Place.

some thing

Lucas and Anne…. it’s too bad they can’t “party” together

I recently was wondering myself where Anne has been? She works for Jennifer & Adrienne ( <—- missing as well) at the paper. My guess is we will see her more with Teresa's return.

I’m intrigued. I keep prefacing all my comments with “I’m new to the soap” because I can only base my opinions on what I’ve seen/know so far. Still haven’t read the history of the relationships, personalities, scandals, etc. Since they mentioned it over and over that Abby had some mental health issues this seems to fall right into place; perhaps she was pushed by a subliminal urge to get rid of Gaby…since Stefan O. put it in her mind that she was still a threat to her marriage. Though Abby rejected his attempt to freak her out by insinuating that Gaby took the job to be near Chad, etc…perhaps his insinuations really did get to her and this was her way of getting Gaby out of Chad’s sphere. On the other hand, she’s very close to Gaby and might have been so offended by Andre booting her out of her own company that she took on Gaby’s persona to avenge her friend. Or both.

As for Stefan, not sure if he knew before Friday’s cliffhanger but I’ve got mixed feelings on that. On the one hand I think he’ll protect her because of his mad crush; on the other I’m not sure who would want to start a relationship with someone who is perhaps a murderer AND has split personalities. There’s baggage…and then there’s BAGGAGE!

Looking forward to the unfolding “saga.” I think Marcy Miller is doing a great job; she has this angelic, soft beauty about her and at times comes off girly/flirty and other times tough as nails. I think she’ll handle the split personality story with ease.

Whew ! thank goodness.. their are more pro Abs as Gabigail… than con

I truly believe this is a testament from RC and behind the scenes.. on what they see in Marci Miller. she is radiant… and this arc will not only flesh her out.. but give the audience that much more of her work.

i’m distracted with the Olympics… and once again… behind… gotta catch up.

PS: I so agree with you on Steven “Patch” Johnson… continually endearing his wife… “Babe” and or “Sweetness” I posted to @Nancy D… boy does this blog ever need an edit button… I shared that I didn’t know why i’m so caught up in the Steve/John / Billie story … and it’s because he’s Kayla husband… I can’t remember ever “really” watching a story that Steve and John… lead and ran with. so this is a first…. nevertheless… I am caught up in what happens to Steve.

as it is… i’m still reeling from LAST FRIDAYS ( week ago ) WITH John… ??? taking out Will and the gun goes off @ Paul. LOL… i’m sure it’s explained in this past Mondays ep.

Marci Miller… boy does she look different with make up on… I didn’t recognize her. I love your work. I hope for the best….

Hey Patrick…LOL…better late than never (to agree with me regarding the overuse of ‘baby”!) I’ll take it! 😉

I loved Stephen Nicols on GH so I was eager to follow his story here; “Kayla” was Katherine on GH and the two actors were together there too. Interesting…

As for Marci…I love her acting. Something about her. As for her appearance; I think she’s beautiful with or without makeup. Natural…

I haven’t been watching the Olympics but rather can’t wait til they’re over since most of my primetime shows are reruns until the Olympics are done. I’ll catch the highlights to the competition at some point…but…enjoy!

Just saw the ending. WOW! This should be good.

I was hoping that Eli would tell the truth about the baby, but we all know it will come out sometime!!!!

I don’t like Abby so I am damn sure I will not like Gabby. I don’t think Marci Miller can pull it off and I am not interested in watching this arc. I want to know what John and Billie are up to.

I so agree with you. Very happy to see a reappearance of Billie.

Of course, I have to wonder what Paul and Will are up to, now that they’ve both been waylaid by John. (Tied up naughtily together somewhere?)

It occurs to me that the characters of Paul and Will would actually be blood relatives (not that one really needs to worry about any offspring in this case).

Peter Brady is both Paul’s great-grandfather (his grandmother Colleen Brady’s father) as well as Will’s great-great-grandfather (his great-grandfather Shawn Brady’s father).

So, technically Paul and Will are second cousins once removed. That’s not too different from Will’s relationship with second cousin Nick.

Interestingly, Paul shares exactly this same level of kinship with Tate, through exactly the same great-grandfather Peter Brady (Theresa Donovan’s great-grandfather). Paul is Tate’s blood relative on BOTH sides of Tate’s family.

Ah, I see the problem: Theresa Donovan and Brady Black are second-cousins, sharing the same great-grandfather Peter Brady. Tate is genetically dooooomed.

John found out he wasn’t a Brady.

Paul and Will are not related. Neither are Brady and Theresa.

Colleen Brady is not John’s mother. That was rewritten with that stupid Yo Ling story or whatever his name was.

A story on mental illness and no insulting comments it is about time.To be honest the minute I saw iit was Abbi I knew right away that she had a spilt personality.I suffer with a mental illness and it can get pretty bad at times.So I can certainly relate to this story.I feel for Chad what is he going to when he find out his wife whoops I mean Gabby killed Andre.and has a spilt personality.The last time I saw a show with a split personality was on One Life to Live.Maybe people will understand more about mental illness now.

Why not fresher storylines? Something other than DID, lying about paternity, covering up Where is romance and maybe intrigue. Instead, we just get edgier evil.

Though at this point I welcome anything that saves us from seeing Lani crying day after day and JJ acting like a fawning fool.

This is not a DAYS development I look forward to despite the talent. Too well worn a trope.

I think that Marci did a pretty good job playing someone with a spilt personality

Agreed. Marci Miller is growing on me.

Of course, if they REALLY want to show a deranged split personality, they could bring back Kate Mansi for a guest appearance as one of Abby’s personalities. (Roseanne did something like that with the two different actresses who played Becky, in a Patty Duke Show spoof.)

They could flip a coin as to which actress gets to go to Statesville prison as Andre’s murderer.

Lawd!!!!! Abby done lost her MIND and flipped a WIG. Poor Girl has gone Looney Tunes.

Maybe this storyline will give the character some much needed oomph. The dark hair definitely adds some oomph to the character. I don’t watch DAYS anymore. But, I like to catch the updates now and then. I’m not a fan of NuAbigail. I don’t see the chemistry between NuAbigail and Chad. I know that they have a following, but, I find her to be rather bland.

The new fake news story with Abby is trashy. Seems the writer of Days has something against anyone being good to the core. Abby is beyound psycho, John is willing to murder his best friend, etc etc. There is good in people and in life. Wake up writers.

Yes, but in fact, if you ask me… There is BOTH good AND bad in EVERYBODY and / or in EVERY character. You have to have one, in order to have the other…. and to be able to TRULY appreciate it, too. Well, at least this is in MY opinion, anyways…. Lolz….

Yes, everyone has both good and bad, but seldom not to the extermre Days writers resort to. If as if they can’t think outside the soap box and resort to the same old same old. At least John had an excuse, although it was a lame one. Hey Days, why can’t Abbys split personality be BECAUSE the real Abby is setting an elaborate scheme to catch the real killer.

When faux-Gabi walked up the DiMera mansion stairs, it looked like her Gabichic coat was made out of the same material as the carpeting.

Every time Days goes to Tyler I turn it off

Isn’t this is all of that a soap opera is all about? Over the top stories , some that you would not want to have happen in real life…. nor would they actually happen in real life. I have seen people expressing before how these shows and / or soap operas is what apparently people go to and watch “for an escape” from their own everyday life’s trials, tribulations, and / or problems…. But yet, when they dont do stories that are LIKE what they would and / or might want to happen in “real-life”, I believe and think that it has pretty much been these same people with whom have complained time and time again. Which I get it. That’s fine. It’s Al fine. I am learning mrke and more every day that these are the things that people tend to do…

When it comes to seemingly never being able to cruallt be able to appreciate anything really. Just my probably really way much more than just two cents in all of this kinds of stuffs.

And also, I believe it was in one of the episodes either from the last week OR the week before…. But, what I noticed is when in this episode, “Abby”/”Abigail” and / or “Gabi” woke up in the middle of the night from another one of her spookish of nightmares, when she woke up, she was freaking out which from what I can remember is what woke Chad up , as well.

Chad asks her what’s wrong, what’s the matter, is everything alright? Those kinds of things. Then she tells him she had a nightmare having to do with Andre. At this point, this wasn’t the first time this happened and / or occurred.

So Chad said something at the end of that scene and I saw him giving “Abigail”/”Abby” and / or “Gabi” this very should I say and put it as… “telling” look on his face… —-> Chad had said… “Well, at least now we know who did it….” and / or something along those kinds of lines and such. And ever since, he has acted very understandably-so “weird” around “Abigail”/”Abby” and / or “Gabi”. Kind of along the lines of… I think that I would say… Passige aggressive, maybe?

These nightmares she is and / or has been having and / or experiencing, are part of some sort of what atleastseems to be a “guilty conscience”, so-to-say….

*Passive aggressive.

Dang typos again. Lol.

*at least seems

I love Gabigail, I wish she were on all of the time! The actress looks and acts really hot when she’s “Gabi”.

So sick of author making this show even harder to watch. I knew “nicole” wanted out, but was hoping they would be smart enough to just replace her. Now that we finalllllllly get Chad and Abagail back together where they belong, and you screw that up as well. Brady now a villian.. Gee wiz… the story line is a mess! Find someone else to kill Andre. This story is getting worse every day! and the stupid one night stand pregnacy.. Give me a break. Now to top it off. Hope is finally happy and you have distroyed that as well. What drugs are you on!

Days Of Our Lives

Emily O’ Brien Confirmed as Theresa Donovan Replacement on Days of our Lives

At the end of the October 2nd episode of Days of our Lives, and during its closing credits, Emily O’ Brien was listed in the cast playing the role of Theresa Donovan, which confirms the rumors that Emily is taking over the role from Jen Lilley.

So, what does this mean for O’Brien? Does this mean she is exiting her role of Gwen Rizczech, a part she has played since 2020? It would seem so, but this is DAYS after all, so anything is possible.

As the backstage story goes, Jen Lilley, who had played the role of Theresa on and off since 2013, wanted to appear for a limited-run to be a part of the memorial service episodes for Victor Kiriakis, and honoring the late, John Aniston. Lilley often shared scenes with Aniston.

Photo: JPI

In speaking with on the situation, Lilley thought she was taping episodes during a 3 to 4 window in which she made herself available. However, DAYS actually wrote more episodes of Theresa’s story, and had decided to recast the part with O’Brien  Later, when Jen was told who the actress is, she was a bit mystified as they also told her that the show would put the actress in a blonde wig, because O’Brien was a brunette.

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Taking to his Instagram account on Thursday, Barash revealed little Joaquin was actually born back on September 15th.

Brandon shared three adorable photos of the newest addition to his family accompanied by the words: “Joaquin Lee Barash arrived on the planet on 9.15.23. A mighty name for a mighty boy…to honor my (departed but never gone) father, Jerry Lee Barash, as well as my wife’s Hispanic heritage. We. Are. Smitten…and forever changed. Through your birth, lil man, we are reborn. Our family is mightier, our ocean of love runs deeper and more fierce. School’s back in session.”

Photo: BBarashIG

The actor also shares a daughter, Harper,9, with his ex, GH’s Kirsten Storms (Maxie).  Harper is pictured in one of the snaps with her baby brother. You can see them below.

Isabella and Brandon tied the knot back in December of 2022.


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Chrishell Stause Stars in New Lifetime Thriller ‘You’re Not Supposed to Be Here’

Selling Sunset star and soap alum, Chrishell Stause (ex-AMC, DAYS, Y&R), will star in a new Lifetime thriller, You’re Not Supposed to Be Here dropping on  November 4th.

In the thriller, Stause, along with Diora Baird, play a lesbian couple, enjoying quality time together before the birth of their new baby in a remote mountain town. Zoe (Stause) is pregnant and along with Kennedy (Baird), are offered a break from their stressful lives when Kennedy’s boss gives them a key to a cabin in the woods. Watch out!

According to The Wrap, “When they arrive, they are met with less than welcoming arms, prompting Zoe to sound alarms of homophobia, which Kennedy attempts to tamper down. ”


The official loglines from Lifetime share on the story: “Just as the two let their guards down, their nightmare begins. They realize they are completely unprepared for what is in store, and that the townspeople want something the two have.”

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In real-life, Chrishell is currently married to Australian singer and rapper, G Flip. The two tied the knot in May of this year.  Formerly, Stause was married to This Is Us and ex-Y&R star, Justin Hartley (ex-Kevin, ex-Adam). Their marriage ended in 2019 and their divorce was finalized in 2021.

Stause has been featured in the current season of the reality/real estate series, Selling Sunset which streamed its sixth season on Netflix beginning in May. A seventh season is said to be on the way.

So, will you be checking out Chrishell’s new thriller on Lifetime? Comment below.

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