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Denial Is No Longer An Option For GH's Alexis When Faced With A Potential Tragic Event!



Yes, Alexis Davis  (Nancy Lee Grahn) is quickly becoming the Port Charles town lush on General Hospital! 

After trying to convince herself she doesn’t have a problem with booze, and her drink of choice … wine,  she is faced with a harrowing set of circumstances when watching over her grandson Danny on next week’s episodes of the ABC daytime drama series.  In the latest promo, the voiceover announcer says, “Denial is no longer an option” as Alexis passes out after drinking on her couch, while her and Danny were supposedly making cookies.  Only when she comes to, there is a fire in the hallway towards the kitchen, and no sign of Danny!

Later, Sam (Kelly Monaco) confronts her mother and says, “Were you drinking while you were watching my son?”  Not good!  Looks like trouble ahead for Sam and Alexis and their relationship, too!

Watch the promo after the jump, and then let us know what you think of Alexis going on a bender, and this storyline of watching this once mighty attorney’s fall from grace as played by two-time Daytime Emmy winner, Nancy Lee Grahn in the comment section below!

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I think the relationship between Sam and Alexis will for sure be affected and especially Alexis.

Love the relationship between Sam and Alexis. The Davis girls are my favorite family on GH. I think a little strain in any family is common, but it should be a good storyline to watch.

I don’t know, Noreen ( love your name) . This is not a little skirmish between mother and daughter….we all have those, of course. But, this is big-time stuff.
Sam entrusted her son to Alexis, who decided to indulge. When the bottle ( or any inebriating/impairing substance) becomes more important than your grandchild, there’s a monumental problem. I would blow a gasket, myself.
However, I am confident in thinking that Sam will not abandon her mother. She will urge her to get help.

Celia, I agree with you. At first she will be upset but then she’ll tell her mother that she needs to get help.

Ciao, Silvana,
What a beautiful , Italian name ( woodland nymph)! I am sure you are aware Silvana Mangano was a famous Italian actress, wife of producer Dino DeLaurentis, and grandmother to Giada, the famous, Italian born, American chef.

LOL, please pardon my rantings. But, yes, Sam will be upset with her mother, at the same time, they are too close and have come a long way for Sam to just walk out of her mother’s life. Sam loves Alexis and she will do whatever necessary to see her mother through this.
This ‘accident’, which could have, potentially, been catastrophic will be the straw that broke the camel’s back, as it were.

I doubt if there will be a falling out with Sam and Alexis. It will be more of Sam being very concerned about her mother and her drinking problem. I also don’t think Danny is injured, but, of course, he could have been…and that will be the issue. Hopefully, this will be a wake up call for Alexis or at least Sam being very aware there’s a drinking problem and will be there to help her mother.

why did the writers not only make it seem like helenas’ curse is coming true but also made alexis an unreliable grandparent. it isn’t enough that she and Julian didn’t have any happiness soon after the wedding and, sam already has said Julian can’t be part of dannys’ life.

I think this is about the hardship, the travesty that Alexis had to endure. I don’t know much about this character, but I hear she has not had it easy. She had the devil on her heels in Helena; felt ostracized; her mother was killed; looked for love in all the wrong places ( where did I hear that line? Hmmmm. LOL)….all this tumultuous negativity came to ‘deadly’ fruition…..brought her life to a halt. Julian was the last straw.
But, I, also, believe that the writers are giving us a slice of reality in the life of someone who may represent any of us.
I suppose Alexis has always been portrayed as a strong, intelligent, prosperous woman, against all odds….this shows her humanity. It shows that she, too, reaches the breaking point.

Hi Alan,
I am within that age group ( the big 30 next month), and I think this story, with Alexis ‘losing’ her grip, per se, is different from the mundane formula……as Nikki (Y&R) is . That characters is so fragile, it hurts to watch.
For once, I am intrigued how her children will handle this. This is a new spin. Perhaps I have not watched as many soaps as you, Alan, but I do not think I have seen it happen so ‘orderly’. How does one go from being on top of the world, ending within the earth’s bowels?
And, as I said above, I do not think Alexis’ fall is necessarily all due to the men in her life. It is a lifetime accumulation of negative forces.
But, if the writers have the foresight to make Alexis’ daughters as the catalysts to bring Alexis back, I will be more than satisfied.
I would love to see a concerted effort shown from Sam, Kristina and Molly to get their mother out of her hell.

I was lookin’ for love in all the wrong places
Lookin’ for love in too many faces
Searchin’ their eyes
Lookin’ for traces of what I’m dreaming of
Hoping to find a friend and lover
I’ll bless the day I discover
Another heart lookin’ for love

-Johnny Lee “Urban Cowboy”

Good Lord, CeeCeeGirl….This woman is an absolute mess!!!! I take some time away from GH and instead of getting herself together in the interim, Alexis just keeps boozing it up and sliding further down that slippery slope of Mount Alcoholism….what next? Is she going to be picking up some risky one-night stand dudes or perhaps send out a few choice, humiliating TUI’s? (Tweeting Under the Influence….now THERE’S an idea….) She’s already run down/roadkilled Kristina’s physically abusive high-school boyfriend, Keifer, whilst in an impaired state, so she’s been there, done that….as usual, this chick just never, ever learns from her past mistakes!!!! Color me SO not amazed. Oh, incidentally, you made mention of being a December baby…me, too, mia amica!!!!! As for being the big “30?” Take it from me…..just stay 29 forever….it’s much, much easier that way, and you never forget how old you are….hah!

Shaybelle, HI !!!!!!
December baby, you say? Popular month. There are, at least, ten members of my family born in December. My sister-in-law, as well. She was born Christmas day….her name, of course, is Natalia ( Natale, being the word for Christmas in Italian).
Happy Birthday to us all !!.
Anyway, I guess you noticed my one-eighty where Alexis is concerned. This is the thing……I really appreciate her situation, Shay, as I know a couple of friends that are in this predicament.
Therefore, it is real life; which is such a switch from the make-believe world that is GH.
I also have a newfound liking for Alexis sans Julian.
I understand that Alexis has made one mistake after another, but I would think she had no guidance from a woman in her young life. She was, more or less, left to her own devices, and it became a habit, for lack of a better word. A hellion? She lacked the nurturing comfort of a mother. I picture myself not having my Mom…..desolate thought!
She kept stepping in the same caca over and over until it really began to smell. The biggest poop-head materialized in Julian. I do believe he loved her in his own way, but not enough to give her his all.
You know, Shay, the majority of men are very protective of their wifes and would take a bullet for them. It was a shock to Alexis that Julian turned out to be just the opposite. A weasel and a coward; who would rather throw his wife under the bus to save his sorry arse, as perfect as it may be…LOL.
As I said, she broke. She felt her world crumble and riddled with insurmountable obstacles.
I am just happy she is acting human. More so, since her wardrobe has ‘grown up’. She acts as is directed; but her mode of dress is all her. I like the more subdued Alexis. I feel for her.
Can you believe it? I hope she stays away from Julian. She is written so la-di-dah when with him.
Yes, I want her to be sexy and attractive, but with a modicum of elegance.
You must admit that Nancy is killing the role, Shay, regardless of how we may feel about the character.
I’d like to see where her journey will take her. As you say, she’s a mess. And, I hope she does recover and be whole again. This is most inspirational for real women in her situation.
Keep in touch, bell’amica.

Well, CeeCeeGirl, at least we can concur on the virtues of Alexis’ newfound modesty via her wardrobe….a refreshing change, to be sure! LOL. I don’t know about the rest, though….I get where you are coming from in terms of your sympathy and such for her current circumstances….but for me they are far too familiar….we’ve been there and done that all before and more than just the once with this woman….that’s pretty much been the set pattern for at least the last decade of this character’s existence…at some point in anyone’s life shouldn’t there be an upward learning curve based upon one’s past mistakes???? Mother or no mother, by the point a person hits their 50’s, I should think that there are no excuses left for making repeatedly bad choices, especially when they seem to be the same kind vis-a-vis picking unsuitable men again and again. Perhaps that’s just me….of course, Alexis’ overactive libido is what always gets her into such trouble…if nature would just finally take its course and allow her randy nature to abate even a tad, it would probably be the greatest favor to her….Maybe then she could quit checking her brain at the door whenever an object of desire is concerned, particularly Julian. However, I’m not holding out hope for that to happen….it would appear that the writers enjoy heaping humiliation upon this character way too much for comfort, thus her uncontrollable quest for “satisfaction,” albeit sublimated to the bottom of a wine bottle at the moment, shall not be something easily abandoned from the basic core of her being. In other words, I predict that even when our Alexis is far, far past her prime, she’ll be some silver-haired doxy still looking for love and its accompanying physical thrills in some retirement community…Haha!!!…By the way, I replied to your “other” post….don’t know if it will take, but I hope you will receive it nonetheless. Later, mia amica.

GH is on fire…well, at least in Alexis’s hallway-lol

It should have been in her kitchen, jimh….whilst the impossibly inept cook, Alexis, attempted to bake up some of those “Red Wine Brownies” that are currently all the craze…..I mean what could go wrong with that combustible combo? Choccy and booze…hah!

The fire should had spread to the entire town…knocking off most of the cast…the Finn/Hayden story could had been the first to go up in flames…two doorknobs make a far better romantic couple!!!

I like the actor too but none of his characters seem to work…i dont see why he couldnt be somehow connected to the police…he was terrific as a brooding cop…i dont care about that dumb lawsuit-how that turn out anyway…he doesnt have to play John McBain…Finn as a private detective or working for Anna or something-he just isnt a believable doctor…if only that drunken cow would had knocked over a lantern and caused that’ Great Chicago’ fire in Port Charles and snuffed out half the cast!!!!

Very good thought, jimh!!!!!….Alexis should have been Port Charles’ modern-day equivalent of Mrs. O’Leary!!!!! (They’ll be a hot time in the old town tonight…FIRE, FIRE, FIRE!!!!!) As for Hayden, yep, I’m all for enveloping her in that inferno….along with Nina, Val, Jordan, and of course, the perp herself, Alexis!!!! But not Finn! I like Michael Easton far too much……

I saw the drunken tragedy coming 10 miles ahead..
Not surprised, not intrigued, too transparent.
Thing about J&S… you see what’s coming long before it comes YAWN..
Their writing is too generic, never a shocker or surprise.
the Queens of Snoooze are living up to their reputation.

0ooh and—-
I have not had one, not one laugh not even a chuckle in a year with J&S, not one.

Su000, U R soooooooo right on both counts!!

Why do you keep looking for “chuckles and laughs” on a soap???

Life isn’t all sturm and drang. A good soap understands that it needs balance — drama, romance, intrigue, and tragedy as well as a few laughs — to reflect life and keep viewers entertained. GH’s recipe of mob violence, shootings, and death followed by more mob violence, shootings, and death is a stagnant blend that may hold some viewers but isn’t drawing in significant new ones looking for something to make them forget their problems for an hour a day.

If GH wants to be renewed it’s going to need to change its tired formula because its not making inroads with women 18-34 (who I would guess are — like myself — tired of seeing all the female characters declawed and defined by the men in their lives).

Well, Su00, at least I get a laugh and a chuckle from reading your comments.

Have some wine, su….and bake some cookies.

Hey Su, if the writing is as boring as you say it is for GH, why are the ratings up for the year and up in the demographics from where they were at this time last year, which was soon after they took over for Ron Cartoon? J&S are obviously doing something right.

Yes I agree. MOB stuff needs to end! Bring happiness back to Port Charles.

Su…It’s not just with J&S/GH writers that you can see train wrecks like a drunken Alexis coming 10 miles ahead. There’s the Sharon and baby Sully build-up and reveal on Y&R, and then there’s Stephy/Liam/Wyatt, or it could have been Hope in the past. I’m just not sure how you rework these kinds of stories since they seem to be the staples for soaps. And I agree, it would be nice to have some laugh-out-load humor once in a while. If I remember correctly I think Ava provided some good lines with Valentin and/or Nicholas.

She is such a gifted actress and I am totally buying her developing a drinking problem at this point in her life. This story is grounded in reality and thus far they are doing a damn good job. I hope they don’t take this story somewhere where it should not go.
Elizabeth Vagras has come out about her alcoholism and she reveals some interesting facts about her disease. She says that most women who suffer from alcoholism also suffer from anxiety disorders. If you recall when we were first introduced to Alexis she had to breath through paper bags to alleviate her anxiety. Like Vagras, Alexis is a high achiever and also like Vagras, her drinking problem did not manifest itself until later in life. I think it would be fabulous if GH could get Elizabeth Vagras to make a cameo appearance on GH as some kind of spokesperson.

I am looking forward to some strive with Sam & Alexis, their camp has been quiet for quite a while. Kelly & Nancy will bring it because they always do. Kelly Monaco is fabulous at angst & she/Nancy together are gold

ANYTHING to get Sam away from Sleepy Miller!

Sleepy? More like dead, Timmmy. The walking dead.
I can see a different persona in Sam as she interacts with her mother, at least.
Billy and Kelly are a bust together. Do not kill me, people….only my opinion.

once again… their they are… in matching leather jackets… Nancy Drew and the HARD’y boy… things just drop in their lap… as they are looking for what happened that night the “bomb” went off. Jason sends her out of the car… 3 plus months pregnant.

no worries his tough stance with threatening voice.. and machismo overload with steely eyes… and puppy dog grin are all on the menu. push his buttons

congratulations Jason and Sam… for being the dullest couple

Jason: Sam said yes… she wants to move out of Port Charles. GH does not need either of you.

I saw this coming but i have no problem with it because it gives Nancy a chance to blow us away with her very strong acting chops. This is going to be good.

I think it’s a shame but a good story line.

I’m just not interested in seeing another alcoholic story line on the soaps. I feel like it’s been done to death.

Well some could say Shakespeare did some themes to death–star crossed lovers, jealousy, ambition, insecurity, parental betrayal, sibling rivalry, etc. but it’s not the repetition that counts. It’s the different circumstances and interpretation which makes it fresh.

I am tired of Alexis looking bad after a abusive relationship. She is not a bad person . The storyline is making me angry toward the writers.. I don’t look to watch daily because it’s getting old. Some issues definitely should not be dragged or repeated for viewers to get caught up in over written story lines. There’s a difference in Reality and Drama that the writer’s are not really capturing .My opinion. This is why I am not wanting to waste my time daily .. I catch up when Stupidity is over..

I too find this a refreshing depiction of the disease alcoholism– a lot people who have it are not falling down drunk or running around town slurring their words– or hanging out in a seeded bar with the “regular working class” which soaps often do— most alcoholics are very functional—and the fact she passes out while looking after her grandson is very common– the fire is a bit much– but it is a soap so it has to be a bit much — but overall although the subject matter is very serious– Alexis is fast becoming my favorite soap lush

IF it accelerates Sam and Jason’s move out of town, I’m all for it. They bore me to tears.

it’s time right… they simply have to go

I have never seen , a couple, with no energy, or spark.


A promo that shows Sonny, Carly and Nathan as the faces of GH is sure to be a loser with anyone I know.

It’s time for Sonny & Carly to move to the backburner & let others shine. Nathan should have stayed on the backburner. There is nothing compelling about him. Oh well, maybe by Christmas or Feb Sweeps?

Nathan is empty unless his shirt is off!

I like ’empty’, Timmmy. LOL.

Why do they hurt Jasam baby. For one thing they should have had Alexis live with Her daughter..this is a mes.we don’t want another child to die

Tell me about it, Keffen. Poor babies!!

Yet another strong woman reduced to a spineless mess by the current writing team. Alexis has witnessed her mother’s murder, lost a sister, found a secret daughter, battled cancer, killed two men, and helped a guilty mobster beat the rap too many times to count but it was a jerky husband that drove her to the bottle? Give me a break…

So far, I like it, Alan.
However, if they go down the road I think they are going I will be more inclined to agree with you.

That “jerky husband” was someone she was madly in love with who held a knife to her throat, cost her her license, humiliated her, put her integrity on the line, caused Sonny to threaten her life as well, have half the town blame her and basically went from cloud nine to less than zero. And then there’s Nicolas’s death and Kristina hating her (past tense, for now). Cumulatively she’s been beaten down by many things, at the same time. People reach a breaking point. She’s entitled to fall apart. Doesn’t make her or anyone weak if they crumble. She’ll be back.

I’m just gobsmacked that Alexis came alive…. YES… and it’s all due to her visit from brother Valentin…. he’s asking her to work for him as a consultant. and telling her … she’s more like him than she cares to acknowledge… etc.

it was very refreshing… TILL Jason and Liz show up… and Jason gets all He Man and jumps on Valentin… telling him if you hurt any one I love… do you know what i’d do to you ? etc.

I don’t know the connection with Anna yet… but she also says the same thing.. if you hurt any one… you will be thrown out of this town…

you’ve got all the toy soldiers in ready mode. I guess the biggie is he hasn’t run in to either Sonny and or Julian.

GH… SERIOUSLY Frank/Shelly/Jean you trot out your biggies… to give “fair” warning” @Valentin. let’s have some FUN in the interim… OR

do your pets even know how ? Sonny/Carly – Julian/Alexis – Jason/Sam

let Alexis live… Valentin sent her a case of wine… let these two hide out in her cabin and finish that case… delve in to their lost past and what could be a rich history. what an opportune time… to offer up something as tantalizing as Valentin

Valentin ladies: Alexis / Nina / Ava / Claudette. just don’t bore us about Anna… yet?

I’m hoping that Alexis will absolve and clear Valentin… of all “charges” and he will command attention… lots of attention… and even the menfolk will submit

well… Valentin has upped the amp; upped the ante ; upped the whole show

Soaps aren’t usually comic fare…nor are they tragicomedies. They always go from one melodramatic, woven-web-we-weave stories, with occasional snark and a zany character or two. GH has Spinelli, Lucy, Scotty, Franco, Dr. Obrecht. Even Finn has a silliness about him. I love all these characters and they’ve all delivered. But I don’t expect lighthearted fare now. Morgan’s death, the rippling effect it’s had touching many of the characters, the resurgence of Valentin and how he effects several of the main characters…the spiraling of Alexis, Carly, Sonny…all realistic and plausible considering everything that’s happened. The stories are what many of us were asking for, centered on family, friendship and relationships. Right now, the characters are reeling. Just as Dillon has to wait for Kiki to get past her grief…we viewers are along for the somber ride, budding and breaking relationships as well.
Works for me…

Another alchoholism storyline……sigh……the writers on all the remaining soaps, not just this one, dip into this bag of tricks way too often and easily.
Either they have characters knocking back the booze like it’s soda or passed out in a drunken stupor.

Julian will save the day and put out the fire, Danny is unharmed!

I hope he will

If Alexis reconciles with Julian? Well, now……I shall lose respect for her all over again. Ugh!!

Now, now CeeCee…love conquers all…on soaps! 🙂 I’m still hoping Julian was cursed by the knife so I can forgive him…unless another cutie comes along to steal Alex’s heart.

Of course she’ll reconcile with Julian — every woman on this show is either defined by having a man or having baby rabies. The days of strong, smart women are a thing of the past with the current writing team.

LOL. Yeah….not when your husband tries to slit your throat, it “don’t”.
Maybe Alexis will go to rehab and meet a gorgeous, tall, raven-haired doctor, with dreamy green eyes.

What happened to “We’ve come a long way, baby”? When you put it that way, Alan; I guess you have a point.
This storyline should have been written for Ava, not Alexis.
Can you picture a stoned Ava? Sprawled on the ground; her back to the wall of the building in that special alley she loves to frequent. One stiletto carelessly thrown in a corner; her coat half on, half off; her red liptick all smudges; with a bottle of Chateau Margaux in hand? LOL.

That’s why I mentioned the cursed knife. In the “fantastical” world of GH where Helena casts spells, curses and practices mind control…the one way they could absolve Julian is if he was cursed or controlled or the knife made him do if. LOL. Far fetched, I know. But if GH and its spinoff can have aliens and vampires…well….

Me, too, CeeCee!!! Ooops, forgot, I never had any respect for her in the first place!

She and Julian will end up back together somehow in the middle of all of this.

If that’s the case, my dear, Vicki? Then, they’re all living on Mars. I will not move there. LOL.

I can hear Nancy and Wil now in an interview with Mr. Fairman laughing at the fact that they are back together after Julian had a knife to Alexis’s throat. ONLY on a soap!

I totally get the Alexis story. She is turning to wine to forget her problems and obviously still has some feelings for Julian. This story line is showing some truth, how women sometimes need to numb themselves from reality. Nancy G has been amazing!

You’re not kidding about that wine part, Debra m….At my local grocery shoppe, the meat manager was having a chat with me one day and he suggested a certain vintage to go with my beef selection…he said it was a very popular choice. I thanked him for his input, but told him I don’t drink, never have….and he almost sheepishly apologized for the assumption, before I told him there was no need since so many females DO these days, and certainly not in moderation. After he picked up his jaw from the floor in utter amazement that I should be so candid, this led to a discussion of how women are the largest purchasers in his recently much-expanded wine/spirits department—usually choosing wine by the case–or two—or three, no less—-and I replied that doesn’t surprise me a bit because there is a huge hidden population of female closet alcoholics who think just because that’s all they quaff it doesn’t make it so….even when they down a bottle or two of it in quick succession all by their lonesome in the privacy of their own homes. I do believe my comments gave him an entirely new perspective into his burgeoning sales figures on this particular line of merchandise….LOL. Hence to say that this GH storyline is both a topical and realistic one is a true understatement!

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Ava Receives a Haunting Letter About Austin’s Murder

On Thursday’s November 30th episode of General Hospital, Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) is on the case of who shot Austin (Roger Howarth) and pays a visit to Ava Jerome (Maura West) at Wyndemere.

Dante asks Ava when was the last time she saw Dr. Austin Gatlin-Holt. She asks why and what is going on with Austin? Dante tells her he’s dead, and assumes she must already know, especially given her non-reaction to the news.

Ava tells Dante she was last with Austin two days ago at her gallery. When he questions her if security footage can back that up, that would then give her an alibi. However, Ava explains she left out the back, and that the surveillance camera has not been working. Since the murder happened in Pautauk, Dante tells Ava they will want to question her.


She responds that a lot of people in town knew Austin from Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and on. However, Dante points out that Ava was the only one that was kidnapped by Mason (Nathanyael Grey). Ava says she will have her lawyer ready.

As Dante exits, Ava looks through her unopened mail. She finds a letter addressed to her and it says inside on note paper, “You’re welcome.” But that’s not all, inside the letter is a polaroid of Austin’s dead body.


Also in story, Molly (Kristen Vaganos) has a meltdown when she has to start the finding a surrogate process all over again, and is found crying on a park bench by her sister, Kristina (Kate Mansi). Will this be the conversation where Molly will take up Kristina on her initial offer to carry the child for her and TJ (Tahj Bellow)?


In another key moment, James thinks Cody (Josh Kelly) would make a great big brother, which then gets Felicia (Kristina Wagner) flashing back to when Cody told Mac that it turns out Mac is not his bio-dad. Felicia senses something is not right. Is she finally on to the fact that Cody lied to Mac? Stay tuned.


So, who do you think sent the letter to Ava about killing Austin? Is it Nikolas? Cyrus? Mason? Could it be Ava herself, who doesn’t remember she did the deed, or could it be someone else? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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General Hospital Pays Tribute to Tyler Christopher at End of Episode, ABC Exec Nathan Varni Shares: “You’ll Always Be In Our Hearts”

If you caught the end of the Monday, November 27th Thanksgiving episode of General Hospital, the ABC daytime drama ended the show with a special dedication to Tyler Christopher (ex-Nikolas Cassadine), who passed away on October 31st at the age of 50.

With a very touching title card, and a photo of Tyler from his younger days as the dark prince of the Cassadine clan, it read, “In Loving Memory of Tyler Christopher.”

On Tuesday, November 28th, ABC Current Series executive, Nathan Varni, who oversees Grey’s Anatomy, The Conners, Station 19 and General Hospital for the network, shared on X some additional thoughts on Tyler’s contributions to the GH family.

Photo: JPI

Varni expressed: “This lovely tribute card was shown at the end of yesterday’s episode of GH In loving memory of Tyler Christopher. Thanks for bringing Nikolas Cassadine to life on our screens, you’ll always be in our hearts. RIP.”

Tyler played the role of GH’s Nikolas from 1996–1999, 2003–2011, and lastly from 2013–2016. He also took on the role of Connor Bishop from 2004–2005. The late actor took home the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 2016 for his work as Nikolas.

Share your thoughts on GH honoring Tyler at the end of their Thanksgiving episode via the comment section below.

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GH’s Scarlett Fernandez on Charlotte’s Mindset: “She Completely Believes That Anna is Out to Get Her”

Once returning to General Hospital, Scarlett Fernandez (Charlotte) has been involved in a juicy storyline, where an impressionable young Charlotte Cassadine has been persuaded almost brain-washed, if you will, via a letter from Victor Cassadine from the grave.

In it, he implores Charlotte to keep Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) away from her father, Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). So, taking that to heart, Charlotte burned Anna’s house down and much more.  When she gets shot by Anna after intruding into the super spy’s apartment, the stakes get even higher.

Valenin had figured out that Charlotte was stalking Anna and trying to do her harm, but did not inform Anna. That has caused a major rift in their relationship.  Meanwhile, Laura (Genie Francis) and Valentin confronted Charlotte after she returned home from the hospital.

Photo: ABC

In her latest interview with Soap Opera Digest, Fernandez shared on getting to play this kind of story: “It’s definitely an honor because when I was little, I was getting storylines, but this is just crazy! I kind of feel like I’m treated like an adult on the show now, almost, and it’s just been great. I’ve been given great stuff and the fact that Frank (Valentini, EP, GH) and all of his co-workers have trusted me has just been an amazing feeling.”

With everyone confronting Charlotte on her dirty deeds against Anna, and her denying it, Fernandez weighs-in on just where Charlotte is at this point in her mind: “I think that she definitely realizes that the people around her don’t believe her and don’t trust her and I think that really frustrates her because she completely believes that Anna is out to get her. So that (the adults in her life don’t believe her) is hard for her.”

Photo: ABC

There is also burgeoning chemistry between Jake (Hudson West) and Charlotte! So what does Fernandez think of that? Is she using him, or could be the beginning of young love? She expressed: “I think it’s definitely a little bit of both. I think that maybe she and Jake are partners-in-crime, but I also think that Jake has or will have a good influence on her. She just really needs someone to be there for her and for her to be able to confide in and I think that he has been that.”

So, have you been enjoying Scarlett’s performances as a troubled Charlotte? Would you like to see Jake and Charlotte have a ‘date’? Do you think Charlotte needs deprogramming to help her out of the grip that Victor has on her; as she believes Anna is the cause of all the trouble that will come her father’s way, if she doesn’t find a way to get rid of her? Weigh-in via the comment section below.

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