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Disney-ABC Officially Cancels KATIE! Talk Show To End After Two Seasons!



The ax has finally fallen on Katie Couric’s afternoon talker, Katie!  Soap fans can now have some retribution that 2/3 of all the replacements that ABC, or the Disney/ABC Syndication wing came up with to rebrand their daytime lineup, that saw iconic soap operas, All My Children and One Life to Live cancelled, and General Hospital moved to a new time slot to  acommadate Katie going into their original timeslot in television markets around the country, has all but failed.  The only show to survive this is The Chew!  The Revolution and now Katie have tanked!

According to an official press release today from Disney/ABC and Katie Couric, “While production will continue on Katie through June 2014, we’ve mutually agreed that there will not be a third season of the show. We’re very proud of everyone’s contributions to making Katie the #1 new syndicated talk show of 2012-2013, and we look forward to the rest of the season.”

Couric was expected to give the news to the show’s staff after today’s taping, the last before the scheduled holiday break until January!  Seems like a lot of major changes happens in the final week before Christmas in the daytime biz!  For months, we have been reporting that the cancellation was imminent and now Disney/ABC pulled the trigger!

At present time there is  no replacement for Katie.  Disney/ABC is working on finding something to put in the talker’s place, having recently hired syndication executive Lisa Hackner!  The big hurdle there is if the syndication arm  can mount a new production that fast!  ABC found it continually hard to make Couric’s show economically feasible because of its cost, even with a budget reduction.   ABC stations have already been reportedly exploring local newscasts to replace the talk show next fall, with other programming acquisitions as an option to newscasts!  Starting in January, Couric will do Katie along with her duties under her new deal with Yahoo. After Katie ends in May, she will focus on Yahoo while looking for opportunities in TV!

So, what do you say soap fans?  Are you happy Katie is going to be a-goner? Or, will you miss her talk show? Let us know!

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I can’t believe her talk show lasted this long. Katie does well with an ensemble cast. Being on her own just shows how phony she is.

ABC should now learn from their mistakes that cancelling the soaps was one bad idea. They should put OLTL and AMC on in half hour slots and their numbers would soar.
I am shocked The Chew has lasted longer than Katie.

I want One Life to Live to come back too. But I actually like The Chew. My ideal lineup for ABC would be The Chew, One Life to Live and General Hospital.

All My Children can stay dead for all I care.

I really like the Chew… I would like to se All My Children come back in the 3:00 slot…

YEAH!!! Happy holiday soap fans. this is our gift. Now Please ABC put GH back to 3pm.

Better yet, cancel that horrid The Chew with all those idiotic people clowning around for their own pleasure ,and bring back OLTL and AMC. They should never had been cancelled them in the first place.

I’m with you!!

yes, cancel The Chew ABC buy back AMC/ OLTL and Merge the two soaps like they should have done in the 1st place.

Totally agree, Harry, with everything you said. And does ABC not understand the meaning of “boycott”? I haven’t strayed from standing firm and watching nothing on ABC besides GH since they cancelled two of my favorite soaps.

Sorry to crash the party but Katie’s cancellation won’t bring back AMC and OLTL.

First, her show was syndicated so her cancellation has no impact on AMC and OLTL. Secondly, even if her talk show had been a network show, chances are ABC would have replaced it with another talk show instead of a soap opera. Thirdly, her show wasn’t cancelled because of low ratings but rather because her contract was too expansive. If her contract had been cheaper with the same ratings, the show wouldn’t have been cancelled.

Sorry if my post may offend some, but I’m just being realistic here. Katie’s cancellation won’t bring back AMC and OLTL. Anyone who continue to think otherwise will only end up being hurt and frustrated.

Amen. Bring back the old afternoon line up

Janet, this may have been a “syndicated” show, but it was produced by ABC/Disney and shown primarily on ABC stations. So, ABC is who needs to come up with something to fill that time slot.

SZima, ABC doesn’t necessarily need to find a replacement to Katie because her show was syndicated. They may leave the show with no replacement as they did when they cancelled The Tony Danza Show a couple of years ago.

I don’t know why everyone thinks that Katie had a timeslot. In my market, Katie aired on the NBC station and she didn’t even aired at 3:00pm. She aired at 4:00pm. On my ABC station, it’s Ricki Lake that aired at 3:00pm last year. Now that Ricki Lake has been cancelled, it’s another lame talk show that is airing after GH (I think Dr. Oz, but I’m not sure).

I am with you, Max, I don’t watch anything in the afternoon BUT GH. I meant it when I said I would boycott any shows that replace AMC & OLTL. It is now time to bring them back, and get your high ratings for those shows, or even combined them for an hour each day. What ABC did was so wrong in every way. All of their talk about people wanting more reality type shows proved them WRONG at every angle and how long is “The Chew” going to last???

Any show in which it seems that the hosts are having a grand ole time while forgetting that there are viewers out there is an unmitigated disaster. The Chew makes me want to Spew.

Same here they should have never canceled. I stopped watching everything on ABC except of General Hospital is a damn shame. I also miss AMC and OLTL. What did was very wrong and I know they’re regretting it.

ABC gave Prospect Park such a hard time so why don’t they just put AMC & OLTL back on themselves? Don’t they get it? Nobody is watching these crappy new shows! They must be losing money & isn’t that what it’s all about to them?

OLTL is never coming back. It is too expensive to start a soap, even an establish one. sorry.

Actually, The Chew’s ratings have been rising over the past year. So obviously people are watching and enjoying it even if it’s not soap fans.

Listen to Mary and Janet. OLTL and AMC are dead. Move on.

What a bunch of haters! Obviously not soap fans!

There is enough local newscast as it is…how much news and talk do we need…i hear the headlines and then check out the weath report in the morning and in the evening…sometimes just once a day…breaking news and sometimes follow up reports ill tune in to…and thats all i need…cable news have a rehash of news daily 24/7…we have enough news, talk and reality garbage!!!


Maybe you can ask Propect park if they want to do OLTL again to air at 2pm. Please no more talk shows or reality shows.

a reality show, will replace katie. trust me this will happen. i love reality shows.

you may be alone in that, prime time reality ok, but give daytime back to the soaps please.

I’m with you! No more reality, cooking, or news programs! Glad Katie done! Let`s have something new, refreshing with a twist!

i am so happy, that katie couric has been cancelled. i know i am dreaming but abc needs to bring back one life to live in the fall. Abc should admit, they made a huge mistake in cancelling one life to live and all my children. but, they will not admit it. abc prove me wrong. katie was a flop, i am so happy she failed. the revolution tanked as well. karma is a bitch. I have to say, that i enjoy watching the chew. thats the only show, that survived. just bring back, one life to live and i will be happy again. all my children, can stay dead. I gave up on all my children, the ratings were falling. one life to live rating were way up, and they cancelled it. brian frons needs to be locked up and tortured with jill pharren phelps. she is a soap killer, like brian frons. i will call sheila carter and caesar faison, and they can torture brian frons and jill pharren phelps. merry christmas everyone. merry christmas too you michael fairman.

My God, AMC and OLTL are DEAD!!!! They’re NOT COMING BACK!!! Let it go, people!!! I loved them also but the writing is on the wall!!! CANCELLED!!!

Yes but it’s funny that everyone is still talking about them. No one talked about Guilding Lighht as much as these too soaps. I agree, it’s probably too late, but we could still hope.

Finally! Another epic fail for ABC/D daytime tv. I hear The Simpsons’ Nelson Muntz saying ,”Ha ha”.

We all saw this coming.

Katie’s Talk Show didn’t really interfere with General Hosp here in Orlando, Fl, as her show was broadcast on NBC at 2:00pm while GH was shown on ABC at 2:00pm. Of course, when Katie was first brought to TV, General Hosp was moved from it’s original 3:00pm time slot which did not make GH’s longtime fans very happy. I personally am now used to watching GH at 2:00pm and hope the ABC network doesn’t change It back to 3:00pm……but I could learn to live with it!!!! I never watched Katie’s Talk Show but wish her all the best!!!!

I would have liked to seen Katie join the “View”. I have nothing against Katie or her show, but I’m glad that the show is cancelled.. I hope everything ABC puts into daytime falls apart.

I am thinking that The View should be cancelled next due to its abysmal ratings and its horrible co hosts. Barbara Falters has lost it and Dumber and Dumber (Sheri and Jenny) are intolerable. Whoopi is the only sane one on the panel and she looks like she wants to jump out of her skin


I totally agree. Of course, with ABC legal issues with PP I highly doubt we would see OLTL or AMC return to the daytime line-up. I am a OLTL fan, but I want AMC fans to have their show too. I wish ABC could admit their mistake, resolve their issues with PP, and put both shows on for a half hour.

As of now, I only watch GH. Never have and never will watch the chew. The Revolution and Katie fell victim to cancellation and it will continue to happen.

Yes, for sure and then cancel The Chew and bring back AMC! I am giving up on both GH and Y&R so I need a decent soap to watch.


They should bring back AMC & OLTL half hour slots like B &B.

Bye Bye we want our soaps back

Heck YEAH I am happy she has been axed!! Now just bring OLTL and AMC back and give GH their RIGHTFUL time slot back. Admit it, ABC…you screwed up, now fix it!

From your lips to God’s ears.

Wow buh bye. Can’t really fill that OLTL spot can they.

PUT SOAPS BACK ON ABC, Maybe A Revival Of Ryan’s Hope??!!!!???

Delia, Her Kids: Ava & John (Little John), Husband Roger, Daughter In Law Lizzie & Grandson Owen;

That’s A GOOD WAY To Go.


Love to see One Life to Live, come back!!!


That would be a Christmas miracle 🙂 !!!

Talk about Drama….This shows the research arm of ABC, the focus groups and anyone else who had the opinion that Daytime Dramas were no longer viable really didn’t know what they were talking about. Had ABC left their daytime dramas intact and simply brought in capable writers the shows would have flourished, both financially and in the ratings. ABC has found out the hard way–at the expense of fan loyalty and several millions of dollars that cheaper/less expensive programming via talk shows obviously do not hold a candle to daytime dramas.

I couldn’t agree more! whoever is making these daytime programming decisions should join Brian Frons on the unemployment line.

I read the Erika Slezak was told by the then president of daytime that the audience wants information, not entertainment. Well, two of the information shows have tanked. Looks like that executive didn’t have a clue. Of course, we viewer already knew that.

Katie was syndicated, locally it was on NBC. From what I read the ratings were decent but the production cost was very high due to the ridiculous contract Katie was given. Ratings not high enough to justify the cost of the show. I’m not a Katie fan but I watched her show here and there if she had a good guest. It was decent but not great.
However people need to stop thinking their soaps are coming back. It ain’t happening folks. Meredith Viera will be the next show on the syndicated circuit and local stations will pick up her show in many markets.
Katie keeps coming up like a rose but maybe the jig is up as far as big money goes.

Gee~ I have a great idea how about reviving the 2 soaps that you dumped like hot potatoes, big big mistake ABC!!!

Replace her with All My Children or One Life to Live

Y-A-Y!!!!! I am so ecstatic!!!!! I’m sorry but (to me) that Katie Couric is N-O-T talk-show material at all. No. No Thank You. Next………..

Katie wasn’t really good at being a talk show host so I’m not surprised it got cancelled. I would not be mad if old episodes of any of the abc soaps got replayed!!!

It is not a shocker: Katie’ s cancellation. Now, we will see who prevails with rights to #OLTL #AMC. I think folks are ready to move on after PP debacle. In my heart, I would like to SEE #OLTL have a fair chance.

No matter what comes – no more chat fests, game shows or reality angst. We. Continue to wait it out.


Theirs So Much You Can Do With It!!!

Now That Delia Has Another Kid


Just Don’t Let JILL FARREN PHELPS WHO KILLED Santa Barbara, Guiding Light, Another World, One Life To Live, General Hospital & Now The Young And The Restless;



Creator, Head Writer & Executive Producer Of RH: CLAIRE LABINE.

She Did A —- Of A Wonderful Job On Ryan’s Hope But Also On General Hospital;

Brining Back The Hospital Format FRONT & CENTER
Stone & Robin Love Story
Monica’s Cancer
BJ’s Accident
Maxine’s Heart Transplant

Remember Those???

No no no ryans hope will never come back. i hated that soap.. General hospital and days of our lives are the best shows right now to see

Sorry Left Something Out:


Santa Barbara, Guiding Light, Another World, One Life To Live,
General Hospital & Now The Young And The Restless;

Be Involved With Ryan’s Hope If That Happened, God Knows What Would Happen To A Woman Who Has Done NOTHING But Destroy.

Guess Disney/ABC has to eat crow… as the old saying goes… “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Bring back AMC , OLTL to their old time slots, give them good writers and appease those loyal soap opera fans.

Not going to happen.

Finally! She should have never been put on in the first place! Now the Mouse is moving her over to their other partner Yahoo – can’t wait for her to go down in flames there! Cha- ching Cha-ching, she still gets a paycheck as the Mouse is still picking up the tab! Glad they are loosing a bundle! Hope they STOP throwing good money after bad & bring back OLTL & AMC. Return GH to its 3PM slot along with its iconic theme song & opening montage with Luke walk off! No more beep beep beep & lame photographs!

Give us back our soaps!

I really don’t understand why The Chew is still on. That is a horrible show! Glad to see Katie gone. Want ABC to fail at everything. Bring back our soaps!

The chew is a huge hit. people love the chew, I love carla and mario. gh is the soap to watch now. gh ratings are getting higher and higher, that’s great news.

The U.S. is the fattest country in the world. The fact that a show exists that is called The Chew is so sad. It is not a huge hit. It is just cheaper to produce.

It is a shame Katie has been cancelled. She provided one of the most intelligent talk shows on the air. I am a huge soap fan and would love to see AMC and/or OLTL come back, even if they could do only half hour shows. Katie spent more time on topics, allowing a more in-depth discussion of important issues. I will be sad to see her go.


Awesome Christmas present for us AMC/OLTL fans. The news of her tanking. Any chance of them getting smart and putting OLTL back on air. Unfortunately AMC cast have moved on but I bet they can get some of the cast back from OLTL. Some AMC cast can be moved to OLTL. Get smart ABC/Disney. They pulled Soapnet already, I thought that was suppose to air until 12/31/13.

I am very glad that they finally got rid of Katie. Next they need to get rid of The View and the Chew. They both are bad. There are to many talk shows on. Now on to the soaps. ABC should bring back AMC and OLTL. They can buy back the rights from PP use 2 different studios make them both half hour shows. That way it would save ABC money. It might bring up their ratings for daytime. Also, I am not happy about Soapnet being taking off for good. Disney has just thrown us under the bus. There are other things out there for kids. Maybe we should bocott Disney and see how they like it. The soap fans are strong and maybe ABC should start to listen to the soap fans instead of the suits in New York.

I want my AMC/OLTL back now

Hey ABC… wise up ! Give the people what they want ! AMC & OLTL !

Why did they cancel All My Children and One Life To Live for this stupid talk show, it was so totally boring, glad its been canceled!

I loved katie couric, her talk show was terrific. oltl and amc will never come back. and that’s a good thing. gh is the best soap right now.

Isn’t it obvious….. no talk show created or distributed by ABC/Disney will succedd in this timeslot. And we all know it. Soap fans have a lifelong loyalty to their stories and the tv families that theyhave embraced.

We will not be told that talk shows or local news shows are what we want….

The olny thing that wll bring back the viewers is SOAPS – daytime drama (scripted – not phony reality nonsense).

Here is my plan – start repeating highlights from AMC and OLTL durng the summer and plan to roll out brandnew shows in September or January 2015.

Make it a hybrid of both shows – you will see the fans flock back to ABC – and everyone will behappy. ABC – you can use this idea – I will not even charge you for this advice – just give me a week long pass for my family to visit DisneyWorld.

GOOD JOB, MGB!!! I hope they are reading all of these posts on all of the sites, which is pretty much the same on all of them. We Soap fans are VERY dedicated.

Finally, Katie is finally off the air, I have no problem with King of Soap Opera,GH The Doctor and Dr. OZ show on ABC station..we,I’m happy that ABC axes Katie.

Well, it seems to be unanimous, her boring talk show is cancelled and no one gives a rat’s tail about it.
ABC-TV ought to settle things with Prospect Park and put back ALL MY CHILDREN combined with ONE LIFE TO LIVE. Have the residents of Pine Valley and nearby Landview intermingle. They don’t have to have two full hour soaps, in addition to
Gen. Hospital, but they could trim them down for budget reasons…It will work, fans will watch – but unfortunately it probably won’t happen anytime soon. We could all write to ABC-TV and suggest it, it wouldn’t hurt.

thank goodness. She was horrible in this format. Bring back AMC and OLTL!!!!1

Simple solution Bring back One life to live. Forget the lawsuit with Prospect Park and give the people what they want.


Good riddance!

I don’t know which is worse

sugary sweet Katie or Sappy Meridith Viera… both phony up

I dread the next year.. when her show starts

Meredith will do very well, when her talk show debuts in the fall. katie couric failed, nobody likes katie couric. She is very annoying and boring to watch. I’m so happy, that her talk show is cancelled. Meredith will be a huge hit. I will watch her new talk show.

Gee, I don’t know what they could ever get to fill that empty hour? I mean, it’s not like they have two soaps that some jerk-wads cancelled and the daytime community has been clamoring to get back on the air, even if only thirty minutes each. No, it’s not like they could just payoff the folks at PP and get the rights to AMC and OLTL back. That might require actual work and then, God forbid if those shows have a healthy life span. I say that unless they work out the details and bring back OLTL and AMC in thirty-minute formats, (because I’d hate to have fans of either show miss out even though I’m a OLTL fan), they should leave the screen dark for that hour. That’s the best use of their money IMHO. LOL!

That serves ABC right for cancelling OLTL and AMC. I don’t watch Katie very much as I am sick of all these talk shows. However it is better than that asinine, stupid and silly Chew that needs to be cancelled.

I love the chew, the ratings are way higher this year. bring back one life to live, but i know I’m dreaming.

I agree with Laura. The Chew is a great show and so is One Life to Live. They should have both shows on the ABC lineup along with General Hospital. It used to be like that for a brief time but I didn’t watch The Chew back then.

All My Children should not be revived. It doesn’t deserve to. Its final years on ABC were so bad to the point that it literally became an embarrassment for the show to still be on. Prospect Park’s version of All My Children was slightly better but I still wasn’t impressed. Bring back One Life to Live on ABC and keep The Chew.

So glad she leaving !!!!!!!! I miss my soaps. Sorry Katie but CEEYA ! I boycotted u because they took my soaps off.and changed time slot of GH Fo HER. Thank God she’s going

SO HAPPY KATIE IS OFF THE AIR!!! Love mgb357’s idea for a replacement.

I watched “Katie” very little, maybe if at home at lunch. I’m not a big fan. Nothing ground-breaking like Oprah. Miss my daytime “lunch time” tv. Sad, I remember cliff-hanger Fridays, supercouples, ground-breaking storylines. Just not the same anymore. I’m not a fan of The Chew, either. I can’t “get into” it. Oh, well. Happy General Hospital is still on-air!

was the show cancelled or did she quit. I read for a while now that she was leaving to go work for Yahoo….

either way, it took too long.

now if a judge could just dismiss this ABC/prospect deal so we could get our shows back on ABC…. that would be a Christmas miracle!

Good! Yet another failure, ABC/Disney!!!! Get it yet?

Interesting esp following news of GH’s successful ratings the past couple months…. and GH has been hitting their key demos several times lately. That’s what the suits in charge care most about.

However, would the suits ever be able to say “hey, we made a mistake”?

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